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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Nuckolls County
Nelson -- County Seat

Transcribed by Leona L. Gustafson, September 1999


Angus  Bostwick  Elera  Hardy  Lawrence  Mount Clare  Nelson  Nora
Oak  Rustin  Smyrna  Superior

Angus, a flourishing village on the B. & M. R. R., in the northern part of Nuckolls county, seven miles north of Nelson, the county seat.  Two flouring [sic.] mills are in operation here. Population, 125.

Note: There are no businesses listed.

Bostwick is seven miles west from Superior, on the
B. & M. R. R., in the southwestern part of Nuckolls county.  Population, 125. A general line of business is done here, and large shipments of grain and live stock are made.

Bostwick House, A Wilde prop.
Day & Frees Lumber Co, S P McCorkle agt.
Durham T S, genl mdse, postmaster.
Eaton Charles L, live stock.
Finnigan F R, mgr Gregg & Kyser.

Gilbert Wm C, agt B & M R R.
Green John, hardware, agl implts.
Gregg & Kyser, F R Finnigan mgr,
     grain elevator.
Knapp & Phillips, drugs.
McArthur Amos, groceries.
McCorkle S P, agt Day & Frees Lumber Co.
Renshaw Samuel E genl mdse.
Wall Wm H, blacksmith.
Wilde Alfred, livery, prop Bostwick House

Elera, a postoffice in the extreme southwestern part
of Nuckolls county, 19 miles from Nelson, the county seat. Population, 25.

Keifer J Warren Jr, postmaster, genl mdse,
     justice and live stock dealer.

Hardy has a population of 400, and is located eight miles east of Superior, on the B. & M. R. R, in the southeastern part of Nuckolls county, and 18 miles from Nelson, the county seat. The soil in the vicinity is rich and productive. Large shipments of grain and live stock are made from this point. There are two feed mills, a grain elevator, a hotel, a bank with a paid-up capital of $40,000, a good lumber yard, a costly brick school house, and three churches--the Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutheran. There is also a weekly newspaper, the Hardy Herald.

Abbott & Son, livery.
Agnew E H, agt Gregg & Kyser.
Beem Edward D, phys.
Berry Francis M, feed mills.
Brigman Daniel D, barber.
Brooks Wm J, hardware, harness,
Commercial Hotel, E F Warwick prop.
Davis Augustus F, livery.
Day & Frees Lumber Co. (Superior),
     C A Hayes mgr, lumber and coal.
Dimick C F Mrs, millinery.
Elder S J Mrs, millinery
Forsha Charles T, furniture.

Forsha J A Mrs, millinery.
Gardner Chas H, barber.
Gepfert Conrad, agl implts.
Gregg & Kyser (Lincoln), E H Agnew
     agt, grain elevator.
Hall S Albert, flour, coal.
Hardy Bank, paid capital $40,000, W H
     Leigh pres, Jas H Fair cashier.
Hardy HeraldR K Hill, pub.
Hayes C A, mgr Day & Frees Lumber Co.
Hays & Son, blacksmith.
Hill Ralph K,pub Hardy Herald, ins
     and real estate.
Lathrop Warren S, groceries.
McDowell & Bixby, drugs.
Milligan & Leigh, genl mdse.
Morris Horatio, meat market.
Neigert Anton, jeweler.
Nichols Fred W, blacksmith.
Peebler & Kirkland, agl implts.
Raynor W J, phys.
Rees A E, live stock dealer.
Royer & Co. genl store.
Segur Howard B, agt B & M R R.
Warwick E F, prop Commercial Hotel
Wilbur John W, bakery.
Williamson Wm J, feed mill.
Woods Wm, feed stable

Lawrence is situated in the extreme northwestern
part of Nuckolls county, on the DeWitt & Holdrege branch of the B. & M. R. R., at the junction of the Hastings branch of the Missouri Pacific Ry.  It is well located in a good agricultural section and is 16 miles from Nelson, the county seat.  Population, 200.  The Lawrence Locomotive is ably edited by J. H. Hill.  There is a good Methodist congregation and several civic societies.

Barrete J W, phys.
Bowman & Lyman, lumber.
Carnegay Frank, livery.
Christie F H, real estate.
Cody P H, carpenter.
Crozier J R, meat market
Dawson M T, prop Fremont House.
Emmons U, live stock.
Forst Bros, harnessmakers.
Fremont House, M T Dawson prop.
Friend Joseph, furniture.
Fuller & Wills, hardware.
Gilsdorf H & Co., hardware.
Greulich A B, phys.

Hall & Co, photographers.
Hawthorne R A, phys.
Helton C Mrs, millinery.
Hill J B, editor and pub Lawrence
Jackson S J, barber.
Jackson T S, variety store.
Kerr & Estep, genl mdse.
King R B, carpenter.
Kinsey J H, sta, tel and ex agt.
Lammon & Smith, livery.
Lawrence Locomotive, J Hill editor and pub.
Leap Chas J, restaurant.
Merrill C H, drugs.
Moorehead P C, drugs, postmaster.
Powell B S, shoemaker.
Schum & Son, genl mdse.
Shirley & Cole, agl implts.
Shirley T Mrs. millinery.
State Bank of Lawrence, C F McGrew
     pres, Frank Kramer cashier.
Stoner & Dawson, live stock.
Wiebeler Frank, genl mdse.
Zalman L, blacksmith.

Mount Clare, a small village in the northeastern part of Nuckolls county. Population, 35.

Blain CC, sta agt.

Brinkerhoff L Mrs. genl mdse.
Ferguson J, genl mds, hardware.
Ilg John, postmaster, blacksmith,
     agl implts.


Nelson, the prosperous seat of Nuckolls county on the Edgar branch of the B. & M. R. R. and the C. K. & N. R. R., is located nearly in the geographical center of the county on Elk Creek.  The city is situated in a bend of the creek, which is skirted by a thick growth of heavy timber, which in summer lends a surpassing beauty to the scenery.  The diversified surface gives the place a perfect, natural drainage system, and the water is pure and clear.  Among some of the prominent features of the place are the Nelson Brick Works, with a capacity to turn out 300,000 brick at one time, a fence factory, two banks, the First National, with a capital of $75,000, and the Commercial, capital $25,000, a creamery, etc.  A two story brick block has been erected within the past year, at a cost of $25,000, and a new court house is being built to cost $35,000.  The public schools are well graded, and have a well selected course of studies.  The present population is 1,400.  There are six church organizations, Presbyterian, Baptist, Christian, Methodist Episcopal Evangelical and Catholic.  The news papers are the Nelson Gazette and the Nuckolls County Herald.

Alliance Hotel, J H Pritts prop.
Archer & Hobbs, drugs.
Baker W J Mrs, millinery.
Ball D R, phys.
Ball M, drugs.
Bergstresser W A, attorney, notary.
Boggs Bros, Hardware.
Bowhay P, pumps and windmills.
Bowland E, boots and shoes
Bristo Clay, creamery.
Buffington J R, phys.
Caldwell M R Miss, dressmaker.
Campbell & Sutherland, real estate, loans.
Carpenter L J, agl implts.
Cole & Brown, attys.
Commercial Bank, capital $25,000, J H Geer pres,
     F R Mease cashier, G E Geer asst
Cornell Dt & Co. lumber and coal.
Crawford & Hutchinson, agl implts.
Davis S E, sta, tel and ex agt B & M Ry.
Dillege August, shoemaker.
Disbrow E S jr, meat market.
Disbrow F A, harnessmaker.
Ellis W O, ed Nuckolls County Herald.
Farmers Hotel, F Paddock Prop.
First National Bank, captial $75,000,
     C P Leigh Pres, J A Devore vice-
     pres, S A Lapp cashier.
Fletcher J J, bakery, restaurant.
French J R & Sister, books and stationery.

Goodrich & Fox, groceries.
Graham Thomas, barber.
Gregory G T, painter.
Griffith & Scheurer, jewelers.
Hall J M, justice.
Hein W C, blacksmith.
Howard J B, photographer.
Hunt W A, groceries.
Jackson E D, novelty bazar.
Kendall & Smith, grain.
Kennedy E S, collections. Klawitter H E, blacksmith.
Lapp S A, cashier First National Bank
     and notary.
Leigh & Ratledge, real estate.
Lyon George J, notary.
McClellan T A, barber.
McReynolds & Spurck, drugs.
Mealy & Ruble, groceries, queensware.
Minor A J, lumber, coal, stock.
Mock A W, postmaster.
Nelson Brick Works, Storer & Spruck prop.
Nelson Gazette, Scherzinger & Cole Nelson pubs.
Nelson Hardware Co, W I Templeton, W T Withers,
Nuckolls County Herald, W O Ellis pub.
Paddack Frank, prop Farmers Hotel. Patchin F J, phys.
Pierce M L, clothing.
Piper Wm, livery.
Pritts J H, prop Alliance Hotel.
Reichard J S, carpenter.
Ritterbush & Dowland, genl mdse.
Robinson & Johnson, furniture.
Scherzinger & Cole, pubs The Nelson Gazette.
Scheurer & Mock, contractors.
Searle S A, county atty.
Shank J M, cabinet maker.
Shaw & Wetzel, abstracts.
Shearer P W, groceries.
Smith J C & Co, dry goods
Sparks A L Mrs, millinery.
Stokes H A, phys.
Storer & Spruck, props Nelson Brick Works.
Sutherland R D, atty.
Threlkeld J B, livery.
Thurman H C, lunch counter.
Tucker W F, billiards.
Voigt Wm D & Sons, genl mdse.
Welch WM, auctioneer.
West B F, phys.
Wetzel Clyde, meat market.
Wetzel J H, atty, notary.
Wheaton Guy, sta, tel and ex agt C R I &
     P Ry.
Young Andrew, tailor.

Nora, is in the central part of Nuckolls county, eight miles east of Nelson, the county seat, and is the junction of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. and Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska R. R.  Population, 100.

Bottomfield & Dillon, genl mdse.
Broach J H, sta, tel and ex agt.
Fuller C F, blacksmith, agl implts.
Murfin J, genl mds, postmaster.
Smith J B, blacksmith.

Oak, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R. in the northeastern part of Nuckolls county, 12 miles from Nelson, the county seat.  Population, 100.

Baker Mrs, milliner.
Brown & Comstock, genl mdse.
Brown N H, justice.
Burns Mrs, milliner.
Carson J W, genl mdse.

Dudley N, genl mdse.
Kimball A C, harnessmaker.
Meyer E, flour mill.
Noble J M, hardware.
Ross C M, drugs, physician and
Weaver S A & Co, agl implts.
White A, sta, tel and ex agt.
Workmeister A J, blacksmith.

Rustin, a flourishing town on the C. K. & N. Ry, in the eatern part of Nuckolls county, 15 miles from Nelson, the county seat.  Population 100.

Brown Frank, blacksmith
Caldwell Geo, harnessmaker.

Dill & Becken, genl mdse.
Dudley Jno, agl implts.
Hobson A, drugs.
Jones John E, postmaster, justice.
Moore D H, hardware.
Schoopman G Mrs, dressmaker.
Snyder J F, station agt.
White W T, genl mdse.

Smyrna, a small station on the B. & M. R. R.
in the southern part of Nuckolls county, six miles
north of Superior. Population 25.

Bottom H S, genl mdse.
Helmes H C, postmaster.
Wall W R, sta agt.

Superior is an important railway town with a population of 1,600, located in the southern part of Nuckolls county, near the Kansas line, and 14 miles from Nelson, the county seat.  The Republican Valley and Superior & Edgar branches of the B. & M. R. R., the Superior & Seward branch
of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., and the Republican Valley branch of the M. P. Ry. center here.  It is situated in a healthful position on a fine plateau which slopes gradually southward to, and fronting upon, the great Republican valley.  Excellent drainage and a good water works system contribute to the desirableness of the city as a place of residence. Good brick business blocks give the town a substantial appearance.  Three banks, two hotels, a flour mill, a grain elevator, an opera house, a lumber yard, implement houses, a good number of stores and workshops and two newspapers, the Superior Times and the Journal.  All do their share to attract business from the surrounding rich agricultural and stock raising region.

Amberson C E, carpenter.
Bank of Superior, Meek & Briggs props.
Beal M J, prop Thurman House.
Bonnell & McElhinney, real estate.
Bossemeyer Ernest, groceries.
Bosserman O E, dry goods.
Bradshaw J F, phys.
Briggs A J, mgr Superior Opera House
Brokow F N, blacksmith.
Brown George, furniture.
Buck J, atty, ins.
Budd J C, carpenter.
Butler J S, phys.
Capps E E, drugs.
Catchadal G S Mrs, millinery.
Catchadal G D, jewelry.
Central House, A C George prop.
Chandler J S, barber.
Coin T P, Mrs, music teacher.
Collette Eli, groceries.
Cottage House, J H Campbell prop.
Cox Emma Mrs, millinery.
Day & Frees Lumber Co, lumber.
Dean W H, harnessmaker.
Dollman G W, sta, tel and ex agt.
Douglas & Nelson, drugs.
Doyle & Curtis, dressmakers
Drullinger E A, confectionery.
Dunlap Bros, pubs Superier [Sic.] Times.
Evans I W, musical instruments
Farmers Banking & Loan Co, Alex Hunter
     pres, T Lewis Vice-pres, A E Hunter
Fearing F E, harnessmaker.
Felt G W & Son, real estate.
First National Bank, Capital $100,000, D
     Bosserman pres, C E Adams vice-
     pres, L B Adams cashier, L
     Adams asst cashier.
Fogel M L, ins.
Forby J F, dentist.
Foster W, phys.
Gange Frank, meat market.
Gardner & Gross, groceries.
Glascott D S, genl mdse.
Goodjue Louis, restaurant.
Graham & Humphrey, realestate, ins.
Guthrie Bros, flouring mills.
Hahn L W, sta, tel and ex agt B & M R. R.
Harding John, carpenter.
Hatch & Naylor, props Superior Hardware Co.
Hollenbeck L A Mrs, dressmaker.
Hopper WW, real estate.
Hunter A, genl mdse.
Johnston Bros, hardware, agl implts, sewing
Johnston J S & Bros, genl mdse.
Jones W B, dentist.

Journal (The,) (daily and weekly),
     J D Stine editor and pub.
Kammermeyer George, breeder of
     Clydesdale horses.
Kendall J F, second hand goods and restaurant.
Kendall W W, drugs.
Kesterson James H, drugs.
King Bros, meat market.
Kinsey W G, shoemaker.
Lake & Baughman restaurant.
Lawler W E, boots and shoes.
LeFeber H, mfr soda water.
Loar W R, photographer.
Longtin N, saloon.
Louden Wm, grain elevator.
McCaughan Jas, pumps, wind mills.
McConnell Thos, flour and feed.
McGrew C F, atty at law.
McIntire Bros, dry goods.
McKee J W, phys.
McKown & Gallup, (C S MKown and H C Gallup),
     marble and granite works, monuments,
     tombstones, etc.
McWhiney & Green, wind mills and pumps.
Madsen S, tailor.
Marshall Geo L. paperhanger.
Mattehieson M H, blacksmith.
Meik & Briggs, prop Bank of Superior
Miller J A & Co, clothing.
Mitchell J W, phys.
Mitchell J W Mrs, millinery.
Moore E J, harnessmaker
Moore & Moore, drugs.
Murfin Edwin J, attorney, collections,
     and sectretary Board of Trade.
Murphy T, painter
Myers & Robibins, groceries.
Nicholson H C, livery.
Nye & Schneider Co, C F Lollich mgr, grain, lumber.
Padden Mercantile Co, hardware, agl implts.
Peat Wm, tailor.
Pelton & Timeran, saloon.
Pfleiderer L R, meat market.
Pierce & Croft, clothing.
Powell L A, phys.
Prindle & Bros, groceries.
Reilly & Orr, agl implts, blacksmiths.
Reilly & Williams, barbers.
Robinson W O, real estate.
Russell & Morrison, livery.
Ruston H A, cigar mfr.
Scott Miss, dressmaker.
Shumway A E, groceries.
Simonton R N, notary.
Smith L S & Co, genl mdse.
Soltow Frank, shoemaker.
Southard F S, furniture, carpets.
Stevenson C C, jewelry.
Stine J D, prop the Journal.
Stubbs S W, atty at law.
Superior Cattle Co, stock & grain.
Superion [Sic.] Hardware Co, E B Hatch, L Nayler
     props, hardware.
Superior Opera House, A J Briggs mgr.
Superior Times, Dunlap Bros, prop.
Taylor V E, postmaster.
Templeton Bros & Co, lumber, coal, A B Temple-
     ton, mgr.
Thompson R B, dry goods.
Thurman House, M J Beal, prop.
Timerman I W, restaurant.
Vail I E, atty, real estate.
Vallbehr H C, bakery, boots and shoes.
Volts S H, barber.
Waid & Wilson, dry goods, jewelry.
Warner M A Mrs, millinery.
Woolsey S A, big bargain store.
Yerrick M H & Co, saloon, billiards.
Young J F & Son, groceries.
Young W S, confectionery.

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