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Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


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page 117

   Clay Center is in the exact center of Clay county, of which it is the judicial seat, and is surrounded by an excellent farming and stock raising country. It is eight miles northeast of Fairfield on the Alma branch of the U. P. Ry. Population, 500. The State Bank of Clay Center, capital $50,000, and the commercial State Bank, capital $30,000, rank high in the business community. The public buildings are considered as among the most substantial in the state. The two hotels provide good accommodations. The press is well represented by the Gazette-Democrat and the Sun. The churches are the Christian, Congregational, Methodist and German Evangelical.

Barnett S R, ed the Gazette-Democrat.
Blanchard Charles C, painter.
Bonner H G, livery.
Burlingame Lee, carpenter.
Clay County Telephone Co, S R Barnett operator.
Commerical Hotel, J F Shinkle, prop.
Commercial State Bank, capital $30,000, O G Smith pres. Horace N Jones cashier, J M Sewell vice-pres.
Conner J W, grain.
Cox W J, breeder of Poland China hogs.
Cruikshank P, confectionery.
Cruikshank Sophia Mrs, postmistress.
Democrat Publishing Co, S R Barnett mgr.
Detweiler C S, meat market.
Dickson G F, abstracts of title.
Edgar & Painter, druggists.
Epperson & Epperson, loans, ins.
Epperson J L, county atty.
Frees & Hedge, lumber and coal.
Fryar L F, ins and notary.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, lumber, grain, coal and live stock.
Furer C J, grain.
Gardiner W J, cashier State Bank and notary public.
Gazette-Democrat, S R Barnett editor.
Hager CD C, jeweler.
Harvison James, confectionery, barber.
Le Fever & Perry, agl implts.
Leitch & Son, dry goods, clothing.
Lucas M, livery.
Lyon J M, wagonmaker.
McLoney B F, Atty and notary.
Martin W R, groceries.
Mead & Taylor, contractors and builders.
Moe & Son, genl mdse.
Molten M A, furniture.
Morse J F, shoemaker.
Murphy H J, prop, Park Hotel.
Nye G J, blacksmith.
Palmer W L, editor, The Sun.
Park Hotel, H J Murphy, prop.
Pollock B F, ins.
Riley A L Mrs. photographer.
Rominger H C, ins.
Scholley Harry J, phys.
Seelig Wm, groceries.
Shinkle J F, prop Commercial Hotel.
Shoemaker O P, phys.
Stanton Frank, hardware.
State Bank of Clay Center, capital $50,000, G W Clawson pres,George A Tenney vice-pres, W J Gardiner cashier.
Sun (The), W L Palmer, editor.
Teideman & Phelps, dressmakers.
Thomas M M, carpenter.
Thompson F A, drugs.
Wallace E O, harnessmaker.
Wallace E O Mrs, millinery.
Wallace S M, sta, tel and ex agt.
Ward A C, blacksmith.
Wileman C, contractor and builder.

page 140

   Deweese, a station on the B. & M. R. R. in the southern part of Clay county nine miles west of Edgar. Population 70, Clay Center, the county seat, is about 20 miles north.

Forest K R, genl mdse.
Jenkins W O, blacksmith.
Keney C W, genl mdse.
McConnell G B, hardware, postmaster.
McConnell S A, millinery.
McFarlan R, justice.
Newcomb W F, flour mill.
Putman G A, sta agt.
Watts, Wm genl mdse.

page 146

   Edgar is located in the southern part of Clay county, on the line of the St. J & G I, division of the U. P. Ry., and the DeWitt to Holdrege branch of the B. & M. R. R., and the terminus of the Superior and Edgar branch. It is also a division headquarters of the B. & M. R. R. Edgar is a city of the second class with a population of 1,106. There are a number of valuable business enterprises in operation among which are two banks, canning works, grain elevators, two hotels, two weekly newspapers the Edgar Post and the Edgar Weekly Times. Good schools, church and society accommodations are provided. The churches are Episcopal, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Christian.

Anderson D F, phys.
Avery O, grain and stock.
Babcock Bros, hardware.
Barrington C F, prop B & M Hotel.
Benjamin G d, harnessmaker.
Benshoof J W, pumps, windmills.
B & M Hotel, C F Barrington prop.
Brown J H, dry goods.
Caiger F F Mrs., millinery.
Canfield O B, phys.
Carson J W, jewelry, postmaster.
Casterline T E, phys.
Christie & Boden, attys.
Christy S W, real estate.
Clark W M, atty.
Clay County Bank, capital and surplus $15,000 H W Stout, C A Voorhees, props.
Cobb J N, wagonmaker.
Commercial Hotel, R Stover prop.
Cook C A, bakery,confectionery.
Craig Andrew, merchant tailor.
Dalton H, loans and notary.
Dawson & Carper, groceries.
Dean C A, phys.
Defibaugh R H Mrs, millinery.
Edgar Canning Co, I V Howard pres, J G Glazier vice-pres, Henry Dalton, J M Gardner.
Edgar J F, physician.
Edgar Post, Dr. T. E. Casterline prop.
Edgar Weekly Times, H G Lyon ed.
Edgington M S, loans.
Farmers Protective Elevator Assn. J F Johnson mgr, gain.
Ford A B, sta, tel and ex agt, St. F & G I R R.
Frees & Montgomery, lumber, coal.
Fuller W R, stationery.
Garden J C, groceries.
Gardner Bros, groceries.
Garvin W J, meat market.
Gee J A, blacksmith.
Gee & Ward, harness and hardware.
Glazier Bros, farm machinery.
Glazier J G, dry goods.
Grant H F, ins, notary.
Green C E, dry goods.
Gregg J C, grain.
Hall S H, barber.
Harrow Bros, confectionery.
Harvison Thomas, meat market.
Henninger Joseph, boots and shoes.
Jackson & Mapes, barbers.
King & Lane, groceries.
Lyon H G, editor and pub The Edgar Weekly times.
Neal Bros, loans.
Nelson J P, ins.
Newcomb W T, flour and feed.
Newton & Driscoll, billiards.
Nye D D, shoemaker.
Olseene N B, blacksmith.
Ong N, sale stable.
Osby J, blacksmith, livery.
Pomeroy S F & Co, furniture.
Saxton Wm, dry goods.
Scott S A Mrs, physician.
Searle S A, training stables.
Sherman F D, dentist.
State Bank of Edgar, capital $25,000, I V Howard pres, E E Howard, cashier.
Stayner J V, photographer.
Story & Dalton, farm machinery.
Stout & Gates, pickle and vinegar mfrs.
Stover R, prop, Commercial Hotel.
Taylor John, auctioneer.
Thompson Levi, flour and feed.
Treat & Edgington, ins.
Van Antwerp & Westring, groceries.
Vanbrunt J W, auctioneer, loans.
Van Horn D W, sta, tel, and ex agt.
Walroth G E, undertaker.
Whitten John, grain.
Whittlesey & Wright, druggists.
Wyman & Young, lumber, coal.
Ziegler Philip, carpenter.

page 148

   Eldorado, a postoffice in the northern part of Clay county; is also a station on the F. E. & M. R. R.; station name Eldon. Population, 75 .

Bauer Adam, blacksmith.
Carper H Co, gen mdse.
Golden M J, sta agt.
Negly J, justice.
Stockham W J, genl mdse, postmaster.

page 158

   Fairfield is a town with a population of 1,500 in the southern part of Clay county at the junction of the St. J. & G. I. and the Alma branches of the U. P. Ry. It is 42 miles south of York and 18 miles southeast of Hastings. Large shipments of grain and live stock are yearly made. Three elevators are busily engaged in handling the grain product of the vicinity. A creamery is in operation here. The Fairfield Steam Syrup Works are an important industry, being the largest exclusively syrup works in the United States. The Fairfield Iron Works have been started during the past year. The Fairfield College is under the care of the Christian church and in a flourishing condition. There are two banks and two weekly newspapers--the Herald and the News. The churches are the Methodist, Congregational, Christian, Baptist and Catholic.

Anawalt & Hibbs, genl mdse.
Arnold & Potter, clothing.
Athey J E, blacksmith.
Avery G W, agl implts.
Biddle Sarah Miss, dressmaker.
Biles C W, photographer.
Bradwell E, drugs.
Broderick J E, blacksmith.
Brooks Ida C Mrs., millinery.
Brooks J H, real estate, loans, etc.
Byrkit M L & son, blacksmith.
Carpenter D L, sta, ex agt.
Cash furniture Co, W A Perman mgr, furniture.
Citizens Bank, capital $30,000, J C Hedge pres, J L Epperson vice-pres,
     C L Lewis cashier.
City Hotel, A Harris, prop.
Conrad J H, drugs and phys.
Cook & Brehm, meat market.
Emrich Louis, barber.
Epley J H, carpenter.
Epperson & Epperson, attys.
Fairfield Creamery, Furer & Pearsall props.
Fairfield Furniture Bazaar, K I Willis, prop.
Fairfield Iron Works, Gillet & Phillips, props.
Fairfield News (The), Wm S Ramdall editor and pub.
Fairfield Steam Syrup Works, A B Smith, prop.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, surplus $4,500, Jacob Shively pres,
     G J Pielstick vice-pres, Ira Titus cashier.
Flynn E M, bakery and confectionery.
Fowler T J, harness, saddles, trunks.
Frees & Hedge, lumber and coal.
Furer CD J, grain.
Furer & pearsall, props, Fairfield creamery.
Gay S J, meat market.
Gillet & Phillips, props, Fairfield Iron Works.
Harrington A T, justice, insurance.
Harris A, prop, City Hotel.
Hart & Mitchell, dry goods, boots and shoes.
Hedge J C, mgr, tel exchange.
Helton & Larimore, groceries.
Herald Publishing Co, J L Oliver, editor and pub.
Howe G A, postoffice, stationery store.
Jenkins John, dry goods.
Knight C B, harnessmaker.
Lee Sam, laundry.
Lewis Bros, druggists.
Lewis C L, cashier, Citizens Bank and notary.
Loomis T J, groceries.
Masterson H C, livery.
Minnick Morrill, genl mdse.
Mitchell E A, attorney and notary.
Moore R N, livery stable.
Mordock Dwight, attorney, notary.
Morris L C, jeweler.
Nash M D & S E, millinery.
Nixon J P, real estate.
Oliver J L, editor and mgr Herald Publishing Co.
Palmer & Lewis, dry goods.
Parker W H, tel operator.
Phillips D T, stock breeder.
Phillips & Hayden, livery.
Phillips J W, watches, clocks and jewelry.
Phillips Maggie Miss, millinery.
Pielstick George J, hardware.
Pope H M, atty.
Prentice G M, postmaster, phys.
Prickett C M, real estate, ins.
Prickett & Mordock, attys at law.
Randall Wm S, editor The Fairfield News.
Ray A R, phys.
Riggs & Birch, druggists.
Roberts H A, dentist.
Robinson & Clark, bakery, restaurant.
Rossiter J T, shoemaker.
Smith A B, prop, Fairfield Steam Syrup Works.
Smith A B & Son, agl implts.
Smith D H & Son, genl mdse.
Spatz J E, physician.
Titus Ira, cash First Naional Bank, notary public.
Tweed John, genl mdsee.
Union Depot Hotel, L T Watterson prop.
Watterson L T, prop Union Depot Hotel.
Willis K I, mgr Fairfield Furniture Bazaar.
Wright Bros, hardware.
Wyman & Lewis, lumber, coal.

page 191

   Glenville is a village on the St. J. & G. I. branch of the U. P. Ry. with a population of 150. There are four church organizations - Baptist, Presbyterian, German Lutheran and German Baptist - a hotel, two blacksmith shops, two general stores and several other kinds of business.

Atwood A D, drugs.
Bailey H M, phys.
Cantwell Luther, livery.
Fink G Z, justice and notary.
Flesner Bros, genl mdse.
Goldenstein & Johnson, genl mdse.
Goldenstein Luke, postmaster.
Gregg J H, grain.
Harris Hotel, R J Harris prop.
Harris R J, prop Harris Hotel.
Llewellyn H M, blacksmith.
Oliver & Baker, grain.
Palmer W G, sta, tel and ex agt.
Smith John O, blacksmith.
Wornick & Afflerbaugh, hardware.

(Note: Glenvil, Clay County)

page 216

   Harvard is in the northern part of Clay county, on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., and has a population of 1,000. Harvard is surrounded by a well-to-do class of farmers, and is an important shipping point for grain and live stock. The Clay County Journal and the Harvard Courier, two pushing and progressive newspapers, fittingly represent this prosperous community. The religious denominations have handsome edifices as follows: Episcopal, Presbyterian, Congregational, German Lutheran, Christian and Catholic. A $10,000 High School and five other school buildings attest the care bestowed upon this important feature of a city's growth. The First National Bank has a capital of $50,000 and the Union State Bank $100,000.

Armitage A A, sta, ex and tel agt.
Austin Erstmus, justice.
Bennett T H, furniture.
Benson John, shoemaker.
Blackwell D, vice-pres Union State Bank.
Block & Angeli, barbers.
Clark & Catterson, grocers.
Clay County Journal, G W Limbocker pres.
Clearman I H, dry goods.
Dawson C C & Co, grocers.
Disbrowe H II, harnessmaker.
Donnelly R, hardware.
Dorward J L, dentist.
Evans C C, agl implts.
Fenstermaker J B, confectioner.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, T H Matters pres, C Rockhill
     vice-pres, J F Eller cashier.
Foy & Gill, attys.
Gaddis C, grocer.
Gardner C W, meat market.
Good H, bakery.
Harris D M Miss, millinery.
Harris, Woodman & co, J W McKibben mgr.
Hartman & Ayton, meat market.
Harvard Courier, Griff J Thomas pub.
Herzog G A, real estate.
Hjelm Eva Miss, milliner.
Hjelm Sarah Miss, milliner.
Holmes L C, phys.
Howard Fred B, druggist.
Howard I D, phys.
Howard & Malone, physicians.
Hume J D, real estate, ins.
Hurd C C, dry goods.
Johnson Oakley, grain dealer.
Keller H J, shoemaker.
Kempter J B, ticket agt.
Kerr John, carpenter, pumps, wells.
Larmer Wm H, livery.
Littler & Sloat, grain elevators.
McGuire G, stencil cutter and rubber stamps.
McKibben J W, agt Harris, Woodman & Co, elevators.
Martin G W, postmaster, stationary.
Matters T H, pres First national Bank.
Miller Mary Mrs., restaurant.
Mitchell S E Mrs., dressmaker.
Mohler M, restaurant.
Moore C D, druggist.
Moore D, livery.
Moore P, livery.
Palmer & Eller, grocers.
Perry W T & son, hardware.
Raught House The, A W Raught prop, hotel.
Reed E S, merchant tailor.
Rice D J, mgr Tidball & Fuller.
Richard John, blacksmith.
Riley O J, grocer.
Risley S M, livery.
Robinson J R, carriage painter.
Rockhill C, lumber, coal.
Rupeper J A, agl implts, sewing machines.
Sanders Wm, barber.
Scott F H, grocer.
Sherman W T, jeweler.
Stokes H C, druggist, paints, oils.
Sylvester C M, blacksmith.
Taylor C L Mrs, milliner.
Thomas G J, prop Harvard Courier.
Tickler & Germain, restaurant.
Tidball & Fuller, S J Rice mgr, lumber.
Union State Bank, capital A$100,000, E Updike pres, D Blackwell and G W
     Updike vice-pres, L H Titus cashier, P H Updike asst cashier.
Updike E, pres Union State Bank.
Weil & Rosensbaum, genl mdse.
Willoughby house, W G Willoughby prop.
Young A J, photographer.

page 238

   Inland, a village of 100 inhabitants in the northwestern part of Clay County, 14 miles from Clay Center the county seat. It is reached by the main line of the B. & M. R. R. and the Omaha & Hastings branch of the F E & M V RR. A Methodist church is well supported.

Buskirk Wm, Sta agt
Fixen Nettie, dressmaker
Lathrop A M, justice
Pielstick S T, hardware, agl implts.
Pinkerton S M, genl mdse, postmaster
Ramsey E, genl mdse
Reed S E, sta agt
Welton W, blacksmith SIZE=1 WIDTH="25%" NOSHADE>

page 434

   Ong, a station on the B & M. R. R. in the southeastern part of Clay county, 21 miles from Clay Center, the judicial seat. Population 100.

Chandler C M, sta agt.
Christie W, drugs.
Dewey L E, justice.
Haines H C, blacksmith.
Hakansen & Youngquist, genl mdse.
Lee J H, veterinary
Merryfield C L, harware, agl implts.
Peterson G T, drugs.
Peterson T, harnessmaker.
Rudd A R, postmaster
Rudd & Woodhead Bros, genl mdse.

page 475

   Saronville, a station on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., in the northern part of Clay county, 11 miles from Clay Center, the county seat. Population 125.

Altine J O, harnessmaker.
Cowan J K, sta agt.
Dodd Dr, drugs
Florine John, genl mdse, postmaster.
Israelson Bros, genl mdse.
Israelson R, justice
Johnson John A, agl implts.
Linberrg & Olson, hardware.
Frejd a, blacksmith.
Wallengren F, blacksmith

page 504

   Spring Ranch is in the southwestern part of Clay county, 17 miles from Clay Center, the county seat, on the Alma branch of the U.P. Ry. There are two churches -- Presbyterian and Congregational -- a roller mill and several stores, ect. The population numbers 60.

Case Joseph, carpenter.
Daines C H, blacksmith.
Farmers Alliance Store, A J Orendorff mgr, genl mdse.
Furer C J, grain.
Kemp T J, restaurant.
Meston J, restaurant.
Power W H, agl implts.
Spring Ranch Roller Mills, G Houlinster, mgr.
Stewart Chas, postmaster.
Tatman E R, justice.
Terry R E & Co, genl mdse.
Thorn O J, sta, tel and ex agt.
White W, livery.

page 514

   Sutton is a flourishing town on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. and the St Joe& Grand Island division of the U.P. Ry in the northeastern part of Clay county,on the banks of School Creek. A prosperous German colony is located near it. The banking facilities are furnished by the First National Bank, the Sutton Exchange Bank, and the Sutton National Bank. There are two hotels, the Occidental, elegantly furnished and equipped, and popular with commercial men and the Oakland, a very fine three-story brick structure. Two newspapers ably represent the local issues and are prosperous, the Sutton Register and the Sutton Advetiser. There are three very fine school houses and numerous edifices both public and private, which bespeak the push and progress of the community and which are in every way an adornment and a credit. The Sutton Creamery has a fine plant with a capacity of 2,000 lbs. of butter per day and will be still further enlarged in the near future. The churches are well represented, there being eight organizations, viz: Methodist, Congregational, German Reformed, Immanuel, Evangelical, German Congregational, German Catholic and First and Second German Lutheran. Population, 2000.

Bauer Wm, shoemaker.
Bender & Zimbelman, agl implts.
Beuermann H & Son, dry goods and clothing.
Birkner J M, phys.
Braitsch Dora Mrs, millinery.
Braun C Mrs, milliner.
Brehm Henry, meat market.
Brown R G, notary, atty.
Brownell Bros, livery.
Burnett Edward P, atty.
Byrne Thomas, livery, feed and sale stable.
Clark Harry M, notary.
Carney S, hardware.
Clark H V, sta, tel and ex agt.
Clark I N, notary, real estate.
Clark Marrin, phys.
Clerman & Burlinghame, dry goods.
Combs N J, veterinary surgeon.
Cook John, meat market.
Darling I S, druggist.
Davis W H, sta, tel and ex agt B. & M. R. R.
Dennis & Rolland, liverymen.
Elfring Henry, agl implts, pumps and windmills.
First National Bank, Capital $50,000, H Grosshans pres., Geo A Tenney
     vice-pres, M L Luebben cashr.
Frederick & Wentz, genl mdse.
Gold Wm & Co, genl mdse.
Goodrich E D Mrs, millinery.
Grice Joseph, harnessmaker.
Griess Bros, elevator.
Griess Wm, genl mdse.
Grosshans & Schleiger, meat market.
Grosshans Wm, livery.
Hagel H, blacksmith.
Hairgrove Elmer E, atty, real estate.
Hayes E J & S J, variety store.
Held Carl, druggist.
Hoerger F J, hardware.
Johnson John H, dentist.
Johnson J W, postmaster, pub Sutton Advertiser.
King J W, billiard hall.
Kleinschmidt August, saloon.
Lee W F, phys.
Legg W J, jewelry.
Lindstrum C A, merchant tailor.
McGill M C, confectioner.
McKague & Quinn, grocers.
Mader Max, furniture.
Magel Wm, shoemaker.
Mayer A E, barber.
Meyer C F, confectioner.
Michael Joseph, blacksmith.
Mollyneaux J T, prop Oakland Hotel.
Moon Charles, real estate.
Moran John, saloon.
Nitler & Schwabauer, blacksmiths.
Oakland Hotel, J T Mollyneaux prop
Occidental Hotel, J R Schope & Co props. The popular $2 per day house of the town.
     The commercial trade specially catered to, an excellent table and first-class house in every respect.
Ochsner & Schwartz, grocers.
Peterson & Silver, millinery.
Reutter Wm, harnessmaker.
Roberts Bros, grocers.
Schaaf E, grocer.
Schneider H, wagonmaker.
Soderburgh P, photographer.
Speich Tobias, grain elevator, coal.
Sutton Advertiser, J W Johnson prop.
Sutton Creamery Assn, J C Merrill pres and mgr.
Sutton Exchange Bank, capital $25,000, J C Merrill pres, F J Hoerger
     vice-pres, Ed W Woodruff cashier.
Sutton National Bank, capital $50,000, J B Dinsmore pres, F C Matterson cashier.
Sutton Register, F Brown prop.
Swearinger Jos, auctioneer.
Thompson Bros, real estate, ins.
Tidball & Fuller, J J Bonekemper Mgr, lumber.
Toland A W, druggist.
Vrdenburg E, phys.
Walton B T, confectioner.
Weed T, flour, agl implts.
Wieden W W, confectioner, baker.
Wittenberg M, genl mdse.

page 527

   Trumball, a flourishing town in the northern part of Clay county, on the B. & M. R. R. It has a population of 120.

Chapman E E, sta agt.
Elliot & Co, genl mdse.
Elliot J B, postmaster, agl implts, justice.
Gauvren E, awgl implts, lubler.
Lambert D, balcksmith.
Lewis H N, blacksmith.
Perkins M A, drugs.
Pratt A, saloon.
Prince & Burgeson, genl mdse and hardware.
Shuman Bros, agl implts, genl mdse and hardware.

page 534

   Verona, on the Alma branch of the U. P. Ry., situated in Clay county six and one half miles northeast of Clay Center, the county seat. It has a population of 50, a Baptist church, a bank and several stores, etc.

Ashby & Keys, gen mdse.
Bank of Verona CH Keyes, pres. H B Borne, cashier.
Bavinger & Hodge, genl mdse.
Borne H D, notary.
Cottrell John, sta, tel, ex agt.
Furer C J, grain.
Hodge Nellie Miss, dressmaker.
Nelson John A, hardware, lumber.
Sneller Peter, blacksmith.
Starks H, agl implts.

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