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page 48

   Alma, the county seat of Harlan county, is in the Republican Valley division of the B. & M. R. R. and is the western terminus of the Alma branch of the U. P. Ry., system. The town is situated in the beautiful Republican Valley near the Republican river. Its growth has been rapid and of the most substantial character.

There is a number of fine brick business blocks. A handsome brick courthouse and an opera house, with a seating capacity of 700, are among the improvements. The banking business of Alma is conducted by the Bank of Alma, First National and the Valley Bank, with an aggregate capital of $101,000. The hotel accommodations are provided by the Burr Hotel, Shaffer & Hamlin, proprietors, and the Shaffer House. The Valley Beacon, edited by Mrs. M.R. Morgan, the Harland County Times, W. R. Helvie, proprietor, and the Alma Weekly Tribune, are the literary lights of this section of country. The religious denominations are well represented-the churches are Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Evangelical and Free Methodist. Population, 2,000.

Alma Milling Co, props Alma Mills.
Alma Weekly Tribune, E E Brown editor and pub.
Atkins M S, billiards.
Baldwin J, brickyard.
Bank of Alma, capital $30,000 paid up. J M Ragan pres, A C Shallenberger Cashier.
Bertels J F, broom mfr.
Bealls Bros, attys.
Bealls F B, notary.
Bedell S W, photographer.
Billings J B, real estate.
Bristol F E, jeweler.
Burr Hotel, Shaffer & Hamlin, props.
Cletson N F, fruits.
Deans B A, millinery.
Evans George O, jeweler.
Falk S J, billiard hall.
Ferguson T J, atty and notary.
First national Bank, capital $50,000, L B McManus pres, E O'Keefe Cashier.
Flansburg C C, atty.
Furse T, boots and shoes.
Garvin Bros, grocers.
Geiselman D, harnessmaker.
Grigsby Frank, postmaster.
Hall J J, pshysician.
Harlan County Times, W R Helvie editor.
Helvie W R, editor Harlan County Times.
Hildebrand W, meat market.
Hill H J, dentist.
Hop Sing, laundry.
James H C, grocer.
Jandebeur D A, blacksmith.
Kidd A H, attorney.
Logan A J Mrs, millinery.
Love Geo F, physician and dentist.
Mayer Theodore, clothing, etc.
Miers C L, notions.
Mock Bros, printers.
Moore & Mudgett, hardware.
Moore W M, carpenter.
Morgan M R Mrs, editor Valley Beacon.
Morning & Keester, attorneys.
Morris L K, lumber.
Mowery W E, physician.
Murray W C, chattel and farm loans.
Musselman G S, genl mdse.
Myers & sons, grocers.
Oyler B C, attorney.
Palmer W A, notions.
Pettit S A, pumps and windmills.
Piper R F, abstracter.
Porter T L, attorney.
Price W H, hardware.
Sadler S, physician.
Shaffer Frank, prop Shaffer House.
Shaffer & Hamlin, prop Burr Hotel.
Shaffer House, Frank Shaffer, prop.
Simms Drug & Medicine Co, drugs.
Smith Bros Loan and Trust Co, J E Smith, pres, H G Candee mgr.
Sullivan W M, barber.
Swartz W A, livery.
Taylor A A, drugs.
Thompson J G, atty.
Vallette E A, grocer.
Valley Bank (The), Meek, McCorkle, Briggs & Co. props capital $21,000, R N Piper cashier.
Valley Beacon (The), Mrs. M R Morgan editor.
Verbryck J A, millinery.
Wiley & Jenkins, agl mdse.
Willetts & Co, genl mdse.
Wolfe E T, baker.
Zerbe Josiah, meat market.

page 105

 Cannonville, a postoffice in the eastern part of Harlan county, 12 miles from Alma, the seat of justice. 

 page 236

   Huntley, a station on the K. C. & O. R. R., in the central part of Harlan county, 10 miles north of Alma, the county seat. Population, 50.

David J R, harnessmaker.
David N E, hardware, agl implts.
Kyne Joe, sta agt.
Lowe E, genl mdse, agl implts.
Richman E, blacksmith.
Riesenbery W, genl mdse, postmaster.
Rinehart J T, justice.

page 290

    Mascot, a postoffice and station on the B. & M. R. R., in the northwestern part of Harlan county, 15 miles from Alma, the county seat. Population about 20.
Hutchinson Geo L, postmaster and station agt.
Hutchinson S A, genl mdse.
Lee W H, live stock.
Thrasher J C, justice.

page 436

   Orleans, a rapidly growing town of 1,800 inhabitants, on the Republican Valley division of the B. & M. R. R. at its junction with a branch running from Orleans to St. Francis, is situated in the center of Harlan county. The First National Bank and the Bank of Orleans have each a capital of $50,000. Orleans College, C.M. Damon president, is an excellent and well equipped institution, which was established a few years since and subsequently enlarged under the auspices of the Free Methodist church. The Gardner House and the Central are the two hotels, both well kept and popular with the public. The Orleans COURIER and the Harland County PRESS are ably conducted weekly newspapers. The church organizations are Methodist, Presbyterian, Free Methodist and Catholic.

Achen, E C, boots and shoes.
Bailey S, notions.
Bank of Orleans, capital $50,000, E L Means pres, W H Green cashier.
Banwell W H Dr, furniture and (undertaker).
Barger M E, millinery.
Bowman C, blacksmith.
Bristol F E, jeweler.
Central House, L D Parks prop.
Chandler C, meat market.
Clare T A & Co, meat market
Cleaver T J, editor and pub Harland County Press.
Cook G W, genl mdse.
Damon C M, pres Orleans College.
Deaver O H, real estate, loans and notary.
Dole C A & Co, genl mdse.
Edwards & Co, real estate.
Fennessy E W, postmaster.
Ferguson H T. drugs.
First National Ban, capital $50,000, Geo W Burton pres, John A Randall cashier.
Gardner House, W W Gardner prop.
Gardner, W W, prop Gardner House.
Gonser A H, livery.
Harland County Press, TT J Cleaver editor and pub.
Hoffman Jacob O, phys.
McGeachin & Lorimer, genl mdse.
Manning & Preston, hardware and lumber.
Munson P H, hardware.
Norton D, saloon.
Orleans College, C M Damon Pres.
Orleans Courier, L K Wells editor and pub.
Parks L D, prop Central House.
Pate R R, notary, land loans, collections and ins.
Richmond Andrew, real estate, loans and notary..
Rowley G M, harnessmaker.
Sanders L R, barber.
Schiele Alex, saloon.
Skaggs C V, barber.
Smith L, genl mdse.
Staddelmann & Bodrin, genl mdse.
Treat R S, druggist.
Wenger E S, physician.
Wenholz Henry, livery.
Wells L K, editor and pub The Orleans Courier.
Woelfle Michael, baker.
Yorder S E, phys.

page 440

   Oxford Junction is in the western part of Harlan county, two miles east of Oxford.

page 458

   Ragan, a town on the Alma branch of the U. P. Ry., is situated in the northeastern part of Harlan county, 18 miles from Alma, the county seat, and has a population of 150. There are several general stores, a bank, a blacksmith shop, and other industries located here. The Ragan Sun, a weekly newspaper, is published by G. D. Woods, editor and proprietor. A new school house was built in 1889 at a cost of $1,800, which is also used for church purposes.

Alldredge M H, genl mdse.
Allen Theodore, carpenter.
Bank of Ragan, capital $9,000, Cross & Johnston.
Berggren Gust, blacksmith.
Burdick A S, sta, tel and ex agt.
Clark Emmet L, druggist.
Cross & Johnston, bankers, lumber and coal.
Hawksby J W, postmaster.
Jacobson & Johnson, agl implts.
McAddo A R, hardware, groceries.
Miller & Co, drugs, confectionery.
Moore & Mudgett, hardware.
Olive & Co, grain.
Peterson Oscar, blacksmith.
Ragan Hotel, Mrs M S Thompson.
Ragan Sun (The), G D Woods pub.
Rainey & Brewster, livery.
Robers Daniel, phys.
Stevens & Carroll, grain.
Thompson M S Mrs, prop Ragan House.
Vaughan George, stock dealer.
Wheeler George, meat market.
Wilsey J, justice, notary public.
Woodruff C H, genl mdse.
Woods G D, editor The Ragan Sun.
page 464

   Republican City, is beautifully situated on the Republican river, in the southeastern part of Harlan county, five miles from Alma, the county seat, and at the junction of the Republican Valley division and the Republican and Oberlin branch of the B. & M. R. R. The McPherson Normal College, located here has attained a high educational standard, and is the pride of the town. The banking operations are conducted by the State Bank and J. S. Giffords Bank, each with a capital of $10,000. The Rebublican City Independent is the local paper and has a large circulation. The churches are the Methodist, Episcopal, Free Methodist and Presbyterian.

Becker J F, notions.
Benedict J A, restaurant.
Berry, L Mrs, prop Eagle House.
Carruthers Kate Mrs, millinery.
Dodd A, prop Dodd House.
Dodd House, A Dodd prop.
Doyle W N, pres McPherson Normal College.
Eagle House, Mrs. L Berry prop.
Easton Joshua, notions, justice.
Easton W J, photographer., jeweler.
Ebling J H, boots and shoes.
Ellis J K, harnessmaker.
Fox F P, hardware.
Frazee Edward, barber.
GageY Ramsdell, lumber, coal, etc.
Gifford J S, capital $10,000, banker, livery.
Gillespie & Co, genl mdse.
Harris, Woodman & Co, grain elevator.
Hunt & Co, grocer.
Hunt W H, meat market.
Hunter James, real estate.
Kanzelmeyer F, meat market.
Kelley J F, live stock.
Kirk F A, jeweler.
Luce, C A, drugs.
Ludi N J, atty and notary.

page 465 (Republican City continued)

McPherson Normal College, W N Doyle, pres.
Mitchell J H, genl mdse.
Morris L K, lumber, coal, etc.
Poor C P, grocer.
Pottorff G W, blacksmith.
Republican City Independent, H S Wetherell mgr.
Rolland P, atty, tinsmith.
Smith A T, dry goods, postmaster.
State Bank (The), capital $10,000, BD Mills pres, C W Whitney cashier.
Vallicotte E E & Co, furniture, etc.
Wetherell H S, mgr Republican City Indenpendent.
Wetherel H S Mrs, organs, sewing machines.
Williams D K, genl mdse.
Wilson A L, wagon maker.
Woolman A, boots and shoes.
Worthan L E, millinery.
Zumro H S, physician.

page 475

   Sappa, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Harlan county, about five miles southwest of Orleans, on the Republican Valley branch of the B. & M. R. R.

page 505

   Stamford, a station on the B. & M. R. R., in the westsern part of Harlan county, 13 miles from Alma, the county seat. Population, 100.

Adams H C, hardware
Clark E & co, agl implts, genl mdse
Coales A P & Son, justice
Crawford A K, postmaster
Hammond E Mrs, dressmaker
Kirk F A, drugs
Kirkendall S H, hardware
Morrell J, blacksmith
Vaughn R B, station agt
Waggoner D R, phys
Zulauf Geo, flour mill

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