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1890 Gazetteer - Webster County


1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 


Red Cloud - County Seat
Able D M, Red Cloud         Andrews C L, Bladen            Banks Arvid, Red Cloud 
Acre J W, Red Cloud         Andrews F M, Bladen            Banks B P, Red Cloud 
Adam Wm, Guide Rock         Andrews H C, Red Cloud         Banks Charles, Red Cloud 
Adamson R, Cowles           Andrews L G, Bladen            Banks I A, Bladen 
Ailes W, Red Cloud          Andrews Wallace, Bladen        Banks Saml, Red Cloud 
Ailes Frank, Red Cloud      Andrus D, Red Cloud            Barber A C, Inavale 
Akers W A, Red Cloud        Anson Frank, Red Cloud         Barber Jno A, Red Cloud 
Albin G M, Lawrence         Armstrong Ranzo, Blue Hill     Barcherding Deid, Blue Hill 
Albin G V, Cowles           Arndt Gottlieb, Blue Hill      Barcus E J, Guide Rock 
Albright C, Red Cloud       Arneson N A, Inavale           Barcus W A, Guide Rock 
Albright L P, Red Cloud     Arnets Wm, Blue Hill           Barcus Wm H, Guide Rock 
Aldin Willard, Red Cloud    Arnold Chas, Blue Hill         Barger C C, Blue Hill 
Alexander A H, Red Cloud    Arnold Fremont, Blue Hill      Bargman K, Guide Rock 
Alexander Marion, Blue Hill Arnold John, Blue Hill         Barclay John, Red Cloud 
Allen Benj, Inavale         Arnold M, Blue Hill            Barkley Peter, Red Cloud 
Allen Jacob, Inavale        Arnold Theo, Blue Hill         Barunker John, Blue Hill 
Allen J R, Cowles           Arnold Wm, Blue Hill           Barrett Wm, Blue Hill 
Allen R H, Cowles           Atwood James, Blue Hill        Barta Franz, Red Cloud 
Allen Robt, Inavale         Aughinbaugh G, Guide Rock      Barta Jos, Red Cloud 
Altshuler S, Red Cloud      Aultz John K, Red Cloud        Bartlette Nelson, Bladen 
Alyea R L, Red Cloud        Aultz Lew, Red Cloud           Barton F L, Lawrence 
Amack Edward, Red Cloud     Bailey Geo, Guide Rock         Barton L F, Cowles 
Amack George, Red Cloud     Bailey H S, Guide Rock         Barton G C, Cowles 
Amack Ivan, Red Cloud       Bailey Isaac, Guide Rock       Barton G C, Lawrence 
Amack Jas, Red Cloud        Bailey J A, Guide Rock         Barton Jack, Blue Hill 
Amack Tabor, Red Cloud      Bailey J H, Red Cloud          Baum L, Red Cloud 
Anbushon LeBon, Red Cloud   Bailey S J, Red Cloud          Bayles Steven, Red Cloud 
Anderson A, Red Cloud       Baird Thos, Guide Rock         Baxter A F, Red Cloud 
Anderson D A, Blue Hill     Baker A D, Bladen              Beal E A, Red Cloud 
Anderson D G, Red Cloud     Baker G W, Cowles              Beal J I, Red Cloud 
Anderson E, Blue Hill       Baker Jacob, Bladen            Beal T J, Red Cloud 
Anderson Jas, Red Cloud     Baker W A, Bladen              Beal W V, Cowles 
Anderson J D, Guide Rock    Bangert Fred, Cowles           Bean John, Red Cloud 
Anderson John, Blue Hill    Bangert Fred, Lawrence         Bean W E, Red Cloud 
Anderson Louie, Bladen      Bangert John, Cowles           Bear Orange, Guide Rock 
Anderson M, Blue Hill       Bangert John, Lawrence         Beauchamp Jno, Red Cloud 
Anderson Oscar, Red Cloud   Bangert Louis, Cowles          Beaver E S, Guide Rock 
Anderson T, Red Cloud       Bangert Louis, Lawrence        Beaver H M, Guide Rock 
Anderson Wm, Bladen         Bank Frederick, Blue Hill      Beaver J M, Red Cloud 
Beaver John, Guide Rock     Bibbe A, Inavale               Bradbrook F, Red Cloud 
Beaver L S, Guide Rock      Bibbey Geo, Red Cloud          Bradley Adam, Inavale 
Beck Andrew, Inavale        Bieger S, Red Cloud            Brady Alexander, Blue Hill 
Beckwith Sol, Red Cloud     Bierce M J, Blue Hill          Brakefield Thos, Red Cloud 
Becker W E, Blue Hill       Bierce S B, Blue Hill          Bramt L, Lawrence 
Beeler Chas, Guide Rock     Bir,emt Francis, Blue Hill     Brannt L, Cowles 
Beeler J B, Red Cloud       Bisbee Wm, Inavale             Brawshaw Chas, Cowles 
Beeton J W, Bladen          Blackman Wm, Red Cloud         Brassard Jos, Blue Hill 
Beiler Christian, Red Cloud Blackwell A G, Guide Rock      Bray Geo, Red Cloud 
Beirkner Fritz, Red Cloud   Blaine C C, Cowles             Bray Saml, Red Cloud 
Bellows C S, Red Cloud      Blaine J B, Cowles             Brecht Chas, Blue Hill 
Belt B, Guide Rock          Blakeslee James, Bladen        Breuer Jas, Blue Hill 
Bender Thos, Bladen         Blakeslee M, Bladen            Brewer Daniel R, Blue Hill 
Benker M, Lawrence          Blanke Fred, Cowles            Brewer H A, Red Cloud 
Benks M, Cowles             Blankenbaker G N, Red Cloud    Brewer H W, Red Cloud 
Bennet C C, Guide Rock      Blackenbaker J F Jr, Red Cloud Briggs B S, Red Cloud 
Bennett Hiram, Red Cloud    Blankenbaker J F Sr, Red Cloud Bright James, Red Cloud 
Bennett H S, Red Cloud      Blum Carl, Blue Hill           Brethower Henry, Red Cloud 
Bennett Jos, Red Cloud      Bluet Thos, Cowles             Britton Peter, Blue Hill 
Bennett L C, Cowles         Bode August, Red Cloud         Britton Wm, Cowles 
Benson M H, Inavale         Bode Henry H, Red Cloud        Britton Wm, Lawrence 
Benson Nels, Blue Hill      Boesch David Jr, Red Cloud     Britton Wm, Red Cloud 
Benson Olaf, Red Cloud      Boesch David Sr, Red cloud     Brockman J P, Cowles 
Benson Van, Inavale         Boesch John, Red Cloud         Brockman J T, Lawrence 
Bent J W, Red Cloud         Bogle W E, Blue Hill           Bronson C W, Red Cloud 
Bent Lincoln, Red Cloud     Boher Wm, Red Cloud            Brooks J C, Red Cloud 
Bentley J W, Red Cloud      Bollon D J, Guide Rock         Brooks J D, Guide Rock 
Bentley M F, Red Cloud      Bolthcher H, Blue Hill         Brougelson G E, Red Cloud 
Bentley M R, Red Cloud      Bondrean S, Red Cloud          Broomfield James, Inavale 
Berchtold R, Blue Hill      Boomer J W, Bladen             Brougelson J J, Red Cloud 
Berenzen Jno, Red Cloud     Boom Frank, Bladen             Brower B, Blue Hill 
Beresford John, Red Cloud   Boren L L, Cowles              Brown A H, Red Cloud 
Berg A O, Red Cloud         Boren Thos, Cowles             Brown B C, Blue Hill 
Berg O A, Red Cloud         Bornrey & Barkley, Red Cloud   Brown Chas M, Cowles 
Bergman Erick, Red Cloud    Bou A C, Cowles                Brown C S, Blue Hill 
Besse Chas R, Red Cloud     Boudreau Pierri, Red Cloud     Brown George, Guide Rock 
Best J K, Cowles            Bouer J, Blue Hill             Brown Geo W, Red Cloud 
Best R C, Blue Hill         Boyd Henry, Bladen             Brown H C, Red Cloud 
Betner Robert, Blue Hill    Boynton Chas, Red Cloud        Brown J A, Red Cloud 
Brown J H, Cowles           Bury Frank, Blue Hill          Cather C F, Red Cloud 
Brown J M, Blue Hill        Bury Nelson, Blue Hill         Cather Clark, Red cloud 
Brown John C, Blue Hill     Buschow A, Blue Hill           Cather E C, Red Cloud 
Brown L E, Blue Hill        Buschow F E, Blue Hill         Cather G P, Red Cloud 
Brown M A, Blue Hill        Buss Jarkol, Blue Hill         Cather H B, Red Cloud 
Brown T J, Red Cloud        Buss John F, Blue Hill         Causac John, Guide Rock 
Brown W H, Red Cloud        Buster J R, Cowles             Chaflin Thos, Blue Hill 
Brown W P, Blue Hill        Buster J R, Lawrence           Chamberlain J. Red Cloud 
Brubaker Josh, Red Cloud    Buster J S, Guide Rock         Chambers Joseph Cowles 
Brubaker W A, Cowles        Buster J T, Cowles             Chambers J W, Red Cloud 
Brule C, Red Cloud          Buster J T, Lawrence           Chambers S B, Cowles 
Brule Alfred, Red Cloud     Buster W H, Lawrence           Chambers Thos, Blue Hill 
Brunner Sam, Guide Rock     Buster Wm H, Cowles            Chance E P, Red Cloud 
Brunke Jos, Red Cloud       Butler J E, Cowles             Chaney A B, Inavale 
Brunke Saml, Red Cloud      Butler J O, Red Cloud          Chaney Geo, Red Cloud 
Bryant J W, Red Cloud       Butler R C, Bladen             Chapin Dwight, Red Cloud 
Bryant M B, Red Cloud       Byrne John, Red Cloud          Chaplin Harry, Cowles 
Buck Chas, Blue Hill        Calmes Alvin, Red Cloud        Chaplin Jacob, Cowles 
Buckner Wm, Red Cloud       Calvin I B, Cowles             Chapin Jas B, Red Cloud 
Buckies J F, Red Cloud      Campbell James, Red Cloud      Chapin John, Red Cloud 
Buihler C, Bladen           Campbell J D, Red Cloud        Charter Israel, Blue Hill 
Bumell Wm, Cowles           Campbell L, Red Cloud          Chenalier Belma, Blue Hill 
Bunnell Wm, Lawrence        Campbell W, Blue Hill          Ching Noah, Cowles 
Burden James, Bladen        Canfield A, Red Cloud          Choat A W, Blue Hill 
Burden M, Blue Hill         Capley John, Inavale           Chrisman J D, Guide rock 
Burkhead Abe, Red Cloud     Carey W, Blue Hill             Christianson Chris, Inavale 
Burnette J E, Bladen        Cargill W H, Blue Hill         Christy E C, Cowles 
Burr E E, Guide Rock        Carnwell Jas, Guide Rock       Christy Joel, Cowles 
Burr Jno, Cowles            Carpenter A H, Cowles          Christy E L, Cowles 
Burr Joseph, Cowles         Carpenter David, Blue Hill     Churches f C, Cowles 
Burr M, Cowles              Carpenter E, Blue Hill         Clapp S B, Red Cloud 
Burt B C, Blue Hill         Carpenter Frank, Blue Hill     Clark A, Red Cloud 
Burtch Chas, Blue Hill      Carr J B, Red Cloud            Clark A D, Bladen 
Burtch Jas, Blue Hill       Carrier R D, Red Cloud         Clark C H, Bladen 
Burtis J W, Red Cloud       Carswell A R, Cowles           Clark G M, Blue Hill 
Burton B P, Cowles          Carswell D W, Cowles           Clark Lewis, Blue Hill 
Burton H A, Cowles          Cassell A, Red Cloud           Clark W P, Red Cloud 
Burwell J B, Blue Hill      Casswell D W, Cowles           Clauson George, Red Cloud 
Burwell S A, Inavale        Cather C, Red Cloud            Cleghorn J B, Inavale 
Cline Geo W, Red Cloud      Cox E H, Bladen                Cure Bert, Red Cloud 
Cochran P M, Inavale        Cox J B, Red Cloud             Curran John F, Red cloud 
Cochran R M, Inavale        Cox S N, Red Cloud             Curry J C, Blue Hill 
Cochrane R M, Red Cloud     Crabill L M, Red Cloud         Curry W D, Blue Hill 
Cockrell F M, Red Cloud     Crabill W M, Red Cloud         Curtis G H, Guide Rock 
Codman C G, Red Cloud       Craft John, Red Cloud          Cutter H C, Cowles 
Colby J, Bladen             Craig Chas, Red Cloud          Cutter Henry C, Cowles 
Collins G W, Red Cloud      Craig Thos, Red Cloud          Cutter Louis, Bladen 
Columbia J L Jr, Guide Rock Crary A H, Guide Rock          Daggett C W, Inavale 
Columbia J L St, Guide Rock Crary Alex, Guide Rock         Dale Baler, Guide Rock 
Colvin J B, Cowles          Crawford John,  Cowles         Dale Floyd, Blue Hill 
Cone Trenmor, Guide Rock    Crawford W L, Cowles           Damerell Robt, Red Cloud 
Cone N, Guide Rock          Crawford W N, Cowles           Danburg Andrew, Cowles 
Cone L C, Guide Rock        Crayon Sylvester, Red Cloud    Danburg H, Red Cloud 
Coner James O, Red Cloud    Creamer W B, Red Cloud         Dany W, Red Cloud 
Conover Peter, Red Cloud    Critchfield S A, Cowles        Dauchey W E, Red Cloud 
Conrad E K, Cowles          Cromwell J S, Red Cloud        Dautherty F M, Red Cloud 
Conrad G M, Cowles          Crone C B, Red Cloud           David Isaac, Blue Hill 
Conrad O E, Bladen          Crone Trennor, Guide Rock      Davis Alex, Bladen 
Conrad S, Cowles            Croner John, Bladen            Davis J M, Blue Hill 
Cook A, Red Cloud           Cropp G W, Red Cloud           Davis R D, Inavale 
Cook Dan S. Cowles          Crosby C L, Red Cloud          Davis W T, Red Cloud 
Cook Henry, Red Cloud       Crouch Thos, Cowles            Dawson M F, Cowles 
Coombs D S, Red Cloud       Crow B H, Red Cloud            Dawson M T, Guide Rock 
Coon C C, Red Cloud         Crow Floyd, Guide Rock         Day F J, Blue Hill 
Coon John, Cowles           Crow G W, Guide Rock           Day Sylvester, Red Cloud 
Coon John R, Red Cloud      Crow Isaac, Guide Rock         Deal Chas L, Guide Rock 
Coon Geo E, Red Cloud       Crow J W, Guide Rock           Dean J M, Guide Rock 
Coon John, Red Cloud        Crowell John, Guide Rock       Deaver Frank, Guide Rock 
Cooper A A, Red Cloud       Crowley B, Red Cloud           Deaver Wm, Guide Rock 
Cooper H F, Guide Rock      Croxton Rand, Guide Rock       DeBrumer J W, Inavale 
Cooper H M, Guide Rock      Croxton Sandf, Guide Rock      Dedrick D W, Red Cloud 
Corbett J W, Cowles         Croxton S Sr, Guide Rock       Dedrick H W, Red Cloud 
Corner Martin B, Cowles     Crozier J R, Cowles            Dedrick R H, Red Cloud 
Cotting C L, Red Cloud      Crozier R H, Cowles            Dehart Levi, Red Cloud 
Cowgill J E, Red Cloud      Crozier Saml, Cowles           Dehart Lucas, Red Cloud 
Cowley Isaac, Red Cloud     Cumings A, Red Cloud           Deiderick Henry, Red Cloud 
Cox A W, Bladen             Cumings Joe, Red Cloud         Deisley Howard, Red Cloud 
Cox C C, Red Cloud          Cunins A, Red Cloud            DeLong C E, Inavale 
DeLong M F, Red Cloud       Drake G W, red Cloud           Elsle John, Blue Hill 
Demars Xaveria, Blue Hill   Drennen G A, Red Cloud         Ely C S, Guide Rock 
Demy R S, Guide Rock        Driscoll Denny, Blue Hill      Emerson Talcot, Red Cloud 
Demy L D, Red Cloud         Ducker J J, Red Cloud          Emerton Thomas, Red Cloud 
Derr G W, Blue Hill         Ducker Wm, Red Cloud           Emick John A, Red Cloud 
Derr John, Bladen           Duffee James, Guide Rock       Emigh J F, Red Cloud 
Derra Christ, Cowles        Duffield C C, Bladen           Emigh J S, Red Cloud 
Derra Christ, Lawrence      Duffy P J, Bladen              Emigh Thos, Red Cloud 
Derlin John, Red Cloud      Dugan J N, Blue Hill           Emigh Wm J, Red Cloud 
Detour L A, Guide Rock      Dunierman P, Blue Hill         Engstrom A, Red Cloud 
Dettour M, Guide Rock       Dunbar John, Guide Rock        Epperly M E, Guide Rock 
Devno A D, Red Cloud        Dunham Jonth, Blue Hill        Eret Joseph, Blue Hill 
Dewitt Geo, Red Cloud       Dunham S, Blue Hill            Erfman Henry, Cowles 
Dewolf N C, Cowles          Durdin Ed T, Blue Hill         Erickson Ole, Red Cloud 
Deyo L H, Red Cloud         Durdin J L, Blue Hill          Erickson Andrew, Red Cloud 
Dickerson F, Red Cloud      Dushack John, Bladen           Ester J S, Red Cloud 
Dickerson M W, Red Cloud    Duss John, Red Cloud           Etherton S, Red Cloud 
Dickey D A, Bladen          Dyer Saml, Red Cloud           Evans C T, Red Cloud 
Dickinson F G, Blue Hill    Dyre Dan C, Blue Hill          Evans G G, Bladen 
Dickson Wm, Red Cloud       Eagen D H, Blue Hill           Fairfield C E, Guide Rock 
Diehl Bert, Cowles          Eames E W, Red Cloud           Falkenburg W S, Red Cloud 
Dierdorff A F, Guide Rock   Earnes C, Red Cloud            Fall H B, Blue Hill 
Dierdorff I D, Guide Rock   East Geo, Inavale              Farner John, Guide Rock 
Dillard John, Red Cloud     Eaton B B, Guide Rock          Farquhar Samuel, Cowles 
Dillin Amos, Guide Rock     Eaton R B, Guide Rock          Farrell John, Red Cloud 
Dinger David, Red Cloud     Eddy A N, Red Cloud            Farrington C, Guide Rock 
Doose C, Red Cloud          Eddy C L, Inavale              Fassier W H, Blue Hill 
Doty H W, Inavale           Eddy Philo, Inavale            Fasther Chris, Bladen 
Douglas Ira, Cowles         Edelman M B, Red Cloud         Fasther John, Bladen 
Douglas Wm M, Red Cloud     Edgell Ira, Red Cloud          Fasther Philip, Bladen 
Douglass E A, Red Cloud     Edgerton O A, Guide Rock       Fawcett L E, Blue Hill 
Dow G W, Red Cloud          Edgerton O A, Red Cloud        Fawcett P A, Blue Hill 
Downs A, Red Cloud          Edmans T H, Guide Rock         Fearn Chas E, Red Cloud 
Downs A L, Red Cloud        Egington J P, Bladen           Featherly David, Red Cloud 
Downs O R, Red Cloud        Ehlers R, Red Cloud            Fell T D, Bladen 
Downs S L, Red Cloud        Elliott E E, Red Cloud         Fendenher J D, Blue Hill 
Doyle E S, Blue Hill        Ellsworth A A, Blue Hill       Fennell Andrew, Cowles 
Doyle John, Red Cloud       Ellsworth T H, Blue Hill       Fennell Geo, Cowles 
Doyle M, Cowles             Ellsworth W W, Blue Hill       Ferguson E W, Cowles 
Ferrill John, Red Cloud     Fox L D, Red Cloud             Fulton W P, Inavale 
Ferris E, Red Cloud         Fox M M, Red Cloud             Funck C H, Red Cloud 
Fete August, Cowles         Foy J E, Red Cloud             Funk A L, Red Cloud 
Fincher S A, Red Cloud      Fracey Jacob, Blue Hill        Funk E H, Cowles 
Finkenbinder M, Red Cloud   Frame A A, Cowles              Furgeson O W, Cowles 
Finley Henry, Guide Rock    Frame A A, Lawrence            Furst Robt, Red Cloud 
Finley John, Red Cloud      Frame Jas L, Campbell          Gagno Joseph, Red Cloud 
Finley Lee, Guide Rock      Frame S, Cowles                Galbraith John, Red Cloud 
Finley Mart, Guide Rock     Frame S, Lawrence              Galusha A, Red Cloud 
Finnley Z, Guide Rock       Francis Chas E, Cowles         Garbach Ferdinand, Cowles 
Finney J W, Cowles          Francis C M, Cowles            Garber E S, Guide Rock 
Finney J W, Guide Rock      Francis D M, Cowles            Garber John J, Red Cloud 
Finney Thos, Cowles         Francis Geo E, Cowles          Garber Joseph, Red Cloud 
Finney Thos, Guide Rock     Francis G W, Cowles            Garber N W, Guide Rock 
Fish Isaac, Bladen          Francis Sheridan, Cowles       Garber Samuel, Red Cloud 
Fish John, Bladen           Frank R, Blue Hill             Garber Silas, Red Cloud 
Fish V H, Bladen            Fraser A E, Cowles             Garner Geo, Red Cloud 
Fisher F H, Red Cloud       Fraser A E, Guide Rock         Gates Geo B, Red Cloud 
Fisher Iver, Red Cloud      French H W, Cowles             Gaughin S L, Cowles 
Fisher M A, Red Cloud       Freeze Joseph, Red Cloud       Gautehey A, Cowles 
Fisher W F, Cowles          Frisbie I, Red Cloud           Generent Desire, Blue Hill 
Fisher W I, Guide Rock      Fritz George, Bladen           Gennerent G S, Red Cloud 
Fisher W M, Red Cloud       Frohm Christ, Blue Hill        Gess Geo, Blue Hill 
Flont C E, Red Cloud        Fraze F C, Cowles              Getchell N, Blue Hill 
Flohrs Charlie, Red Cloud   Fruit Wm, Red Cloud            Gibbs Edwin, Red Cloud 
Flohrs William, Red Cloud   Fruckey D F, Red Cloud         Giger David, Guide Rock 
Flynn E G, Red Cloud        Fry Jno R, Guide Rock          Giger Henry, Guide Rock 
Foe E H, Cowles             Fry Randolph, Guide Rock       Giger Samuel Sr, Guide Rock 
Foe S W, Red Cloud          Fuller C W, Cowles             Gilbert Amos, Lawrence 
Fohndrich C F, Red Cloud    Fuller J D, Cowles             Gilbert Amos, Cowles 
Folly A B, Bladen           Fuller J L, Cowles             Gilbert L C, Guide Rock 
Foot Geo N, Guide Rock      Fuller Saml, Cowles            Gilbert W W, Red Cloud 
Ford F, Blue Hill           Fuller Wm H, Campbell          Gilham Henry, Red Cloud 
Forest H, Blue Hill         Fulton H B, Red Cloud          Gilham Jas, Red Cloud 
Fort L H, Red Cloud         Fulton J, Red Cloud            Gilham J S, Red Cloud 
Foster John, Red Cloud      Fulton M C, Red Cloud          Gilliland J A, Red Cloud 
Foster L M, Red Cloud       Fulton R B, Red Cloud          Gilliland Wm, Red Cloud 
Foutz J C, Guide Rock       Fulton S W, Blue Hill          Gilroy James, inavale 
Fowler H W, Cowles          Fulton V B, Red Cloud          Gilroy Patrick, Inavale 
Goadrich C J, Blue Hill     Grove J S, Cowles              Haines T L, Blue Hill 
Goadrich W N, Blue Hill     Grove J S, Lawrence            Haines W L, Bladen 
Goble B E, Red Cloud        Grubbs E M, Red Cloud          Haines W L, Red Cloud 
Goble F E, Red Cloud        Grunhaigh Jas, Guide Rock      Hale A C, Inavale 
Godwin A N, Cowles          Guilford Ed, Cowles            Hale Edwin R, Red Cloud 
Googrig John, Blue Hill     Guilford G W, Red Cloud        Hale F B, Inavale 
Goll Jarkol, Blue Hill      Guisler Jacob, Guide rock      Hale J P, Inavale 
Goll Joseph, Cowles         Gulliford H W, Red Cloud       Hall O W, Blue Hill 
Goll Michael Jr, Blue Hill  Gund H, Bladen                 Hall R L, Red Cloud 
Goll M Sr, Blue Hill        Gump F R, Red Cloud            Hallam John, Red Cloud 
Gomon O, Blue Hill          Gurney Asa, Red Cloud          Haller Charles, Red Cloud 
Good F A, Guide Rock        Gurney Chas, Red Cloud         Ham Thos, Cowles 
Goos Hanrey, Blue Hill      Gust C, Red Cloud              Hammond J E, Bladen 
Goracke A C, Guide Rock     Gust C F, Red Cloud            Hampton I B, Guide Rock 
Gordon Charley, Blue Hill   Guy A, Cowles                  Handle Edward, Blue Hill 
Goutyschv R, Guide Rock     Guy A, Lawrence                Handy R A, Red Cloud 
Grandstaff Joe, Bladen      Guy Charles, Guide Rock        Hann J D, Red Cloud 
Graves Jos, Red Cloud       Guy Clarence, Guide Rock       Hann Randolph, Guide Rock 
Grawberg VD, Guide Rock     Guy M V, Guide Rock            Hansen C F, Red Cloud 
Green John, Cowles          Guy Wm, Guide Rock             Hansen Christian, Red Cloud 
Green John, Lawrence        Haas A K, Blue Hill            Hansen Christ, Guide Rock 
Green Jos, Cowles           Haas John A, Negunda           Hansen Hans, Inavale 
Green Jos, Lawrence         Habajork N, Blue Hill          Hansen M, Red Cloud 
Green N, Inavale            Hablesreither J, Red Cloud     Hansen N P, Red Cloud 
Green S C, Blue Hill        Hacker T C, Red Cloud          Hansen O C, Red Cloud 
Greenlee W D, Guide Rock    Hadley F P, Red Cloud          Hansen P H, Red Cloud 
Gregory G E, Guide Rock     Hagan A T, Guide Rock          Hanson Peter, Red Cloud 
Gregory W H, Guide Rock     Hagan E L, Guide Rock          Hardwick John, Red Cloud 
Greig Geo, Bladen           Hagan G W, Guide Rock          Harmon J F, Blue Hill 
Grice B M, Red Cloud        Hagan S T, Guide Rock          Harper Chas, Rd Cloud 
Greger Grant, Guide Rock    Hager G W, Cowles              Harper E L, Blue Hill 
Griminger J B, Red Cloud    Hafeman Frank, Blue Hill       Harpham J W, Bladen 
Grimm R, Red Cloud          Hain John, Bladen              Harrington D, Blue Hill 
Grinther E J, Blue Hill     Hains C, blue Hill             Harrington Wm, Blue Hill 
Groat D A, Red Cloud        Haines Geo R, Guide Rock       Harris A E, Red Cloud 
Groat David, Inavale        Haines Henry, Blue Hill        Harris G A, Cowles 
Gross John M, Red Cloud     Haines John E, Red Cloud       Harris H, Red Cloud 
Grove J C, Cowles           Haines L H, Blue Hill          Harris John, Red Cloud 
Grove J C, Lawrence         Haines M E, Blue Hill          Harris Robert, Red Cloud 
Harris Stephen, Red Cloud   Hayden G H, Guide Rock         Hiebeler Frank, Blue Hill 
Harris Wm, Blue Hill        Hayes O J, Cowles              Higby Anson, Red Cloud 
Harris Wm J, Red Cloud      Hayes John, Blue Hill          Hill J H, Red Cloud 
Harris W T, Guide Rock      Hayes T R, Red Cloud           Hill Peter, Cowles 
Harrison Everet, Blue Hill  Hayes Wm, Red Cloud            Hilton A T, Blue Hill 
Hartman Abe, Red Cloud      Heaton Geo, Red Cloud          Hilton H H, Bladen 
Hartman August, Cowles      Hecox W S, Red Cloud           Hilton N, Blue Hill 
Hartman Fred, Red Cloud     Hedeli A T, Red Cloud          Hines C, Red Cloud 
Hartman Fritz, Red Cloud    Hedge A, Red Cloud             Hines F L, Cowles 
Hartman Louis, Blue Hill    Heffelbomer J, Red Cloud       Hinkins H E, Inavale 
Hartwell A F, Inavale       Heirs Mitchell, Red Cloud      Hinman I E, Lawrence 
Harvey D, Guide Rock        Heiton J F, Blue Hill          Hinman I E, Cowles 
Harvey Delos, Cowles        Hemmelberg John, Cowles        Hitz Godleaf, Guide Rock 
Harvey E E, Inavale         Hemmelberg Jno, Lawrence       Hobart J H, Blue Hill 
Harvey J N, Inavale         Henderson Bros, Red Cloud      Hobart W H, Blue Hill 
Harvey M, Cowles            Henderson E C, Guide Rock      Hockett S B, Red Cloud 
Harvey O B, Inavale         Henderson E G, Red Cloud       Hoffman A H, Red Cloud 
Harvey O P, Inavale         Henrich Jos, Blue Hill         Hoffman W H, Bladen 
Harwood F M, Cowles         Hendrix Chas, Red Cloud        Hogan W A, Red Cloud 
Harwood Jas, Guide Rock     Henman L E, Cowles             Hogate W W, Bladen 
Haskett C C, Cowles         Henry Albert, Blue Hill        Holbrook J Q, Blue Hill 
Haskett C C, Lawrence       Heples J W, Cowles             Holcomb A E, Red Cloud 
Haskins David, Guide Rock   Heples J W, Lawrence           Holcomb H S, Red Cloud 
Haskins H H, Guide Rock     Herberger Joe, Red Cloud       Holcomb John, Red Cloud 
Haskins L A, Red Cloud      Hermandson A, Red Cloud        Holcomb JosiahA,Red Cloud 
Hass John A, Cowles         Herrick E, Red Cloud           Holdredge Himan, R Cloud 
Hasselbaker J, Red Cloud    Herz Adam, Blue Hill           Holdredge H H, Inavale 
Hastings G W, Inavale       Herz Jacob, Blue Hill          Holdredge S E, Inavale 
Hatch Frank, Red Cloud      Herz Wm, Lawrence              Holl H W, Bladen 
Hatfield T W, Red Cloud     Herz Windeline, Cowles         Holl V S, Bladen 
Hathaway Geo, Guide Rock    Herz Wm, Cowles                Holl W D, Bladen 
Hathaway M C, Guide Rock    Herz Wm, Lawrence              Holland Geo, Red Cloud 
Haught C C, Guide Rock      Heyde Adolph, Red Cloud        Holliday Geo, Red Cloud 
Haught David, Guide Rock    Hiatt J M, Blue Hill           Holliday W B, Cowles 
Haught E G, Guide Rock      Hiatt M E, Blue Hill           Holsder W H, Blue Hill 
Hawthorne R A, Blue Hill    Hicks C E, Bladen              Holsworth Wm, Red Cloud 
Havanek Francis, Blue Hill  Hicks Robert, Red Cloud        Holt C H, Red Cloud 
Hawley Angel, Blue Hill     Hicks Wm, Red Cloud            Holtz Joe, Red Cloud 
Hayden A E, Red Cloud       Hidy Joseph, Cowles            Holverson Chas, Red Cloud 
Holycross N, Blue Hill      Hudson David Sr, Lawrence      Isom M, Lawrence 
Holz Wm, Guide Rock         Hudson Geo, Cowles             Ita Henry, Cowles 
Home Jule, Blue Hill        Hudsen Geo, Lawrence           Ita Henry, Lawrence 
Honeycutt J W, Lawrence     Hudson Margaret, Cowles        Jackson C H, Cowles 
Hoolingrain A W, R Cloud    Huffman M E, Red Cloud         Jackson E L, Cowles 
Hoover Geo W, Guide Rock    Huffman S S, Red Cloud         Jackson M C, Cowles 
Hoover Jno S, Blue Hill     Huffman Wm, Red Cloud          Jackson W E, Red Cloud 
Hopkins H L, Cowles         Hughs H L, Bladen              Jackson W S, Cowles 
Horn Albert, Guide Rock     Hull M H, Red Cloud            James Alexander, Blue Hill 
Hosmer A C, Red Cloud       Hull Michael, Blue Hill        James Wm, Blue Hill 
Hosman D, Blue Hill         Hull S W, Inavale              Jaynes & Son, Bladen 
Houchin A, Red Cloud        Hull T F, Red Cloud            Jeffers P L, Red Cloud 
Houchin A E, Red Cloud      Humell Lewis, Red Cloud        Jeffrey W S, Inavale 
Houchin F, Red Cloud        Hummell GeoW,Red Cloud         Jenkins W F, Red Cloud 
Houchin G W, Red Cloud      Hummell T D, Red Cloud         Jennings R, Guide Rock 
Houchin Jas F, Red Cloud    Humner A A, Inavale            Jenson Andrew, Cowles 
Houchin M F, Red Cloud      Humell M C, Inavale            Jenson N, Inavale 
Houchin Grant, Red Cloud    Hunnell I H, Inavale           Jesson Adolph, Red Cloud 
Houghton W, Red Cloud       Hunter Charles, Inavale        Jesson C F, Cowles 
House E, Red Cloud          Hunter Geo, Cowles             Jesson Chris, Red Cloud 
Housholder W H, Bladen      Hunter H B, Guide Rock         Jessen John, Red Cloud 
Hovel John,  Red Cloud      Hunter Robt, Cowles            Jessen Martin, Inavale 
Howard A, Cowles            Hunter W A, Guide Rock         Jester A H, Red Cloud 
Howard A, Lawrence          Huntley O D, Red Cloud         John Albert, Inavale 
Howard Fred, Red Cloud      Hunziker Saml, Guide Rock      John Fred, Blue Hill 
Howard H A, Red Cloud       Huppert Fred, Blue Hill        John T R, Bladen 
Howard Jermiah, Bladen      Hurd Asel, Cowles              Johnson A P, Bladen 
Howe Chas, Cowles           Hurd Nelson, Cowles            Johnson  C, Cowles 
Howe Joe, Cowles            Hurd Wm, Cowles                Johnson Canada, Lawrence 
Howe W H, Cowles            Huselm E A, Red Cloud          Johnson Charley, Red Cloud 
Huback Jos, Red Cloud       Hutchinson C C, Red Cloud      Johnson D B, Red Cloud 
Hubathka Jas, Red Cloud     Hutchinson Cyrus,Blue Hill     Johnson D S, Guide Rock 
Hubbell P C, Cowles         Hutchinson RP, Red Cloud       Johnson F C, Cowles 
Hublein Andrew, Blue Hill   Hutton A A, Red Cloud          Johnson F C, Lawrence 
Hudson C, Cowles            Hutton G A, Red Cloud          Johnson Henry, Cowles 
Hudson David, Lawrence      Hutton G S, Red Cloud          Johnson J E, Cowles 
Hudson David, Cowles        Hyde Henry, Blue Hill          Johnson J E, Lawrence 
Hudson David Jr, Lawrence   Hyland John, Blue Hill         Johnson J N, Guide Rock 
Hudson David Jr, Cowles     Irons Wm, Inavale              Johnson J P, Blue Hill 
Johnson L M, Guide Rock     Kelso T J, Inavale             Knoller John, Blue Hill 
Johnson M, Inavale          Kenady J C, Red Cloud          Knutsen K, Red Cloud 
Johnson Prenet, Blue Hill   Kenady Wm, Blue Hill           Knutsen Olea, Red Cloud 
Johnson W T, Cowles         Kenady W P, Red Cloud          Kouzack Christ, Guide Rock 
Jones C S, Inavale          Kennard Wm, Red Cloud          Kouzack John, Red Cloud 
Jones Dwight, Red Cloud     Kenney A J, Red Cloud          Koons John, Bladen 
Jones D H, Red Cloud        Kent A V, Blue Hill            Koontz R W, Red Cloud 
Jones Geo E, Guide Rock     Kent Chas, Red Cloud           Korns A D, Blue Hill 
Jones Jos, Red Cloud        Kent E B, Red Cloud            Kort Albert, Blue Hill 
Jones Owen, Blue Hill       Kent T H, Blue Hill            Kottwitz John, Blue Hill 
Jones R D, Red Cloud        Kercheval J W, Blue Hill       Kral Joseph, Red Cloud 
Jones T F, Red Cloud        Kern Wm, Guide Rock            Kron C f, Red Cloud 
Jones W K, Red Cloud        Kerschner S, Bladen            Kudrwa Matias, Red Cloud 
Jorgeson Chris, Inavale     Kesler David, Red Cloud        Kueppenbender W, B Hill 
Judson Defay, Inavale       Kidd J E, Red Cloud            Kuehn A, Red Cloud 
Judson H S, Inavale         Killough Felix, Cowles         Kuhn B, Blue Hill 
Kaley A H, Red Cloud        Killough Felix, Lawrence       Kumph B, Lawrence 
Kaley C, Red Cloud          Kimmell D P, Bladen            Labante Lewis, Guide Rock 
Kaley C W, Red Cloud        Kincher J Jr, Guide Rock       Labon A, Blue Hill 
Kaley D H, Red Cloud        Kincher J Sr, Guide Rock       Lacy J T, Cowles 
Kaley J L, Red Cloud        Kincher Wm, Guide Rock         Lacy T T, Cowles 
Kamiskey E, Red Cloud       Kindscher J, Guide Rock        Ladd E E, Red Cloud 
Kamisky Luther, Red Cloud   King A H, Blue Hill            Lafort Henry, Blue Hill 
Karle Michel, Guide Rock    King D E , Blue Hill           Laird B C, Blue Hill 
Karr Philip, Blue Hill      King E A, Red Cloud            Laird Jas B, Blue Hill 
Kars Wm, Blue Hill          King G W, Red Cloud            Laird P L, Blue Hill 
Kaupel Bernard, Cowles      King L D, Blue Hill            Laird DW C, Blue Hill 
Kautz Edward, Blue Hill     King Moses, Guide Rock         Lake R W, Red Cloud 
Kautz G, Blue Hill          King Wm, Cowles                Lally Owen, Cowles 
Keagle Richard, Red Cloud   King Wm, Lawrence              Lally Owen, Lawrence 
Keeney E h, Cowles          Kiper David R, Bladen          Lamb H H, Guide Rock 
Kehler E A, Bladen          Kiper James, Bladen            Lambrecht Fred, Red Cloud 
Keller T, Red Cloud         Kippenbender P, Blue Hill      Lammon M B, Blue Hill 
Kellogg E, Red Cloud        Kirschner Max, Cowles          Lampman A, Blue Hill 
Kellogg J H, Red Cloud      Kirschner Max, Guide Rock      Landerberg Henry, Blue Hill 
Kellogg W J, Red Cloud      Kizer S B, Red Cloud           Laporte Joe, Blue Hill 
Kelly C F, Red Cloud        Kniffin C, Bladen              Largent J S, Guide Rock 
Kelly S E, Red Cloud        Knight G W, Inavale            Larrick D H, Red Cloud 
Kelsay John, Guide Rock     Knight N G, Inavale            Latta G A, Cowles 
Lavely Fred D, Cowles       Liny E. Cowles                 McCardle Eli, Guide Rock 
Levelve Frank, Guide Rock   Lockhart J A, Blue Hill        McCartney Jas, Red Cloud 
Laverty M M, Red Cloud      Lockheart Elias, Blue Hill     McCauley M R, Blue Hill 
Law W V, Cowles             Lockheart J M, Blue Hill       McClaren J W, Blue Hill 
Lawler T J, Cowles          Lockheart Josiah, Blue         McClean J H, Bladen 
Lawranger Frank, Inavale    Lockridge E N, Red Cloud       McClintock Jas, Inavale 
Lea G B, Red Cloud          Logan L A, Red Cloud           McClure T W, Blue Hill 
Leach J D, Red Cloud        Lohl John, Red Cloud           McClure Wm, Bladen 
Leasure M A, Guide Rock     Long Geo, Red Cloud            McCoy S V, Blue Hill 
Leasure S G, Guide rock     Longbotham R A, Cowles         McCord John, Red Cloud 
Ledbetter W G, Bladen       Longbotham R A, Lawrence       McCorkindale N, Red Cloud 
Lee B, Bladen               Lopeman J A, Red Cloud         McCornich H, Guide Rock 
Leigh C, Red Cloud          Loudy Frank, Blue Hill         McCort Ernst, Blue Hill 
Lemka M, Lawrence           Lucas John, Blue Hill          McCort Wm, Blue Hill 
Leonard F B, Red Cloud      Lucas Wm, Cowles               McCoy Elmer, Blue Hill 
Ler Richard, Red Cloud      Lucas Wm, Lawrence             McCoy George, Blue Hill 
Lester M, Inavale           Luce L H, Inavale              McCoy James, Blue Hill 
Letson A, Red Cloud         Ludlow S V, Red Cloud          McCoy J M, Blue Hill 
Lettner E, Red Cloud        Ludlow W H, Red Cloud          McCoy L, Blue Hill 
Lewis C L, Cowles           Luea Charley, Blue Rock        McCrary W N, Red Cloud 
Lewis M M, Red Cloud        Luhn Christian, Blue Hill      McCune Edw, Red Cloud 
Lewis M P, Cowles           Luhn Peter, Blue Hill          McCune Henry, Red Cloud 
Lewis R K, Cowles           Lukins F A, Blue Hill          McCullum John, Bladen 
Lewis R N, Bladen           Lutsch Ed, Blue Hill           McDaniel A, Red Cloud 
Lewis Wm, Red Cloud         Lutsch W, Blue Hill            Mc Daniel Wm, Red Cloud 
Lightfoot John, Red Cloud   Lutz V, Red Cloud              McDonald Wm, Bladen 
Limka M, Cowles             Lymburner Jos, Blue Hill       McDonald Wm, Blue Hill 
Lindberg Chris, Blue Hill   Lyons C L, Blue Hill           McDonald Wm, Red Cloud 
Lindeen Daniel, Red Cloud   McArthur John, Red Cloud       McFarland D F, Red Cloud 
Lindgren Chas, Red Cloud    McAuley M, Red Cloud           McFarland E, Red Cloud 
Lindley J O, Red Cloud      McAvoy K, Red Cloud            McGinley M, Red Cloud 
Lindquist S, Blue Hill      McAvoy Em, Red Cloud           McGinnis Patrick, Bladen 
Lindsey D, Red Cloud        McBride S R, Red Cloud         McGinnis Thos, Red Cloud 
Lindsey Geo W, Red cloud    McCalum D, Guide Rock          McHale John, Bladen 
Lindsey S, Red Cloud        McCall Alfred, Red Cloud       McHale M J, Red Cloud 
Line F S, Cowles            McCall Oliver, Red Cloud       McIllece John, Red Cloud 
Linebarger A H, Red Cloud   McCallSylvester, RedCloud      McIntire O L, Blue Hill 
Linn F S, Lawrence          McCallum Robt, Red Cloud       McIntyre Hugh, Cowles 
Linney E, Lawrence          McCallum Wm, Red Cloud         McIntyre Lugh, Lawrence 
McIntyre R J, Cowles        Mania Fred, Guide Rock         May Ernzt, Blue Hill 
McIntosh Aleck, Red Cloud   Mania Godfrey, Guide Rock      May George, Bladen 
McIntosh Angus,Red Cloud    Mania J Jr, Guide Rock         May W A, Bladen 
McIntosh James, Red Cloud   Mania JacobSr, Guide Rock      Maybee A M, Red Cloud 
McIntosh Peter, Inavale     Mania Wm, Guide Rock           Mayfield Leroy, Red Cloud 
McKee J W, Red Cloud        Manison M, Guide Rock          Meacham Wm, Red Cloud 
McKeely G E, Red Cloud      Manley J R, Guide Rock         Means A J, Red Cloud 
McKeighan W A, RedCloud     Manson John, Guide Rock        Mearns David, Cowles 
McKelly E J, Bladen         Mapinger Ed, Cowles            Mearns D D, Cowles 
McKelly Henry, Bladen       Marcotte A, Red Cloud          Mearns D D, Lawrence 
McKin Herbert, Red Cloud    Marcy F E, Bladen              Mearns J H, Cowles 
McKinley C A, Inavale       Marker J M, Red Cloud          Mearns Jno H, Lawrence 
McMillan C M, Red Cloud     Marsden Peter, Red Cloud       Meeller Andrew, Blue Hill 
McNeal Chas, Red Cloud      Marselle Moses, Red Cloud      Mefford James, Red Cloud 
McNeery James, Red Cloud    Marsh A S, Red Cloud           Merchant C W, Blue Hill 
McNew C C, Guide Rock       Marsh M S, Red Cloud           Mercler Robt, Blue Hill 
McNew C C, Lawrence         Martin F D, Red  Cloud         Merins B H, Red Cloud 
McNitt M B, Red Cloud       Martin Geo A, Red Cloud        Metcalf, Red Cloud 
McNitt Peter, Red Cloud     Martin Jotham, Blue Hill       Metcald Edward, Red Cloud 
McNutt James, Red Cloud     Martin R M, Red Cloud          Metzger M A, Red Cloud 
Mcpartland Jas, Red Cloud   Martin S P, Red Cloud          Meyer Jno N Jr, Inavale 
McPhenour S I, Red Cloud    Martino E B, Lawrence          Meyer Jno N Sr, Inavale 
McVay Lincoln, GuideRock    Mason J F, Red Cloud           Meyer J W, Red Cloud 
Mackey C H, Cowles          Massinger M, Guide Rock        Michaels G W, Inavale 
Mackey C H, Blue Hill       Mastin E B, Cowles             Mice Charles H, Red Cloud 
Madison George, Blue Hill   Matheney W J, Red Cloud        Middleton W H, Lawrence 
Madison J, Guide Rock       Matison John, Inavale          Middleton Wm R, Cowles 
Madison Hans C, Inavale     Matter John H, Guide Rock      Miksch Rufus, Red Cloud 
Magan Has, Red Cloud        Matthew Thos, Bladen           Miller G A, Red Cloud 
Magaren Wm, Blue Hill       Matthews B A, Red Cloud        Miller G F, Red Cloud 
Maguer Azariah, Blue Hill   Mattick James Bladen           Miller Herman, Blue Hill 
Maguer Levi, Blue Hill      Mattick L, Bladen              Miller J L, Red Cloud 
Mahady S, Red Cloud         Mattix A J, Red Cloud          Miller L S, Blue Hill 
Maire A, Blue Hill          Mattix T J, Red Cloud          Miller M, Red Cloud 
Makey Wm H, Cowles          Matsimer Casper, Guide Rk      Miller M M, Cowles 
Makey Wm H, Lawrence        Marzimer John, Guide Rock      Miller O G, Cowles 
Malley Chas, Guide Rock     Maurer Henry, Red Cloud        Miller S A, Red Cloud 
Maloney A L, Red Cloud      Maxon J B, Red Cloud           Miller Samuel, Cowles 
Mania Alex, Guide Rock      May B F, Red Cloud             Miller, W V, Blue Hil 
Milligam Charles,RedCloud   Morgan C H, Cowles             Noble D L, Red Cloud 
Milligan Harry, Red Cloud   Morgan C H, Lawrence           Noble Harris, Red Cloud 
Milligan S M, Red Cloud     Morhart A, Red Cloud           Noble Joseph, Red Cloud 
Million Bros, Red Cloud     Morlan W C, Red Cloud          Noble Mark, Red Cloud 
Million George, Red Cloud   Morlan W E, Red Cloud          Noble O M, Red Cloud 
Milner J F, Blue Hill       Morris A L, Inavale            Noble R S, Red Cloud 
Milner O F, Blue Hill       Morris R H, Lawrence           Noble W S, Red Cloud 
Milner Wm S, Blue Hill      Morris R K, Cowles             Norman A, Red Cloud 
Miner Alfred, Blue Hill     Morrow Wm, Bladen              Norris Daniel G, Red Cloud 
Miner B F, Guide Rock       Mosentin A, Blue Hill          Norris W H, Guide Rock 
Miner Hugh, Red Cloud       Mosher A, Red Cloud            Norris Wm, Guide Rock 
Miner J L, Red Cloud        Mostellar P, Blue Hill         Norwick Charley, Bladen 
Minte Chas, Cowles          Mouser Oliver, Blue Hill       Nustrin J, Red Cloud 
Mira Otto, Blue Hill        Muchow A, Blue Hill            Nye A E, Red Cloud 
Mitchell A L, Red Cloud     Muhleisen Ben, Bladen          Nye J J, Red Cloud 
Mitchell Geo H, Red Cloud   Munger L C, Red Cloud          Oatman E, Blue Hill 
Mitchell J H, Blue Hill     Munger M, Red Cloud            Oatman Ed, Red Cloud 
Mitchell John W, RedCloud   Munsell L H, Red Cloud         Oatman Ophelia, Blue Hill 
Mitchell Robert, Red Cloud  Murphy James, Red Cloud        Obamlon W M, Blue Hill 
Mizer B F, Red Cloud        Murray James, Red Cloud        Oberheider H, Guide Rock 
Moat E S, Blue Hill         Myers C M, Cowles              Obery P C, Blue Hill 
Moat James, Blue Hill       Myers D C, Red Cloud           Odenrider F, Cowles 
Moede Wm, Red Cloud         Myers D J, Red Cloud           Ogden H B, Guide Rock 
Moher Edwin, Red Cloud      Myers Edward, Red Cloud        Ogden Irvin, Guide Rock 
Monroe S, Bladen            Myers Isaac, Red Cloud         Ogilbe C, Blue Hill 
Moushang Odel, Cowles       Myers J G, Red Cloud           Olmstead John, Guide Rock 
Moody Edwin, Lawrence       Nabel Fritz, blue Hill         Olmstead L C, Inavale 
Moody S, Cowles             Neay John, Blue Hill           Olmstead G, Guide Rock 
Moody S, Lawrence           Nelsen Christ, Red Cloud       Olson A, Red Cloud 
Moody Wm, Cowles            Nelson Julius, Inavale         Olsen Charles, Red Cloud 
Moon J W, Red Cloud         Nelson Ola, Cowles             Olsen John, Red Cloud 
Moore Barney, Red Cloud     Nesbit John, Red Cloud         Orchard R K, Inavale 
Moore Henry, Red Cloud      Newcomer D P, Blue Hill        Ormsby A F, Red Cloud 
Moore J, Red Cloud          Newhouse C, Red Cloud          Orndorff J, Inavale 
Moore J S, Red Cloud        Newhouse F, Red Cloud          Orndoff John, Blue Hill 
Moore Levi, Red Cloud       Newman Isaac, Guide Rock       Orr Adam, Cowles 
Moore Robert, Red Cloud     Newton A, Inavale              Orr Adam, Lawrence 
Moore R S, Inavale          Newschnader F, Guide Rk        Orr David, Cowles 
Moore T R, Inavale          Nickerson L E, Cowles          Osbern D M, Red Cloud 
Osbern John R, Red Cloud    Peiseger Lul, Blue Hill        Plunb Geo M, Red Cloud 
Osberne Q J, Red Cloud      Perkins E M, Red Cloud         Plunb Fred K, Red Cloud 
Osborn Albert, Blue Hill    Perkins Mitchell, RedCloud     Points M W, Red Cloud 
Osburn John, Red Cloud      Perkins Sidney, Red Cloud      Poinicky John, Red Cloud 
Outhwaite Wm, Red Cloud     Perry B, Red Cloud             Poinickey Joseph, RedCloud 
Overman James, Red Cloud    Perry Frank, Red Cloud         Pond H E, Red Cloud 
Oye Hans, Blue Hill         Perry Geo, Red Cloud           Pope A A, Red Cloud 
Oyler Walter, Cowles        Perry Lewis, Red Cloud         Pope C L, Blue Hill 
Oyler Walter, Lawrence      Perry Noah, Red Cloud          Pope Geo F, Red Cloud 
Painter Jesse, Red Cloud    Perry S, Red Cloud             Pope Jay N, Red Cloud 
Palmer Chas, Inavale        Perry W J, Red Cloud           Porter A S, Red Cloud 
Palmer Harvey, Inavale      Pessons W H, Bladen            Poshby Joseph, Bladen 
Palmer Winfield, Red Cloud  Peter J R, Cowles              Post Jacob, Red Cloud 
Palvelka Joseph, Red Cloud  Peters N H, Guide Rock         Post J D, Cowles 
Pardon A, Red Cloud         Peterson Anth, Red Cloud       Postlewait J J, Guide Rock 
Pardon J W, Red Cloud       Peterson C, Red Cloud          Postlewait W H, Guide Rock 
Parker D Frank, Red Cloud   Peterson C G, Red Cloud        Potter C H, Red Cloud 
Parks Edward, Red Cloud     Peterson E J, Red Cloud        Potter C S, Red Cloud 
Parks Wm, Red Cloud         Peterson Jas, Red Cloud        Potter J B, Guide Rock 
Parrish J M, Cowles         Peterson J F, Red Cloud        Potter Jno G, Red Cloud 
Parsons John G, GuideRock   Peterson Jno, Red Cloud        Potter W M, Red Cloud 
Parsons J S, Guide Rock     Peterson O E, Inavale          Potter Oscar, Blue Hill 
Partimer Jacob, Guide Rock  Pettit Saml, Guide Rock        Potter Thos, Red Cloud 
Patmor A N, Red Cloud       Pettit Wm, Guide Rock          Poyer E, Cowles 
Patra Theo, Blue Hill       Phelps Chas, Blue Hill         Pratler Thomas, Cowles 
Patten J L, Guide Rock      Phelps Clark, Blue Hill        Pratler Wm B, Cowles 
Patterson Wm, Guide Rock    Phelps Nelson, Red Cloud       Price R F, Bladen 
Paugh Peter, Blue Hill      Pherson Chas, Red Cloud        Prill August, Red cloud 
Paul David, Cowles          Phillips A A, Red Cloud        Probasco Chas, Blue Hill 
Paul Thos, Cowles           Philips Alex, Guide rock       Pulsipher E J, Red Cloud 
Paulio Jos, Red Cloud       Phillis J E, Red Cloud         Putnam Chas, Cowles 
Payne F E, Red Cloud        Phimey L N, Red Cloud          Punam Julia, Cowles 
Payne Geo H, Guide Rock     Pierce Alvin, Red Cloud        Putnam Wm, Guide Rock 
Payne R T, Red Cloud        Pierce Frank E, Red Cloud      Quiggle R H, Blue Hill 
Peak J H, Cowles            Pitney O R, Inavale            Rakmier W H, Red Cloud 
Peck H H, Red Cloud         Pitney R R, Inavale            Ralf Stephen, Guide Rock 
Peck Howard H, Cowles       Pixler Wm H, Guide Rock        Ralph Wm, Red Cloud 
Peck J G, Red Cloud         Platt C J, Red Cloud           Ralston David, Inavale 
Pegg J G, Red Cloud         Platt D M, Red Cloud           Ralston Geo, Inavale   
Ramsey Alex, Guide Rock     Reynolds Chas, Red Cloud       Robertson C H, Blue Hill 
Randle J H, Guide Rock      Reynolds J D Jr, Red Cloud     Robertson J W, Red Cloud 
Randle R R, Guide Rock      Reynolds J D Sr, Bladen        Robertson Robt, Red Cloud 
Raney Jerry, Red Cloud      Reynolds F J, Red Cloud        Robertson S H, Cowles 
Ranney O E, Red Cloud       Reynolds S E, Bladen           Robinson C N, Cowles 
Raser Charles, Red Cloud    Rezner John, Bladen            Robinson D H, Guide Rock 
Raser Edward, Red Cloud     Rhelingau Wm, Cowles           Robinson J I, Cowles 
Raser Godlieb, Red Cloud    Rhoton F M, Red Cloud          Robinson John, Red Cloud 
Raser John, Red Cloud       Rice W H, Red Cloud            Robinson J Q, Lawrence 
Rawls Aleck, Red Cloud      Rich Judson, Guide Rock        Robinson J T, Cowles 
Ray M, Blue Hill            Richardson Chas, Blue Hill     Robinson J T, Lawrence 
Reaver Benton, Guide Rock   Richardson F G, Inavale        Robinson J W, Cowles 
Redden A L, Guide Rock      Richardson Joseph,  Cowles     Robinson J W, Guide Rock 
Redden S, Guide Rock        Richardson N W, RedCloud       Robinson J W, Lawrence 
Redenger W M, Blue Rock     Richardson S C, Cowles         Robinson R, Red Cloud 
Reed A T, Red Cloud         Richardson Thos, Blue Hill     Robison J W, Lawrence 
Reed Albert, Bladen         Richardson W N, RedCloud       Rocher Joseph, Red Cloud 
Reed B F, Red Cloud         Richardson Wm, Blue Hill       Rogers Arthur, Red Cloud 
Reed Clarence, Red Cloud    Richardson Wm, Red Cloud       Roof John, Red Cloud 
Reed Curtis, Bladen         Richardson WW, RedCloud        Roof Thomas, Red Cloud 
Reed D C, Bladen            Rickerson F, Red Cloud         Rose Chas, Blue Hill 
Reed Fred, Bladen           Rickerson F A, Red Cloud       Rose H T, Cowles 
Reed M F, Cowles            Riggins H V, Blue Hill         Rose, I N, Blue Hill 
Reems W W, Red Cloud        Riggins L, Guide Rock          Rosencranz Z, Red Cloud 
Reese George, Red Cloud     Riggins Logan, Red Cloud       Ross H W, Red Cloud 
Reese Saml, Red Cloud       Riley Alcetes, Blue Hill       Ross S A, Red Cloud 
Reeve A, Cowles             Riley Alex, Blue Hill          Ross S A, Red Cloud  
Reeve Abram, Cowles         Riley Austin, Blue Hill        Rothrock J S, Red Cloud 
Reeve J P, Cowles           Riley E, Blue Hill             Rowlads R E, Blue Hill 
Reeve W A, Cowles           Riley J O, Blue Hill           Rownd Robt, Red Cloud 
Reeve M D, Cowles           Richison James, Bladen         Rudd D F, Red Cloud 
Reeves Wm, Guide Rock       Richmond A J, Cowles           Runchey j W, Red Cloud 
Reid J A, Red Cloud         Rinker G L, Red Cloud          Rundell Eliu, Red Cloud 
Reigle J S, Red Cloud       Rinker Josiah, Red Cloud       Rundell Harrison, Red Cloud 
Reigles S, Red Cloud        Riselt Lewis, Guide Rock       Ruscha Henry, Blue Hill 
Reiher Edward, Red Cloud    Ritter A J, Cowles             Rust C H, Red Cloud 
Remsburgh J H, Red Cloud    Roats Augustus, Red Cloud      Rust L H, Red Cloud 
Ramsburgh R H, Red Cloud    Roberts George, Blue Hill      Rutledge C A, Inavale 
Rankel W F, Inavale         Roberts Wm, Red Cloud          Rutledge Henry N, Inavale 
Rutledge J T, Inavale       Schultz Chas, Red Cloud        Shepherdson J, Red Cloud 
Ryker W R, Guide Rock       Schultz John, Guide Rock       Sherman M C, Red Cloud 
Sabin F C, Guide Rock       Schultz Rudolph, RedCloud      Sheres E M, Red Cloud 
Sabrass F, Blue Hill        Schumacker Wm, Blue Hill       Shern Henry, Blue Hill 
Saderlind L Jr, Red Cloud   Schunn J J, Cowles             Sherwood J W, Red Cloud 
Saderlind L Sr, Red Cloud   Schunn Louis, Blue Hill        Shinkle H A, Red Cloud 
Sadilek Anna, Red Cloud     Scoles Jas W, Red Cloud        Shirey John R, Red Cloud 
Sailor James, Bladen        Scoles S H, Red Cloud          Shirey R V, Red Cloud 
Sailor P H, Bladen          Scott Abraham, Blue Hill       Shirley B W, Cowles 
Saladen J, Red Cloud        Scott G W, Red Cloud           Shirley B W, Lawrence 
Saladen Jos, Red Cloud      Scott H C, Red Cloud           Shirley E W, Cowles 
Salliday V H, Red Cloud     Scott R, Guide Rock            Shirley E W, Lawrence 
Saltzman Chas, Cowles       Scott D F, Red Cloud           Shirley S H, Blue Hill 
Saltzman Michael, Cowles    Scott G C, Guide Rock          Shirley W B Jr, Lawrence 
Samson A M, Red Cloud       Scott W, Cowles                Shirley W B Sr, Cowles 
Sandberg Chas, Red Cloud    Sciefter John, Guide Rock      Shirley W B Sr, Lawrence 
Sanders Wm, Bladen          Seeley C E, Red Cloud          Shiward Jacob, Guide Rock 
Sanderson G H, Red Cloud    Seillo Jos, Red Cloud          Shockey W S, Blue Hill 
Sanford C A, Red Cloud      Sellars E L, Red Cloud         Shouse Geo W, Guide Rock 
Sanford H E, Red Cloud      Seri Wm, Cowles                Showalter J A, Inavale 
Sanford Noble, Red Cloud    Severens Jacob, Guide Rock     Showalter W H, Inavale 
Sawl Lyman, Blue Hill       Severans Jno, Guide Rock       Shrdiant Chas, Red Cloud 
Sawyer Harvey, GuideRock    Severans Wm, Guide Rock        Shultz August, Bladen 
Sawyer H G, Inavale         Shaa Ralph, Blue Hill          Shultz L, Bladen 
Sayer Jacob, Red Cloud      Shank Saml, Cowles             Shumaker W F, guide Rock 
Scammon D F, Red Cloud      Shanklin G S, Bladen           Shum Francis, Cowles 
Schaefer A, Red Cloud       Sharp Monroe, Red Cloud        Shure Christ, Red Cloud 
Schaffriet Chas, Red Cloud  Sheeley Chas, Guide Rock       Sibert John, Red Cloud 
Schenck C, Red Cloud        Sheely Mich, Guide Rock        Sibert L A, Red Cloud 
Schenck D R, Red Cloud      Sheets C, Blue Hill            Sibert N A, Red Cloud 
Schenck J D, Red Cloud      Sheldon Henry, Cowles          Siders J C, Red Cloud 
Schermerhorn E E, BlueHill  Shellhamer E C, Bladen         Siler W J, Red Cloud 
Schermerhorn I S, Blue Hill Shelton Chas, Guide Rock       Simerson Albert, Bladen 
Schmidt Gottlieb, Blue Hill Shelton G F, Cowles            Simons M A, Red Cloud 
Schmidt Herman, Blue Hill   Shelton G F, Lawrence          Simpson A L, Blue Hill 
Schmidt L, Blue Hill        Shelton J J, Cowles            Simpson E J, Blue Hill 
Schroer G, Cowles           Shelton J J, Lawrence          Simpson John, Blue Hill 
Schroer J, Lawrence         Shelton W C, Cowles            Simpson W A, Guide Rock 
Schroof Chas, Red Cloud     Shelton W C, Guide Rock        Simpson W J, Blue Hill 
Simy Ben, Red Cloud         Smith Sidney, Guide Rock       Sterner M, Red Cloud 
Sitt & Stowe, Red Cloud     Smith W A, Red Cloud           Stenat  O J, Blue Hill 
Skyelver Hans, Red Cloud    Smith W G, Red Cloud           Stearn Wm H, Cowles 
Skyelver Otto, Red Cloud    Smith Wm, Red Cloud            Steeley J M, Cowles 
Slater Edward, Cowles       Smith Wm A, Blue Hill          Stephani Gustav, Red Cloud 
Slater Frank, Cowles        Smith W T, Blue Hill           Sterns S, Red cloud 
Sleeper Frank, Red Cloud    Snee J R, Blue Hill            Sternberg Ed, Red Cloud 
Sleeper Ira, Red Cloud      Snee M, Blue Hill              Stevens H A, Blue Hill 
Sleeper & Sons, Red Cloud   Snyder Danl, Red cloud         Stewart E, Red Cloud 
Smelser Frank, Red Cloud    Snyder Mart, Blue Hill         Stewart George, Red Cloud 
Smelser Geo, Red Cloud      Snyder Saml, Guide Rock        Stewart J M, Inavale 
Smelzer Chas, Inavale       Soderlin I, Cowles             Stocke Otto, Red Cloud 
Smelzer David, Red Cloud    Sold John, Lawrence            Stoddard J M, Red Cloud 
Smith A C, Blue Hill        Sold John, Lawrence            Stoffer D, Inavale 
Smith B H, Cowles           Sold John, Cowles              Stone Chas, Blue Hill 
Smith B H, Lawrence         Solomon E J, Blue Hill         Stone Orville, Inavale 
Smith C H, Red Cloud        Sorenson John, Red Cloud       Stone Paul E, Guide Rock 
Smith Chas, Cowles          Sorenson N, Red Cloud          Stoughton Albert, Red Cloud 
Smith Chas M, Red Cloud     Sorenson Nels, Red Cloud       Stout C C, Blue Hill 
Smith E B, Red Cloud        Sorenson Yants, Red cloud      Stourt John, Blue Hill 
Smith Frank, Red Cloud      Souceck Frank, Bladen          Stouot Laura, Blue Hill 
Smith H, Cowles             Space Geo, Blue Hill           Stradman Wm, Red Cloud 
Smith Isaac N, Guide Rock   Spalding A, Inavale            Stratton D M, Guide Rock 
Smith Isaiah, Guide Rock    Spanogle D B, Red Cloud        Stratton J S, Guide Rock 
Smith John A, Red Cloud     Spanogle E H, Red Cloud        Stratton M, Guide Rock 
Smith John F, Red Cloud     Spare James, Bladen            Street John, Red Cloud 
Smith J W, Cowles           Spear J, Bladen                Street R C, Red Cloud 
Smith J W, Lawrence         Spear L E, Bladen              Street Rudolph, Red Cloud 
Smith J W, Red Cloud        Spokesfield S F, Red Cloud     Stroble M, Red Cloud 
Smith L, Blue Hill          Spracher A H, Cowles           Strohm E E, Red Cloud 
Smith L, Cowles             Spracher P J, Cowles           Strong A L, Guide Rock 
Smith L, Lawrence           Springer Geo, Bladen           Strong James F, Guide Rock 
Smith M L, Red Cloud        Springer L, Bladen             Stroup M, Red Cloud 
Smith N L D, Red Cloud      Springer N, Bladen             Stumme August, Red Cloud 
Smith Peter, Red Cloud      Srain T D, Red Cloud           Stumpenhorst F, Blue Hill 
Smith Richard, Cowles       Stanser J E, Red Cloud         Sturm J P, Lawrence 
Smith Richard, Lawrence     Starkey Harvey, Red Cloud      Sturn J P, Cowles 
Smith Saml, Red Cloud       Starks N B, Inavale            Snedaker Bert, Bladen 
Smith S B, Cowles           Steepleton L, Red Cloud        Snisher John, Blue Hill 
Suitor D B, Bladen          Thomas M D, Cowles             Tuttle E W, Bladen 
Sulser John, Cowles         Thomas M D, Lawrence           Usher W R, Red Cloud 
Summerholder S, Guide Rk    Thomas Wm H, Cowles            Vanberg A H, Red Cloud 
Sunley W F, Red Cloud       Thompson Charles, Cowles       Van Brunt T, Red Cloud 
Sutton A, Red Cloud         Thompson Dow, Cowles           Vance Alen, Guide Rock 
Sutton A E, Red Cloud       Thompson Rees, Cowles          Vance Jerome, Guide Rock 
Swearingen Alex,RedCloud    Thomspon Wm, Cowles            Vance W J, Inavale 
Swearingen Jas, Red Cloud   Thomson A, Red Cloud           Vandervost A C, Guide Rk 
Sweezy F A, Red Cloud       Thorne H J, Bladen             Vandoran S, Guide Rock 
Swlhart Wm, Red Cloud       Thorne DW E, Bladen            Vandyke E A, Inavale 
Swisher C, Blue Hill        Thornton F L, Red Cloud        Vandyke J T, Red Cloud 
Tabbits Josiah, Blue Hill   Thorp Robert, Bladen           Vandyke Wm, Red Cloud 
Tabbits M, Blue Hill        Tingley J B, Red Cloud         Vanwaltenburg Wm, Red Cd 
Tabor Herbert, Red Cloud    Titus A G, Red Cloud           Vanwart Geo, Guide Rock 
Taggart L D, Blue Hill      Tobin A, Blue Hill             Vanwoert Geo, Guide Rock 
Tait J, Red Cloud           Tobler J J, Guide Rock         Varell J P, Guide Rock 
Talbot A M, Guide Rock      Tofham J, Guide Rock           Vaughn C C, Inavale 
Talksdorf John, Blue Hill   Tollison Hans, Inavale         Vaughn D, Guide Rock 
Talksdorf Jos, Blue Hill    Tomlinson A J, Red Cloud       Vaughn John, Inavale 
Talman Caley, Blue Hill     Tomlinson John, Red Cloud      Vaughn Thos, Inavale 
Tarman Thos, Guide Rock     Tomlinson M A, Red Cloud       Verricks Frank, Blue Hill 
Taylor F V, Red Cloud       Topliff G E, Red Cloud         Viers Alice L, Red Cloud 
Taylor G E, Red Cloud       Torney John, Blue Hill         Viers Silas B, Red Cloud 
Taylor Isaac, Blue Hill     Touplin S, Red Cloud           Vincent H W, Red Cloud 
Taylor I F, Guide Rock      Townsend J H, Inavale          Virginia J, Red Cloud 
Taylor J C, Red Cloud       Tramelpiece J D, Blue Hill     Vischer N M, Red Cloud 
Taylor Theodore, RedCloud   Trammell J W, Red Cloud        Vollers D, Guide Rock 
Teachworth C, Red Cloud     Trien Daniel, Blue Hill        Vrana Vaclave, Red Cloud 
Teborne L B, Bladen         Trien H, Blue Hill             Waegler C A, Guide Rock 
Teel Chas A, Cowles         Tripp D W, Red Cloud           Wagener C H, Blue Hill 
Teifel Geo, Red Cloud       Tulleys J A, Red Cloud         Wagener Henry, Blue Hill 
Temple Saml, Red Cloud      Tulleys J M, Red Cloud         Waggener T A, Guide Rock 
Tenant Bert, Red Cloud      Turnbaugh Jas, Blue Hill       Wagoner C, Red Cloud 
Tenant D F, Red Cloud       Turner Chas M, Blue Hill       Wagoner Jos B, Red Cloud 
Thayer J M, Red Cloud       Turner James, Bladen           Wagoner K, Red Cloud 
Theittan John M, Red Cloud  Turner John, Red Cloud         Wagon N B, Red Cloud 
Thomas A E, Red Cloud       Turner N J, Red Cloud          Waldren W S, Red Cloud 
Thomas Isaac, Cowles        Turner R, Red Cloud            Walker Adam, Blue Hill 
Thomas L D, Cowles          Turner W J, Red Cloud          Walker A E, Red Cloud 
Walker Alex, Inavale        Watt Henry, Guide Rock         Whitley O M, Blue Hill 
Walker A T, Inavale         Watt F J, Guide Rock           Whitson G H, Red Cloud 
Walker R W, Red Cloud       Waffle E, Blue Hill            Whitten S J, Bladen 
Wallace D H, Red Cloud      Waverika M, Red Cloud          Whitten M, Blue Hill 
Wallace Robt, Blue Hill     Weaver S, Bladen               Wichmann H, Guide Rock 
Waller C, Cowles            Webber E A, Cowles             Wicks W C, Bladen 
Waller Carrie, Cowles       Webber Fred, Red Cloud         Widenshein Henry, Bladen 
Waller Henry, Cowles        Webber H C, Red Cloud          Wiggins A B, Red Cloud 
Waller John, Cowles         Welderman D, Red Cloud         Wiggins Chas, Guide Rock 
Waller Wm, Cowles           Weiner Chas, Red Cloud         Wiggins S W, Red Cloud 
Wallin C, Red Cloud         Wells C M, Cowles              Wike H, Cowles 
Walsted H J, Red Cloud      Wells C M, Lawrence            Wilbert James, Red Cloud 
Walsted John, Red Cloud     Wells E E, Red Cloud           Wilcox F D, Cowles 
Walter W H, Inavale         Wells E W, Cowles              Wilcox J R, Red Cloud 
Waltron L N, Red Cloud      Wells Geo E, Lawrence          Wilder T G, Cowles 
Waltron S, Red Cloud        Wells J W, Red Cloud           Wilhelmson K, Red Cloud 
Walz John, Cowles           Wells L D, Cowles              Wilkinson Wm H, Cowles 
Walz Sebastian, Cowles      Wells L W, Blue Hill           Wilkinson Wm H, Lawrence 
Wakesfeld C, Bladen         Wells S S, Blue Hill           Williams A, Guide Rock 
Ward S B, Cowles            Welsch Ernest, Red Cloud       Williams Abe, Bladen 
Ward J T, Red Cloud         Wenke Geo D, Guide Rock        Williams A, Guide Rock 
Warley N E, Inavale         Werner Jno, Red Cloud          Williams J F, Red Cloud 
Warner E B, Red Cloud       West Chas, Guide Rock          Williams O F, Blue Hill 
Warner J C, Red Cloud       West J M, Blue Hill            Williams V, Red Cloud 
Warner L E, Blue Hill       West Samuel, Red Cloud         Williamson S E, Red Cloud 
Warner Mark H, Red Cloud    Weston J, Inavale              Willis A G, Red Cloud 
Warnock L, Red Cloud        Wheat Burt, Blue Hill          Wilmot Henry, Red Cloud 
Warnock W S, Red Cloud      Wheat Frank, Blue Hill         Wilmot L, Red Cloud 
Warren Geo J, Red Cloud     White A J, Red Cloud           Wilmot S J, Red Cloud 
Warren Jos W, Red Cloud     White Alfred, Cowles           Wilson Albert M, Red Cloud 
Warren L E, Cowles          White C, Red Cloud             Wilson Arthur, Red Cloud 
Warren Wm, Red Cloud        White C E, Red Cloud           Wilson C G, Blue Hill 
Waterman Adolf, Blue Hill   White N V, Cowles              Wilson C H, Red Cloud 
Waterman Fred, Blue Hill    White N V, Kearney             Wilson Eli, Blue Hill 
Watson Geo, Red Cloud       White R I, Cowles              Wilson J C, Red Cloud 
Watson H, Blue Hill         White R S, Bladen              Wilson Jeff, Blue Hill 
Watson H A, Red Cloud       White R T, Cowles              Wilson J F, Bladen 
Watson Joseph, Cowles       White Sidney, Cowles           Wilson J H, Cowles 
Watt Frank, Guide Rock      Whitehead G E, Red Cloud       Wilson J M, Red Cloud 
Wilson John, Guide Rock     Wright Thomas, Cowles           
Wilson John, Red Cloud      Wright Thos, Red Cloud          
Wilson Milan, Red Cloud     Wright T J, Blue Hill           
Wilson r H, Red Cloud       Wright Wm, Guide Rock           
Wilson Sam, Blue Hill       Yagice Jno, Red cloud           
Winfrey C L, Red Cloud      Yahn John, Guide Rock           
Winter Carl, Cowles         Yapicek Rud, Red Cloud          
Winters J F, Red Cloud      Yarger L M, Blue Hill           
Winton Fred, Red Cloud      Yaspersen Christ, RedCloud      
Winton G A, Red Cloud       Yeiser Geo O, Red Cloud         
Winzinger Jos, Blue Hill    Yeiser R D, Red Cloud           
Wiscarver J B, Red Cloud    Young B M, Red Cloud            
Witt Jas, Cowles            Young E A, Red Cloud            
Witt Jas, Lawrence          Young G A, Red Cloud            
Woberman Aug, Red Cloud     Young John M, Blue Hill         
Woberman Fred, Red Cloud    Zachary John, Cowles            
Woberman Julius, Red Cld    Zade John F, Inavale            
Wolf Ernest, Red Cloud      Zade Wm, Inavale                
Wolf G W, Cowles            Zalman G M, Cowles              
Wolf J L, Cowles            Zeleny Frank, Blue Hill         
Wolfanger Louis, RedCloud   Zigler H, Lawrence              
Woltjen G, Guide Rock       Zigler H S, Cowles              
Wood Franklin D, Inavale    Zitck Frank, Red Cloud          
Wood W A, Red Cloud         Zoph John, Bladen               
Wood W M, Red Cloud                                         
Woodside J M, Cowles                                        
Woodside Wm, Bladen                                         
Woodward B J, Cowles                                        
Woodward E, Guide Rock                                      
Woolcott J A, Inavale                                       
Woolly John, Red Cloud                                      
Worley A, Blue Hill                                         
Worley Jas, Blue Hill                                       
Woyahead B F. Blue Hill                                     
Woyahead S G, Blue Hill                                     
Wrallen John, Blue Hill                                     
Wright C, Guide Rock                                        
Wright F M, Blue Hill                                       
Wright Loren B, Cowles                                      

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