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1890 Gazetteer - Cedar County

Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


Business (town) listings

Andrew  Aten  Beldon  Bow Valley  Branch

Claramont  Coleridge  Constance  Hartington  Havens

Menominee  Randolph  St. Helena  St. James  St. Peter  Wausau  

page 50

   Andrew, a postoffice in the western part of Cedar county, eight miles from Hartington, the county seat.

McNeal Mary H, postmaster.  

page 56

  Aten, a postoffice situated in the extreme northwestern part of Cedar county, 18 miles from Hartington.

page 79

   Beldon, a station on the Pacific Short Line Ry., in the southern part of Cedar County.

page 93

   Bow Valley, a postoffice in the northern part of Cedar county, eight miles north of Hartington.

page 94

   Branch, a rural postoffice in the east central part of Cedar county, seven miles east of Hartington, the judicial seat. Population 10.

Dressen Theo, blacksmith, phy.
Hirschman A, postmaster.
Hirschman John, justice.

page 116

   Claramont, a postoffice in the southeastern part of Cedar county, and is a flag station on the Hartington branch of the C. St. P., M. & O. Ry, 16 miles from Hartington the county seat.

O'Gara R T, genl mdse, postmaster.

page 119

   Coleridge, in the southern part of Cedar county, 10 miles southeast of Hartington, on the Hartington branch of the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry, has a population of 450. It is a shipping point for live stock and grain. A new roller flour mill, with a capacity of 50 barrels per day, is about to be erected at a cost of $10,000. It is to be in operation by Jan. 1st, 1891. The State Bank of Coleridge attends to the financial concerns of the place. The Merchants Hotel receives the public patronage. The churches are the Methodist Episcopal and the Catholic. The Coleridge Sentinel, by W. A. Needham, is the official paper of the County.

Armond & Tiensvold, blacksmith.
Baird H C, genl mdse.
Baxter & Everett, furniture
Bayer F A, phys.
Blenkiron J H & Bro, lumber.
Bridenbaugh John, atty, postmaster.
Campbell J H, constable.
Clark H H, notary.
Coleridge Sentinel (The), W A Needham publisher.
Coleridge State Bank, H H Clark pres, T F Clark vice-pres, C E Olney cashier.
Cord George, sta, tel, and ex agt.
Everett E D, meat market.
Everett Fremont, lumber.
Fitch A D, barber.
Hammer P, harness, shoemaker.
Hicks F L, drugs, justice.
Horsch John, blacksmith.
Hutton Geo W & Co, real estate.
Jenkins George W, genl mdse.
Kimball F M, notary.
Kirkpatrick S F, contractor.
Linkhard Bros, real estate.
McDevitt James W, saloon.
Miller H A & Son, attys.
Needham W A, pulbisher Coleridge Sentinel.
Peavey F H & Co, grain, J J Moore agt.
Pollock W A, genl mdse.
Shumway E E, grain.
Sparks Bros, agl implts.
Starks L W, carpenter.
Starks L W & C, livery.
Staks & Son, restaurant.
Thorp Wm, draying.
Thum Jacob, prop Merchants Hotel.
Townsend J T, wagonmaker.
Townsend T J, justice.
Ward J S, phys.
Winebrener & Holltz, genl mdse.

page 124

   Constance, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Cedar county.

Welchert T, Postmaster.

page 214

   Hartington, a lively town of 1,000 inhabitants, the county seat of Cedar county. At the northern terminus of the Hartington branch of the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry., which leaves the mainline at Wakefield, in Dixon county. The soil is rich and fertile and admirably adapted to the growth of all cereals. The improvements during the past year in the way of handsome brick blocks alone reached nearly $200,000. There are two substantial banks-Cedar County Bank, John D. Bassett, pres., John Lammers vice-pres., U. K. Loose cashier, and the Hartington State Bank, W. P. Manley pres., Levi Kimball vice-pres, A. M. Merrill cashier. The cashiers are experts in all the departments of banking, becomingly conservative, and popular with all who deal with them. A banking business in all its legitimate channels, is transacted. W. H. Stephenson, abstracter, deals largely in real estate and loans. This business is carried on by men of energy, who by continually looking after the interests of their customers have gained the respect and confidence of all. The Merchants Hotel under the management of Mrs. Gelinas, is the leading hotel, and is extensively patronized. A costly school-house adorns the town and educational advantages are excellent. There we find many flourishing religious congregations. Among the principal may be mentioned the Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, and Catholic. The press is represented by the Times, Nonpareil-Democrat and Herald, excellent weekly journals keeping fully abreast of the times. Grain and live stock are its principal features, large numbers of cattle and hogs being annually sent to other markets. Several secret organizations are well maintained.

Aldrech F D Mrs. millinery.
Anderson J, shoemaker.
Armundus Andrew, genl mdse.
Asbre Joseph, saloon.
Ballantine & Van Doren, furniture.
Bassett John D, pres Cedar County Bank.
Bordwell E, agt, Edwards & McCullock Lumber Co.
Boyd B B, atty.
Brandon Charles, pub The Times.
Brandow & Wallace, house movers.
Bridenbaugh John, atty.
Brown R A, real estate.
Bruns Henry C, harness.
Bryant W F, atty.
Case A B, livery.
Cedar County Bank, capital paid in $30,000, John D Bessett pres, John Lammers
     vice-pres, U. K. Loose cashier.
Central House, A J Hirschman prop.
Clemenson C, prop Harrington House.
Cole T H, live stock.
Dart Burt L, sta, tel ex-agt.
DeGarmo Wm J, carpenter.
Dennis Lewis, auctioneer.
Demick E L, real estate, justice.
Edward C McCullock Lumber Co, E Bordwell agt.
Felber John H, publishers Non-Pareil-Democrat.
Fletcher E K, barber.
Francis S W, barber.
Garvey & Carmack, saloon.
Gelinas M Mrs, prop Merchants Hotel.
Gerisch W T, phys.
Gooding A M, atty.
Hartington Herald, Hartington Pub Co, pubs.
Hartington State Bank, paid up capital $30,000, W P Manley pres, Levi Kimball
     vice-pres, A M Merrill cashier.
Hirschman A J, prop Central House.
Hougen O C, tailor.
Jenal J P, notary.
Jenal Peter & sons, real estate.
Johnson Otto, house painter.
Johnson P A, confectionery.
Kibbe E S, photographer.
Kimball Levi, vice-pres Hartington State Bank.
Kohl P H, drugs.
Krause John, genl mdse.
Kuhl Ernest, harness.
Lammers John, vice-pres Cedar County Bank.
Lauver E, county judge.
Licky K, blacksmith
Little Perry, jeweler.
Loose U K, cashier Cedar County Bank, notary public.
Lubeley A & Co, agl implts, lumber.
McGregor & Dean, livery.
Manley W. P. pres Hartington State Bank.
Merchants Hotel, Mrs. M Gelinas prop.
Merrill A M, cashier Hartington State Bank, notary public.
Merrill M S, real estate.
Mines M A, genl mdse.
Miller H A & Son, attys.
Morris & Gould, hardware.
Nash Wm M, genl mdse.
Nichols D W C, drayman.
Nonpareil-Democrat (The), J H Felber pub.
Peavey F H & co, grain, coal.
Plumleigh Charles, justice.
Reifert F, furniture.
Robinson J C, atty.
Robinson & Western, real estate, loans
Rock & Erdenberger, meat market.
Ryan A S, drugs.
Schnettler Frank, blacksmith.
Spangler & Swank, notions.
Spork Henry, tailor.
Stephenson W H, abstracts of title, real estate and loans.
Suing H B Co, hardware.
Tanner W T, phys.
Tatman G E, barber.
Tigges & Co, genl mdse.
Times The, Charles Brandon pub.
Valentine & Co, millinery.
Van Velsor H E, phys.
Walz Bros, meat market.
Watson Thomas B A, postmaster.
Whitney George D, notions.
Wilbur Guy R, atty.

page 221

Havens, a rural postoffice in the southwestern part of Cedar county, 15 miles from Hartington, the county seat. Population, 15.

page 292

   Menominee, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Cedar county, 14 miles north of Hartington.

Gordan , postmaster.
Hoesing J H, genl mdse.
Kleinschmidt Wm, blacksmith.
Wehling J N, justice. 

pages 458-460

   Randolph, a thriving town of 400 inhabitants in the southwestern portion of Cedar County. It is at the northern terminus of the branch of the C. St. P. M. & O. Ry., which is rapidly being extended from this point to Niobrara and will probably be completed by the close of the present year, and on the new line, Nebraska & Western, running from Sioux City, Iowa, to Ogden, known as the Pacific Short Line. Like most of the new towns in this northern section, it takes its origin from the rich farming lands around it. Not only grain is largely shipped but live stock enters into the competition as well. Large brick buildings are being put up, also a fine school house costing $6,000. An excellent system of water works has been put in. Well graded streets and every line of business is well represented. Its business men exhibit an alertness and commercial vim in every way worthy of a place many times its size. The Security State Bank, authorized capital of $50,000, of which R. L. Oxford is president, Dr. C. A. Sharp vice-president E. F. Walden cashier, stands high in the community and has the fullest confidence of every man in business. While the Randolph State Bank, paid up capital $25,000, is also a solid institution. That position it maintains. Aside from its excellent banks, is the Randolph Real Estate and Investment Co., Sharp, Reese & Ziegler props, doing a heavy business in loans on farm and city property. There is considerable quantities of brick manufactured here. The Methodists have a fine place of worship. The Boughn House, L. L. Bean proprietor is a first class hotel, very popular and well managed. The press is represented by the Times, E. F. Bennett publisher, and its attention is given closely to the wants of the reading public. Several secret organizations are maintained having a good list of members. Three splendid brick business house are in process of construction and others in contemplation.

Barrett Jno, agt, saloon.
Bean L L, prop the Boughn House.
Bean & Luce, props City Meat Market, live stock.
Bennett E F, pub Randolph Times
Boughn House (The), L L Bean prop.
Boughn & Young Bros, hardware, agl implts.
Boughn Z, grain, coal, live stock.
Bowman & Noe Bros, contractors and builders.
Brown Frank W, livery.
Bruner & McCrary, meat market.
Bryan C H, carpenter.
Bryan J E, prop Randolph Laundry.
Buol Paul, hardware.
Busfield Jas, justice.
Central House, E J Griffith prop.
Chamberlin Charles F, collections.
City Meat Market, Bean & Luce props.
Crandell N W, bakery.
Deramone A R Miss, millinery.
Dingman Bros, groceries.
Edwards & McCulloch Lumber Co, C H Phelps mgr.
Farley J C, agl implts, justice.
Fisher H S, atty, notary.
Griffith E J, prop Central House, livery.
Hall J S jr, sta. Tel and ex agt.
Hall J S sr, wagonmaker.
Hawley & Smith, house, carriage and sign painters.
Hutton G W, real estate.
Jeppson & Miller, boots and shoes, harness.
Johnson John, blacksmith.
Katish Lewis, shoemaker.
Lorge Bros, genl mdse.
McColm W G, phys.
Mallary David, brick builder.
Miller C D, barber.
Moser Albert, genl mdse and auctioneer.
Nantz Albert, sign painter.
National Capital Savings Bldg and Loan Security of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
     Sharp, Reese & Ziegler state agents.
Nellor & Crellin, harness.
Oxford R L, pres Security State Bank.
Owen S B & Son, blacksmith and repairs.
Peavey F H & Co, grain.
Phelps C H, mgr Edwards & McCulloch Lumber Co.
Randolph Real Estate & Investment Co, Sharp, Reese & Ziegler props. (See adv page 459.)


Randolph State Bank, capital $25,000, C S Whitham pres, Paul Buol cashier.
Randolph Times, E F Bennett pub. (See adv.)
Reese M E, Sharp Reese, & Ziegler.
Rouch & Collins, carpenters.
Security State Bank, authorized capital $50,000, paid up $25,000, R L Oxford pres,
     C A Sharp vice-pres, E F Walden cashier. (See adv page 459.)


Sharp C A, vice-pres Security State Bank (Sharp, Reese & Ziegler).
Sharp, Reese & Ziegler, props Randolph Real Estate & Investment Co, and state agts
     National Capital Savings, Building & Loan Security of Phila, Pa. (See pge 459.)
Sherman & Creamer, genl mdse.
Smith A E, real estate.
Stewart Ida Miss, teacher.
Stewart J L, postmaster, drugs.
Stewart & McColm, drugs, furniture.
Stock Gust, blacksmith.
Terry & Beebe, draymen.
Vroman D A, genl mdse.
Walden E F, cashier Security State Bank.
Wells C A, dentist.
Wiig C, restaurant.
Ziegler T F, notary public, (Sharp, Reese & Ziegler).
Ziegler T F Mrs, millinery.

page 471

   St. Helena, a village on 200 inhabitants in the extreme northern part of Cedar county on the Missouri river about 14 miles north of Hartington, the county seat.

Bruning Herman, agl implts.
Bruns John B, postmaster, genl mdse.
Congdon E Mrs, dressmaker.
Felber J H, genl mdse.
Gregg Robert, blacksmith.
Grimes T C, justice.
Heckt T F, shoemaker.
Schulte Alex, genl mdse.
Tillke Anton, saloon.

page 471

   St. James, a thriving village of 200 inhabitants, in the northern part of Cedar county, 12 miles from Hartington, the county seat. It is on the line of the branch from Ponca, projected by the C. ST. P. M. &O. Ry.

Brewer Ike, flour mill.
Hammer Peter, harnessmaker.
Hoese Louise, dressmaker.
Jones L E, genl mdse.
Locke Charles, genl mdse.
McKenzie H E, drugs.
Schmidt P W, postmaster.
Whitehouse Theo, blacksmith.
Wilson J C, blacksmith.
Wolfgang W E, drugs.
Ziegler J C, genl mdse, justice.

page 474

   St. Peter, a post office in the eastern part of Cedar county, 14 miles east of Harrington, the county seat. Population 10.

Lyman E S, blacksmith.
Lyman Ira N, postmaster.

page 541

   Wausau, a new town in the southwestern part of Cedar county, a few miles east of Thorsen and west from Coleridge.

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