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page 50

   Amboy, is a station on the B. &M. R. R. in Webster county, six miles east of Red Cloud. Mail at Red Cloud.

Amboy Milling Co, I Frisbee, prop., flour mfrs.
Frisbee I, prop Amboy Milling Co.

page 86

   Bladen is in the northwestern part of Webster county on the B. & M. R. R., 29 miles from Red Cloud, the county seat. It is well located in a fine farming country. Population, 150.

Bank of Bladen, W H Pearson cashier.
Burden James, postmaster, genl mdse, atty.
Byrne Bros, genl mdse.
Hicks C E, drugs, hardware.
Hoffmann W H, genl mdse.
Hole V S, justice.
Johnson A C, genl mdse.
Kehler E A, drugs
Kimmel D P, sta agt
National Lumber Co, lumber.
Thorne L B, hardware, grain.
White R S, blacksmith.

page 89

   Blue Hill, in the northern part of Webster county, is one of the most enterprising towns in the state. In 1880 the town was not in existence; now it has a population of 1,200. It is near the Adams county line, 19 miles south of Hastings, at the junction of the Hastings & Red Cloud and the De Witt and Holdredge branches of the B. & M. R. R. Large shipments of cattle and grain are made from this point, and commercially the place has been more than ordinarily successful. Blue Hill is exceptionally strong in its financial institutions, the State Bank of Blue Hill, the First national Bank and the Blue Hill Bank each has a capital of $50,000; the Blue Hill Real Estate Investment Co., capital $100,000. Two weekly papers, the Blue Hill Times and the Blue Hull Leader, are both Democratic in Politics and each has a circulation of 900. A recent fire in the business portion has caused a loss to a number of firms; but as much was covered by insurance, the drawback will be but temporary. Water works will be built during 1890, to cost $11,000. The churches are Catholic (German), Presbyterian and Methodist.

Bailey & Crone, abstracters
Barth Bros. Coal.
Barth George, blacksmith.
Beale Ella Miss, dressmaker.
Blue Hill Bank, capital $50,000, R A Simpson pres, J O Burgess, vice-pres, C D Robinson cashier.
Blue Hill Creamery, M W Hornberger pres, C L Pope treas, E McBride supt.
Blue Hill Leader, John L. Miller, editor and publisher.
Blue Hill Stock Barn, Price Bros props.
Blue Hill Times, George L Burr, editor and prop.
Bock P H, genl mdse.
Brower E, pumps, windmills.
Brunner J, bakery, confectionery.
Burr Geo L, pub Blue Hill Times.
Central House, C E Conrad, prop.
City Hotel, H B Munson prop.
Clark G M, jeweler.
Conrad C E, prop, Central House.
Dimmick W O & Co, agl implts.
Eversole Jeff, barber.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, Henry Gund pres, Henry G Koehler cashier.
Garrison W A, notaru.
Goll C, blacksmith, wagonmaker.
Grimes J F, drugs.
Gund H & Co, grain.
Hanson C A Mrs, millinery.
Herold F, jeweler.
Hicks Bros, drugs.
Higgins & Price, genl mdse.
Hilton Edgar, postmaster, groceries.
Hoove John S, grain.
Hornberger M W, Genl mdse.
Horrochs F, confectionery.
Hupka Fred, boots and shoes.
Jaeger Fred, boots and shoes.
Keyckelhahn A F, painter and paper hanger.
Kick Frank, barber.
Kinney M, livery.
Kinzey R M, feed mill.
Klingman O C & Co, agl implts.
Kopisch A, hardware.
Lanz Bros, clothing.
Mandelbaum S, genl mdse.
Martin August, meat market.
Martin O H & Co, hardware.
Miller A W, flour mills.
Miller John L, pub, Blue Hill Leader
Merten P, mgr, wallpaper, etc.
Munson H B, propr, City Hotel.
Munson Bros, furniture.
Norris Cary E, books, stationery and music.
Norris J W & son, clothing.
Panger C F, merchant tailor.
Park C Miss, milliner, dressmaker.
Parker W Gm hardware.
Pelz R L, harnessmaker.
Pope C L, cashier State Bank and notary.
Price Bros, props, Blue Hill Stock Barn.
Price R P, sta, tel and ex agt.
Ranney A D, atty.
Real Estate Investment Co, capital $100,000, A M Walters pres,W C Newman vice-pres, C L Pope treas, F A Sweezy sec and genl mgr.
Robinson C D, cashier Blue Hill Bank, notary.
Sam Ah, laundry.
Schmid & Schunk, meat market.
Schuman Louis, saloon.
Schunk Jacob, agl implts.
Smith Henry, feed and sale stable.
Snook W H, phys.
Snyder & Yunck, groceries and queensware.
Southwestern Investment Co, loan agents.
Stabenow John, saloon.
State Bank of Blue Hill, capital $50,000, John A Dodd pres, J W C Thiermann vice-pres, C L Pope cashier, W A Garrison asst cashier.
Steele F P, photographer.
Walker C N & Son, groceries.
Walters A M, atty and notary.
Watkins W A, auctioneer.
Watkins & Walters, livery.
Wegman Casper, phys.
Weirick G A, phys.
Wells A, atty.
White J S, real estate, notary.
Whitten S J, lumber and coal.


page 92

   Bole, a farm-house postoffice in the southeastern part of Webster county, nine miles from Red Cloud.

Smith N L D, postmaster SIZE=1 WIDTH="25%" NOSHADE>

page 126

   Cowles is a town with 200 in habitants, situated near the center of Webster county, on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., running from Hastings to Red cloud. It is 10 miles from the latter place, which is the county seat. Among the prominent features of the place are the Bank of Cowles, two grain elevators, a hotel and a newspaper, the Cowles Herald. The school building cost $2,000. There are churches of the Methodist and congregational denominations. The edifice of the latter cost $1,500.

Bank of Cowles, L C Gilbert pres, J Blaine vice-pres, Ed Gilford cashier.
Cowles Herald, Asahel Hurd pub.
Cowles Lumber Co., Gilbert & Blaine props.
Cutter H C, grain elevator.
Fuller & Good, genl mdse, hardware, agl implts.
Gibson Geo S, barber.
Gilbert & Blaine, props, Cowles Lumber co.
Gilford & Walter, grain elevator.
Hager George W, blacksmith.
Harris & Hanawalt, genl mdse.
Hays J O Mrs, postmistress, millinery,
Hurd Asahel, pub Cowles Herald.
Johnson Wm T, phys.
Lawritson Louis, agt B & M R R.
Paden Wm J, shoemaker.
Paul Thomas, groceries.
Post James D, livery.
Sapp Elliott L, hotel.
Scott Winfield, harness.
Storey John D, drugs.
Ward James B, real estate.
Wolf Wm G, carpenter.

page 209

   Guide Rock is located near the southeast corner of Webster county, five miles north from Kansas and three miles west of the Nuckolls county line. No town in the valley is possessed of greater natural advantages. Here may be found a superior never-failing water-power for manufacturing purposes. Excellent wagon-roads leads to the town in long, level stretches that make it a natural market for a large scope of country. The Republican Valley line of the B. & M. R. R. gives direct access to Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, Lincoln and Chicago markets, and the Chicago & Northwestern and C., R. I. & P. both have surveys through town. The territory that may naturally and through preference be considered as seeking a market here, may be outlined as extending half the distance in any direction to equally good towns. On the west it is to Red Cloud 13 miles, east to Superior 14 miles. The town has a population of 600, a High School building, Baptist, Methodist Episcopal and Congregational churches. There are here a bank, the Pioneer Bank, two grain elevators, two hotels, the Guide Rock House and the Occidental, and one newspaper, the Guide Rock Signal, S. B. Newmeyer, publisher.

Aughimbaugh George B, painter.
Brock George R, prop Pioneer Bank.
Burr & Stratton, grain, live stock.
Chaflin John M, atty.
Cone Lano D, merchant tailor.
Cox L I Mrs, variety store.
Crary Irving W, genl mdse.
Doudna Thos P, furniture.
Ely Charles T, saloon.
Fisk John B, phys.
Fritsinger Charles, prop Guide Rock House.
Guide Rock Signal, S B Newmeyer pub.
Harris J, prop The Occidental.
Harris Wm, billards.
Hayes Andrew J, genl mdse.
Kailey Harrison, shoemaker.
King Hiram F, real estate, ins.
Knapp Bros, drugs.
Lathropp Albert, blacksmith.
Loar W R, photographer.
Lovitt & Auld, grain, live stock.
McGuire Patrick S, genl mdse.
Marsh James M, grain elevator.
Marsh & Johns, saloon.
Montgomery & Sheel, agl implts.
Montgomery Wm, billards.
Moranville C F, phys.
Nelson Charles A, wagon maker.
Newmeyer S B, pub Guide Rock Signal.
Occidental (The). J Harris prop.
Parker E O, justice, postmaster.
Pioneer Bank, Geo R Brock prop.
Powell B P,agt B & M. R. R.
Proudfit R S, lumber, coal.
Renner Andrew, meat market.
Rich H E Mrs, millinery.
Robinson John W, drugs, phys.
Sabin Wm M, livery.
Shugart J H, real estate.
Sims Albert A, groceries.
Strong Charles H, harness
Sutton Bros, blacksmith.
Teachworth & Fowler, barbers.
Tomkins W E, carpenter.
Vandiver C E, phys.
Watt Lewis L, restaurant.
Westlake Jos, groceries.

 page 237

  Inavale, a station on the B. & M. R. R., in the southwestern part of Webster county, seven miles west of Red Cloud, the county seat. Population, 100.

Davis, J A, sta agt.
Harney O B, justice.
Hull S W, blacksmith, agl implts.
Hunter C C, harnessmaker, hardware.
Knight G W, drugs, postmaster.
Sawyer H G, genl mdse.
Vance W J, genl mdse.

page 305

   Negunda, a rural post office in the extreme northeastern part of Webster county. Spring Ranch on the St. Joe & G. I. Ry. in Clay county is the nearest railroad. Negunda is 30 miles from Red Cloud, the county seat of Webster county.

Buker W E, postmaster.

page 439

   Otto, a village of 500 population in the western part of Webster county, 15 miles north of Red Cloud, the county seat

Bibbey A, blacksmith.
Brethour Willie, saloon.
Brooks J C, agl implts.
Cooper M, postmaster.
Lambert H, harnessmaker.
Lewis G, drugs.
Marker J, genl mdse.
Payne F E, agl implts.
Peterson J, hardware.

page 461

  Red Cloud, an enterprising city of 3,000 inhabitants, on the Republican division of the B.&M.R.R., is in the southern part of Webster county, of which it is the judicial seat. It is six miles from the Kansas state line, 40 miles from Hastings, and 110 miles from Lincoln. It occupies the terrace which here separates the upland from the valley, and affords a fine view of the Republica river, one mile to the south. A fine bridge spanning the river facilitates trade with the country south, into Kansas. The B. & M. R.R. here has a round-house and extensive repair shops, with other buildings requisite to transact its business at this point, where connections are made with the Republican Valley division by the Hastings and Red Cloud branch. A fine brick court house, presented to the town by the railroad company, is proof of its importance in their estimation. Two brick school houses, costing respectively $10,000 and$5000, are creditable to the energy of the town, and add it its advantages. The postoffice, opera house, bank buildings, and numerous other business blocks, give an air of prosperity to the place. The Farmers and Merchants Banking Co., S. Garber president, and A Higby cashier, has a capital $50,000. The First National Bank, R Shirey president, J R Shirey, cashier, capital $75.000, and the Red Cloud National Bank, have ample resources, and are under experienced management. The Holland Hotel, Geo. B Holland, proprietor, and the Gardner House, L. Moore, proprietor, offer best accommodations to travelers. Four Newspapers are published here, -- the Chief, the Republican, the Democrat, and the Argus. The churches are the Baptist, Methodist, and the Congregational.

Anderson, Henry, billiard hall.
Bailey & Crone, real estate abstracters.
Baird H A, dentist.
Birkner Fritz, tailor.
Bradbrook F, photographer.

page 462 (Red Cloud continued)

Butler J & Co, harnessmakers.
Case & McNany, attys.
Cather C F, real estate, notary.
Cook A, boots and shoes.
Cook Henry, drugs
Cotting C L, drugs.
Damerell R, phys.
Dany Wm, machinist.
Davis C P, livery.
Denny L D, phys.
Deyo L H, drugs.
Dickerson M W & Co, flour, feed.
Diedrich H, boots and shoes.
Ducker J J, dry goods.
Emigh J S, dentist.
Brown A H, marble works.
Farmers & Merchants Banking Co, capital $50,000, Silas Garber pres, Antson Higby cashier. (see adv page top of page)
Featherly & Aultz, grocers, etc.
Fentress & Heatt, barbers.
First National Bank, capital $75,000, R V Shirey pres, Henry Clarke vice-pres. John R Shirey cashier, H B Cather asst cashier. (see adv page 463)
Funk A L, agl implts.
Garber Silas, pres Farmers & Merchants Banking Co.
Gardner House, L Moore prop. (see adv page 463)

page 463 (Red Cloud continued)

Gilham, J S, atty.
Hacker & Parker, grocers.
Haines W L, furniture.
Handy R A, lumber, coal.
Hansen P A, laundry.
Herberger Joseph, baker.
Higby Anson, cahier Farmers & Merchants Banking Co.
Holland George B, prop Holland House (see adv page 462)
Holland House, Geo B. Holland prop. (see adv page 462)
Hopper Charles, blacksmith.
Horn Benjamin, barber.
Hosmer A C, pub Red Cloud Chief.
Kaley Bros & Parker, attorneys and notaries.
Kier William, confectionery.
Lindley J O, restaurant.
Lindsay G W, meat market.
McArthur J A, meat market.
McEnory & Ripple, livery.
McFarlane James, grocer.
KcKeeby G E, physician.
McMillan C M, harnessmaker.
McNitt & Galusha, clothing, etc.
Martin R M, dry goods.
Miller, J L, harnessmaker
Miner Brothers, gnel mdse.
Mizer, B F, grocer.
Moore L, prop Gardner House. (see adv)
Moranville J W, physician.
Morhart A, hardware.
Murray James, notions.
Myers J C, painter.
Newhuse Fred, dry goods.
Nustein J, cigars and tobacco.
Oatman, L D, prop Valley House.
Parkes Wm, boots and shoes.
Patmor Oscar, flour and feed.
Perkins & Mitchell, genl mdse.
Perkins & Park, hardware.
Perry S H Mrs, dressmaker.
Platt D M, real estate and loans.
Platt & Frees Co., capital $25,000, C J Platt, Geo Hocknell treas and sec, lumber and coal.
Plumb G M, prop Red Cloud Republican.
Pope Bros, agl implts.
Porter, J jr, atty.
Red Cloud Chief, A C Hosmer pub.
Red Cloud Democrat, Steen & Myers editors and pubs.
Red Cloud National Bank, capital $75,000 paid up, J M Sherwood pres. Levi Moore vice-pres, L P Albright, cashier.
Red Cloud Republican, G M Plumb prop.
Richardson W N, live stock.
Rothrock J S, saloon.
Schaffneck Chas, dry goods, etc.
Scott H C, agl implts.
Seal S M, jeweler.

page 464 (Red Cloud continued)

Shields F P, pub Webster County Alliance.
Shirey John R, cashier First Ntional Bank. Shirey R V, pres First National Bank.
Skeen & Myers, pubs, Red Cloud Democrat and real estate. ( see adv page 462)
Sleeper F W, billiard hall.
Smith E M, blacksmith.
Smith & Hutchinson, barbers.
Sopher O J, restaurant.
Spokesfield S F, dry goods.
Stahl J E, notions.
Stern M M, saloon.
Taylor F E, furniture.
Traders Lumber Co, lumber, coal.
Tulley I W, phys.
Valley House, L D Oatman prop.
Vance L M, jeweler.
Visscher W M, painter.
Warner & Wolfanger, boots and shoes.
Warren G J, postmaster, pub Webster County Argus.
Webster County Alliance, F P Shields pub.
Webster County Argus, G J Wareren editor and pub.
West Samuel, justice.
Whitson G H, hardware.
Wiener Charles, clothing, et.
Winfrey C L, wagons and buggies.
Yeiser Geo & Co, real estate, ins.
Young B M & Co, dry goods.

page 468

   Rosemont, a new town on the DeWitt and Holdredge branch of the B. & M. R. R, east of Blue Hill in Webster county.

page 543

   Scott, a post office in the extreme southwestern part of Webster county, six miles miles south of Ivanale,

the nearest railway station.

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