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Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


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Abby  Ashby  Hyannis  Weir   Whitman

page 41

   Abby, a rural postoffice in the southwestern corner of Grant county. Population 10.

Chamberlain A S, postmaster.
Chamberlain W L B, genl mdse, justice.

page 56

   Ashby, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Grant county, on the Grand Island and Wyoming branch of the B. & M. R.R., 40 miles west of Broken Bow. Population, 50.

page 236

   Hyannis the county seat of Grant county, is on the Newcastle branch of the B. & M. R. R., 131 miles west of Broken Bow, and 59 miles east of Alliance. It has a population of 200. The altitude is about 3,900 feet above sea level. The surrounding country is hilly and what is known as a lake country. Fertile valleys surround the town, and all kinds of grain can be raised in abundance. The hill-sides are covered with thick grasses upon which immense herds of cattle can be profitably fed. Springs are plentiful and water can be procured at a depth of from five to thirty feet. There is abundance of hay in the district. This is perhaps one of the best stock raising countries in the West. There is one newspaper published here, the Tribune, Cushing & Alwood, proprietors.

Alden W M, genl mdse.
Alwood P M, lumber
Cradall Byron E, county judge.
Cushman & Alwood, props The Tribune.
Cushman L P, justice.
Dellinger H R, notary, postmaster.
Fairchild Mitt A, genl mdse.
Kresse J A, genl mdse.
McNall D, sta, tel and ex agt.
Maguire M, drugs.
Manning Sidney, county clerk.
Nuzum Lewis E, blaksmith (sic).
Preston Harley, saloon.
Sibbitt J P, hotel, livery.
Tribune (The), Cushman & Alwood props.
Warner O P, atty.
Yoakam Michael, locator, surveyor.

page 544 (NOTE: Was in Grant Co. moved to Hooker Co. about 1890! Have posted it on both county pages)

   Weir, a flag station on the B. & M. R. R. eight miles from Whitman.

page 549 (typed by Holice Ballard Young)

   Whitman, a station on the Newcastle Wyoming branch of the B & M R R., in the northeastern part of Grant county, 13 miles east of Hyannis, the county seat. The company has erected a coaling station here. The town is in need of a general store. Population, 75.

Donegan & Co, game, poultry.
Donegan Thos, sta agt.
Freer Wm, postmaster, hotel.
Grant County Republican, O P Warner, editor. Warner O P, editor Grant County Republican, atty at law.
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