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page 65

   Banksville, a rural postoffice in the southwestern part of Red Willow county. 26 miles from McCook, the seat of justice.

Benjamin W H, postmaster, genl mdse, hardware.

page 66

   Bartley, a station on the B. & M. R. R., in the northeastern part of Red Willow county, eight miles east of Indianola, the county seat. Population, 300. The Bartley Enterprise, a weekly newspaper, has been established lately.

Baker R R, justice.
Brown L L, blacksmith.
Clark & Bartlett, hardware, agl implts.
Curlee & co., genl mdse.
Eaton & co., flour mill.
Eskey M N & Co., drugs.
Fidler R C, postmaster.
Hodgkin C W, agl implts, justice.
Leake II Mrs, millinery.
Sells V, sta agt.
Vickrey Bros., genl mdse.
Welborn & Son, hardware.
Wescott S F Miss, millinery.
Wiley A, genl mdse. 

page 93

   Box Elder, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Red Willow county, 12 miles north of McCook, the county seat. It has a good church and school ediface.

Brower Peter A, postmaster, genl mdse. 

page 135

   Danbury, a station on the B. & M. R. R. in the southern part of Red Willow county, 33 miles Beaver City, the county seat. Population, 150.

Atlas Lumber Co, lumber.
Bank of Danbury, bank.
Burbridge W R, blacksmith.
Caldwell J J, phys.
Cooley R S, justice, real estate.
Danbury Mill Co, roller mill.
Dolph J G, livery
Gliem & Stinson, genl mdse.
Gotham C S & Co, genl mdse
Leisure J N, hardware
Shackelton M G, drugs.
Underwood E E, postmaster.

page 237


   Indianola, on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. was founded in 1873, and is the county seat of Red Willow county. Among the many handsome and picturesque sites along the Republican valley, the location of Indianola is scarcely unsurpassed in beauty. The Republican river on the south and Coon creek on the west are both skirted with heavy belts of timber, while as far as the eye can see eastward and westward the valley of the Republican presents a variety of enchanting views. Many and varied kinds of business are represented in the city at present. Among the prominent features are two banks, the Bank of Indianola and the First National. The Leland Hotel is the leading hotel of the city. The Courier and the Times are well circulated newspapers and are good advertising mediums. There are three fine churches, the Congregational, Catholic and Methodist. There are two fine school buildings. The societies represented are A F & A M, R A M, and A O U W. The population is 1,200.

SketchAngstman John, billiards
Bank of Indianola, C E, Ashmore cashier, capital $25,000.
Barnes, C W, editor and pub Red Willow County Times
Beardler & Stelle, genl mdse.
Berge J II, atty
Bishop, G S, editor and pub The Courier
Crandall, E F, loans
Crumbagh Thomas P, Dry Goods
Curfman, G W, phys
Duncan Bros., genl mdse
Edgar, L P hardware
Eskey, F W phys
Farmers Hotel, E Royce prop
First National Bank, capital $100,000, J E Seeley vice-pres, J J Lamborn
Frees & Hocknell Lumber Co. Lumber & coal
Grass & Miller, boots and shoes
SketchHarrison & Harrison, clothing, boots, shoes
Hoag, C B, livery
Hobson Effie Miss, milliner
Hobson, George A, prop Leland hotel (see adv page 237)
Keyes Harlow W, Attorney
Leland Hotel, George A Hobson prop (see adv page 237)
Lerch Jacob, hardware
Lord Andrew, harnessmaker
McCallum Wm, grocery
McClung James, blacksmith
Moore G T, dentist
Murtha J S, grocer
Oman C H, loan agt
Peterman E, postmaster
Powell Bros, meat market
SketchRand A J, loans and real estate
Red Willow County Times, C W Barnes ed and pub
Root L C, genl mdse
Royce E, prop Farmers hotel
Russell & Wadsworth, agl implts
Shea M Miss, milliner
Short T W, confectioner
Short W H, livery
Shumaker John, Drugs
Snavely Rufus M, atty
Straut Frank H atty
The Courier, G S, Bishop editor and pub
Weikert A M, photographer
White R W, blacksmith
Woehner C F, drugs SIZE=1 WIDTH="25%" NOSHADE>

page 255

   Lebanon, a station on the Beaver City branch of the B. & R. R. R. in the extreme southeastern part of Red Willow county, 18 miles from Indianola, the county seat. Population 200.

Bautham J R Mrs, dressmaker.
Baxter C A, sta agt.
Burgess Marcia F, post master.
Hupp D F, hardware.
Loafborrow Theo, drugs, phys.
Pearson, E M, justice.
Scott M B, blacksmith.

pages 283-285


   McCook is a city of about 4,000 inhabitants situated on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., near the southwestern corner of the state, in Red Willow county, upon the Republican river. It is midway between Denver and Omaha. The division headquarters of the road are located here, as also the machine shops of the road. This being the terminal point of all east and west trains, the railroad interests alone is sufficient to build up a large city. An abundance of pure water is supplied by the city waterworks, which are operated by the Holly or standpipe system with twelve miles of main pipe. The McCook Electric Light and Power Co. have a costly plant and light the city with 24 arc and 570 incandescent lights, with a capacity to supply double that number. The banking facilities of the city are ample. The first National Bank has a capital of $50,000, Citizens Bank $50,000, Farmers and Merchants $30,000. Nebraska Loan and Banking Co, capital $52,000. The Frees and Hocknell Lumber Co., with a capital of $150,000, have an extensive yard here and its shipments are very large. There are also flour mills, brick years, a creamery, etc. The commercial Hotel, kept by G. E. Johnson, the McEntee Hotel, Mrs. M. Mullin, and several others, give good accommodations to the public. The press is ably represented by the Gazette, F. M. Kimmel, publisher, and the Democrat, which is the only democratic paper Red Willow. The churches holding regular services are the Congregational, Methodist, Episcopal and Catholic. The societies are A. F. and A. M., K. of P., A. O. U. W., M. W. of A., and G. A. R.

SketchAllen J C & Co., genl mdse.
Altschuler S, saloon.
Arlington Hotel, John H O'Neil prop.
Ashwill W C & Co, editors pubs, the McCook Gazette.
Beck J K, veterinary surgeon.
Bernheimer lee, tailor.
B & M Hotel, J W Tramwell prop.
Bowen & Laycock, boots and shoes.
Boyd C E, saloon.
Boyle C H, real estate, land atty.
Brewer C T, meat market.
Brobst Anton, baker.
Bullard W C & Co, lumber, coal.
Bump A G, restaurant.
Carruth & Son, jewelers.
Chenery G M, drugs.
Citizens Bank of McCook, capital $50,000 paid up, V. Franklin pres,
J R Clark vice-pres, A C Ebert cashier.
Clyde A C, saloon.
Commercial House, G E Johnston, prop.
Cole Hugh W, atty.
Cole R A, tailor.
Colvin S H, justice, notary.
Coupe R A & Co, meat market.
Davis & Jones, physicians.
Dewy R E, laundry.
Doar E H, prop McCook roller Mill.
Drysdale Rbt, tailor.
Dwyer J H, cigars.
Ewaton & co, livery.
Engel Jonas, clothing, etc.
Famous Clothing co, J Engel mgr.
Farmers & Merchants Bank, capital $30,000 paid up, F H Spearman pres,
H D Spearman vice-pres, J A Cordeal cashier.
First National Bank, capital $50,000 paid up, geo Hocknell pres, W F
Lawson cashier, F Welborn asst cashier.
Frees & Hocknell Lumber Co, capital $150,000 paid up, lumber, coal.
Ganschon J F, boots and shoes.
Gray James L, genl mdse.
Hall, Cochran & Co, hardware, windmills and pumps.
SketchHamilton R H, dry goods.
Hart Jno R, justice.
Heafy M J, restaurant.
Horner M E, fruits, etc.
Huddleston Lumber Co, capital $45,000, F W Huddleston pres
and sec, M W Huddleston treas, lumber, coal and building material.
Jennings J Byron, atty.
Johnson Geo E, prop, commercial house.
Kay Z L, phys.
Kelly J E, atty and notary.
Kendall D, confectionery.
Kepke H, tailor.
Kimmell F M, editor and pub The Tribune, books and stationery.
Knights C W, clothing.
Knipple M E, confectionery.
Lathrop W C Mrs, millinery.
SketchLa Tourette W C, hardware.
Lawler H, genl mdse.
Leach E A, photographer.
Lewis J W, carpenter.
Lewis Wm, saloon.
Lincoln H L, atty, real estate, ins.
Linter E, livery.
Lowman L & Son, dry goods.
Ludwick J H, second-hand goods, pawnbroker.
Lytle Bros & Co, hardware.
McAdams I, flour and feed.
McCook Electric Light & Power Co, Frank Carruth, N Costenborder props.
McCook Gazette (The), W C Ashwill & Co editors and pubs.
McEntee Hotel, Mrs M Mullen prop.
Mcconnell Louis, stationer.
McCook Democrat, Will E Mullen ed and pub.
SketchMcMillan Albert, drugs.
Menard Joseph, genl mdse.
Mortan & Cochran, attys.
Mullen M Mrs, prop McEntee Hotel.
Mullen W E, ed and pub the McCook Democrat.
Nebraska Loan & Banking Co, capital $52,00, surplus $5,000, C E
Shaw pres, Jay Olney cashier.
Noble C M, grocer.
O'Neill J H, prop Arlington Hotel.
Oppenheimner A, dry goods.
Pade & Son, furniture, undertaker.
Pate Bros, livery.
Penner Peter, harnessmaker.
Potter & Easterday, grain elevators, flour and feed.
Predmore Bros, blacksmith.
Prescott S A Mrs, milliner.
Quiggen & Ramsey, blacksmiths.
Reizenstein Joseph, cigar mfr.
Ryan & Noren, loan and ins.
Seaman Sigmon, grocer.
Shaffers S A, tinsmith.
Sharp A P, barber.
Shepard W G, jeweler, organs.
Smart J H, photographer.
Smith C M & Son, drugs.
Smith D D, livery.
Smith & Thompson agl implts.
Smith W J, barber.
Spickelmeier L J, phys.
Spotts Joseph, barber.
Stulken J D, boots and shoes.
Stutzman T B, phys.
Sutton H P, jeweler.
Sutton Wm, meat market.
Thole Hermann, genl mdse.
Thomas A J, dentist.
Tribune (The) F M Kimball ed and pub.
Troth H H, postmaster.
Walsh Patrick, saloon.
Welch A J, sta and ex agt.
Wells A P, physician.
Wells J Albert, dry goods, millinery, carpets, etc.
Wilcox & Fowler, genl mdse.
Willay A J, physician.
Willay & Walker, drugs.
Woerner Christian, gunsmith.

page 446

   Perry, a flag station on the B. & M. R. R. in the western part of Red Willow county, six miles west of McCook.

page 464

   Red Willow, a postoffice in Red Willow county, eight miles northeast of McCook.

page 527

   Tyrone, a post office in the eastern part of Red willow county, 17 miles east of Mccook, the ccounty seat.

Moore Frank, justice.
Moore J C, postmaster.

page 531

   Vailton, a postoffice located on Driftwood Creek in the southwestern part of Red Willow county, a20 miles from Indianola, the county seat. Population 16.

Barmentrout J, blacksmith.
Williams Jos, postmaster and land agent.


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