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1890 Gazetteer - Douglas County




    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Douglas County
Omaha -- County Seat

by Holice Ballard Young



~ A ~

Abels Anthony, Omaha        Anderson A E, Elk City     Arff John, Millard 
Abels Bernhard, Omaha       Anderson A W, Omaha        Arkland R D, Waterloo 
Abels George, Omaha         Anderson B, Irvington      Armbrest Paul, Omaha 
Abels Henry, Omaha          Anderson H L, Irvington    Armbrust H J, Millard 
Abrahams J M, Valley        Anderson J G, Omaha        Armbrust Jno, Elkhorn 
Abrahams L W, Valley        Anderson Jno, Florence     Armbrust John, Millard 
Agee Geo, Valley            Anderson Jno, Irvington    Armitage E, Elk City 
Agee J W, Valley            Andresen Chas, Millard     Armstrong A, Waterloo 
Agee J William, Valley      Andresen J N C, Irvington  Armstrong W C, Waterloo 
Ainsworth W C, Elk City     Andresen J Sr, Elkhorn     Arnold Geo, Waterloo 
Akerlund A P, Valley        Andresen J Jr, Elkhorn     Arnold J S, Waterloo 
Alberts peter, Omaha        Andresen Wm, Millard       Arvedson John, Valley 
Albrow A W, Elkhorn         Andrews D, Florence        Ashmead A J, Valley 
Alexander Wm, Elk City      Anson Albert, Omaha        Ashwig Aven E, Elk City 
Allen Dan L, Valley         Anthans John, Waterloo     Auch John, Bennington 
Allen Elijah, Omaha         Anthony W B, Omaha         Austin Silas, Valley 
Allen James, Valley         Appel John, Millard        Avery C S, Omaha 
Allen Jerome, Omaha         Appleby Geo H, Elk City    Avery A R, Omaha 
Allen Mary H, Elkhorn       Appleby Jas C, Elk City    Aye John, Elkhorn 
Allen S G, Omaha            Appleby John, Elk City     Ayers Wm, Waterloo 
Anderson A, Valley          Appleby Thos, Elk City     Ayre Isabella, Valley 
Anderson A H, Omaha         Appleby Wm R, Elk City      
Anderson A L, Irvington     Arff Henry, Millard
~ B ~
Baackhaus C J Sr, Elkhorn   Bertholasy C, Omaha        Brauer Chas, Omaha 
Baackhaus C J Jr, Elkhorn   Bessey Esther A, Elk City  Breng John, Omaha 
Babbitt LC Mrs., Irvington  Bessey F J, Elk City       Brewster E E, Irvington 
Bader Otto, Millard         Bessey Geo, Elk City       Brewster E L, Irvington 
Back August, Omaha          Betz Charles, Elkhorn      Brewster K C, Irvington 
Backhaus H, Millard         Beyer Ann, Florence        Brewster S C, Irvington 
BackhumsPC, Bennington      Beyer Maggie, Florence     Binkley J H, Bennington 
Baley Benj B, Elk City      Bichel John H, Omaha       Brogren Ola, Elkhorn 
Baker D S, Valley           Biemen Henry, Omaha        Brook S, Bennington 
Baker George, Omaha         Bierbach Aug, Elkhorn      Brookman J, Elkhorn 
Baker Newt H, Elkhorn       Billeter M J, Valley       Brown G V, Waterloo 
Baker Wm, Omaha             Bird E A Mrs, Irvington    Brown H, Waterloo 
Baldwin B B, Elkhorn        Bird Geo T, Irvington      Brown I I, Omaha 
Baldwin C H, Elkhorn        Bishop N W, Waterloo       Brown J F, Elk City 
Baldwin Louis, Elk City     Bishop R M, Waterloo       Brown J P, Florence 
Bailey David, Elkhorn       Blaco John, Elk City       Brown M B, Waterloo 
Ballenger M, Elk City       Blecke Wm, Millard         Brown Nelson, Waterloo 
Barber Chas H, Elk City     Bleick Albert, Omaha       Brown P F, Waterloo 
Barber R W, Elk City        Bleick F J, Omaha          Brown R H, Waterloo 
Barber W L, Irvington       Bleick John, Omaha         Brown S, Florence 
Bargstadt Ger, Bennington   Blessing J G, Bennington   Brown Wm, Waterloo 
Barker Geo E, Valley        Bioedel L R, Florence      Brugman J, Omaha 
Barlow B, Elkhorn           Blomquist A P, Waterloo    Brugman P Sr, Elkhorn 
Barnes C C, Florence        Blum August W, Millard     Brugman P Jr, Elkhorn 
Barnes C F, Florence        Blum Ferdinand, Millard    Brunner J H, Elkhorn 
Barnes R H, Valley          Blum John, Millard         Brunner L H, Florence 
Barrett Philip, Millard     Bock Claus, Omaha          Brush Henry, Millard 
Barrett Thos, Florence      Bock Eggert, Omaha         Brusse Albert, Elkhorn 
Barthelman W, Irvington     Bock Henry, Omaha          Brusse, John, Elkhorn 
Barson W B, Omaha           Bock Jorgen, Millard       Bryant J A, Elk City 
Batdorf H, Irvington        Bockel Theo, Omaha         Bryant Wm G, Elk City 
Baumen C G, Omaha           Bockholdt, H, Omaha        Buchler Geo, Omaha 
Baumen Matilda, Omaha       Bockholt H, Omaha          Bucker Henry, Omaha 
Baxter S H, Irvington       Bodenthine C, Elk City     Bucknole R, Elk City 
Beal Christ, Waterloo       Boeahli Dionis, Florence   Bucknoll Will, Elkhorn 
Beals John, Omaha           Boege John, Elkhorn        Buel CD W, Omaha 
Bean Charles, Florence      Boessig Moxsie, Omaha      Buel Adelaide, Omaha 
Bean George, Elk City       Boetel Geo, Millard        Bull Christ, Millard 
Bean John R, Elk City       Bohender M Mrs, Omaha      Bull Henry, Millard  
Beanbridge M, Waterloo      Bohlen Henry, Elkhorn      Bull Joachman, Elkhorn 
Beard John, Omaha           Bohlken Fred, Millard      Buller Fred, Irvington 
Beck George, Elk City       Boisen P A, Irvington      Buller Wm, Irvington 
Beck Wilson, Florence       Bolen W J, Elkhorn         Bunz Peter, Bennington 
Becker Carl, Millard         Bolin Claus, Irvington    Burgess C H, Irvington 
Beknowles Sam, Florence     Bonderson A. Omaha         Burgman I W, Irvington 
Bell B F, Waterloo          Bonderson Jno, Florence    Burgoyne Wm, Valley 
Bell George, Waterloo       Bonneimer CMrs, Florenc    Burke Ed, Valley 
Bell John, Elkhorn          Borman Henry, Millard      Burke  E, Valley 
Bendesen J P, Florence      Borts Simon, Irvington     Burow Adolph, Omaha 
Bendle R, Elk City          Bottger Wm, Irvington      Bussmann J, Bennington 
Bengtson Gus, Valley        Bouisen E H, Waterloo      Butcher Thos, Valley 
Benister C L, Elkhorn       Bowers Mary, Florence      Byars L S, Valley 
Berglet A, Irvington        Bowers S S, Florence        
Bergstrom Carl, Valley      Brask J H, Omaha
~ C ~
Calelly B, Omaha            Christensen J, Millard     Collins James, Valley 
Calelly Ed, Omaha           Christensen J N, Omaha     Combs Henry, Florence 
Callahan Ed, Florence       Christensen J, Irvington   Compton Azel, Elk City 
Calvert B F, Elk City       Christensen P C, Irvington Compton F J, Elk City 
Calvin C A, Waterloo        Christensen J, Florence    Concannon Lee, Valley 
Cammenzind I W, Omaha       Christian C, Florence      Conger C P, Valley 
Campbell C E, Valley        Christiansen J. Omaha      Cook Emil, Bennington 
Canety James, Waterloo      Christophersen A, Omaha    Cooper John C, Elk City 
Cannon M, Florence          Christopherson J L, Valley Cortiss F W, Waterloo 
Canon Daniel, Elkhorn       Clark S B, Omaha           Costin Anna, Millard 
Canon W S, Elkhorn          Clark George, Elk City     Coston J M, Omaha 
Carlson C, Valley           Clark M H, Irvington       Coulter F E, Waterloo 
Carlson C A, Valley         Clark Wm, Elk City         Countermine J L, Waterlo 
Carlson Chas, Florence      Clausen John, Millard      Covert J H, Florence 
Carlson J A, Valley         Clausen Thos, Omaha        Cowing John, Valley 
Carlson Jno, Irvington      Clausen Jurgen, Millard    Cowing Oliver, Valley 
Carlson N P, Elkhorn        Clausen Fritz, Elkhorn     Cowles Geo M, Valley 
Carpenter S, Valley         Clawson Sam, Florence      Cowles L L, Valley 
Carrington M, Valley        Clements A, Omaha          Cowles N E, Valley 
Carswell Chas, Valley       Clifton Daniel, Elkhorn    Coy C P, Waterloo 
Cartwright J, Florence      Clough Theo, Elkhorn       Crane Elias W, Omaha 
Casey J J, West Omaha       Coats Henry, Waterloo      Crink Philip, Elk City 
Cavanaugh W, Florence       Coats S D, Waterloo        Cronemeyer F, Benningto 
Chapman J H, Florence       Cochran J W, Waterloo      Crossle G E, Omaha 
Chapman M D, Florence       Cockerill Wm, Elkhorn      Crume N Mrs., Florence 
Chapman W F, Florence       Cole Mrs, Florence         Cubley A C, Florence 
Chase Wm, Irvington         Collen Clas, Platte Valley Culp Hiram, Elk City 
Christen John, Omaha        Collins Ed, Valley         Curtis Fred, Valley 
Christensen Anders, Millard Collins Charles, Valley    Custard E, Bennington 
Christensen C, Irvington    Collins J, Waterloo
~ D ~
Duggett John, Florence      Deneker C, Elkhorn         Donnelly John, Elkhorn 
Dahin Anna, Omaha           Denker Christ, Millard     Donnelly Jos, Elkhorn 
Dahlburg J M, Elk City      Denker Wm, Millard         Donnelly Wm, Waterloo 
Dahmke Christ, Millard      Dennis Chas E, Valley      Donscheiski T, Elk City 
Dahmke Wm, Omaha            Dennis E, Valley           Doose Henry, Elkhorn 
Dailey M, Florence          Denton L W, Waterloo       Doose John, Irvington 
Daisley Wm, Irvington       Denton W A, Waterloo       Dorsett Thos, Florence 
Dake Michael, Valley        Devine F H Mrs, Florence   Dotson F, Florence 
David A E, Irvington        Deyo D, Florence           Dougherty E A, Waterloo 
Davis A R, Valley           Dickerson F N, Waterloo    Dougherty Hugh Sr, Omaha 
Davis Fred, Florence        Dicker Hiram, Florence     Dougherty Hugh Jr, Omaha 
Davis Thomas, Valley        Diedrichsen J, Bennington  Dougherty J, Omaha 
Day J W, Florence           Diedrichsen P, Bennington  Douglas E, Florence 
Decker James, Valley        Dierks Geo, Bennington     Douglas Robt, Elkhorn 
Decker M K, Elk Horn        Diercks Henry, Omaha       Dowing Robert, Elkhorn 
Deerson C, Elkhorn          Dillen Sidney, Omaha       Drabek J F, Irvington 
Deerson G, Elkhorn          Dinsdale R, Bennington     Dreesen H R, Omaha 
Deerson H, Elkhorn          Dodson A R, Valley         Dreesen J F, Omaha 
Degerman A G, Omaha         Dodson Wm, Elk City        Drexel G M, Elk City 
Delchen Wm, Millard         Dosherty B, Elkhorn        Dubois P H, Waterloo 
Delm C, Valley              Doll Chas, Millard         Dubois Wm, Waterloo 
Deler August, Elkhorn       Doll Leopold, Omaha        Ducker L C, Irvington 
DeLand J H, Florence        Domina John, Waterloo      Duffy Geo C, Valley 
Delaney F S, Florence       Domina j P, Waterloo       Duggins Wm, Elkhorn 
Delfe Hans, Millard         Donahoo Ed, Elkhorn        Dupois Thos F, Florence 
Delfs John, Bennington      Donahoo H K, Elkhorn       Dyer Wm, Waterloo 
Delfs John F, Irvington     Donnell John, Omaha         
Deneker C H, Elkhorn        Donnelly A A, Omaha
~ E ~
Eargerts Henry, Omaha       Ehlers Wm, Elkhorn         Engler Wm F, Irvington 
Ebner W Fred, Millard       Ehlers Wm, Bennington      Erickson M, Omaha 
Ebrhart Jacob, Elk city     Ehrich Chris, Florence     Ernest C. Omaha 
Ebner F G, Bennington       Eicke Henry, Omaha         Ernest Claus, Omaha 
Ebner Lena, Bennington      Eicke Henry A, Elk City    Esmay I N, Valley 
Ebright E A, Florence       Eklund G A, Elkhorn        Essert Chas, Elkhorn 
Ebsen August, Millard       Elbert H C, Florence       Evans Chas T, Valley 
Eckerman A, Omaha           Ellis J D, Irvington       Evans E D, Valley 
Eckerman Peter, Omaha       Eisden Isaac, Elk City     Evans S D, Waterloo 
Edinger Ed, Omaha           Eiseman Henry, Millard     Evans T K, Watrloo 
Edwards W A, Valley         Elston W R, Waterloo       Evans W C, Valley 
Egbert A A, Valley          Elton F J, Omaha           Evers Bernhard, Elkhorn 
Egbert A S, Valley          Emerick John, Valley       Evesson J P, Florence 
Eggers Jno, Bennington      Emerson G, Waterloo        Exner Geo, Elk City 
Ehlen Henry, Omaha          Enfield Fred, Waterloo      
Ehlers Hans, Millard        Engle J P, Watrloo
~ F ~
Fallon Petrus, Elk City     Fisher Jno G, Elkhorn      Frampton Jas, Omaha 
Farwell J B, Valley         Fitch A H, Omaha           Frank Tony, Omaha 
Faust A, Bennington         Fitch David H, Elk City    Fredericksen A, Omaha 
Feagens J L, Waterloo       Fitch Ellen J, Elk City    Fredericksen F, Omaha 
Feagens J W, Waterloo       Flavon F N, Elk City       Fredericksen J, Elkhorn 
Feagens L B, Waterloo       Flor E S, Valley           Fredericksen W F, Omaha 
Feagens Wm, Waterloo        Ford E J Mrs, Omaha        Frey A P, Irvington 
Fedde C, Irvington          Forgey S Sr, Irvington     Frey J A, Elkhorn 
Fedde John, Omaha           Forgey S Jr, Irvington     Friberg John, Omaha 
Fee Saml, Bennington        Forsyth J H, Irvington     Fritz Ed, Omaha 
Ferguson F, Omaha           Fouts Geo W, Waterloo      Fritz John, Millard 
Ferree J B, Omaha           Fouts John, Waterloo       Frost Geo, Elk City 
Filkin Jas R, Valley        Fouts P D, Valley          Fry Jas T, Elk City 
Fillwork G, Elkhorn         Fouts , Valley             Fry Saml J, Elk City 
Finney G C, Waterloo        Fowler Frank, Elkhorn      Fry Wm J, Elk City 
Finney Wm, Watgerloo        Frerk Gustaf, Millard      Fuller J E, Waterloo 
Fischer Wm, Omaha           Frahm Hans, Omaha
~ G ~
Gaines A C, Elk City        Gillespy H M, Waterloo     Gray H A, Elk City 
Gaines H E, Elk City        Gilmore J, Elk City        Gray Wm A, Elk city 
Gaines John W, Elk City     Gilmore J T, Elk City      Green P H, Irvington 
Gaines Oscar E, Elk City    Gilmore J R, Valley        Green T P, Elk City 
Galop David, Florence       Gilmore M R, Valley        Green W M, Florence 
Ganton Wm, Florence         Glandt N P, Millard        Green Mrs M, Florence 
Ganz Geo, Millard           Glandt Peter, Omaha        Greggersson J, Florence 
Ganz Wm, Millard            Glissman H C, Omaha        Greiss N, Elkhorn 
Gardiner Alex, Valley       Glissman Henry, Omaha      Grell Fred, Millard 
Gaydon C H, Florence        Glissmann J H C, Omaha     Grewcock E, Elk City 
Gehl Asmus Sr, Omaha        Godberson H, Elk City      Grewcock Geo, Elk City 
Gehl Asmus Jr, Omaha        Goff Frank, Florence       Griebel J H, Omaha 
Gehl Henry, Valley          Goldstadt C, Millard       Griebel John, Omaha 
Gehrke J, Bennington        Goldstadt Hans, Millard    Griffen A C, Omaha 
Gelston Frank, Elk City     Goodsell S A, Florence     Griffin W W, Millard 
Gelston Geo, Elk City       Goodhard A, Elkhorn        Grimm August, Elkhorn 
GemmingenOV,Bennington      Goodhard H Jr, Elkhorn     Grimm Fritz, Elkhorn 
Gerndorf H. Millard         Goodhard J H, Elkhorn      Groth Christ, Omaha 
Gerndorf Wm, Millard        Goodwin C, Waterloo        Groyer A, Valley 
Gibbons F J, Elkhorn        Gordon E, Bennington       Groyer Chris, Valley 
Gibbons John, Florence      Gosch Jurgen, Millard      Groyer James L, Elk City 
Gibbons Jos, Waterloo       Gosch Peter, Millard       Growcock Robt, Valley  
Gibbons Wm H, Elk City      Gottsch C F, Bennington    Gugin John, Elk City 
Gibbs A J, Waterloo         Gounger Chas, Florence     Gugin Peter, Elk City 
Gibbs Elizabeth, Elk City   Grabbe Claus, Omaha        Gulbranson L, Florence 
Gibbs Robert, Elk City      Grafft J R, Waterloo       Gunderly D, Omaha 
Gibbs Wm, Elk City          Graham James, Valley       Gutter Anton, Irvington 
Gibson A A, Irvington       Gramkau Wm, Millard        Guy Frank, Elkhorn 
Gilbert I D, Irvington      Grau C B, Bennington       Guy Elmer, Florence 
Gillen W N, Florence        Grau H, Bennington
~ H ~
Haag Geo, Florence          Hansen R, Bennington       Hicks Geo W, Waterloo 
Haagersen G, Waterloo       Hanson Hans, Valley        Hicks W T, Waterloo 
Haakman Wm, Omaha           Hanson James, Florence     Hickson Haskel, Valley 
Hackney Jos, Waterloo       Hanson John, Florence      Hiler Peter, Irvington 
Hadan Aug, Irvington        Hanson P N, Elkhorn        Hill Charles, Elk City 
Haban Carl, Irvington       Harder John, Elkhorn       Hill Geo A, Florence 
Hagedorn L, Bennington      Harrier Albert, Valley     Hill G W, Waterloo 
Hager E G, Florence         Harrier Chas, Valley       Hinken John, Omaha 
Hail Samuel, Florence       Harrier Mrs H, Valley      Hinrichs E, Elkhorn 
Hall Mrs. Ed, Elkhorn       Harrier Perry, Valley      Hipp Collos, Florence 
Hall Fred A, Bennington     Harrier Wm, Valley         Hoeck A Hans, Millard 
Hall G W, Elkhorn           Harris Henry, Omaha        Hoeck John, Millard 
Hall Henry, Florence        Harris Joseph, Valley      Hoerath M, Omaha 
Hall J H, Elkhorn           Harris L, Valley           Hofeldt Peter, Elkhorn 
Hall M W, Irvington         Harrison W H, Irvington    Hoffman A, Omaha 
Hall Peter, Valley          Hart Adolph, Omaha         Hofmeister E, Elk City 
Hallenbeck B J, Millard     Hart Wm, Valley            Holdsworth C J, Valley 
Hallenbeck Jno, Millard     Hartford Allen, Valley     Holling Hans, Millard 
Hallenbeck S H, Millard     Hartford Jasper, Valley    Holling Henry, Omaha 
Hamann John, Millard        Hartman A, Omaha           Holling John, Millard 
Hamann Marx, Elkhorn        Hass Henry, Millard        HollingsworthJH,Irvington  
Hamilton C, Florence        Hay G W, Bennington        Holt J M, Florence 
Hamilton M C, Florence      Hazard G M, Irvington      Holtzman J A, Florence 
Hamilton Mrs N, Florence    Hazard J K, Florence       Homan J W, Irvington 
Handy A G, Waterloo         Hazelrigg C, Waterloo      Hoock H B, Omaha 
Haney Alonzo, Omaha         Hazen O E, Valley          Hopper Chas, Waterloo 
Haney James, Omaha          Healey M, Irvington        Hopper Saml, Waterloo 
Haney John, Omaha           Hefley Mark G, Elkhorn     Hopper Wm, Elkhorn 
Haney Oliver, Elkhorn       Heide Wm, Bennington       Horels Herman, Millard 
Haney S B, Elkhorn          Heise Fritz, Irvington     Hoskinson B, Elkhorn 
Haney Taylor, Elkhorn       Heise H, Irvington         House M, Florence 
Haney W E, Elkhorn          Heitmann F, Bennington     Housley A, Elkhorn 
Haney W C, Elkhorn          Helliwell H M, Valley      How F A, Waterloo 
Haney W L, Elkhorn          Helm K E, Florence         Howard Alice G, Omaha 
Hanger J P, Waterloo        Hempsted J W, Valley       Howard S H, Waterloo 
Hankinson M J, Bennington   Hendricks H L, Elkhorn     Howland J H, Bennington 
Hannah J, Elk City          Heninger H B, Waterloo     Hubbard A E, Valley 
Hanner John, Valley         Henninger M K, Waterloo    Huddleston C W, Elk City 
Hanschildt F, Irvington     Henke H W, Florence        Hudspeth E, Valley 
Hansen C, Bennington        Henry G W, Omaha           Hughes Geo, Waterloo 
Hansen C, Omaha             Herington J G, Waterloo    Hughes J Sr, Omaha 
Hansen H, Omaha             Hesch Jacob, Millard       Hughes J Jr, Omaha 
Hansen H J, Omaha           Heyer H, Omaha             Hughes Wm, Elk city 
Hansen Henry, Omaha         Heyer Wm, Omaha            Hunt G J, Florence 
Hansen H, Elkhorn           Hibbard F B, Irvington     Hunt H M, Florence 
Hansen J M, Waterloo        Hibbeler H G, Omaha        Hunter H M, Elk City 
Hansen John, Millard        Hick I N, Omaha            Hunter Thos, Valley 
Hansen Julius, Elkhorn      Hick J N, Waterloo         Hurlbut H M, Omaha 
Hansen Nels, Irvington      Hickey G, Elkhorn          Hutchenson C, Valley 
Hansen Paul, Elkhorn        Hickey T J, Elkhorn        Hverotti H, Elkhorn 
~ I ~
Ingram John H, Valley       Isham D T, Bennington      Iveson John P, Elkhorn
~ J ~
Jaacks H H, Omaha           Jensen Wm, Omaha           Johnson Hans, Elk City 
Jackson T W, Waterloo       Jenson A C, Valley         Johnson H S, Irvington 
Jacobs Clause, Millard      Jenson C, Irvington        Johnson J A, Florence 
Jacobsen H W, Waterloo      Jenson Hans, Valley        Johnson J C, Elk City 
Jacobsen K, Waterloo        Jenson P C, Irvington      Johnson J M, Valley 
Jacobson Wm, Bennington     Jenson Peter, Elk City     Johnson John, Elk City 
Janes Oscar I, Omaha        Jesson Peter, Omaha        Johnson Julius, Elk City 
Jansen Charles, Elkhorn     Joens Hans, Omaha          Johnson L, Omaha 
Jargstorf J, Millard        Johnson Anna, Florence     Johnson M, Valley 
Jeffers Henry, Elkhorn      Johnson C O, Valley        Johnson N, Irvington 
Jensen C A, Omaha           Johnson E Sr, Waterloo     Johnson Nils, Valley 
Jensen C, Irvington         Johnson E Jr, Waterloo     Jort John, Omaha 
Jensen Hans, Millard        Johnson Eliza, Elkhorn     Jungjohann M, Omaha 
Jensen Jens, Omaha          Johnson E E, Valley        Junker Thos, Omaha 
Jensen Jens B, Bennington   Johnson G, Waterloo         
Jensen L, Bennington        Johnson Gust, Valley
~ K ~
Kaelber C, Millard          King F M, Florence         Koerner Wm, Elkhorn 
Kaessner G, Elkhorn         King Geo W, Valley         Kohlbrandt N, Elkhorn 
Kaessner R, Elkhorn         King Jos, Waterloo         Kolterman C, Millard 
Kal Detlef, Millard         Kinkaid John, Florence     Korte Henry, Irvington 
Kalebaugh A, Valley         Kinkaid Wm, Florence       Kracht Detlef, Millard 
Kanaway Mary, Elkhorn       Kinyoun R E, Irvington     Kracht peter, Omaha 
Karstens H, Millard         Kinyoun J W, Irvington     Kragskow Peter, Omaha 
Kast, simon, Elkhorn        Kirk Thos, Omaha           Kragskow W, Irvington 
Kean Cath, Elkhorn          Kirkendall Wm, Omaha       Krakochivil J, Millard 
Keane A, Elk City           Kirkpatrick E G, Waterloo  Krambeck Wm, Florence 
Keating E, Elkhorn          Klabunde Theo, Millard     Kramer Wm, Omaha 
Keefe Ed, Waterloo          Klahn Wm, Elk City         Kraus J, Bennington 
Keefe Mary, Waterloo        Klanhammer H, Valley       Kreymberg H, Elkhorn 
Keiner C F, Elkhorn         Kleever M, Omaha           Krouse J, Bennington 
Kelser A. Florence          Klinker C M, Bennington    Kruger H F, Omaha 
Keiser E, Bennington        Klinker J H, Bennington    Kruse A G, Omaha 
Keiser F S, Florence        Klinker P, Bennington      Kruse A C, Omaha 
Keller geo, Omaha           Klobunder Wilh,Bennington  Kruse C, Omaha 
Keller P, Omaha             Klobunder W, Bennington    Kruse Fred, Irvington 
Kellet Chas, Elkhorn        Kloninger C J, Bennington  Kruse Fred, Omaha 
Kellet P H, Elkhorn         Kloninger Jno, Bennington  Kruse Gustav, Elkhorn 
Kelley J C, Valley          Knag Jens C, Irvington     Kruse Henry A, Omaha 
Kelley P, Omaha             Knapp A P, Elk City        Kruse Herman, Omaha 
Kelly J B, Waterloo         Knight A B, Irvington      Kruse Wm, Millard 
Kelly J, Elkhorn            Knight W B, Irvington      Kuehl Claus, Omaha 
Kelsey H, Millard           Knight G W, Irvington      Kuehl Henry, Omaha 
Kelsey Sally, Waterloo      Knight H G, Irvington      Kiehl John, Omaha 
Kent F D, Florence          Knight J G, Irvington      Kuhl Hans, Irvington 
Kepler D, Elk City          Knowles C H, Omaha         Kuhr Jurgen, Millard 
Kerker A, Valley            Kobs A, Bennington         Kuhr Hans, Millard 
Kerr J, Waterloo            Koch Fred, Omaha           Kunkel B, Omaha 
Kilion J H, Omaha           Koch Herman, Millard        
King Elizabeth, Omaha       Koerner H, Elkhorn
~ L ~
Lach Henry, Valley          Leeders Ed, Omaha          Logan David H, Elk City 
Lageman F, Bennington       Leeders John, Omaha        Lonergan C, Irvington 
Lagemen H, Bennington       Leeders J H, Millard       Lonergan D, Irvington 
Lagemen Wm,Bennington       Leedroig H, Omaha          Lonergan E, Irvington 
Laing W F, Waterloo         Leiettye J, Elkhorn        Lonergan J, Irvington 
Lambert Edwin, Omaha        Leische A, Irvington       Lonergan M, Irvington 
Lambertson P, Elk city      Lemke J, Millard           Lonergan Wm, Irvington 
La Motte H. Omaha           Lentell J V, Valley        Long Simon, Bennington 
Land John, Florence         Lesch P, Omaha             Lorenz John, Elkhorn 
Lantry V G, Florence        Leslie Mrs M, Florence     Lorrenzen L, Bennington 
Laughlin L C, Florence      Leslie S, Florence         Lowell T, Bennington 
Lautenschlager F, Elk City  Lester F H, Florence       Lown George, Irvington 
Larsen Hans, Florence       Lester W O, Florence       Lown Peter, Irvington 
Larsen P, Florence          Lewin J, Florence          Luckt Ernst, Millard 
Larsen P A, Waterloo        Lewis F, Valley            Ludl Alfred, Irvington 
Larsen T C, Omaha           Lewis I, Omaha             Ludl Jacob, Irvington 
Larson A. Florence          Lindberg G, Waterloo       Ludl Robert, Irvington 
Larson A. Irvington         Link Harvey, Millard       Ludington H S, Irvington 
Larson C, Irvington         Link H E, Millard          Luitjens Wm, Elkhorn 
Larson H, Valley            Link L, Millard            Lundgren Nels, Valley 
Larson L P, Valley          Link N H, Millard          Lushen H, Bennington 
Larson N, Valley            Little G W, Florence       Lutton S S, Waterloo 
Leach A C, Elk City         Little T, Valley           Lutz John, Elk City 
Leach F, Florence           Lods F, Bennington         Lutze Anna, Millard 
Leach G, Bennington         Lobs John, Bennington      Lyons C A, Valley 
Leach M L, Florence         Lockman Davis, Elk City    Lyons Matilda P, Elk City 
Lebbert H, Bennington       Lockman Doug, Elk City     Lysinger M G, Omaha 
Lee H, Waterloo             Lockwood H A, Elk City 
~ M ~
McAllister H A Mrs, Valley  Marchane Wm, Waterloo      Miller J, Bennington 
McArdle F A, Omaha          Markmann W, Bennington     Miller J J, Valley 
McArdle F J, Millard        Marrs Hugh, Valley         Miller P, Valley 
McArdle J H, Omaha          Marsh John, Valley         Miller P G, Irvington 
McArdle John C, Omaha       Marshall Wm A, Elk City    Milligan J, Waterloo 
McArdle P, Omaha            Martens F, Florence        Millikan A, Irvington 
McArdle P Jr, Omaha         Martensen A H, Omaha       Milton H, Waterloo 
McAshland D, Florence       Martig Christian, Omaha    Mitchell J, Valley 
McCart E, Valley            Martin C, Bennington       Mitchell Wm, Valley 
McCarthy S, Omaha           Martin C F, Elk City       Mix G T, Valley 
McClenighan S, Valley       Martinson M C, Irvington   Mockelmann D, Elkhorn 
Mccomb M K, Bennington      Mason Chas, Valley         Modhorst L, Omaha 
McCormick T, Millard        Mason J, Valley            Mogis P, Omaha 
McCracken A C, Omaha        Mastrick I, Omaha          Mobalt J, Omaha 
McCurdy W H, Waterloo       Mathiesen M, Irvington     Moller F, Irvington 
McDonald A J, Valley        Mathias A, Florence        Monnehan J, Waterloo 
McDonald J D, Elk City      Matksen H, Irvington       Monroe J, Omaha 
McDougall A J, Elkhorn      Matthies Claus, Omaha      Moore J W, Elk City 
McDowell Hugh, Omaha        Mattox A, Florence         Moore J W, Waterloo 
McDuffe A H, Millard        Matzenberg C, Omaha        Moore J C, Valley 
McDuffee G N, Waterloo      Mauss N, Irvington         Morris H H, Elk City 
McDuffee S E, Waterloo      Mayhew A, Waterloo         Morris J H, Elk City 
McEvoy P, Elk City          Mayhew J, Elk City         Morrison Wm, Elkhorn 
McGavoo Ed, Valley          Mayhew J J, Elk City       Morion R B, Waterloo 
McGavoo Grant, Valley       Mayhew J G, Elk City       Mosher J, Valley 
McGrew Amos, Elkhorn        Maguer James, Elkhorn      Moulton F, Elk City 
McGuire J, Irvington        Mead C W, Elk City         Moyer A, Omaha 
McGuirer C, Waterloo        Mead C N, Florence         Mueller A, Elkhorn 
McGuirer J, Waterloo        Meckel Carl, Omaha         Mueller T, Elkhorn 
McKee A A, Valley           Medley M R, Florence       Muenstr J, Elkhorn 
McKibbonW H, Elkhorn        Meewee H, Bennington       Mellendoore Al, Valley 
McKinney Jos, Omaha         Meier Herman, Elkhorn      Munson P, Irvington 
McKnight Geo, Valley        Melchert T, Millard        Murie J, Florence 
Mclaughlin J, Waterloo      Mermann C, Omaha           Murley S, Valley 
McMahon Danl, Valley        Merryweather C, Waterloo   Murray J, Elkhorn 
McMann D, Bennington        Merryweather R, Valley     Murray Jno, Elkhorn 
Maack Claus, Millard        Merryweather T, Elkhorn    Murray T, Waterloo 
Maack John H, Omaha         Merryweather W H, Valley   Murray T Jr, Elkhorn 
Mactier James, Elk City     Mewes Wm, Millard          Murray T C, Elkhorn 
Mading F, Bennington        Meyer H, Elkhorn           Murray W L, Waterloo 
Magussen A, Florence        Mikkilsen J, Florence      Murtagh J. Omaha 
Malcho Christ, Millard      Milens F D, Omaha          Myers e R, Waterloo 
Mallery O H, Waterloo       Miles H M, Elkhorn         Myers J, Florence 
Munsen C A, Waterloo        Miller C, Omaha            Myers Wm S, Waterloo 
Mangold M, Bennington       Miller C W, Valley          
Mangold P, Bennington       Miller H, Valley
~ N ~
Nafe George, Valley         Nelson L J, Irvington      Neil C, Waterloo 
Nafe John, Valley           Nelson Louis, Elk City     Neil George, Waterloo 
Nason John, Waterloo        Nelson M P, Valley         Niel Lester, Waterloo 
Nason John F, Waterloo      Nelson Nels, Florence      Niel S W, Waterloo 
Nason R P, Waterloo         Nelson Nels, Irvington     Nielson J M, Omaha 
Neal David, Valley          Nelson Nels, Valley        Nielson N C, Valley 
Neal John, Elk City         Nelson O, Elkhorn          Niemann Louis, Elkhorn 
Neal David, Waterloo        Nelson R, Bennington       Nightingale W R, Valley 
Nelkorn John, Millard       Nelson R, Irvington        Niles Geo, Valley 
Nelson Ed, Waterloo         Neu Peter, Omaha           Nitz L, Bennington 
Nelson A, Florence          Neuhaus H, Bennington      Nolte H A, Elkhorn 
Nelson A, Irvington         Neuhaus Henry, Omaha       Nordstrtom John, Omaha 
Nelson Aug, Irvington       Neuhaus H, Omaha           Norton A H, Waterloo 
Nelson C, Irvington         Nevius C, Irvington        Noyce A E, Irvington 
Nelson D H, Irvington       Newell E, Valley           Noyce Chas, Irvington 
Nelson E, Waterloo          Newman Carl, Irvington     Noyce H J, Irvington 
Nelson G L, Elk City        Newmann A, Bennington      Noyce J C, Irvington 
Nelson G, Irvington         Newmann J H, Bennington    Noyes Carl B, Elk City 
Nelson H, Bennington        Newport J, Elkhorn         Noyes Isaac, Elk City 
Nelson J, Irvington         Nichols C B, Waterloo      Noyes J P Mrs, Valle 
Nelson J J, Millard         Nichols J B, Waterloo       
Nelson L A, Irvington       Nickelson C, Elk City
~ O ~
Oberg John F, Valley        Olmstead H, Irvington      Ortman Fred, Omaha 
O'Brien Ed, Elkhorn         Olmstead H L, Irvington    Osborn George, Valley 
O'Donnell E P, Florence     Olmstead W H, Irvington    Osborn Wm, Elk City 
O'Donnell Jno, Florence     Olsen Chris, Waterloo      Osborne Harry, Elk City 
Odenreider A, Elkhorn       Olsen James, Irvington     Oster Mary, Valley 
Odenreider Jos., Elkhorn    Olsen John, Irvington      Ostler Geo H, Elk City 
Oft Claus, Bennington       Olsen P C, Florence        Otte Eggert, Omaha 
Oft Eggert, Bennington      Olsen L P, Valley          Otte Hans, Omaha 
Ogle Charles, Valley        Olson Ole, Valley          Ovenhiser B, Waterloo 
Ogle, George H, Valley      Olson Ole P, Elk City       
Oleson Olof, Omaha          O'Rourke P, Florence
~ P ~
Paal Timm, Elkhorn          Peterson A, Irvington      Pierce R, Irvington 
Paasch Henry, Elkhorn       Peterson A, Waterloo       Pierson A, Valley 
Paddock J W, Omaha          Peterson Aug, Valley       Pilant J, Bennington 
Paeper Henry, Omaha         Peterson Charlie, Valley   Pilant W E, Bennington 
Pahl Jurgen, Omaha          Peterson C, Bennington     Piper Henry, Millard 
Palke H, Bennington         Peterson Chris, Omaha      Plambeck Geo, Millard 
Pamp Aug, Irvington         Peterson H John, Millard   Plant Henry, Florence 
Pamp C E, Irvington         Peterson J, Irvington      Plant Louis, Florence 
Pamp Chas E, Omaha          Peterson J A, Valley       Plotah Frank, Omaha 
Parakenings C, Elkhorn      Peterson J F, Omaha        Plumbeck J, Elkhorn 
Parker Silas, Omaha         Peterson J H, Florence     Poosch August, Elk City 
Parson A H, Valley          Peterson Jas, Omaha        Poosch Fred, Elk City 
Parson A J, Valley          Peterson John, Florence    Post P H, Omaha 
Parson Nils, Valley         Peterson John, Omaha       Powell Chas, Florence 
Patrick A, Elk City         Peterson John, Valley      Powell Jerome, Elkhorn 
Patrick Eliza W, Omaha      Peterson Lars, Valley      Powell R L, Florence 
Patrick Thos, Elk City      Peterson Nels, Valley      Powers Jeffrey, Millard 
Paul Aug, Millard           Peterson Nick, Benningto   Powers Patrick, Millard 
Paul Chas C, Elk City       Peterson P, Valley         Pratt Jas H, Bennington 
Paulson Aug, Elkhorn        Peterson P, Irvington      Presba C W, Valley 
Paulson C F, Omaha          Peterson Peter, Omaha      Preston S L, Waterloo 
Payn Geo W, Valley          Peterson Peter, Valley     Price Nathan, Elk City 
Payne S G, Waterloo         Peterson Swen, Valley      Price Thomas, Elkhorn 
Peaney I C, Valley          Peterson V, Waterloo       Price Fred, Florence 
Peck Emma M, Florence       Peterson Wm, Elkhorn       Pritchard Ed, Florence 
Peck M L, Florence          Petteys A, Irvington       Pruess F A, Bennington 
Peden H, Waterloo           Pfeiffer J H, Omaha        Pruse Henry, Omaha 
Pederson S C, Irvington     Phalen E, Irvington        Puffer D E, Valley 
Peets Fritz, Millard        Phalen F, Irvington        Puffer H M, Valley 
Penke A, Bennington         Phalen G E, Irvington      Puls Julius, Elkhorn 
Penke Fred, Bennington      Phalen Jos, Irvington      Puls Thos, Bennington 
Penke H, Bennington         Phillips G D, Elk City     Puls Thomas, Omaha 
Perkins J W, Waterloo       Pickard Henry, Valley      Purchase F G, Elkhorn 
Peperkorn J, Florence       Pickard H L, Omaha         Purchase F E, Elk City 
Peters Jurgen, Omaha        Pickard O J, Omaha         Purchase M W, Waterloo 
Peters Wm, Elkhorn          Pickard O W, Omaha         Purchase W G, Elk City 
Peters Wm, Millard          Pierce Clara, Florence      
Peterson A H, Millard       Pierce C R, Valley
~ Q ~
Quinn J B, Elk City         Quinn Martin, Elkhorn      Quinn Wm, Valley 
Quinn J H, Elkhorn          Quinn Robert, Valley
~ R ~
Raabe Henry, Omaha          Resum Alfred, Waterloo     Rogert August, Omaha 
Rafferty Dennis, Valley     Reuter B, Elkhorn          Rogert John, Omaha 
Rahde Adam, Millard         Rhoades I,Waterloo         Rohlf Emil, Bennington 
Rain John G, Irvington      Rhoades Samuel, Valley     Rohrs J H, Omaha 
Randolph D F, Elkhorn       Rhodes A H, Waterloo       Rohwer Carsten, Omaha 
Ransom J F, Florence        Rice M A, Waterloo         Rohwer Chas, Elkhorn 
Rasmus Hans, Omaha          Rice S M, Florence         Rohwer Claus, Irvington 
Rasmussen C, Millard        Rice T S, Waterloo         Rohwer H, Irvington 
Rasmussen Eric, Omaha       Rice W F, Valley           Rohwer Hans, Omaha 
Rasmussen H, Florence       Richards E E, Irvington    Rohwer Henry, Omaha 
Rasmussen H, Elkhorn        Richards S, Florence       Rolf Henry, Elkhorn 
Rath C E, Omaha             Richardson B D, Waterloo   Rolf Christ E, Elkhorn 
Rathman H, Elkhorn          Richardson Ed, Elk City    Rolfs Fred, Elkhorn 
Rathmann A, Bennington      Richardson M Jr, Elk City  Rolfs H, Bennington 
Rathmann John, Omaha        Richardson M S, Elk City   Rolfs H J, Elkhorn 
Ratliff H, Valley           Richmond A, Florence       Rolfs James, Omaha 
Ray John, Waterloo          Ricker Abbie, Florence     Rolfs Louis, Omaha 
Reavis Isaac, Florence      Rieck August, Florence     Roll Henry, Omaha 
Reber Frank, Elkhorn        Rieck Henry, Omaha         Romine R, Waterloo 
Redman G L, Irvington       Riecken Aug, Elkhorn       Rood Z G, Bennington 
Reed A W, Omaha             Riecken N, Elkhorn         Rooney M A, Omaha 
Reed David, Omaha           Riehing J A, Elkhorn       Root Allen, Omaha 
Reed Thomas, Waterloo       Rinker Theo, Elk City      Root Wm J, Elk City 
Reese Claus, Omaha          Risley Sam, Valley         Rosacker John, Omaha 
Reeves E, Florence          Ritchie Thos, Irvington    Rose W H, Florence 
Reeves Joseph, Elkhorn      Rix Claus, Omaha           Rosenbaum E M, Valley 
Reeves Preston, Elkhorn     Rosch Thos, Florence       Rohsmann C, Bennington 
Reichardt F, Valley         Roberts S A, Omaha         Roske Robert, Omaha 
Reid James, Waterloo        Robertson H, Waterloo      Roth Christian, Elkhorn 
Reid John, Valley           Robison James, Omaha       Rower John, Bennington 
Relhman Frank, Omaha        Robinson J C, Waterloo     Rowles Joseph, Omaha 
Reimers John, Omaha         Robinson J M, Waterloo     Royce R A, Waterloo 
Reiter Mary, Omaha          Robinson J L, Florence     Royce Wm, Waterloo 
Remer Henry, Omaha          Robinson L E, Elkhorn      Runge D, Elkhorn 
Remine E S, Waterloo        Robinson W E, Waterloo     Ruser H, Omaha 
Reneham J, Elkhorn          Roe Peter W, Elkhorn`      Rusk W Mrs., Florence 
Renehan M, Elkhorn          Roessig Max A, Omaha       Rustin G, Irvington 
Rents Ben, elk City         Rogers James, Elkhorn      Ryan Maria, Omaha 
Repass E A, Valley          Rogers W E, Florence
~ S ~
Sachs Chas, Bennington      Sherwood W B Jr, ElkCity   Stabir F, Millard 
Safford C A, Waterloo       Sheffer H A, Valley        Stahnke Carl, Millard 
Safford Ed, Waterloo        Shipley D V, Florence      Stahnke W C, Millard 
Samson David, Valley        Shipley John, Florence     Stalon Geo, Florence 
Sander Fred, Millard        Shipley L, Florence        Stalon John, Florence 
Sander John, Omaha          Shipley P W, Florence      Standen Alfred, Valley 
Sanders Levin, Valley       Shipley Tine, Florence     Standen F, Waterloo 
Saunders John, Valley       Shomer Henry, Omaha        Stanfield F S, Omaha 
Sass Jacob, Omaha           Shooks H M, waterloo       Stark Fritz, Millard 
Savadge Chas  H, Omaha      Shotboldt Wm R, Elk City   Stave John, Omaha 
Schatz Fritz, Millard       Shumaker J W, Elk City     Steel Peter, Valley 
Schafer A, Bennington       Shurling H, Valley         Steen Henry, Millard 
Schimel H K, Bennington     Siberts A S, Waterloo      Steen Wm, Millard 
Schiebur R, Omaha           Siebken John, Omaha        Steer John T, Waterloo 
Schleip E G, Omaha          Siert Mars, Millard        Steer J H, Waterloo 
Schlen Henry, Omaha         Sievers Claus, Omaha       Steffer C A, Omaha 
Schmidt A, Millard          Sievers Eph, Omaha         Steffinson M, Bennington 
Schmidt John, Elkhorn       Sihade charles, Omaha      Stein Chas, Omaha 
Schmidt N H, Millard        Silvis J B, Elkhorn        Steinert Chas, Omaha 
Schmidt Wm, Elkhorn         Simansen H, Bennington     Steinert Justus, Omaha 
Schnager J, Omaha           Simonton J H, Valley       Stemm Louis, Omaha 
Schnake A, Irvington        Simpson John, Florence     Stephens L L, Waterloo 
Schneekloth H, Benningto    Simpson L E, Florence      Stewart N, Omaha 
Schneider A, Elkhorn        Simpson W H, Irvington     Stewart Jas, Valley 
Schneider H, Bennington     Siemmer J, Irvington       Steyer Philip, Irvington 
Schneider H, Elkhorn        Smith David, Elkhorn       Stinglin Adam, Waterloo 
Schneider Wm, Elkhorn       Smith J B, Omaha           Stoddart E, Omaha 
Schoenbohm W, Elkhorn       Smith J H Mrs, Valley      Stoltenberg C, Irvington 
Schroder P, Bennington      Smith John, Florence       Stoltenberg G, Irvington 
Schroeder A, Millard        Smith L, Omaha             Stoltenberg G M, Valley 
Schroeder E,Millard         Smith L D, Valley          Stoltenberg H H, Irvington 
Schroeder F, Elkhorn        Smith Mary A, Florence     Stoltenberg H, Irvington 
Schroeder J, Elkhorn        Smith P D, Florence        Stoltenberg P, Irvington 
Schroeder J, Millard        Smith V W, Florence        Stoner T I, Valley 
Schroth F, Irvington        Smith W A, Valley          Storm B, Bennington 
Schubert Aug, Valley        Snell Geo, Omaha           Storm Claus, Millard 
Schuldt Wm, Omaha           Snyder Ada, Bennington     Stout E S Jr, Waterloo 
Schutte Chas, Millard       Snyder Wm, Omaha           Stout E S Sr, Waterloo 
Schwensen John, Omaha       Sohl Catharine, Millard    Stowers I J, Waterloo 
Schwock A, Bennington       Sohl Justus, Millard       Stratman H, Omaha 
Scott F E, Irvington        Soll Christ, Bennington    Street Geo M, Valley 
Seaton George, Elk City     Soll Geo, Bennington       Street I, Bennington 
Seele Daniel, Waterloo      Soll Henry, Irvington      Streitz M Wm, Millard 
Seidler F, Omaha            Soll Peter, Bennington     Strickland Ed, Elkhorn 
Senseng L, Waterloo         Somes W E, Elk City        Stroebel Chas, Elkhorn 
Sesermann G, Florence       Sorenson C F S, Irvington  Stuchm H, Bennington 
Severin F, Elkhorn          Sorenson C, Irvington      Stuhr Mark, Omaha 
Shannon L W, Waterloo       Speck Eggert, Millard      Summick Gus, Omaha 
Sharpe G G, Elk City        Speckels Geo, Millard      Sump Claus, Millard 
Sheely I, Omaha             Spethmann F J, Millard     Sundean Aug, Valley 
Shepardson E M, Valley      Springer Geo W, Valley     Swarm Jos, Irvington 
Shepherd J E, Irvington     Springer Silas, Valley     Swayze Green, Elkhorn 
Shepler John, Valley        Staack D, Omaha            Sweet J R, Waterloo
~ T ~
Tabler Geo H, Valley        Thompson Z H, Omaha        Todd T D, Waterloo 
Taflinger J C, Elkhorn      Thomsen B, Omaha           Toner John, Omaha 
Taggart Arch, Valley        Thomsen M J, Omaha         Toner Joseph, Omaha 
Talcott Jane Mrs, Valley    Thomsen Hans, Omaha        Tonsfeldt geo, Omaha 
Taylor Henry, Florence      Thomsen Peter, Omaha       Tope S P, Florence 
Taylor James, Elkhorn       Thomsen Robert, Omaha      Torrey T J, Valley 
Taylor J H, Waterloo        Thomsen O T, Bennington    Townsend E R, Florence 
Taylor R, Bennington        Thun Aug, Millard          Tozer Wm, Elk City 
Taylor Wiley, Irvington     Tibke J, Irvington         Tozer Wm H, Elk City 
Taylow Wm, Florence         Tibke John H, Omaha        Traber J C, Waterloo 
Tex Michael, Millard        Tideman John, Florence     Tracy J F, Florence 
Thein Carl, Elkhorn         Tietz Charles, Omaha       Treineis Aug, Millard 
Thiessen Wm, Millard        Tietz Fred, Bennington     Truelson H, Millard 
Thirtle J A, Irvington      Tietz H, Bennington        Trumen Isaac, Waterloo 
Thoelke Chas, Elkhorn       Tietze H, Bennington       Tucker F S, Florence 
Thomas H C, Irvington       Tietze Her, Bennington     Tucker Mary, Florence 
Thomas Jane, Florence       Timme G E, Bennington      Tunnison G H, Elkhorn 
Thomas V H, Valley          Timme H C, Bennington      Turner M B, Elk City 
Thomas Wm C, Florence       Timme L, Bennington        Turner Wm R, Elk City 
Thompson G W, Waterloo      Timmons J W, Florence      Turner David, Elkhorn 
Thompson J, Omaha           Timperly A, Irvington      Tuthill I B, Omaha 
Thompson J, Waterloo        Timperley E, Bennington    Twaddell R M, Irvington 
Thompson J W,Waterloo       Timperley J, Irvington     Twaddell R, Irvington 
Thompson Paul, Omaha        Timperley J P, Bennington   
Thompson Wm, Valley         Todd C R, Waterloo. 
~ U ~
Uhrhammer C L, Omaha        Uhrhammer H, Omaha         Ulterman H, Elkhorn 
Uhrhammer C W, Omaha        Uhtof Aug, Elkhorn
~ V ~
Van Alst T, Elkhorn         Varner M B, Florence       Vollsted Henry, Omaha 
Vandercook J E, Florence    Venz Fritz, Elkhorn        Voss Fred, Elk City 
Vandercook Julia E, Florenc Verdick Claus, Omaha       Voss Henry, Elk City 
Vandohren Wm, Millard       Veskerna F, Millard         
VanScypc Sam, Valley        Vitting W, Elk City
~ W ~
Wagner B, Omaha             Werkmeister F, Elkhorn     Williams John, Millard 
Wagner C, Bennington        West F A, Florence         Willit M, Millard 
Wahlgren G R, Omaha         West John, Valley          Willoughby F, Elkhorn 
Waldeker H, Bennington      Westgate R E, Omaha        Wilson J T, Irvington 
Walker E G, Waterloo        Westphal Chas, Omaha       Wilt Isaac, Benninton 
Walker E H, Florence        Wharton Wm, Omaha          Wilt James, Bennington 
Walker W S, Bennington      Wheaton F F, Elk City      Wilt Jacob, Bennington 
Wallstrom H, Valley         Wheaton J, Elk City        Wilt Samuel S, Elk City 
Walsh James, Omaha          White Albert, Valley       Winship C H, Valley 
Ward W H, Omaha             White A P, Valley          Winter Nels, Omaha 
Wardrip U S, Valley         White Joseph, Florence     Winterburn H, Elkhorn 
Warm Herman, Omaha          Whitney E B, Elk City      Winterburn T, Bennington 
Warner C, Waterloo          Whitney Omer, Elk City     Whithnell R, Florence 
Warnstedt T, Millard        Whitted J M. Florence      Witte Aug Jr, Elkhorn 
Warren G E, Elk City        Whittingham J, Valley      Witte Aug Sr, Elkhorn 
Warrenstedt A, Elkhorn      Whittingham W K, Valley    Witte George, Elkhorn 
Wasmer G, Bennington        Widgerey J, Elkhorn        Wittorff Otto, Omaha 
Watson Clark, Waterloo      Wiegrt Christ, Millard     Wodrig Theo, Florence 
Watts J R, Waterloo         Wiese Hans, Bennington     Wohlers F, Omaha 
Way Wm, Florence            Wiese John, Omaha          Wohlers Henry, Omaha 
Wead Michael, Omaha         Wight L W, Florence        Wolcott Eugene, Omaha 
Wear Francis, Omaha         Wilcox L H, Valley         Wolcott O A, Elk City 
Weassa H, Florence          Wilder Wm, Waterloo        Woodbridge C M, Omaha 
Weaver John A, Omaha        Wilke H, Bennington        Woodworth L, Millard 
Weber J Jr, Florence        Wilkerson J A, Waterloo    Wollberg W, Millard 
Weber J Sr, Florence        Wilkinson J, Omaha         Wollen Elias, Elk City 
Webstr F G, Valley          Williams, a J, Elk City    Wrage H, Irvington 
Wedney A H, Waterloo        Williams A G, Waterloo     Wrasse C, Bennington 
Weeks R, Elkhorn            Williams C F, Florence     Wrasse J, Bennington 
Welch A, Irvington          Williams G R, Elk City     Wright David, Elkhorn 
Welch I C, Irvington        Williams J M, Valley       Wright David, Elk City 
Wells C S, Waterloo         Williams J T, Valley       Wright W S, Valley 
Wendt C, Bennington         Williams J H L, Irvington  Wulf Hans, Florence 
Werkmeister D, Elkhorn      Williams O W, Waterloo
~ Y ~
Yates P R, Valley           Young H, Valley            Young S W, Florence 
Yeager J L, Valley          Young R S, Valley          Youngquist F, Valley.
~ Z ~
Zeis John, Valley
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