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1890 Gazetteer - Dawes County

Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891

Chadron - County Seat

Farmers list.
Able, M W, Chadron.             Allen, R C, Chadron.            Andre, Fred, Whitney. 
Acuff, R T, Chadron.            Allen, Smith, Chadron.          Andrews, Lucus, Whitney. 
Adams, J S, Chadron.            Allen, T F, Whitney.            Annis, Charles, Whitney. 
Adams, Robt, Chadron.           Allen, V P, Chadron.            Anquest, M, Whitney. 
Adams, S. Chadron.              Allison, J W, Whitney.          Anteam, John, Whitney. 
Adams, W, Whitney.              Allison, T S, Whitney.          Argabright, R S, Chadron 
Adams, Wm, Whitney.             Allison, W C, Whitney.          Armbruston. Z, Whitney. 
Adkins, T F, Chadron.           Alvord, F A, Chadron.           Arnold, W S, Chadron. 
Akes, C, Whitney.               Ambler, Edward, Whitney.        Ashborgh, L B, Crawford. 
Akin,E S, Chadron.              Amboden, T, Crawford.           Athington, S, Crawford. 
Alexander, Jas, Chadron.        Ambodon, M, Crawford.           Atkins, D W, Whitney. 
Alexander, M C, Chadron.        Anderson, Adolph, Whitney.      Augestine, C J, Chadron. 
Allen, C W, Chadron.            Anderson, Etaus, Chadron.       Augestine, F B, Chadron. 
Allen, G K, Crawford.           Anderson, John, Chadron.         
Baird, Geo, Crawford.           Bergman, John, Whitney.         Brindley, H M, Chadron. 
Baird, P E, Chadron.            Bergman, F, Chadron.            Britton, James E, Crawford. 
Bailey, G E, Whitney.           Bertelsen, Martin, Whitney.     Britton, John W, Whitney. 
Baker, A E, Chadron.            Best, Elmer, Chadron.           Britton, J W, Whitney. 
Balcock, Harlo N, Chadron       Best, Geo, Chadron.             Broadhurst, N, Whitney. 
Baldwin, C B, Chadron           Best, J W, Chadron.             Brockway, H, Crawford. 
Ball, Chas, Crawford.           Best, W E, Chadron.             Brodock, J F, Chadron. 
Ball, J I, Whitney.             Betson, Wm H, Whitney.          Brogek, Kity, Crawford. 
Ballard, R N, Whitney.          Birh, Ludwig, Whitney.          Brolling, Mods, Chadron. 
Ballard, Sam, Chadron.          Billiew, R R, Chadron.          Brom, Albert, Chadron. 
Ballenger, John, Crawford.      Bilyen, Henry F, Chadron.       Bronick, Joseph, Chadron. 
Ballenger, J T, Crawford.       Bimpler, Henry F, Chadron.      Brooks, John, Chadron. 
Balser, Henry, Crawford.        Birch, Edward, Crawford.        Brooks, J W, Chadron. 
Balser, Sam, Crawford.          Birchard, A M, Crawford.        Brooks, Ephraim, Chadron. 
Barngrover & Son, Crawford.     Black, T, Chadron               Brown, Edward, Crawford. 
Barrett, M W, Whitney.          Blakeman, Herbert, Chadron.     Brown, G H, Crawford. 
Barron, E, Whitney.             Blinn, E G, Chadron.            Brown, H S, Crawford. 
Barron, Fayette,  Whitney.      Blinn, G O, Chadron.            Brown, Rachael H, Crawford. 
Bartlett, A R, Dunlap.          Blinn, S M, Chadron.            Brown, T J, Crawford. 
Bartlett, H L, Dunalp.          Blust, August, Whitney.         Brumbaugh,  S, Whitney. 
Bartork, James, Chadron.        Boardman, F N, Chadron          Brundage, J W, Whitney. 
Bartlett, A M, Dunlap.          Bodine, W E, Crawford.          Bryant, P S, Chadron. 
Bartlett, Chas., Dunlap.        Boger, Franklin, Whitney.       Buchanan, F, Whitney. 
Bartlett, Fred, Dunlap.         Boger, Peter, Crawford.         Burger, Harrison, Crawford. 
Barton, W E, Chadron.           Bohan, D J, Chadron.            Burger, Josiah, Crawford. 
Baschky, August, Whitney.       Boles, Wm E, Crawford.          Burglson, C, Whitney. 
Bawdish, M A, Crawford.         Bolty, Thomas, Dunlap.          Burke, Patrick H, Crawford. 
Batemon, Geo J, Crawford.       Boner, F M, Chadron.            Burkett, W M, Whitney. 
Bear, W M, Chadron.             Bonksock, John, Chadron.        Burmester, Henry, Chadron. 
Beers, A R, Whitney.            Bonner, F L, Chadron.           Burns, Anna, Crawford. 
Beers, L L, Whitney.            Bonnett, J T, Chadron.          Burns, Calvin, Chadron. 
Belangee, W A, Chadron.         Borgman, John, Whitney.         Burns, J E, Crawford. 
Bell, S, Chadron.               Borgsoartt, Chas, Whitney.      Burns, Patrick, Whitney. 
Belvill, Jacob, Whitney.        Bottokon, Elias, Whitney.       Burns, Peter, Whitney. 
Bendix, C W, Crawford.          Bowerman, A C, Whitney.         Burns, R K, Chadron. 
Bendix, F, Crawford.            Bowers, C F, Crawford.          Burson, Elijah, Crawford. 
Bernenk, Crhist, Chadron.       Bowker, Ed, Whitney.            Burson, S O, Crawford. 
Benes, Vaclav, Chadron.         Boyd, F M, Chadron.             Butler, J A, Chadron. 
Bennett, D, Chadron.            Boynton, J R, Chadron.          Butters, Z M, Whitney. 
Bennett, T C, Chadron.          Brainard, J E, Chadron.         Byan, Ed W, Chadron. 
Bennett, T S, Chadron.          Brainard, O V, Chadron.         Byer, Sandis, Crawford. 
Berg, Joseph, Crawford.         Breihols, M, Chadron.            
Cadwell, E C, Whitney.          Cerng, Venal, Crawford.         Cook, Chas, Whitney. 
Cain, J M, Chadron.             Chase, B H, Whitney             Cook, T J, Chadron. 
Cain, F J, Chadron.             Chase, Joseph L, Whitney.       Cooley, B S, Chadron. 
Calkins, A & C, Crawford.       Chambers, E P, Whitney.         Cooper, Albert, Whitney. 
Call, D R, Whitney.             Chapman, E L, Dunlap.           Cooper, J. Whitney. 
Camcheal, H H, Crawford.        Cheever, S A, Whitney.          Cooper, P G, Crawford. 
Cameron, Ed, Chadron.           Cheney, A O, Crawford.          Cooper, Robt J, Whitney. 
Camflet, P F, Crawford.         Chezek, Thomas, Chadron.        Cooper, W M, Whitney. 
Campbell, F, Chadron.           Chladek, V, Dunlap.             Cooper, Cyrus, Whitney. 
Campbell, F M, Chadron.         Chrisk, Thos, Chadron.          Cornell, L S, Crawford. 
Campbell, J R, Chadron.         Christensen, J, Crawford.       Cornwal, H H, Whitney. 
Campbell, W A, Crawford.        Christensen, M, Chadron.        Cornwell, Mary E, Whitney 
Campbell, W A T, Dunlap.        Clark Bros, Chadron.            Cousins, J, Dunlap. 
Campbell, Willis,  Chadron.     Clark, D J, Dunlap.             Cracoft, J W, Chadron. 
Cane, Francis, Whitney.         Clark, J A, Chadron.            Cox, Wm R, Whitney. 
Canfield, P A, Whitney.         Clark, Samuel, Chadron.         Craig, Geo W, Crawford. 
Canfield, T J, Whitney.         Clark, Ulyses, Chadron.         Craig, J F, Crawford. 
Card,  D, Whitney.              Clark, Willie H, Whitney.       Crihfield, Chas A, Whitney. 
Carder, Luther, Dunlap.         Clarke, Geo, Chadron.           Crimmins, C, Chadron. 
Carpenter, A A, Whitney.        Clason, J A, Chadron            Cripps, C E, Whitney. 
Carpenter, E E, Chadron.        Clason, J August, Chadron.      Crolby, Thomas, Whitney. 
Carpenter, E J, Whitney.        Claussen, H, Chadron.           Cross, J B, Crawford. 
Carpenter, E W, Chadron.        Claussen, H J, Chadron.         Croswait, Oscar, Dunlap. 
Carpenter, Lester, Whitney.     Claussen, Wm, Chadron.          Crouser, John W, Chadron. 
Carpenter, S W, Chadron.        Cline, C A, Whitney.            Crown, N R, Crawford. 
Carr, Leona, Crawford.          Co, M H, Dunlap.                Crum, H, Whitney. 
Carr, W B, Crawford.            Cockrile, D S, Chadron.         Cuff, Mary, Chadron. 
Carroll, John, Chadron.         Cofal, Joseph, Crawford.        Culner, George, Chadron. 
Carsley, H D, Whitney.          Cogdell, J M, Chadron.          Culp, S F, Chadron. 
Carter, J W, Chadron.           Cogville, L D, Crawford         Cummings, A D, Chadron. 
Carter M, Crawford.             Cole, Luther, Whitney.          Cummings, C C, Chadron. 
Cartwright & Co, Whitney.       Collins, G E, Whitney.          Cummings, Geo I, Whitney. 
Carty, Henry, Chadron.          Collins, T H, Whitney.          Cummings, J A, Crawford. 
Carty, H P, Chadron.            Combs, Marlon, Chadron.         Cummings, Levi, Crawford. 
Carty, Orlan, Chadron           Combs, W D, Chadron.            Cummings, R I, Chadron. 
Cash, W H, Whitney.             Compton, J H, Whitney.          Cummings, R M, Whitney. 
Cavanal, James, Chadron         Compton, W L, Whitney.          Cunningham, S R, Whitney. 
Cawthorne, R, Whitney.          Compton, W F, Whitney.          Curry & Hitchcock, Whitney. 
Cellone, Harry, Crawford.       Conkling, Amace, Chadron.       Curtis, Eva H, Crawford. 
Cephas, Rose, Whitney           Connell, John, Whitney.         Curtis, Thomas, Whitney. 
Cermah, Frank, Dunlap.          Connell, W D, Whitney.          Cutler, C L, Crawford. 
Cermah, Louis, Dunlap.                                           
Dahlman, J C, Chadron.          Davis, Maggie, Crawford.        Devlin, J M, Whitney. 
Daice, Frank, Crawford.         Dayton, C E, Crawford.          Devlin, John W, Whitney. 
Dailey, E W, Crawford.          Dean, P C, Whitney.             Dewhirst, Florence, Chadron. 
Dalley, F S, Crawford.          Dean W W, Whitney.              Dewhirst, Robt, Chadron. 
Dalgetty, Alex, Whitney.        Deans, Henry, Chadron           Dicker, J E, Crawford. 
Daniel, Henry, Crawford.        Deffenbaugh, Wm, Chadron.       Dickey, James, Crawford. 
Dapela, Thomas, Whitney.        DeGraff, R L, Crawford.         Dickson, Robt, Chadron. 
Dargan, C F, Whitney.           Delsing, Wm, Dunlap.            Dinkley, Fred, Chadron. 
Darling, F M, Chadron.          Demorest, H J, Whitney.         Dixon, Wm, Chadron. 
Darrow, W J, Whitney.           Demoest, W D, Whitney.          Dodd, Calvin H, Crawford. 
Davenport, G P, Crawford.       Dereanlean, A, Crawford.        Dorr, Wm. M, Chadron. 
Davenport, J R, Chadron.        Derrick, J C, Chadron.          Dotson, N J, Dunlap. 
Davidson, J E, Crawford.        Derrick, Mary, Chadron.         Dougherty, J M, Crawford. 
Davis, Benj, Chadron            Deterich & Co, Crawford.        Doyl, A, Chadron. 
Davis, F W, Chadron.            Deterich, G H, Crawford.        Drury, Wm, Chadron. 
Davis, G W, Chadron.            Deterich, I C, Crawford.        Dunn, Geo W, Chadron. 
Davis, John, Whitney.                                            
Earnest, E, Dunlap.             Ellis, G W, Crawford.           Erkson, J R, Crawford. 
Eastman, O K, Crawford.         Elswick, J R, Whitney.          Erkyan, John R, Crawford. 
Eaton, J B, Crawford.           Enfield, Cynthia A, Whitney.    Evans, George, Crawford. 
Edgar, W D, Crawford.           English, James, Crawford.       Evans, George, Whitney. 
Egan, Michael, Chadron.         Engman, Erick, Dunlap.          Evans, Lula M, Whitney. 
Eie, John, Chadron.             Enochs, Jasper, Chadron.        Evans, Owen, Whitney. 
Elliot, A J, Crawford.          Erickson, Hans. Dunlap.         Ewry, J W, Chadron. 
Ellis, C E, Crawford.           Erickson, M, Dunlap.             
Fahr, M W, Whitney.             Finley, D W, Crawford.          Fowler, A C, Whitney. 
Fairchild & Son, Crawford.      First, Kasper, Crawford.        Frazier, J D, Whitney. 
Fanning, W H, Crawford.         Fisher, Geo H, Crawford,        Frazier, J I, Whitney. 
Farber, Henry, Chadron.         Fisher, O, Whitney.             Frazier, Thomas, Whitney. 
Farrington, J C, Whitney.       Fitch, N M, Crawford.           Frederick, J C, Crawford. 
Farrington, S E, Whitney.       Flanders, R, Chadron,           Freese, M M, Crawford. 
Fendrick, Barney,  Dunlap.      Fleming, Frank, Crawford.       Freman, L M, Crawford. 
Fendrick, W, Marsland.          Fleming R jr, Chadron.          Frick, L, Chadron. 
Fendrock, H L, Crawford.        Fleming, Frank sr, Chadron.     Fries, J B, Crawford. 
Fenn, A E, Chadron.             Flom, Ole, Whitney.             Frink, J G, Chadron. 
Fenner, Rhoda, Dunlap.          Flood, M F, Whitney.            Fritcher, Gilbert, Whitney. 
Ferguson, J W, Chadron.         Foard, T H, Chadron.            Fritcher, W G, Whitney. 
Ferguson, S C, Chadron.         Forber, J C, Crawford.          Frommholtz, F, Crawford. 
Fernald, G, Chadron.            Forbes, J D, Crawford.          Frost, L C, Chadron. 
Fiandt, C H, Crawford.          Forbes, J J, Crawford.          Fuller, J H, Crawford. 
Fiandt, G C, Crawford.          Foster, G E, Crawford.          Funkhauser, L C, Chadron. 
Figge, Theodore, Crawford.      Foster, Geo P, Whitney.         Funkhauser, David, Whitney. 
Gaff, L L, Chadron.             Gilmore, Mickel, Chadron.       Green, Geo, Crawford. 
Galbrith, J W, Whitney.         Gingherick, N H, Dunlap.        Green, Wm, Chadron. 
Gallup, W W, Chadron.           Gingherick, Z D, Dunlap.        Gregery, John, Crawford. 
Garfield, D, Whitney.           Glendening, Jas, Chadron.       Gregg, A A, Whitney. 
Garfield, S E, Whitney.         Glendening, M B, Chadron.       Gregg, A R, Whitney. 
Garner E, Whitney.              Glimpse, Jos, Chadron.          Gregg, Caleb, Whitney. 
Garner, J H, Chadron.           Glosser, August, Dunlap.        Gregg, E Q, Whitney. 
Garner, J W, Whitney.           Goble, D, Chadron.              Gregg, E T, Crawford. 
Garner, Mary A, Whitney.        Gochnauer, C H, Chadron.        Griffith, Elizabeth, Whitney. 
Gauldin, W G, Chadron.          Godfrey, Wm, Chadron.           Griffith, Ezhon, Crawford. 
Geddes, Robt F, Chadron.        Godnid, Rudolph, Chadron.       Griffith, Isaac, Whitney. 
Gibson, L N, Whitney.           Goff, H A, Chadron.             Grimes, Chas, Crawford. 
Gillespie, Annie E, Whitney.    Goings, A L, Chadron.           Gross, Alfred, Chadron. 
Gillespie, C A, Chadron.        Good, Jas, Chadron.             Gross, W M, Chadron. 
Gillespie, G W, Chadron.        Gorton Bros, Crawford.          Grundman, August, Whitney. 
Gillespie, J B, Whitney.        Gorton, F H, Crawford.          Guerin, T F, Whitney. 
Gillespie, W M, Chadron.        Green, David, Whitney.          Guse, Gustave, Crawford. 
Gillmer, Jos, Dunlap.           Green, G A, Whitney.            Guynuis, Lorense, Crawford. 
Hacock , Burgess, Whitney.      Harris, J A, Chadron.           Higgins, M A, Whitney. 
Hafner, Frederick, Chadron.     Harris, J S, Chadron.           Higgins, Thos, Whitney. 
Haggreen, W, Whitney.           Harris, L E, Crawford.          Hilbert, C, Dunlap 
Hahler, G, Dunlap.              Harris, Mary M, Whitney.        Hillgoss, B, Whitney 
Hakenson, A, Whitney.           Harris, T G, Crawford.          Hilton, Thos, Crawford 
Halden, Charles, Crawford.      Harris, T H, Chadron.           Hinkle, C, Whitney 
Hale, W D, Crawford.            Harris, W C, Chadron.           Hitchcock, L B, Chadron 
Hales, John, Crawford.          Harrison, Ben, Chadron.         Hixson, Robert L, Whitney 
Hall Bros, Crawford.            Hart, Silas b, Chadron.         Hlavace, Joseph W, Whitney 
Hall, G W J, Chadron.           Hartman, Cal, Chadron.          Hledik, Fran J, Whitney 
Hall, Leroy, Crawford.          Hartsell, L R, Chadron.         Hoage, D H, Chadron 
Hall & McGreer, Crawford.       Hartzell, L F, Chadron.         Hoffman, John, Chadron 
Hall, O W, Chadron.             Harvey, J J, Crawford.          Hohn, Chas C, Chadron 
Hall, Peter, Dunlap.            Harvey, L M, Crawford.          Holan, A, Dunlap 
Haller, Wm, Dunlap.             Havelck, Anton, Crawford.       Hollenback, W W, Crawford 
Hallsted, S S, Chadron.         Hawks, Geo V, Chadron.          Hollibaugh, Geo W, Whitney 
Halverson, C, Dunlap.           Hazelton, W S, Crawford.        Hollibaugh, John F, Whitney 
Hamel, John, Chadron.           Heaby, G F, Crawford.           Holmes, J A, Chadron 
Hamelton, Elmore, Chadron.      Headdon, J B, Chadron.          Holmes, P D, Chadron 
Hamelton, G A, Chadron.         Headquist, Erick, Dunlap.       Holson, J R, Chadron 
Hamilton, John, Whitney.        Hearn, Francis M, Whitney.      Holub, Joseph, Whitney 
Hamlin, W A, Crawford.          Hebbert, James S, Whitney.      Homan, D E, Chadron 
Hamm, John F, Whitney.          Hebbert, John E, Whitney.       Homer, Ed, Crawford 
Hand, Joseph, Chadron.          Hebbert, W T S, Whitney.        Hooker, W H, Whitney 
Handschiegel, J, Crawford.      Heckman, M A, Dunlap.           Hoover, Chas, Chadron 
Handy, J A, Whitney.            Heffek, John, Crawford.         Hoover, D W, Chadron 
Handy, W L, Whitney.            Hefliy, S P, Chadron.           Hoover, Leslie, Chadron 
Hankens, Peter, Chadron.        Hendrick, Fred, Whitney.        Howard, George, Whitney 
Henson, Mary E, Crawford.       Henke, August, Dunlap.          Hrdlaka, Chas, Crawford 
Hanson, Ole, Whitney.           Herman, Wenzel, Whitney.        Huber, Celia, Chadron 
Hanzl, John, Whitney.           Hledik, Frank J, Whitney.       Huff, Wm, Dunlap 
Harbaugh, J J, Whitney.         Hern, Henry, Chadron.           Huffback, C W, Chadron 
Hardin, J W, Whitney.           Herrick, Henry, Whitney.        Hulburt, D S, Chadron 
Harding, W E, Crawford.         Herring, E D, Whitney.          Hulsemann, Jerry, Whitney 
Harlan, J C, Crawford.          Herring, Eliza, Whitney.        Humphreys, Levi, Whitney 
Harmer, M J, Whitney.           Hertick, Frank, Whitney.        Husah, Joseph, Crawford 
Harrington, A, Crawford.        Hicks, C R, Chadron.            Hutchings, Ed, Crawford 
Harrington, P, Crawford.        Higgins, A, Chadron.            Hutton, G, Whitney 
Harris, A N, Whitney.           Higgins, D, Crawford.           Hutzel, E H, Crawford 
Ihrig, Louis, Whitney           Irwin, J S & Co, Crawford       Iverson, Andrew, Dunlap 
Imel, W, Whitney                                                 
Jackman, A H, Crawford          Jennings, J A, Chadron          Johnson, John E, Whitney 
Jackson, John T, Chadron        Jensan, H R, Crawford           Johnson, O W, Crawford 
Jackson, L L, Crawford          Jensen, T P, Chadron            Johnson, P, Dunlap 
Jackson, W R, Chadron           Jenson, H, Whitney              Johnson, Willis, Whitney 
Jackson W F, Chadron            Jenson, J L, Whitney            Jones, A C, Crawford 
Jackson W S, Crawford           Jenson, Peter, Whitney          Jones, Edgar B, Chadron 
Jamson, Charles, Dunlap         Jerby, D W, Chadron             Jones, Elazor, Chadron 
Jandt, F E, Crawford            Johnson, Alex, Whitney          Jones, Jas L, Chadron 
Jasseln, E M, Chadron           Johnson, Alfred, Dunlap         Jones, J W, Chadron 
Jasser, Conard, Crawford        Johnson, Alfred, Chadron        Jones, Sam, Chadron 
Jauseik, Alvis, Chadron         Johnson, E, Whitney             Jones, S J,  Chadron 
Jeffers, I L, Chadron           Johnson, Hugh, Whitney          Jorolemon, Chas C, Chadron 
Jeffers, W J, Chadron           Johnson, John, Chadron          Jorolemon. Griffin, Chadron 
Jennings, C M, Chadron                                           
Kaask, Herman, Chadron          Kendall, W I, Chadron           Kneettle, C J, Whitney 
Kadlicek, Anton, Whitney        Kenley, L. Chadron              Kneer, C F, Crawford 
Kaiser, F O, Whitney            Kesnak, Mathias, Whitney        Knudtson,  John,  Dunlap 
Kaiser, W H, Whitney            Ketchum, W H, Crawford          Knutzen, Henry, Chadron 
Kalima, Thos, Dunlap            Kense, Peter, Chadron           Knutzen, Jergen, Chadron 
Karnik, Josef, Whitney          Kiemele, John, Chadron          Koel, Josef jr, Whitney 
Karnik, Joseph, Chadron         King, G W, Chadron              Koel, Josef sr, Whitney 
Karthan, Wm, Chadron            King, John, Chadron             Kohrott, Otto, Whitney 
Keenan, R B, Chadron            Kirby, Michael, Chadron         Krajicek, Josef  F, Whitney 
Keeney, Wm, Chadron             Kleeman, Fred jr, Chadron       Krauss, John, Chadron 
Kelley, F E,Chadron             Kleeman, Fred sr, Chadron       Krooser, J B, Crawford 
Kelly, Henry, Chadron           Kline, John, Whitney            Krosing, Herman, Dunlap 
Kemele, John, Whitney           Kliner, Harry, Chadron          Krsman, Mark, Chadron 
Kemp, Hans, Dunlap              Klinger, J C, Chadron           Kucera, Frances, Crawford 
Kendall, Christena, Chadron     Klingman, W L, Chadron          Kurt, John, Chadron 
Kendall, Joseph, Chadron        Klos, Karl, Crawford            Kusel, Wm, Whitney 
Kendall, Sidney, Chadron        Knagg, Edward, Whitney 
Lakeman, Henry, Chadron         Leonard, L, Chadron             Long,  W T, Crawford 
Lamb, Mary E, Chadron           Leslie, Jos E, Chadron          Longeor, Ira, Chadron 
Lambert, Geo G, Chadron         LeSneur, E J, Crawford          Loucke, Chas, Crawford 
Lambert, H, Chadron             Lewis, T J, Crawford            Lout, Nelson, Chadron 
Lane, Julius, Crawford          Lewis, Frank, Crawford          Loveland, H S,  Crawford 
Lane, Saml, Chadron             Lewis, L C, Crawford            Lowe, John, Whitney 
Lange, Chas, Whitney            Lewis, Martino, Chadron         Lowry, S J, Chadron 
Larson, Carl A, Crawford        Leyn, James T, Whitney          Lueders, T R, Chadron 
Larson, John, Whitney           Lichte, C, Dunlap               Lueders, Max, Chadron 
Larson, S E, Chadron            Lichte, Henry, Dunlap           Lueders, Y C, Chadron 
Laybourne, G S, Whitney         Lichte, Hugo, Dunlap            Lurne, Moses, Chadron 
Leetch, D, Whitney              Limpanp, J B, Whitney           Luty, C H, Chadron 
Leetch, Fanny, Whitney          Linderman & Still, Whitney      Lydick, Jos, Chadron 
Leetch, Margaret, Shitney       Litchfield, Galen, Chadron      Lydick, Lon, Chadron 
Leetch, Mary, Whitney           Littell, H L, Whitney           Lynch, John R, Chadron 
Leetch, N J, Whitney            Littell, W L, Whitney           Lyon, Frank, Whitney 
Leetch, William, Whitney        Livermore, W B, Crawford        Lyon, James W, Whitney 
Leetch, W J, Whitney            Lockett, Mary E, Chadron        Lyon, J J, Whitney 
Lemington, C H, Chadron         Locklor, Wm. Chadron            Lyon, Luther, Whitney 
Lemmington, J W, Chadron        Lockner, W, Whitney             Lyon, S T, Whitney 
Lemmon, Lewis, Whitney          Lody, Permilia, Crawford        Lyons, Fowler, Whitney 
Leonard, A S, Chadron           Long, D W, Crawford             Lytle, Thomas, Crawford 
Leonard, Geo, Chadron           Long, J W, Crawford              
McAdams, W F, Chadron           McDorman, A S, Whitney          McMannus, A, Crawford 
McAffeo, James, Whitney         McEchron, James, Chadron        McMillan, C A, Chadron 
McAvoy, J H, Chadron            McElroy, M, Chadron             McMillan, Donald, Whitney 
McBride, J B, Whitney           McFarland, John, Dunlap         McMillan, Dougald, Whitney 
McCauley, Cath, Crawford        McGavern, H S, Crawford         McMillan, H C, Chadron 
McCanley, Ellen, Crawford       McGill, D P, Chadron            McMillan, Mary, Whitney 
McCauley, P W, Crawford         McGrew, B H, Crawford           McMillan, Misey, Whitney 
McCauley, John, Whitney         McGuire, Jas, Chadron           McMillen, John Dunlap 
McConnell, John F, Crawford     McIntosh, M G, Crawford         McMillen, Minnie, Chadron 
McConnell, J F jr, Crawford     McIntyre, Duncan, Chadron       McNair, Robt, Crawford 
McCoy, L M, Crawford            McIntyre, J J, Chadron          McNelly, Silas, Chadron 
McDerby, Wm, Crawford           McLiman, A E, Crawford          McPhas, Martin, Crawford 
McDonald, Wm, Dunlap            McMahan, Geo, Crawford           
McDonald, Joseph, Chadron       McMahan, Hubert, Crawford        
Mace, Wm, Crawford              Mayfield, Frank, Crawford        Moody, Truman, Crawford 
Macomber, Fred, Crawford        Mayfield, L J, Whitney           Moore, J D, Whitney 
Macomber, S P, Crawford         Mayone, Isaac jr, Crawford       More, Jacob, Crawford 
Macumber, J A & Co, Chadron     Mead, H D, Chadron               Morey, D A, Chadron 
Madden, Thos, Chadron           Mechler, Josephine, Chadron      Morgan, E E, Chadron 
Maelvas, Henry, Whitney         Merchant, John, Chadron          Morgan, Wm. Chadron 
Mago, John, Chadron             Mergall, Frank P, Dunlap         Morrisey, Tim, Chadron 
Maider, W H, Chadron            Merion, W F, Chadron             Morseman,  A, Crawford 
Maier, Jos, Crawford            Mesenges, C, Whitney             Morton, H H, Chadron 
Maika, L, Chadron               Messenger, Orville, Chadron      Mosier, C O, Whitney 
Malone, C L, Chadron            Messenger, W D, Chadron          Mosler, C A, Whitney 
Manchester, S E, Chadron        Metcalf, W F, Whitney            Moss, R H, Crawford 
Manka, C L, Chadron             Meyers, Henry, Chadron           Mossman, A S, Chadron 
Mann, Bion, Chadron             Michael, Albert, Crawford        Mossman, C P, Chadron 
Mann, Chas, Chadron             Miles, Charles, Whitney          Mossman, Ed N, Chadron 
Mann, Wm, Chadron               Miles, Tanie M, Whitney          Mossman, H A, Chadron 
Manning, A P, Chadron           Millar, G W & J F, Chadron       Mousior, J W, Chadron 
Manning, M A, Crawford          Miller, B H, Crawford            Mowery, Geo, Crawford 
Maple, B F, Chadron             Miller, Henry, Crawford          Mowery, J C, Crawford 
Maple, J G, Crawford            Miller, W R, Whitney             Moyiter, Joseph, Crawford 
Marabecek, A, Crawford          Mills, Theo M, Chadron           Muldrow, J A, Crawford 
Mardock, S S, Chadron           Miltner, John, Crawford          Muller, F W, Whitney 
Marecek, Frantisek, Chadron     Mitchill, Amos, Chadron          Munkres, J A, Chadron 
Maracek, Josef, Chadron         Mix, Elou, Chadron               Munkres, R M, chadron 
Marshall, D F, Chadron          Mix, Miron, Chadron              Munkres, W R, Chadron 
Martens, Wm, Chadron            Modin. Christopher, Dunlap       Myer, V, Chadron 
Martin, J S, Chadron            Mocandy, Edmond, Dunlap          Myers & Boon, Crawford 
Mason,  Jas, Chadron            Montague, Anton, Chadron         Myers, E M, Crawford 
Mason, W E, Whitney             Montague, Jas, Whitney           Myers, John, Crawford 
Matteson, H H, Crawford         Montgomery, J I, Whitney         Myers, Perry, Whitney 
May, Malchus, Crawford          Montgomery, Wm, Chadron           
Najbert, Frank, Dunlap          Newman, L A, Dunlap              Norman, N, Whitney 
Najbert, John, Dunlap           Newton, M J, Chadron             Norman, W S, Chadron 
Nelson, Chas, Crawford          Nichols, Henry, Chadron          Normile, Simon, Crawford 
Nelson, Chris, Whitney          Nieman, Henry, Dunlap            Nortness, Annie, Crawford 
Nelson, G J, Chadron            Nieon, Robert, Whitney           Norton, I W, Chadron 
Nelson, Nels, Crawford          Noats, Herman, Chadron           Norton, C S, Chadron 
Nelson, P B, Chadron            Noble, Chas, Crawford            Nott, Luther, Whitney 
Nelson, Peter, Crawford         Noreen, John, Dunlap             Novy, Frank, Crawford 
Nettleton,  L C, Crawford       Norman, A A, Chadron             Numlicek, Joseph, Chadron 
Neu, John, Dunlap               Norman, D F, Chadron             Nutt, Thos H, Dunlap 
Newberry, J H, Chadron                                            
Oakeson, J L, Chadron           Onten, C L, Dunlap               O'Toole, Wm, Chadron 
O'Donell, John, Chadron         Onten, J P, Chadron              Oty, John, Crawford 
Olds, A W, Crawford             Ortman, Fred, Dunlap             Oty, Margaret, Crawford 
Olson, C, Dunlap                Osborn, G W, Chadron             Outhouse, George R, Chadron 
Olson, Ole, Dunlap              Osborn, R E, Chadron             Owens, T J, Chadron 
Pack, W J, Crawford             Peterson, Albert, Crawford       Piper, Fred, Crawford 
Paddock, B S, Crawford          Peterson, August, Chadron        Plocker, E E, Chadron 
Palmer, S J, Whitney            Peterson, C R, Whitney           Plummer, Geo, Chadron 
Pardoe, W G, Crawford           Peterson, C W, Crawford          Poole, T J, Crawford 
Paterson, Eugene, Dunlap        Peterson, Harry E, Chadron       Potmesil, John, Dunlap 
Patterson, J D, Chadron         Peterson, Peter, Chadron         Potter, D, Chadron 
Paul, John sr, Chadron          Peterson, W F, Whitney           Powell, L H, Chadron 
Paul, John jr, Chadron          Peyton, L C, Chadron             Powers, D W, Crawford 
Paul, Josef, Chadron            Phillips, C W, Chadron           Pratt, John T, Whitney 
Payne, Alta, Crawford           Phillips, E E, Chadron           Price, E D, Chadron 
Peck, S W, Chadron              Phillips, F P, Chadron           Price, F M, Chadron 
Pegg, J W, Chadron              Phillips, W, Whitney             Price, J A B, Crawford 
Penfield, J H, Chadron          Phillips, W F, Chadron           Price, John W, Chadron 
Pennington, L, Chadron          Pierce, G W, Whitney             Price, L W, Crawford 
Peonek, Josef, Chadron          Pierson, Chas, Crawford          Price, Nelson, Chadron 
Percy, C W, Crawford            Pilster, Henly H, Whitney        Princehouse, H E, Chadron 
Percy, Harry, Crawford          Pimper, Joseph, Chadron          Princehouse, John, Chadron 
Perry, John M, Chadron          Pinnet, A H, Crawford            Pullen, W D, Crawford 
Peterman, E W, Chadron          Pinney, B G, Whitney             Putman, A C, Whitney 
Rada, Vaclay, Chadron           Reynolds, Ross, Chadron          Roby, O O, Crawford 
Rank, J W, Chadron              Reynolds, W H, Chadron           Root, J W, Chadron 
Ranson, D R, Crawford           Richards, J, Chadron             Rorrick, E E E, Whitney 
Rasher, C, Whitney              Richards, J H, Chadron           Rosenberger, J B, Crawford 
Rasmussen, N, Whitney           Richards, N E, Chadron           Rosenberger, J F S, Chadron 
Rasmussen, Peter, Whitney       Richardson, A J, Crawford        Rosenberger, Thos, Crawford 
Rawk, James, Crawford           Richardson, Levi, Crawford       Rosenberger, Wm, Crawford  
Ray, Wm, Crawford               Richardson, O A, Crawford        Ross, W E, Chadron 
Reams, J R, Chadron             Richardson, W L, Crawford        Rowland & Hall, Crawford 
Reed, C A,Crawford              Richart, W R, Chadron            Rowland, John, Crawford 
Reed, C G, Crawford             Richey, C H, Marsland            Rucker, Warren, Chadron 
Reed, Eugene, Crawford          Richmond, Albert, Crawford       Rucker, Jason, Chadron 
Reed, Geo O, Crawford           Richmond, Geo W, Chadron         Rucker P, Chadron 
Reed, H R, Crawford             Richmond, O P, Chadron           Rud, G R, Crawford 
Reed, John F, Whitney           Riordan, John J, Crawford        Rush, F H, Crawford 
Reed, J D, Crawford             Robbins, I, Chadron              Russell Archibel, Dunlap 
Reed, M H, Crawford             Roberts, Andrew, Crawford        Russell, Harry N, Chadron 
Reese, Samuel, Marsland         Roberts, Lees, Crawford          Russel, J R, Chadron 
Reeves, E F, Chadron            Roberts, W, Chadron              Ryan J & Son, Chadron 
Reld, Thoms G, Chadron          Robinette, John M, Crawford      Ryan, Matt, Chadron 
Reische, Chas, Chdron           Robinson, C J, Crawford          Ryan, Thos, Chadron 
Ressegule, Beldon, Marsland     Robinson, H J, Crawford          Rymer, J A, Chadron 
Reubeck, Chas, Crawford         Roby G C, Crawford               Rymers, M J, Chadron 
Sabin, H M, Crawford            Shuttles, W W, Dunlap            Spethmann, Fred, Crawford 
Sadler, J A, Crawford           Sides, Jos M. Whitney            Spotts, J B, Crawford 
Salvester, David, Chadron       Siekart, Bernard, Crawford       Sprague, A M, Whitney 
Sarapin, Martin, Dunlap         Seimerl, Wenzle, Chadron         Sstastny, Frank, Chadron 
Sarner, M A, Whitney            Simmons, Henry, Chadron          Staff, Carl, Chadron 
Saust, Carl, Chadron            Simmons, Orlande, Chadron        Stanek, Frank, Chadron 
Sayrs, C D, Chadron             Sisk Bros, Crawford              Stanley, Wm, Chadron 
Schanks, Jacob, Whitney         Sisson, James, Chadron           Stastng, France, Chadron 
Schanmann, Chadron              Skerel, John, Marsland           Stephens, Frank, Chadron 
Schmidt H H, Whitney            Slack, H M, Crawford             Stetson, Eugene, Crawfrod 
Schmidt, J W, Crawford          Slaughter, Rufus, Crawford       Stetson, I S, Crawford 
Scnhell, D, Whitney             Sleeper, O A, Chadron            Stevens, H O, Dunlap 
Schnell, Joseph, Whitney        Smith, C C, Crawford             Stevens, Kate, Crawford 
Schwabe, Lina, Chadron          Smith, C L, Whitney              Stewart, Geo, A, Crawford 
Scofield, Eugene, Crawford      Smith, Geo H, Crawford           Stewart, James, Crawford 
Scofield, F C, Crawford         Smith, I C, Crawford             Stewart, J G, Crawford 
Scofield, M E, Crawford         Smith, J J, Crawford             Stewart, J T, Crawford 
Scott Darling, Crawford         Smith, John, Chadron             Stewart, S M B, Whitney 
Scott, James N. Whitney         Smith, Marshal, Crawford         Stickell, S M, Crawford 
Scot, Mets, Crawford            Smith, S C, Crawford             Stockdale, J W, Chadron 
Scranton, Frank A, Chadron      Smillie, W H, Crawford           Stonard, Almon, Marsland 
Searles, W W, Chadron           Smock, J T, Whitney              Stotts, W P, Crawford 
Sealey, C R, Chadron            Smock, M F, Whitney              Stressing, E, Chadron 
Sechler, J Y, Crawford          Snider, Chas L, Whitney          Stretch, Wash, Chadron 
Seegrist, Isaac, Crawford       Snider, Frank, Whitney           Stricker, F M, Chadron 
Selleck, C W, Whitney           Snider, Henry, Whitney           Strickland, Sarah, Chadron 
Seller, C C, Chadron            Snyder, W W, Chadron             Strickland, Orin, Chadron 
Sewell, Reuben, Chadron         Soderberg, John, Dunlap          Strong, David, Chadron 
Shadie, Mary, Crawford          Soderberg, P O, Dunlap           Stuart, S M B, Crawford 
Shaffer, A A, Crawford          Soderstramm, Erik, Dunlap        Stults, D G, Chadron 
Shaffer, C  B, Crawford         Soester, Barney, Crawford        Stumph, W R, Whitney 
Shaffer, D F, Crawford          Sokol, John, Marsland            Suchan, Mike, Chadron 
Shaffner, E B, Crawford         Solberg, Martin, Dunlap          Suehy, Joseph, Chadron 
Shaffer, E E, Crawford          South, Wm. Chadron               Sullenberger, J, Marsland 
Shaffer, J C, Crawford          Southerland, W R, Chadron        Sulliven, D D, Whitney 
Shear, John, Crawford           Spalding, E J. Crawford          Sumachen, E A, Chadron 
Shelden, P W, Crawford          Spangler, Eber, Crawford         Sumacher, D A, Chadron 
Shelden, R P, Crawford          Spanman, Anton, Crawford         Summers, Clark, Chadron 
Sheldon, Frank, Crawford        Spearman, C S, Crawford          Summers, Lewis, Chadron 
Sheldon, G M, Crawford          Speckman, W, Whitney             Svare, Jens Peter, Chadron 
Shepherd, C C, Chadron          Spencer, David, Crawford         Svoma, Frank, Chadron 
Shepherd, C M, Chadron          Spencer, Geo, Whitney            Sweat, J W, Chadron 
Shepherd, M, Chadron            Spencer, J I, Chadron            Sweet, B S, Whitney 
Sherry, J H, Chadron            Spencer, John, Chadron           Sweet, H F, Whitney 
Shetton, Geo, Chadron           Spencer, J P, Crawford           Sweet, John V, Whitney 
Shipman, O R, Crawford          Spencer, J W, Crawford           Sweet, L G, Chadron 
Shoff, John, Crawford           Spencer, Sidney, Crawford        Sweet, W E D, Whitney 
Shore, Lincoln, Marsland        Spencer, W H, Whitney            Sweet, W J, Crawford 
Shore, Seth, Marsland           Spensley, Victor, Chadron        Swinbank, S, Whitney 
Shuttles, Willis, Dunlap        Sperling, D W, Chadron            
Tanner, Isaac, Chadron          Thompson, T, Whitney             Townsend, W, Whitney 
Taylor, Chas A, Chadron         Thornburg, R E, Whitney          Tracy, Isaac, Chadron 
Taylor, W A, Marsland           Thornburg, W C, Whitney          Tracy, T C, Chadron 
Taylor, F M, Crawford           Thornton, John L. Chadron        Tracy, Zelma, Chadron 
Taylor, J W, Chadron            Thornton, M N, Chadron           Tragner, J, Whitney 
Taylor, J W, Crawford           Thorp, Russel, Crawford          Tragner, Peter, Whitney 
Taylor, Olive D, Marsland       Tingstad, Paul A, Crawford       Tramba, Joseph, Marsland 
Taylor, Rosay A, Marsland       Tipner, Fred, Crawford           Troforsky, Joseph, Marsland 
Terrell, S C, Dunlap            Tipner, Jesse, Crawford          Troutman, J M, Whitney 
Thesing, Henry, Dunlap          Todd, Frank, Crawford            Troutman, John sr, Whitney 
Thissen, C, Whitney             Todd, G C, Crawford              Trussel, S M, Marsland 
Thomas, D W, Marsland           Todd, H L, Crawford              Trussler, C, Whitney 
Thomas, J S, Whitney            Tommace, John, Chadron           Trussler, C T, Whitney 
Thomas, O D, Whitney            Tomson, A W, Chadron             Tryee, W W, Chadron 
Thomas, Wm, Whitney             Torbert, J W, Chadron            Tubbs, F B, Chadron 
Thompson, H, Crawford           Torbert, L A, Chadron            Tucker, C N, Crawford 
Thompson, J F, Chadron          Torbert , T S, Chadron           Turner, T, Whitney 
Thompson, J M, Chadron          Torney, Alice, Chadron           Tyler, John, Marsland 
Thompson, M M, Crawford                                           
Uhlir, Jan, Chadron             Uldrich, James, Marsland         Unh, George, Crawford 
Uhlis, John, Chadron            Underwood, J H, Whitney          Utsler, Wm. Crawford 
Ulrach, Frank, Whitney          Underwood, Ruth, Whitney          
Vales, Frank, Chadron           Van Voorhiw, Lee, Crawford       Vavra, Frank,Crawford 
Vandeveer, C L, Crawford        Van Voorhis & McNair, Crawford   Vescount, Wm, Chadron 
Vandeveer, J L, Whitney         Van Voorhis, W B, Crawford       Vomocil , Frank, Chadron 
Vandeveer, J P, Crawford        Vasey, Ed, Chadron               Vorhees, F A, Marsland 
Vanert, John, Crawford                                            
Waddell, Wm. Chadron            Wells, M J, Chadron              Wiliams, Arthur L, Chadron 
Wafful, Fred, Chadron           Wells, M F, Chadron              Willis, C P, Chadron 
Walt, Elwgin, Whitney           Welsh, O C, Chadron              Wilson, C E, Crawford 
Waldren, J W, Crawford          Welton, Chas, Crawford           Wilson, E J, Chadron 
Waldron, Chas, Dunlap           Wernsmann, Peter, Whitney        Wilson, I J, Chadron 
Walker, Geo, Crawford           West, S C, Crawford              Wilson, Pres, Whitney 
Wall, J J, Crawford             Weston, E H, Whitney             Wilson , W J, Whitney 
Wallace, F J, Crawford          Wheatstine, E, Chadron           Wilson, Wm, Chadron 
Walsh, Owen, Crawford           Wheeler, J C, Marsland           Winderman, J, Crawford 
Walter, Geo, Crawford           Wheeler, J V, Marsland           Windship, H D, Chadron 
Walts, Fred, Chadron            Whipple, E, Whitney              Winter, Merritt, Crawford 
Walty, R H, Chadron             White, A L, Marsland             Winteroud, J H, Chadron 
Waltz, J W, Chadron             White, Burton, E, Chadron        Witte, Carl, Chadron 
Wand, Anton,  Whitney           White, J A, Whitney              Witzig, Edward, Crawford 
Waples, John T, Chadron         White, John E, Chadron           Wohlers, Henry, Crawford 
Ware, J W, Whitney              Whitsel, Frank, Chadron          Wolfe, F, Crawford 
Ware, W F, Marsland             Whitsel, T B, Chadron            Wolfe, F, Crawford 
Warner, Louis, Chadron          Whittier, Wm, Marsland           Wolfe, Hans, Crawford 
Warner, Frank, Crawford         Wilcox, Nelson, Chadron          Woodard, Jane, Whitney 
Washburn, Geo W, Crawford       Wilde, M M, Chadron              Woodruff, H S, Chadron 
Weaver, W R, Whitney            Wilkinson, Thos, Crawford        Woodruff, H S, Chadron 
Weber, John, Crawford           Willer, John H, Crawford         Woods, P C, Whitney 
Weber, W, Whitney               Williams, Alf, Chadron           Wright, D C, Crawford 
Webster, F O, Chadron           Williams, C F, Crawford          Wright, G F, Crawford 
Webster, Fred J, Chadron        Williams, Freman, Crawford       Wright, James, Crawford 
Welch, C I, Whitney             Williams, George, Chadron        Wright, John, Crawford 
Welch, John, Whitney            Williams. J M, Crawford          Wright, M J, Whitney 
Welling, F J, Crawford          Williams, Maria, Chadron         Wright, S W, Crawford 
Welling, N, Whitney                                               
Yarrington, Ed, Chadron         Yearns, John, Crawford           Yorkshire, John, Chadron 
Yearns, I L, Crawford           Yearns, Nancy, Crawford          Yozt & Herman, Chadron 
Yearns, James, Crawford         Young, L R, Marsland             

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