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page 78

Beaver Crossing a station on the F.E.&M.V.RR. in the southwestern part of Seward county, 14 miles from Seward, the county seat. Population, 300. The Evangelical and the Methodist Episcopal are the religious denominations represented here. The Journal, an enterprising newspaper is published by P.C. Carpenter.

Bailey R.W, wagon maker.
Bell, J.M. & Co. hardware, groceries
Bentley W II, blacksmith
Blessing, David, furniture
Brookly Wm Mrs. dressmaker
Carpenter P C, proprietor The Journal
Chapin I B & Co, J L Evans manager, lumber coal
Commercial House, U L Nichols, proprietor
Corey, Sarah Mrs, millinery
Eager, Dewitt, general merchandise, drugs, postmaster, notary
Edmiston J, station, telegraph and express agent.
Emmerson, A J, hardware
Erford, J H & Co, grain
Evans, J L, manager I G Chapin & Co.
Foster, F M, livery
Grafton & Lattimer, painters
Greedy, F A, drugs, physician
Harrigan, C J, veterinary surgeon
Houzvicka & Markitan, harness-makers
Journal (The), P C Carpenter, publisher
Kinney, J W, confectionery
Lloyd & Martin, proprietors Pearl Mills
McWilliams, J I, blacksmith
Maule, F M, city transfer
Maurey, Wm H, barber
Myers, A A, restaurant
Nichols, U L, proprietor Commercial House
Nye, W E & Co, J H Richie manager, grain, coal, livestock
Organ, Ziegler & Foster, agriculture implements
Richie, J H, manager W E Nye & Co
Rumsey, George, barber
State Bank of Beaver Crossing, R S Norval pres, M W Warner, cashier
Van Skike, E E, meat market
West & Scott, billiards.

Bee a station on the F.E.& M.V.RR. in the northern part of Seward county, eight miles from Seward, the county seat. About 300 people, chiefly farmers, receive mail at this office. The United Brethren and the Christian church societies hold services here. A bank has recently been organized with a capital of $25,000.

Ague L & Son, grain and coal
Bank of Bee, P C Nelson pres, Wm Ketels cashier
Burrell, B W, groceries, hardware
Caroll, G.W, plasterer
Fender, F H, drugs
Froman, A D, livery
Island, H L, carpenter
Lamert, H, blacksmith
Linn, John, carpenter
Martin, S K Lumber Co, S J Person, manager, lumber, coal.
Maule J D, Station telegraph and express agent.
Meyers, Louis, general merchandise
Nelson P.C.Grain, livestock
Noxon E H, postmaster, justice
Sisco, Hettie Miss, proprieter Arlington House
Sparks, John, blacksmith
Windslow W S, meat market

page 105

Camden a postoffice in the southwestern part of Seward county, 18 miles from Seward.

page 124

Cordova is a postoffice in Seward county, on the line of the F.E.& M.V.RR. The country round about is of the most fertile character, and well cultivated. The population of the newly made village is 100. There is here a German Lutheran church.

Babcock, C H, real estate, postmaster
Bank of Cordova, capital $10,000, W.H.Wallace Pres, M A Pflug, cashier
Barlow, Charles, harnessmaker
Brown, J C, agriculture implements
Buress, H B, proprieter Elkhorn House
Cottrell, Alden & Co, George A Stop, manager, grain
Doty & Jensen, general merchandise
Doty, Wm C, drugs
Elkhorn House, H B Burress, proprieter
Franklin, Wm, barber
Goodbrod George & Co, hardware
Hale & Berryman, livestock
Hunkins & Rodeman, dry goods, groceries
Konkright, W W, justice
Jung, C H, groceries
Keehns, Henry, meat market
Langener & Stahr, harnessmakers
Laurmann, Conrad, saloon
Long & Hodeman, grain and coal
Muir, John, sta, telegraph and express agent
Pflug, M A, cashier Bank of Cordova, notary
Sneller, Simon, wagonmaker
Tidball, R M & Co, C H Ketridge manager, lumber
Tous, J J, blacksmith
Vaughan & Patterson, groceries
Whitcomb D, livery

page 190

Germantown (now Garland) on the Nebraska division of the B & M RR, is located in the northeastern part of Seward county, five miles northeast of Seward, the county seat. The Methodist Episcopaleans have a good edifice here. Population 225

Barrett, W B, lumber
Beadle J L, station agent
Biel, Christ, saloon
Cox, O L, drugs
Fetterman, Cyrus, hardware and postmaster
Francis, James, harnessmaker
Kemble, J F Mrs, dressmaker
Koch, Chas, blacksmith
Lowry, T.W. grain
McCarty, Dr, physician
McLean, Allen, blacksmith
Meyers, Louis, general merchandise, creamery, agriculture implements
Pierce, A H, livery
Seeman, R F & Co, agriculture implements
Weyant W, Jr, justice

page 191
Goehner is a station on the F E & M V RR in the southwestern part of Seward County, eight miles from Seward, the county seat. Population, 75.

page 209
Grovera postoffice in the northeastern part of Seward county, six miles east of Seward.

page 290

Marysville a postoffice in the northwestern part of Seward county on the Blue River, about 12 miles from Seward, the county seat;

Bruce, C P, postmaster, general merchandise
Holtzier, M, flour mill

page 293
Milford lies in the southern part of Seward county, on the A & N division of the B & M RR. It has a population of 700, and is beautifully situated on the banks of the Blue river. The Industrial Home for Women, a state institution, is located here. The building cost $15,000. The Sanitarium, a health resort, has a five story building supplied with hospital resources, and surrounded by forty acres of ground adorned with trees and shrubbery. Along the front runs the Blue river, and numerous springs add to its attractions. There are two banks here, the Blue Valley and Johnson & Cos, a good flour mill, a hotel, etc. The newspaper interests are cared for by H A Brainerd, publisher of the Nebraskan.

Alexander, D, drugs
Anderson, L M, manager J A Connor
Atwood, Henry C, drugs
Benton, H M, photographer
Blackburn Bros. general merchandise
Blue River Ice Co, Cooper & Carruthers, managers
Blue Valley Bank, L Chaddock Pres, J E Orcutt, cashier
Brainerd, H A pub Milford Nebraska
Brandon, George W. physician
Cocklin, John A, pumps, etc
Comstock & Ford, hardware
Comstock O A Mrs, millinery
Connor J A, L M Anderson manager, grain
Culver, J H, postmaster
Dale, A M. painter
Dunnigan, J J, livery
Englehaupt, John, lumber
Funk, A W Mrs, groceries
Hintz, John F, shoemaker
Howard, D A, meat market
Johnson F S & Co, bankers, flouring mill
Johnson, Simon, harnessmaker
Johnson W S, billiards
Klein, P C, saloon
Laune, L D, real estate, notary
Lilley, J K, bakery
Mattocks, J A, blacksmith
Maul, J L, furniture
Maul & Son, agriculture implements
Milford Nebraskan, H A Brainerd pub.
Milford Sanitarium, J H Culver, manager
Morrisey J C livestock, D Todd, manager
Morton, A H bakery
Nisley, Wm, restaurant
Noakes, David, billiards
Norton, E. wagonmaker
Norton E A, proprieter, Resosrt House
Orcutt, W.T. general merchandise
Ost, L E sta, telegraph and express agent
Perkey E J Dr Mrs, manager Industrial Home
Prosser, John, blacksmith
Raymour, J A, saloon
Resort House, E A Norton proprieter
St Cyr, S A, jewelery, justice
Sample, J S & Son, brick manufacturer
Saratoga Hotel, Doc Wright proprieter
Schaaf, Jacob, grain dealer
Seip, A K, physician.
Saymour, H A Mfg Co, manufactures butter packages
Smiley, W.C., livery
Snieley, Wm, livery
Spelts, Joseph, livestock
Stolp, Gustav, shoemaker
Stump, George, hardware
Tavis L Miss, millinery
Todd D, manager J C Morrisey
Turner C M, general merchandise
Turner John T, restaurant
Warren & Co, general merchandise
Welch S H Harness
Wonderly J.L. restaurant.
Woodward, Ada Mrs, physician
Wright, A H, dentist
Wright, Doc, proprieter Saratoga Hotel
York, James L. barber

page 454

Pleasant Dale a station on the B & M RR in the eastern part of Seward county, 13 miles southeast of Seward, the county seat. Population 100

Best, Theo, justice
Duncan, W S, general merchandise
Ensign, A W, justice
Koller J, hardware, agriculture implements
Landis, E H posstmaster, general merchandise
Priess C, saloon
Willia J T, sta agent

page 468
a village in the south central portion of Seward County, on the Atchison and Columbus branch of the B & M RR, five miles south of Seward, the county seat.

page 480

Seward is the judicial seat of Seward County, and is situated between the Blue river and Plum creek, 25 miles from Lincoln. Its water power is excellent. The surrounding soil is of the richest description, being a black loam which produces splendid crops of various kinds of grain. Large numbers of live stock are also raised. Among the industrial enterprises, which employ quite a number of men, may be found a lock company, foundry, machine shop, canning works, oatmeal mill, brick manufactory, broom factory, etc. There are also several breeders of five live stock. The banks are Jones National Bank, capital $50,000, First National Bank, capital $50,000, and State Bank of Nebraska - all in first-class standing. The hotels are the Neidhart House, the American and the Windsor. The newspapers are the Nebraska Reporter, Seward Democrat, Saturday Evening Star, and Blue Valley Blade, An opera house with a seating capapcity of 500 is the temple of amusement. A good public library furnishes free literature to the people. Many fine and costly structures evidence the prosperity of the city. Among the new buildings now being erected are the to cost $16,000, and several find brick buildings to cost from $5,000 to $10,000 each. The denominations having churches here are Catholic, German Evangelical, German Lutheran, United Brethren, Primative Baptists, Congregational, Presbyterian and Methodist. Population, 2,000.

Adler Gerson, dry goods
Alberti George, furniture
Anderson, James, coal
Alling C S loans, insurance
American House, W S Leiter, proprieter
Anderson Ross P, county attorney
Ashton, W H & Co, meat market
Atkins S D & C A harnessmakers
Babson, Gustav, agriculture implements
Babson G Jr, plumber
Bain C W dentist
Barlow Geo W, breeder of Hereford cattle
Bemis Carl A, abstracts
Berdolt M & Son, clothing
Bitzer J H & Sons, proprieters Blue Valley Blade
Bick Frederick, soda water manufacturer
Blue Valley Blade, J H Bitzer & Sons, proprieters
Boyer, H L & Son, proprieters Seward City Mills
Bradley & Jenks, notions
Brandes H P, city treasure, harnessmaker
Breed F L, physician
Burlingham S C, real estate
Callender Barrett, coal
Carrigues J H, agent F.E. & M.V. Railroad
Chambers Arthur painter
Chambers & Bro, drugs
Chase, E B, drugs
Connelly Laura Miss, dressmaker
Cottrell, Alder & Co, grain
Cottrell L R, hardware
Crawford Adam, manager Lininger & Metcalf Co
Cubberly & Co, jeweler
Cummins & Townsend, physician
Davis W R & Sons, groceries
Devolt W H, manager S K Martin Lumber Co
Dickey G W, veterinery surgeon
Dickman G F, city clerk
Diers Herman, dry goods
Douglas S R, loans
Dunbaugh & Anderson, groceries
Dunham J P, carpenter
Dumphy R E, carriage maker
Dyer Wm W, confectionery
Fallon J A carpenter
Finmans Library, Miss Ida M Weatherby librarian
First National Bank, capital $50,000, S C Landworthy pres,
      E McIntyre vice-pres. W E Langworthy cashier
Fletcher Bros. meat marker
France C U, proprieter Windsor House
Fuller G.W, brick manufacturer
Geesen, John F. merchant tailor
Gereka & Barkly, drugs
Givens W.D. photographer
Goehner Bros, dry goods, groceries
Goehner J F & Bro, hardware
Graff Clothing Co, A W Campton mgr
Guthman, F F Bakery, groceries
Gwartney D C, steam laundry
Hayford W J, sta agent B &M RR
Heumann, Adolph, saloon
Hill, J V justice
Hinchliff Bros, breeders short horn cattle
Holbrook, W F jewelry
Holland C E, attorney
Holland Ernest C, loan broker
Hughson J A, physician
Humphrey C K, carpenter
Hunter C H, broom manufacturer
Hutchinson, R H, groceries
Hyman, S, millinery
Imig, Carl, agriculture implements
Johns L G, dry goods
Jones, Claudius & Son, breeders of Holsteins and Short Horn Cattle
Jones National Bank, capital $50,000, Claudius Jones, pres,
     S C Burlingam, vice pres, H T Jones cashier, L F Schult ast cashier.
Kettle J S, news
Kimmel & Hallstein, saloon, billiards
Kleuck Philip jr, cigar manufacturer.
Kohn B, dry goods
Kribbeler, John, furniture
Kroeger Carl F, shoemaker
Lamson A, portraits
Lange A D & Co, groceries, queensware
Leiter, WS, proprieter American House
Lininger & Metcalf Co, A Crawford manager, farm machinery
Lowery Bros & Mullfinger, grain
Luebben John, boots and shoes
Luebben Lillie Miss, dressmaker
McIntyre & Seeley, real estate
McKillip, D C, attorney
Martin S K Lumber Co, W H DeVolt manager, lumber
Meehan M, pub Seward Democrat, county supt.
Moody C S, well borer
Moore & Finn, livery stable
Morgan A E, barber
Morris Lock Co, L B Williams pres, Henry Morris vice pres, Geo L Barney
     sec, C W Barkly treas, mfrs Keylers postoffice lock boxes.
Mulfinger J C, mayor
Mulford Wm, livery
Nebraska Reporter, F G Simmons publisher
Neihardt House, I D Niehardt proprieter
Neihardt I D, proprieter Saturday Evening Star, attorney, loans
Norval Bors & Lowley, attorneys
Parks & Boyd, flour and feed
Pelkey F A, wagon and carriage maker
Peterson Joel, carpenter
Phillips, E P, pumps and windmills
Pierce Wm, restaurant
Polly E A postmaster and jewelry
Pratt, Wm, barber
Redford & Slonecker, groceries
Raynolds & Potter, physicians
Robbins C D, proprieter Seward Machine Shop
Rogy, August, breeder of Percheron horses
Roos, Louis, meat market
Rosborough W M, blacksmith
St. Cyr S A, jewelry
Saturday Evening Star, I D Neihardt proprieter
Schick, R R, coal, stone, etc
Schultz Wm & Son, boots and shoes
Scott Bros, barbers
Seward City Mills, H L Boyes & Son proprieters
Seward Canning Co S C Langworthy pres. W E Langworthy Sec C E Monford Supt
Seward Democrat, M Meehan pub.
Seward Foundry, Geo Shopland proprieter
Seward Maching Shop, C D Robbins proprieter
Shopland Geo, proprieter Seward Foundry
Simmons F G, pub Nebraska Reporter
Skeed T F, dentist
Smith A M & Co, groceries
Smith & Biggs, attorney at law
Stanhilber E H, lumber
Stanhilber, L E Mrs, notions
State Bank of Nebraska, John Cattle, pres, John Cattle jr, vice pres,
     C W Barkley, cashier
Sstevens M C Mrs, millinery
Strayer John, plaster
Terwilliger Geo H, attorney
Thomas, J C saloon
Thompson N H Mrs, millinery
Tisue Joel, loans
Tobin, Walter, blacksmith
Totten A H, drug
Unitt Phillip, livestock
Vanderhoof & Williams, real estate
Vreeland J H, confectionery
Walker Bros & Co, oat meal mill
Walker L, physician
Walker Opera House, L Walker prop
Warnecke Henry, shoemaker
Wharton Nettie P Miss, teacher of music
Whiting Geo W, city marshal
Wiechman & Bick, saloon
Windsor Hotel, C U France, prop
Woodward, J H, physician
Woodward W W, broom manufacturer
Wooler & Son, brick manufacturer
Work D C, claim agent
Wright F A & Co, real estate, loans, insurance
Wussler Louis, restaurant
Zimmerer John, hardware

page 506
Staplehurst is on the Big Blue river iin the northern part of Seward county, on the A & N division of the B&M RR, six miles northwest from Seward, the county seat. It has a popoulation of 300. Two grain elevators are in operation. The Eagle Hotel, C L Scribner, proprietor is popular with the public. The Bank of Staplehurst attends to the financial wants of the district. Additional school facilities have been provided. The Presbyterians and Methodists have churches here.

Abbott, George, horsebreeder
Bank of Staplehurst, L Jargensen pres, E Jacobs cashier
Barrett W B, W H Moore, manager, lumber
Bertram Wm, saloon
Considine Nora Miss, millinery
Daehling August, general merchandise
Diers Herman, general merchandise
Eagle Hotell, C L Scribner, proprieter
Hardy S N physician
Harrell F H hardware
Hartman Dunn, livery
Hathaway C A barber
Helmsdoerfer Henry furniture and undertaker
Hornberg Frank, saloon
Lowry Bros, J F Brausch manager, grain
Madden J H T, drugs
Mayland Henry, meat market
Meyer H, hardware, postmaster
Nash, L H Groceries
Nelson & Jacobs, grain elevator
Ocken J W, boots and shoes
Prange C H, live stock
Schmidt C, carpenter
Schultz Bros, farm machinery
Scribner C L, proprieter Eagle Hotel, justice of the peace
Shulze August, blacksmith
Suppiger Charles B, harnessmaker
Thorpe Robert H, station, telegraph and express agent
Weld Julius, wagonmaker
Weller H H, general merchandise
Werder T Mrs. dressmaker
Wiegardt P J, blacksmith

page 519

Tamoraa town in the central part of Seward county, is on the Nebraska division of the B&M RR, six miles from Seward, the county seat. The country hereabouts, for this state is old and thickly settled, no failure of crops has ever been known and the farms find a ready sale at from $25 to $60 per acre. Three large elevators are required to handle the grain. The Tamora State Bank and the banking firm of A J Williams & Co furnish the required capital to carry on the trade. The M.E. and Presbyterian churches are an attractive feature of the place.

Anstine John, livestock
Bertram Wm D G Klein manager, general merchandise
Brown Horace S, general merchandise
Calder James J, justice
Campbell A jr, drugs
Commercial Hotel, O Wheelock, proprieter
Conner Joseph A, Wm Dingman agent, grain elevator, coal
Dingman Wm, agent J A Conner
Drake P A, station agent B&M RR
Emerson Charles E, postmaster
Fleener & Cox, livery
Hamilton John B, agent G W Lowrey
Highland S A, harnessmaker
Highland S A Mrs, dressmaker
Hoskins A H, ed and pub Tamora Times
Jelt Henry Mrs, dressmaker
Kelley James, restaurant
Klein D G manager Wm Bertram
Kouth B, general merchandise
Love S D agent J C Morrissey
Lowrey George W. John B Hamilton agent, grain elevator, coal
Lyons David E. carpenter
McWhinney A. livery
McWhinney & Calder, groceries, hardware, etc
Marshall R E groceries, gents furnishing goods
Martin (S K)Lumber Co, N E VanSickle agent, lumber
Miner W R, billiards
Morrissey J C, S D Love agent, grain elevator and coal
Noyes, Charles L, blacksmith
Pendell George D, physician
Stage & Charske, meat market
Sutton Thomas H, barber
Tamora State Bank, George W Post pres, Lee Love vice pres, J A Thomas, cashier
Tamora Times, A H Hoskins editor and pub.
Thomas J A, real estate, loans, insurance
Van Sickle N E, agent S K Martin Lumber Co
Wheelock Oscar, proprieter Commercial Hotel
Williams A J & Co, bankers and brokers. A J Williams pres, collections and paying taxes
     a specialty
Williams F M general merchandise
Williams G S, pumps, windmills
Wood, John shoemaker

page 530

Utica is in the western part of Seward county, 13 miles from Seward, the county seat. It is a station on the B&M RR. The growth of the town has been sufficient to provide for the wants of the country that seeks a market here. Lately a handsome Presbyterian Church has been built, costing $2,000. This in addition to the churches heretofore built, attractive residences and compact business blocks, gives an appearance of prosperity to the town which it deserves. Farming land is quite valuable in this vicinity from $20 to $50 per acre being asked, and many not being willing to sell at those figures. Population 600. The churches are the M.E.Church and a Catholic Church.

Atkins S D & C A, harness, saddlery
Babson & Sinner, agriculture implements
Boon John A, grain elevator
Boon Perry S, meat market
Butts B F groceries
Chapin I G & Co, John J Mewes agent, lumber
Colman & Colman, attorneys, real estate
Compton F P proprieter Utica Sun
Cougill A T, insurance
Cox John, saloon
DeBolt George, wagon maker
Derby G A real estate
Edwards E L, justice
Glen John, shoemaker
Goodbrod George, Haradware, stoves
Harman H C Rev, pastor M E Church
Harvey R D, physician
Heimburger Charles, saloon
Hibbard J E, hardware
Hurd Bros, photographers
Hurlburt C G, insurance
Jones Joseph, general merchandise
Kenner C A, physician
Kimmel Joseph, millinery
Leavens Albert, proprieter Utica House, blacksmith, justice of the peace
Leonard Bros, blacksmiths
Lewis Albert, barber
Liggett & Hurlburt, grain elevator, coal
Merchants Bank, capital $20,000 G F Hurlburt pres, C G Hurlburt cashier
Mewes John J, agent for I.G. Chapin & Co
Miner W B & Co, livestock
Mundt Herman, carpenter
Murphy James E, livery blacksmith
Nevin W F, drugs
Nihart, Harden & Co, general merchandise
Purinton D E, pumps, windmills
Ragan B C, postmaster
Rider J W, proprieter Wilken House
Rieck C, jeweler
Ross G M, meat market
Sauls W E barber
Schmehr F J, restaurant, news depot
Scott, Suffel & Co, grain, coal
Severin & Schark, meat market
Sprollm Fr Rev., pastor Catholic church
Swartz Bros drugs
TSaylor T L physician
Toman J R, station agent B&M RR
Turner Ferrey, blacksmith
Utica Bank, capital $20,000 F Beckard pres, J E Hibbard vice pres. T J Brant cashier
Utica House, A Leavens proprieter
Utica Sun, F P Compton proprieter
Whitnah Bros & Co, general merchandise
Wilken House, J W Rider proprieter
Wilken John, general merchandise
Williams Samuel furniture
Yoho Samuel P agriculture implements, coal
Zumwinkel Herman, general merchandise

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