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Nebraska State Gazetteer,
Business Directory and Farmers List
for 1890-1891


Note: Hooker Co was formed in 1889 - seems there was some confusion about what was there, when the Gazetteer was printed!

Business (town) listings

Heckla (Hecla)  Mullen  Weir 

page 225

NOTE: probably Hecla, Hooker County

   Heckla, a flag station on the B.& M. R.R. 29 miles from Seneca.

page 299

 NOTE: Allen Childers says Mullen was the county seat of HOOKER County by 1890! Apparently that information was not known to the publisher, located in Omaha. Have added it here - with the county where it "really belongs"!

*   Mullen, a small town of 250 inhabitants in Thomas county on the Grand Island & Wyoming branch of the B. & M. R. R. The country around is excellent for farming purposes and herding of cattle. Two newspapers, the Enquirer and Hooker County News, are maintained here.

Allen J A, barber
Cudebee & Hunt, genl mdse.
Gordon & Amick, genl mdse, agl implts.
Hammel M A, attorney and pub Mullen Enquirer
Hirst & Stone, blacksmiths.
Ross A S, sta, tel and ex agt.
Ross A S Mrs, boarding
Stone & Son, hardware.
Tatman Mary Mrs, restaurant.
Trefren L D, justice.
Trefren, L S, notary public.

page 544

NOTE: Was in Grant Co. moved to Hooker Co. about 1890! Have posted it on both county pages.

   Weir, a flag station on the B. & M. R. R. eight miles from Whitman.

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