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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Nuckolls County
Nelson -- County Seat

Transcribed by Leona L. Gustafson, September 1999
Transcriber's Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the letter or word was difficult or impossible to read in the copy.



~ A ~

Ackerman Howard, Nora            Aden J R, Oak                    Anderson F E, Davenport
Adams Celestia, Oak              Adrian G W, Nelson               Anderson Jens, Ruskin
Adams C W, Ruskin                Allen Jas M, Oak                 Anderson J G, Lawrence
Adams David, Oak                 Allen J H, Hardy                 Anderson Marlon, Nelson
Adams John, Bostwick             Allen J L, Davenport             Anderson Nels, Ruskin
Adams J B, Nora                  Allen J M, Bostwick              Anderson Nils G, Davenport
Adams Jos m., Bostwick           Allen Job, Oak                   Applegarth D A, Oak
Adams S C, Nora                  Allen Taylor, Oak                Archer J M, Nelson
Adamson Geo W, Nora              Allen W A, Bostwick              Archer L B, Nelson
Adamson J A, Oak                 Allgood C D, Lawrence            Arnold A, Nelson
Adamson M A, Angus               Allison J G, Superior            Atkison Ruth, Nelson
Adamson M J, Angus               Almon Wm A, Davenport            Austin Robt, Nelson
Adamson Wm H, Angus              Alders Henry, Davenport          Ayers O, Bostwick
Adden John, Ruskin               Anderson A C, Ruskin             Ayers & Son, Nora.
~ B ~
Baar Mike, Superior              Berkley M C, Ruskin              Brandenberg R K, Lawrence
Bailey Frank, Bostwick           Berntson M, Ruskin               Branstitre* J, Edgar
Bailey H A, Bostwick             Berrier G G, Angus.              Brant A B, Superior
Bailey James, Superior           Berrier W D, Angus               Brawner F S, Edgar
Baird R M, Bostwick              Betcher Sam, Angus               Brehm Frank, Oak
Baird S C, Bostwick              Bethel Palmyra, Nelson           Brendenberg V, Deweese
Baker Elmer, Oal                 Beyer Jas, Lawrence              Brenfoerder Wm, Deweese
Baker E M, Oak                   Bickford John, Nelson            Brinjer G, Ruskin
Baker O, Oak                     Bickford N H, Nelson             Brinkerhoff L, Lawrence
Baker R D, Davenport             Bills Geo, Nelson                Brittain J T, Superior
Baker W P, Nelson                Billups Cyrus, Ruskin            Britten Hu, Nora
Baldwin Lee, Ruskin              Bing N H, Angus                  Britton S E, Nelson
Bales A, Nora                    Binning John, Ruskin             Britts V P, Oak
Balster Wm, Lawrence             Bishop Andrew, Bostwick          Brock Chas, Edgar
Bangert Carl, Lawrence           Bithel L T, Nelson               Brock Elizabeth, Edgar
Banker L C, Angus                Black Frank, Nelson              Brock Wm, Edgar
Banne Henry, Lawrence            Blackwood Robt, Nelson           Brockman B J, Lawrence
Barber Almond, Bostwick.         Blackwood W J, Nelson            Brockman H, Lawrence
Barber Geo H, Oak                Blau Carl, Lawrence              Brockman, J, Lawrence
Barber Hubert, Bostwick          Blodgett C E, Nora               Brockman M E, Lawrence
Barber M J, Davenport            Blodgett R C Mrs. Nora           Brodstone M E Mrs, Superior
Barbour Jas, Nora                Blosh Chas E, Oak                Brookhast H C, Nelson
Bare Joel, Davenport             Bobst Ben, Oak                   Brookhast W D, Nelson
Barfknecht Wm, Nelson            Bohling H, Davenport             Brooks L H, Angus
Bargenholt J W, Deweese          Bohnar Jas, Lawrence             Brooks D W, Angus
Barker James, Nora               Bohner Christ, Davenport         Brooks E R, Angus
Barnebee S H, Superior           Bolibaugh W, Nelson              Brooks J D, Deweese
Barnes B W, Nelson               Boll S E, Nelson                 Brooks O M, Angus
Barnes Geo, Edgar                Bolte Alzela, Lawrence           Brown A D, Edgar
Barnes Harry, Edgar              Bolte Stephen, Lawrence          Brown Annie, Nelson
Barnes L J, Edgar                Bolton M, Ruskin                 Brown B D, Nelson
Barnes Wm, Lawrence              Bolty John, Ruskin               Brown Frank, Ruskin
Barnett J M, Ruskin              Bone Jas H, Davenport            Brown H H, Oak
Barnhart T D, Edgar              Bonin Wm, Oak                    Brown J F, Nora
Barnhill J J, Hardy              Boothley Thos, Ruskin            Brown John, Nora
Barnhill W M, Hardy              Borgenholdt G W, Nelson          Brown S G, Nelson
Barrett F R, Oak                 Borsoli Chris, Nora              Brown S S, Nelson
Barett W M, Hardy                Borwege N H, Edgar               Bruce John, Superior
Barritt J E, Lawrence            Boserman Ed, Superior            Bryan Arthur, Bostwick
Barrnett L A, Oak                Boss J E, Hardy                  Bryant T D, Nelson
Barrnett Miles, Oak              Boss S R, Hardy                  Bryson J H, Ruskin
Barrows Daniel, Davenport        Bostelman D, Hardy               Bryson O P, Superior
Barrows M E, Davenport           Bostner H J, Nelson              Bubalt E, Nelson
Barry Jas, Oak                   Bottom E S, Smyrna               Bucholz Edward, Angus
Bateman J C, Nora                Bottom H S, Smyrna               Buck Jos, Ruskin
Bates James, Nora                Bottom J C, Oak                  Buck Wm, Oak
Bauers Eli, Superior             Bottom R C, Oak                  Buckley Chas, Superior
Beach T T, Nora                  Bour Chris, Davenport            Buescher Barney, Lawrence
Beadley W, Nelson                Bowdish Wm, Hardy                Buescher Henry, Lawrence
Beal L N, Superior               Bowers C O, Nelson               Buescher J G, Lawrence
Beal Lue, Superior               Bowers F J, Lawrence             Buescher Joseph, Lawrence
Beam G, Davenport                Bowers M H, Nelson               Burd B H, Nelson
Beam M, Davenport                Bowers W D, Hardy                Burd DW, Nelson
Bean C S, Davenport              Bowes Chas, Nelson               Burd J M, Nelson
Bean F W, Davenportl             Bowes J D, Nelson                Burker J C, Ruskin
Beckler Geo, Ruskin              Bowes John, Nelson               Burnette Lafe, Bostwick
Beckwith Benj, Bostwick          Bowman A H, Lawrence             Burnham C M, Nelson
Beckwith Lee, Bostwick           Bowman & Christey, Lawrence      Burns Fred, Hardy
Beem E, Hardy                    Bowman F C, Nelson               Burns F W, Hardy
Beem J R, Nelson                 Bowman J E, Nelson.              Burns G H, Oak
Beeman M N, Superior             Bowman John, Angus.              Burns Henry, Hardy
Bencken Clem, Lawrence           Bowman & Lyons, Lawrence         Burns Jas A, Oak
Bencken John, Lawrence           Boyd James, Nelson               Burns J D, Oak
Bending Grant, Oak               Bozath J R, Ruskin               Burton D L, Deweese
Benning Aug, Davenport           Bradford Frank, Nora             Burton J, Nelson
Benson J H, Superior             Bradford J M, Hardy              Burton J M, Deweese
Benson Sam, Superior             Brady B F, Nora                  Burton S P, Nelson
Bentler Henry, Lawrence          Bradley B F, Davenport           Bussey J M, Hardy
Beover J W, Hardy                Bradley W G, Nelson              Butler Joe, Superior
Berg Peter, Hardy                Brainard B H, Oak                Butler Parvin, Superior
Berket Peter, Angus              Brainard & Johnston, Oak         Butt Ambrose, Davenport
Berkley & Beachley, Ruskin       Brainard R A, Ruskin             Byerly J M, Nelson.
~ C ~
Cain J A, Superior               Clapman M, Nelson                Comstock Paul, Oak
Calain Joe, Superior             Clark A C, Nelson                Conant A J, Nelson
Calder J D, Hardy                Clark A P, Edgar                 Conant P, Nelson
Caldwell Geo, Ruskin             Clark Hiram, Nora                Connelly J H, Lawrence
Caldwell S T, Edgar              Clark H P, Deweese               Conner N, Mt Clare
Caley Geo, Oak                   Clark John*, Nelson              Conners N, Mt Clare
Cambell J A, Hardy               Clark J M, Superior              Conrad Jos, Mt Clare
Campbell E J, Edgar              Clark M M, Lawrence              Conyers Jno, Bostwick
Campbell G H, Nora               Clark N A, Superior              Cooell H L, Nora
Campbell Isaac, Superior         Clark Sam, Superior              Cook J D, Deweese
Campbell J F, Nelson             Clark W F, Nelson                Cope F B, Lawrence
Campbell J S jr, Oak             Clarke J F, Mt Clare             Cope W D, Mt.Clare
Campbell J S sr, Oak             Clarke J W, Mt Clare             Coppick S J, Superior
Campbell Scott, Oak              Cleaveland Sam, Edgar            Corman B F, Nelson
Candall P M, Nelson              Clements W E, Superior           Corman John, Oak
Canell Jas, Ruskin               Cline G W, Nelson                Coster G A, Superior
Cannon T B, Nora                 Cloud J C, Hardy                 Coster James, Superior
Carlson E S, Nelson              Cloud Sol, Nelson                Courtney H, Oak
Carlson J C, Oak                 Cloud W H, Nelson                Cramer S A Mrs, Hardy
Carlson Joe, Oak                 Cochran Alex, Nora               Crandell G W, Angus
Carnogey Martha, Lawrence        Cochran H, Ruskin                Crandell H S, Nora
Carpenter E, Superior            Cochran P, Lawrence              Crandell J M, Nelson
Carr F M, Hardy                  Cochran R W, Lawrence            Crandell O A, Nora
Carr Frank, Hardy                Cochran Saml, Ruskin             Crandell R J, Oak
Carr Julia, Hardy                Coder Ed, Nelson                 Cravens F, Ruskin
Carr Wm, Hardy                   Cody H L, Nelson                 Cravens Wm, Ruskin
Carroll Bailey, Edgar            Cody P H, Lawrence               Crawford J, Deweese
Carroll Jas, Lawrence            Colburn A, Ruskin                Crawford J M, Deweese
Carroll Sam, Lawrence            Cole T B, Lawrence               Crawford & Hutchinson, Ruskin
Carter O J, Nelson               Coleman Jas, Bostwick            Crawford W J, Bostwick
Carter P A, Nelson               Coleman J E, Bostwick            Crayne A, Nora
Caryell W B, Edgar               Coleman Jerry, Lawrence          Crayne W H, Nora
Cassel David, Nora               Coles E J, Nora                  Creech O* C, Nora
Cassens C, Superior              Coles Jas F, Oak                 Creech H C, Oak
Cassens J H, Superior            Coles Lewis, Nora                Crigler B, Lawrence
Castings Peter, Lawrence         Coles Sarah, Nora                Cristenson J C, Hardy
Chamberlin J C, Nelson           Coles S P, Nora                  Cristy Thos, Lawrence
Chapman A J, Nelson              Collier Jr, Lawrence             Crogier J R, Lawrence
Chapman Joe, Nelson              Collins E M, Bostwick            Croply Wm, Superior
Cheldres Chas, Bostwick          Collins F H, Lawrence            Crosby O L, Bostwick
Chenoweth A, Nelson              Collins Frank, Lawrence          Cuatt Dan, Nelson
Chenoweth J H, Oak               Collins J H, Deweese             Culair W T, Edgar
Chestnut N W, Bostwick           Collins Patrick, Lawrence        Culbertson J S, Davenport
Child Jennie, Oak                Collins R J, Deweese             Culp Geo B, Edgar
Childes Jas, Superior            Collins Thos, Lawrence           Culp Rufus, Edgar
Chilors I M, Superior            Comp E P, Hardy                  Cummings E H, Lawrence
Christianson A C, Ruskin         Comp L A, Hardy                  Cummings R S, Superior
Christianson C F, Ruskin         Comstock Ansel, Oak              Cummings S, Superior
Christianson Mary, Ruskin        Comstock & Brower, Oak           Cummings S P, Lawrence
Christianson Nelsl, Ruskin       Comstock Chas, Oak               Cummings W K, Superior
Christianson C, Ruskin           Comstock Edgar, Oak              Cunningham J D, Deweese
Christianson Mads, Ruskin        Comstock E S jr, Oak             Cunningham L, Nelson
Christy T H, Lawrence            Comstock Geo, Oak                Curry A, Ruskin
Churchill A C, Hardy             Comstock Harry, Oak              Curry Albert, Nora
Churchill B F, Ruskin            Comstock J M, Oak                Curry John, Superior
Churchill Jane W, Ruskin         Comstock John, Oak               Cutler W L, Edgar.
Clabaugh W W, Ruskin             Comstock Mack, Oak
~ D ~
Dack J, Ruskin                   Delong T R, Angus                Dohma L, Deweese
Daeland A, Deweese               Desnaray P, Ruskin               Dohma W M, Deweese
Daeland W, Deweese               Denison M F, Superior            Domeny Emmett, Hardy
Dahlgrew A M, Superior           Devore J E, Oak                  Domeny I T, Hardy
Danehey Patrie, Lawrence         Devore Noah, Oak                 Donahue J L, Deweese
Daniel J M, Nelson               Devore R R, Oak                  Donahue S E, Deweese
Danthett W C, Superior           Devore J B, Oak                  Donaldson Chas, Bostwick
Dargwell Archie, Nelson          Deyo Hulda, Nelson               Donaldson V A, Hardy
Davidson F, Ruskin               Deyo L C, Nelson                 Dooley B F, Lawrence
Davidosn Geo, Ruskin             Dickerson O F, Lawrence          Dooley J R, Lawrence
Davies C W, Lawrence             Dicks J C, Lawrence              Dooley W A, Lawrence
Davis A C, Ruskin                Diehl G, Elora                   Douglass Hiram, Hardy
Davis J A, Lawrence              Diehl J T, Nelson                Downing A R, Nelson
Davis J H, Nelson                Diettmer G, Hardy                Downing E L, Nora
Davis T L, Nelson                Dill C F, Ruskin                 Downing W M, Nora
Davis W F, Deweese               Dill M, Ruskin                   Doxie G D, Lawrence
Davis W L, Oak                   Dillon Chas, Ruskin              Drain John, Ruskin
Davison C R, Lawrence            Dillon D H, Nora                 Drain Nelson, Ruskin
Davison Geo, Lawrence            Dillon Jacob, Ruskin             Drain R L, Ruskin
Davison John, Lawrence           Dillon Jacob jr, Nora            Drain Sam, Ruskin
Davison N, Lawrence              Dillon U S, Nora                 Dudley John, Ruskin
Davison W F, Lawrence            Dinge Wm, Edgar                  Dudley Noah, Oak
Day J C, Superior                Dison Grant, Ruskin              Dudley Sam, Ruskin
Deal A J, Hardy                  Ditch E, Edgar                   Dull Abram, Hardy
Decke A L, Superior              Ditch J, Edgar                   Duncan J G, Nelson
Decker E h, Deweese              Dixon F, Davenport               Dunham Marion, Oak
Deden K T, Ruskin                Dixon J M, Bostwick              Dunham Martin, Oak
Deere Michael, Superior          Dixon W M, Superior              Dunham T L, Bostwick
Dehart G W, Nora                 Doare Sam, Edgar                 Dutton W A, Lawrence
Dehart J, Deweese                Dodge John, Bostwick             Dysart W, Superior
~ E ~
Eastman Albert, Nelson           Eldridge W H, Bostwick           Ensley P M, Davenport
Easton A, Davenport              Ellfritz Martin, Angus           Erickson Cal, Oak
Ebbord Philip, Lawrence          Elledge C F, Bostwick            Erickson C O, Davenport
Eckoff Henry, Davenport          Ellis John, Ruskin               Erickson H M, Oak
Eddy C E, Deweese                Ellison A, Nora                  Erickson Sam, Nelson
Edelman J H, Nora                Ellison J, Nelson                Erwin A B, Hardy
Edinburn Jas W, Smyrna           Emmons N, Lawrence               Erwin D r, Nora
Edinburn Wm, Smyrna              Enearl J W, Nora                 Evens John, Lawrence
Edward Stokes, Ruskin            Enearl V J, Oak                  Ewdard Frank, Nelson
Effan Bennett, Nora              Ensley Jas F, Davenport          Ewing Lloyd, Oak.
Egghofer Jas, Lawrence           Ensley Peter, Davenport
~ F ~
Farmer L, Nelson                 Fintel Henry, Hardy              Forsyth F M, Nelson
Farmer Travis, Lawrence          Fintel John, Hardy               Fosbury T, Ruskin
Faulk A, Nelson                  Fisher D W, Lawrence             Foster A S, Bostwick
Fear J R, Angus                  Fisher T S, Nelson               Francis Ed, Nelson
Federspiel M C, Oak              Fisher Wm, Davenport             Francis Frank, Nelson
Feirnish John, Angus             Fletcher L J, Oak                Fransan A, Davenport
Felton Geo A, Nelson             Flint G M, Nelson                Frazer Henry, Hardy
Ferrel Chas, Oak                 Flint J L, Nelson                Fren E A, Oak
Ficken John H, Angus             Flint Thos, Nelson               French Geo E, Angus
Fine Wm J, Davenport             Focke E C,* Superior             French J H, Nelson
Finigson Fr, Bostwick            Foged Niles, Hardy               Friend J, Lawrence
Fink J A, Nora                   Folmer G D, Oak                  Fugate W M, Edgar
Fink Noah, Nora                  Foot E H, Nelson                 Fuller Chas M, Nora
Finley L J, Bostwick             Fordyce Sam, Bostwick            Fuller & Wells, Lawrence
Finley S J, Bostwick             Fores J, Deweese                 Fulton W S, Bostwick
Finney J, Lawrence               Forney D H, Davenport            Furay W S, Bostwick
Fintel Fred, Hardy               Forrest & Son, Lawrence          Furguson Jas, Lawrence
~ G ~
Galley Springer, Nelson          Gilchrist R W, Nelson            Grantham W L, Hardy
Galloher J M, Nelson             Gilsdorf Henry, Lawrence         Grant C L, Nelson
Gaines Patrick, Nelson           Gilsdorf H & Son, Lawrence       Green G, Elora
Gant J S, Nora                   Gillett C H, Nelson              Green Minnie, Superior
Gardner E B, Nelson              Gillett E H, Nelson              Green Robt, Superior
Gardner S M, Nelson              Gilliland Chas                   Green W N, Superior
Garlick A C, Ruskin              Superior                         Greenleaf C T, Elora
Garlick Geo, Ruskin              Gilyear Ed, Nora                 Greenleaf S M, Elora
Garlick W N, Ruskin              Glasgow Adam, Nelson             Greenwood Robt, Nelson
Garlock Thos, Ruskin             Glasson John, Nelson             Gregg J C, Lawrence
Garrett Thos, Elora              Glock Philip, Edgar              Gresell E L, Superior
Gass J L, Edgar                  Goldbeck J P,                    Gresell Jesse, Superior
Gass W E, Edgar                  Ruskin                           Gress J W, Nelson
Gates W V, Lawrence              Goldsby G W, Nelson              Gress Chas, Nelson
Gaurlay J H, Nelson              Goltz C, Nelson                  Gress Lee, Nelson
Gaurlay R M, Nelson              Good David, Lawrence             Grey J T, Deweese
Gearfield Elijah, Oak            Goodham Jos, Superior            Griffith C F, Lawrence
Gearfield Sam, Oak               Goodrich G R, Edgar              Griffith R W, Edgar
Gee I, Edgar                     Gorcke W, Bostwick               Grisell S L, Superior
Gee J W, Edgar                   Gormon Henry, Superior           Gromis Frank, Superior
Gerhart Fred, Lawrence           Gornson Anton, Lawrence          Grosman B L, Edgar
Gehle Chas, Hardy                Goudy J W, Nelson                Grossman A B, Nelson
Genoon F, Deweese                Gould F, Deweese                 Grossman Martha, Nelson
George T P, Bostwick             Gourlay G M, Nelson              Grossman W, Nelson
George V M, Bostwick             Gourley R M, Nelson              Gund C H, Ruskin
Gerald & Reed, Nora              Graham Albert, Edgar             Gund Henry, Ruskin
Getz Wm, Oak                     Graham E E, Edgar                Gunn Geo M, Davenport
Geulich A B, Lawrence            Graham Frant, Edgar              Gunnison Fred, Nora
Giberson Joseph, Lawrence        Graham I T, Edgar                Gunnison Lucy, Nora
Giberson L, Lawrence             Graham J G, Edgar                Gurney F M, Nelson
Gibson E S, Ruskin               Graham J N F, Edgar              Gunsalus J C, Angus
Gibson R G, Ruskin               Graham W C, Superior             Guthrie D, Superior.
Gilbert W E, Bostwick            Graham W H H, Edgar
Gilchrist G S, Nelson            Grannis Caroline, Hardy
~ H ~
Hackler G T, Superior            Hatton Carlin, Edgar             Hinrickson G, Oak
Hackler O H, Superior            Hatton E C, Edgar                Hiser J, Edgar
Haeiting S, Lawrence             Hatton E E, Edgar                Hoag John, Oak
Hagehorst Neick, Davenport       Hatton F M, Edgar                Hobbs Bery, Edgar
Hagler W B, Edgar                Hatton Mark, Edgar               Hobbs ED, Nelson
Hahn Jas, Nora                   Hatton J A, Superior             Hoelting John, Lawrence
Hahn J P, Nora                   Haught C, Bostwick               Hoffman C L, Nora
Hale J M, Nora                   Hausson Andrew, Bostwick         Hoffman Dan, Nora
Hall F A, Oak                    Hauthorn Jas, Superior           Hoffman David, Angus
Hall G W, Hardy                  Hauzlick Anton, Lawrence         Hofstetter A, Lawrence
Hall J W, Nelson                 Haver D M, Deweese               Hofstetter John, Lawrence
Hall Mary A, Nelson              Haynes A, Edgar                  Hofts John, Ruskin
Hall Saml, Nelson                Haynes J P, Edgar                Holison A, Ruskin
Hall Silas O, Oak                Haynes Lewis, Nelson             Hollingworth T H, Oak
Hall W A, Ruskin                 Hayslip Joe, Nelson              Hollister A C, Nelson
Hall W A, Oak                    Hays J M, Edgar                  Holmes C H, Nora
Hall W A sr, Oak                 Hays W F, Edgar                  Holst Earnest, Edgar
Hall W E, Lawrence               Hazen Henry, Ruskin              Holst H jr, Edgar
Hall W M, Nelson                 Healy Chas, Nelson               Holst H sr, Edgar
Hall Wm, Lawrence                Heart W, Deweese                 Honeycutt Guilford, Nelson
Hall W W, Smyrna                 Heasley C J, Edgar               Hoover Cyrus, Davenport
Halverson Mary, Lawrence         Heasley C O, Edgar               Hoover H H, Davenport
Hamilton R H, Lawrence           Heasley Jas, Edgar               Hormanson Chris, Ruskin
Hann Dalles, Nelson              Hebek Jacob, Lawrence            Horn Joseph, Hardy
Hammond C, Angus                 Heckenlively Chas, Ruskin        Horst Geo, Ruskin
Hammond F M, Nelson              Heckenlively Frank, Ruskin       Horst Henry jr, Ruskin
Hammond J P, Angus               Hedgecock G G, Nora              Horst Henry sr, Ruskin
Hammonds J, Ruskin               Hedrick A, Deweese               Horst Jacob, Rusking
Hammonds Joel, Ruskin            Heiger G A, Superior             Horst John, Ruskin
Hand C, Edgar                    Heiger Jacob, Superior           Horton A W, Oak
Hanna J B, Smyrna                Heing A, Lawrence                Houghtaling A B, Nelson
Hannum Cyrus, Lawrence           Heinz P J, Lawrence              Houser Mary, Nelson
Hansen G W, Oak                  Heinz P J, Lawrence              Houtnid Jens, Ruskin
Hansen H M, Nelson               Heller G F, Edgar                Houtnid Nels, Ruskin
Hansen L, Ruskin                 Helms H C, Smyrna                Howard A G, Nelson
Hanthorn C A, Smyrna             Helton J S, Lawrence             Howard Alonzo, Nelson
Hanthorn W A, Smyrna             Henby Willis, Ruskin             Howard J L, Nelson
Harerson C S, Bostwick           Henby W P, Ruskin                Howard Richard, Hardy
Harding G D, Lawrence            Henderson A U, Hardy             Howard T C, Nelson
Hardy G D, Lawrence              Henderson Grant, Hardy           Howard W M, Nelson
Hare John, Nelson                Henderson G W, Bostwick          Howland B M, Ruskin
Harmon Geo, Nelson               Hendrix A J, Nelson              Hoyt C E, Angus
Harms J F, Angus                 Henery John, Bostwick            Huckinson G T, Edgar
Harrick O, Deweese               Hensell John, Hardy              Hudson M A, Superior
Harrington C E, Deweese          Heoog E P, Deweese               Hudson R H, Superior
Harris A, Nora                   Hepler J W, Lawrence             Huener Henry, Hardy
Harris F J, Elora                Herd M L, Edgar                  Huff Amos, Nora
Harris G A, Smyrna               Herrick D S, Nelson              Huffman D H, Superior
Harris J F, Bostwick             Hettenbach A, Lawrence           Huffman John, Oak
Harris S C, Bostwick             Heughes S D, Ruskin              Huffman J W, Nelson
Harris W, Angus                  Hewitt J H, Nelson               Hughes C, Hardy
Harris W E, Davenport            Hewitt T J, Nelson               Hughs B, Nelson
Harrison Isaac, Hardy            Hiatt W M, Nelson                Hughes G O, Hardy
Harritt C E, Nelson              Hickan Anna, Ruskin              Hull J R, Davenport
Harritt J C, Angus               Hickan R, Ruskin                 Hull M A, Ruskin
Harritt W S, Angus               Hill A B, Lawrence               Hungerford Mason, Edgar
Hartman Chas, Lawrence           Hill C A, Lawrence               Hunter J A, Bostwick
Hartman M, Deweese               Hill John, Lawrence              Hunter W, Davenport
Harvanck John, Lawrence          Hill L D, Nelson                 Hurley G A, Lawrence
Harvauck J, Deweese              Hillery J S, Nora                Hustin F, Nora
Hassock E W, Superior            Hinline J E, Nora                Hutcheson R J, Hardy
Hatcher Ray, Ruskin              Hinline Sarah, Nora              Hyke Frank, Lawrence.
~ I ~
Ilg John, Lawrence               Ingrum J, Edgar                  Irwin Wm, Mt. Clare.
Ingram Jas, Lawrence             Ingrum J S, Edgar
~ J ~
Jackson A T, Deweese             Jenkins E F, Nelson              Johnson P, Lawrence
Jackson S J, Lawrence            Jenkins G W, Nora                Johnson Rene, Ruskin
Jackson T S, Lawrence            Jenkins G W, Nelson              Johnson Robt, Ruskin
Jacobity Fred, Nelson            Jenkins T B, Deweese             Johnson T B, Nora
Jacobson Chris, Ruskin           Jens Wm, Hardy                   Johnson W H, Nelson
Jagels Dietrich, Oak             Jensen J P, Ruskin               Johnson W H, Superior
Jakan F, Deweese                 Jensen Peter, Ruskin             Johnston Chas, Edgar
James A T, Ruskin                Jenson Anton, Ruskin             Johnston J N, Edgar
Jameson, J W, Edgar              Jenson, Otto, Ruskin             Johnston Jos sr, Ruskin
Jameson M A, Edgar               Jesperson Lars, Ruskin           Johnston J Q, Oak
Janes John, Oak                  Jester T E, Deweese              Johnston J S, Ruskin
Janes R H, Oak                   Jewell J L, Bostwick             Johnston F B, Ruskin
Jansen Albert, Nelson            Jewett J F, Angus                Johnston W L, Ruskin
Jappeson J P, Ruskin             Jinks T C, Nelson                Jones C L,* Lawrence
Jay A A, Oak                     Jobman John, Ruskin              Jones D D, Fairfield
Jay Clara, Oak                   Johnson Cyrus, Nelson            Jones J C, Bostwick
Jay, Dewitt, Oak                 Johnson G, Nelson                Jones John, Ruskin
Jay Geo W, Oak                   Johnson J A, Superior            Jones J R, Ruskin
Jay J, Angus                     Johnson J H, Bostwick            Jones L, Ruskin
Jeffreys W B, Nelson             Johnson J M, Nora                Jones Wm, Davenport
Jenkins Chas, Nelson             Johnson M, Nelson                Jurgensmeier H, Lawrence.
~ K ~
Kaltenborn Jos, Lawrence         Kimball A C, Oak                 Knapp A H, Nora
Kamerer Carl, Nelson             Kimber G A, Edgar                Knapp B, Nelson
Kamerer P, Nelson                Kime Dennis, Ruskin              Knapp John, Nelson
Kane T, Nelson                   Kime John, Ruskin                Kneedham M F, Bostwick
Karmagine F, Deweese             Kimmerer J J, Nora               Kniep Fred, Hardy
Karmagrine F J, Deweese          Kincannon F E, Angus             Kniep Henry, Hardy
Karmagine T, Deweese             Kincannon J B, Nelson            Knife J W jr, Elora
Kassimer Henry, Lawrence         Kincannon J C, Angus             Knigge Chas, Hardy
Kauffman J M, Nelson             Kincannon J W, Angus             Knoles Rob, Ruskin
Kauffman T P, Nora               King H F, Edgar                  Knoles S M, Ruskin
Keeler E S Mrs, Hardy            King J P, Oak                    Knoop John, Lawrence
Keith M K, Nelson                King L R, Superior               Kohle George, Bostwick
Keith W S, Lawrence              King R B, Lawrence               Kohle Henry, Lawrence
Kellar E J, Bostwick             King D F, Bostwick               Koken A H, Nora
Kellar Jos, Lawrence             King W H, Davenport              Koken A J, Nora
Kellar Michael, Lawrence         Kinison W H, Angus               Koken J P, Nora
Kellar N, Ruskin                 Kinniman H, Lawrence             Kommemeyer Geo, Superior
Kellar W A, Lawrence             Kinniman B, Lawrence             Konzack Martin,Bostwick
Kellars Lizzie, Lawrnece         Kinniman John, Lawrence          Konzack S E, Bostwick
Kelly Harlan, Oak                Kinsey J A, Lawrence             Koontz Phillip, Nelson
Kempker Henry, Lawrence          Kirkpatrick A R, Bostwick        Kopics August, Edgar
Kempkes Henry, Lawrence          Kirk H, Angus                    Koser John, Nelson
Kennedy T, Deweese               Kirkman J D, Oak                 Kotinek Anton, Lawrence
Kennedy T C, Nelson              Kirkman Richard, Oak             Kramer Frank, Lawrence
Kenny G E, Bostwick              Kirkpatrick J M, Bostwick        Kramp Henry, Oak
Kenny H A, Bostwick              Kirkwood* L, Deweese             Kramp Wm, Oak
Kepeha James, Edgar              Kleekner Wm B, Nelson            Krebsbach S, Lawrence
Kern A M, Superior               Kline H, Edgar                   Kucera J, Deweese
Kern Geo, Superior               Kline A H, Nora                  Kugler Geo, Superior
Kern J M, Superior               Kline J H, Angus                 Kulla Fred, Bostwick
Kern Wm jr, Superior             Kline W E, Edgar                 Kurtz C F, Lawrence
Kern Wm sr, Superior             Klingerman C, Edgar              Kurtz Chas, Lawrence
Kernean F, Deweese               Kloase Lewis, Hardy              Kurtz G, Lawrence
Kerr J K, Lawrence               Knapp A, Nelson                  Kustinborder Levi, Nelson
~ L ~
Labounty A, Nelson               Lathrop W S, Hardy               Livingston Wm, Nelson
Labounty G, Nelson               Laudersmith G L, Bostwick        Lobounty J R, Deweese
Labounty P, Nelson               Law Wm, Lawrence                 Loch J W, Angus
Lackey Jas, Nelson               Lawrey John, Nelson              Loch W M, Angus
Lacy Geo, Nelson                 Lawson Perry, Hardy              Lockenson Levi, Nora
Lagant A A, Ruskin               Leap C J, Lawrence               Lohmann C H, Edgar
Laird T E, Lawrence              Leap F M, Lawrence               Lombard H S, Nelson
Lamborn A W, Lawrence            Lee J A, Nelson                  Long F, Nelson
Lamborn Frank, Lawrence          Lee M A, Nelson                  Long F A, Nelson
Lame O P, Nelson                 Leeds G B, Lawrence              Long Jacob, Edgar
Lammon C W, Lawrence             Leeds J F, Lawrence              Longfellow J W, Ruskin
Lamoreux W J, Oak                Leeds Wm, Lawrence               Longsdale Jas, Oak
Land J, Deweese                  Leoner Aug, Edgar                Loper J, Superior
Lane W E, Deweese                Lewis M H, Hardy                 Loveland F, Bostwick
Landis L C, Oak                  Lewis W A, Fairfield             Low G E, Hardy
Landon T P, Nelson               Lienemann L, Oak                 Lowe O A, Hardy
Lane John, Ruskin                Limke Henry, Lawrence            Lowery W D, Oak
Langfeldt W, Nelson              Limke Jos, Lawrence              Lowry Oliver, Elora
Lanham B S, Nelson               Limke Richard, Lawrence          Loyet W M, Nelson
Lanham H E, Nelson               Linderman J C, Ruskin            Lozier G W, Bostwick
Lanham T W, Nelson               Lindsgard A, Ruskin              Luark H E, Deweese
Larnon Bell, Hardy               Linnerham A B, Hardy             Luce Bert, Ruskin
Larned E, Nelson                 Linnerham P, Hardy               Lunt A M, Hardy
Larned S A, Nelson               Littrell James, Nelson           Lunzmann C, Hardy
Larsen Martin, Ruskin            Littrell R M, Nelson             Lurdsgard A, Ruskin
Larson W, Nelson                 Littrell T D, Nelson             Lusate, T B, Ruskin
Lasate T B, Ruskin               Livick V A, Lawrence             Lyne T P, Elora.
~ Mc ~
McArthur A, Bostwick             McCormick E L, Nelson            McKlown B P, Bostwick
McArty H, Edgar                  McCracken A, Edgar               McKorkell J F, Superior
McAvay L W, Superior             McCubbons H, Nora                McLaughlin EE, Nora
McBain Frank, Oak                McCullough A, Nelson             McLaughlin J R, Nora
McBee J W, Bostwick              McCullough J A, Nelosn           McLoney F, Deweese
McCall Wm, Superior              McCusker T, Lawrence             McMahill A, Nelson
McCarty Eugene, Lawrence         McDaniel Thos J, Davenport       McNaughton M G, Superior
McClain Wm, Oak                  McDonald A J, Bostwick           McNeil D C, Edgar
McClelland J W, Oak              McDowell F E, Edgar              McNerny A, Oak
McClinans A D, Ruskin            McDowell W G, Superior           McNerny Henry, Oak
McClinans J E, Ruskin            McElhany J, Bostwick             McNichols J S, Edgar
McClinans Maria, Ruskin          McElvain Wm, Ruskin              McNire B, Ruskin
McCloud E A, Nelson              McGrady W H, Nelson              McNutt Frank, Superior
McClurg D W, Nelson              McHugh C H, Superior             McPherson Mary, Bostwick
McCanaughy C, Superior           McIntire A S, Ruskin             McPherson Wm, Ruskin
McConnel B J, Superior           McKenny J R, Ruskin              McReynolds D F, Deweese
McConnel John, Superior          McKinney J L, Nora               McReynolds G W, Bostwick
McCorkel A C, Superior           McKinney P D, Nora               McWhinnery S E, Bostwick
McCorkell S P, Bostwick          McKinney W H, Nora
~ M ~
Madison F W, Deweese             Meinberg E A, Nelson             Minahan John, Oak
Madison H L, Nora                Meleger Ferd [sic.], Davenport   Miner W S, Angus
Major Wm A, Ruskin               Melichor Rudolph, Lawrence       Miners C, Edgar
Maloney John, Lawrence           Mendall G H, Hardy               Miners S G, Edgar
Maloney Wm, Lawrence             Menka Henry, Lawrence            Minnich H W, Hardy
Mallory W W, Angus               Menke Thos, Lawrence             Mixar Jos, Lawrence
Malsbury A A, Nora               Mensey J H, Deweese              Moffitt I E, Lawrence
Malsbury Caleb, Nelson           Mercer A L, Deweese              Mongar Bessie, Nelson
Mamon Joshua, Nelson             Mercier Phil, Oak                Mongar Scott, Nelson
Mann Robt., Bostwick             Meredith W A, Lawrence           Monk Geo, Hardy
Manpin B F, Oak                  Merrill H H, Nelson              Monn Nathan, Bostwick
Manpin E, Oak                    Merritt G L, Superior            Montgomery D W, Oak
Manpin I F, Oak                  Mertens Christ, Lawrence         Moore H D, Ruskin
Marble Enos, Nora                Mettz A J, Ruskin                Moore H M, Fairfield
Marlow W A, Nelson               Mettz B C, Ruskin                Moore J C, Fairfield
Marr Jas H, Oak                  Mettz H D, Ruskin                Moore, J P, Nelson
Marr Jas T, Oak                  Metz Wm, Ruskin                  Moore Oscar, Oak
Marr Thos, Oak                   Meyer Ernest, Oak                Moore V E, Fairfield
Marr Wesley, Oak                 Michaels Geo, Nelson             Morgan E E Lawrence
Marr W J, Oak                    Michaels Noah, Nelson            Morgan Frank, Nelson
Marshall J W, Angus              Michal A A, Nelson               Morgan Ira, Nelson
Marshall R B, Nelson             Michal Sigal, Nelson             Morgan J S, Lawrence
Martin D S, Oak                  Mickelson B C, Hardy             Morris E, Ruskin
Martin F H, Superior             Mickelson Hans, Ruskin           Morris Michael, Lawrence
Martin James, Bostwick           Mickelson L, Ruskin              Morris Thos, Lawrence
Martin John, Bostwick            Milegar Aug, Angus               Morrow A A, Nelson
Martin Serena, Oak               Miller Chris, Hardy              Morthead P C, Lawrence
Mashbury C H, Nelson             Miller H L, Superior             Morton A, Superior
Mason Philip, Oak                Miller I I, Superior             Moss J M, Nelson
Massey L, Fairfield              Miller J H, Davenport            Moss J H, Nelson
Massey W H, Fairfield            Miller M B, Davenport            Moss L, Nelson
Maston H A, Lawrence             Miller O J, Bostwick             Mossman E C, Ruskin
Maston M J, Lawrence             Miller W H, Bostwick             Murfin John, Nora
Mathews Wm, Superior             Miller W M, Lawrence             Murphy P C, Nelson
Mayes W R, Hardy                 Mills C H, Edgar                 Musick J R, Edgar
Meaker C A, Hardy                Millner H J, Bostwick            Myers R, Nora
Medle T, Lawrence                Mills D C, Edgar
~ N ~
Nall, R, Ruskin                  Newleen J W, Oak                 Noble J M, Oak
Narwood A J, Nelson              Nieherson Jos, Oak               Nomer A C, Lawrence
Narwood N, Nelson                Nicholas Lewis, Oak              Norris C T, Angus
Neel Jas A, Ruskin               Nichols E F, Deweese             Norris W G, Nelson
Neel W A, Nelson                 Nichols T B, Nelson              Norwood A J, Nelson
Neer Amos, Nora                  Nicholson Delia, Nora            Norwood C W, Nelson
Nel*son Frank, Nelson            Nicholson E, Nora                Norwood G E, Nelson
Nelson, John, Hardy              Nicholson Jno M, Oak             Norwood J K, Nelson
Nelson John, Edgar               Nicholson Walter, Nelson         Norwood L D, Nelson
Nelson N, Elora                  Nicholson W M, Oak               Norwood N T, Nelson
Nesbitt E F, Nelson              Nickersham E, Nelson             Norwood T R, Nelson
Nesbitt J B, Nelson              Nickersham J M, Nelson           Norwood W H, Nelson
Newcome Dale, Lawrence           Nickersham Jno, Nelson           Norwood W N, Nelson
Newleen G W, Oak                 Nicol J A, Ruskin                Norwood W W, Nelson
~ O ~
Oblinger G W, Nelson             Oldham G C, Nelson               Ostdick Christ, Lawrence
Obrine Mike, Nelson              Oldham James, Nelson             Ostdick F, Lawrence
Odell O B, Superior              Oleson Chris, Hardy              Otto John, Oak
Ogden E G, Deweese               Oleson D P, Hardy                Overton A W, Nelson
Ogden L, Deweese                 Oleson Ole, Hardy                Overton W C, Nelson
Oldham A, Nelson                 O'Neal John, Nelson              Owens Enoch, Lawrence
Oldham A G, Oak                  O'Neil D H, Nora                 Owens H E, Lawrence
Oldham A H, Nelson               Orner J H, Nelson                Owens W D, Lawrence
~ P ~
Page S B, Superior               Peter C, Angus                   Pittulo L, Angus
Painton J W, Deweese             Peter F H, Angus                 Pittinger J H, Nelson
Palmer E C, Angus                Peters O L, Lawrence             Platt J S, Oak
Palmer Geo, Ruskin               Peterson C A, Nelson             Pohlmier Geo, Lawrence
Palmer Jane, Ruskin              Peterson E, Ruskin               Polly M, Nelson
Palmer M, Oak                    Peterson Lars, Nelson            Pomeroy C A, Deweese
Pangborn H L, Nelson             Peterson Peter, Ruskin           Popejoy Josiah, Hardy
Parish T O, Nelson               Pharris H L, Elora               Portwood D, Edgar
Patch G W, Hardy                 Pharris Jas, Bostwick            Portwood J H, Edgar
Peasley Mount, Lawrence          Phelps J L, Superior             Portwood Wm, Edgar
Pebler O N, Hardy                Philby B F, Oak                  Portwood W W, Edgar
Pederson A M, Hardy              Phiiippie [Sic.] S S, Hardy      Potorp David, Angus
Pederson L C, Hardy              Phillipi A A, Nora               Potorp E U, Angus
Pederson Mathias, Hardy          Phillippi D, Davenport           Potorp L H, Angus
Pederson Paul, Hardy             Phillippi W F, Davenport         Powell B A, Edgar
Pederson Peter, Hardy            Phillips Douglas, Nelson         Powell B S, Lawrence
Pederson Rasmus, Hardy           Phillips F C, Nelson             Powell H S, Superior
Peirce O F, Nelson               Phillips H N, Nelson             Powell T E, Superior
Penninger J V, Davenport         Phillips L A, Nelson             Pepperson Jen, Ruskin
Perrott J J, Lawrence            Phillips T J, Nelson             Purdy H G, Lawrence
Perry S H, Hardy                 Phipps J T, Nelson               Putman Enos, Oak
Perryman J H, Angus              Pierce Chas, Nelson              
Pester J C, Nora                 Pittull J D, Nelson
~ Q ~
Queen F J, Oak                   Queen M F, Oak.
~ R ~
Radley H D, Nelson               Rempe Joseph, Lawrence           Robinson W J, Nelson
Rahe Henry, Lawrence             Rempe Peter, Lawrence            Roe Martin, Oak
Raley H E, Hardy                 Remp Wm, Lawrence                Roe W J, Bostwick
Randall Fred, Nelson             Rennick T J, Nelson              Roesch Ludwick, Nelson
Ransher Henry, Nelson            Renshort S E, Bostwick           Rogers S G, Nora
Rasmussen Ed, Ruskin             Resseguie W, Davenport           Roggers J B, Nelson
Ray E W, Nelson                  Reynolds L A, Nelson             Rolland C E, Nora
Ray Geo, Angus Ray G W, Nelson   Reynolds Chas, Smyrna            Rolland John, Nora
Ray Robt, Superior               Reynolds M L, Nelson             Rolston Perry, Bostwick
Ray Z M, Nelson                  Reynolds W T, Smyrna             Ross John, St Stephens
Rea H J, Nelson                  Riber A Miss, Hardy              Ross Wm, St Stephens
Reade Lewis, Nora                Riber Wm, Hardy                  Roth A J, Lawrence
Reber S, Nelson                  Richards A, Angus                Roth C F, Lawrence
Rector J, Deweese                Rife G W, Lawrence               Roth Fred, Lawrence
Reeve Geo, Nelson                Riley Jas M, Oak                 Roth Geo, Lawrence
Reed B W, Hardy                  Riley Miles, Oak                 Rouse Ed, Nelson
Reed Edward, Hardy               Riley W A, Superor [Sic.]        Rouse Ed L, Nelson
Reed & Garard, Ruskin            Ringer H H, Davenport            Rouse Frank, Nelson
Reed G R, Hardy                  Ringold A C, Hardy               Rouse Geo, Nelson
Reed J W, Nelson                 Ritterbusch J, Nelson            Rouse John, Nelson
Reed L P, Superior               Ritterbusch Mary, Nelson         Rouse R M, Nelson
Reed Martin, Superior            Roaling T, Deweese               Rouse S, Nelson
Reed S N, Superior               Roberts Anna Mrs, Nora           Rousey V G, Davenport
Reed Thos, Superior              Roberts C, Angus                 Royce Agnes, Lawrence
Reed W P, Superior               Roberts Edward, Nora             Rue Jas, Davenport
Register J W, Deweese            Roberts I C, Nelson              Runge Herman, Nelson
Reid H B, Nelson                 Roberts S E, Angus               Rupert E M, Davenport
Reid J A, Nelson                 Roberts S L, Nelson              Russell Fred, Superior
Reiman Carl, Lawrence            Robinson Andrew, Nelson          Russell R C, Lawrence
Reiman Chas, Lawrence            Robinson C F, Nelson             Russell Robt, Nelson
Rempe Barney, Lawrence           Robinson Chas, Davenport         Russell Sam, Superior
Rempe Herman, Lawrence           Robinson Sam, Nelson             Russell W B, Superior.
~ S ~
Sage D, Deweese                  Shelley F R, Oak                 Stanley Frank, Ruskin
Sage M, Deweese                  Shelley J A, Oak                 Stanley J M, Elora
Samms F E, Superior              Sherwood, A S, Deweese           Stanley J S, Nora
Samms W G, Superior              Shins E M, Superior              Stansbury J H, Nelson
Sankey John, Nora                Shirley D B, Lawrence            Stansbury J N, Nelson
Sanner D W, Edgar                Shirley F M, Lawrence            Starr L L, Nelson
Savin A S, Nora                  Shockey E D, Lawrence            Stausburg Wm, Nelson
Sapp H F, Nora                   Shoefeit Geo, Nelson             Stayer J T, Angus
Sapp J W, Nora                   Shoopman Geo, Ruskin             Steele W E, Superior
Sargent J B, Nelson              Shrader Frank, Lawrence          Steinke Samuel, Oak
Sayer P D, Angus                 Shriner W M, Nelson              Stephenson John, Nelson
Saylor D, Nelson                 Shulz F, Deweese                 Stephenson L, Deweese
Saylor Geo D, Oak                Shulz G, Deweese                 Stephenson R M, Superior
Sayloor Wm, Nelson               Simpson W A, Bostwick            Stephenson W R, Nelson
Schatzley C C, Angus             Sims Jas M, Oak                  Stephey J D, Ruskin
Schell J F, Lawrence             Sims J G, Nora                   Starm* D M, Nelson
Schell W F, Lawrence             Skalka Anton, Lawrence           Sterm* J A, Nelson
Schersinger J B, Nelson          Skillman C H, Nelson             Stern O W, Nora
Schier Caesar, Superior          Skinner Ross, Edgar              Sterner* G W, Edgar
Schleif G, Nelson                Skyles G W, Nelson               Sternes Geo, Oak
Schlichtman John, Edgar          Slack Christ, St Stephens        Stewart Chas, Lawrence
Schlictman Peter, Edgar          Slatt Chas P, Edgar              Stewart W H, Elora
Schlichtman Wm, Edgar            Sligar A, Nelson                 Stickley Rizin, Bostwick
Schlimer G W, Edgar              Sloan Edward, Nelson             Stickman F, St Stephens
Schmelling Aug, Superior         Sloan J S, Nelson                Stine M T, Superior
Schmelling Frank, Superior       Sloane J H, Bostwick             Stinson Chas, Nelson
Schmelling Wm, Superior          Sloane W W, Bostwick             Stohl A, Nelson
Schmidt Ude, Ruskin              Smiley Thos, Bostwick            Stoner N H, Mt Clare
Schnider Jno, Lawrence           Smith C M, Deweese               Stopher J W, Oak
Schnider M, Lawrence             Smith D W, Nelson                Storer M S, Nelson
Schnette H, St Stephens          Smith G C, Nelson                Stowe, J A, Edgar
Schnette T, St Stephens          Smith H C, Nora                  Stowe W G, Edgar
Schoffer J J, Nelson             Smith J B, Nora                  Stowers R G, Nelson
Schroer H, St Stephens           Smith John L, Nora               Strawn J T, Oak
Schultz R K, Ruskin              Smith Jas E, Hardy               Strawser W H, Edgar
Schum J, Lawrence                Smith L H, Angus                 Strayer Lucy, Angus
Schum Jno, Lawrence              Smith Margaret, Nelson           Stroben John, Ruskin
Schumm H, St Stephens            Smith T F, Angus                 Stroben M L, Ruskin
Sconce, Geo W, Bostwick          Smith Warren, Nelson             Stuber C, Nelson
Scott M C, Deweese               Smith W H, Lawrence              Stuck F, Nora
Scott S P, Deweese               Smith Wm, Lawrence               Stuck W L, Hardy
Scroggin B F, Oak                Snider J F, Ruskin               Stufft G C, Lawrence
Scroggin B F, Oak                Snyder D F, Edgar                Stufft M G, Lawrence
Seaman J J, Nelson               Snyder John, Superior            Stufft W F, Lawrence
Seaton E, Nelson                 Snyder John W, Edgar             Stutz Jordon, St Stephens
Selby Chas, Edgar                Snyder S P, Edgar                Summer E E, Deweese
Selby J, Edgar                   Soper Jos, Hardy                 Superior Cattle Co, Superior
Semke Wm, Bostwick               Sorenson Mats, Ruskin            Sutherland Robt, Superior
Seright G W, Edgar               Soul* John, Superior             Swanson Henry, Nelson
Shadduck F L, Oak                Speidel Hy, Edgar                Swanstrom Alex, Nelson
Shadduck J L, Oak                Spence, G J, Superior            Swanstrom Chas, Nelson
Shafer Peter, Oak                Spohn* G J, Superior             Swanstrom Frank, Nelson
Shambaugh I M, Elora             Spohn* Mat, Superior             Swartz Tom, Nelson
Shanalter D B, Edgar             Springfield, F, Ruskin           Swartz W L, St Stephens
Shannon Saml, Edgar              Spenck Frank, Nelson             Sweigert T W, Nora
Sharp G W, Ruskin                Spenck M D, Nelson               Sweigert J S, Nora
Shaw Frank, Nelson               Spenck L A, Nelson               Swigart J A, Ruskin
Shaw Jas, Mt Clare               Spenck Wm, Nelson                Sweboda Anton, Lawrence
Shaw Wm, Mt Clare                Squires F S, Deweese
Shearer R H, Ruskin              Stackhouse J A, Angus
~ T ~
Tate J, Nora                     Thomas J A, Davenport            Tolley E, Nelson
Taylor C H, Davenport.           Thomas W M, Nelson               Tolley J M, Nelson
Taylor E J, Nelson               Thompson C A, Hardy              Tomlinson M, Nelson
Taylor Geo, Nelson               Thompson D M, Nelson             Tompson James, Bostwick
Taylor Jesse, Nelson             Thompson E A, Nelson             Tonns Allen, Nelson
Taylor J H, Bostwick             Thompson Ed, Nelson              Tooker Chas, Davenport
Taylor J M, Angus                Thompson H, Superior             Towns M E, Nelson
Taylor John, Angus               Thompson John W, Ruskin          Tracy Frank, Nelson
Taylor Sarah J, Nora             Thompson N S, Angus              Tracy H, Nelson
Taylor W A, Angus                Thorlton R L, Angus              Trauerneicht P T, Hardy
Taylor W E, Nora                 Threldkeld T S, Bostwick         Trent W P, Angus
Taylor W H, Nora                 Thurber W R, Davenport           Trimble I, Hardy
Taylor W M, Angus                Thurtle P, Deweese               Tritt M F, Angus
Taylor W T, Angus                Tilbury Frank, Lawrence          Trumbull A S, Superior
Terrill M S, Hardy               Tilbury Jacob, Lawrence          Tucker G W, Davenport
Tevebaugh Maggie, Mt Clare       Tilbury Mary, Lawrence           Tuepker Minnie, Oak
Thayer Bion, Ruskin              Tinkham O B, Nora                Tumbleson Aura, Nelson
Thayer J W, Nora                 Tinkham T L, Oak                 Turner James, Angus
Theer Jas, Lawrence              Tinklepaugh C G, Nelson          Twineen I M, Hardy
Tholton Wm, Nelson               Todd G W, Angus                  Tyler, W M, Nelson
Thomas Ira, Superior             Togal Carl, St Stephen
~ V ~
Vale Isaac, Ruskin               Vasickle Joseph, Hardy           Vinson Wm, Edgar
Vancuren I, Nelson               Venhaus C, St Stephens           Vittletoe J W, Nelson
Vanover S M, Superior            Venhaus F, St Stephens           Voight Bros, Oak
Van Valin F, Nelson              Vernlion John B, Hardy           Voils Jas, Nelson
Van Valin J, Nelson              Ver Varlin W, Nelson             Vore E A, Nelson
Van Valin J I, Nelson            Vinson D D, Deweese              Vore F C, Nelson
Vare A J, Edgar                  Vinson J, Deweese                Vore H D, Nelson
~ W ~
Wade F S, Oak                    Wehrman W A, Nelson              Wilkinshane A, Mt Clare
Wade Geo, Oak                    Welch Ed, Edgar                  Wilkons J E, Deweese
Wade J R, Oak                    Welch J V, Nelson                Wilkson Wm, Hardy
Wade Sherman, Oak                Welch Wm, Nelson                 Willett Ira, Ruskin
Wagner Frank jr, Oak             Weldin S H, Nelson               Williams A, Ruskin
Wagner Frank sr, Oak             Weldon James, Nora               Williams D E, Bostwick
Wagner Geo, Oak                  Wells Byron, Nelson              Williams E J, Nora
Wahl B, Nelson                   Wells Clinton, Nelson            Williams Geo, Ruskin
Wakefield J T, Nora              Wells Geo, Nelson                Williams, G M, Lawrence
Wall Francis, Ruskin             Wells G W, Nelson                Williams G W, Bostwick
Wall Lot, Ruskin                 Wells Robt, Superior             Williams Henry, Lawrence
Wall W M, Bostwick               Wells T L, Edgar                 Williams J H, Ruskin
Wallace F M, Superior            Werkmiester A J, Oak             Williams J H, Nelson
Waller Thos, Nelson              Wesley Chapman, Nelson           Williams R P, Nelson
Ward C E, Edgar                  West John, Ruskin                Williams T J, Nelson
Ward B C, Superior               Westfall V, Superior             Williams Wm, Bostwick
Ward John, Nelson                Whalen Jno, Davenport            Williamson Emma J, Nelson
Warner Carl, Nelson              Wheeland Fred, Davenport         Williamson H H, Nelson
Warner F J, Edgar                Wheeland J M, Davenport          Williamson P H, Nelson
Warner J W, Edgar                Wheeler Ella Mrs, Nora           Willoughby H, Elora
Warner W, Hardy                  Wheeler F D, Nora                Willoughby Mary, Bostwick
Warren E, Edgar                  Wheeler Geo L, Hardy             Wilson J B, Edgar
Warrnn [Sic] Geo, Davenport      White Arthur, Oak                Wilson J E, Nora
Warren J A, Deweese              White J L, Mt Clare              Wiltamnoth* G E, Davenport
Warren J B, Ruskin               White Maggie, Hardy              Wilton C E, Nelson
Warren M E, Deweese              White W C, Davenport             Winegardner R, Nelson
Warren M L, Edgar                White Will, Hardy                Wing E C, Superior
Warren N H, Bostwick             White W T, Ruskin                Wing J M, Hardy
Warren S C, Smyrna               Whitley E P, Nelson              Winslow W W, Oak
Warren W S, Nelson               Whitley H, Nelson                Wire Wm, Edgar
Washburn J E, Nelson             Whiting Alice E, Nora            Wise B W, Davenport
Washburn W C, Nelson             Whiting L P, Hardy               Wise Chas jr, Davenport
Washington Harry, Oak            Whiting L P, Nora                Witenarth C N, Oak
Watt A H, Bostwick               Whrly [Sic.] G M, Oak            Witmer H D, Edgar
Watterson Robt, Oak              Wiebeler Frank, Nelson           Wiverley F C, Lawrence
Watts C E, Deweese               Wiebeler Henry, Nelson           Wood H L, Deweese
Watts G T, Deweese               Wiemer Jno B, Hardy              Woodard F D, Deweese
Watts R, Deweese                 Wiemer P A, Ruskin               Woodruf E V, Superior
Weast Martha, Lawrence           Wiemer Geo, Hardy                Wright A D, Hardy
Weaver John, Oak                 Wier A, Nelson                   Wright D W, Wilson
Weaver Sam, Oak                  Wiggins A, Edgar                 Wright E M, Ruskin
Weaver Scott, Oak                Wiggins Geo, Edgar               Wright J E, Ruskin
Weaver W J, Nora                 Wilburn B F, Hardy               Wright J G, Deweese
Webster Alex, Superior           Wild Frank, Edgar                Wright Martin, Ruskin
Wehman H, Bostwick               Wilde A, Bostwick                Wright W A, Superior
Wehrman Henry, Nelson            Wilkins C A, Davenport           Wright W B, Nelson
Wehrman J B, Nelson              Wilkins G A, Deweese             Wroughton J B, Nelson
Wehrman J, St Stephens           Wilkins N, Davenport             Wyatt Geo W, Nelson
~ Y ~
Young G, Nelson                  Young J M, Nelson                Young Willis B, Nelson
Young Hannah, Lawrence           Young T C, Nora                  Younkers Peter, Lawrence
~ Z ~
Zateman L M, Lawrence            Zeigler J W, Nora                Zimmermann Wm, Mt Clare
Zeigler Geo, Nora                Zimmerman Geo, Oak               Zumhofe Henry, Hardy
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