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1890 Gazetteer - Cedar County


    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Cedar County
Hartington -- County Seat

Transcribed by Leona L. Gustafson, October 1999
Transcriber's Notes:
An asterisk (*) indicates that the letter or word was difficult or impossible to read in the copy.
Not all names are in absolutely alphabetical order, but were transcribed in the order they appeared in in the original.

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~ A ~

Abbott G S, Dixon.            Amundsen A, Hartington.          Archer, S E, Dixon. 
Abbott J E, Randolph.         Anderson A, Lime Grove.          Archer W G, Dixon. 
Abts Henry, Randolph.         Anderson A G, St James.          Arduser A, Coleridge. 
Ackerman Jacob, St Helena.    Anderson A N, Aten.              Arduser C, Colridge. 
Adams John, Coleridge.        Anderson And, Lime Grove.        Armond I, Coleridge. 
Adkins D W, St James.         Anderson Geo, Randolph.          Armstrong A, Hartington. 
Adkins Jas, St James.         Anderson J G, Hartington.        Arnel A, Randolph. 
Ahlers Herman, St James.      Anderson John, Hartington.       Arnes F sr, Bow Valley. 
Aird L W, Randolph.           Anderson John, Dixon.            Arnes Frank jr, Bow Valley. 
Akert Fred, Coleridge.        Anderson J F, Hartington.        Arnes Wm, Bow Valley. 
Albertson Ed, Coleridge.      Anderson L A, Dixon.             Arnett Geo, Hartington. 
Albertson D W, Coleridge.     Anderson Lewis, St James.        Arnold A G, Hartington. 
Albertson J J, Coleridge.     Anderson Nels, St Peter.         Asbre Clemens, Constance. 
Albrecht Frank, Aten.         Anderson Ole, Aten.              Asbre Jos, Hartington. 
Alden Norten, Coleridge.      Anderson S G, Dixon.             Asmussen C, Hartington. 
Aldrich A S, Coleridge.       Anderson Swan, Lime Grove.       Aten John, Aten. 
Aldrich F D, Hartington.      Ankeny Bert, Coleridge.          Ausdenmore H, Constance. 
Alfken Henry, Coleridge.      Ankeny C A, Coleridge.           Ausdenmore J, Constance. 
Alfken Wm D, Coleridge.       Ankeny F E, Dixon.               Ausdenmore T, Constance. 
Ambrosen A, Aten.             Ankeny T H, Coleridge.
~ B ~
Bachineyer C, St Peter.       Bladen W W, Coleridge.           Brigham Louis, Coleridge. 
Bagley A G, Coleridge.        Blinkirow J H, Coleridge.        Briggs A, St James. 
Bailey H T, Aten.             Boardwell E, Hartington.         Briggs J D, Randolph. 
Baird H C, Coleridge.         Bockman H, Menominee.            Brown A, St James. 
Baker V S, Coleridge.         Bockman H, Menominee.            Brown E C, Dixon. 
Baldwin Vernon, St James.     Boeckman Henry, St Helena.       Brown F W Randolph. 
Balentyne J, Hartington.      Boehmer Casper, St Helena.       Brown H, Dixon. 
Barber Geo W, St Peter.       Boheken B, St Peter.             Brown John, Hartington. 
Barkley J S, Coleridge.       Boland Aug, St Peter.            Brown R A, Hartington. 
Barkley P E, Coleridge.       Boland Clem, St Peter.           Brown Wm, Coleridge. 
Barlane C E, Randolph.        Bollen Leo, Coleridge.           Bruder, Andreas, St Helena. 
Barntz B C, Randolph.         Bollick Peter, Menominee.        Bruder Theo, Hartington. 
Barr D, Hartington.           Bonartz John, Bow Valley.        Bruens Will, St Helena. 
Barrett John, Randolph.       Bonertz M, St Helena.            Brundage E L, St James. 
Barron J O, Coleridge.        Booth Frederick, St Peter.       Brunget S, Coleridge. 
Barron Thos, St James.        Booth J A, St Peter.             Brunner Henry jr, St Peter. 
Barton John, St James.        Booth J W, Coleridge.            Brunner Henry sr, St Peter. 
Bartz Carl, Aten.             Borgheinck H, Menominee.         Brunner Isaac, Randolph. 
Batchford S J, Lime Grove.    Bottleson H, Hartington.         Brunner J C, Randolph. 
Baugston A, Lime Grove.       Bottelson M, Hartington.         Brunner L H, Randolph. 
Bauman Jno C, Bow Valley.     Bottelson Mart, Hartington.      Brunner Wm, St Peter. 
Baxter & Everett, Coleridge.  Boucher Grant, Coleridge.        Brunning John, Bow Valley. 
Baxter L E, Coleridge.        Boucher Thos, Coleridge.         Brunning H, Bow Valley. 
Bayer F A, Randolph.          Boughn John, Randolph.           Bruns H C, Hartington. 
Beck Peter, Hartington.       Boutell Eugene, Hartington.      Bruns J B, St Helena. 
Becker John, Bow Valley.      Boutell Geo L, Hartington.       Bryant W F, Hartington. 
Becker John, St Helena.       Bouteller J, St James.           Bueck Peter, St James. 
Becker Jos, St Helena.        Bouteller Peter, St James.       Buhrer John, St James. 
Becker Peter, Bow Valley.     Booer Wm, Hartington.            Buker Saml, St James. 
Beckmann H, Aten.             Bower Vincent, Hartington.       Bumgarner G, Coleridge. 
Beebe H E, St Peter.          Boyd B B, Hartington.            Buol J, Coleridge. 
Beebe John A, St Peter.       Boyd J A, Hartington.            Buol J G, Coleridge. 
Beherns J J, Coleridge.       Brand Anton, St Helena.          Buol Paul, Randolph. 
Belcowetz Nick, Coleridge.    Brand Aug, St Helena.            Burbach L H, Bow Valley. 
Bell E S, Coleridge.          Brandon A B, Hartington.         Burbach W H, Hartington. 
Bell H A, Coleridge.          Branniger L, Coleridge.          Burch C E, St James. 
Bell M M, Colridge.           Brawn James, Lime Grove.         Burch C O, Coleridge. 
Bennett E F, Randolph.        Bray Chas, Randolph.             Burch Frank, St James. 
Bennett J E, Randolph.        Brennan John , St Peter.         Burgel A H, St Peter. 
Benson A, Hartington.         Brennan Thos, St Peter.          Burney R O, Hartington. 
Bergman P H, St James.        Brennan Wm, St Peter.            Burney W H, Hartington. 
Bergman Wm, Bow Valley.       Brenning Jos, Lime Grove.        Burrell A, Coleridge. 
Bergman Wm, Lime Grove.       Brewer Isaac, St James.          Burrell O E, Coleridge. 
Bessonett L N, St Peter.      Brewer Jeff, Hartington.         Burrell R E, Coleridge. 
Beste John, St Helena.        Brewer Jos V, Hartington.        Busfield Jas, Randolph. 
Beste Theo, Lime Grove.       Brewer Peter, St James.          Bush Enoch, Dixon. 
Betts J E, Andrew.            Brewer R., Hartington.           Bushelman F, Constance. 
Betts Louis, St James.        Brawer [Sic.] Riley, Hartington. Bushelman Jos, Constance. 
Betz John, St Helena.         Brewer Thos, St James.           Bushkamp M, Menominee. 
Beyshaw Peter, St James.      Breslin John, St Peter.          Butler E, Hartington. 
Birkland C N, Dixon.          Bridenbaugh J Hartington.        Butterfield, M E, Coleridge. 
Bishop G W, Coleridge.        Bridenbaugh U G, Coleridge.       
Black E F, Coleridge.         Brigham Glen, Coleridge.
~ C ~
Callahan M, Randolph.         Clark D C, Hartington.           Coppie J O, Randolph. 
Calhoun T J, Coleridge.       Clark H H, Coleridge.            Cord G D, Coleridge. 
Calken T H, Coleridge.        Clark J G, Randolph.             Corey E W, Coleridge. 
Campbell J H, Coleridge.      Clark U C, St James.             Corey H E, Colerdige. 
Cannon T C, Coleridge.        Claus J, Aten.                   Corey J, Coleridge. 
Carey Steven, Hartington.     Clay Elias, Coleridge.           Cotton C L, St James. 
Carlson Christ, Aten.         Clemenson C, St Helena.          Coulter John, Randolph. 
Carmack Geo, Hartington.      Clemenson L, Hartington.         Cowlishaw W T, St Helens. 
Carter W H, St James.         Cleveland Henry, Coleridge.      Crabtree A M, Dixon. 
Case, A B, Hartington.        Cluster M C, Aten.               Craig J, Coleridge. 
Case C R, Hartington.         Coffin Chas, Randolph.           Canston W C, Hartington. 
Case M, Hartington.           Cole A M, Hartington.            Cratz Geo, Randolph. 
Case Wm, Hartington.          Cole T H, Hartington.            Creamer J E, Randolph. 
Casky Ed, Randolph.           Collier B O, Randolph.           Creiger Carl, Aten. 
Chamberlain A, St James.      Collier R A, Randolph.           Crellen D L, Randolph. 
Chamberlain C F, Randolph.    Collins E I, Coleridge.          Crellin Henry, Coleridge. 
Chamberlain F, Randolph.      Collins Grant, Coleridge.        Crosley M R, Randolph. 
Chamberlain Thad, Coleridge.  Collins Jas, St James.           Crosley M W, Randilph. 
Chamberlin R T, St James.     Collins J B, Coleridge.          Crossley F, Andrew. 
Champion Geo, Coleridge.      Collins John, Dixon.             Crother A W, Randolph. 
Champion H J, Coleridge.      Congdon Will, St Helena.         Crouch D G, St James. 
Champion John, Coleridge.     Conley John, Coleridge.          Cullen Martin, Hartington. 
Champlin J J, Dixon.          Conway Jas, St Peter.            Culver, J O, Coleridge. 
Chandler F, Coleridge.        Conway Jas, St Peter.            Cunningham J, Coleridge. 
Christensen C, Randolph.      Cooley J, Coleridge.             Current B J, Hartington. 
Clark C B, Aten.              Cooper S J, Hartington.          Curtis D F, Randolph. 
Clark C F, Randolph.          Copeck J D, Randolph.
~ D ~
Dahle Noah, Hartington.       Dennis Alfonzo, Coleridge.       Doolittle E, Dixon. 
Darling David, St Peter.      Dennis Alonzo, Coleridge.        Doring Albert, Coleridge. 
Dart B L, Hartington.         Dennis J L, Coleridge.           Doty W N, Hartington. 
Davidson Isaac, Coleridge.    Dennis Lewis, Coleridge.         Dougherty J A, Coleridge. 
Davies S D, Coleridge.        Dennis N, Coleridge.             Dougherty M F, Coleridge. 
Davis G E, Hartington.        Dennis R A, Coleridge.           Dougherty Thos, St Peter. 
Davis Jas, Hartington.        Densmore A, Randolph.            Dougherty Wm, Coleridge. 
Davis Nelson, Hartington.     De Wit J W, Coleridge.           Douglass S G, Coleridge. 
Davis Wm, Hartington.         Dezellem Alvin, Coleridge.       Doyle Joseph, Coleridge. 
Dawson J C, St James.         Dickes Burt, Coleridge.          Doyon Leonard, Coleridge. 
Dawson J W, Coleridge.        Dickes Reiner, St Peter.         Dreese August, Bow Valley. 
Dean Peter, Hartington.       Dickes Robert, Coleridge.        Dreese John, Bow Valley. 
DeBow H S, Coleridge.         Dickinson W H, St James.         Dreese Joseph, Bow Valley. 
DeGarneo W J, Hartington.     Dickinson W L, St James.         Dreesen Peter, St Peter. 
Deitche Louis, St James.      Dieman John, Dixon.              Dreesen Theodore, St Peter. 
Delancey J W, Coleridge.      Dimmick E L, Hartington.         Driver M A, St James. 
DeLancy C H, Coleridge.       Dingman J R, Randolph.           Driver, Walter, St James. 
Dendinger F C, Hartington.    Dimmick E L, Hartington.         Drue Fred, Dixon. 
Dendinger F M, Hartington.    Dingman J R, Randolph.           Dryer M L, Hartington. 
Dendinger J A, Hartington.    Dirks B J, Coleridge.            Duman Rance, Dixon. 
Dendinger J D, Coleridge.     Dirks John H, Coleridge.         Duman Geo, St James. 
Dendinger M M, Hartington.    Dirks Henry, Coleridge.          Dunham W W, Coleridge. 
Dendinger M P, Hartington.    Dirks S T, Coleridge.            Dunning Samuel, Hartington. 
Denman I ra, Randolph.        Doahne M H, Hartington.
~ E ~
Eastman B W, Randolph.        Edson Albert, St James.          Erwin Thos, Dixon. 
Eby Enoch, St Peter.          Edson Louis, St James.           Erwin Wm, Dixon. 
Eby Isaac, Hartington.        Eickoff A, Aten.                 Essert H C, Coleridge. 
Eby Jacob, Hartington.        Eickoff E, Aten.                 Evans D E, Hartington. 
Eby John, Hartington.         Elliott J K, Hartington.         Evans F M, Randolph. 
Eby Levi, St Peter.           Ellis Ransom, Coleridge.         Everett E D, Coleridge. 
Eby R R, Hartington.          Erickson A, Randolph.            Everett Fremont, Coleridge. 
Edinberger A, Hartington.     Erickson J, Hartington.          Everton E, Aten. 
Edland G, Hartington.         Erust James, St James.
~ F ~
Farley J C, Randolph.         Ferry Geo, Dixon.                Foglesong H, Hartington. 
Farnsley J T, Coleridge.      Fetcher E K, Hartington.         Forsberg D W, Dixon. 
Fauick Danl, St James.        Fiel Joe, Hartington.            Forsberg P A, Dixon. 
Fauick Geo, St James.         Figgens Chas, Randolph.          Foulk J A, St James. 
Feehaven W H, Hartington.     Fimple Paris, St James.          Fox F W, Randolph. 
Feeney Pat, Coleridge.        Finch Has, Aten.                 Fox J S, Randolph. 
Feiner Will, St Helena.       Finch J R, Hartington.           Francis S A, Hartington. 
Felber Danl, Coleridge.       Fischer Fred, Bow Valley.        Franzen M H, Coleridge. 
Felber J B, St Helena.        Fisher H S, Randolph.            Frayer D W, Hartington. 
Felber J H, Hartington.       Fitch A D, Coleridge.            Frerichs Carl, Coleridge. 
Ferber Chas, St James.        Flaner Chas, Coleridge.          Frerichs R, Coleridge. 
Ferber Ernest, St James.      Fleming John, Aten.              Freichs T H, Coleridge. 
Ferber Martin, St James.      Flick S P, St Peter.             Frigge Jos, Hartington. 
Ferguson T A, Hartington.     Flint S V, St Peter.             Frost Jas, Dixon. 
Fernplaz Frank, St James.     Flucky D, Randolph.              Fuka E, Randolph.
~ G ~
Gable A B, Hartington.        Goeden Peter, Menominee.         Griessel Dan, Coleridge. 
Gager H F, St Helena.         Goetz Louis, St James.           Griessel John, Coleridge. 
Gallager C E, Coleridge.      Golden Chas, Menominee.          Griffith A D, Randolph. 
Gallup Albert, Coleridge.     Goldkamp F, St Helena.           Griffith E J, Randolph. 
Garisch Wm T, Hartington.     Gooding A M, Hartington.         Griffith H, St James. 
Garvey D, Hartington.         Goodwin T H, Hartington.         Griggs Frank, Randolph. 
Garvey Pter, Hartington.      Goodwin Thos sr, St James.       Griggs Ira, Randolph. 
Gearhart J R, Coleridge.      Gordon J S, Hartington.          Grimes T C, St Helena. 
Gearhart J R, Lime Grove.     Gould W D, Hartington.           Groffy G V, Aten. 
Gearhart S C, Lime Grove.     Gragg R C, St Helena.            Grove J P, Randolph. 
Gelson D P, Randolph.         Grau Peter E, Menominee.         Gulde Chas, St James. 
Gieser Robt, St Helena.       Grey G A, Coleridge.             Gulde M C, St Helena. 
Gilbertson O O, Lime Grove.   Greggs John, St James.           Gunnerson Elip, Dixon. 
Gibson W H, Coleridge.        Greggs Saml, St James.           Gunsaulis D, Hartington. 
Gitty E S, St James.          Green Ira, Randolph.             Guss Samuel, Hartington. 
Goebel John J, Constance.     Greenwood J, Hartington.         Gyte Wm, St James. 
Goeden Chas, Menominee.       Grenapp J, Randolph.

~ H ~

Haberman A, Menominee.        Hegge Herman, Constance.         Holm John, Hartington. 
Hackett J H, Hartington.      Hegge Henry, Constance.          Holmes H F, Dixon. 
Hagedorn John, Randolph.      Heitman B, Aten.                 Holmes J J, Hartington. 
Hagedorn L, Randolph.         Hellman H, Menominee.            Holstine J, Menominee. 
Hahn August, St Peter.        Henderson & Cameron, Constance.  Holstine Jacob, Menominee. 
Hairsch Gotlieb, Coleridge.   Hendrickson K, Hartington.       Holt C P, Andrew. 
Hall D C, Hartington.         Hepney Fred, Coleridge.          Holt Geo, Dixon. 
Hall F J, Hartington.         Herber Syl, St Helena.           Holthe Ole, Hartington. 
Hall Frank, Randolph.         Herkert John, Dixon.             Holst Jacob, Hartington. 
Hall J S, Randolph.           Hesse Anton, Bow Valley.         Holst & Jerger, Hartington. 
Hall Warren, Aten.            Hesse Henry, Bow Valley.         Holst Peter, Hartington. 
Hammer Geo T., Coleridge.     Hicks F L, Coleridge.            Host P W, Hartington. 
Hansch John, Coleridge.       Higgins A H, St Peter.           Homer W B, Randolph. 
Hansen H, Coleridge.          Hilderbrand R A, Hartington.     Hood R J, Coleridge. 
Hansen Christ, Dixon.         Himes Anton, Bow Valley.         Hoogner Frank, Dixon. 
Hansen Christ, St James.      Hines H, Coleridge.              Hopper John, Hartington. 
Hansen H, Coleridge.          Hines J C, Coleridge.            Horan John, Coleridge. 
Hansen Peter, Coleridge.      Hines J H, Coleridge.            Horan Wm, Coleridge. 
Hansen, R, Hartington.        Hines Wm, Coleridge.             Hougen O C, Hartington. 
Hanson Amil, St Helena.       Hirschman A J, Hartington.       Hough A, Hartington. 
Hanson Hans, St Helena.       Hirschman A, St Peter.           Hough Jas, St Helena. 
Harder Fred, St James.        Hirschman E B, Hartington.       Hough J F, Hartington. 
Harnes Anton, Coleridge.      Hirschman F, Coleridge.          Hough T H, St James. 
Harper H J, Randolph.         Hirschman F C, Coleridge.        Hough W, Hartington. 
Harris Aaron, Bow Valley.     Hirschman Franz, St Peter.       Houkomp Jos, Constance. 
Harris Marion, Bow Valley.    Hirschman H, Coleridge.          Housgen John, Bow Valley. 
Harris W H, St Peter.         Hirschman H, St Peter.           Howard Jas, Hartington. 
Harrison J, Coleridge.        Hirschman John, St Peter.        Howard L M, Hartington. 
Harrison R E Coleridge.       Hirschman Julius, St Peter.      Hoyt C M, Aten. 
Harvey Eliza, Coleridge.      Hochstein F, St Helena.          Hoyt Frank, Aten. 
Hass S C, Coleridge.          Hochstein Joe, St Helena.        Hoyt Will B, Aten. 
Hass Steven, Coleridge.       Hochstein Joe jr, St Helena.     Hoyt W R, Aten. 
Hausman George, St Helena.    Hockstein Frank, Constance.      Huber P R, Randolph. 
Havens A, Havens.             Hoebelheinrich A, Menominee.     Hudson A, Coleridge. 
Havens A B, Havens.           Hoese Henry jr, St James.        Huff J M, Randolph. 
Havens A D, Havens.           Hoese Henry sr, St James.        Hulbert Robt, Hartington. 
Hay Jas, St James.            Hoese Otto, Hartington.          Humberson T, Coleridge. 
Haywood J, Coleridge.         Hoesing F, Menominee.            Hunnekens H J, Aten. 
Hayworth Geo, St James.       Hoesing H, Menominee.            Hunt Robt, Lime Grove. 
Heck Dan, Coleridge.          Hoesing Henry, Menominee.        Hunteman M, St Helena. 
Heck John, Coleridge.         Hoesing John, St Helena.         Hunter H H, Hartington. 
Heckt T F, St Helena.         Hoffman Geo, Bow Valley.         Hutton C M, Randolph. 
Heger John, St Helena.        Hogensen Peter, St Peter.        Hutton Chas W, Coleridge. 
Hegge Conrad, Bow Valley.     Holcomb C E, Coleridge.          Hutton G W, Coleridge. 
Hegge Frank, Bow Valley.      Holcomb C P, Randolph.
~ I ~ J ~
Ioes A C, St James.           Jensen S C, Colridge.            Johnson Thos, St James. 
Irle Alex, Bow Valley.        Jeppeson C, Randolph.            Johnson T W, Lime Grove. 
Irwin H A, Havens.            Johns Andrew, St James.          Jones A L, Coleridge. 
Irwin W B, Havens.            Johns Henry, St James.           Jones B A, Randolph. 
Jacobson A, Randolph.         Johns John, St James.            Jones C M, Hartington. 
Jacobson C P, Randolph.       Johnson C A, Dixon.              Jones F N, St James. 
Jacobson John, Randolph.      Johnson C O, Dixon.              Jones G A, Hartington. 
Janssen Peter, Aten.          Johnson F A, Dixon.              Jones G W jr, Hartington. 
Janson Henry, Menominee.      Johnson, Fred, Dixon.            Jones G W sr, Hartington. 
Jenal J F, Hartington.        Johnson G O, Dixon.              Jones J I, Hartington. 
Jenkins Geo, Coleridge.       Johnson Gus A, Dixon.            Jones J L, Hartington. 
Jenney John, Coleridge.       Johnson J A, Dixon.              Jones John H, Coleridge. 
Jens W J, Coleridge.          Johnson J P, Randolph.           Jones L E jr, St James. 
Jensen A F, Randolph.         Johnson Nels, Havens.            Jones L E sr, St James. 
Jensen J B, Randolph.         Johnson O, Hartington.           Jones T, Randolph. 
Jensen John, Hartington.      Johnson Ole, Hartington.         Jones W H, Coleridge. 
Jensen J P, Lime Grove.       Johnson Otto, Dixon.             Jones W M, Hartington. 
Jensen Nels, Havens.          Johnson Porter, Havens.          Jones W W , Coleridge.
~ K ~
Kaiser Jacob, St Helena.      Klameth Frank, Hartington.       Koleske J, St Helena. 
Kaiser L John, St Helena.     Kleemeier F A, Randolph.         Kollars Jos, Menominee. 
Kamrad D J, Hartington.       Kleemeier Henry, Coleridge.      Kollars John, Aten. 
Karcher John, St Peter.       Kleinschmidt J, Menominee.       Konegni John, St James. 
Kast George, Menominee.       Kleinschmidt P, Menominee.       Konken Bernard, St Peter. 
Kast Geo, Menominee.          Kleinschmidt W, Menominee.       Konken Henry, Coleridge. 
Kathman C, Constance.         Klinesmith J, Menominee.         Kons John, Coleridge. 
Kathol John, Bow Valley.      Klug B, St James.                Kooper John, St Helena. 
Keek Jacob, Coleridge.        Knudson J J, Randolph.           Korthuss Emile, Aten. 
Keegan Jas, St James.         Knudson N J, Randolph.           Kramer Henry, Bow Valley. 
Keegan Peter, St James.       Kuntson Henry, Lime Grove.       Krause August, Hartington. 
Keegan Peter jr, St James.    Knutson R, Lime Grove.           Krause John, Hartington. 
Keider Franz, Constance.      Koch Bernard, Constance.         Kuckta Frank, Aten. 
Kennedy Pat, Coleridge.       Koch H E, Hartington.            Kuckta Joe, Aten. 
Keohler F, Menominee.         Koch Herman, Lime Grove.         Kuhl Ernest, Hartington. 
Kibbe E S, Hartington.        Koch Herman, Bow Valley.         Kuhn Henry, Menominee. 
Kimball F M, Coleridge.       Koch Leo, Constance.             Kuhn Henry, Lime Grove. 
King Geo W, Dixon.            Koeber John, Randolph.           Kuhn Henry sr., Lime Grove. 
Kinkead L C, Randolph.        Koester J H, Coleridge.          Kuhn John, Lime Grove. 
Kirkpatrick C E, Coleridge.   Kohl P H, Hartington.            Kundson W, Hartington. 
Kirkpatrick L F, Coleridge.   Kohls Gerhard, St Helena.        Kunkel Mathew, Randolph. 
Kramer Joseph, Constance.     Kohls Louis, Bow Valley.
~ L ~
Lacey Moses, St Peter.        Lawrance C S, Hartington.        Lock C W R, St James. 
Lackmann W, Menominee.        Lawrance R E, Hartington.        Locker Herman, Menominee. 
Lamm L, St Helena.            Lawrence W J, Hartington.        Locker Peter, Menominee. 
Lammers A, Hartington.        Lawson, Christ, Lime Grove.      Lofgreen A F, Lime Grove. 
Lammers F, St Helena.         Lawson John, St James.           Lofgreen A M, Lime Grove. 
Lammers Frank, Hartington.    Lee Addison, Hartington.         Loose W K, Hartington. 
Lammers H, St Helena.         Lee A J J, St Helena.            Lops E P, Hartington. 
Lammers Henry, Hartington.    Lee Jacob, Aten.                 Lorang, Henry, Coleridge. 
Lammers J J, Hartington.      Lee Jacob M, Aten.               Lorang John, Coleridge. 
Lammers John, St Helena.      Leekmer Frank, Randolph.         Lorang John jr, Coleridge. 
Lammers John, Hartington.     Leftwich T E, Coleridge.         Lorang T, Coleridge. 
Lammers Wm jr, Hartington.    Leiquvan O, Aten.                Lorang Wm, Coleridge. 
Lammers Wm sr, Hartington.    Lemon J N, Hartington.           Loranson S A, Lime Grove. 
Lamphear A E, Hartington.     Lenz Ludwig, St Peter.           Lorge Henry, Randolph. 
Lamphear C E, Hartington.     Lenzen Henry, Bow Valley.        Loring Will, Dixon. 
Landrieth W F, Dixon.         Levis H W, Dixon.                Lubeley August, Hartington. 
Lane Albert, Dixon.           Lichty Kasper, Hartington.       Luehr Ch, Coleridge. 
Lange Henry, Hartington.      Lickess W A, Randolph.           Luft Conrad, St James. 
Langerferman H, Hartington.   Lilley W H, St Peter.            Luft John T, Coleridge. 
Larson A, Dixon.              Lindstrom John A, Aten.          Lukens R, Randolph. 
Larson Chas, Randolph.        Lingo E T, Randolph.             Lukken A H, Lime Grove. 
Larson Ole, Lime Grove.       Linkhart Bros, Coleridge.        Lukken C H, St Peter. 
LaRue E H, Coleridge.         Liss August, St Peter.           Lukken H A, Lime Grove. 
LaRue Jas A, Coleridge.       Liss Christian, St Peter.        Lukken Ole A, Lime Grove. 
Lasey F, Coleridge.           Little Perry, Hartington.        Lux J P, St Peter. 
Latimer M, Coleridge.         Liveley A E, St Peter.           Lyman E S, St Peter. 
Lattman Jacob, St Helena.     Liveley T M, St Peter.           Lyman Ira J, St Peter. 
Lauritzen L P, St James.      Lively James, Hartington.        Lyman Ira N, St Peter. 
Lavender H W, Menominee.      Lively T, Hartington.            Lynde Jas G, Hartington. 
Lawver Eph, Hartington.       Lix A, Randolph.                 Lynde Steve, Hartington.
~ Mc ~
McCarthy Y, Randolph.         McCullough Wm, St Peter.         McFadden B, St Helena. 
McClane Berton, Hartington.   McDevitt J W, Coleridge.         McFadden Chas, Coleridge. 
McClure H M, Randolph.        McDonald A P, Randolph.          McGregor M, Hartington. 
McCoy Jas M, Coleridge.       McDowell D D, Coleridge.         McKensey Frank, St James. 
McCoy M, Coleridge.           McElhiney Chas, Coleridge.       McLeod O R, St Peter. 
McCoy T, Coleridge.           McElrath Chas, Coleridge.        McMannis H J, Coleridge. 
McCrea R, Coleridge.          McElrath F M, Coleridge.         McNeal A, Andrew. 
McCrill E L, Hartington.      McElrath Geo, Coleridge.
~ M ~
Mass, Nick Hartington.        Meeker Wm M, Coleridge.          Monroe L H, Hartington. 
Macdorman Robt, Coleridge.    Meier Theo, St Helena.           Montgomery H, St Peter. 
Machaels M, Hartington.       Melrose B H, Bow Valley.         Montgomery R A, St Peter. 
Machamer W E, Coleridge.      Melrose Clem, Bow Valley.        Moore C C, Coleridge. 
Mackee Andrew, Randolph.      Melrose Henry, Bow Valley.       Moore E E, St James. 
Mackenbroch C, Hartington.    Meng A, Hartington.              Moore J H, Coleridge. 
Madison P H, Dixon.           Menke Anton, Bow Valley.         Moore J C, Randolph. 
Mallet Ab, St Helena.         Merrill A M, Hartington.         Moore John E, Coleridge. 
Mallony C W, St Helena.       Merrill M S, Hartington.         Moore Nelson, Coleridge. 
Mangshal G, Hartington.       Merrill R D, Hartington.         Moran John, Coleridge. 
Mangleson Chas, Dixon.        Mertz M, Randolph.               Moran Pat, Coleridge. 
Manhufen John, St Helena.     Messmer N C, Andrew.             Morgan M, Hartington. 
Mank W, Randolph.             Meyer John, Constance.           Moorman C, Menominee. 
Marks F, St Peter.            Meyer Nick, Aten.                Morris E F, Hartington. 
Marks Fred, St Peter.         Millard J D, Coleridge.          Morrison Wm, Hartington. 
Marsh Jas, Aten.              Miller Albert Aten.              Morten Henry, Hartington. 
Martin Ben, Hartington.       Miller A W, Hartington.          Morten H sr, Hartington. 
Martin John, Hartington.      Miller Burt, Dixon.              Morten Joseph, Hartington. 
Martin M C, Hartington.       Miller D C, Randolph.            Moser H, Coleridge. 
Martin O W, Coleridge.        Miller D E, Coleridge.           Mosher H, Randolph. 
Martin W M, Coleridge.        Miller H A, Hartington.          Mosher Wm, Randolph. 
Mason Daniel, Dixon.          Miller H N, Randolph.            Most E, Dixon. 
Mason E H, Menominee.         Miller J E, Hartington.          Most P, Dixon. 
Mason Fred, Randolph.         Miller John, Menominee.          Much John, Hartington. 
Mason H E, Aten.              Miller Jos W, Coleridge.         Mueller Frank, Constance. 
Mason R E, Hartington.        Miller W B, Hartington.          Muhm F E, Randolph. 
Mathews John, Coleridge.      Miller W C, Hartington.          Muller F P, St Peter. 
Matter John, Coleridge.       Miller Will, Hartington.         Munson F, Hartington. 
Matter Jos, Coleridge.        Miller W J, Coleridge.           Murphy C P, Hartington. 
Marx Werner, Bow Valley.      Miller Wm, Coleridge.            Myers John C, St James. 
Maxfield L G, Hartington.     Mines M A, Hartington.           Myers S G, St James. 
Mecklenburg Fred, St James.   Miske Louis, St James.           Myers Wm, St James.
~ N ~
Nash Wm M, Hartington.        Nelson L, Hartington.            Nicalls C W, Randolph. 
Needham W A, Coleridge.       Nelson Nick, St Helena.          Nichalls D W C, Hartington. 
Needham W H, Coleridge.       Nelson Nels, St Peter.           Nichols M, St James. 
Neese Theo, Randolph.         Nelson Oley, Hartington.         Nielson N J, Coleridge. 
Neese Wm, Randolph.           Nelson Olof, Coleridge.          Nilson Swan, Randolph. 
Nelson Andrew, St Peter.      Nerenderg Wm, Aten.              Nissen Peter, Coleridge. 
Nelson C, Lime Grove.         Newell R O, Coleridge.           Nobles A L, St James. 
Nelson Chas, Aten.            Newman A, Hartington.            Noe F, Coleridge. 
Nelson Frans, Hartington.     Newton J T, Coleridge.           Noecker Henry, St James. 
Nelson John, Aten.            Newton S D, Coleridge.           Northrup H, Hartington. 
Nelson John, St James.        Newton W D, Lime Grove.
~ O ~
Oakley G W, Randolph.         Olsen Berhard, Hartington.       Olson M, Hartington. 
Obermeier Henry, Dixon.       Olsen Jens, Hartington.          Olson Nels, Hartington. 
O'Brien Ezra, Coleridge.      Olsen Lenord, St Helena.         Olson Olof, St Helena. 
O'Flaherty D jr, St Peter.    Olsen Mat, Hartington.           Olson Olof, Hartington. 
O'Flaherty D sr, St Peter.    Olsen Ole M, Hartington.         Ordeman Henry, Coleridge. 
O'Flaherty Ed, St Peter.      Olsen Paul, Hartington.          Osborn Frank, Hartington. 
O'Gara B, Claramont.          Olsens Andrew, Hartington.       Osborn Newell, Hartington. 
O'Gara R T, Claramont.        Olson Alfred, Aten.              Oswald Anton, St James. 
O'Gara Wm, Claramont.         Olson C F, Dixon.                Oswald Mortz, St James. 
Oliver J C, Randolph.         Olson Chas, Hartington.          Owens* Robert, Hartington. 
Olney C E, Coleridge.         Olsen [Sic.] H, Randolph.        Oxford* & Tollinger, Randolph. 
Olsen Andrew, Hartington.     Olson John, Hartington.
~ P ~
Parcher* Jos, Randolph.       Pepper A E Randolph.             Phillips A, Randolph. 
Park P, Randolph.             Perry Bros, Coleridge.           Phillips James, Randolph. 
Parker A S, Aten.             Perry Elmer, St Helena.          Pickels L, St James. 
Parker Geo I, Hartington.     Peters Michal, St Helena.        Pinkelman Frank, St Helena. 
Parker Wm, Randolph.          Petersen A J, Randolph.          Pinneo Steven, St James. 
Parker Wm B, Aten.            Peterson Alfred, Dixon.          Piper Geo, Hartington. 
Patrick G T, Aten.            Peterson Bert, Hartington.       Pitz Fred, Bow Valley. 
Patterson B, Randolph.        Peterson G, St James.            Pitz Peter A, Bow Valley. 
Paul, Patrick, Dixon.         Peterson John, Bow Valley.       Plumleigh Chas, Hartington. 
Paul W F, Coleridge.          Peterson K A, Dixon.             Pollock M K, Hartington. 
Paul W L, Coleridge.          Peterson L, Hartington.          Pollock W A, Coleridge. 
Paulsen Fritz, Aten.          Peterson Peter, Aten.            Porter F B L, Aten. 
Paulsen Fritz, Menominee.     Peterson Peter, Menominee.       Porter Thos, St James. 
Paulsen Christ, Hartington.   Peterson Sivert, Hartington.     Porter Wm, St James. 
Peck D C, Claramont.          Peterson Victor, Dixon.          Potter O R, Randolph. 
Peck Frank, Claramont.        Pflanz Chas, Coleridge.          Powers D C, Aten. 
Peck Frank, St James.         Pflanz J, Randolph.              Powell Moses, Coleridge. 
Peck Nelson, St Peter.        Phelps C H, Randolph.            Primmer W B, Coleridge. 
Penticoff Saml, St James.     Phelps P S, Hartington.          Provenche C, Hartington. 
Peppenhausen J, Claramont.    Philbrick Fred, Claramont.        
Peppenhausen W, Claramont.    Phillber L, Randolph.
~ Q ~
Quist, Carl 
~ R ~
Radke Carl, St James.         Ringering J, Lime Grove.         Ross Eli, Coleridge. 
Randall O L, Randolph.        Ritter John, St James.           Ross Noe, Coleridge. 
Randall, Will, St Helena.     Ritts S, Randolph.               Ross W J, Coleridge. 
Ratterman J, Bow Valley.      Roach J P, Coleridge.            Rowell J L, Hartington. 
Rawhouser J D, Dixon.         Roach J W, Coleridge.            Rowland James, St Helena. 
Ray M A, Havens.              Roberts Wm N, Randolph.          Rube A J, Hartington. 
Reifenrath F W, Lime Grove.   Robinson A, Coleridge.           Rube August, Hartington. 
Reifenrath G, Lime Grove.     Robinson J C, Hartington.        Rube Carl, Bow Valley. 
Reifenrath J W, Lime Grove.   Robinson W R, Randolph.          Rube John, Bow Valley. 
Reifert F, Hartington.        Rock J W, Hartington.            Rudinger Chas, Coleridge. 
Reifsing Andrew, Dixon.       Rodgers Jas, Coleridge.          Ruff Frank, Hartington. 
Reinhart Henry, St.           Romeil John, Bow Valley.         Runquist P J, Randolph. 
Peter Remington E, St Helena. Romeil Martin, Bow Valley.       Rupiper John, Menominee. 
Rhoe Henry, St James.         Root A G, Randolph.              Russell A A, Coleridge. 
Rickman C, Coleridge.         Rosenbach C A, Hartington.       Russell Chas, St James. 
Rickman E, Coleridge.         Rosenbach Wm, Hartington.        Ruter Jos, Bow Valley. 
Rickman M, Coleridge.         Ross A W, Coleridge.
~ S ~
Sackett H M, Hartington.      Shively Danl, Lime Grove.        Stevens B, Bow Valley. 
Salmon Joseph, Hartington.    Sloggett V G, Coleridge.         Stevens Henry, Bow Valley. 
Satorius Christ, Lime Grove.  Slogett Mw, Coleridge.           Stevens H W, Havens. 
Satorius Peter, Lime Grove.   Smeal John, Coleridge.           Stevens Steven, Bow Valley. 
Satterley C D, Coleridge.     Smith Albert, Coleridge.         Stevens Steven J, Bow Valley. 
Saunders Eugene, Aten.        Smith B, Menominee.              Stevers N L, Hartington. 
Saunders S, Hartington.       Smith E, Coleridge.              Stewart J C, Randolph. 
Sazma M, Aten.                Smith E B, Coleridge.            Stewart J C, Randolph. 
Schaeffer C, Menominee.       Smith Ed, Hartington.            Stewart J L, Randolph. 
Schaefer Theo, Menominee.     Smith G, Menominee.              Stimson C, Coleridge. 
Schaefer Jacob, Menominee.    Smith Joe, Dixon.                Stokes M W, Randolph. 
Schager Hans, Hartington.     Smith John, Coleridge.           Stone S, Coleridge. 
Schaller Fritz, St Helena.    Smith John, Menominee.           Stoppart Frank, Bow Valley. 
Schieffer, J, Bow Valley.     Smith John A, Menominee.         Stoppart Jos, Bow Valley. 
Schieffer Jno, Bow Valley.    Smith J S, Havens.               Storck Gust, Randolph. 
Schlingler Henry, Andrew.     Smith M R, Hartington.           Stranz Fred, Hartington. 
Schmachel John, St Peter.     Smith Peter, Andrew.             Stranz Jospeh, Hartington. 
Schmidt G, Menominee.         Smith R N, Dixon.                Stratman Frank, St Helena. 
Schmidt Peter, St James.      Smith Wallace, Aten.             Stratman Joseph, St Helena. 
Schneider J J, Coleridge.     Smith W J, Coleridge.            Street Geo A, Hartington. 
Schneider Pins, Bow Valley.   Sneider Carl, Dixon.             Strenzke Aug, St James. 
Schuettler F, Hartington.     Snow D J, Hartington.            Strevens Frank, Randolph. 
Scholtz F G, Randolph.        Snowe Harry, St James.           Strivens Knight, Randolph. 
Schrempp A, Hartington.       Soehner Jacob, Andrew.           Strome Nils Hartington. 
Schroeder H, Bow Valley.      Spangler Oliver, Hartington.     Strom S E, Randolph. 
Schroeder Jno, Bow Valley.    Spark Perry, Hartington.         Stuckenhoff H, Hartington. 
Schrulte John, Bow Valley.    Spangler Perry, Hartington.      Stulpe Andrew, Hartington. 
Schulte Will, St Helena.      Sparks J C, Dixon.               Sudbeck B, Bow Valley. 
Schulte Wm, Bow Valley.       Specht Fred, Coleridge.          Sudbeck Frank, Bow Valley. 
Schutt J H, St James.         Spence James, Dixon.             Sudbeck H sr, Bow Valley. 
Schwarz Aug, St Peter.        Spencer John, Coleridge.         Sudbeck H, Bow Valley. 
Schwarz Jos, St Peter.        Speth Christ, Bow Valley.        Sudbeck Henry, Bow Valley. 
Schwarzenbach A, St Peter.    Stafford S M, St James.          Sudbeck Jos, Bow Valley. 
Scott J W, Randolph.          Stappleman H, Randolph.          Sudbeck S, Bow Valley. 
Scott S, St Peter.            Starks, C H, Havens.             Suing B, St Helena. 
Scoville Geo F, Hartington.   Starks Daniel, Coleridge.        Suing H B, Hartington. 
Sebring John, Aten.           Starks J W, Coleridge.           Suing John B, Bow Valley. 
Seibert Jonas, Coleridge.     Starks Leonard, Coleridge.       Sullivan D P, St Peter. 
Seim A N, Hartington.         Starks I, Coleridge.             Sullivan Jas, Hartington. 
Seim Stephen, Hartington.     Starks, Stevens, Coleridge.      Sullivan Tode, Coleridge. 
Severns W, Randolph.          Steadman M, Lime Grove.          Sullivan Wm, Hartington. 
Setter Peter, Hartington.     Steel R B, Bow Valley.           Sutliff W E, Coleridge. 
Shafer & Son, Coleridge.      Steffen Wm, Bow Valley.          Sutton Chas, St Peter. 
Shearer W H, Coleridge.       Stein John, St Helena.           Swan L P, St Peter. 
Sheldon W S, Randolph.        Stephens A C, Lime Grove.        Swank P Hartington. 
Shely Dard, Coleridge.        Stephenson C B, Coleridge.       Swanson C F, Dixon. 
Shepard Gust, Hartington.     Stephenson F M, Coleridge.       Swanson Olof, St James. 
Sherman E J, Randolph.        Stephenson W H, Hartington.      Sweetland Saml, St James. 
Shiners Jos, Lime Grove.      Sterling Robert, Hartington.     Syle Louis, Randolph.
~ T ~
Tatman G E, Hartington.       Thompson W A, Lime Grove.        Tinkcom L J, Andrew. 
Tatro B E, Hartington.        Thomson C, Havens.               Tinkcom S A, Andrew. 
Tatro Noah, Lime Grove.       Thomson Geo, St James.           Tinkcom Frank, Andrew. 
Tatro Wm, Hartington.         Thomson G M, Havens.             Tolis L C, Dixon. 
Taylor J B, Randolph.         Thomson John, Havens.            Torgersen Tove, Aten. 
Taylor N P, Coleridge.        Thomspn Lewis, Havens.           Totten Wm M, Randolph. 
Teasdall H A, St James.       Thone Frank, Bow Valley.         Tower Chas, Dixon. 
Tedro J B, Randolph.          Thone Frank A, Bow Valley.       Townsend Byron, St James. 
Tedrow Boyd, Randolph.        Thone Henry, Bow Valley.         Townsend J, Coleridge. 
Telleson Otto, Coleridge.     Thorndilte A L, Randolph.        Tramp Ferd, Aten. 
Templeman O L, St Peter.      Thorp J E, Coleridge.            Trimble P F, Coleridge. 
Tenbus B, Menominee.          Thorp M E, Coleridge.            Trottman J W, Randolph. 
Tenbush B, Menominee.         Thorp Steven, Coleridge.         Turner Geo, St James. 
Terry A H, Randolph.          Thum Jacob, Coleridge.           Tvedt N G, Hartington. 
Thomas T G, Hartington.       Tigges Chas, Hartington.         Tyler A F, Randolph. 
Thompson C, Lime Grove.       Tigges John, Bow Valley.         Tyler L M, Randolph. 
Thompson Christ, Randolph.    Tinkcom J L, Andrew.
~ U ~ V ~
Urwiler A, Coleridge.         Van Allen Art, Aten.             Veire Hans, Coleridge. 
Utter Nelson, Dixon.          Vanchef Frank, Dixon.            Vose R H, Aten. 
Valir Martin, Randolph.       Van Doon P A, Hartington.        Vrowman D A, Randolph.
~ W ~
Wait Merton, Hartington.      Whitham C S, Randolph.           Winterringer J, Hartington. 
Wait Smith, Hartington.       Whitney F A, Randolph.           Winterringer J S, Hartington. 
Walden E F, Randolph.         Whitney Geo, Randolph.           Winterringer W E, Hartington. 
Walker David, St Peter.       Whitney G D, Randolph.           Winterringer W R, Hartington. 
Wallace R M, Hartington.      Wiedenfeld Frank, St Peter.      Wisdom J S, Hartington. 
Walther Adolph, Hartington.   Wiedenfeld Jos, Coleridge.       Wise J R, Randolph. 
Walz Anton, Hartington.       Wiedenfeld Jos, St Peter.        Wiseman H, St James. 
Walz Fred, Hartington.        Wiedenfeld Wm, St Peter.         Wiseman John, St James. 
Ward P W, Randolph.           Wiggens Anton, St James.         Wisner C, Bow Valley. 
Ware C H, Coleridge.          Wilber Guy R, Hartington.        Wittee Her, Menominee. 
Watson H C, Hartington.       Wilcox C, St James.              Wittie H, Menominee. 
Eatson T B A, Hartington.     Wilken Ben, Hartington.          Witthause T J, St James. 
Weber Alois, Menominee.       Willard, Geo, Hartington.        Wittenbel* C T, Aten. 
Wehling John N, Menominee.    Willenbring J, Constance.        Wobbenhorst H, Randolph. 
Wehling N J, Menominee.       Williams B, Coleridge.           Woderhoff A, Hartington. 
Weibelhouse H, Constance.     Williams D, Menominee.           Wohlman A, St Peter. 
Weibelhouse J, Bow Valley.    Williams Jas, St James.          Wohlman Aug, St Peter. 
Weibelhouse J, Hartington.    Williams W M, Coleridge.         Wohlman Steven, St Peter. 
Weiger John, Bow Valley.      Willoughby Wm, St James.         Woil* N, Randolph. 
Weiger Oley, St James.        Wilson D B, Dixon.               Wolstelt* Nils, Randolph. 
Welch Thos, Hartington.       Wilson D L, Dixon.               Woodard R C, Hartington. 
Welchert T, Constance.        Wilson T B, Coleridge.           Wooley R J, St James. 
West J P, Coleridge.          Wilson Thos, Randolph.           Wortman H, Bow Valley. 
Westerhoff Geo, Bow Valley.   Wilson W F, Dixon.               Wubben B, Constance. 
Westerhoff H jr, Constance.   Windrom Sam, Coleridge.          Wubben Frank, Constance. 
Westerhoff H sr, Constance.   Winebrenner & Holz, Coleridge.   Wusterwald J, Bow Valley. 
Weston W S, Hartington.       Winger L J, St James.            Wyatt W D, Coleridge. 
Whing Ludwig, Bow Valley.     Winkel John, Hartington.         Wyman S, Dixon. 
Whipple D M, Hartington.      Winkler C, Menominee.             
Whipple E L, Hartington.      Winterringer A W, Hartington.
~ Y ~ Z ~
Yager Henry, Hartington.      Young John, St James.            Zeigler J C, St James. 
Yaull C A, Coleridge.         Yuden Herman, Bow Valley.        Zeigler T F, Randolph. 
York Geo, Hartington.         Yurgens Henry, Bow Valley.       Zimmerman N, Menominee. 
York W R, Hartington.         Zavadill John, Menominee.        Zirshling John, Coleridge. 
Young Bros, Randolph.         Zavadill John, Menominee.
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