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page 56

    Amour, a newly established postoffice in Pawnee county, on the C.K. & N. Ry. Population, 25.

Fuller J W, grain. agl implts.
Herries J P, sta, tel and ex agt.
Knause C, genl mdse, postmaster.

page 92

   Bookwalter, a newly established postoffice in the southwestern part of Pawnee county. Population, 25.

Chandler C D, saloon.
Kness I A, sta agt.
Kness J C, harnessmaker.
Morrison J H, justice.
Tignor W E, drugs.
Walker M K, genl mdse, postmaster

page 101

   Burchard is in he western part of Pawnee county, 22 miles from Pawnee City, the seat of justice for the county, and has a population of 300. It is considerable of a shipping point, two grain elevators furnishing facilities for storage. Two hotels provide ample accommodations for the travelling public. The Republican Valley division of the B. & M. R. R. passes through the town. The Bank of Burchard is the financial institution of the place. There are good schools and churches. Of the latter there are the Presbyterian, United Presbyterian, Methodist, Christian, Baptist, and Catholic. The Burchard Times published by J. P. Swallow, furnishes the latest news to the residents of that vicinity.

Avenue House, M Heinz prop.
Bank of Burchard, David Remick pres, J N Eckman vice-pres, W H
Halderman cashier.
Becker George E, atty.
Bliss Frank, druggist.
Bstandig Ferdinand,furniture.
Burchard Times, J P Swallow, prop.
Coles Edward W, sta agt.
Collinson Thomas, dry goods.
Doering Frank, meat market.
Dort C J Mrs, millinery.
Dort John C, postmaster.
Dort & Lloyd, genl mdse.
European Hotel, prop Mrs. Mary Mollet.
Goodale Charles S, blacksmith.
Harrah David A, barber.
Harrod J S, mgr, W C Henry.
Heinz F, prop, Avenue Hotel.
Henry W C (Pawnee City), J S Harrod, mgr, grain elevator.
Hoffman Adam J, blacksmith.
Koons Isaac P, genl mdse.
Lamunyon J A & Co, livery.
Langenfeld Wm, groceries, hardware.
Lloyd Wm T, jewelry, stationery.
McVey R, steam feed mill.
Mollett Mary Mrs, prop European Hotel.
Pepperl Frank, hardware, agl implts.
Pepperl James, harness.
Reynish D J, phys.
Smith Eugne, phys.
Smith & son, groceries, boots, shoes,
Swallow J P, prop Burchard times.
Van Buskirk E, shoemaker.
Weis Frank, lumber, coal.
Welch L N, live stock dealer.
Wense August, cigars and tobacco.
White & Fulton, agl implts.
Wilson J N Mrs,dressmaker.

page 145

   Du Bois is a village of 250 inhabitants, on the C. K. & N. Ry., in the southeastern corner of Pawnee county. The distance from Pawnee City, the county seat, is 17 miles. It is well situated and has a grain elevator which costs $3,000 and a school house that costs $2,500. The newspaper of the place is the Du Bois Times.

Atkinson & Son, genl mdse.
Bellamy Henry S, capenter, wagonmaker.
Bentley Lester, blacksmith.
Boyd Harry C, painter.
Burge H. James, harnessmaker. Butler C T, restaurant.
Chittenden Z H, hardware, furniture.
Du Bois Times, W S Taylor prop.
Edwards Wm H, groceries.
Ervin J R, genl mdse.
Gray Elmer E, drugs.
Hinton George A, phys.
Jackson Charles L, phys.
Jordan E, livery.
Jordan Eben, postmaster.
Korber Henry F, meat market.
Lasher D, carpenter.
McElhany Bros, genl mdse.
Mallory A W, mgr, O H Schenck.
Meek, Skinner & Co, hardware, agl implts.
Miner John W, grain, live stock.
Moore C F, tinsmith.
Moorehead T P, photography.
Parker J C, agt C. R. I. & P. Ry.
Parry Helen Miss, millinery.
Richardson James, genl mdse.
Sarbach & Friend, genl mdse.
Schenck O H, A W Mallory Mgr. grain elevator.
Shortridge S B, blacksmith.
State Bank of Du Bois, D Remick pres, C E Wetmore cashier.
Storm House, J M Storm prop.
Storm Jas M, prop, Storm House
Taylor W S, prop Du Bois Times.
Turner George B, groceries, shoes.
Watters Amos A, barber.
White Lake Lumber Co, Horace Zoellen mgr.
Zoellen mgr, White Lake Lumber Co.

page 257

   Lewiston, a station on the C. K. & N Ry., in the northwestern part of Pawnee county, 18 miles from Pawnee City, the county seat. Population 75.

Bevens L J, gen mdse.
Jones & Jones, hardware.
McClellan F E, station agt.
Nayslip R M, postmaster.
Swarnes Sisters, dressmakers.
Thompson Geo, blacksmith.

page 291

  Mayberry, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Pawnee county, 18 miles from Pawnee City.

page 297

   Mission Creek, a thriving town in the southwestern part of Pawnee county, 20 miles from Pawnee city. Population, 40

page 442

   Pawnee City is an active business place in Pawnee county, of which it is the county seat. It is located somewhat southeast of the center of the cosunty, on the C. R. I. & P. R. R., and the Republican Valley branch of the B. &. M. R. R. It has a population of 1,517. An excellent system lf water works supplies the city. Its public buildings are handsome and well constructed. The court house is a substantial stone edifice which cost $15,000. A fine school building cost $15,000, the Presbyterian church cost $15,000. In addition to the public schools, in which the people tale a just pride, the Pawnee Academy, a private institution, affords additional educational facilities. The city is handsomely lighted by electricity. Two substantial banks, elevators, flour and feed mills, carriage works and various other business enterprises give scope to the energy and industry of the inhabitants. The Exchange Hotel, which has recently come under the control of Neill & Hooper, is a well appointed house and a favorite with the traveling public. The press is well represented by the Pawnee Press, F. S. Hassler, publisher, and the Pawnee Republican. There are here seven churches: Methodist, Christian, German Lutheran, Presbyterian, and First and Second United Presbyterian. The societies here are G. A. R., A. O. U. W., I. O. O. F., A. F. & A. M., and R. A. M.

Albright & Wishart, furntiure.
Anderson & bullard, phys.
Anderson & Cornell, prop Platers Supply co.
Anderson Meek, groceries.
Anderson R C, watchmaker.
Austin James A. painter.
Bascom George H, jeweler.
Beckey M M, feed mill.
Beeler, Pierce & co, genl mdse.
Bennett Chas E, photographer.
Benz Bros, blacksmith.
Bever Bros, clothing.
Bispham M. carpenter.
Brown Joseph, police judge.
Bunton Wm M, tailor.
Campbell E M, prin Pawnee City Academy.
Chaffee C A, wellborer.
City Water Works, W Headley Supt.
Collins G W, phys.
Colony John, boarding house.
Condon J T, veterinary surgeon.
Congdon T J, carpenter.
Cooper O A, John Tracy Mgr, grain elevator.
Cornell Walter W, ice, coal, wood.
Curtis A L Mrs. stationery.
Davenport & Ballance, real estate, ins.
Davenport, Bulla, Gossin, & Eddy, props Pawnee City Mills.
Davenport Geo. W, groceries.
Davis David D, atty, notary.
Davis John, lumber and coal.
Deutsch Bros, dry goods, clothing.
Dundas Robert M, foundry.
Eckman J M, notary public.
Edwards J L, atty and notary.
Ervin James R, agl implts.
Exchange Hotel, Neill & Hooper props.
Farmers National Bank, S A Hartwell, pres, Chas E Casey cashier.
First National Bank, J N Eckman, pres, John C David cashier.
Fist Herman, clothing.
Forbes John, veterinary.
Frazier Thos J, genl mdse.
Frederick Jacob A, restaurant.
Fulwider H W, & co, groceries.
Gill James F, livery.
Goodridge Frank J, livery.
Gorham & Meacham, dressmakers.
Goudy J K, city atty.
Green Elmer E, groceries.
Griffith John F, drugs.
Haas E H, phys.
Hamilton N A, wagonmaker.
Hankins Wm C, harnessmaker.
Harrington Bros, hardware.
Hassler A E & J N, props Pawnee Republican
Hassler Augustus E., postmaster.
Hassler Fred S, prop, Pawnee Press.
Hazels George, mayor.
Hazel House Mrs. M. Swygert prop.
Headley Wm, supt, city water works.
Hess James B, shoemaker.
Hopper Joseph N, dentist.
Humphrey G M, atty, notary.
Inglis Robert, prop, Pawnee City Carriage Works.
Irion John H, blacksmith.
Jenkins H S, carpenter.
Jenkins & McDonald, carpenters.
Johnston & Law, grain elevator.
Kee Sam, laundry.
Kern Walter C, jeweler.
Keys Jerome M, phys.
Leonard W L, auctioneer.
Lindsay H C, atty, notary public.
Lindsay, McClure & Trenery, lessees Pawnee City Opera House.
McDill & Brackett, furniture.
McMaster E A, mgr, White Lake Lumber Co.
Mahan & Wallace, photographers.
Mahon J D, city marshal.
Martin C L Miss, milliner.
Meek, Skinner & co, hardware and agl implts.
Merifield E H, meat market.
Merrill Fred E, sta agt C R I & P R R.
Meyers Frank, meat market.
Miles & Wing, millinery.
Miller James L, barber.
Moore John, supt Pawnee City Electric Light Co.
Pawnee City Academy, M E Campbell, principal.
Neill & Hooper (D W Neill and H J Hooper) props Exchange Hotel.
Pawnee City Carriage Works, Robt Inglis prop.
Pawnee City Electric Light Co, John Moore supt.
Pawnee City Mills, Davenport, Billa, Gossin & Eddy props, flouring mill.
Pawnee City Opera House, Lindsay, McClure & Trenery, lessees.
Pawnee Press, Fred S Hasler, editor and prop.
Pawnee Republican, A E & J N Hassler, prop.
Pierce C E, ins.
Platers Supply Co, Anderson & Cornell, props, mfrs plating machines.
Porter John, boots and shoes.
Raper, French, Clark & Co, genlmdse.
Rickey John W, harnessmaker.
Robinson C D, dry goods
Rogers Wm I, agl implts, hardware.
Ross & Goodridge, feed stable.
Russell Bros, restaurant, bakery.
Sammis & Dickey, real estate, ins.
Sanders Elizabeth Mrs, restaurant.
Schroth Nicholas, shoemaker.
Scott Sisters, millinery.
Scoville, French & Co dry goods, crockery.
Shane Bros, marble works.
Shannon Charles W, barber.
Shannon House, T H Shannon, prop.
Shannon T H, prop Shannon House.
Shellhorn Edmond J, dry goods, boots and shoes.
Showalter Samuel T, carpenter.
Sparks & Till, cigar mfrs
Spring & McCall, hardware, agl implts.
Springer, Sawyer & Son, real estate, insurance.
Stevens James N, detist.
Story & Story, attorneys.
Swygert M Mrs, prop, Hazel House.
Trenery Jesse T, drugs.
Wheeler Eldridge, attorney, insurance and collections.
White Lake Lumber Co, E S McMaster mgr.
Williams James A, meat mrket.
Woods Alex, house mover.
Woodward A C Mrs, millinery.
Wright Edgar D, cigar mfrs.
Wright S A, phys.
Zimmerman S, musical instruments.

page 507

   Steinhauer, has about 100 inhabitants and is situated on the line of the C. R. I. & P. Ry., eight miles northwest of Pawnee City, the county seat. The surrounding county is a rich farming and fruit producing region.

Baucke J W Mrs., milinery.

page 517

   Table Rock is at the junction of the A. &. N. and Republican Valley division of the B. &. M. R. R., in the northeastern portion of Pawnee county, eight miles from Pawnee City, the county seat. Grain and dairy products are the principal commodities shipped. A fine creamery here is in a flourishing condition. Large deposits of brick clay are found here, which supply not only the local manufacturers, but the Beatrice Brick & Tile Co., and the Lincoln Vitrified Paving and Pressed Brick Co., which have their clay pits here, the latter company having a pay roll of $3,000 pe month. The Table Rock Argus, published by F H. Taylor is a well conducted local journal. The population is 809, who are well supplied with churches and societies. The former are Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian, Christian, and German Catholic.

Barnes J A, restaurant.
Beatrice Brick & Tile Co, John Fulton mgr.
Brock C H, well borer.
Brown Wm, blacksmith.
Burgert Lewis, patent door springs.
Carman C, harness and shoemaker.
Castleton C B, well digger.
Cochrane & Freeman, carpenters.
Conklin Thomas W, hotel, confectionery.
Conkilin Wm A, jeweler.
Craig & Wemple, mgrs Lincoln Vitrified Paving and Pressed Brick Co.
David Dr. phys.
Diven D Q, poultry breeder.
Fellers Andrew, Drugs, furniture.
Fellers Bros, genl mdse.
Fellers L & M Mrs. millinery.
Ferrell Lemuel E, barber.
Freeman Henry, ins. justice.
Fulton John, mgr, Beatrice Brick and Tile Co.
Griffing O W, contractor, builder.
Hansen Albert F, blacksmith.
Hebard Charles E, photographer.
Jennings R P, J T Martin, mgr, grain elevator, coal.
Lincoln Vitrified Paving and Pressed Brick Co, Craig & Wemple mgrs.
Linsley Wm S, postmaster.
Marble M H, real estate.
Martin Gabriel R, meat market.
Martin & white, grain dealers.
Mitchell Edward L, carpenter.
Montgomery House, J. Montgomery prop.
Montgomery J, prop Montgomery House.
Murphy James, sta agt.
Norris Chauncey H, genl mdse.
Pattison Wm P, blacksmith.
Peck Edwin A, blacksmith.
Purcell Albert J, agl implts.
State Bank of Table Rock, John R Clark pres, David K Miller cashier.
Stewart H C, ins.
Stewart & Purcell, meat market.
Sullivan U, ins.
Table Rock Argus, F H Taylor, prop.
Table Rock Clay Co, G R Martin pres and mgr, Wm White sec, Wm Sutton treas brick mfrs.
Table Rock Creamery Association, G R Martin pres, Wm Sutton sec, and mgr, David K Martin treas.
Taylor & Beck, livery.
Taylor F H, prop Table Rock Argus.
Tibbetts Oscar D, genl mdse.
Tillotson & Andrew, hardware.
Westrick O, house mover.
White Wm, agl implts, lumber.
Wilson W H, drugs, phys.

page 535

   Violet, a station on the B. & M. R. R. in the central part of Pawnee county, six miles west of Pawnee City, the judicial seat. A good church and school edifice have been erected. Population 25.

Cornell, T L, genl. mdse, postmaster.
Covert, Geo, justice.
Mcfadden W sta agt.
Robb H A jr., blacksmith, drugs.

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