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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Lancaster County
Lincoln -- County Seat
Farmer List



- M -

Maas S, Roca.                   Malone J N, Lincoln.             Marree J, Ceresco.
Macheack J, Crete.              Malone M, Lincoln.               Marsden G, Lincoln.
Mackey L, Crete.                Maney J, Walton.                 Marshall E J, Denton.
Mackink A, Princton.            Manke C, Malcolm.                Marshall J W, Lincoln.
Macy J W, Bennett.              Mann D, Lincoln.                 Marshall W, Waverly.
Maddox R, Firth.                Mann W S, Woodlawn.              Martin C M, Lincoln.
Mager A, Lincoln.               Markey P, Bennett.               Martin C, Hickman.
Mager J B, Cheney.              Markler E A, Denton.             Martin C, Lincoln.
Mahan L E, Malcolm.             Marks C, Walton.                 Martin F, alton.
Mahany D, Prairie Home.         Marks D F, Lincoln.              Martin G, Firth.
Main J A, Crouse.               Marks E C, Walton.               Martin J, Hickman.
Malom E, Waverly.               Marks E, Ivanhoe.
Malom J, Ivanhoe.               Marolf M, Lincoln.         
Page 1158
Martin J, Firth.                Meons J, Lincoln.                Mitchell H F, Sprague.
Martin T, Agnew.                Meons S Miss, Lincoln.           Mhle W, Prenceton.
Martin W, Valparaiso.           Meons P, Lincoln.                Montgomery D, Firth.
Martin W, Agnew.                Meinen Z B, Holland.             Montgomery R S, Firth.
Masters J W, Lincoln.           Meinke H, Crete.                 Mook L, Malcolm.
Matheny W, Bennett.             Meir F W, Crete.                 Mook D, Malcolm.
Mathison J, Crete.              Meinrath O, Crete.               Mook S, Malcolm.
Matticks E, Lincoln.            Meller J, Kramer.                Moore A P, Cropsey.
Mauel M, Davey.                 Mellick N E, Davey.              Moore C E, Cropsey.
Maux A H, Lincoln.              Melicka V, Wilber.               Moore G, Bennett.
Max F, Crete.                   Melone N, Lincoln.               Moore J M, Cropsey.
Maxann L, Lincoln.              Menke C, Crete.                  Moore J, Cropsey.
May F, Panama.                  Menke J, Crete.                  Moore H G, Bennett.
May H, Bennett.                 Mensel O, Lincoln.               Moore W, Hickman.
May W G, Bennett.               Merzel M, Prenceton.             Moore W, Emerald.
Mayer G A, Walton.              Messinger W M, Raymond.          Moothart G, Firth.
Mayer H W, Walton.              Messman H, Cortland.             Moran C, Lincoln.
Mayes F, Emerald.               Meveen N, Pella.                 Moran M, Lincoln.
McAllister A, Roca.             Meyer C, Bennett.                Moran Mary, Lincoln.
McAllister I, Roca.             Meyer C, Bennett.                More J S, Prairie Home.
McAllister J W, Ivanhoe.        Meyer F, Walton.                 Morgan I, Davey.
McAllister O T, Roca.           Meyer H, Sprague.                Morgan J, Lincoln.
McAllister W O, Roca.           Meyer H, Cortland.               Morgan W J, Davey.
McBride T B, Lincoln.           Meryer H, Emerald.               Morplet T, Lincoln.
McCall B F, Walton.             Meyer H jr, Hickman.             Morris A, Firth.
McCall W H, Lincoln.            Meyer H sr Hickman.              Morris J, Denton.
McCartney R, Lincoln.           Meyer H, Wilber.                 Morris R, Firth.
McClain A, Holland.             Meyer H H, Roca.                 Morris R R, Firth.
McClave W, Woodlawn.            Meyer J H, Wilber.               Morrisey F, Davey.
McClay J, Lincoln.              Meyer J J, Cortland.             Morrisey T, Denton.
McCloung S, Crete.              Meyer L C, Malcolm.              Morrison R, Hickman.
McClum D M, Bennett.            Meyer P, Wilber.                 Morrow J, Bennett.
McClure A J, Lincoln.           Meyer W, Bennett.                Morton A, Cheney.
McCormick W H, Lincoln.         Mickey J B, Lincoln.             Moser A, Kramer.
McCoy J, Cheney.                Miles J, Saltillo.               Mossholder N, Lincoln.
McDevit A E, Lincoln.           Milford M L, Bennett.            Mutley W, Eagle.
McDevit R, Lincoln.             Millan M, Bennett.               Mueller F, Lincoln.
McDevit A, Lincoln.             Miller C A, Wilber.              Mueller F, Bennett.
McDevit A, Walton.              Miller C, Wilber.                Mueller M, Lincoln.
McEachran A, Licoln.            Miller D, Denton.                Muggleton J C, Raymond.
McFadden J, Lincoln.            Miller F C, Wilber.              Mulder A J, Pella.
McFarland L B jr, Agnew.        Miller I C, Walton.              Mulder A, Cropsey.
McFarland L B sr, Agnew.        Miller H, Emerald.               Mullenix A, Waverly.
McGavin J, Lincoln.             Miller Hugh, Waverly.            Muller F, Hickman.
McGee H, Lincoln.               Miller Henry, Waverly.           Mulvane J D, Raymond.
McGerr H Mrs, Lincoln.          Moller J, Firth.                 Mumene F W, Malcolm.
McGerr P, Davey.                Miller J G, Lincoln.             Mumene J F, Malcolm.
McGerr P, Lincoln.              Miller J R C, Denton.            Mundorff B F, Lincoln.
McGillivery W H, Bennett.       Miller S, Saltillo.              Murphy D C, Raymond.
McGowen J,Lincoln.              Miller S J, Agnew.               Hurphy J J, Firth.
McKessen S W, Emerald.          Miller T, Hickman.               Mupthy J, Firth.
McLaughlln H, Lincoln.          Miller T C, Lincoln.             Murphy P, Firth.
McLean H, Corunse.              Miller W G, Lincoln.             Murphy W, Raymond.
McManaman M, Ceresco.           Miller W H, Firth.               Murray P, Cheney.
McManaman M, Davey.             Millington C R, Raymond.         Musseter J H, Bennett.
McMillan T, Hickman.            Mills M H, Waverly.              Musseter J, Roca.
McMillan W, Lincoln.            Mills W S, Lincoln.              Myer H J, Roca.
McMillan R G, Lincoln.          Minda A, Walton.                 Myer W H, Roca.
McPherson J, Bennett.           Minges J, Lincoln.               Myer J, Cheney.
McPherson M J, Princeton.       Minn R, Lincoln.                 Myer J, Davey.
McWhinney A, Emerald.           Mintling J B, Lincoln.           Myer J, Cheney.
Medows H C, Lincoln.            Mitchell F, Sprague.
Meons B Mrs, Lincoln.           Mitchell J, Hickman.
- N -
Naderhoff J, Emerrald.          Nelson P, Denton.                Nolan Jno, Lincoln.
Nahey H, Holland.               Nelson V, Walton.                Nolte F H, Bennett.
Nannen H, Cortland.             Nelson W, Bennet.                Nonn P, Cheney.
Nash C, Malcolm.                Nicheis H, Princeton.            Norcross W P, Firth.
Neal J, Crete.                  Niedenstein F, Lincoln.          Norelstrom Wm, Waverly.
Neal W, Lincoln.                Nieman G, Hickman.               Noren G R, Waverlyy.
Neathery N, Valparaiso.         Neiman H, Hickman.               Noren S, Waverly.
Nelson A K, Bennett.            Ninneman F, Malcolm.             Noren V, Waverly.
Nelson B, Waverly.              Nissley M, Raymond.              Norton J, Davey.
Nelson E, Denton.               Nitsel H, Malcolm.               Nunemaker H E, Malcolm.
Nelson F, Waverly.              Nobbman C, Malcolm.              Nutz C, Lincoln.
Nelson O, Bennett.              Nobbman H, Malcolm.              Nyres A, Panama.
Nelson O, Davey.                Nobbman F C, Malcolm.
Nelson O, Vallparaiso.          Nolan J, lincoln.
- O -
Obbemeyer H, Hickman.           Offer F, Hickman.                Olson N, Ceresco. 
Oberman O W, Cortland.          O'Halloran P, Prairie Home.      Olson O, Denton. 
Opermeir F, Sprague.            O'Keefe O, Ceresco.              Omear E, Saltillo. 
Obbink D J, Holland.            Oldemeyer G, Princeton.          Ortrhman H, Crete. 
O'Brien P, Princeton.           Oldemeyer H J, Princeton.        Ortman G jr, Firth. 
O'Connell J, Malcolm.           Oldemeyer J, Princeton.          Ortman G sr, Firth. 
O'Conner M, Davey.              Oldenburg J, Malcolm.            Osborn M, Lincoln. 
O'Donnell J, Davey.             Olney Wm, Denton.                Ossenkop H, Walton. 
Offer W, Hickman.               Olson E, Bennett.                Ostendorf H, Firth. 
Page 1159
Osterthum D, Kramer.            Ostran P, Bennett.               Outt W H, Lincoln.
Osterthum G D, Princeton.       Otterman A, Malcolm.             Owen J, Panama.
Osterthum J, Kramer.            Otto E, Malcolm.                 Oxley M S, Pleasant Dale
- P -
Page C, Lincoln.                Peterson A, Davey.               Plautz R, Malcolm.
Page E M, Lincoln.              Peterson A. Davey.               Plummer T A, Lincoln.
Palmer J E, Lincoln.            Peterson F, Waverly.             Polley H, Raymond.
Panzran J, Lincoln.             Peterson H, Bennett.             Pollinder J G, Pella.
Parker L C, Lincoln.            Peterson I, Davey.               Pomajzel M, Crete.
Parrott W, Lincoln.             Peterson P, Ceresco.             Poorbough J, Lincoln.
Paschold C, Firth.              Peterson R, Davey.               Porter A G, Lincoln.
Passmore I, Cheney.             Phelps L B, Agnew.               Porter C, Pleasant Dale.
Passwater S, Raymond.           Philipson N, Hickman.            Porter F M, Pleasant Dale.
Past E S, Lincoln.              Phillips A J, Lincoln.           Portschi G, Kramer.
Pattay Jno, Firth.              Phillips T, Crounse.             Post A, Denton.
Patterson J, Davey.             Phillips Wm, Bennett.            Post E, Waverly.
Patterson J, Denton.            Phores R, Cereso.                Post F, Kramer.
Patterson T H, Denton.          Picket W B, Pella.               Post J, Kramer.
Pattison R, Crete.              Pickle K, Pleasant Dale.         Post Jno, Crete.
Patton G, Firth.                Pickle R, Pleasant Dale.         Pottenger C, Malcolm.
Patton J, Firth.                Piening F, Bennett.              Powell B, Firth.
Patton W T, Firth.              Piening H, Bennett.              Prange D, Cortland.
Payne J L, Denton.              Pierce C W, Waverly.             Prange G, Holland.
Peapho C, Firth.                Pierce C, Bennett.               Prange W, Holland.
Peck J C, Lincoln.              Pierce S, Malcolm.               Preist F F, Lincoln.
Pembleton W W, Firth.           Pierce S, Woodlawn.              Preist W, Emerald.
Penn R Z, Waverly.              Pierson J, Bennett.              Prey D E. Roca.
Pennington J H, Walton.         Pierson J, Panama.               Prey G W, Roca.
Perrin J, Roca.                 Pillord G, Princeton.            Prey J W, Lincoln.
Pest J, Emerald.                Pinkley E W, Crounse.            Prey T R, Lincoln.
Peter A, Sprague.               Piper E T, Bennett.              Price T, Bennett.
Peter G, Princeton.             Pists Wm, Agnew.                 Priesner C, Kramer.
Peter J, Princeton.             Place S S, Raymond.              Prisner C, Kramer.
Peter S, Princeton.             Platt J, Cropsey.                Puffenburger J, Bennett.
Peterson A P, Davey             Platt J, Pella.                  Putnam W C, Lincoln.
- Q -
Quackenbush J, Woodlawn.        Quick J M, Emerald.              Quinn M, Lincoln.
Quay A L, Lincoln.              Quick Wm, Emerald.
- R -
Rabern R, Sprague.              Reis R, Crete.                   Robinson J, Lincoln.
Rambow L, Cortland.             Reitter G, Eagle.                Rocke J, Hickman.
Rambow W, Firth.                Reitz A, Waverly.                Rocke J, Princeton.
Ramsey J, Cheney.               Reitz D, Waverly.                Roddin J, Crete.
Randall B, Bennett.             Reitz J, Lincoln.                Rogers S, Bennett.
Randall L I, Lincoln.           Reitz J, Waverly.                Roggenkamp Wm, Bennett.
Randall L, Bennett.             Reitz S, Waverly.                Rohe Wm, Cortland.
Rap G, Holland.                 Remers J, Firth.                 Roherer C, Malcolm.
Rasmusson J, Bennett.           Remming K, Pella.                Roherer J, Malcolm.
Rasmusson L, Bennett.           Renken M, Crete.                 Rohman C, Lincoln.
Rasmusson N, Lincoln.           Renner A, Kramer.                Rohman F, Agnew.
Rasmusson R, Bennett.           Renschland F, Princeton.         Rohman P jr, Agnew.
Rathhouse J, Crete.             Repeke N, Hickman.               Rohman P, Agnew.
Ratsch W, Emerald.              Retzlaff C F, Walton.            Roland, G, Crete.
Raven R, Davey.                 Retzlaff F, Walton.              Rolfsmeyer Wm, Princeton.
Reckling F, Princeton.          Reynolds B, Saltillo.            Rooney F, Cheney.
Reddish A C, Lincoln.           Reynolds T, Saltillo.            Rooney J, Cheney.
Reddish A W, Lincoln.           Rheyer J, Agnew.                 Rooney W, Cheney.
Reed A J, Lincoln.              Rhudeen G, Davey.                Roost R, Ivanhoe.
Reed A Z, Saltillo.             Rice F, Crete.                   Rose H, Waverly.
Reed A, Lincoln.                Rice L, Denton.                  Rose L H, Waverly.
Reed D A, Pella.                Richmond P J, Walton.            Rose P, Waverly.
Reed D, Cropsey.                Rickord A L, Bennett.            Rosenfeldt C, Firth.
Reed J, Denton.                 Rickord E, Bennett.              Rosenfeldt H, Firth.
Reed J, Walton.                 Rickord F Mrs, Bennett.          Roskrow J R, Davey.
Reed J. Saltillo.               Rickord I F, Bennett.            Roskrow J R, Denton.
Reed R, Lincoln.                Rickord J P, Bennett.            Ross L, Waverly.
Reede J, Lincoln.               Riddill D, Raymond               Ross E W, Lincoln.
Reeder G L, Malcolm.            Riddle S, Waverley               Rothe F, Davey.
Reeder Geo, Malcolm.            Riddle W W, Raymond              Rouch J H, Roca.
Reeder H G, Malcolm.            Riethfers J, Cortland.           Rousch C, Firth.
Reeder Henry, Malcolm.          Rife E, Lincoln.                 Rowbothom P M, Malcolm.
Reeler H, Sprague.              Rife W E, Lincoln.               Royer A, Woodlawn.
Reeves H M, Malcolm.            Riggs G W, Ceresco.              Ruig C, Holland.
Rehner F, Agnew.                Riley W, Princeton.              Rump A, Agnew.
Rehner J, Agnew.                Ring J H, Cheney.                Runge H, Raymond.
Rehorst H, Princeton.           Rippen G, Cortland.              Russ J J, Hickman.
Reid A, Lincoln.                Rishel J, Pella.                 Rust W H, Waverly.
Reid W, Lincoln.                Ritter G, Saltillo.              Rutgers G, Pella.
Reider M, Denton.               Ritter J, Saltillo.              Rutherford N B, Sprague.
Reiley A, Lincoln.              Roberts W, Lincoln.              Rykert E W, Princeton.
Reimers J, Lincoln.             Robertson L, Davey.              Rymer G L, Lincoln.
Reimert L, Hickman.             Robertson R, Davey.              Rymer J M, Lincoln.
- S -
Sachleben H, Firth.             Sawyer G A, Davey.               Schlendeck T, Crete.
Safford H T, Lincoln.           Scearce H, Woodlawn.             Schlichtemier J, Kramer.
Sallenback H H, Lincoln.        Schell C, Denton.                Schmailzl C, Cortland.
Salter J I, Lincoln.            Schelling E F, Crete.            Schmale H H, Malcolm.
Sanders T, Emerald.             Schenk B, Hickman.               Schmale W H, Malcolm.
Sargent A P, Princeton.         Schernikon J, Kramer.
Sargent M W, Lincoln.           Schlechtmeir F, Olive Brch.
Page 1160
Sathon C, Princeton.            Shore C M, Waverly.              Spencer J A, Saltillo.
Schmale W, Emerald.             Shore O, Waverly.                Spencer J D, Emerald.
Schmiding A, Malcolm.           Shorriman H, Lincoln.            Spencer J, Hickman.
Schmiding F, Malcolm.           Short M, Lincoln.                Spencer T A, Hickman.
Schmiding W, Malcolm.           Shotwell W, Davey.               Spencer W, Sprague.
Schmidt C, Emerald.             Show N, Saltillo.                Spicer O, Lincoln.
Schmidt H, Lincoln.             Shultz A, Crete.                 Spitcine O, Denton.
Schmidt J, Bennett.             Shultz C, Lincoln.               Spouley J, Eagle.
Schmidt J, Emerald.             Sidders C, Bennett.              Spridel G, Lincoln.
Schmitt M, Malcolm.             Sidders W Bennett.               Springer C, Firth.
Schmitter J G, Agnew.           Sierk E, Malcolm.                Springer F B, Firth.
Schneider E, Cortland.          Sikes B T, Waverly               Stabley V, Hickman.
Schneider F, Cortland.          Silver H H, Cortland.            Stall A, Bennett.
Schneider W, Holland.           Simmons L A, Cortland.           Stall H A P, Bennett.
Schoenthall C, Bennett.         Simmons L, Saltillo.             Stall R N, Bennett.
Schrader C, Walton.             Sindelor F, Crete.               Standley V M, Ivanhoe.
Schrader F, Walton.             Sindelor J, Crete.               Stanley J, Walton.
Schrader J D, Saltillo.         Sipp A, Woodlawn.                Stanley W, Waverly.
Schreurs J, Firth.              Sisler E, Cheney.                States E Mrs, Agnew.
Schroeder F, Ivanhoe.           Sittler J A, Lincoln.            Staur A, Kramer.
Schroeder H, Malcolm.           Sittler J J, Lincoln.            Stearns B, Crounse.
Schroeder L, Sprague.           Skinner A W, Firth,              Steber A, Walton.
Schroeder V, Ivanhoe.           Skinner D A, Firth.              Steber G, Walton.
Schromer C, Sprague.            Skinner D A, Holland.            Steckman T, Cropsey.
Schult J, Princeton.            Skinner D H, Firth.              Steebe A J, Cort1and.
Schultz A, Crete.               Skinner D L, Lincoln.            Steffon B, Sprague.
Schultz F, Walton.              Slade C, Lincoln.                Stehlik N, Crete.
Schultz H, Cortland.            Slag W, Holland.                 Steiber F, Bennett.
Schultz H, Walton.              Slagonharf K, Lincoln.           Stein A, Roca.
Schultz Rev F H, Kramer.        Slalvin W, Walton.               Stein H, Woodlawn.
Schultz W J, Lincoln.           Slatterey S, Ceresco,            Stein M, Hickman.
Schultz W, Walton.              Slot J, Holland.                 Steiner M, Crete.
Schulze H F, Malcolm.           Slot K, Holland.                 Steinke C, Princeton.
Schusleman G, Holland.          Slowson E B, Denton.             Steinke D, Roca.
Schutte J, Hickman.             Slusher J, Hickman,              Steinke H, Hickman.
Schutter J F, Holland.          Smith A R, Saltillo.             Steir A, Crete.
Schwaninger M, Cortland.        Smith A, Waverly.                Stephenson J H, Walton.
Schwegman D, Ivanhoe.           Smith B T, Saltillo.             Stephenson J, Raymond.
Schweizner C, Woodlawn.         Smith E E, Lincoln,              Stielow T, Crete.
Schweizner F, Woodlawn.         Smith E, Crete.                  Stiepek F, Bennett.
Schwenke A, Sprague.            Smith E, Malcolm.                Stine J J, Roca.
Schwetger H, Roca.              Smith F, Wilber.                 Stinehouse T, Lincoln.
Scott A, Davey.                 Smith G, Lincoln.                Stinemyer W, Wilber.
Scott C, Bennett.               Smith H C, Lincoln.              Stodartt A, Raymond.
Scott E E, Raymond.             Smith H, Crete.                  Stolter C, Bennett.
Scott H W, Davey.               Smith H, Lincoln.                Stondom J, Holland.
Scott H, Waverly.               Smith H, Malcolm.                Stoops H J, Firth.
Scott I D, Holland.             Smith J M, Bennett.              Storr B, Lincoln.
Scott L Mrs, Bennett.           Smith J, Crete.                  Stout P D, Hyersville.
Seck J, Crete.                  Smith J, Crete.                  Stowers J H, Waverly.
Sedlaeck J, Wilber.             Smith J, Kramer.                 Stowers J, Waverly.
Segner M, Crete.                Smith J, Lincoln.                Strahh C H, Bennett.
Seick H jr, Crete.              Smith L C, Lincoln.              Stranburg P, Davey.
Seick H, Crete.                 Smith M, Lincoln.                Stratton A, Lincoln.
Seick L, Crete.                 Smith P, Lincoln.                Stratton T, Lincoln,
Seidell W G, Lincoln.           Smith P, Saltillo.               Stratton Z, Lincoln.
Seidell, J, Lincoln.            Smith V, Wilber.                 Strelow C, Crete.
Seigfried A, Pella.             Smith W, Bennett.                Strelow F, Crete.
Seigfried F, Pella.             Smith W, Bennett.                Stricker B, Bennett.
Seigrist W, Ceresco.            Smith W, Waverly.                Strounkman F, Cortland.
Self W, Bennett.                Sneddon A, Ivanhoe.              Strounkman L, Cortland.
Sells J, Lincoln.               Snyder C, Waverly.               Strueve H, Malcolm.
Settles W, Bennett.             Snyder E E Mrs, Waverly          Strufing H D, Crete.
Sevenne F C, Cortland.          Snyder J F, Emerald.             Studheit C, Sprague.
Severine A F, Cortland.         Snyder J, Waverly.               Studheit L, Sprague.
Severine C, Cortland.           Snyder N, Bennett.               Studheit W, Sprague.
Severine F C, Princeton.        Sonneman J, Roca.                Sturdevant H, Malcolm.
Severine J H, Cortland.         Sonneman John, Roca.             Sturdy G M, Cheney.
Sewell T, Lincoln.              Soucker F, Princeton.            Sturdy T S, Cheney.
Shafer J, Emerald.              Southwell G A, Lincoln.          Sturdy T, Cheney.
Shaffer G, Firth.               Spahnley M, Ivanhoe.             Sturgeon J, Lincoln.
Shaffer J, Firth.               Sparks D, Davey.                 Stutheil O, Sprague.
Shea J D, Lincoln.              Spath B, Malcolm.                Stuurop H, Pella.
Shea J, Walton.                 Spatz D, Bennett.                Suchohi C, Emerald.
Shea M, Ceresco.                Speitel M, Lincoln.              Sullivan A E, Malcolm.
Sheilds J, Lincoln.             Spellman F, Sprague.             Sullivan E F, Denton.
Sheldon H, Saltillo.            Spellman G, Firth.               Sullivan J P, Lincoln.
Shellabarger B M, Lincoln.      Spellman H C, Sprague.           Sullivan J R, Denton.
Shellabarger J J, Lincoln.      Spellman H H, Sprague.           Sullivan J U, Denton.
Shepherd V C D, Malcolm.        Spellman J, Kramer.              Sullivan J, Lincoln.
Sherry D, Princeton.            Spellman L, Kramer.              Sullivan M, Lincoln.
Shiff G, Ivanhoe.               Speltz C, Saltillo.              Sullivan P, Denton.
Shmuty H, Princeton.            Speltz J R, Lincoln.             Sullivan T F, Denton,
Shoemaker M, Hickman.           Speltz J, Hyersville.            Sumner A D, Lincoln.
Shone E, Denton.                Spencer I, Woodlawn.             Sutton W H, Lincoln.
Page 1161
Svancora J, Kramer.             SwIgger J H, Hickman             Sykes G, Firth.
Swanson C, Davey.               Swigger G W, Hickman             Sykes H, Firth.
Swanson S A, Davey              Swiggor M, Hickman               Sykes J, Firth.
Swanson S W, Denton.            Swiser H, Valparaiso.            Sykes J, Wilber.
Swerink M, Holland.             Swisher J H, Emerald.            Sykes L, Firth.
- T -
Tageman D, Firth.               Thomas P F, Lincoln.             Triska F, Raymond.
Tageman N, Firth.               Thompson J jr, Crounse.          Troas J, Lincoln.
Talbot P, Cheney.               Thompson J, Crounse.             Trohn W, Roca.
Talcott C F, Emerald.           Thompson J, Crounse.             Tronipen M J, Firth.
Tally D O, Cortland.            Thompson J, Raymond.             Trostle I, Firth.
Tate W, Saltillo.               Thompson T, Lincoln,             Trousil T, Crete.
Tavior J R, Davey.              Thompson W E, Lincoln.           Trover F, Lincoln,
Taylor J B, Bennett.            Tiger I J, Waverly.              Troy J, Emerald.
Teidman H, Princeton.           Tiger J, Waverly.                Troy J, Ivanhoe,
Teihlen John, Princeton.        Tilmon J, Valparaiso.            Truell D, Waverly.
Telhulzen A, Firth.             Tilton O R, Bennett.             Truell F A, Waverly.
Telhulzen J W, Firth.           Tilton S, Panama.                Trumble W H, Lincoln.
Temmermeir J, Cheney.           Tipling J, Raymond.              Trumble W, Lincoln.
Temple J S, Crete.              Tiser J, Crete.                  Tucker F, Bennett.
Tenhulzen A, Firth.             Tiser J, Kramer.                 Turner C C, Lincoln.
Tenhulzen G, Holland.           Titus C, Saltillo.               Turner R M, Malcolm.
Tenhulzen J W, Firth.           Toffenborger A, Bennett.         Turner T, Bennett.
Tensmeister F, Holland.         Tonder F, Prairie Home.          Turnquist M, Valparaiso.
Tesella H J, Firth.             Tonkinson J, Waverly.            Tuthill A T, Davey.
Tesella J H, Holland.           Top J, Holland.                  Tuthill R, Davey.
Teves F, Emerald.               Townsend H, Lincoln.             Tuttle D R, Lincoln.
Thatcher I C, Emerald.          Townson J, Prairie Home.         Tuttle D, Lincoln.
Thatcher W B, Raymond.          Tracy G H, Wilber.               Tuttle G G, Lincoln.
Theidman H, Hickman.            Tremain A M, Malcolm.            Tuttle G, Lincoln.
Theidman J H, Hickman.          Tremain M V, Malcolm.            Tuttle J C, Lincoln.
Theobald P, Hickman.            Tremain M, Malcolm.              Tuttle J, Lincoln.
Theobault J, Hickman.           Trickey L, Eagle.                Tweegman E, Pella.
Theonor E, Princeton.           Trimble A M, Lincoln.            Tynes, J B, Hyersville.
Thomas E, Emerald.              Trimble E P, Lincoln.
Thomas J, Davey.                Trimer F, Raymond.
- U -
Ulsh G, Firth.                  Uphoff M, Crete.                 Urwin W, Valparaiso.
Underwood B B, Bennett.
- V -
Vaii Eugen G, Holland.          Vanderkeek H, Holland.           Vermaas H, Princeton.
Van Deest C, Pella.             Vanderpool J H, Denton,          Vetiovee V, Wilber.
Van Dorn W T, Lincoln.          Vanderslice J, Cheney.           Vetter C, Crete.
Van Eugen G, Pella.             Vandevelde C, Hickman.           Vetter F, Crete.
Van Hensden G, Pella.           Vandevelde C, Holland.           Viberg A, Davey.
Van Holt J, Lincoln.            Vandevelde K, Holland.           Victor C, Davey.
Van Malenstein B, Pella.        Vaness L, Lincoln.               Viele J H, Waverly.
Van Wedge M, Pella.             Vanigen E, Firth.                Viele John, Waverly.
VanAsten G, Pella.              Vanigen J, Firth.                Viele W, Waverly.
VanCampier E, Ceresco.          Vannoy A, Waverly.               Vischer G, Holland.
VanChove R C, Lincoln.          Vannoy C, Waverly.               Vitrovic V, Kramer.
Vander Gorde G, Pella.          Vannoy W, Waverly,               Vix L, Cropsey.
Vanderbook A, Holland.          Varney A P, Bennett.             Vlasak J, Sprague.
VanderGriend M, Pella.          Veghte F, Raymond.               Von Busch H, Cortland.
Vanderkeek A J, Pella.          Vermaas A, Holland.              Vorhum A, Crete.
Vanderkeek G, Holland.          Vermaas C, Princeton.            Vrbsky V, Crete.
- W -
Wagemon F, Sprague.             Warren C, Firth.                 Wentlink D W, Princeton.
Waggoner H H, Wilber.           Watenkamp C, Ivanhoe.            Werger C jr, Sprague.
Wagner J, Firth.                Watson J, Lincoln.               Werger C, Sprague.
Wagner J, Lincoln.              Watson M, Lincoln.               Werger W, Sprague.
Wagner W J, Firth.              Waugh J W, Denton.               Wesferich F, Firth.
Wait E B, Waverly.              Weakley H S, Raymond.            Wessel A, Firth.
Wait E O, Prairie Home.         Weaver H, Lincoln.               Wessel C, Firth.
Wait E O, Waverly.              Webber M, Pella.                 Wessel C, Roca.
Walker F, Waverly.              Weber A Mrs. Firth.              Wessel H W, Roca.
Walker J D, Lincoln.            Weber F, Firth.                  Wessel W, Hickman.
Walker J, Lincoln.              Webster N F, Bennett.            Wessenburg K, Crete.
Walker P H, Waverly.            Wedel J, Lincoln.                Westcott J H, Malcolm.
Wallace J N, Lincoln,           Weese C, Lincoln.                Westcott J H, Woodlawn,
Wallace W, Lincoln.             Weese G, Lincoln.                Westcott M H, Malcolm.
Walsh J, Lincoln.               Weese R, Lincoln.                Westendorf H, Malcolm,
Walter D M, Waverly.            Wegman F, Lincoln.               Westfahl C, Malcolm.
Walter F, Davey.                Weidenberg E, Saltillo.          Westfahl J, Malcolm.
Walter F, Waverly.              Weilage C, Crete.                Westing E Rev, Pella.
Walter H, Firth.                Weilage H, Kramer.               Weston C D, Woodlawn.
Walton F, Lincoln.              Weilage M, Crete.                Weston C, Woodlawn.
Walton W, Lincoln.              Weiss J, Princeton.              Weston P E, Bennett.
Walvoord J, Holland.            Weller F, Raymond.               Wetenkamp A, Walton.
Walvoord W, Holland.            Weller W, Raymond.               Wetenkamp C, Ivanhoe.
Ward A W, Lincoln.              Wells C, Kramer.                 Wetenkamp J L, Walton.
Ward A, Emerald.                Wells G, Kramer.                 Weyout C. Malcolm.
Ward T, Woodlawn.               Wells G, Sprague.                Weyout W T, Malcolm.
Warne W, Bennett.               Wells J B, Sprague.              Wheeler B B, Bennett.
Warneke D, Hickman.             Wells T, Roca.                   Wheeler I L, Bennett.
Warner C H, Waverly.            Welsh W, Firth.                  Whilock S, Malcolm.
Warner H F, Roca.               Welsh, J H, Prairie Home.        White E, Valparaiso.
Warner J, Waverly.              Welton W, Ivanhoe.               Whitlock J, Bennett.
Warnhaltz M, Emerald.           Wenaleck J, Crete.               Whitmore J K, Emerald.
Warnholz D, Malcolm.            Wenderlin J, Crete.
Warnholz G, Emerald.            Wenderlin M, Crete.
Page 1162
Whittaker S G, Raymond.         Wilson E N, Raymond              Wisner H M, Lincoln.
Wiatt O T, Waverly.             Wilson E T, Denton.              Wissell F, Roca.
Wieperinch F, Hickman,          Wilson G R, Bennett              Wissink J, Holland.
Wier J, Valparaiso.             Wilson J M, Raymond.             Wissink M, Firth.
Wieskamp G, Holland.            Wilson J, Walton.                Wissink M, Holland.
Wilcox E, Woodlawn.             Wilson P C. Lincoln              Wittstruck C M, Firth.
Wilcox F, Woodlawn.             Wilson W H, Lincoln,             Wittstruck F G, Firth.
Wilcox J H, Davey.              Wilson W, Lincoln.               Wittstruck J H, Sprague.
Wilhelm S, Lincoln.             Wilson W, Sprague.               Wittstruck J, Sprague.
Wilkenson T J, Lincoln.         Wilterdinck W, Saltillo.         Wittstruck S, Firth.
Willard E, Lincoln.             Wimer C, Ceresco.                Wohlbrandt H, Roca.
Willes E E, Waverly.            Wimer J, Ceresco.                Wolfe J V, Lincoln.
Williams A, Lincoln.            Wimer P, Ceresco.                Wolfe L, Lincoln.
Williams D, Ivanhoe.            Winch F, Roca.                   Wonderlich S, Sprague.
Williams F, Crounse             Windelen K, Crete.               Wong L, Waverly.
Williams H, Waverly             Wineland G W, Walton.            Wood W, Hickman.
Williams J, Roca.               Wing W T, Agnew.                 Woods J D, Lincoln.
Willis J W, Lincoln.            Wingert J, Woodlawn.             Woods W Mrs, Bennett.
Willoughby T W, Lincoln.        Winkler A, Sprague               Worme M, Crete.
Wilson A G, Emerald.            Winkler P, Crete.                Worral I, Agnew.
Wilson A H, Walton.             Winnebough A, Cheney.            WroyT W, Lincoln.
Wilson A, Raymond               Winnebough H, Cheney.            Wubbles D, Holland.
Wilson C, Cropsey.              Winnebough W, Cheney.            Wurm M, Kramer.
Wilson E H, Emerald             Wintermute C, Firth.             Wysman F, Malcolm.
Wilson E H, Lincoln             Wismer O, Holland.
- Y -
Yank J, Lincoln.                Young E, Lincoln.                Young W, Firth.
Youg H, Hyersville.             Young G, Cortland.               Young W, Lincoln.
Young .J, Lincoln.              Young S, Walton.
Young A J, Firth.               Young T J, Lincoln.
- Z -
Zager H, Walton.                Zimmerman C, Sprague.            Zink H, Bennett.
Zeebyna J, Valparaiso.          Zimmerman H, Sprague.
Zilles J, Lincoln.              Zimmerman J, Sprague.            
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