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page 80

   Belmont, a station on the B. & M. R. R. in the southwest part of Dawes county, recently established. Population 25.

Campbell F V, sta agt.
Hayden B, blacksmith.
McKee & Eversoll, genl mdse.
Phelps C L, agl implts, postmaster.
Stewart Aaron, justice.

page 92   

   Bordeau, a station in the eastern part of Dawes county on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 11 miles east of Chadron.

page 111

   Chadron is on the Black Hills line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., at its junction with the Wyoming line, and is the county seat of Dawes county, which is next to the extreme northwestern county of the state. The U.S. Land office for this district, T. F. Powers, receiver, and W. H. McCann, register, is located at Chadron. The population is 5,000, who are public spirited and have full confidence in the future progress of their city, based on the fertility of the surrounding country and their proximity to the almost inexhaustible mineral and other resources of the Black Hills and Wyoming. Extensive water works have been constructed at the cost of $50,000. The court house was erected at a cost of $30,000. An opera house, with a seating capacity of 650, a handsome brick and stone block costing $20,000, also several other blocks and private dwellings have been erected of late. The streets, dwellings and stores are lighted by gas. The leading hotel is the Hotel Hoyt, a fine brick structure which cost $25,000. Hoyt Bros. are the proprietors, who are very popular with the traveling public; there are also several smaller hotels. Four banks, having the confidence of the people, give the necessary financial facilities. They are the First National, capital $50,000, B. Richards pres, A. L. Miller cashier; Chadron Banking Co., A. C. Putnam pres, F. B. Carly cashier; the Bank of Chadron, and the Citizens State Bank. The schools and churches are excellent. The religious denominations are the Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal and Congregational. A business mens club has been organized with Robert Hood pres., and B. Richards vice-pres. Other societies are G.A.R., I.O.O.F., A.F. & A.M., A.O.U.W., and K. of P.

Adams George J, prop Chadron Republican.
Advocate (The), A E & J D Sheldon props.
Allen Charles, editor Chadron Democrat.
Baird P E, atty, real estate.
Baker A, blacksmith.
Ballard Emma Miss, dressmaker.
Ballard Sam A, atty.
Ballou H S, real estate, ins.
Bank of Chadron, R C Lake pres, A A Record cashier.
Bane C H, atty.
Bartow Alfred, atty.
Bates C S, carpenter.
Battershall J W, jeweler.
Birdsall Wm, live stock.
Bittenger R R, books, stationery.
Blaisdell F S, barber.
Bradway T E, agt Wells, Fargo & Cos. express.
Brown G F, tailor.
Bryant S A, blacksmith.
Burns D, boarding.
Butler L, groceries.
Byington W W, atty.
Cain J M Mrs, dressmaker.
Carley F B, postmaster and cashier Chadron Banking Co.
Carpenter Warren, bakery.
Carter W H, real estate.
Casady W L, atty, real estate.
Chadron Banking Co, A L Putnam pres, J B Carly cashier.
Chadron Creamery Co, L G Sweat sec.
Chadron Democrat, Democrat Publishing Co pubs, Charles Allen editor.
Chadron Oil and Fuel Co, Chase & Coburn props.
Chadron Republican, Geo J Adams prop.
Chadron Roller Mill, C H Lutz mgr.
Chapin G D, prop Chapin House.
Chapin House, G D Chapin prop.
Chase & Coburn, prop Chadron Oil & Fuel Co.
Christensen S, mgr Western Farm Mortgage Co.
Christensen Wilhelm, hardware.
Citizens State Bank, A A McFadon cashier.
Clark Jennie Mrs, dressmaking.
Clary H T, occulist.
Coffey T A, saloon.
Cook N P, atty.
Cook T J, hardware.
Cornwell H L, prop Elkhorn House.
Crites A W, atty.
Dahlman & Simmons, meat market.
Danielson P B, restaurant.
Davis B B, drugs.
Davis J Mrs, boarding.
Dawes County Journal, E E Eagan pub.
Democrat Publishing Co, pubs Chadron Democrat.
Denman Isaac, livery.
Depot Hotel, A Mather prop.
Dixon Ben, boots and shoes.
Dorrington F M & Sons, real estate, loans.
Eagan E E, pub Dawes County Journal.
Ebener F W, restaurant.
Eckles G A, atty.
Excelsior Lumber Co, J F Frenzer mgr.
Fafek F A, cornicemaker.
Feely D J, steam laundry.
Ferguson J G, barber.
Figge Theo, harness.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, Bartlett Richards pres,
     DeForest Richards vice-pres, A L Miller cashier.
Flannigan Kate Miss, dressmaker.
Forbes George, blacksmith.
Ford Joseph, barber.
Frederick J C, restaurant.
Grelapp F A, contractor.
Hancock J J, shoemaker.
Harbaugh I N, atty, notary.
Harris O V, phys.
Hatch & Vanhorn, barbers.
Hilbert C L, wagonmaker.
Hood Robert, lumber and coal.
Hortman E, genl mdse.
Hotel Hoyt, Hoyt Bros props.
Houghton F J, atty.
Hoyt Bros, props Hotel Hoyt.
Jaeger L J F, notary.
Jackson A N, phys.
Johnson A G, real estate, loans.
Jones & Son, livery.
Josselyn E A Mrs, dressmaking.
Jurckes D B, atty.
Kasper Furst, shoemaker.
Kass J & Co, agl implts.
Keystone Mortgage Co, Charles S Wallace mgr.
King E F, jeweler.
Klingaman Bros, meat market.
Koons E C, dentist.
Lambert H, groceries.
Landman R, livery.
Larkin J H, saloon.
Leas J R, drugs.
Lewis Alfred, drugs.
Lowenthal Bros, clothing, etc.
Lutz C H, mgr Chadron Roller Mills.
Lyon & Boyd, gunsmiths.
McFadon A A, cashier Citizens State Bank.
McLeod Roderick, boots and shoes.
McPheely W S & Co, genl mdse.
Madigan Mary Miss, dressmaking.
Martin J S, drayman.
Mather A, prop Depot Hotel.
Mead E, groceries.
Means D Y, justice.
Means D Y, harness.
Messenger E A Mrs, millinery.
Miller A L (B), cashier First National Bank.
Miller E P, phys.
Molyneux F L, atty.
Moore Tom, agl implts.
Morris John, bakery.
Murphy Maggie Mrs, prop Murphy House.
Myers & Boone, furniture, undertakers.
Nelson John C, real estate.
Nelson P B, genl mdse.
Nesbitt Thomas, land examiner.
O'Connor Jno & Son, groceries.
O'Hanlon M, prop Chadron House.
O'Linn Fanny Mrs, attorney at law, notary public, abstracts,
     insurance, real estate and loans.
Olson Ole, livery.
Owens J W, saloon.
Pattison J D, live stock breeder.
Paul J L & Co, groceries.
Peberett J R, sta agt.
Pitman B F & Co, loans.
Powell Mary Mrs, prop Cottage Home.
Putnam A C, pres Chadron Banking Co.
Rank J W, genl mdse.
Richards Bartlett, stock breeder and pres First National Bank.
Richards DeForest, vice-pres First National Bank.
Richardson H E, veterinary surgeon.
Ricker E S, attorney.
Robinson E C, confectionery.
Robinson Joseph, drugs.
Romine J S, dentist.
Rosa & Co, flour and feed.
Rossiter S E, prop Rossiter House.
Rubesh & White, saloon.
Rutter Wm, sign painter.
Scofield Harry C, cigar mfr.
Scott E P, boots and shoes.
Selden & Johnson, tailors.
Sells D M, atty.
Shears & Blanchard, abstracts of titles.
Sheldon A E & J D, props The Advocate.
Simpson & Hall, millinery.
Smith Isabella Mrs, prop Smiths Hotel.
Smith John W, plumber.
Smith M E & Co, dry goods.
Spargur & Fisher, attys.
Spargur R E W, clothing, etc.
Stanton R M, drayman.
Stephen Henry, prop Pacific House.
Stetler Bros, meat market.
Sweat L G, atty.
Sweetser A, restaurant.
Thompson E J, groceries.
Tracy E W, confectionery.
Trager & Kuhn, photographers.
Tuttle A H, taxidermist.
U S Land Office, T F Powers receiver, W H McCann register.
Walker George, painter.
Wallace Charles S, mgr Keystone Mortgage Co.
Way J V, furniture, undertaker.
Weber Bros, groceries.
Western Farm Mortgage Co, S Christensen mgr, loans.
White George, second hand goods.
Wilgocki A F, atty.
Willis Bros, hardware.
Wilsey Ella Mrs, dressmaking.
Wilson Omah H, real estate, justice.

page 126

   Coxville, a station in the southern part of Dawes county, 21 miles from Chadron, the county seat. The nearest railway station is Whitney on the F. E. & M. V. R. R. Population 85.

Allison Eva, postmistress.
Cheaver S A, blacksmith
Curtis Thomas, justice.
Segrist I, blacksmith.
Speckman I, wagonmaker.
Wright Amanda, dressmaker.

page 127

   Crawford, an important town of 1,000 inhabitants on tow lines of railroads, the F. E. & M. V. R. R. and the G. I. & W. C. R. R., branch of the B. & M. R. R., in the western part of Dawes county, named in honor of Capt. Crawford who was killed by the Indians a few years ago. It is 26 miles from Chadron, the county seat, and three miles east of Fort Robinson, a military post, which to a certain extent is a source, of wealth to the city. A spur of the B. & M. R. R. is about to be constructed from Crawford to Fort Robinson. In the immediate neighborhood are quantities of ore, copper, coal, limestone suitable for building purposes, and clay for brick-making. Among the prominent features is a large roller mill costing $12,000, with a capacity of 80 barrels per day, the Crawford Iron Works, manufacturers of engines and boilers, a good system of water works costing $40,000, fine brick school house costing $17,500, electric light plant, saw mills, brick kilns, good stores and private dwellings, two hotels, three excellent banks-the State Bank, capital $50,000, Bank of Crawford and the Bank of W. A. Alexander--meet all the demands of merchants and others; good churches and well-graded schools, several secret societies, two newspaper--Times and Clipper--both exponents of public sentiment, and other adjuncts of a progressive place.

Alexander W A, banker,
Ballinger J F, sta, tel, ex agt F E & M V R R.
Bank of Crawford, capital $13,000, LeRoy Hasll pres, A Chaney cashier.
Barngrover G W &co, saloon.
Barron & Souther, genl mdse.
Bartlett & Co, meat market.
Bartlett H E Mrs, librarian Crawford library.
Boone J B, furniture, undertaker.
Bowers C E, prop Crawford Iron Works.
Bryan A T, phys.
Butterworth & Hinkle, meat market.
Butterworth J H, restaurant.
Callihan A E, ins.
Cheeney A O, carpenter.
Clark John R, pres The State Bank.
Coffey Frank E, livery.
Cookes hotel, R Thorp prop.
Crail James A, agl implts.
Crane S B, ed and prop The Crawford times.
Crawford Clipper. Chas S. Whitehead & Co, pubs.
Crawford Iron Works, C E Bowers prop, engine, boilers and mill machinery.
Crawford Times (The), (weekly), S B Crane ed and prop.
Cumming John A, livestock breeder
Dailey E W, atty and notary.
Daniels & Graves, real estate.
Deitick G H, saloon.
Deitrick C & Co, drugs.
Devenport G T, real estate, loans, insurance and collections.
Ellis C E, hardware.
Elswick A R, attorney at law, notary and collections.
Evans J W, livery.
Fanning W H, atty.
Fitzgerald P, drayman.
Gaser Conrad, bakery.
Gibbs D C, phys.
Gorton Bros, drugs.
Gorton J B, books and stationery.
Grable Charles J, cashier The State Bank.
Grable Fancis C, vice-pres The State Bank.
Grand Central Hotel, E M Kelley prop.
Gray F F, laundry.
Hall Bros, props Crawford Roller Mill.
Hamlin W A, blacksmith.
Hitt & Mahoney, contractors.
Hobson A E, meat market.
Holsapple & O'Brien, saloon.
Huntington C K, sta, tel and ex agt. B & M R R.
Jackson W F, stone mason.
Jandt F E, genl mdse.
Kelley E M, prop Grand Central Hotel.
Lee Dan, laundry.
Lewis L C, prop Crawford nursery.
Linderman & Stitt, lumber and coal.
Loveland H S, jeweler.
Lynn & Regan, horseshoers.
McCauley Phil W, atty, justice.
McKelvey J L, jeweler.
McLains G W, genl mdse.
Manning M A, loans.
Meredith G A, phys.
Moore John, restaurant.
Morse Charles, drayman.
Moseman A, musical instruments.
Murpay P K, restaurant.
Nesbitt E S, justice.
Newcomb & Hogle, saloon.
Northness Anna Mrs., midwife.
Paddock B S, genl mdse.
Pardoe W G, atty.
Peterson & Gray, bricklayers.
Pfost Jacob, livery.
Piper Fred, merchant tailor.
Read E, lumber and coal.
Reed J W, drayman.
Reeder & Williams, contractors.
Regan Thomas, millinery.
Rickey A O, flour and feed.
Rowland & Hall, flour and feed.
Salisbury E H, tinsmith.
Sampson J T, barber.
Scofield M E, clothing.
Shadie Mary Mrs., millinery.
Slengerland C F, restaurant.
Spearman Charles S, postmaster.
Speckman W H, wagonmaker.
State Bank (The), capital $50,000, J R Clark pres, Francis C Grable vice-pres,
     Charles J Grable cashier.
Swobod M, harness.
Thorp R, prop, cookes Hotel.
Tisch Henry, saloon.
Townsend W, hotel and bakery.
Trager & Kuhn, photographers.
Uhl George, barber.
Van Voorhis Lee, confectionery.
Van Voorhis & McNair, hardware and agl implts.
Welling E J, boots and shoes.
Whitehead Chares & Co, pubs Crawford Clipper.
Wilson C E, clothing.
Wolff Ferdinand, flour and feed.
Wright D T, wagonmaker.
Wright & Wright, carpenters.

page 146

   Dunlap, a post office in the southern part of Dawes county on Cottonwood Creek 20 miles from Chadron. Population 35.

Chladek F, harnessmaker.
Chadlek V, genl mdse, flour mill, postmaster.
Holan A, blacksmith, hardware.
Roberts Ed, justice, mfr cheese.

page 153

   Esther, a postoffice lately established in Dawes county.

page 165

   Fort Robinson is located in the western part of Dawes county, 30 miles from Chadron, the county seat. It is located on the main line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., and as its name implies is a military post consisting of four companies of cavalry and four of infantry, comprising in all about 600 men. The garrison has recently been improved, an appropriation of $75,000 for general improvements being made by congress in 1885.

Morgan W A, sta agt.
Paddock B S, postmaster.
Paddock B S & co, post traders, genl mdse.

page 289

   Marsland, one of the new and enterprising towns of the state, situated in Dawes Co. on the G. I. & W. C. R. R. Although only about a year old, it has to-day a population of 200, several good storehouses and dwellings, and a flouring mill; the State Bank of Marsland furnishes the finances. There is also a Methodist Church and School-house. The news medium, Marsland Tribune, is well supported. Considerable live stock is shipped from here during the season.

Andrews II, barber.
Austin Geo E, prop State Bank of Marsland.
Bennett J C, Sta, tel and ex agt.
Briggle Ira B. Justice, hotel.
Burger II, flour, feed, blacksmith.
Gregg R B, postmaster, real estate.
Hamsa V, blacksmith.
Havlecek A, genl mdse, saloon.
Hughes M F, livery.
Ketcham W H, prop Marsland Tribune.
Lucas J H, meat market.
McKnight R P, hardware, implts.
Marsland Tribune, Wm II Ketcham, prop.
Newman, John, saloon.
Palmer Andy, prop Marsland Roller Mills.
Raver R A, carpenter.
Read G C, furniture, undertaker.
Snow L, genl mdse.
State Bank of Marsland, Geo. E. Austin banker.
Tyler C D Mrs, dressmaker.
Wells W J, phys and druggist.
Wooton S J, Drayman.

page 470

   Rutland, a flag station on the B. & M. R. R. in Dawes county, 50 miles west from Alliance.

page 540

   Wanatah, a postoffice in the eastern part of Dawes county, about 15 miles south of Chadron, the county seat.

page 549

   Whitney, a beautiful village situated in the central part of Dawes county. It is on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 16 miles from Lexington, the county seat, and has a population of 250. Several good stores, bank, hotel, saw-mill, two churches, good school, are maintained here. The press is represented by the Whitney Champion, a newsy sheet. The country around is most favorable for raising grain of all kinds. Its principal shipments are grain and live stock. Mail each way daily.

Bailey W L, prop Whitney Champion.
Canfield & Gardner, prop Whitney House.
Carpenter L J Mrs, dressmaking.
Connell W D, harness.
Currie Frank, genl mdse, postmaster.
Fisher Oliver, drugs.
Gallup F D, sta, tel and ex agt.
Harbaugh J J, justice.
Harris A V, atty.
Higby W H, loans.
Hitchcock Wm, drugs.
Phillips W J, hardware.
Reynolds Wm, livery, sale and feed.
Seegrist Isaac, blacksmith.
Smith J W, grain.
White River Valley Bank, L N Cartwright & co props.
Whitney Champion, W L Bailey prop.
Whitney House, Canfield & Gardner props.
Wright James, carpenter. SIZE=1 WIDTH="75%" NOSHADE>
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