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 page 56

   Atlanta, a station in the main line of the R. & M. R. R., in the southwestern part of Phelps county, eight miles from Holdrege, the county seat. Population, 100.

Beem L Mrs., dressmaker.
Beem Van, agl implts.
Case E E, genl mdse.
Case G M, genl mdse.
Crostwait M C, station agt, justice.
Fulk Bros., hardware.
Reinhart J blacksmith.
Roberts D F, drugs, postmaster.

page 85

   Bertrand is located in Phelps county on the border of Gosper county and on the Cheyenne line of the B. & M. R. R., 16 miles from Holdrege. It was founded in 1885, and now has a population of 300. The First State Bank has a capital of $40,000. There are a grain elevator and two hotels, and an enterprising newspaper, the Phelps County Herald. The churches are the Congregational and Swedish Evangelical. The A. O. U. W. have an organization here.

Ahara R J, genl mdse.
Armstrong H C, saloon.
Armstron J V, livery.
Austin Charles T, agl implts.
Austin W C, hardware.
Bardsher O S, postmaster.
Barley James, live stock.
Billings & Wirt, billiards.
Bromander C A, blacksmith.
Brown L E, editor Phelps County Herald.
Bruce W M, grain dealer.
Central House, Mrs. G T Webster prop.
Cowan H A, blacksmith.
Dennis J W, meat market
Erickson G, shoemaker.
First State Bank, capital $40,000, R T McGrew pres, J G Ballard cashier.
Greenman H T, city transfer.
Hanna T D, prop Ogden House.
Harrington H E, phys.
Heckman D S, agl implts.
Holt R J, restaurant.
Howendobler E E, drugs.
Hurd A J, City Transfer.
Johnson Bros, grocers.
Kellogg George, sta agt B & M R R.
Keys L A, real estate.
Kreger John, flour and feed.
Lininger & Metcalf Co, A J Hurd mgr, agl implts.
Loomis C M, loan agt.
McCormick F P, lumber.
Morris L K, J A Taylor mgr, lumber.
Nelson & Co, genl mdse.
Ogden House, T D Hanna, prop.
Payne George E, city transfer.
Phelps County Herald, L E Brown editor.
Schroeder T C & Co, land agts.
Strickler C, livery.
Swanson, Philip, dry goods.
Warner, G M, genl mdse.
Webster G T, atty.
Webster G T Mrs, prop Central House.
Westfall M W, blacksmith.
Wirt J F, grain elevator.
Wolfe J F, grain elevator.
Zint W, barber

page 166

   Fraser, a postoffice in the northern part of Phelps county, 15 miles from Holdrege, the county seat.

page 186

   Funk, a station on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. in the eastern part of Phelps county, seven miles from Holdrege, the judicial seat. Population, 20.

Ayer W L, sta agt.
Brooking L T, grain elevator, genl mdse, hardware, postmaster.
Cobb Mose, justice.
Johnson Alfred, blacksmith.
Wirt Bros, grain elevator.

page 221

   Haydon, a postoffice in the northern part of Phelps county, 14 miiles from Holdredge, the county seat.

Arnold, J F, gen mdse, postmaster.
Arnold, W H, justice.

pages 228-231

   Holdrege, the judicial seat of Phelps county, is in the center of a vast region in beautiful country, very rich in agricultural resources. Its position at the junction of the main lines of the B. & M. R. R. to Cheyenne and Denver, and as the terminus of the Nebraska City and Holdrege branch has greatly aided its commercial growth and influence. The improvements are of a most substantial character. The waterworks cost #50,000, the public school building, a very fine structure cost $15,000. The number of good, brick buildings is quite noticeable and evidence of the substantial prosperity of the city. The Holdrege National Bank, F G. Hamer president, has a capital of $50,000. The First National Bank and Commercial State Banks are solid institutions. The Farmers State Bank has been organized recently with a capital of $25,000. The leading hotels are the Arlington Hotel, I. C. Cooper proprietor; Hampton House, E. E. Hampton proprietor, and the Holdrege House, kept by J Ormond. The newspapers are the Holdrege Citizen, M. C. Bradley publisher; the Weekly Progress, published by E. Johnson & Son, publishers; the Nebraska Nugget and Nykterhetsbasunen (The Temperance Bugle) E J. Johnson & son, publishers. The churches have commodious edifices. They are the Evangelical, Methodist, Baptist, Swedish Lutheran, Presbyterian and Catholic. The various societies are well represented. Population, 8,000.

Abraham Gust, tailor.
Anderson Louis, saloon.
Arlington Hotel, I C Cooper, prop.
Atkinson & Swanson, pianos, organs, sewing machines.
Baker F H, notions.
Banter L, blacksmith.
Barber h O, grain elevator.
Barnett & Corbin, grocers.
Bightol C A & Co, jewelers.
Beghtol E W, police judge.
B & M Hotel, John Sanders, prop.
Bocock Alfred, livery.
Bogue C H & Co, lumber.
Bovee & Ross, restaurant.
Bradley M C, editor and mgr Holdrege Citizen.
Burrows E V, wagon builder.
Cheline N J, agl implts.
Clark C E, photographer.
Cleaveland C S, collections.
Cohen Bros. Clothing.
Cole W C, saloon.
Commercial State Bank, capital $75,000, E D Ernsel cashier.
Connolly Louisa Mrs. restaurant.
Cook S E, physician.
Cooper I C, prop Arlington Hotel.
Cornell D T & Co, lumber, lime, cement, hair, building material, coal, etc.
Crandall Guy, livery.
Creel N K Mrs, dressmaker.
Day G W, grocer.
Dean Frank A, hardware.
Deisher H M, agl implts.
Dobbin W F, banker.
Dougherty & Churchfield, pawnbrokers.
Dravo S A, attorney.
Dunlavy John, meat market.
Ericson & Dahl, painters and dealers in wallpaper.
Farmers State Bank, paid up capital $25,000, Nels Nelson cashier.
First National Bank, capital $60,000 surplus $40,000, E G. Titus cashier.
Fleener M, billiard hall.
Fredericks & Hedlund, grocers.
Frederickson Bros, dry goods.
Gleason & Miller, grocers.
Grand View Hotel, Brunson Lee prop.
Green Peter, harnessmaker.
Guild E B, physician.
Gurunian H A, jeweler.
Hall E A, physician.
Hall & Patrick, attorneys.
Hampton E E, prop, Hampton House.
Hampton House, E E Hampton prop.
Hansen R, billiard hall.
Harbaugh J M, attorney.
Hedlund P O, attorney.
Hendershott C D, attorney.
Hill R L, marble works.
Hilsabeck D W, drugs.
Hoham J E & L, hardware.
Holdrege Citizen (The), pub by the Citizen Pub Co.
Holdrege House, John Ormond, prop.
Holdrege Manufacturing Co, capital $75,000, Paid in $38,000,
     D C D Whitcomb pres, h H Goetz sec and treas, mfrs windmills, pumps, tanks and corn planters.
Holdrege National Bank, capital $50,000 surplus $6,000, F G Hamer pres,
     Wm E Hymer cashier.
Huck Louis C, cigar mfr.
Lymer Wm E, cashier, Holdrege National Bank.
Johnson A P, coal.
Johnson Eric & Son, editors and pub Weekly Progress.
Johnson Frank, dry goods.
Johnson G H, atty.
Johnson & Jacobson, agl implts.
Johnson J P, paints, wall paper, etc.
Johnson M, furniture.
Johnson & sons, D S Shaefer and investment brokers.
Jones W H, grain and live stock.
Kridelbaugh J, sta, tel and ex agt.
Lardstrom O M, billiard.
Ledlie & Rea, dry goods, millinery, carpets, clothing, etc.
Lee Brunson, prop, Grand View Hotel.
Lewis Carl, barber.
Lewis L P, insurance.
Limbark F G, drugs.
Lindsay W T & Co, editors and pubs Nebraska Nugget.
Lininger & Metalf Co, henry Keefer mgr, agr implts.
Lipsey A M, broker.
McCorkle H H, harness mfr.
Maberly E H, dentist.
Martin J H & Co, pumps, windmills.
Mayer & Nelson, clothing etc.
Merritt John F, agl implts.
Moore John G & Co, plumbers.
Morris L K, lumber.
Nebraska Nugget, W T, Lindsay & Co, eds and pubs,
Neville J W, barber.
Norberg G, attorney at law.
Norris W P & Co, drugs.
Nyktrhetsbasunen (The Temperance Bugle, Swedish) Eric Johnson & Son, pubs.
Ormond John, prop, Holdrege House.
Palm Julius, saloon.
Palmer & Roberts, attys.
Peterson A E, boots, shoes.
Peterson C F, meat market.
Pope C V, jeweler.
Randolph J F, boots, shoes.
Rhea & Rhea, attys.
Ruttenhouse W C, loan agt.
Roberts E W, carpenter.
Rugg E A, confectioner.
Rundstrom & Johnson, furniture, undertakers.
St. Joseph Loan & Trust Co. (incorp) capital $100,000 J A Harris mgr, loans etc.
Sample & Mahaffie, books, stationery.
Sanders John, prop, B & M Hotel
Sanders S F, phys.
Scott A G & Son, grain elevator.
Scranton Morelle, saloon.
Sewell H, atty.
Sheldon C M, broom corn.
Shields W D,phys.
Shreck W A, postmaster.
Sickafoose Michael, atty.
Snow Bros, genl mdse.
Snow Eugene, glassware.
South Platte Loan & Trust Co, capital $100,000 E D Einsel pres, J A Snyder sec.
Stern Harry, loan agent.
Stockdale J H, harness maker.
Standt John N, baker.
Strong J L. grocer.
Tigerstrand Bros, bakers, etc.
Titus E G, cashier First National Bank.
Utley Max, hardware.
Vanderhoff & Einsel, meat market.
Wadsworth Ira D, livery.
Wadsworth J S, restaurant.
Weekly Progress (The), Eric Johnson & Son, pubs
Western Loan and Trust Co, capital #25,000 D J Maynard pres, J W Lytle sec.
Whittiar G P. phys.
Wills, Gibbons & Bartlett, livery.
Wilson J W, flour and feed.
Wing Sang, laundry.
Winguest Bros, tailors.
Winquest H C, tailor.
Wyatt J, photographer.

page 279

   Loomis, a thriving village on the Cheyenne branch of the B. & M. R. R., in the west central part of Phelps county, eight miles from Holdredge, the seat of justice. The principal shipments are live stock, broom corn and grain. There is a good brick yard and flouring mill in operation. The local journal published here by J. b. Beard is known as the Loomis Home Guard and is well supported. The Loomis State Bank is the local fnancial institution. Good public buildings have been erected and several church edifices add to the susbstantial appearance of the town. Population, 175.

Anderson James E, groceries.
Axtell & Pedley, drugs.
Barnum E., prop Monitor Hotel, postmaster.
Beard J E, editor the Loomis Home Guard.
Boden & Martinson, carpenters, wagonmakers.
Brune H L, agl implts.
Caswell H W, meat market.
Chapin J C, painter.
Farmers Union, C L Granlund mgr, groceries.
Forsythe W A, notary.
Frazer R W, barber, confectionary.
Garrett D, sta agt.
Hanson G A, broom corn, agl implts.
Heiserman Geo, livery.
Jackson J W, justice.
Johnson A W, live stock.
Johnson David, dry goods, clothing.
Johnson M, harness and shoemaker.
Kiplinger F W, notary.
Larson L M, blacksmith.
Loomis Brick Co, A Anderson mgr.
Loomis Home Guard, J E Beard, editor.
Loomis Milling Co, A W Johnson pres, J O Hendricks mgr.
Loomis State Bank, E L Kiplinger pres, F W Kiplinger cashier.
Lukehart James, billiards.
Mattson A K, live stock.
Monitor Hotel, E Barnum prop.
Morris L K, W A Forsyth mgr, lumber and coal.
Nelson & Johnson, drugs.
Potts Sisters, milliners and dressmakers.
Read Ezra, hardware.
Scott A G & Son, J C Dewey mgr, grain elevator.
Vandel Bros, genl mdse.
Walker B W, phys.
York W T, grain elevator and coal.

page 447

   Phelps, a postoffice in the central part of Phelps county, 12 miles north of Holdredge, the county seat.

Johnson John C, blacksmith.
Salgren John S, postmaster, genl. mdse.
Salgren P G Mrs, dressmaker.

page 467

   Rock Falls is in the southwestern part of Phelps county, 14 miles from Holdredge, the county seat. Population, 20.

Blackburn J C, post master.
Mengel T, blacksmith.
Park J Mrs, dressmaker.
Ripley S E, genl mdse.

page 467

   Romeyn, a country postoffice in the northeastern part of Phelps county, recently established.

Frank I W, physician.
Frank W H, postmaster.
Goodrich G W, blacksmith.
Sparks W A, justice.

page 474

   Sacramento, a post office in Phelps county, on the Nebraska Ccity and Holdredge line of the B. & M. R. R. six miles east of Holdredge.

page 546

   Westmark, a post office in the northwestern part of Phelps county.

Charleston G R, postmaster.

page 551

   Williamsburgh, a postoffice in the northern part of Phelps county, 20 miles north of Holdredge.

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