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for 1890-1891


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Birch  Colbergen  Foster  Hader  Osmond  Pierce  Plainview

 page 86

   Birch, a postoffice in the central part of Pierce county, eight miles west of Pierce, the county seat.

Birch F H, postmaster.

page 119

   Colbergen, a postoffice in the western part of Pierce county, 10 miles west of Pierce, the county seat.

page 165

   Foster, a postoffice and station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the central part of Pierce county, 10 miles from Pierce, the county seat.

page 210

   Hader, a telegraph station pn the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the southwestern part of Pierce county.

Matram N O, sta agt.

page 439

   Osmond, a station on the Pacific Short Line Ry., is in the northern part of Pierce County.

page 447

   Pierce is on the Niobrara line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. 133 miles from Omaha. It is the county seat of Pierce county and has a population of 800. Pierce, like all the towns of the same belt of country, is favored by nature in having an excellent farming country surrounding it. Corn is the staple product, but wheat, oats, barley and other grains can be profitably raised. Vegetables, too are cultivated in abundance and with profit. A number of substantial and costly buildings have been erected recently and additional improvements are being made. The new court house cost $25,000. The Hammond House, which is the leading hotel, cost $8,000. The Pierce State Bank, a brick banking house for $8,000. The Pierce Mill Company conduct one of the leading industries. The capacity of their mill is 150 barrels per day. The Piece County Leader published by D. Hewitt, and the Pierce County Call, J B Sharot, publisher, are the weekly newspapers of the locality. The churches are Congregational, Methodist, German Methodist and German Lutheran. The A F & A M and K of P have lodges and the G A R have a post here.

Alden J M, phy.
Billerbeck H J, hardware.
Burkett J E, jewelry, books etc.
Chappell Ida E Mrs, millinery.
Chilvers Wm B, abstracts of title, real estate, loans and insurance.
Cleland M, genl mdse.
Cones Douglas, atty.
Craig L R, mgr Pierce Mill Co.
Donaldson W B, drugs.
Elliott D W, hardware, agl implts.
First National Bank, capital $50,000. H S Beck prse, Woods Cones
     vice-president, C L Wattles cashier.
Foutz A H, notions.
Fox Bros, saloon.
Gay B F, phys.
Gishpert & Koebets, genl mdse.
Gleason F H, harness.
Hall Wilson, livery.
Hamilton C W & Son, lumber.
Hammond Goerge F, prop Hammond House.
Hammond House, George F Hammond prop.
Harris Alfred, barber.
Hartert Bros (E M & L R Hertert) abstracts of title, real estate, loans,
     insurance and steamship agts.
Hewitt Douglas, publisher Pierce County Leader.
Hitchcock A N Mrs, millinery.
Hoefs Wm, wagonmaker (builder).
Humphrey John Y, contractor and
Jasmer A A, sta, tel, and ex agt.
Jewell & Co. baker.
Just John, tailor.
Kratochvil Frank, blacksmith.
Lindsay Benj, attorney at law, notary public.
McDonald T J, drayman.
McDonald W Hm, county judge.
Manske F, saloon.
Mertha Emil, boots and shoes.
Mohr H H lumber.
Mohrman J C, genl mdse.
Opocensky M, harness.
Paige Frank, plasterer.
Pierce County Call, jacob B. sharot pub.
Pierce County Leader, Douglas-Hewitt pub.
Pierce Mill Co, L R Craig mgr.
Pierce State Bank, C A Reimers pres J P Buckner vice-pres, W A Spencer, cashier.
Pohlmann L A, ( Pohlman & Steinkraus) abstracts.
Pohlmann & Steinkraus ( L A Pohlmann A Steinkraus) abstracts of title,
     real estate, loans and insurance.
Quivey W W, county attorney, real estate, loans and insurance.
Reppert H S, furniture.
Ruhlow Bros, Agl implts.
Sanderson & Zulauf barbers.
Sharot Jacob B., pub Pierce County Call and postmaster.
Smith J B, atty.
Snyder C S, genl mdse.
Spink George H House painter.
Steinkraus A, ( Pohlman & Steinkraus) abstracts.
Stewart J H & Co. real estate.
Steinkraus A., (Pohlman & Steinkraus ) abstracts.
Stewart J H & Co realestate.
Turek John, shoemaker.
Ulich C, meat market.
Wichmann Wm, blacksmith.
Woodworth Ansel, drugs.
Woolverton B W, realestate, loans and insurance.
Zahn, Henry saloon.

page 449

   Plainview is in the northwestern part of Pierce county, 17 miles from Pierce, the county town, and has about 500 inhabitants. The location is a beautiful one--an extensive plateau with shady groves overlooking a magnificent stretch of country, highly cultivated and producing immense yields of corn and other cereals. The Niobrara line of the F.E. & M. V. R. R. and the Pacific Short Line, lately completed from Sioux City to O'Neill, pass through Plainview. Corn, wheat, oats, flax and baled hay are largely shipped from this point. A creamery, brickyards and other industries have been established. The banking interests of the place are transacted by the Farmers State Bank and the Bank of Plainview. The Methodist and Baptist churches represent the religious interests of the place.

Alterl W, agl. implts, justice.
Bailey S H, feed mill.
Baldwin D E, barber.
Bank of Plainview, J F Hecht pres, J E Hecht vice-pres, L Stone cashier.
Bridge C S, vice-pres Farmers State Bank.
Bringloe S B, sta, tel and ex agt.
Brown T C, saloon.
Buckingham A, furniture.
Cass E C, hardware.
Clark C C, phys.
Commercial House, J N Hawk prop.
Coreli Bros & Co, lumber, grain and live stock.
Doty R, blacksmith.
Dutcher & Son, live stock.
Erdman & Drake, blacksmiths.
Farmers State Bank, capital $35,000, W H Mast pres, C S Bridge vice-pres, F C Holbert cashier.
Frost H T, genl mdse.
Gazette (The), J L Stevens editor and prop.
Hall C M, genl mdse.
Hammond Harrison, justice.
Hawk J N, prop Commercial House.
Hecht J E, vice-pres Bank of Plainview.
Hecht J F, pres Bank of Plainview.
Hilborn W D, well borer.
Hill Geo R, drugs.
Hitchens Geo, livery.
Hladik J M, mgr Holbrook & Frees.
Hoffman Anna Miss, dressmaking.
Holbert F C, cashier Farmers State Bank, real estate, loans, collections & insurance.
Holbrook & Frees, J M Hladik mgr lumber.
Holly M, wagonmaker.
Hoskins J W, agl implts.
Johnson G H, genl mdse.
Kamtez Gus, blacksmith.
Kelley G T, atty, loans.
Kirk W L, prop Plainview Herald.
Law A J, phys.
Lowell C F, saloon.
Mast W H, pres Farmers State Bank.
Norton L M, livery.
Nelson N, veterinary surgeon.
Nelson N M & Co, hardware, agl implts.
Norton L M Mrs, millinery.
Norton M A, atty.
Packard S, harness.
Parker E I, genl mdse.
Phillips Elmer, livery.
Phinney E N, contractor, builder.
Pierce County Nursery, Geo W Sturtz prop.
Plainview Herald (weekly), W L Kirk prop.
Plainview House, H Urquhart prop.
Prentice F, well borer.
Rhea A L, phys.
Salick Ben, jeweler.
Schroeder Fred, bricklayer.
Scott John, barber.
Simmons J, phys.
Starr Sisters, millinery.
Stetson Ben, phys.
Stevens & Colson, confectionery.
Stevens J L, editor and prop The Gazette, postmaster.
Stone L, cashier Bank of Plainview.
Sturtz Geo W, prop Pierce County Nursery.
Urquhart H, prop Plainview House.
Vagedes Gust, shoemaker.
Wanser & Son, drugs.
Woodall F, real estate.

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