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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Kearney County
Minden -- County Seat

Transcribed by Leona L. Gustafson, October 1999
Transcriber's Notes:
An asterisk (*) indicates that the letter or word was difficult or impossible to read in the copy.
Not all names are in absolutely alphabetical order, but were transcribed in the order they appeared in in the original.

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~ A ~
 Abrahamson Otto, Axtell.     Anderson C H, Axtell.        Anderson Peter, Axtell. 
Abrams Albert, Minden.       Anderson Chas, Upland.       Anderson P, Minden. 
Abrams Chas, Minden.         Anderson Chas, Wilcox.       Anderson P D, Minden. 
Abrams, Melvin, Minden.      Anderson Christ, Minden.     Anderson Peter E, Axtell. 
Ackerman W P, Norman.        Anderson Christ, Upland.     Anderson Peter P, Osco. 
Adams Wm, Minden.            Anderson C J, Axtell.        Anderson P R, Kearney. 
Affintranger John, Kearney.  Anderson Frank, Norman.      Anderson S, Norman. 
Akerson Andrew, Axtell.      Anderson F, Keene.           Anderson T G, Wilcox. 
Albus Fer, Hartwell.         Anderson G C, Minden.        Anderson Wm, Minden. 
Aldrich Sam, Blaineville.    Anderson G C, Osco.          Andrews A B, Minden. 
Allen D K, Lowell.           Anderson G W, Minden.        Aus Christian, Minden. 
Allen Henry, Keene.          Anderson Herman, Minden.     Anthalony Wm, Minden. 
Allen G F, Kearney.          Anderson Jens, Minden.       Arent Elmer, Axtell. 
Allen James, Newark.         Anderson John, Axtell.       Arent Henry, Minden. 
Allen Joseph, Minden.        Anderson John, Minden.       Arent John, Minden. 
Allison, Josiah, Newark.     Anderson John N, Minden.     Arnold Elmer, Lowell. 
Allison W H, Norman.         Anderson J N A, Minden.      Aspergren A H, Wilcox. 
Anderbery A, Minden.         Anderson Kjeston, Minden.    Atkinson J, Kearney. 
Anderson A G, Axtell.        Anderson Lars, Minden.       Atwater J L, Minden. 
Anderson Albert, Minden.     Anderson L M, Axtell.        Atwater Onis, Hartwell. 
Anderson A M, Minden.        Anderson Nels, Minden.       Atwater Socrates, Hartwell. 
Anderson Andrew, Upland.     Anderson N A, Norman.        Atwater, Wm, Hartwell. 
Anderson A H, Norman.        Anderson Nels C, Minden.     Austin M E, Hartwell. 
Anderson A P, Minden.        Anderson N P A, Minden.      Austin S A, Minden. 
Anderson Aug, Axtell.        Anderson Oscar, Wilcox.
~ B ~
Bacon C H, Osco.             Billesbach P, Hartwell.      Boyle W E, Norman. 
Bahe Wilhelm, Osco.          Billesbach Wm, Hartwell.     Bradley David, Newark. 
Bailey Edwin, Minden.        Bingham Jno, Norman.         Bradshaw T M, Hartwell. 
Baisen Andrew, Minden.       Bingham M, Norman.           Branch R B, Harmony. 
Baker Clay, Harmony.         Bingston Jno, Minden.        Brannan T, Minden. 
Baker Geo, Harmony.          Bingston Swen, Minden.       Brant Nels, Axtell. 
Baker M Q, Harmony.          Birth Rush, Blaineville.     Brash Ferdinand, Minden. 
Baker Richard, Harmony.      Bisby Isaac, Newark.         Braun Ludwig, Minden. 
Ball merrell, Kenesaw.       Bitz S C, Blaineville.       Braun John, Minden. 
Ball W L, Hartwell.          Bjorklund Jno, Minden.       Brazill A D, Minden. 
Baners Christen, Norman.     Bjorklund Carl, Norman.      Bredemier A, Minden. 
Bang John, Minden.           Bjorling C A, Axtell.        Bredemier M P, Minden. 
Bang M C, Minden.            Blackburn D C, Lowell.       Brennen Frank, Hartwell. 
Barger Alexander, Minden.    Blackburn D L, Newark.       Bridgeman W G, Newark. 
Barkinger, E P, Newark.      Blackburn Geo, Harmony.      Bridgeman Peter, Newark. 
Barnes H W, Osco.            Blackburn O P, Minden.       Bridges J A, Newark. 
Barnes J F, Norman.          Blair L S, Minden.           Britton John M, Minden. 
Barney Marshall, Newark.     Blakeman A G, Hartwell.      Broberg P L, Axtell. 
Barry Jas, Minden.           Blaker Frank, Minden.        Brock C E, Minden. 
Barry Richard, Hartwell.     Blase Rmil, Minden.          Broderson Andrew, Minden. 
Bartels Gus, Hildreth.       Blauvelt Jas H, Newark.      Broderson Lorens, Minden. 
Bartlett Frank, Kenesaw.     Blanyney L, Norman.          Broman Chas G, Axtell. 
Bartlett Jas, Newark.        Blayney M E, Norman.         Bronson C H, Hartwell. 
Barton B B, Minden.          Blayney WM, Norman.          Brooks John, Minden. 
Basque Wesley, Norman.       Block Martin, Blaineville.   Brothe Christian, Minden. 
Bayer Thos, Minden.          Bliss J, Wilcox.             Brown Geo E, Axtell. 
Beck Henry, Minden.          Block Dick, Kenesaw.         Brown G N, Minden. 
Beihler Henry, Minden.       Bloodgood J F, Lowell.       Brown Jno W, Axtell. 
Beisell John, Upland.        Bloodgood W J, Lowell.       Brown J T, Blaineville. 
Beisell Valentine, Upland.   Boag J M, Harmony.           Brown L R, Minden. 
Bennett T R, Blaineville.    Boadsgaard A, Minden.        Brown P G, Axtell. 
Benett W D, Minden.          Bochan John, Axtell.         Brown T L, Blaineville. 
Bensen Ben, Minden.          Bogan Mike, Minden.          Bruen John, Newark. 
Benson Carl R, Kenesaw.      Bogart M D, Blainville.      Buchanan John, Minden. 
Benson Emanuel, Axtell.      Borgaard C S, Minden.        Bugge Anton, Minden. 
Benson F L, Norman.          Borgaard Nels, Minden.       Bundy Charles, Minden. 
Benson F L, Newark.          Boisen John, Minden.         Burchill Chas J, Minden. 
Bent John F, Minden.         Bomark C G, Keene.           Burchill James, Minden. 
Berger Chas H, Minden.       Bond A N, Minden.            Burchill T W, Minden. 
Berggren P N, Axtell.        Bonde J K, Minden.           Burkholder Noah, Campbell. 
Bergsten A G, Norman.        Bondy Chas, Wilcox.          Burkholder R F, Campbell. 
Bergsten Carl, Norman.       Bonhart A, Harmony.          Burkholder S, Campbell. 
Bergsten Ole, Minden.        Boom S E, Minden.            Burns Andrew, Axtell. 
Beyer Jorgen, Minden.        Boorman E, Axtell.           Burnside Geo, Newark. 
Biber Martin, Blaineville.   Bosen P C, Norman.           Burnside I E, Newark. 
Biggs John, Hartwell.        Bostrom S, Wilcox.           Burnside Wm, Newark. 
Billesbach Jno, Hartwell.    Bostford E, Hartwell.        Burnside W S, Newark. 
Billesbach M A, Hartwell.    Bostford M F, Hartwell.      Burton N E, Wilcox. 
Billesbach M, Hartwell.      Bowers Dighton, Kenesaw.     Buskirk J T, Minden. 
Billesbach Matt, Hartwell.   Bowers H M, Norman.          Bycraft E M, Minden. 
~ C ~
Cady A B, Hartwell.          Chambers Thos, Hartwell.     Cockrill Milt, Blaineville. 
Calder J R, Minden.          Christensen Lars, Minden.    Coner Alfred, Osco. 
Caldwell J R, Minden.        Christenson A C, Minden.     Connely Jno jr, Hartwell. 
Campbell Amos, Minden.       Christenson C, Minden.       Connely Jno sr, Hartwell. 
Canady John, Minden.         Christenson C K, Minden.     Connely Wm, Hartwell. 
Canfield L B, Norman.        Christenson Fred, Minden.    Conyers G N, Minden. 
Cannon Steven, Wilcox.       Christenson H C, Minden.     Conyers J A, Hartwell. 
Carlson Alfred, Minden.      Christenson J P, Minden.     Conyers J T, Hartwell. 
Carlson A F, Axtell.         Christenson N A, Minden.     Conyers M C, Hartwell. 
Carlson A, Axtell.           Christenson Ole, Minden.     Conyers W B, Hartwell. 
Carlson C J, Axtell.         Christian N C, Minden.       Cook C A, Lowell. 
Carlson Edward, Minden.      Christianson H S, Osco.      Cook H T, Lowell. 
Carlson Eric, Minden.        Christianson Niels, Upland.  Cook S J D, Lowell. 
Carlson Fred, Axtell.        Christifferson N, Minden.    Cooper Albert, Osco. 
Carlson J A, Minden.         Christinsen A C, Minden.     Cooper E B, Minden. 
Carlson John W, Axtell.      Christinsen C, Upland.       Cooper H T, Lowell. 
Carlson L P, Axtell.         Christinsen C J, Osco.       Cooper Julius S, Osco. 
Carlson Oscar, Axtell.       Christinsen J, Morseville.   Cooper T A, Norman. 
Carlson Theo, Axtell.        Christinsen Lars, Minden.    Cooper Warner S, Norman. 
Carpenter E E, Lowell.       Christinsen Martin, Osco.    Cope R M, Axtell. 
Carpenter H H, Minden.       Christinsen R, Minden.       Corrigan Jas, Hartwell. 
Carney David, Hartwell.      Christinsen S, Minden.       Corrigan Jno, Hartwell. 
Carroll Leonard, Norman.     Christinsen Stephen, Osco.   Corrigan R, Norman. 
Carskadon John, Hildreth.    Christinson Christ, Osco.    Cotten M E, Lowell. 
Carskadon R J, Hildreth.     Christinson N C, Osco.       Cramwell R J, Minden. 
Carskadon Wm, Hildreth.      Clark Anson, Minden.         Crapnell Harry, Minden. 
Carter Brazil, Lowell.       Clauson Frank, Minden.       Croscup H, Minden. 
Cassell L, Minden.           Clauson Swan, Minden.        Crownover C R, Hartwell. 
Cavanaugh Jerry, Minden.     Clawson Jeppe, Minden.       Culver Alva, Axtell. 
Cederburg A J, Wilcox.       Clineland Rmory, Minden.     Cummings J M, Minden. 
Cederburg Chas, Wilcox.      Clinger A B, Minden.         Cuningham W R, Kearney. 
Cederburg O F, Minden.       Clinkenberg J, Wilcox.       Curtis Chas, Minden. 
Cederquist G C C, Osco.      Clutter L, Hartwell.         Curtis Frank, Minden. 
Chambers H P, Norman.        Cochran W F, Minden.         Cutts Herbert, Blaineville. 
Chanbers R H, Osco.          Cocklin O L, Axtell
~ D ~
Davis S M, Hartwell.         Delnir John, Kearney.        Doyle Wm, Hartwell. 
Danelson John, Keene.        Dennis Edd, Blaineville.     Drehr Benj, Minden. 
Danelson Martin, Osco.       Dennis W R, Blaineville.     Driscoll Mike, Keene. 
Daniels Chas, Blaineville.   Dequine L H, Wilcox.         Driscoll Pat H, Hartwell. 
Danielson A F, Norman.       Devoe Alonzo, Minden.        Drury Valentine, Kearney. 
Danley D, Axtell.            Dickman S G, Newark.         Duckworth G F, Norman. 
Danner A S, Minden.          Dillon Abner, Lowell.        Duckworth J F, Norman. 
Danner Thos, Minden.         Dillon H R, Lowell.          Dungan E H, Newark. 
Darnell V M, Keene.          Dool John, Osco.             Dungan W O, Minden. 
Dassett J F, Keene.          Dooley Charles, Norman.      Dunkerson J L, Osco. 
Davenport Chas E, Wilcox.    Dornhoff Henry, Hartwelt.    Dunlap Jas E, Minden. 
Davidson Jno, Hartwell.      Doseyherty* Sam, Newark.     Dunlevy D J E, Minden. 
Davis E F, Minden.           Douglas George, Minden.      Dunmire Saml, Minden. 
Dean B A, Morseville.        Douglas W R, Minden.         Dunn Charles, Axtell. 
Dean E A, Morseville.        Dow John M, Minden.           
DeHaven A E, Minden.         Doyle Christopher, Hartwell.
~ E ~
Edmund Chas E, Axtell.       Emmerson C D, Norman.        Erickson Andrew, Keene. 
Edwards Geo, Hartwell.       Emil Daniel, Norman.         Erickson A M, Minden. 
Ekstrom S A, Axtell.         Engaard Peter, Minden.       Erickson C C, Minden. 
Elkins J S, Wilcox.          Engbet John, Kearney.        Erickson Charles, Axtell. 
Ellis C B, Hartwell.         Engstrom John, Axtell.       Erickson Gustaf, Norman. 
Ellis D B, Hartwell.         Epping Martinus, Minden.     Erickson S M, Wilcox. 
Ellis Thos E, Harmony.       Equail C W, Wilcox.          Etzilmuller John, Minden. 
Elsam Geo W, Axtell.         Equail Peter, Wilcox.        Everett Geo jr., Minden. 
Elsam Wm P, Axtell.          Ericson Chas A, Axtell.      Extrom Peter, Minden. 
Emerson Andrew, Minden.      Ericson Eric, Axtell.         
Emmerson A, Keene.           Ericson Godfrey, Axtell.
~ F ~
Faiak Henrich, Hildreth.     Fiero J M, Hartwell.         Frank Louis, Minden. 
Fallan Patrick, Axtell.      Fiero Miles, Hartwell.       Franklin H A, Lowell. 
Falk Andrew J, Wilcox.       Filbin Edward, Hartwell.     Franklin J F, Norman. 
Falk A P, Axtell.            Filbin James, Hartwell.      Franklin Robert, Minden. 
Falk Axel P, Wilcox.         Filbin John, Hartwell.       Freeman A G, Keene. 
Falk Gust, Axtell.           Fisher Soloman, Minden.      Freeman J M, Norman. 
Faninger H F, Minden.        Flake George, Minden.        Franzin James, Newark. 
Farm Frank, Axtell.          Flood Philip, Hartwell.      Fraiser Geo W, Hildreth. 
Farm Swan M, Axtell.         Forrest J M, Hartwell.       Frickensher F, Minden. 
Farman B F, Hartwell.        Forsell Andrew, Upland.      Friskop Andrew, Keene. 
Farman W H, Hartwell.        Forshee T E, Wilcox.         Fruid Carl, Minden. 
Farr Ola, Wilcox.            Fountain Isaac, Osco.        Fulmer James, Wilcox. 
Farror Wilkinson, Osco.      Fox Daniel, Axtell.          Funk Larkin, Minden. 
Feather Alvin C, Newark.     Fox F, Osco.                 Furtman Joseph, Minden. 
Feather C C, Newark.         Frandson Jens, Minden.       Fye Jacob, Axtell. 
Feather Joseph M, Newark.    Frandson Hans, Minden.        
Ferguson Jas B, Lowell.      Frank J S, Hartwell.
~ G ~
Gardner Albert, Minden.      Glenn O O, Hildreth.         Gregory Albert, Lowell. 
Gardner Elias, Minden.       Glenn S R, Hildreth.         Gregory David, Newark. 
Garner Ira, Minden.          Gnebe Anton, Hildreth.       Greison Berndt, Minden. 
Garrett James, Kenesaw.      Goff A W, Minden.            Griffen J R, Minden. 
Garrett John F, Minden.      Golay G D, Harmony.          Griffen Henry, Axtell. 
Gates M M, Minden.           Golle Charles, Hartwell.     Griffith Henry, Wilcox. 
Gawn Thomas, Axtell.         Golle T B, Minden.           Grom John, Minden. 
Geese Fred, Wilcox.          Gootka Gustav, Hildreth.     Grosh S C G, Kearney. 
Gehm William, Minden.        Gordon John F, Norman.       Gross Wesley, Norman. 
Genther J G, Newark.         Gorgensen Lars, Minden.      Gross Wm, Hartwell. 
Giffen Henry, Norman.        Gormly Wm W, Hartwell.       Gunderson August, Minden. 
Gipson Thomas, Norman.       Gorsuch Ellsworth, Kenesaw.  Gustofson F A, Axtell. 
Glatz Chas, Minden.          Gorsuch John, Kenesaw.       Guthrie Ford, Hartwell. 
Gleason M W, Hartwell.       Grapinhin H, Minden.         Guthrie Wm, Hartwell. 
Glenn J H, Hildreth.         Gray George, Lowell.          
Glenn O D, Hildreth.         Green G W, Norman.


~ H ~
Haargenson Rasmus, Osco.     Harris G H, Hartwell.        Hilbery C L, Axtell. 
Halberg B J, Axtell.         Hart David, Axtell.          Hildebrand S, Norman. 
Halsey H L, Maxwell.         Hart J M, Blaineville.       Hill John R, Norman. 
Halsey J H, Minden.          Hart William, Blaineville.   Hill M M, Lowell. 
Hamer Francis G, Kearney.    Hartcorn Saml jr, Norman.    Hines Pat A, Minden. 
Hammerberg J A, Minden.      Hartman Jacob, Minden.       Hinterberry Joseph, Minden. 
Hammerberg J L, Minden.      Harweiger Fred, Minden.      Hoban J J, Hartwell. 
Hank J C, Osco.              Hass G W, May Flower.        Hoban J M, Lowell. 
Hankins Pat, Lowell.         Hass Jockiam, Upl.and.       Hoban J P, Hartwell. 
Hankinson Matt, Keene.       Hatcher F C, Hildreth.       Hoffman Henry, Lowell. 
Hankinson Swan, Keene.       Hathaway A B, Holdrege.      Holdcraft G W, Norman. 
Hanna J S, Minden.           Havens Elisha S, Minden.     Holl Julius, Kenesaw. 
Hansen A W, Minden.          Hawe Michael, Hartwell.      Holl Paul, Lowell. 
Hansen Andrew J, Minden.     Hawe William, Hartwell.      Hollander Hans jr, Osco. 
Hansen Christ, Osco.         Hawkins John W, Minden.      Hollander J H, Osco. 
Hansen H, Minden.            Haws I W, Hartwell.          Hollenbeck J H, Lowell. 
Hansen Hanse, Axtell.        Haws N M, Hartwell.          Hollenbeck J T, Gibbon. 
Hansen Hans, Hildreth.       Hayden Joseph, Kearney.      Holmquist S A, Axtell. 
Hansen Hans, Minden.         Hayden W S, Kearney.         Holms Jno, Minden. 
Hansen Hans P, Minden.       Haynes H N, Newark.          Holst Carl, Minden. 
Hansen Henry, Minden.        Hays Alfred, Minden.         Holst Hans F, Minden. 
Hansen H P, Osco.            Hays Wm, Norman.             Holsten August, Norman. 
Hansen Jens C, Minden.       Hazelberth J, Hartwell.      Holsten Axtel, Norman. 
Hansen Lars J, Minden.       Hazelett J A, Hartwell.      Holsten C, Norman. 
Hansen Lucas, Minden.        Headburg A, Keene.           Holsten Frank, Norman. 
Hansen Martin, Minden.       Headburg F E, Keene.         Holt Henry, Lowell. 
Hansen Meler, Minden.        Hecox Albert, Newark.        Hopkins Mike, Hartwell. 
Hansen Nels, Lowell.         Hecox Dan, Newark.           Hopkins Patrick, Hartwell. 
Hansen Peder, Minden.        Hecox D H, Newark.           Horan John, Hartwell. 
Hansen Robert, Minden.       Hedstrom A E, Axtell.        Horsley Joel, Minden. 
Hansen Soren, Minden.        Hedstrom C J, Axtell.        Hosmer Henry W, Newark. 
Hansen Wither, Minden.       Hedstrom F V, Axtell.        Hosmer Wm, Newark. 
Hanson E A, Upland.          Heffner Benj, Minden.        Houmark Jens J, Upland. 
Hanson C P, Minden.          Heffner Jos, Minden.         Housholder J M, Newark. 
Hanson Hans F, Minden.       Helthecker John, Newark.     Howard A S, Hartwell. 
Hanson Hans P, Minden.       Helferty S J, Minden.        Howard W S, Hartwell. 
Hanson Jacob, Upland.        Helm J Z, Lowell.            Howell Wm O, Kearney. 
Hanson, Ludwig, Minden.      Helman J V, Hartwell.        Howland G H, Minden. 
Hanson N P, Upland.          Henline S A, Minden.         Hubbard John, Kearney. 
Hanson P J, Axtell.          Henry G H, Newark.           Huksor Martin K, Minden. 
Hanson Rasmus, Osco.         Henry S J, Lowell.           Hulquist Joseph, Wilcox. 
Hanson Robt, Minden.         Hensley N M, Hartwell.       Huntsinger H J, Minden. 
Harden J W, Minden.          Herb J H, Hartwell.          Hurns Joseph, Kenesaw. 
Harding Henry S, Kearney.    Herbert Richard, Axtell.     Hurst Alva, Minden. 
Harlan George L, Axtell.     Herring G, Lowell.           Hurst Jerome, Minden. 
Harland A B, Norman.         Herring Simon, Lowell.       Hurst Oscar E, Minden. 
Harland A R, Norman.         Hetchler John, Hartwell.     Hurst Rob C, Minden. 
Harland J J, Minden.         Hetrick J P, Wilcox.
~ I ~
Ibsen Lars, Minden.          Inersen Jens P, Upland.      Ingartsen Ole, Minden. 
~ J ~
Jacobs John S, Minden.       Johnson Jno E, Minden.       Johnson J F, Keene.
Jacobsen Christ, Minden.     Johnson Andrew, Minden.      Johnson Jno B, Minden. 
Jacobson Christ, Hildreth.   Johnson A C, Minden.         Johnson Jonas P, Minden. 
Jacobson John, Axtell.       Johnson Aug, Axtell.         Johnson J P, Keene. 
Jacobson Mads, Minden.       Johnson Aug J, Axtell.       Johnson Jno A, Axtell. 
Jackson A G, Hartwell.       Johnson Aug, Minden.         Johnson Jno A, Keene. 
Jackson Chas J, Hartwell     Johnson Ben, Lowell.         Johnson Jno O, Minden. 
Jackson Wm, Kenesaw.         Johnson B A, Newark.         Johnson Jno E, Axtell. 
Jackson Wm J, Kenesaw.       Johnson Burt, Upland.        Johnson Jno P, Axtell. 
Jaquin H P, Kearney.         Johnson C B, Axtell.         Johnson Krist, Upland. 
Jaquith F M, Minden.         Johnson C F, Axtell.         Johnson Leonard, Minden. 
Jenkins C W, Morseville.     Johnson Chas, Minden.        Johnson L R, Osco. 
Jenkins E G, Osco.           Johnson Chas, Norman.        Johnson Max, Upland. 
Jens Peter J P, Minden.      Johnson Chas M, Axtell.      Johnson N C, Norman. 
Jensen Anders, Minden.       Johnson Chas Minden.         Johnson Peder, Minden. 
Jensen Andrew, Osco.         Johnson Chas A, Axtell.      Johnson Peter, Minden. 
Jeensen C, Osco.             Johnson Chas O, Minden.      Johnson Peter, Osco. 
Jensen Carl, Osco.           Johnson Chas V, Axtell.      Johnson Peter N, Osco. 
Jensen Christ, Hartwell.     Johnson Christe, Axtell.     Johnson S, Minden. 
Jensen Christ, Upland.       Johnson Christ N, Minden.    Johnson Siner, Newark. 
Jensen H H, Minden.          Johnson C P, Minden.         Johnson T A, Wilcox. 
Jensen J A, Minden.          Johnson C W, Minden.         Johnson Thomas, Minden. 
Jensen Jacob, Minden.        Johnson D O, Minden.         Jones David, Hartwell. 
Jensen J B, Minden.          Johnson Ed, Axtell.          Jones E N, Minden. 
Jensen Jens C, Minden.       Johnson Ed, Hildreth.        Jones John, Newardk. 
Jensen Jens C, Osco.         Johnson Eihler*, Osco.       Jones S A, Axtell. 
Jensen L, Osco.              Johnson Emil, Minden.        Jones W H, Wilcox. 
Jensen Nels Peter, Minden.   Johnson F J, Axtell.         Jonson Peter L, Axtell. 
Jensen Niels, Osco.          Johnson G A, Minden.         Jorenson Thomas, Minden. 
Jensen Paul Chr, Minden.     Johnson Gust, Minden.        Jorgensen A, Minden. 
Jimeson G W, Minden.         Johnson Gust S, Minden.      Jorgensen A C, Upland. 
Jimson Hans, Minden.         Johnson Hans, Minden.        Jorgensen Christ, Uplanmd. 
Jimson Jens, Minden.         Johnson Hans, Norman.        Jorgensen J P, Minden. 
Johanison G S, Upland.       Johonson Henry, Wilcox.      Jorgensen Lars, Minden. 
Johanson J C, Keene.         Johnson H J, Minden.         Jorgensen S, Osco. 
Johanson J, Minden.          Johnson Jollis, Lowell.      Jorgensen Salmon, Upland. 
JohnsonAlfred, Axtell.       Johnson H P, Axtell.         Jorgensen Andrew, Osco. 
Johnson A J, Axtell.         Johnson J E, Blaineville.    Jorgensen Jeppe, Minden. 
Johnson Anders, Axtell.      Johnson J G, Minden.         Junior Adam, Minden.  
~ K ~
Kahle Herman, Kearney.       Kenton J W, Newark.          Kline Franklin, Minden. 
Kain Thomas, Lowell.         Killett Frank, Lowell.       Knapp Mathia jr., Hartwell. 
Kaldal J P, Osco.            Kimpston Frank, Axtell.      Knapp Math sr, Hartwell. 
Kanome W M, Minden.          King A J, Norman.            Knapp R I, Osco. 
Kauffelt August, Minden.     King Joel, Norman.           Kneeshaw A G, Wilcox. 
Kauffelt Henry, Minden.      King M D, Minden.            Knosp Ulrich, Axtell. 
Kavanaugh T, Minden.         King W A, Norman.            Knudson N H, Minden. 
Keedle T B, Minden.          Kinman N, Hildreth.          Konkright G L, Minden. 
Kellie J S, Norman.          Kinyon E L, Blaineville.     Krag A C C, Minden. 
Kellen Jacob, Minden.        Kirk Thomas, Minden.         Fraymier Simon, Hildreth. 
Kelly Frank, Newark.         Kirkpatrick H B, Wilcox.     Krick Edward, Minden. 
Kenher Adolph, Hartwell.     Kirkwood G A, Axtell.        Kristenson K M, Minden. 
Kenher Geo, Osco.            Kjergaard Peter, Minden.     Kuhn Jacob, Minden. 
Kenher Wm, Hartwell.         Kjerulff Christian, Minden.  Kurkeby Eskel, Minden. 
Kennedy Albert, Norman.      Kjerulff L, Minden.          Kurkeby N P, Minden. 
Kent J W, Minden.            Klahn Carl, Hildreth.
~ L ~
Lammer Danl, Hartwell.       Layton Wm, Wilcox.           Linson H L, Norman. 
Lambert Theo, Norman.        Lawler John, Newark.         Linter Gust, Axtell. 
Lang Fred, Lowell.           Leafgren A, Axtell.          Linter John, Norman. 
Lanning N, Hildreth.         Leafgren C J, Axtell.        Lipstren Wm, Wilcox. 
Lanning W F, Hildreth.       LeBar C W, Wilcox.           Lloyd L W, Wilcox. 
Lanton A J, Minden.          LeBar Frank, Wilcox.         Loer Geo W, Hildreth. 
Larsen Claus, Minden.        LeBar Wallace, Wilcox.       Logan John, Osco. 
Larsen Gabe, Axtell.         Leibers Au gust, Minden.     Long James A, Kearney. 
Larsen Hans, Minden.         Leibers Herman, Minden.      Long J P, Axtell. 
Larsen Heinrich, Minden.     Leinhart John, Minden.       Longnecker Wm S, Minden. 
Larsen L C, Minden.          Lewis Fred, Axtell.          Loraine L J, Osco. 
Larsen L K, Minden.          Lewis Henry E, Hartwell.     Lorinson Thos, Upland. 
Larsen M M, Minden.          Lewis John M, Minden.        Lotter Andrew, Minden. 
Larsen Rasmus, Minden.       Likes Cary, Campbell.        Loutham Jas F, Minden. 
Larson A J, Keene.           Liljedahl Peter, Norman.     Love R A, Minden. 
Larson Alfred, Blaineville.  Lindahl Nels, Wilcox.        Lovell F E, Hartwell. 
Larson Beckey, Minden.       Lindberg B E, Axtell.        Lovell M, Hartwell. 
Larson C, Norman.            Lindberg C E, Axtell.        Lundin O, Keene. 
Larson Jens, Osco.           Lindenstein A T, Axtell.     Lundin Swan, keene. 
Larson Joseph H, Axtell.     Lindenstein C E, Axtell.     Lundgren Gus, Minden. 
Larson N, Norman.            Linderstrom A P, Axtell.     Lundstrom C W, Axtell. 
Larson S, Minden.            Lindquist C, Axtell.         Lutis David S, Kearney. 
Larson S C, Osco.            Lindsay E L, Wilcox.         Lyden Chris, Keene. 
Larson Soren, Upland.        Lindstrom Aug, Axtell.       Lyman W C, Norman. 
Larson Swan, Minden.         Linnstrom Chas E, Axtell.    Lynn Chas, Norman. 
Larson Thos, Osco.           Linsinger Chas, Lowell.      Lynn John, Norman.
~ Mc ~
McCartney Jno S, Lowell.     McDonald Alex, Harmony.      McGuire B sr, Harmony. 
McCarty Chas, Minden.        McDonald M P, Osco.          McGuire Pat, Harmony. 
McCarty Dan, Minden.         McDonald O, Harmony.         McGuire Richard, Harmony. 
McCarty E, Blaineville.      McDonald Thos, Harmony.      McGuire Thos, Harmony. 
McCarty John, Minden.        McElhinney Jos, Minden.      McIntire C L, Newark. 
McCormick M, Kearney.        McElhinney M S, Minden.      McIntire I M, Newark. 
McCoy Allen, Osco.           McElhinney R, Minden.        McIntyre Jos, Blaneville. 
McCoy Avis, Osco.            McElhinney T J, Minden.      McKinney E A, Lowell. 
McCoy J T, Osco.             McElhinney Wm, Minden.       McKinney E B, Lowell. 
McCoy Wm, Hartwell.          McFarland J W, Morseville.   McKinney J C, Minden. 
McCroden John, Hartwell.     McGavick A, Norman.          McLaughlin E L, Wilcox. 
McCullem W H, Harmony.       McGrew J F, Hildreth.        McQuary B F, Hartwell. 
McCurdy Dan, Osco.           McGuire B jr, Harmony.       McQuillan H J, Norman.
~ M ~
Mack Henry W, Minden.        Mathison Hans, Upland.       Moffit Walter, Holstein. 
Mack Joseph, Minden.         Mathison Swan, Wilcox.       Moffitt W W, Holstein. 
Mack Wm L, Minden.           Mathues Isaac A, Lowell.     Moldrup Peter, Norman. 
Mackey Geo E, Minden.        Maxell A P, Axtell.          Molholm Lucas H, Minden. 
Mackey Henry, Minden.        Maxell Otto, Axtell.         Molholm Peter E, Minden. 
Mackey J H, Minden.          Maxim L E, Osco.             Moline Henry, Axtell. 
Mackey Joseph, Minden.       May J Hillery, Lowell.       Moline John, Axtell. 
Mackey Wm, Minden.           Mayberry W R, Minden.        Meller Lauritz, Minden. 
Maddison Francis, Minden.    Melson A D, Minden.          Monfort C B, Osco. 
Madsen Anders, Osco..        Mendenhall L B, Osco.        Monk Geo, Osco. 
Madsen Hans, Keene.          Mendenhall W H, Osco.        Monroe L W, Hartwell. 
Madsen Jacob, Osco.          Merrill P H, Newark.         Monson Peter, Axtell. 
Madsen Jens, Keene.          Merriman Jno S, Lowell.      Moon J A, Hartwell. 
Madsen Lars, Minden.         Merriman W C, Lowell.        Moon J R, Minden. 
Madsen R, Campbell.          Merritt Wm H, Newark.        Moon R L, Minden. 
Madson Hans, Minden.         Merryman Nelson, Axtell.     Moore J C, Campbell. 
Madson Paul, Minden.         Messner Jacob, Hartwell.     Moore W H, Campbell. 
Maffit Clifford, Norman.     Metts Jacob, Axtell.         Moran Andrew J, Norman. 
Magarian henry, Upland.      Meyer Lewis, Osco.           Moran Andy, Norman. 
Magoon J G, Lowell.          Meyers Theo H, Minden.       Moran Patrick, Hartwell. 
Maher E P, Hartwell.         Michel A, Kearney.           Morgan L E, Norman. 
Malmberg John A, Axtell.     Michell Eugene, Newark.      Morris J B, Hartwell. 
Mancher George, Hartwell.    Miesenbach John, Hartwell.   Morris Thos K, Blaineville. 
Mancher Valentine, Minden.   Mikelson Christ, Minden.     Morrison W E, Lowell. 
Mansier Richard, Hildreth.   Mikkelson Soren, Norman.     Mowery C H, Wilcox. 
Manspeaker W F, Norman.      Mikesell Osmond, Hartwell.   Mowery Frank, Wilcox. 
Marguson Otto, Wilcox.       Miles Chas A, Hartwell.      Mowery Wm, Wilcox. 
Marble H T, Minden.          Miller Ephraim, Minden.      Mumford C R, Axtell. 
Marsh Elmer, Wilcox.         Miller Hans, Minden.         Mundill L C, Minden. 
Marsh George, Newark.        Miller Hans C, Minden.       Munsen Lewis, Minden. 
Marsh Seth, Minden.          Miller Henry, Minden.        Muntsinger Jno, Minden. 
Marsh W H, Minden.           Miller Jacob, Minden.        Murray Burt, Blaineville. 
Martensen A, Axtell.         Miller J H, Minden.          Musser Christ, Minden. 
Martin Nathan G, Newark.     Miller L J, Minden.          Musser Wm, Minden. 
Marzolf Martin, Kearney.     Miller L M, Minden.          Myers Geo M, Hildreth. 
Masher J W, Newark.          Miller M, Lowell.            Myers Jacob, Blaineville. 
Masetoft Mads, Minden.       Miller Mathias L, Minden.    Meyers Jno, Hildreth. 
Masonhall G H, Blaineville.  Millett J A, Norman.         Myers Jno E. 
Mathers D A, Hartwell.       Minkner Wm, Wilcox.          Kearney. 
Mathers J A, Norman.         Misson Hans L, Minden.       Myers, J W, Minden. 
Mathiasen neils, Minden.     Mittman Fred, Minden.
~ N ~
Nagle Carl, Minden.          Nelson Jens, Osco.           Nick Nuel, Minden. 
Nagil Henry, Minden.         Nelson Jno, Minden.          Nickel Adam, Blaineville. 
Nangle Chas C, Lowell.       Nelson Jno K, Minden.        Nickel Casper, Blaineville. 
Nardgren And, Wilcox.        Nelson Jno M, Axtell.        Nickel Emil, Axtell. 
Nardgren Gust, Wilcox.       Nelson Jos, Minden.          Nickie John V, Kearney. 
Nash T R, Minden.            Nelson J P, Minden.          Nicola Samuel, Menden [Sic.] 
Natt Geo D, Wilcox.          Nelson Mads, Minden.         Nichols A L, Newark. 
Needham D A, Osco.           Nelson Mads C, Minden.       Nichols David, Newark. 
Needham Minard, Minden.      Nelson N C, Hartwell.        Nicholson John, Newark. 
Neef Wm, Hartwell.           Nelson N E, Keene.           Nicholson Joseph, Minden. 
Nelson A C, Minden.          Nelson O E, Osco.            Nielson Hans, Minden. 
Nelson And, Minden.          Nelson Olof, Minden.         Nielson Martin, Upland. 
Nelson Aug, Minden.          Nelson Peder, Minden.        Nielson N C, Minden. 
Nelson Axel F, Axtell.       Nelson Peter, Minden.        Nielson N Peter, Upland. 
Nelson Chas, Axtell.         Nelson Peter, Axtell.        Nielson Peter, Minden. 
Nelson Chas, Minden.         Nelson R P, Minden.          Nielson Thomas O, Minden. 
Nelson Chas, Keene.          Nelson Swan, Axtell.         Nissen Robert, Minden. 
Nelson Chas G, Minden.       Nelson Thos, Minden.         Noll D T, Hartwell. 
Nelson, Christ, Minden.      New L L, Hartwell.           Norlin Olof, Minden. 
Nelson, Frank, Axtell.       Newbold David S, Minden.     Norman Carl, Norman. 
Nelson Jacob, Minden.        Newell E F, Newark.          Norman John B, Norman. 
Nelson Jas, Minden.          Newton Isaac, Newark.        Nyquist Peter, Axtell. 
Nelson Jens, Hildreth.       Newton S J, Hildreth.         
~ O ~
Oberg A A, Norman.           Olson Charles, Minden.       Oneil W H H, Hildreth. 
Oberg Martin, Norman.        Olson Fred, Wilcox.          Onergaard Johan, Minden. 
O'Brien Matt, Hartwell.      Olson Nels C, Axtell.        Orcutt R H, Harmony. 
O'Connell John, Kearney.     Olson Olof, Axtell.          Orr Sim B, Minden. 
Oleson Nels, Minden.         Olson P, Axtell.             Osborn J H, Lowell. 
Oleson Niels L, Minden.      Olson Peter, Keene.          Osmon Peter, Minden. 
Oleson Ola, Minden.          Olson Swan, Wilcox.          Oster John, Kensaw. 
Oline Nels, Minden.          Onant Albert, Hildreth.      Ottosen Otto N, Minden. 
Olson Andrew, Minden.        Onandt Otto, Hildreth.       Oyler W M, Blaineville. 
~ P ~
Palmblade D E, Keene.        Peterson A P, Osco.          PHelps Wright, Hartwell. 
Palmblade E J, Axtell.       Peterson C A, Norman.        Philips Charles, Minden. 
Palmer C W, Kennesaw.        Peterson Christian, Minden.  Phreffer Bernhard, Minden. 
Palmer Marion, Minden.       Peterson C F, Axtell.        Phreffer Leonard, Minden. 
Pantenburg Nick, Hartwell.   Peterson C G, Norman.        Pierce Frank, Minden. 
Parker Samuel, Wilcox.       Peterson C J, Minden.        Pihl P A, Keene. 
Parks Luis J, Minden.        Peterson Ed, Axtell.         Pinkham Joseph, Minden. 
Parr C A, Gibbon.            Peterson Erick G, Hildreth.  Pinn Lewis, Minden. 
Parrotte L W, Kearney.       Peterson James, Minden.      Piper Henry R, Hartwell. 
Patterson John S, Minden.    Peterson J B, Hilderth.      Plummer E A, Blaineville. 
Patton W D, Kearney.         Peterson J B, Wilcox.        Plummer W, Blaineville. 
Paulson S K, Minden.         Peterson J Christ, Minden.   Pokisen Leonard, Minden. 
Paulson Thos, Minden.        Peterson Jens, Minden.       Pokrandt Ferd, Minden. 
Paulson Christian, Minden.   Peterson John, Axtell.       Pokrandt Ludwig, Minden. 
Paulson Offer, Mindern.      Peterson John A, Axtell.     Pokrandt Wm, Minden. 
Paulson Sofren, Osco.        Peterson John E, Norman.     Popple A T, Blaineville. 
Person Henry, keene.         Peterson John W, Minden.     Porter W C, Hartwell. 
Pearson Peter, Hildreth.     Peterson Lars, Osco.         Porterfield G jr, Hartwell. 
Peckman John, Newark.        Peterson Lewis, Axtell.      Porterfield G sr, Hartwell. 
Pederson Christ, Minden.     Peterson Matt, Wilcox.       Porterfield Jno, Hartwell. 
Pederson Christian, Minden.  Peterson Ola, Axtell.        Powderwitz N, Minden. 
Pederson Ed H, Axtell.       Peterson Ole, Minden.        Powderwitz P, Hartwell. 
Pederson J C, Osco.          Peterson Olof, Axtell.       Powell T P, Osco. 
Pederson Mads, Minden.       Peterson Otto, Axtell.       Price Jas, Osco. 
Pederson N F, Minden.        Peterson Otto, Minden.       Price W N, Osco. 
Pederson Niels Chr, Minden.  Peterson Pet, Norman.        Prime Jas W, Minden. 
Pederson Peder C, Minden.    Peterson Peter M, Keene.     Prouty Josiah, Wilcox. 
Pederson Thos C, Minden.     Peterson Rasmus, Norman.     Purdy Emerson, Blaineville. 
Pennington Chas, Lowell.     Peterson S L, Axtell.        Purdy Gilbert, Blaineville. 
Perry S G, Kearney.          Pfling Alberter, Hildreth.   Putman W E, Hildreth.
~ Q ~
Quilian Thos, Osco.          Quin* Timothy, Hartwell.
~ R ~
Radford Chas, Harmony.       Raun P H, Osco.              Robinson David, Hartwell. 
Radford Geo, Harmony.        Ravenscroft Wm, Minden.      Rockfellow Jno, Lowell. 
Radford R, Harmony.          Reader Jno, Newark.          Rodin O M, Axtell. 
Radford Robt, Newark.        Ream Lewis, Minden.          Rodgers James, Osco. 
Radford Wm H, Newark.        Ream Solomon, Minden.        Rogers L, Lowell. 
Ragan Michael, Hartwell.     Redlon Farman, Norman.       Rohder Charles, Hartwell. 
Ranson, Firman, Osco.        Reed Simon P, Minden.        Roles L D, Hildreth. 
Rareboom Jno, Kearney.       Reeder Frank, Blaineville.   Rose J W, Lowell. 
Rasmussen Chris, Norman.     Remick Wm, Minden.           Rost A F, Axtell. 
Rasmussen Chris, Minden.     Rhoads Artimus, Minden.      Rotsein Lewis, Axtell. 
Rasmussen Hans, Minden.      Robb S S, Minden.            Roush Isaac, Norman. 
Rasmussen Nels, Axtell.      Robbins Benj, Blaineville.   Rumstig Christ, Kearney. 
Rasmussen Nills, Minden.     Robbins C W, Axtell.         Rundquist Gust, Minden. 
Rasmussen N W, Osco.         Robbins Hiram, Kearney.      Russell S P, Osco. 
Rasmussen Peder, Minden.     Robbins Isaac W, Axtell.     Ryan John, Blaineville. 
Rasmussen P W, Osco.         Roberts N B, Norman.         Ryan Pat, Kearney. 
Raun Christian, Osco.        Robertson Jas J, Minden.
~ S ~
St John Herman, Newark.      Shultz W H, Keene.           Springer Wilson, Minden. 
Saltzgaber D W, Minden.      Sickman Henry, Hartwell.     Stack Joseph, Minden. 
Salzgaber Geo F, Minden.     Sides Leroy, Lowell.         Stade Christ, Kenesaw. 
Saltzbaber Lin, Minden.      Siebold John, Kearney.       Stadler Mathias, Minden. 
Slazgaber Wm R, Minden.      Simms J L, Hartwell.         Staley Benj, Minden. 
Samuelson A, Axtell.         Simon R, Newark.             Staley Clark, Minden. 
Samuelson F G, Axtell.       Sinsel Adam, Minden.         Staly O P, Minden. 
Samuelson Fritz, Axtell.     Sinsel Henry, Norman.        Staly O S, Minden. 
Samuelson Johann, Axtell.    Sinsel John, Minden.         Stanton E C, Hartwell. 
Samuelson Otto, Norman.      Sinsel Reinhart, Minden.     Stark A F, Wilcox. 
Samuelson S J, Axtell.       Sipple Ben, Hartwell.        Stark J A, Wilcox. 
Sarvin W B, Harmony.         Sipple Wm, Hartwell.         Stark John R, Minden. 
Saunders E L, Newark.        Sitgson Martin, Minden.      Stark Wm, Norman. 
Savage Edward C, Norman.     Six Geo W, Wilcox.           Steen Peter C, Minden. 
Schaad Lewis M, Blaineville. Sizer H L, Minden.           Steenson A M, Minden. 
Schapper Wm, Minden.         Skanstad C A, Minden.        Steenson S C, Minden. 
Schlaggel M B, Norman.       Slusser C A, Minden.         Stephenson O, Axtell. 
Schessler John P, Hartwell.  Slusser L M, Minden.         Stewart J F, Osco. 
Schmidt Andrew, Minden.      Slusser O B, Hildreth.       Stoodard G W, Newark. 
Schmidt Chas P, Minden.      Smead O E, Kearney.          Stamfer John, Hildreth. 
Schmitt Edward, Minden.      Smead S J, Kearney.          Striker J W, Norman. 
Schneider Christ, Hartwell.  Smith C B, Lowell.           Strolburg John, Wilcox. 
Schneider C jr, Minden.      Smith Earl, Blaineville.     Stuthart Henry, Upland. 
Schneider J E, Minden.       Smith Henry, Kearney.        Sullivan J H, Minden. 
Schneider R, Hartwell.       Smith I S, Newark.           Sumstine F H, Hartwell. 
Schroider C F, Minden.       Smith John, Minden.          Sures L N, Blaineville. 
Scramlin David, Hartwell.    Smith John, Wilcox.          Sutton Frank, Minden. 
Scuthorn T D, Lowell.        Smith John, Norman.          Sutton Oliver, Minden. 
Seaton Jos, Harmony.         Smith John J, Hartwell.      Swancutt D, Minden. 
Seberg, John, Axtell.        Smith Marion, Lowell.        Swanson August, Norman. 
Seckman J R, Hildreth.       Smith N T, Minden.           Swanson August, Axtell. 
Sederquist J W, Blaineville. Smith Peter, Axtell.         Swanson Chas, Blaineville. 
Shafer D M, Kearney.         Smith Peter, Norman.         Swanson Ed, Axtell. 
Shafer W H, Minden.          Smith Protho, Osco.          Swanson Eric, Axtell. 
Shaner Reuben, Wilcox.       Smith S A, Minden.           Swanson G, Axtell. 
Shanks D W, Minden.          Smith Royal, Minden.         Swanson J F, Wilcox. 
Shappell W H, Upland.        Smith Wendel, Kearney.       Swanson John, Minden. 
Shearer W E, Lowell.         Soderquist Alfred, Axtell.   Swanson John E, Axtell. 
Sheedy David, Hartwell.      Sondergaard C, Norman.       Swanson John G, Wilcox. 
Sheedy Thomas, Axtell.       Sorenson Jens, Minden.       Swanson Neils, Keene. 
Sheets J D, Norman.          Sorehson [Sic.] M, Minden.   Swanson Olof, Keene. 
Sheldon, C E, Minden.        Sorenson Nels C, Minden.     Swanson Peter, Axtell. 
Shepherd B F, Blaineville.   Sorinson Christ, Osco.       Swanson Peter C, Hildreth. 
Shepherd D, Blaineville.     Sorinson L K, Osco.          Swanson P P, Minden. 
Sherman C M, Axtell.         Sowder Wm H, Lowell.         Swedeberg Swan E, Keene. 
Shoe Ward, Axtell.           Spelman Wm, Hartwell.        Sydenham Chas, Blaineville. 
Shomes John, Hartwell.       Spink T, Kearney.            Sylitz Charles, Hildreth. 
Shultz Chas, Newark.         Springer Alonzo, Minden.      
Shultz J R, Keene.           Springer Martin, Minden.
~ T ~
Tarkington C H, Minden.      Thomas G W, Hartwell.        Tomm Aug, Minden. 
Taylor Chas M, Kearney.      Thomas Sam, Minden.          Tomsen Anton, Minden. 
Taylor Douglas, Minden.      Thompson James, Osco.        Tonn John, Hartwell. 
Taylor Frank, Axtell.        Thompson J H, Blaineville.   Torska Nels, Minden. 
Taylor J S, Minden.          Thomson Hans, Norman.        Travers John, Hartwell. 
Taylor Oliver I, Minden.     Thoren V N, Axtell.          Truax Hiram, Hartwell. 
Taylor Robtt, Minden.        Thrasher F M, Axtell.        Trulsen P A, Norman. 
Tembler Frank, Axtell.       Thorp Silas V, Kenesaw.      Tubbs Charles, Harmony. 
Tennant John V, Minden.      Thorpe Julia, Campbell.      Tubbs D M, Minden. 
Thath J H, Kearney.          Thursen A, Norman.           Tubbs John, Harmony. 
Theis Nicholas, Norman.      Tidvall Fred, Axtell.        Tull Charles, Harmony. 
This Christian, Minden.      Tipton J W jr, Osco.         Tyler O J, Osco. 
Thiss Eugene, Minden.        Tipton J W sr, Osco.          
Thomas Danl, Hartwell.       Tolbert M, Kearney.
~ U ~
Ulrichson John, Wilcox.      Underhill John, Minden.      Underhill Perry, Blaineville.
~ V ~
Valentine F, Blaineville.    Van Duzer Thos, Lowell.      Veyeth Benj, Hartwell. 
Valentine G W, Kearney.      Van Horn Arthur, Newark.     Veyeth Davis, Dartwell. 
Valentine J R, Lowell.       Vannoy Wm, Blaineville.      Victor August, Axtell. 
VanDuzer C L, Minden.        Vaughn Arthur, Newark.       Victor Oscar, Wilcox. 
VanDuzer H K, Lowell.        Vaughn R W, Newark.          Virth Jno D, Minden. 
Van Duser R D, Kearney.      Venner G W, Hartwell.
~ W ~
Wagner J C, Newark.          Weinmer G H, Lowell.         Wilson Jasper, Minden. 
Walberg Swan, Minden.        Wendling E J, Kenesaw.       Wilson M F, Norman. 
Walford Alfred, Kearney.     Wendling John, Lowell.       Wilson Wm, Axtell. 
Walintine Christ, Osco.      Wenzell M, Blaineville.      Wilson W L, Axtell. 
Walintine Fred, Osco.        Wenzell S R, Blaineville.    Winborn Alfred F, Newark. 
Walker J W, Minden.          Werth David E, Hildreth.     Wirth Fred, Minden. 
Walker Wm, Mewark.           Werth Julius, Minden.        Wirth* John, Minden. 
Wallene Edward, Hildreth.    Westman Nels, Minden.        Wisby Soren, Minden. 
Warp John N, Minden.         Westman Pete, Minden.        Wisker Valentine, Minden. 
Waterhouse Ed, Kenesaw.      Wethrel A G, Hartwell.       Wisner Francis, Blaineville. 
Watson James, Harmony.       Wheeldon H A, Lowell.        Witkinn J F, Campbell. 
Watson Jas D, Kearney.       Whitaker Samuel, Norman.     Witters Geo, Hildreth. 
Watson W J, Kearney.         White Timothy, Lowell.       Witters W P, Hildereth. 
Watt Herman, Minden.         Whitesell Ambrose, Minden.   Wolf John N, Lowell. 
Watts Willis, Minden.        Whitesell James, Minden.     Wood Abram, Norman. 
Weaver Wm, Axtell.           Whitesell Leanhe, Minden.    Wood George M, Minden. 
Weber C, Lowell.             Whitesell Leroy, Minden.     Wood Horace L, Norman. 
Weber Wm, Lowell.            Whitesell Warren, Minden.    Woodruff John, Kearney. 
Webster C A, Blaineville.    Whitford John, Lowell.       Woodruff W M, Kearney. 
Webster Elisha, Blaineville. Whitford Wm, Lowell.         Woodward J B, Minden. 
Webster L A, Blaineville.    Whitlock H R, Norman.        Woodward W R, Lowell. 
Webster Saynor, Upland.      Whitney E, Newark.           Woody A C, Minden. 
Webster Wells, Upland.       Whitney James W, Newark.     Woody T J, Minden. 
Weedlin Chas, Axtell.        Wiatt Samuel, Axtell.        Wollenn Jacob, Osco. 
Weir Robt, Harmony.          Wilber Edgar, Minden.        Wommer Wm, Hartwell. 
Weir Wm, Harmony.            Wilber John, Newark.         Worman L W, Newark. 
Welch S S, Norman.           Wilburs J H, Blaineville.    Wright George, Hildreth. 
Welch T T, Minden.           Wilcox James H, Lowell.      Wright G V, Blaineville. 
Wells J H, Minden.           Will S J, Osco.              Wright H L, Minden. 
Wells L A, Minden.           Williams Jasper, Axtell.     Wright W J, Blaineville. 
Wells R C M, Axtell.         Wilson A, Minden.            Wundlund Peter, Axtell. 
Wells Simon, Hartwell.       Wilson Anton, Keene.         Wylie James, Hartwell. 
Wells W E, Osco.             Wilson E, Newark.             
~ Y ~
Yager Wm, Blaineville.       Yearons C A, Axtell.         Yensen Hardin J, Lowell. 
Yohn Wm R, Norman.           Young Willis, Hildreth.      Youngson Henry, Osco. 
Youngson John, Minden.       Youngson Peter J, Minden.
~ Z ~
Zimmerman J, Newark.         Zimmerman J jr, Newark.      Zoble P H, Harmony. 
Zoble Phillip, Harmony.

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