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page 51

   Apex, a telegraph station on the C St. P. M. & O Ry. seven miles northeast of Norfolk.


page 66

   Battle Creek is in the northern part of Madison county, and has a population of 700 inhabitants. It is one of the most picturesque, prosperous and progressive communities, in the far-famed valley of the Elkhorn, on the line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. The streets are fringed with beautiful shade trees, and all the country around about is studded with mighty groves. The creek here furnishes remarkable motor force power and it already operates a roller flouring mill with a daily capacity of 50 barrels; also operates a creamery having a capacity of 2,00 pounds of butter per day. The two warehouses here now handle about 800,000 bushels of grain a year. This is a great live stock county, some 500 head of cattle and 1,00 hogs being exported from Battle Creek annually. The volume of business done during the last part aggregates about $500,000. The finances of the city are kept on an easy basis by two banks, The Farmers and Drovers Bank, established in 1882, the president and proprietor, R. H. Maxwell, bears a name that is well known in all this section of the county. The Battle Creek Valley Bank, capital $25,000, Herman Hogrefe, president, F. H. L. Willis vice-president, S. K. Warrick cashier, is a solid financial institution, having the confidence of the community at large. Mr. S., K. Warrick, cashier, is an expert in all the departments of banking, being conservative, always accommodating and popular with all who know him. These banks make a specialty of collections, a department in which they enjoy unusual facilities for accommodating the public. Almost every line of business is represented here, and the spirit of public improvement is eloquently instanced in the $8,000 brick school; also $5,000 German church, which has already lifted its handsome font to beautify the place. There are three schools, two halls for public amusement, two large private water works, one built at a cost of $2,500, the other $1,000. The Enterprise is an enterprising, newsy sheet, alert with the times. The religious organizations are the German Lutheran, Catholic and Baptist; also several secret organizations are represented here.

Baker L B, lumber and grain.
Barneke C H, wagon maker, agl implts.
Barnes W A, genl mdse.
Bates Wm, genl mdse.
Battle Creek Enterprise (weekly), R D Scott, prop.
Battle Creek Hotel, Joseph Martin prop.
Battle Creek Roller Mills, hall & Maxwell pro.
Battle Creek Valley Bank, capital $25,000, Herman Hogrefe pres,
     F H LWills vice-pres, S K Warrick cashier.
Breckler & Merz, hardware.
Claus Herman, showmaker.
Curas T L, postmaster.
Duger thos, genl mdse.
Farmers And Drovers Bank, capital $25,000, R H Maxwell pres,
     B Meyer cashier.
Flood Jennie Miss, millinery.
Gray George, livery.
Hall & Maxwell, props Battle Creek Roller Mills.
Hansen C E, blacksmith.
Headman C A, harnessmaker.
Hogrefe Herman, pres Battle Creek Valley Bank, real estate,
     loans, insurance and collections.
Hoover W E, painter.
Hurford G S & Co., drugs.
Inglesby P H, saloon.
Kaemmerer A Hugo, restaurant.
Klindt & Soll, saloon.
Knesel J S Mrs., millinery.
Lehr L F, sta, tel and ex agt.
Livingston C D, barber.
Maas Otto H, drugs.
Marsh N W, restaurant.
Martin Joseph, prop Battle Creek Hotel.
Maxwell R H, pres Farmers and Drovers Bank, real estate, loans,
     insurance and collections, justice of the peace.
Movers A G, meat market.
O'Neil P J, genl mdse.
Reavis & Carr, agl implts and blacksmiths.
Ross H R, photographer.
Scott R D, prop Battle Creek Enterprise.
Sharp Frank, genl mdse.
Tanner Edward, phys.
Taylor Bros, furniture.
Thomas Rufus, livery.
Walker John, livery.
Warrick S K, cashier Battle Creek Valley Bank.
Waters Adrian, barber.
Wellis F H L, vice-pres Battle Creek Valley Bank.
Young Wm, harness.
Zimmerman Geo, agl implts, justice.

page 88

   Blakely, a rural postoffice in the central part of Madison county, six miles south of Battle Creek.

Campbell Milton, justice.
Richardson Chas T, postmaster.

page 116

   Chloe, a rural postoffice in the southwestern part of Madison county, 16 miles from Madison, the county seat, and six miles north of Newman Grove, the nearest railway station.

Dahlsten Hans, postmaster.
Johnson Ole, blacksmith.

   Clarion, a postoffice in the central part of Madison county, eleven miles west of Madison, the county seat.

McCutcheon E, justice.
Riegle Amos F, postmaster, grocery.

page 152

   Emerick, a rural postoffice in the western part of Madison county, 19 miles from Madison, the county seat. Population, 20.

Grant J L, genl mdse, postmaster.
Nelson A N, justice.

page 210

   Hale is a postoffice in the central part of Madison county, 13 miles northwest from Madison, the county seat. It is on a stage line from Madison to Tilden.

page 242

   Kalamazoo, a postoffice in the southern part of Madison County, 10 miles from Madison, the seat of justice.

Emery E E , justice
Jenkins C D, postmaster
Poutchera J, Blacksmith
Sueper F, justice SIZE=1 WIDTH="25%" NOSHADE>

page 286

   Madison is on the Omaha and Republican Valley branch of the U. P. Ry; it is 129 miles from Omaha, 35 miles from Columbus and 15 from Norfolk. The population is l,500. The land around Madison is of the finest character and the scenery lovely. Cattle and hogs are the principal producton, while fruit growing is followed largely. The city is becoming a summer resort. The court house at once attracts the eye of the visitor, being built on an elevated spot and being a handsome structure. There is an excellent mill here with all the latest roller mill machinery; the mill is run by water power. A creamery has been established having a capacity of 1,500 pounds of butter a day. The Madison County Reporter and the Chronicle, both enterprising, and having good circulation, are the representatives of the press. The North Nebraska Normal College is located here, occupying a building that cost $10,000. The schools are good and the attendance is large, the teachers of being first class ability. The churches are Methodist, Catholic and Evangelical. A new hotel, the Prince, is about 100 feet front and 80 feet deep, to contain 50 rooms and to be fitted upwith the latest improvements. A new opera house 44 X 80 feet diminsions, is also to be erected shortly.

Adams Joseph, carpenter.
Allen, Robinson & Reed, attys.
Altschuler C, bakery, confectionary.
Arnett S J, drugs.
Barnes F W, real estate.
Barnes & Jones, groceries.
Bauch Phil, genl mdse.
Belle Isle B O, genl mdse.
Belling C L, merchant tailor.
Bittner Bros, live stock.
Bley L F, prop Union Roller Mills.
Brinckmann F, drugs.
Brinckmann P, photographer.
Cady W H, mgr Chicago Lumber Co.
Campbell S O, atty.
Carter Mary L Miss, millinery.
Chicago Lumber Company, W Cady mgr. lumber and coal.
Chittenden Ira P, blacksmith.
Clark P A, agl implts, seeds.
Clausen Henry, pumps, windmills.
Cole S H, painter.
Cramer F E, carpenter, contractor.
Curtis James, ins.
Davis George, groceries, etc.
Dodge Louis, notions.
Dornblazer Ben, auctioneer.
Duncan J F, cigar mfr.
Duncan W E, editor and prop Madison County Reporter.
Earl John, live stock.
Elley, Walter C, livery.
Fink W D, sta, tel and ex agt.
First National Bank, capital $50,000 A W Wohlford pres,
     F W Barnes vice-pres, Peter Rubendall cashier.
Fricke & Co, props Madison Creamery.
Himbaugh & Merriman, W L Wells mgr, grain, agl implts.
Hutchison W F, phys.
Irwin Wm, carpenter.
Jacobs Edward, boots, shoes.
Jones Norval, meat market.
Kaul C F, brick mfr.
Kaul F H, harnessmaker.
Knowles A D, jeweler.
Long F A, phys.
Losey G W, livery.
Lynch E Mrs, dressmaking.
McBride Willis, abstracts of title, real estate, loans, justice of the peace.
Mackey J H, phys.
Madison Building & Loan Association, John S Crue sec.
Madison Chronicle, Carl T Seely editor and prop.
Madison County Reporter, W E Duncan editor and prop.
Madison Creamery, Harding & Co. props.
Madison Hotel, A Spence prop.
Maguiness Jas A, painter.
Matone & Malony, real estate, loans, official abstracts.
Malony J M, harness.
Martin F M, veterinary surgeon.
Martin Joe, live stock.
Mathews J F, groceries.
Morris J K, dentist.
Moyer M J, county judge.
Mueller C, blacksmith, wagonmaker.
Nebraska Telephone Exchange, A D Knowles, mgr.
Nimmert D L, blacksmith.
North Nebraska Normal College, W A Whitwam principal.
Oberg P, pumps, windmills.
O'shea Thomas, feed stable.
O'shea Thomas & Co, real estate.
Parkinson Wm, hardware.
Payne John, live stock.
Plass C E, bakery.
Plouzak Frank, blacksmith.
Prince E F, pianos, organs.
Prince Frank, prop Prince House.
Prince House, Frank Price prop.
Rathbun Chas, billards.
Rhubendall A, drugs.
Robertson W M, atty.
Rolf Peter, saloon.
Schwank Christ, meat market.
Scott M C, books, stationery.
Seely Carl T, editor and prop Madison Chronicle.
Sheibel Robert, wagonmaker.
Sims E W, agl implts, justice.
Skala W, tailor.
Spence A, prop Madison Hotel.
Stanton Co, breeding ranch, E C Dimmock supt, stock breeders.
Stevenson Geo, barber.
Stevenson Geo Mrs, millinery.
Stewart M L, postmaster.
Stibley Joe, live stock.
Stuart James, banker, Jno S Crue cashier.
Stuarts Opera House, James Stuart prop.
Taylor & Smith, furniture, undertakers.
Thatch & Stuart, real estate, loans.
Thomas J R, genl mdse.
Thomas & Smith, genl mdse.
Tyrrel A C, apiarist.
Underberg Otto, livery.
Union Roller Mills, L G Bley prop.
Union Valley Bank, H E Wood pres, J E Douglas cashier.
Wagner Charles, barber.
Wahl G, restaurant.
Whitwam E A, principal North Nebraska Normal College.
Wilber G C, physician.
Windhorst M, dentist.
Windhorst O G, clothing.
Wohlford A W, real estate and ins.
Wolfe F W, genl mdse.
Wood, Bancroft & Mortimer, prop Omaha ranch, stock breeders.
Wood H E, sale stable, notary.
Zessin Charles, saloon
Ziegler Joseph, shoemaker.

page 291

   Meadow Grove is located in the extreme northwestern part of Madison county, 16 miles west of Norfolk on the main line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. Population 150.

Ames C C, harnessmaker.
Beech J J, hardware.
Church & Mills, agl implts, blacksmith.
Harney R G, genl mdse.
Hopkins W H, genl mdse.
Lewis, P V, flour mill.
Rouse G B, blacksmith.
Scofield A E, phys.
Shafeer T A, genl mdse.
Forry Wm, sta agt.
White J, postmaster.
Cook F C, drugs.

pages 311-312

   Newman Grove, a flourishing village on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the southwestern part of Madison county, 18 miles from Madison, the county seat. It is surrounded by a number of beautiful groves, and is in the midst of one of the largest and gext grain and live stock producing sections of Nebraska. Newman Grove at present has a population of 500, but is rapidly increasing owing to its fine location and surroundings. Water power for a roller mill is supplied by Shell creek. A splendid school building has recently been erected at a cost of $3,000. The Newman Grove State Bank, the local monetary institution, has a paid up capital of $30,000. Wm T. Searles formerly county judge of this county is president. Chr. Shavlik is cashier. This bank is well conducted and has the confidence of the entire community. It occupies a new brick building recently erected expressly for this bank. The Arcade Hotel is the only hostelry and is well conducted. The New Era is the only newspaper published here, H. R. Ellsworth editor. The churches are Methodist Episcopla, Norwegian Evangelical, Lutheran and Norwegian Lutheran. A Post of the G. A. R. is the only civic society represented here.

Anderson A J, blacksmith and wagonmaker
Arcade Hotel, T Smith jr prop.
Barrett F A, well borer.
Cargen Wm, phys.
Dimock G C, flour, feed roller mill.
Dobson & Knudson, billiards.
Dopson Geo, auctioneer.
Ellsworth H R, editor and prop The New Era.
Engelka Joseph, blacksmith.
From & Christensen, furniture, shoes, etc.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, R A McDonald agt, lumber, grain, coal and live stock.
Gillett W S, phys.
Gunther Bros & Co, genl mdse.
Gutru Levi, live stock, breeder throughbred horses.
Hoffman Mary B Mrs, postmistress.
Jackson E Miss, millinery, dressmaking.
Johnson A C, meat market.
Kaul Charles F, brick mfr.
Kelly H D, atty.
Krogh C C, genl mdse.
Larson Theodore, shoemaker.
Linderholm & Olson, millinery and dressmaking.
Lyon C W, carpenter.
Nelson John A, genl mdse.
New Era (The) H R Ellsworth prop.
Newlove Thomas, restaurant.
Newman Grove Imp Society, Thos Ostergard pres, Chr Schavland sec,
     G W Randall treas, bldg and loan assn.
Newman Grove State Bank, authorized capital $50,000 capital paid in
     $30,000, Wm T Searles pres, Chr Shavland, cashier. (See adv top of page).
O'Brien & Turner, saloon.

Olson Bros, livery.
Olson Ole, justice.
Olson Thorstein photographer.
Oppen B, basket and willow chair mfr.
Ostergard Thos & Co, grain elevator, lumber, coal.
Paasch Henry J, genl mdse.
Prine & O'Shea, real estate, loans, ins
Prine W T, justice
Randall Bros, hardware, agl implts.
Rodman Alonzo, carpenter.
Saare H & Smith, genl mdse.
Schavland Chr, steamship agt, notary, cashier Newman Grove State Bank.
Searles & Ellsworth, attys, notaries, real estate and collections.
Sears W J, sta, tel and ex agt.
Searles Wm T (Searles & Ellsworth), atty, pres Newman Grove
     State Bank. (See adv page 311.)
Smith G H, jewelry confectionery.
Smith Thos jr, prop Arcade Hotel.
Thosteson & Turner, harnessmakers
Wilson S T, barber.
Young Lew, drugs.

pages 314-317

   Norfolk is situated in the northeastern part of Madison county, 15 miles north of Madison, the county seat, and about 115 miles northwest of Omaha, at the forks of the Elkhorn river, which gives a united water power to the city sufficient for all manufacturing purposes. Several important railways center here. It is on the main line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., at its junction of the Columbus and Norfolk branch of the U. P. Ry.,with the C. St. P. & O. Ry. The country around Norfolk forms a combination of beautiful scenery and utilized fertility. The climate is healthful and invigorating. The chief products are corn, cattle and swine; flax is also grown to some extent. The water power from the Elkhorn river operates a flouring mill, which does an extensive business by the patent roller process, and also a planing mill. The city has seven churches and four school buildings and is just beginning the fifth, a large $25,000 High School building. It has an electric light plant worth $20,000, with a capacity of 30 arc lights and 600 16-candle incandescent lights. Also a system of water works that affords an ample supply for all demands; street cars and telephone, two creameries, one foundry and various other occupations. The state has here established an asylum for the insane, and erected several buildings suitable for the purpose of the institution at a cost of $167,000. Dr. G. W. Wilkinson is in charge. The Citizens national Bank with a capital of $50,000, the Norfolk National Bank, capital $100,000, and the Norfolk State Bank, capital $50,000, are monetary institutions of the highest class. There are two good hotels. The newspapers published here are the Norfolk News, daily and weekly, and the Journal, Herald and the Anzeiger, weekly. The churches are Episcopal, Methodist, Congregational, Lutheran, Catholic, and Baptist. The societies are I. O. O. F., A. F. and A. M., R. A. M., G. A. R., K. of P., M. W. of A., I. O. G. T., K. of A. and B. of B. Estimated population, 5,000.

City Officers, Mayor -- Herman Gerecke
Clerk -- Wm. Gerecke
Treasurer -- C. A. Mast
Attorney -- M. D. Tyler
Judge -- Daniel Desmond
Fire Chief -- C. E. Doughty 

Ahlmann Bertha Mrs, midwife.
Allen E B, insurance.
Arnholf Fred, notions.
Asmus Carl, groceries.
Atherton etta Mrs, dressmaker.
Atlantic Hotel, C H Carman prop.
Barnes J B, (Barnes & Taylor)
Barnes & Taylor, attorneys at law.
Batte & Hardy, livery, sale, feed.
Baum Bros, dry goods, clothing.
Bear A, phys.
Beels Geo. N, real-estate, attorney at law and justice of the peace.
Berner Wm G, cigar mfr.
Berry John L, confectionery.
Birchard, Bridge & Co, props Norfolk Roller Mills.
Bridge Chas S, vice-pres Citizens National Bank.
Brueggemann H, agl implts, justice.
Brummund Herman, pub Norfolk Anzeiger.
Bryant F A, phys, drugs.
Buckel Otto, blacksmith.
Bucholz W H, cashier Norfolk National Bank.
Buhholz & Reckard, second-hand goods.
Campbell F A, boots and shoes.
Carman C H, prop Atlantic Hotel and livery.
Chesney E Mrs, millinery.
Chicago Lumber Co, M J Garcelon mgr.
Church C B, barber.
Citizens National Bank, capital $50,000, C A Mast pres, Chas S Bridge,
     Vice-pres, Geo L Iles cashier.
Claflin & Parks, prop Norfolk Herald.
Collamer J M, hardware, groceries.
Cole H J, dentist.
Colvert A S, confectionery.
Cooper J L, confectionery.
Correvon George, breeder poultry.
Daniels D Rush, drugs.
Dart J S, sec Elkhorn Building and Savings Assn.
Dean & Co, painters.
Degner Albert, hardware.
Depot Hotel, Rome, Miller & Co, props.
Dexter W H, prop Norfolk Steam Laundry.
Donohue P J, sta agt U. P. Ry.
Dudley George, livery.
Durland J, millinery.
Durland Trust Co, A J, Durland pres, C B Durland vice-pres, D W Durland
     Sec, C B Burrow treas.
Dwyer Wilson, carriage painter.
Eble C, saloon.
Edwards & McCulloch, lumber, W A Emery agt.
Eisley C F, hardware.
Elkhorn Building and Savings Assn, J S Dart, sec.
Elkhorn Valley Hotel, C Illgen prop.
Elkhorn Valley Investment Co, capital $50,000, W W Marple pres, W C
     Sutpehn vice-pres, Geo P Moore sec and mgr.
Enderly W A, meat market.
Farmers Loan and trust Co., capital $300,000 J E Simpson mgr.
Flynn J W, saloon.
Foster Walter, prop Norfolk marble and Granite Works.
Freythaler John, confectionery.
Fuesler S, confectionery.
Gerecke & Braasch, coal.
Gerecke Hermann, brick mfr.
Gerecke Wm, abstract of titles.
Goodrich H. groceries.
Grant Sarah A Mrs, restaurant.
Gunwald F H, shoemaker.
Hagey W H II, phys.
Harrison Scott, livery.
Hayden Bros, genl mdse.
Hayes C S, jewelry.
Hays John R (Holmes & Hays)
Hazen Miner C, stenographer.
Herman John, carpenter.
Hight Jesse L, flour and feed.
Higley J M, barber.
Hills N, real estate.
Hoefs Herman, shoemaker.
Holmes D A, (Holmes & Hays).
Holmes & Hays, attorneys at law.
Holmes Will E, stenographer.
Hoober E Mrs, confectionery.
Hoover John E, barber.
Hotel Reno, L J. Reno, prop.
Hull Frank L, prop The Pacific.
Huse Publishing Co (The), W. A. Huse sec and treas, pubs daily and
     weekly Norfolk News.
Iles George L, cashier Citizens National Bank.
Illgen Charles, prop Elkhorn Valley Hotel.
Inskeep M L Mrs, millinery.
Johnson Charles H, furniture.
Johnson Dry Goods Co, W H Johnson mgr.
Jonas W B, groceries.
Kail T B, boots and shoes.
Karo August, meat market.
Karo & Burgess, notions.
Karo Richard, meat market
Kelleen Wm, restaurant.
Kenyon E B, groceries.
Klug Henry, wagonmaker.
Koehne Frank, merchant tailor.
Koenigstein J, drugs.
Kohout W, cigar mfr.
Kraner Daniel, saloon.
Kuhl & Linderman, clothings, etc.
Latimer Geo A, country surveyor.
Laubsch Carl, tinsmith.
Lawson M E Mrs, dressmaker.
Leavitt Wm, pub Norfolk Journal.
Leonard Asa K, drugs.
Licey John O, (Mapes & Licey), notary public.
Lierman C F, wagon maker.
Lockwood N A, prop Norfolk foundry & Mfg. Co.
Lowe W H, real estate.
McBride Horace, real estate.
McClary & Co, groceries.
McClary J S, vice-pres, Norfolk National Bank.
McComb & Rilley, saloon.
Machmuller & Klentz, saloon.
Macomber A L, phys.
Macy & Doughty, photographers.
Madson C, tailor.
Mapes Burt (Mapes & Licey), county atty.
Mapes & Licey, attorneys at law.
Marple W W & Co, clothing.
Marquardt C F, jeweler.
Mast C A, pres Csitizens National Bank.
Matrau N C, sta agt F E & M V R R.
Maxfield Bros, blacksmiths.
Maxfield H D, blacksmith.
Mayer Morris, dry goods.
Miller, Rome & Co, real estate.
Mittelstadt Louis C, lumber.
Moldenhauer A, boots and shoes.
Moon L L, musical mdse.
Moore Eugene, official stenographer.
Moore O S, drugs.
Morrison A, architect.
Morton Edward, livery.
Nelson & Bradley, drugs, groceries.
Norfolk Anzeiger, H. Brummund pub.
Norfolk Brick & Tile Co, mfr of brick.
Norfolk Building & Loan Assn, H Gerecke pres, H A Pasewalk vice-pres,
     C A Mast treas, A J Durland sec.
Norfolk Butter & Cheese Assn, B W Jonas sec and mgr.
Norfolk Creamery, Storye & Brooks, props.
Norfolk Electric Light & Power Co, T E Odiorne pres.
Norfolk Foundry & Mfg. Co, N A Lockwood prop.
Norfolk Hack Line, G W Box prop.
Norfolk Herald, Claflin & Parks props.
Norfolk Hospital for the Insane, Dr. G W Wilkinson in charge.
Norfolk House, Mrs. F Wegener prop.
Norfolk Journal, M Leavitt pub.
Norfolk Land Co, G N Beels mgr.
Norfolk Marble & Granite Works, Walter Foster pro.
Norfolk National Bank, capital $100,000, N A Rainbolt pres, J S
McClary vice-pres, W H Bucholz cashier.
Norfolk News (daily and weekly), The Huse Pub co, pubs.
Norfolk Roller Mills, Birchard, Bridge & Co, props.
Norfolk State Bank, C B Burrows pres, Jno Koenigstein vice-pres, R A
     Stewart cashier.
Norfolk Steam Laundry, W H Dexter, prop.
Osten L J, mercahnt tailor.
Osterling John, harness.
Overholser S H, boots and shoes.
Pacific (The), Frank L Hull, prop.
Pasewalk H A, agl implts.
Peck W H, real estate and ins.
Pierce John L, real estate, loans.
Pierce Jno L & Co, ins.
Pilger & Schwenk, real estate.
Pribenow A, blacksmith.
Pritchard & Kethledge, dry goods and notions.
Rainbolt N A, pres Norfolk National Bank.
Rambe L L, plumber.
Reno L J, prop Hotel Reno.
Reynolds H J, saloon.
Richards C B, phys.
Rouse C E, barber.
Rudats Charles, agl implts.
Salter P H, phys.
Schafer Mat, meat market.
Schelley Fred, saloon and bottling works.
Schoregge E J, bakery.
Schwertfeger Ernst, saloon.
Seller G R, livery.
Semmler Henry, meat market.
Sessions Louis, undertaker.
Snouffer & Priest, horseshoers.
Stannard A M, marble works.
Stark John, barber.
Stein Albert T, wagonmaker.
Stewart S A, flour and feed.
Stitts J C, architect.
Storey & Brooks, props Norfolk Creamery, produce.
Sturgeon J D, Singer Sewing machines
Tashjean A B, phys.
Teal H E, furniture.
Thayer Charles, cigar mfr.
Thompson G M, groceries.
Tillenburg H, wholesale wines and liquors.
Tillotson & Thompson, photographers.
Tracey E H & Co, books, stationery.
Tracey T H, architect.
Tyler M D (Barnes & Tyler).
Uhle Oscar, grocer.
Van Horn Isaac, real estate.
Walter B C, blacksmith.
Weatherby E P, atty.
Wegener F Mrs., Norfolk House.
Wells Fargo & Co Express, C B Holahan agt.
Wessel & Iseman, dry goods.
Western Union Telegraph Co, M Yump mgr.
Wetter A T, groceries.
Wetzel Ludwig, gunsmith.
Wheaton Thos, planing mill.
Widaman & Washburn, real estate.
Widaman W H, postmaster.
Wigion & Whitman, attys.
Wilde Albert, saloon.
Wiley Hardware Co, hardware and stoves.
Winter H W, harness.
Wyman D F, lumber.

page 539

   Warnerville, a town of 100 inhabitants in the east central part of Madison county on the O. N. & B. H. branch of the U. P. Ry. nine miles north of Madison, the judicial seat. There is a good hotel, a school building costing $2,000 and a Presbyterian and Christian church.

McCullough M A, agl implts.
Mix G T, blacksmith.
Morris M R, sta agt, postmster.
Warner E C, justice
Warner H C & sons, genl mdse.

page 540

   Warren, a postoffice in the extreme northwestern part of Madison county, 30 miles from Madison, the county seat, and five miles from Tilden the nearest railway station, on the main line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R.

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