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page 48

   Allston, a rural postoffice in the central part of Dundy county, 18 miles from Benkleman, the county seat. Population, 15.

Byrkit Chas E, justice.
Keen Bros, genl mdse.
Ridgeway M E, postmaster.
Spears John B, genl mdse.
Stenstrom John, blacksmith SIZE=1 WIDTH="25%" NOSHADE>

page 81

   Benkelman is on the mail line of the B.& M. R.R. and has a population of 700. It is the judicial seat of Dundy county, which is the most extreme southwestern of the counties of the state. The surrounding country is devoted principally to cattle raising; several wealthy syndicates have their ranches in the neighborhood. The business men are enterprising and energentic. A number of fine buildings have been erected for business purposes. A general banking business is done here by the Union Bank Co., capital $50,000, and the Bank of Benkelman, both doing a flourishing business. The Benkelman House and the Commercial Hotel are the accomodating hostelries of the place. There are several churches and good schools. The G. A. R. and the I. O. G. T. have organizations. The Dundy County Pioneer, the Benkelman Republican and the Dundy Democrat are enterprising journals.

Andrews J A, ed and pub Dundy Democrat.
Balderston J K, millinery.
Bank of Benkelman, J R Clark pres, T Glasscock cashier.
Barger Bros, meat market.
Benkelman House, T J Cladon prop.
Benkelman Republican, Frank Israel ed and pub.
Commercial Hotel, F Scott prop.
Delaware G W, hardware.
Duckworth R L, flour and feed.
Dundy County Pioneer, Graves and Hawks pubs.
Dundy Democrat (The), John A Andrews ed and pub.
Dysor. S. & A, milliners.
Ferman J H, furniture.
Forbes F J, genl mdse.
Forsythe S D, hardware.
George J I, drugs.
Gillen E E, notary public.
Gillen & Mallette, Land, Loan and Abstract Co. abstracters
     and money loan agts.
Glasscock T, cashier Bank of Benkelman.
Goslin W D, saloon.
Graves & Hawks, pub Dundy County Pioneer.
Graves J D, attorney.
Graves & Marshall, lumber and coal.
Holcomb W H, saloon.
Howard Lumber Co (The), T. B. Graves mgr.
Israel Frank, editor and pub Republican.
Israel J P, confectionery.
James J W, atty.
Karr John W, atty, notary, justice.
Kelly F, prop Kelly House.
Kelly House, F Kelly, prop.
Lyon & Smith, meat market.
McClane & Sons, genl mdse.
McClelland J W, atty.
McEvoy John, furniture.
Moore E V, postmaster.
Moore Frank, restaurant.
Morse L, county treasurer.
Pierce G D, abstracter and atty.
Powers W C, baker.
Remaley J L, livery, grain elevator.
Rose G A, cashier Union Banking Co.
Scott F, prop Commercial House.
Sharpnack & Leach, blacksmiths.
Turner W E, flour and feed.
Union Banking Co, capital $50,000, C S Howard pres , G A Rose cashier.
Van Buskirk A J, livery.
Vollers L J A, real estate, atty.
Walker C R, genl mdse.
Wendland John, boots and shoes.
West J F, attorney.
Wood Fred C, barber.

page 210

   Haigler is situated on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. in the southwestern part of Dundy county and is in the extreme southwestern part of the state. It is beautifically located on the Republican river, 21 miles west of Benkelman, the county seat. Its trade facilties are well supplied and support in this line is received frm the surrounding country within a radius of 50 miles. The prosperity of the surrounding country has been greatly augmented by the building of an irrigation ditch 13 miles in length and the projection of still another. Among the improvements of Haigler are a $4,000 schoolhouse, several brick stores, a fine two story city hall and two church edifices. There are two hotels affording ample accomodations. Religious denominations are Methodist and Presbyterian. Population 300.

Allen N J, insurance.
Butterfield O E, atty.
Collender J M, phys, sta agt.
Commercial Hotel, Wm Way prop.
Dawson A J, harnessmaker.
Donahue W F, drugs, jewelery.
Dunlap H W, atty, justice/
Dunlap & Larned, real estate.
Empire Loan & Trust Co, capital $25,000, H W Dunlap pres, H W Larned
     treas, investment bankers.
Frearn Elon, barber.
Ferrin James, meat market, blacksmith.
Gardner L R, jeweler.
Gist Geo R, livery.
Howard Lumber Co, lumber.
Larned Wm H, treas Empire Loan & Trust Co.
Lorraway H W & Co, genl mdse.
McPherson & Son, hardware, furniture.
Porter John R & Son, genrl mdse, live stock, grain.
Powell H H, saloon.
Sullivan W H prop Windsor House.
Way Wm, prop Commercial Hotel.
Welch A C, postmaster.
West L L, livery.
Windsor House, W H Sullivan prop.

 page 212

   Hancock, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Dundy county. Population, 100.

Flach F W, saloon.
Mavity Jas, phys.
Mavity J S, genl mdse.
Mavity W A, blacksmith and postmaster.
Palmer M A, harnessmaker.
Palmer M N, justice.
Strobridge Geo, harnessmaker.

page 227

   Hiawatha, a village in the north-western part of Dundy county. Population, 35.

Loskot James, blacksmith.
McCune Jas, agl implts, hardware.
Mudd C M, postmaster.
Mudd & Charles, genl mdse.
Shaw J, blacksmith.
William Jacob, justice.

page 239

 Ives, a postoffice in the extreme southern part of Dundy county, 12 miles west of Benkleman.

page 290

   Max, a flourishing town on the B. & M. R. R., in the southwestern part of Dundy county, nine miles from Benkelman, the county seat. Population, 100.

Campbell G C, sta agt.
Groesbeck H P, blacksmith.
King D, genl mdse.
Monvoisin Max, hardware, postmaster.
Parsons L U, justice.
Price G W, drugs.
Tewksbury J H, genl mdse.
Wise Cora Mrs., dressmaker.

page 439

   Ough, a postoffice in the north central part of Dundy county, 20 miles north of Benkleman, the county seat. Population, 25.

Evans J C, blacksmith.
Millen Wm, drugs.
Ough H S, agl implts.
Ough J C, genl mdse, postmaster.
Perkins J M, justice.

page 442

   Parkhurst, a flag station on the B. & M. R. R., 10 miles east of Haigler, in Dundy county.


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