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Business (town) listings
Axtell  Blaineville  Folsomdale  Harmony   Hartwell (Heartwell)

Keene  Lowell  Minden  Newark  Norman  Osco  Wilcox

page 64

   Axtell, a village on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., 41 miles from Hastings, nine miles from Minden, the county seat, in the western part of Kearney county. It is surrounded by a splendid farming country and has two elevators kept busily employed. The town also has its share of churches, schools and secret societies and a weekly newspaper, the Axtell Republican. Population, 350. Daily mails.

Abrahamson Otto, genl mdse.
Axtell Republican, Jayne & Wilson editors.
Ballenger E E, hardware.
Bank of Axtell, Stewart Bros & Sewell props.
Beckstrom A, agl; implts, buggies.
Bloom Oscar, justice of the peace.
Carlson D W, real estate and ins.
Crawford & Taylor, genl mdse.
Davison Joseph H, livery, harnessmaker.
Doolittle Wm A, jeweler.
Enwright M, Phys.
Fairman Hotel, Jas Shields, prop.
Freeland J S & Co, furniture.
Halquist Bros, carriages, wagons.
Hathaway A K, blacksmith.
Hoag L J, postmaster.
Ives F E, sta agt B & M R R.
Jayne W H, justice of the peace.
Jayne & Wilson, editors Axtell Republican.
Miller James, live stock.
Moore W S, loans, ins.
Morley A G, blacksmith.
Mowby Andrew, blacksmith.
Nelson & Halquist, pumps and windmills.
Olson Tobias A, shoemaker.
Schenck & Miller, druggists.
Scott A G & Son, grain elevator.
Shields James, prop Fairman Hotel.
Shoff Frank, physician.
Stephenson B D, barber.
Stephenson Benajmin, meat market.
Stewart Bros & Sewell, props Bank of Axtell.
Swanson S O, contractor, builder.
Wennerholm Peter, restaurant.
Wickersham M J, hardware, tinner.
Wirt Bros, grain elevator.
Wood Harmon T, confectionery.

page 86

   Blaineville, a postoffice in the western part of Kearney county, 11 miles west of Minden, the county seat. The office is kept in a sod house.

Shepherd Daniel, postmaster  

page 164

   Folsomdale, a postoffice in the extreme southern part of Kearney county, nine miles from Minden, the county seat.

page 213

   Harmony, a post office in the central part of Kearney county seven miles from Minden, the county seat. Population 40.

Baker Miss, dressmaker, millinery.
Grosl Annie F, dressmaker.
McDonald Alex, postmaster.
McDonald Thos, live stock.
Radford Richard, live stock.
Tubbs John, justice.

page 215

   Hartwell, a station on the B. & M. R. R., in the northwestern portion of Kearney county, is 10 miles from Minden., the judicial seat. Population, 150.

Bruegman C A, drugs.
Congers J A, blacksmith.
Fiero Miles, genl mdse, postmaster, agl implts.
Galle Chas, saloon.
Helman John, genl mdse, hardware.
Porter W C, phys.
Watkins W J, sta agt.

page 252

   Keene, a station on the Alma branch of the St. Joe and Grand Island division of the U. P. Ry., in the southwestern part of Kearney county, 12 miles from Minden, the judicial seat. Population, 20.

Leery U G, saloon.
Lenzen F & Son, grain, elevator.
Starks & co, agl implts.
Woodruff C H, hardware, blascksmith, postmaster.

page 282

   Lowell, a station on the B. & M. R. R., in the northern part of Kearney county, 15 miles east of Kearney.

pages 295-297

   Minden is located near the central [part] of Kearney county, of which it is the judicial seat. It is on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., 32 miles west from Hastings, and the Alma branch of the U. P. Ry., 40 miles northeast from Alma. The land in this region has a rich deep soil, adapted to all kinds of agriculture, and is settled by a good class of farmers who give it thorough cultivation. There are three banks here doing a general banking business, and having the confidence of the community. They are the First National, J. V. Haughey cashier, capital $50,000; Minden Exchange, capital $40,000, and Kearney County Bank. The Hotel Jensen, the Central Hotel, and the Minden House are the principal hotels. The Democrat and the Gazette are two good newspapers with a large circulation. The churches are the Methodist, Presbyterian, United Presbyterian and Catholic. Population, 2,000.

Aabel Bros, genl mdse.
Armstrong T F, prop Minden Hotel
Baum H S, tinsmith, hardware.
Bliss D C, nursery.
Booze & Marshall, veterinary surgeons.
Bradford Charles C, drugs.
Buck Willis E, phys.
Burnett A H, atty.
Burton J M, prop City Hotel.
Carlson O, carpenter.
Central House, V M Darnell prop. (See adv top of page.)
SketchChrisler Willard F, jeweler.
City Hotel, J M Burton, prop.
Copeland Leon M, drugs.
Craig, A J, notions, etc.
Craig E G, baker.
Craig W H, genl mdse.
Darnell V M, prop Central House. (See adv top of page.)
Dean W R, hardware.
Dettmer Henry, boots and shoes.
Dunn F, boots and shoes.
Eib & Young, abstracters of title.
Epling & Cowels, billiard parlor.
Evans H J, gen mdse.
Finch & Paddock, real estate.
First National Bank, J V Haughey cashier, capital $50,000.
Fleming Bros, livery.
Frank & Engaard, meat market.
Frederick & Hamilton, editors and pubs Kearney County Gazette.
Gaarde John F, saloon.
German E D, prop Hotel Jensen.
Gilson Alfred, genl mdse.
Godfrey & Godfrey, attys.
Hammerstrom John, harnessmaker.
Hammond C S Mrs, millinery.
Hansen Hans & Co, lumber, coal.
Hapeman H, phys.
Hart W D, postmaster.
Haughey J V, cashier First National Bank.
Helms H F, tailor.
Holm & Miller, saloon.
Holmes L E, dry goods.
Hotel Jensen, E D German prop.
Hull Joel, atty.
Jensen Anders, restaurant.
Jensen & Anderson, agl implts.
Jensen Bros, agl implts.
Jensen Chris, meat market.
Johnson B F, fruits, confectionery.
Johnson Chris, restaurant.
Kearney County Bank, capital $40,000, N C Rogers pres, W E Chapin cashier.
Kearney County Democrat, Spence & Mackey pubs.
Kearney Dental Co, Seeley & Alspach props.
Kearney County Gazette, Frederick & Hamilton editors and pubs.
Kinell & Tidvall, genl mdse.
King M D, atty.
Kingsley F R & Co, props Minden Exchange Bank.
Larsen E C, genl mdse.
Larsen Otto, veterinary surgeon.
Larsen Swan, meat market.
Lindberg Bros, blacksmiths.
Logan & Foxe, attys.
McKenney Wm, livery.
McLean J, phys.
McPheeley J L, atty.
Malone J H, agl implts.
Marsh B W, hardware.
Marsh & Hawkins, jewelers.
Marshall W M, livery.
Martin J A, phys.
Minden Exchange Bank, capital $40,000, F R Kingsley & Co, props.
Minden House, T F Armstrong prop.
Minden Register, Jeffrey L Stone editor & pub.
Morgan David, dry goods.
Nelson Michael, blacksmith.
Nichol & Ure, furniture, undertakers
Palmer, Dietman & Cline, abstracters and loan brokers, $10,000 bond filed and approved.
Pate R A, barber.
Peterson Christ, furniture.
Phar W W, drugs and wall paper.
Pickles & Patterson, photographers.
Pugh J B, Atty.
Ramich H Mrs, laundry.
Robb & Irwin, crockery, glassware.
Rogers & Youngson, clothiers.
St Clair R, atty.
Schlageter Charles F, harnessmaker.
Schuhr E, billiard parlor.
Seeley & Alspach, Kearney Dental Co.
Sewell J & Co, grain elevator.
Slater, Drake & Gillman, loan brokers.
Spence & Mackey, props and pubs Kearney County Democrat.

Stewart & Hague, attys.
Stone J L, pub Mindon Register.
Tipton J W, atty.
Van Valkenburg & Son, grain elevator.
Wait Bros, genl mdse.
Weston K P & Co, livery.
Wilder G A, dry goods, notions, etc.
Williams E G, meat market.


page 310

   Newark, a station on the B. & M.R.R. in the northeastern part of Kearney county, eight miles east of Kearney, the seat of justice of Buffalo county. Population, 60.

page 317

   Norman, an enteprising and growing town of 100 population, on the St. Joseph & Grand Island branch of U. P. Ry., in the eastern part of Kearney county, eight miles from Minden, the county seat.

Ackerman W P, hardware, agl implts.
Corrigan Robt, genl mdse.
Dilliard E Dr, drugs.
Gafford D M, station agent.
Hall R A, genl mdse.
Lambert theordore, genl mdse.Tilberg John, blacksmith.
Wood Abram, justice, postmaster.
Young Wm, drugs.

page 439

   Osco, a postoffice in the extreme southwestern part of Kearney county, 16 miles from Minden. Population, 70.

page 550

   Wilcox is an enterprising town in Kearney county, 15 miles from Minden, the county town. The Alma branch of the U. P. Ry., and the DeWitt and Holdredge branch of the B. & M. R. R. pass through the town, which has a population of 500. There is a well equipped roller flour mill of large capacity, which cost $15,000, and two grain elevators. The handsome schoolhouse costs $4,000. The banking institutions are the Bank of Wilcox, capital a$75,000, and the State Bank, capital $30,000. The Congregational and Methodist denominations have churches here. The popular hotel is the Wilcox House. The Wilcox Beacon, published by E. E. Travis, is a well conducted journal.

Bank of Wilcox, J E Seeley pres, Henry Wilcox cashier.
Barber & Kneeshan, grain elevator.
Beacon (The), W F Travis editor.
Betz G H, drugs.
Bradford D A, dry goods.
Courtant J W, postmaster.
Funk & Elswonger, meat market.
Hollister & Snell, genl mdse.
Ingles George, phys.
Jones W H, grain elevator.
Kennedy & Hyatt, farm machinery.
Kennedy P I, carpenter.
Leasure W H, genl mdse.
Lewis Amos, sreal estate.
McPherson John, phys, drugs.
Mitchell Bros, harness and livery.
Osterheldt J P, transfer.
Potter C R, prop grain elevator.
Powell W C, livery.
Reeder J D, groceries, justice of the peace.
Rhoden R H, phys.
Shelton T M, live stock.
State Bank of Wilcox, Sapp & Moore props.
Stone G W, prop, Wilcox House.
Travis W F, ed The Beacon.
Wheeler H H, sta, tel and ex agt.
White Lake Lumber co, C Morrow mgr, lumber.
Wight R E, painter.
Wilcox House, G W Stone prop.
Wilcox Lumber Co, lumber, coal.

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