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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Saunders County
Wahoo-- County Seat

Ashland  Cedar Bluffs  Ceresco  Colon  Ithica   Malmo
Mead  Memphis  Morse Bluff   Prague   Rescue
Swedeburgh  Valparaiso  Wahoo  Weston  Yutan

Page 57

Ashland is an important town in the extreme southeastern part of Saunders county. It is on the main line of the B. & M. R. R. at the junction with the Ashland cut-off and the Omaha and Schuyler branch, 30 miles from Omaha and 24 miles from Lincoln. The inhabitants of Ashland number 1,582 and are almost exclusively of American birth, it being claimed that not more than twenty are from foreign lands. The splendid water power at its command gives the city grand opportunities, in addition to that of Salt creek, immediately at their door, that of the Wahoo river, less than a mile away, is easily accessible. The Ashland Mill and Electric Light Co. furnish the city with incandescent lighting and have a roller flour mill with a capacity of 75 barrels per day. The Jewel mills, built during the present year, manufacture about 80 barrels of flour daily by the latest improved roller process. The new building of the Bank of Ashland, completed in the past year, cost $13,000. A noticeable feature about the city is the care taken with the lawns and shade trees surrounding the residences, many of which are elegant, There are some excellent hotels. The Hotel Selma, heated by steam and possessing all the modern conveniences is one of the best. H. K. Dunbar, the proprietor, understands the wants of the traveling public and is appreciated by them. The two newspapers, the Saunders County Leader and the Ashland Gazette, are well liked and extensively read. The Y. M. C. A. have an association here whose meetings are well attended. The churches are Methodist, Baptist, Congregational, Episcopal and Christian. The secret and benevolent societies are well supported. The fire department is efficient and affords good protection to the property of the citizens.

Abbott Samuel S, fruit, etc.
American Loan & Trust Co, O M Carter pres, D D Cooley treas.
Arnold Joseph, agl implts, atty.
Ashland Gazette, Thomas J Pickett, jr, editor.
Ashland Loan and Building Association.
Ashland Lumber Co, Wm G Bentley mgr lumber and coal.
Ashland Mill and Electric Light Co, S S Fales pres, David Dean vice-pres, A B Fuller sec, D D Cooley treas, flour mill, electric light plant.
Atkinson Harvey, prop Morris House.
Balder John H, groceries.
Bentley Wm G. mgr Ashland Lumber Co.
Blodgett & Ledwig, hardware.
Blodgett Thomas L, harnessmaker and carriage trimmer.
Bootland Wm, shoemaker.
Bowen James A, groceries, dry goods.
Brown & Brownell, drugs and stationery.
Brown Thomas W, barber.
Brownell & Co, boots, shoes.
Brush Bros, drugs.
Bryan Marion W, wagonmaker.
Butler & Marcy, blacksmiths.
Butler T, justice.
Butt Wm J, meat market.
Camp A P, dentist.
Chase Ivy N, groceries.
Chamberlain & Reece, boots, shoes.
Chickering F H & Co, dry goods.
Clark W Bert, ins, notary.
Clarke J K, auctioneer.
Clifton House, J Q Lansing, prop.
Cone Henry H, drugs, wallpaper.
Connor Joseph A, grain elevator, coal.
Coon & Flanders, blacksmiths.
Corwin T J Mrs, music teacher.
Corwin & Pine, painters.
Critchfield Rushford D, painter.
Danley James, live stock.
Dean bros, plumbers.
Dean David, pres South Platte Lumber Co, vice-pres Ashland Mill and Electric Light Co.
Dean E C, prop, street car line.
Decker Simon P, grain elevator.
Depner A S, carpenter.
Depot Hotel, Mrs L G Holbrook prop.
Derleth & Hall, meat market.
Dexter Rodney, carpenter.
Doom Bros, (Robert G and Will G Doom) real estate, insurance, collections and notaries.
Dunbar Homer K, prop Hotel Selma.
English Carrie, dressmaker.
Farmers & Merchants Bank, capital $75,000, Ernest A Wiggenhorn pres, Hugo A Wiggenhorn cashier.
Fentiman Frank J, genl mdse.
Folson C N, see South Platte Lumber Co.
Fowler Wm A, barber.
Fuller Jos S, restaurant, crockery.
Gilbert James F, barber.
Gilson George W, notions, etc.
Graham S L & Son, restaurant.
Granger S, ice dealer.
Gray Richard, phys.
Hackney C B, ins.
Hall Samuel B, drugs.
Harford O D, furniture, undertaker.

Page 58

Harnsberger Wm A, agl implts, carriages, coal.
Heaton Daniel, dry goods, clothing.
Helmle Emma Miss, dressmaker.
Hemphill E J Mrs, millinery.
Hoffman Geo & Co, groceries.
Holbrook L G Mrs, prop Depot Hotel.
Hotel Selma, Homer K Dunbar, prop.
Huyck C A & Co, flour, pumps and windmills.
Jewel Mills, J H Snell prop, flouring mills.
Johnson Thomas, justice.
Johnson Timothy D, livery.
Johnston & Cannon, stationery, notions.
Keithly Wm A, proprietor and editor Saunders County Leader.
Kirkpatrick Charles F, phys.
Krigelstein John, livery.
Lamareaux Robert E, dentist.
Lansing J Q, prop Clifton House.
Laverty Alex, stock dealer.
Lee Sam, laundry.
Lemon Francis, jewelry.
McKinney K L, painter.
Mallory & Knight, brick mfrs.
Mansfelde A S, phys.
Martin J N Mrs, dressmaker.
Monford Hiram, shoemaker.
Moon John W, groceries.
Moon Mark M, livery, sale and feed stable.
Morey Edgar B, phys.
Morris House, Harvey Atkinson prop, $1 per day.
Morris Jas H, real estate, ins.
Moser John, billiards.
National Bank of Ashland, capital $100,000, O M Carter pres, D D Cooley cashier.
Nebraska Telephone Co, Bert Willey mgr.
Newman Marion, atty, notary.
Oliver James C, marble cutter.
Pancost E C & B E, meat market.
Pickett Thomas J jr, editor Ashland Gazette.
Railsback Mitchell & Co, grain elevator.
Saunders County Leader, Wm A Keithley editor and prop.
Scott & Co, groceries.
Scott Richard M, postmaster.
Sears Seabury L, loans.
Shedd Hibbard H, clothing, etc.
Simington Bros, agl implts, coal.
Smith James D, gunsmith.
Smith Jeff, harnessmaker.
Snell & Gould, hardware.
Snell J H, prop Jewel mills.
Snell Wm P, genl mdse.
South Platte Lumber Co, David Dean pres, C N Folson sec and treas, lumber and coal.
Spere Wm T, groceries.
Steele Oscar C, sta, tel and ex agt.
Stein Aaron, groceries.
Sutton Alfred F, veterinary surgeon.
Thomas James, wagon maker.
Thompson Charles, attorney.
Warnes J J Mrs, dressmaker.
Whittemore Frank H, photographer.
Wilson Theo B, attorney.
Wolfe Clark E, restaurant, etc.
Wolven L D, restaurant, bakery.
Woodruff M A, cigar mfr.

Page 106

Cedar Bluffs, a prosperous station of 300 inhabitants on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the northern part of Saunders county, 12 miles north of Wahoo, the county seat. It has a number of good stores and shops, a bank --- the Bank of Cedar Bluffs --- two large elevators, lumber yard, good school, hotel, Methodist, Episcopal and German Evagelical churches. Its principal shipments are grain and livestock.

Baldwin A B, livery, sale and feed.
Bank of Cedar Bluffs, R H Knapp pres, W J Harmon vice-pres, F A Gilbert cashier.
Bockenmuehl Wm, harnessmaker.
Bowman & Hendricks, saloon.
Brainard J B, real estate, agt Nye & Schneider Co.
Brandees A, furniture and harness.
Bruning W H, nursery, two miles east.
Camp J T, pub The Gazette.
Commercial Hotel, O J Shannon prop.
Cosner & Rector, carpenters and builders.
Farmers Co-Operative Assn, J A Doyle mgr, grain and live stock.
Farris Wm, blacksmith.
Fleming & Co, drugs and fancy toilet articles, wallpaper.
Fleming R J, postmaster.
Gazette (The), (weekly), J T Camp pub.
Holst Fred, hardware.
Holst & Hinrichsen, agl implts.
Jackson C A, sta, tel, ex agt.
Killian Bros & Co, genl mdse.
Knapp N W, meat market.
Lee F W, house and sign painter.
Loman J F, barber.
Lubker C H, saloon.
Moore C S, carpenter, contractor.
Nye & Schneider, J B Brainard agt, lumber, grain, coal, live stock.
Peterson Louis, barber.
Reints H W, genl mdse.
Rochford M G Miss, dressmaker.
Schneider C, agl implts.
Shannon O J, prop, Commercial Hotel.
Sheeran Annie Mrs, genl mdse.
Smith & Cosner, blacksmiths.
Stuart A E, phys.
Yung Bros & Co, agl implts.

Page 111

Ceresco, a thriving town of 350 inhabitants situated in the southern part of Saunders county on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 12 miles south of Wahoo, the county seat. There is a good reliable bank --- the State Bank of Ceresco --- two large elevators, lumber yard, several good stores, and a fine school house and place of worship. Its principal shipments are grain, fruit and live stock.

Andrus A, prop Ceresco House.
Andrus Horace, genl mdse.
Ashe Frank, blacksmith.
Bergreen O & Co, A Carlson agt, grain elevator.
Blakestead A & E, hardware.
Burge J, drayman.
Bush Bros, drugs.
Ceresco House, A Andrus prop.
Chandler F S, prop Chandler Hotel.
Chandler Hotel, F S Chandler prop.
Hammitt J M, genl mdse.
Ide Frank A, restaurant.
Jones Meranda, barber.
Kenney J R Mrs, millinery.
Kinnan L R, confectionery, justice.
Krickbaum M E, drugs, phys.
Leal H, ins, notary.
March Wm T, postmaster.
Martin George E, harness.
Matteson Olof, feed mill.
Miller W J, lumber, coal.
Molenberg Ella Miss, millinery.
Moses Z, sta, tel and ex agt.
Nye Schneider Co, W L Gates agt, grain, lumber, coal.
Oberg John, blacksmith.
O'Brien W J, saloon.
Rance Thomas, wagon maker.
Russell Thos J, meat market.
Speck James, agl implts.
State Bank of Ceresco, capital $7,500, N H Meeker pres, Frank L Stetson vice-pres, H Leal cashier.
Swanson & Co, genl mdse.
Yates J P, livery, sale and feed.

Page 119

Colon, a small station of 100 inhabitants in the central part of Saunders county on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 17 miles from Wahoo, the county seat. Two large elevators are kept constantly employed, and its shipments of grain and live stock are quite large during the busy season.

Chaney N F, sta, tel, ex agt.
Farmers Stock and Grain Co, Jacob Keefer mgr, grain, live stock.
Hanson J D, livery, sale and feed.
Keifer Jacob, mgr Farmers Stock and Grain Co.
Lubker H H, saloon.
Nye & Schneider Co, C Wenstrand agt, grain, coal, live stock.
Orlander J P, blacksmith.
Orme W H, justice of the peace.
Orme W H & Son, genl mdse.
Wenstrand C, agt Nye & Schneider Co.
White H K, postmaster.
White & Smith, genl mdse.

Page 239

Ithica, a station on the Ashland and Schuyler branch of the B. & M. R. R., in the south central part of Saunders county, six miles from Wahoo, the county seat. Population, 100.

Barnes J L, station agt.
Barnes O S, postmaster.
Krepp & Green, genl. mdse.
Rull J F, flour mill.
Smith Wm, hardware, agl implts.
Star F A, blacksmith.

Page 288

Malmo, a station on the B. & M. R. R., near the central part of Saunders county, six miles from Wahoo, the county seat.

Bradford L, A Marr mgr, lumber.
Bredenberg, Bostram & Co, genl mdse.
Bredenberg G, postmaster.
March & Chapman, hardware and farm machinery.
Sharp Charles, blacksmith.
Wertz A F, sta, tel, ex agt.

Page 291

   Mead, a town with 500 inhabitants, is on the line of the Republican division of the U. P. Ry., in Saunders county, seven miles east of Wahoo, the county town. Grain and live stock are the chief products of the surrounding country, which is thickly settled, has a rich soil and is well cultivated. The annual shipments are heavy; during the past year they amounted to 856 car loads of grain and 147 of live stock. The Bank of Mead furnishes the financial facilities needed for conducting the various commercial operations of the place. Two churches, the Methodist Episcopal and Swedish Lutheran, represent the religious denominations.

Anderson, Carlson & Co, meat market and grain.
Anderson L & Co, live stock.
Anderson & Soderholm, furniture.
Bank of Mead, P L Hall & Co proprietors.
Blomberg C J, genl mdse.
Borg Andrew, harnessmaker.
Brown Henry, barber.
Carlson & Co, grain.
Collett W S, drugs.
Condit & Co, grain and lumber.
Condit C T, pub Mead Advocate.
Davis J, blacksmith.
Dixson & Hakanson, physicians.
Edgar C J, livery.
Farmers Grain & Stock Co, Martin Thorson pres, P Gibson vice-pres, L Monteen mgr, grain, live stock and lumber.
Hall P L, loans.
Hockerson J W, music teacher.
Jeppson John, drugs and jewelry.
Johnson Oscar O, hardware.
Johnson Sophie Miss, millinery.
Kearns Delos, postmaster.
Lorenz P, carpenter, wagonmaker.
Lund L E, agl implts.
Mead Advocate, C T Condit pub.
Mead City Hotel, L B Padget prop.
Mills E F, blacksmith.
Moss J A, auctioneer.
Ohmstede J, genl mdse, hardware.
Ostenberg C & Son, genl mdse.
Padget L B, prop Mead City Hotel.
Padget Nicholas, restaurant.
Parish Swan, shoemaker.
Plymate I R, marshal.
Plymate L C, well borer.
Priestly C T, painter.
Sableman John, carpenter.
Sjogren Nels, blacksmith.
Stambaugh John, barber.
Stucke J F, jeweler.
Thorson Bros, hardware, implts.
Thompson D H, auctioneer.
Trine Wm, sta agt U P Ry.
Wells Levi, coal.
Williams Fred N, justice.

Page 292

Memphis, a station on the Ashland and Schuyler branch of the B. & M. R. R., six miles from Ashland and 13 miles from Wahoo, the county seat of Saunders county. It has a population of about 100.

Barr A W, hardware, agl implts.
Barr J W, genl mdse, postmaster.
Barr Josie, dressmaker.
Cowder A M, drugs.
Deck J J, flour mill.
Hansen E, station agt.
Owen A R, justice.
Owen Z, saloon.
Thorn E E, blacksmith.
White H R, harnessmaker.

Page 298

Morse Bluff, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the northern part of Saunders county, 22 miles from Wahoo, the county seat. Population, 100.

Auten & McPrang, genl. mdse.
Briggs O L, sta agent.
Cherney & Kavan, lumber, agl implts.
Cussie & Ogilvia, agl implts.
Dattle James, blacksmith.
Hanks J L, drugs, postmaster.
Hare Lizzie Miss, milliner.
Hines F, saloon.
Rogers M & Co, genl mdse.
Saukup F, saloon.
Swan John, justice.
Vapalensky F, hardware.

Page 457

Prague, a station on the B. & M. R. R., in the central part of Saunders county, 10 miles west of Wahoo. The town has a bank, hotel and several stores. The settlement is composed almost entirely of Bohemians. Population, 150.

Belek Mary Mrs, prop Prague Hotel.
Bixby R A, sta agt B & M R R.
Burbank John, livery.
Fairmon Frank, harnessmaker.
Fisher & Simanek, grain, live stock.
Fujan James, saloon.
Kaspar James, meat market.
Kircham W C, banker, genl mdse, furniture and postmaster.
Kubik Frank, genl mdse, hardware and farm machinery.
Masinda Antonia, drugs.
Nemoda John, blacksmith.
Pop Frank, saloon.
Prague Hotel, Mrs M Belek, prop.
Secor & Kaspar, hardware.
Sedlacek Joseph, saloon.
Slamsidlo M, blacksmith.
Vlasak & Tonak, genl mdse.

Page 465

   Rescue, a farm house postoffice in the northwestern part of Saunders county, 20 miles from Wahoo, the county seat.

Williams J S, postmaster. SIZE=1 WIDTH="20%" NOSHADE>

Page 516

   Swedeburgh, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R. in the southern part of Saunders county, five miles south of Wahoo, the county seat.

Carlson C, postmaster.
Erickson J, hardware.
Erickson & Wahlstrom, genl mdse.
Gunter W S, sta agt.
Malmgren John, blacksmith.

Page 532

   Valparaiso is situated in the southwestern part of Saunders county, 17 miles from Wahoo, the seat of the county, and has about 800 inhabitants. The land in the vicinity is excellent for farming purposes, and two fine elevators with large capacity have the handling of the large quantities of grain there produced. 300,000 bushels of grain, 100 car loads of live stock and 10 car loads of potatoes were shipped from here during the past year. A good water works system has been adopted. The storage reservoir is on an eminence half-a-mile west of the town. Sixteen passenger and six freight trains pass through Valparaiso daily on the O. & R. branch of the U. P. Ry. The Arcade Hotel, a substantial brick building, and several other hotels provide ample accomodations for the traveler. There are three churches here, the Methodist, Baptist and Christian. The societies are the A. F. & A. M., I. O. O. F., I. O. G. T. and G. A. R.

Arcade Hotel, George B Scott prop, bar in connection with house.
Barnes D W, meat market.
Bays Wm, live stock, justice.
Beach E, drugs.
Bowman T H, phys.
Brown C T & Bros, L Glassburn mgr, grain, coal.
Brown Fred G, harnessmaker.
Butler L M, genl mdse.
Cheever John, city transfer.
Clark & Allen, attys.
Commercial Hotel, Mrs M Grant prop.
Courcamp Otto, saloon.
Cunningham E M, city transfer.
Dalrymple C H Rev, pastor M E church.
Davis I H, barber.
Fox Geo W, pub Valparaiso Tribune.
Giffin M B, postmaster.
Glassburn & Brock, millinery.
Grant M Mrs, prop Commercial Hotel.
Greeno W L, wagonmaker.
Hixson John, justice.
Holmquist John, saloon.
Hovey Fred and Co, flouring mill.
Hudkins Bros, livery.
Hull Thomas, groceries.
Hurtt S M, hardware.
Johnson R K, banker, grain, live stock, coal, notary public, planing and feed mill.
Kemmerer E C F, blacksmith, wagonmaker.
Lattin C E, livery.
McAllister C W, barber.
Martin S K Lumber Co, Joseph Moulton mgr.
Neathery L, live stock.
Noble D C & Son, groceries.
Noble W R, meat market.
Phelps E B, hardware, agl implts.
Richardson, Hughes & Co, cattle and horse breeders.
Scofield J W, sta agt U P Ry.
Scott George B, prop Arcade Hotel.
Stanton Henry L, genl mdse.
Stephens I C, phys.
Throop S S, nursery.
Valparaiso Tribune, G W Fox pub.
Van Demarf J K, atty.
Wall J, furniture.
Weber Bros, real estate.
Wells T C, blacksmith.
Wilson C W, drugs, real estate.
Wilson C W Mrs, millinery.
Wilson Nathanial, confectionery.
Yates Chas H, veterinary.

Page 536

   Wahoo is located near the center of Saunders county, of which it is the county seat, 54 miles from Omaha. It is on the Lincoln and Manhattan branch of the U. P. Ry., the Ashland to Schuyler branch of the B. & M. R. R. and the Lincoln to Fremont branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 30 miles from Lincoln. The population is about 1,900, a large proportion of whom are Swedes and Norwegians. Many Scandinavians are also settled in the surrounding country. The city is lighted by electricity, has a good system of water works and enjoys many of the modern improvements. The business houses are very substantial and the residence streets beautiful in appearance with their handsome dwellings and well kept lawns. The First National Bank, capital $80,000, surplus $15,000, the Citizens Bank, the Bank of Saunders and the State Bank of Wahoo are the monied institutions. The leading newspapers are the Wasp and the Democrat, which are ably conducted and in keeping with the times. The principal hotel is the Commercial, of which D. J. Burgess, formerly of Omaha, is the genial host. Among the industries located here are a large creamery, elevators, flour mill, planing mill, carriage manufactory, machine shop and broom factory. The places of worship are the Baptist, Presbyterian, Swedish Evangelical Lutheran, Congregational, Christian, Methodist Episcopal, Norwegian Lutheran, Reformed Presbyterian, and Swedish Baptist. Several of the secret organizations are well represented. Many valuable improvements are now being made. An opera house, costing $25,000, of modern style of architecture, is nearly completed; a city hall is about to be erected at a cost of $10,000, and a new brick ward school house has just been completed at the cost of $5,000. Other minor improvements are also in progress.

Adams C H & Co, grain and coal.
Adell H G, water works supplies.
Alexander W R, sta, tel and ex agt U P Ry.
Allen J B & Co, prop City Roller Mills.
Allen J B & Son, meat market.
Alliance Hotel, G F Tucker prop.
Ames L L, phys.
Anderson C O & Co, harnessmaker.
Anderson Collins & Co, real estate, loans, and insurance, office in First National Bank.
Anderson F A, shoemaker.
Anderson N J, photographer.
Anderson Peter, cashier First National Bank of Wahoo, notary public. (see adv page 537.)
Anthes E E, agt Pacific Ex Co.
Bahda John, bakery.
Ball J W, justice, notary.
Barnes J J & Son, washing machines.
Beebe C P, musical mdse.
Bell N H, city atty.
Berggren N B, live stock.
Berggren Olof, livery.
Blakestad Andrew, hardware.
Bruce A L Mrs, dressmaking.
Burgess D J, prop Commercial Hotel.
Carlson C J, agl implts.
Citizens Bank, Lyle & Collins prop.
City Hotel, N Dunlap prop.
City Roller Mills, J B Allen & Co prop.
Clements E G, photographer.
Collier E B, confectionery.
Commercial Hotel, D J Burgess prop.
Coop & Kratky, attys, real estate.
Crawford & Beard, well boring, and pumps.
Crawford Johnston, carpenter.
Culver & Gallagher, barbers.
Darrah C M & Co Mrs, millinery.
Davis A, shoemaker.
Dean Frank, atty.
De France J F, transfer.
Dickinson W H Sr, mayor, real estate, ins, notary.
Dodge J R, prop Alliance Hotel.
Dokulil J, shoemaker.
Dorsey Bros, grain, live stock.
Dorsey H H, ins, cashier Saunders County National Bank.
Dunlap Nathan, prop City Hotel.
Dunning & Detweiler, hardware.
Enterprise Machine Shop, Wilson & Perry prop.
Erickson & Wahlstrom, genl. mdse.
First National Bank of Wahoo, authorized capital $100,006, paid up capital $80,000, surplus $15,000,
Charles Perky pres, J M Chapman vice-pres, Peter Anderson, cashier. (See adv.)
Folsom A, butter tub factory.
Foster L Mrs, dressmaker.
Gilkinson J R & H, attys.
Good & Good, attorneys at law, notaries public, real estate, loans, collections.
Gross Frank, meat market.
Guttery W D, atty.
Harrison C J, postmaster.
Hawthorne V L, atty.
Hennings Fred, jeweler.
Hent Wm, grocer.
Hills M S, principal Lutheran Academy.
Hoggsett Mrs, millinery.
Hogoboom F D & Co, genl mdse.
Holmes L E, genl mdse.
Holtberg Albert, agl implts.
Hummel F F, prop Wahoo Carriage Factory.
Hurd Bros, photographers.
Iversen Christ, tinsmith.
Jansa Antone, saloon.
Jirovisky John, shoemaker.
Johnson J W Mrs, bakery.
Johnson & Perry, livery, sale, feed.
Jones J J, meat market.
Joseph & Grafe, genl mdse.
Kenney J R Mrs, millinery.
Killian Bros & Co, genl mdse.
Klement W, prop Ogden House.
Konderna Louis, city clerk.
Kratky F V, real estate.
Lamb J E, phys.
Ledvina J A, meat market.
Lee J M & Co, agl implts.
Lee J R, millinery.
Levin John, watches, clocks, etc.
Lindercamp J & Co, harnessmakers.
Lindquist & Tornblom, merchant tailors.
Loder & Carlisle, blacksmiths.
Lovely & Dodge, druggists.
Lowry O B, sta, ticket and ex agt B & M R R.
Luke Geo T, prop Merchants Hotel.
Luther Academy (Swedish School), M S Nills [Hills?] principal.
Lutze Fred, carpenter.
Lutze Martha Mrs, laundry.
Lyle & Collins, prop Citizens Bank.
McCarthy Patrick, saloon.
McClerkin Eva Miss, music teacher.
McCutchan F P, real estate, notary, justice.
McKinnes A L, notions.
McLean James W, broom mfr.
Markle Jacob, wagonmaker.
Melvin G L, fire chief, blacksmith.
Merchants Hotel, Geo T Luke prop.
Miller & Foster, dressmaking.
Monahan J H, barber.
Morrison James, gunsmith.
Morton R B Dr, drugs.
Moss J H, real estate, loans, ins.
Nebraska Telephone Co, W B Lowman mgr.
Negley Jane Mrs, laundry.
Nyquist A Mrs, millinery.
O'Donnell J, carpenter.
Ogden House, W Klement prop.
Ostenberg & Co, grain and coal.
Palmer Hamlin, editor The Wahoo Democrat.
Palmer H E, physician.
Perky Charles, pres First National Bank of Wahoo, notary.
Phelps I E, planing mill.
Phelps D R, lumber and coal.
Reynolds B F, house and sign painter.
Rochford B W, newsstand.
Rocker A E, dye works.
Rosten L, jewelry.
Rupp B D Dr, drugs.
St. Martin Bros, drugs.
Saunders County National Bank, capital $100,000, G W E Dorsey pres, H H Dorsey cashier.
Scheel & Harrison, furniture and undertaker.
Schram John, bus mgr Wasp Printing Co. (See adv page 537.)
Sherman John F, pub The Wahoo Democrat. (See adv page 537.)
Shornborger S H, atty.
Simodines John C, saloon.
Simpson George W, atty.
Simson John, notions.
Skjerdingstad A, restaurant.
Smith Charles M, livery.
Smith J A, editor The Wahoo Wasp. (See adv page 537.)
Snyder Frank J & Co, butter, eggs.
Soule J, phys.
Starks C A, agt Wells, Fargo & Co Ex.
Starks C A Mrs, confectionery.
State Bank of Wahoo, W H Dickinson pres, W H Dickinson jr cashier.
Stocking C L, prop Wahoo Roller Mill.
Stone Ira G, phys and surgeon.
Stout J J, sta, tel and ex agt F E & M V R R.
Stratton F M, lumber.
Stratton & Hanson, hardware.
Streed & Thornblon, merchant tailors.
Street M E Mrs, laundry.
Trush George H, city treas.
Thayer Chas, cigar mfr.
Wahoo Carriage Factory, F F Hummel prop.
Wahoo Commercial Union, J Anderson pres, F W Anderson mgr, genl mdse.
Wahoo Creamery, F M Stratton pres and mgr.
Wahoo Democrat (The), Sherman & Palmer props.
Wahoo Electric Light Co, props electric light plant.
Wahoo Roller Mill, C L Stocking prop.
Wahoo Sorghum Mills, A Lee prop.
Wahoo Wasp (The), J A Smith editor. (See adv page 537.)
Wasp Printing Co, John Schram business mgr. (See adv page 537.)
Watkins Nettie Miss, millinery.
Wilde J S, dentist.
Wiley J J, dentist.
Wilson & Perry, props Enterprise Machine Shop.
Winter John, genl mdse.
Winters Opera House, J Winter prop.
Wright George I, atty.
Zavidil & Ratterman, hardware.

Page 546

   Weston has a population of 350, and is situated near the center of Saunders county, on the O. & R. V. branch of the U. P. Ry., eight miles from Wahoo, the county town. Grain, live stock, hotels, a bank, an apiary, general merchandise, etc., are among the business pursuits in operation. The schools are well attended. The Bohemians are the chief nationality settled here. There is one Catholic and one Methodist church here.

Anderson A, prop Anderson House.
Anderson House, A Anderson, prop.
Blunk H F & Co, lumber.
Campbell J R, ins, notary.
Clark Heaton & Co, grain, live stock.
Clark L, veterinary surgeon.
Frohner & Voita, saloon.
Hadsell Charles, apiarist.
Hadsell Henry B, postmaster, confectionery.
Hakel Frank, genl mdse.
Hardy J A, harnessmaker.
Hayden Perry, live stock.
Hroch & Wojta, meat market.
Jamison I J, drugs, furniture.
Keay James, genl mdse.
Keay James jr, barber.
Keay John, wagonmaker.
Koplan Karl, harnessmaker.
Kucera Vencl, shoemaker.
March & Chapman, hardware, agl implts.
Mauck J, justice.
Methven Charles, livery.
Methven James & Son, genl mdse.
Mitchell Wm, hotel.
Morse Elisha, livery.
Novak Bros, livery.
Novak Frank, saloon.
Omstead & Campbell, genl mdse.
Smith George L, phys.
Staudinger & Rockafellow, carpenters.
Stevens Henry C, blacksmith.
Sturdevant Ed, sta agt O & R V R R.
Thomas & Chapek, genl mdse, etc.
Union Hotel, W D Vance prop.
Vance W D, prop Union Hotel.
Volloch Jacob, blacksmith.
Weston Bank, R A Heaton pres, F R Clark cashier.

Page 560

Yutan is situated in the eastern portion of Saunders county, on the Republican branch of the U. P. Ry., 13 miles from Wahoo, the county seat, and has a population of 150.

Anderson Reese, agl implts, grain.
Bank of Yutan, capital $10,000, A B Detweiler cashier.
Bender Jonas, auctioneer, justice.
Carpenter G & C, painters.
Carr Horace, well digger.
Dunning & Detweiler, grain, implts.
Fisk H D, blacksmith.
Hall C D, barber.
Hall Edwin, drugs.
Hamann Fred, lumber, furniture, coal.
Hullhorst F, phys.
Jamison C W, hardware, harness.
Jenks E A, physician.
Kounie J C, station agt U P Ry.
McDermott A J, dray.
Padget A W, saloon.
Parmenter R W, mgr Yutan Supply Co.
Peters Otto F, postmaster.
Peters & Son, genl. mdse.
Schnetz Wm, blacksmith, wagonmaker.
Standen Horace, hotel.
Thompson W H, livery.
Yutan Supply Co, R W Parmenter mgr, genl mdse.

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