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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 


   South Omaha, the "Magic City" and great cattle market and meat packing center of the West, is located four miles south of Omaha proper, with which it is intimately connected in all its relations. Its proximity to the vast corn raising and stock feeding region has given exceptional opportunities to its great livestock trade, which have been wisely taken advantage of. The Union Stock Yards Co., of South Omaha, with their ample capital of $4,000.000 and with their intense energy and liberal management, have provided such com- plete facilities for handling live stock, as to be unsurpassed by any yards in the Union. The receipts for the year 1889 were 467, 340 cattle, 1,206,905 hogs, 159,053 sheep and 7,595 horses. Total 1,840,893 head of live stock. During July and August 1890, the receipts were 93,759 cattle, 439,388 hogs 9,109 sheep, 1,360 horses and mules. Total 543,616.
   The chief industry of the city -- the slaughtering and meat packing business -- has steadily and rapidly grown until it has reached immense proportions, with certainty of continued increase. In 1885, 75,395 hogs and 31,288 head of cattle were slaughtered, when the industry was comparitively in its infancy. The growth of the business has been so rapid that in 1889 the home packers killed the grand total of 1,027,293 hogs, 239,578 beeves and 55,801 sheep. Total 1,322,672. The amount of cash paid for these on the hoof was $20,280,000. Of this grand total the Armour- Cudahy Packing Co. slaughtered 459,231 hogs, 46,343 cattle and 9,489 sheep; Swift & Co., 91,510 hogs, 121,310 cattle and 28,661 sheep; George H. Hammond Co., 157,898 hogs 66,768 cattle and 11,099 sheep; the Omaha Packing Co., 331,310 hogs. The Stock Yards Co. have recently built additional pens and stables, giving an increased capacity of 50 per cent to their facilities. Swift Co. and G. H. Hammond& Co., meat packers, have doubled their capacity during 1890. The Armour-Cudahy Co. have made large additions and the Omaha Packing Co. have in- creased their capacity. These figures speak for themselves and need not be delated upon. In conducting these enterprises about 3,000 men are employed, whose wages amount annually to about $2,000,000
   Finance. -- The financial operations involved in these extensive transactions are necessarily immense. The four banks of South Omaha have a combined paid-up capital and surplus of $426,874. The dealings of one of the South Omaha banks sommetimes amount to $1,500,000 per day and aggregated during 1889 nearly $300,000,000. Population. -- The increase of population has kept pace with the increase in the volume of business, until in six years its numbers reach over 8,000. With this increase public improvements have gone steadily forward, costing in the aggregate over $400,000. Many streets have been graded and some substancially paved. Two great viaducts costing $80,000 have been built over the railway tracks.
   Well equipped schools open up there stores of knowledge for the young. Churches of different denominations are well sustained. Secret and benevolent societies bind men together in social ties of common sympathies and interests. Elegant Mansions and neat cottages make comfortable homes for the people, while abundant merchandise is at hand in well appointed stores to supply their wants. The American Water Works Co. provide a plentyful supply of natures fluid for all needful purposes, while the South Omaha Electric Light and Power Co. dispel the darkness of night with their brilliant lights. Four newspapers, devoted to the trade and other interests of the city, are published here, three of which, The South Omaha Stockman, The South Omaha Drovers Journal and the Boomer, are published daily, and one, The South Omaha Times, weekly.
   The postoffice, in the amount of its business, ranks the third in the state. Intercourse between the two cities of Omaha and South Omaha is continuous by means of the electric cars of the Omaha Street Railway. The railway facilities of South Omaha are excellent. The Union Stock Yards R. R. and the Belt Ry., local, connect the operations of the stock yards, etc., directly with the great trunk lines, namely: The Union Pacific Ry., Burlington & Missouri R. R., Missouri Pacific Ry., Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R.R. Chicago & North Western R. R., Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley R. R. Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha R. R. , and the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry., which, with their branches and connections radiate in every directrion and open up our whole broad land to the business and enterprise of this growing city.

Abraham J D, harness mfr, 325 N 25th.
Adams Ben S, attorney and notary, 2521 N.
Adams F E , chop house, 2620 N.
Adams Geo & Burke, Andrew Gillespie mgr, 38 Exchange bldg.
Adams T A, confectionery, 2914 Q.
Akofer & Casey, meat market, 2505 N.
Allison T V, meat market 2918 Q.
American District Telegraph Co, H P Ryner mgr, 2523 N.
American Live Stock Commision Co, (Chicago E St Louis, S Omaha and
     Kansas City), Geo S Brown salesman, 34 Exchange bldg. (See adv page 495.).
American Refrigerator Transportation Co, Andrew Haas genl agt,
     44 Exchange bldg.
Anderson David, real estate, cor 25th and M.
Armour-Cudahy Packing Co (The,) capital $750,000, Michael Cudahy pres,
     Ed Cudahy vice pres and genl mgr. packers and general provision dealers, 33d cor N.
Attow & Podlak, blacksmiths and carriage makers, 330 N 26th.
Babcock Paint Glass and Wall Paper Co, A W Babcock prop, 2624 N.
Babcock W N, genl mgr Union Stock Yard Co (limited), Exchange bldg.
Babcock W S, barber, 2514 N.
Barnes F L, barber, 2402 N.
Barrett P A & Co, real estate, 2523 N.
Baxton John W & Co, flour and feed, 411 N. 25th.
Beard T, saloon, 24th and Lamont.
Beckett W H & Co, coal, N 28th and J.
Belohavek Anton, prop South Omaha Hotel, 501 N 26th.
Bell, Shelley & McCoy, live stock, r 39 Exchange bldg.
Bennett J M, mgr McCloud-Love Live Stock Com Co, 9 Exchange bldg.
Berneke A, saloon, 1106 N 24th.
Berry W B, notary public, 2415 N.
Berry W, phys. 2729 Q.
Berwick T A, phys, 2507 N.
Bestenlehner J, shoemaker, 2508 1/2 N.
Betz Charles, shoemaker, 419 N 26th.
Blievernicht J L, saloon, 3023 Q.
Blume B, prop Blume Hotel and saloon, 410 N 26th.
Boileau J W, architect and superintendent, 2402 N, (See adv.)
Boomer Publishing Co, A E Brigham & Co props, pubs The Sunday
     Morning Times. 2623 N.
Boruh W, shoemaker, 2412 N.
Boston Nine Cent Store, E Truehaft mgr, notions, 2417 N.
Bostwick H C, treas S Omaha Ice Co
Bower W L, saloon, billiards, 2414 N.
Bowley Fred, prop Pacific House, saloon, 3121 R.
Boyer, Shelly Co (The), live stock, commission, 39-40 Exchange bldg.
Boyle Francis, second hand goods, 331 N. 25th.
Broderick C H, contracting agt C & N W, F E & M V and C St P M & O,
     14 Exchange bldg.
Brainhard, Richardson & Carpenter, (J A Brainhard, E M Richardson,
     B F Carpenter), live stock commission, 36-37 Exchange bldg.
     (See adv Omaha View pge 492)
Branch E B, cashier, Union Stock Yard Bank, notary, Exchange bldg.
Braniff J J, barber, 317 N 27th
Breen Joseph J, justice, 2601 N.
Brennan Peter, saloon 2412 N.
Brewer & Sullivan, furniture and undertakers, 2410 N.
Brigg & Dare, hardware, 329 N 26th
Brown Geo S, salesman American Live Stock Commision Co, 34 Exchange bldg.
Bruen & Carpenter, livery stable, 2502 N.
Buck Geo & Son, produce commission merchants, 503 N 24th.
Burch Albert, saloon, 1026 N 24th.
Burger C R, sign painter, 411 N 26th.
Burke Geo & Frazier, live stock commission, 4 Exchange bldg.
Burlington & Missouri River R R, in Nebraska, C W Tyner agt, W B
     Cheek contracting agt, 44 Exchange bldg.
Burt J F, plumber, 2508 N.
Busk John N, saloon, 33d and Q.
Byers Bros & Co, live stock commission, 12 Exchange bldg.
Campbell James H Company (The), Chicago St Louis, Kansas City, Wichita, D L
Campbell mgr, S Omaha, 41 Exchange bldg (See adv page 489).
Campbell D L, mgr The James H Campbell Co, live stock
     commission, 41 Exchange bldg.
Carlisle J M, gents furnishing gooods, 412 N 24th.
Casey Jno, blacksmith, 319 N 26th.
Chaikin P, groceries, 30th cor V.
Cheek W B, contracting agt C B & Q and B & M Rys, 44 Exchange building.
Chicago Burlington & Quincy R R, C W Tyner agt, W B Cheek
     contracting agt, 44 Exchange bldg.
Chicago & North-Western Ry, Jere Fincher agt, C H Bradrick
     contracting agt, 14 Exchange bldg.
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry, J L Martin live stock agt, 43 Exchange bldg.
Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha R R, Jere Fincher agt,
     C H Bradrick contracting agt, 14 Exchange bldg.
Christ & Lowry, props Delmonico Hotel, 2629 N.
Clay, Robinson & Co, live stock commission, 24 Exchange bldg.
Cockrell Peter, postmaster, real estate, 2420 N.
Coffman S J, Smiley & Co (S J Coffman, J B Smiley, G H Babbitt,
     Lee Truitt), live stock commission, 26 Exchange bldg. (See adv page 495)
Cohen J, merchant tailor, 2621 N.
Colling C J, musical instruments, 316 N 25th.
Cook Bros, electricians, 2623 N.
Cook W S, real estate, 2623 N.
Corcoran M J, boarding house, 2906 R
Cornish J F, watches, jewelery, etc, 2406 N.
Costello Thomas, saloon, 3113 Q.
Crill, Brown & Denny (A Crill, W Fletch Brown, W F Denny), live stock
     commission, 27 Exchange bldg. (See adv South Omaha View page 492).
Cudahy Edward A, vice pres and general manager Armour-Cudahy
     Packing Co, 33d cor N.
Curtis D S, groceries, 2108 N.
Daily Wm & Co, live stock commission, 34 Exchange bldg.
Daniels C H, painter and paperhanger, 2503 N.
Davidson D, groceries, 2707 Q.
David E J, livery, 417 N 26th.
Davis Wm, confectionery, 331 N. 27th
Decker S V, architect, 2521 N.
Debeck Nicholas, saloon, 214 N 25th.
Delmonico Hotel, Christ & Lowry, props 2629 N.
Desmond John, groceries, 32d and S.
Diamond E, clothing, 2524 N.
Dopita Joseph, saloon, 523 N 27th.
Dorsey Bros & Clifton, live stock commission, 21 Exchange bldg.
Doud Eli H, deputy county attorney and notary, 2601 N.
Dow S F Mrs, bakery, 2525 N.
DuBois E S, sign painter, cor 26th and P.
Edgarton & Farnsworth, attys, 2514 N.
Edgarton J W, city atty. 406 N 24th
Egan Dan, blacksmith, 330 N 25th.
Egger & Bock, brick mfrs, S 28th and Egger.
Egger Jos. saloon, 671 S 28th.
Elliott T F, attorney, 2521 N.
Engelmann H, boots, shoes, 2801 Q.
Ensor T H, physician, 2402 N.
Etter & Son, grain, 403 N 24th.
Evening News (The), Warner A Root editor, 2623 N.
Evers J P, real estate, ins, 2523 N.
Exchange Hotel Co, G Van Orman mgr, Exchange bldg.
Fincher Jere, agt C & N W, F E & M V and C St P M & O Rys, r 44 Exchange bldg.
Fixa John, saloon, 406 N 24th.
Flaherty M J, saloon, 2411 N.
Fleming James, saloon, 334 N 26th.
Flynn John & Co, clothing, 2404 N.
Foley & Crittenden, (James Foley, Fred Crittenden), live stock
     commission, r 13 Exchange bldg.
Foley Thomas, saloon, 2607 N.
Formanek J W, meat market, 418 N 25th.
Foster Albert C, mgr Swift & Company, cor Q and U P track, vice-pres
     Union Rendering and Refining Co, r 44 Exchange bldg.
Foster Clifton, confectionery, 2409 N.
Franck M J, prop Transit House and sample room, N 27th and M.
Fremont Elkhorn & Missouri Valley R R, Jere Fincher agt, C H Bradrick
     contg agt, 14 Exchange bldg.
Frey & Berry, saloon, 2521 Q.
Frey John, saloon, 319 N 27th.
Fullriede M J, boots and shoes, 405 N 26th.
Geary L, saloon, 713 N 24th.
Gibbon W A L, cashier Nebraska Savings and Exchange Bank, 2523 N.
Gibson L C, real estate, 2521 N.
Gienger R, sta agt B & M R R.
Gilchrest, Hanna & Eikenbary (R Gilchrest, D C Hanna, J C Eikenbary), live stock
     commission, 29 Exchange bldg. (See adv South Omaha View page 493.)
Gillespie Andrew, mgr Geo Adams & Burke, live stock commission,
     38 Exchange bldg.
Glasco J M, phys, 2513 N.
Gleason H W, dry goods, cor Bellevue ave and A.
Glynn W S, drayage, Q bet 26th and
Goldstein M, dry Goods and clothing, 2924 Q.
Gorman J J, painter, 2420 N.
Gougherty J, groceries, 30th bet R & S.
Graf Henry, hardware and tinsmith, 2912 Q.
Graham T A, mgr Pacific Mutual Tel Co, 42 Exchange bldg.
Gratiot & Co, groceries, 2511 N.
Great Western Carbon Co, S R Johnson, pres and treas, L B Williams
     vice-pres, east of South Omaha.
Great Western Hotel, C W, Phelps, prop, 515 N 25th bet L and M.
     (See adv page 494).
Gusowski Max, clothing, 2611 N.
Gustus J E, saloon, 419 27th.
Haas Andrew, genl agt American Live Stock Transportation Co,
     44 Exchange bldg.
Hake & Redington (J A Hake, L C Redington), live stock commission,
     7 Exchange bldg. (see adv South Omaha View, page 493.)
Haley Andrew B, groceries, 253 S 20th.
Hammond G H Co (The,) G W Simpson pres, J D Standish sec and treas,
Hy H Meday supt, dressed beef and hog products, South Omaha office
     Union Stock Yards; principal office Chicago (See page 490).
Hammond G H & Co, meat market, 401 N. 24th.
Hanusa Charles, saloon, 401 N.26th.
Harris Jacob, tailor, 2610 1/2 N.
Hart J E, collector, 2412 N.
Hart Michael, saloon, 3201 Q and 2521 Q.
Haul Henry, saloon, 706 N 24th.
Hayes & Acker, live stock commission, 31 Exchange bldg.
Heafey & Heafey, undertakers, 321 N 26th.
Hedges Z P, real estate, 2406 N.
Hegarty M H & Co, live stock commission, 50 Exchange bldg.
Hench Geo H, prop Penmar House 502 N 26th.
Henni Paul, meat market, 708 N 24th.
Heynrich Conrad, saloon, 2611 N.
Hill O B, saloon,2401 N.
Hilton & Co, editors and pubs South Omaha Daily Drovers Journal, N cor 27th.
Hoban David, laundry, 154 S 32d
Hogle H E, boots and shoes, 2503 N.
Holland Grant, mgr Nebraska Telephone Co. S O Exchange, 2601 N.
Holms & Smith, hardware, 2408 N.
Home Steam Laundry, E F Schmidt prop, 2520 N.
Howe J H, sec and treas Union Rendering & Refining Co, 44 Exchange bldg.
Howell A, blacksmith, 30th and R.
Howland & Bradford, lumber, coal, 2524 Q.
Hrdlacka Jos, groceries, 418 N 26th.
Hull H O, saloon, 2618 N.
Humpest Frank, saloon, 602 N 24th.
Hunter & Green (JJ Hunter, GB Green), live stock comission, 30 Exchange
     bldg. (See adv page 496)
Jackson, Maley & Co (Alma Jackson, Charles S Maley, E H Gribble), live
     stock commission, 15 Exchange bldg. (See adv page 495).
Jaskalek Jacob, cigar mfr, 2521 N.
Jetter Balthas, brewery, 30th and Y.
Johnson Edward, real estate, loans, 404 N 24th.
Johnston Ed & Co, real estate, abstracts, 406 N 24th.
Jones G W, genl agt Streets Western Stable Car line, 48 Exchange bldg.
Kahny E, blacksmith, 623 N 24th.
Kain Bros, cigar mfrs, 2401 1/2 N.
Kaufhold Charles, boarding, 2721 Q.
Kaufmann Edward, barber, 2519 Q
Keenan & Smith, live stock commission, 3 Exchange bldg.
Kelley & Kelley, phys, 2513 N.
Kelly John, prop Clifton House, 158 S 27th,
Kiewitt & Co, brick mfrs and contractor.
Kilker A. prop Summit House, 3017 Q.
Kinsella & Healy, saloon, 2622 N.
Kirkpatrick Milo, phys, 2601 N.
Kirschner D H, confectionery, 332 N 24th.
Kobert H, watches, jewelery, 2521 N.
Kohm Chas, prop Chicago House, 2720 R.
Korhumel L, shoemaker, 335 N 27th.
Krebs Fred, saloon, Bellevue ave and Armour.
Kritenbrink Bros, brick mfrs, N 30th nr F.
Kuppe Carl, Merchant tailor, 2501 1/2 N.
Kunzel Joseph, saloon, 412 N 25th.
Kyne W H & Co, dry goods, 2510 N.
Laitner F, cigar mfr, 517 N 27th
Lane, Slabaugh, & Rush, attys, 2514 N.
Lathan D C, groceries, 2512 N.
Lee Wing, laundry 2703 Q.
LeFils J A, drugs, 2916 Q.
Lemm Eli, cigar mfr, 408 N 26th.
Lemon Carl, dye works, 319 N 25th.
Lobman & Trauerman, live stock commission, 48 Exchange bldg.
Lucas J H, meat market, Bellevue ave and D.
Lundgren & Carlson, saloon, 410 N 24th
Lynch E Mrs, confectionery, cigars, and tobacco, 3119 R.
McCloud - Love Live Stock Commission Co, Lee Love president ,Sam
     Coffman vice president, J M Grantham secretary, J M Bennett manager,
     9 Exchange bldg. (See adv page 489 and in classified Live Stock).
McCracken A C, constable and deputy sheriff, 385 N 26th.
McGuckin D L, prop McGuckin House, 2512 Q.
McKeon John, saloon, 2518 Q.
McMillan John, real estate, notary, 385 N 26th.
Mack Albert J, cigar mfr, 505 N 24th.
Mahoney, Ferrall & Co, live stock commission, 46 Exchange bldg.
Mangan P M, barber, 2401 1/2 N.
Mangnall James, saloon, 2516 N.
Manley C M, live stock commission, 35 Exchange bldg.
Manmaier Frank, blacksmith, cor 25th and Q.
Mann N D, bakery, milk depot, 2406 N.
Martin Bros (Chicago), J G Martin and Al Powell mgrs, live stock commission,
     8 Exchange bldg. (See adv South Omaha View 492).
Martin Henry, saloon 2616 N.
Martin J L, live stock agt C R I & P Ry, 43 Exchange bldg.
Masson & McMillan, real estate, 385 N 26th.
Mayberry W H & Bro, hardware, 416 N 25h.
Mead N B, mgr W U Tel Co, 17 Exchange bldg.
Means L Miss, dressmaker, 2503 N.
Meday Hy H, supt The G H Hammond Co, Union Stock Yards, pres
     S Omaha Ice Co. (See adv pge 490).
Melcher C A, drugs, 2601 N.
Menderson & Frank, provision brokers, 48 Exchange bldg.
Meyers H, druggist, 2522 N.
Millard H C, pres S Omaha National Bank and notary public, 2514 N.
     (See Adv page 491).
Miller Bros, (C C and A V Miller) live stock commission, Exchange bldg.
     (See adv page 495.)
Millspaugh & Cuddington, coal, lime, cement, hay, and grain, 2418 N,
     yards 28th and M.
Missouri Pacific Railway freight office, C F Stoutenborough agt,
     opp Exchange bldg.
Mitsche F C, billiards, 332 N 26th.
Morrell D, flour, feed, Bellevue ave and B.
Mosher G W, livery, 326 N 25th.
Mullen J S, groceries, saloon, Bellevue ave and D.
Mullen P J, mgr K S Newcomb Lumber Co, Lawerence between G and I
Murry T C, barber 2614 N
Myers A A, saloon, Bellevue ave and D.
Nebraska Savings and Exchange Bank, capital $400,000. John L Miles pres,
     W A L Gibbon cashier, C M Hunt asst cashier, 2523 N.
Newcomb (The K S) Lumber Co, P J Mullen mgr, Lawerence between G and I.
Newey C J, confectionery, 2607 1/2 N.
Nicklen H E, restaurant, confectionery, 2423 N.
Norberg C A, watchmaker, jeweler, 2601 N.
O'Connor Thomas, saloon, 2610 N.
Omaha Cooperage Co. Chas Schaefer mgr, B& M R R n of L.
Omaha Packing Co, capital $250,000 surplus $400,000, P L Underwood
     pres, Anderson Fowler vice-pres, Robert Stabo sec, James Viles jr
     treas and mgr, beef and pork packers 32d cor O.
O'Neil Daniel, prop Benson House 314 N 25th.
O'Neil T J, flour, hay, grain, 2506 N.
O'Rourke M J, phys, cor 27th and N.
Pacific Hotel, F Bowley prop 3121 R.
Pacific Mutual Telegraph Co. T A Graham mgr, 42 Exchange bldg
Paddock & Gosney, live stock commission, 28-29 Exchange bldg.
Palmer Blanchard & Co, live stock commission, 22 Exchange bldg.
     (See adv Omaha View page 493.)
Parkhurst Hopper & Parker, D S Parkhurst, Sol Hopper, Marsh Parker, live
     stock commission, 6 Exchange bldg. (See adv page 495.)
Parks R & Co, plumbers, 2418 N.
Parnell W, groceries, 2406 N.
Pennsylvania House, G Hench prop, 502 N 26th.
Person P N O, livery, 2913 R.
Persons & Berry, F J Persons, W B Berry, real estate, loans and insurance, 2415 N.
Phelps C A, prop Great Western Hotel, 515 N 25th bet L & M.
     (See adv page 494).
Pivonka V, saloon, 524 N 24th.
Pololka Frank, saloon, 333 N 24th.
Popp Antone, shoemaker, 2524 N.
Press S M, clothing, shoes, 2421 N.
Prindle Bros, bakery, 416 N 26th.
Raff Gustaf, meat market, S 33d nr Hammond.
Rasner Joseph, groceries, saloon, S 23d and Hammond
Raven H H, saloon, 321 N 27th.
Rayner M F Mrs, prop Keystone House, cor 26th and R.
Redmond & Bloom, saloon, 2527 N.
Reichenberg I. furniture, 508 N 25th
Reiff Christ, saloon, 2703 Q.
Rich C H, treas and mgr Stockman Publishing Co, 405 N 24th.
     (See adv page 494).
Richards & Saunders, dry goods, 2403 N.
Richman N P & Co, live stock commission, 36 Exchange bldg.
Rieff Christ, saloon, Q cor 27th.
Ritchhart J F, loans notary, 2521 N.
Roberts & Zerte, groceries, 710 N 24th.
Robinson J, wholesale liquors, 2519 N.
Robson M, meat market, 256 S 30th.
Rock Thos, saloon, 2501 N.
Root Warner A, pub the Evening News (daily except Sunday), 2623 N.
Rynearson S D, livery, 513 N 26th.
Sage Bros, flour and feed, 2522 Q.
Sanford C M, groceries, 3019 R.
Sanford M A, phys, 3019 R.
Savage, Kelly & Abbott, live stock commission, 5 Exchange bldg.
Saxe A W, drugs, 2513 N.
Schenck J M, restaurant, 2612 N.
Schmitz G, meat market, 414 N 26th.
Scott & McDaniel, hardware, 2517 N.
Seidler August, saloon, 2731 Q.
Seykora E J & Co, drugs, 2402 N.
Shamblen & Scott, blacksmiths, rear 2619 N.
Sharp J C, sec and treas Union Stock Yard Co. Exchange bldg, see
     So Omaha Ice Co.
Shelany Frank, saloon, 2606 M.
Shrigley S C, barber, 403 N 26th.
Silver J A, contractor, 2514 N.
Sing Gep, laundry, 2602 N.
Singer Charles, clothing, 2605 N.
Sipe J W, real estate, 2621 N.
Slabaugh W H, phys, 2402 N.
Sloane W G & Co, real estate and loans, 2601 N.
Smith & Carter, planing mill, N 27th bet I and J.
Smith W J, barber, 2523 N.
Sobotker C H, cigars, tobacco, 2627 N.
Socobofsky M, groceries, 820 N 27th.
South Omaha Bottling Works, Rudolph Hartz, soda, water, ginger ale,
     cider, 521 N 24th
South Omaha Daily Drovers Journal, Hilton & Co. editors and pubs, N cor 27th.
South Omaha Electric Light, Heat and Power Co. C H Hunt vice-pres,
     C W Key treas, J T Smith electrician, 2418 N.
South Omaha Employment Office, Mrs M Winters mgr, 2616 N.
South Omaha Hotel, A Belohlavek prop, 501 N 26th.
South Omaha Ice Co, capital $25,000, H H Meday pres, H C Bostwick
     treas J C Sharp sec, 27th cor Q J A Doe mgr 2418 N.
South Omaha Lumber Co, E C Dennet prop, 28th and L.
South Omaha National Bank, capital and surplus $120,000, J H, Millard pres,
     Truman Buck vice-pres, H C Bostwick cashier, 2514 N
     (See adv page 491 and bottom lines.)
South Omaha Savings Bank, capital $100,000, Truman Buck pres, C W Thomas
     vice-pres, H C Bostwick cashier, 2514 N.
Spelts, Hitchcock & Co, live stock comission, 45 Exchange bldg.
Spigle Levi, groceries, 328 N 25th.
Stanley C C, real estate, 2521 N.
Stockman Publishing Co, A M Kitchen pres, A C Davenport vice-pres,
     Bruce McCulloch sec, C H Rich treas and mgr, pubs The Daily Stockman,
     405 N 24th (See adv page 494.)
Stotts J S, news depot, 2420 N.
Stoutenborough C F, freight agt M P Ry, opp Exchange bldg.
Streets Western Stable Car Lines, G W Jones genl agt, r 48 Exchange bldg.
Sunday Morning Times A E Brigham & Co pubs 2623 N.
Sunderland L T & Co, F A Broadwell mgr, coal, coke, 2415 N and 29th and L.
Sweeney G L Mrs, employment office, 325 N 25th.
Swift & Company, G F Swift pres, E C Swift vice-pres, L F Swift treas,
     D E Hartwell sec, A C Foster mgr, pork packers and shippers, dressed beef,
     mutton and pork cor Q and U P track.
Swift & Company, Lerov Hough, Chas Coffman and W H McCrary buyers,
     Exchange bldg.
Teufel & McVicker, live stock, commission, 26 Exchange bldg.
Thomas J D, boots, shoes, 2406 N.
Thompson J P, saloon, 322 N 26th.
Tibbits Elroy, city circulator Omaha Daily Bee, 2623 N.
Tighe Martin, saloon, 2423 N.
Tobias J M, groceries, 2602 M.
Toner P H, harness, saddles, 2627 N.
Transit House, MJ Franck prop, N 27th and M.
Tyner C W, agt C B & Q and B & M Rys.
Union Rendering and Refining Co, capital $100,000, E A Cudahy pres,
     A C Foster vice-pres, J H Howe sec and treas, r 44 Exchange bldg.
Union Stock Yard Co (limited), capital $12,000,000, John A McShane pres,
     W A Paxton vice-pres, J C Sharp sec and treas, W N Babcock genl mgr, offices Exchange bldg.
Union Stock Yard Bank, capital $200,000, John A McShane pres,
     W A Paxton vice-pres, E B Branch cashier, Exchange bldg.
Van Aket C T, boots, shoes, 2509 N.
Vanbuskirk J W, prop Cambrian House, 328 N 25th.
Van Dusen & Wade, attorneys, 2507 N.
Van Orman Geo, mgr Exchange Hotel Co, Exchange bldg.
Vasak Frank, bakery, 2604 M.
Viles James jr, treas and mgr Omaha Packing Co, 32d cor O.
Volker Wm. restaurant, 330 N 26th.
Vollmer C H, blacksmith, 601 N 24th.
Voltz Theodore, merchant tailor, 327 N 26th.
Vonegert A , phys, 2420 N.
Waggoner, Birney & Co, live stock, comission, 10-11 Exchange bldg
Walker & Vincent, groceries, 2424 N.
Wallwork stock, commission, 12 Exchange bldg.
Watkins J B & Co, lumber, cor 28th and I.
Waugh, & Westerfield, D B Waugh, J M Westerfield), real estate, 2514 N.
Waugh, Westerfield & Mapes, (D B Waugh, J M Westerfield, I B Mapes),
     agts Queen Insurance Co, 2514 N.
Weir A C Mrs, millinery, 322 N 25th.
Welch & O'Brien, saloon, 2419 N.
Western Union Telegraph Co, N B Mead mgr, 17 Exchange bldg.
Western Union Telegraph Cos city office, H P Ryner mgr, 2523 N.
Whinnery C E, dentist, 2402 N.
Williams & Needham, restaurant, 409 N 26th.
Wollstein M & Co, wholesale liquors, 2619 N.
Wood Bros, live stock commission, 25 Exchange bldg.
Wordeman Gus, saloon, 2426 N.
Wright & Baldwin, clothing, merchant tailors, 2602 N.
Wyatt & Calkins, confectionery, 2413 1/2 N.
Young James M, prop Delone House, 413 N 26th.
Zeller Herman, saloon, 2102 Q.
Zimmerman E, saloon, 600 N 27th
Zobich H, confectionery, 516 N 25th.


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