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Bega  Butterfly  Haymow  Pilger  Schweldt  Stanton

page 79

   Bega, a rural postoffice in the extreme northern part of Stanton county, 10 miles north of Stanton, the seat of justice.

Johnson Andrew jr, postmaster.
Palm P, blacksmith   SIZE=1 WIDTH="25%" NOSHADE>

page 103

   Butterfly, a postoffice in the southeast part of Stanton county, eight miles southeast of Stanton.

page 222

   Haymow, a rural postoffice situated in the southeastern part of Stanton county, about 15 miles from
Stanton, the county seat.

Giacomini A, postmaster.
Renner H, blacksmith.

page 448

   Pilger has a populatin of 250, and is situated on the F. E. & M. F. R. R. in the northeastern part of Stanton county 11 miles from Stanton, the county seat. It is in the midst of a splendid farming country: large shipments of grain and live stock are made from this point during the year. A fine flour mill and a large elevator, which cost $5,000, are business features. The Stanton county Bank is the financial repository of the place. The Congregational church has a house of worship, the cost of which was $2,000.

Abbott E Y, notary.
Castle W R, drugs.
Hans Emil, saloon.
King A C, genl mdse.
Klawitter, John, roller mills.
McComber J F, /stam tek abd ex agtm.
McNish & Graham, props Stanton County Bank.
Matheson Donald, hotel.
Matheson J G, agl implts, justice.
Mosher E W, genl mdse, postmaster.
Nye & Schneider co, W S Gordner mgr, grain, lumber, live stock.
Olk Jacob, blacksmith.
Powder River Live Stock Co, L R Rogers Bros, livery. (Crosby mgr.
Rogers Joseph, wagonmaker.
Schaberg B H, cashier Stanton County Bank.
Shoemaker L, wagonmaker.
Simons Frank, blacksmith.
Stanton County Bank, McNish & Graham props, B H Schaberg cashier.
Watson L D, hardware.

page 478

  Schweldt, a post office in the eastern part of Stanton county, 12 miles east of Stanton, the county seat.

Miller P, postmaster.

pages 505-506

   Stanton is the county seat of Stanton county on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 108 miles from Omaha, and has 1,200 inhabitants. A steam flour mill costing $13,000, a steam elevator, a feed mill, a brick manufacturing, a creamery, a washing machine factory and other industries are features of Stanton. The soil of the surrounding country is a deep rich clay subsoil varying from 10 to 20 feet. It is capable of producing all kinds of grain and vegetation generally. The Citizens National Bank, capital $50,000, and the First National Bank are solid institutions. The newspaper interests are represented by the Democrat, A. G. Maderow, publisher, and the Register, J. McFarland, proprietor. The churches are the Congregational, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist and German Evangelical. Several brick buildings have been erected recently at a cost of $18,000 to $20,000.

Abernathy S W, barber.
Ackerman T L, prop Commercial Hotel.
Alle James, flour and feed.
Antles H H, washing machine mfr.
Babb J W, carpenter.
Bowman W L, phys.
Carrier F S, carpenter.
Chamberlain A C, housemover.
Citizens National Bank, capital $50,000, F P Hanlon pres, J Eberly cashier.
Clark H W & Son, brick masons.
Clough G, feed mill.
Commercial Hotel, T L Ackerman, prop.
Davis M E Miss, millinery.
Densmore C M, abstractor Stanton County Abstract Office, real estate.
loans and notary.
Eberly J, cashier, Citizens National Bank.
Eberly John, real estate.
Ehrhardt & Appleby, real estate.
Ehrhardt John A, atty.
Elmore J D, prop Russell House.
Everson J L, live stock breeder.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, F McGiverin pres, Levi Miller cashier,
H D Miller asst cashier.
Frost F A, brick mfr.
Glasson H L, genl mdse.
Hakel & Janda, shoemakers.
Hartford C E, barber.
Heck & Milligan, harness.
Helmerick Phillip, photographers.
Herriman G F, live stock breeder.
Holstein Wm, meat market.
Kaek C F, genl mdse.
Kearney A A, atty.
Krenzien Gustav, blacksmith.
Lamb Charles, atty.
Loerke August, saloon.
Lueck & Warney, saloon.
McDonald W A, sta, tel, and ex agt.
McFarland A M, ins.
McFarland J J, prop Weekly Register.
McFarland S R, draying.
McFarland W T, postmaster.
McGiverin F, pres First National Bank, (McGiverin, Miller & Co.)
McGiverin, Miller & Co, established 1880, real estate, loans and collections.
Mackey James W, atty.
Mayer C C, drugs.
Maynard C G, groceries.
Melchor A, livery.
Meyer & Beutel, saloon,
Miller Levi, cashier first National Bank, (McGiverin, Miller & Co.)
Morderow A G, prop Stanton Democrat.
Neumann Bros, hardware.
Neeman G. phys.
Nixon A L, dentist.
Nye & Schneider Co, J C Cleland mgr, grain, coal, lumber live stock.
Paqrish C P, bakery.
Paull C E, training stable.
Perkins J Mrs, millinery.
Person S, phys.
Person & Vining, drugs.
Peters Alex, sheriff and justice.
Peters & Johnson, agl implts.
Pilger & Feyerherm, agl implts.
Poessnecker Julius, furntiure.
Porter Wm, livery.
Prawitz Fred, blacksmith.
Proverts Wm, feed mill.
Psotta P F, merchant tailor.
Raabe & Ruther, genl mdse.
Robinson J S, notary.
Russell House, J D Elmore prop.
Schiknger John, shoemaker.
Scoffield Wm, practical painter.
Sparks A E, notions.
Sprague & Spitzer, neat market.
Stanton Creamery, J Mitches mgr.
Stanton County Abstract Office, C M Densmore abstracter.
Stanton Democrat, A G Moderow prop.
Strable Carl, jeweler.
Underberg C W, carpenter.
Underberg E C, phys.
Waller Bros, livery.
Weekly Register, J J McFarland prop.
Wunner J C, genl mdse.
Yeld Harry, cattle breeder.
Young Wm W, atty.
Zion Isaac, blacksmith.

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