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     LYSLE I. ABBOTT (tenth district), was born in 1867 at Leland, Illinois. American ancestry. Graduated from Doane College in 1887 and from the Law College of the University of Michigan in 1891. Came to Nebraska in 1873. Married Mary A. Shaw in 1900; nine children. Was deputy county attorney of Douglaa county, and government appeal agent during the war. Belongs to the Elks. Address: Omaha.

     I. L. ALBERT (twenty-sixth district), born in Clearfield county, Pennsylvania, December 28, 1856. Educated in Western College (now Coe College), Toledo, Iowa. Came to Nebraska in 1887, after practicing law in Iowa four years. His family consists of a wife and six children. Has served as county attorney of Platte county, judge of the sixth judicial district, supreme court commissioner, two terms in the state senate, and member of the constitutional convention, 1919-1920. Is the author of the Bank Guaranty Law, and of the Albert Law. Address: Columbus.

     LEWIS K. ALDER (fifty-fifth district), born in Belmont county, Ohio, February 22, 1847. Moved to Indiana in 1852 and helped clear a farm. Enlisted in twenty-second Indiana regiment in 1864 and served to close of Civil war. Participated in thirteen battles. After some schooling at cLean (sic), Illinois, he taught school for nine terms, in Illinois and Kansas. Then followed a period of attending school, in Kansas and Iowa. Graduated from the law department of the Iowa State University in 1875 and practiced law at Grand Junction the eight years immediately following. Moved to Ainsworth, Nebraska, in 1883 and practiced law for twenty-four years. For the past thirteen years has looked after farm interests, and interested himself in politics. Address: Ainsworth.

     WALTER L. ANDERSON (thirtieth district), born at Sidney, Iowa, 1866. Graduated from Iowa State University, collegiate and law schools. Was state's attorney of Fall River county, South Dakota, 1894 to 1898; second lieutenant in Rough Riders during Spanish-American war. Has practiced law in Lincoln since 1899. Was commissioned captain and served as draft executive for Nebraska during the world war. Address: Lincoln.

     GEORGE SMITH AUSTIN (sixty-second district), born at Dwight, Illinois, March 31, 1880. Graduated from high school in 1897, and from the Lincoln Business College in 1898. Came to Nebraska in 1892. Married Bessie I. Claypool June 22, 1904. Five children. From 1900 to 1915, was a dealer in coal, lumber, grain and live stock. 1915 to 1919, president of State Bank of Orleans. Now handles investments, loans, insurance and lands. Has been mayor, township treasurer, president of the school board, and chairman Republican county central Committee. Belongs to the Modern Woodmen, Elks, and Masonic orders. Address: Orleans.

     CLYDE H. BARNARD was born January 20, 1862, at Bloomington, Illinois. Ancestors were Scotch. Attended the public schools and college. Came to Nebraska in 1870. Married Viola R. Moss in 1885; one son living. Is a farmer. Has been clerk of the house of representatives, secretary of the senate, and secretary of the constitutional convention. For eight years was president and secretary of the state horticultural society. Belongs to the, Methodist church, Masons. and Modern Woodmen. Address: Table Rock.




     JOSEPH G. BEELER (sixty-eight district), born in Holland in 1857. Attended the common schools in Holland, also a private academy, the common schools of Illinois and Hedding College at Abingdon, Illinois. Studied law in Bushnell, Illinois. Married Anna D. Thomas in 1881; four daughters. Came to Nebraska from Illinois in 1885. Was formerly a school teacher, now attorney at law. Has been county attorney of Lincoln county, member board of education of North Platte, and city attorney. Belongs to the Methodist church, Ancient Order of United Workmen, Odd Fellows. and Elks. Address: North Platte.

     ANSON HARDIN BIGELOW (tenth district), born in Illinois, August 23, 1867. Ancestors English, French and Irish. Second wife, Harriet LeMaster Agnew; four children living. Educated in public schools of Chicago, Omaha high school, University of Nebraska, and Creighton University law college. Worked his way through high school and college. Admitted to the bar in 1912 and has practiced law in Omaha since then. Formerly superintendent of schools for over twenty years, at Scotia, Greeley, Aurora, Minden, and Falls City, Nebraska, and LeMars, Iowa, and Lead, South Dakota. Was assistant journal clerk of the house of representatives, and a member of the legislature of South Dakota in 1911. Has always been active in education and juvenile court legislation, having prepared and forwarded the first juvenile court law in South Dakota. Since entering the practice of law has been almost the sole legal representative of organized workers, and all working men. Belongs to the First Presbyterian church, Modern Woodmen, and Royal Highlanders. Address: Omaha.

     ALCINOUS THOMAS BRATTON (forty-seventh district), born on a farm near Edon, Ohio, December 24, 1852. Early education obtained in the old log school house of that day. Later attended grade schools, high school and Hillsdale College, and also the University of Michigan. Married Hattie K. Stevens in 1877 and came west, locating on a homestead in Furnas county in 1878. Was owner and editor of the Beaver City Times, and served as county attorney and county judge of Furnas county. In 1885 bought the Hastings Nebraskan and moved to Hastings. Three years later sold printing business to become deputy clerk of the district court, and held that position until made city clerk of Hastings in 1901, which position he still holds. Has two sons, Lillo A., and Leslie E. Address: Hastings.

     WILBUR FRANKLIN BRYANT (seventeenth district), born at Dalton, New Hampshire, March 21, 1851. Married Kate Saunders in 1881; six children. Attended school at Kimball Union Academy, Meridan, New Hampshire, 1871-1873, and Dartmouth College, 1873-1874. Came to Nebraska in 1876. Has been a wood sawyer, farm hand, sailor, student, school teacher, cowboy, Episcopal minister, lawyer, and is now county judge of Cedar county. Has also been justice of the peace, postmaster, district attorney, state insurance commissioner, and supreme court reporter. In religion, Mr. Bryant is just as diverse, with Methodist, Episcopalian, and Roman Catholic affiliations to his credit. Was a charter member of the Knights of Columbus at Lincoln, and has held various positions of responsibility in Catholic organizations. Is the author of the Life of Louis Riel, The Historical Man of Nazareth, The Ascent and Descent of Man, A Letter to a Young Law Student, Did Virgil Write the Aeneid? A Speech Against Parochial Schools. Had three sons in the world war. Is a Democrat and ultra-progressive. Address: Hartington.

     BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BUTLER (sixty-fourth 'district), born of American parents at Calhoun, Iowa, June 20, 1881. Moved with parents to Furnas county, Nebraska, in 1885, and has since resided at Cambridge in that county. Graduated from high school in 1898, attended Doane College, Crete, Nebraska, 1899-1900; graduated University of Nebraska law college, 1907, and has since been practicing law at Cambridge. Married Maudlee Lewelling of Beaver City in 1913.




County attorney of Furnas county, 1914-1916. President Southwest Nebraska Bar Association, 1919-1920. Congregationalist, Scottish Rite Mason, and Shriner. Member of Acacia and Phi Delta Phi fraternities. Address: Cambridge.

     ALBERT H. BYRUM (sixty-first district), born on a farm in Jo Daviess county, Illinois. Got his early education at a country school and later attended school at Valparaiso, Indiana, and Mount Morris, Illinois. Came to Nebraska in 1884 and has been a farmer, teacher, editor and lawyer, as occasion and inclination demanded. Is married and the father of two children. Has been county judge and county attorney for two terms each. Address: Bloomington.

     HENRY R. CLEVE (sixth district), was born at Des Moines, Iowa, 1864. Came to Nebraska with parents in 1867. Graduated from St. Benedictine College at Atchison, Kansas, in 1882. Was married in 1916 to Rosa Bell Bickel. Was a traveling salesman for twenty-three years, and eight years in the railway mail service. At present deals in real estate and insurance. Belongs to the Methodist church, the Masonic lodge, and the Elks. Address: Nebraska City.

     CHARLES HIRAM CORNELL (seventy-second district), born at Newburgh, New York, December 19, 1854. Educated in the public schools of Fulton, Missouri, and Green Bay, Wisconsin. Came to Fort Niobrara with the first troops that garrisoned the post in 1880. Laid out and owned the town of Valentine when the railroad arrived in 1883. Married Bertha Childe, 1903; two children. State senator, 1888-1889; register United States land office, 1889-1905. Now president of the First National Bank at Valentine, president Cornell Hydro-Electric Company and Cornell Townsite and Land Company. Belongs to the Masons (Knight Templar and Shriner), and the Ancient Order of United Workmen. Address: Valentine.

     FESTUS CORROTHERS (seventy-first, district), born in Virginia, April 9, 1856. Ancestors Scotch and English, came to this country in Revolutionary times or earlier. Educated in the common schools of West Virginia. Came to Nebraska in May, 1891. His always been a stock farmer and speculator. Now growing range beef. County commissioner for eighteen years. Is a Universalist. Address: Whitman.

     EDWARD A. COUFAL (thirty-seventh district), born in Butler county, Nebraska, September 25, 1881. Attended the public schools, Schuyler high school, and University of Nebraska. Married Hazel A. Mench, 1919. Was county judge of Butler county, 1910-1915; mayor of David City, 1919-1920. Belongs to the Catholic church, Knights of Columbus (4th degree), Alpha Tau Omega, and Theta Nu Epsilon. Address: David City.

     ELMER S. COWAN (twenty-third district), born in Polk county, Nebraska, September 7, 1876. Ancestors came from England in colonial times. Educated at Bryant Normal and Fremont Normal. Taught school for twenty-two years, but at present to farming. Married in 1898; four children. Belongs to the Methodist church, Masons, Knights of Pythias, and Odd Fellows. Address: Loretto.

     ABRAHAM AUGUSTINE CRESSMAN (chaplain), born Petersville, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1849. Ancestors were German (Saxony) and Dutch. Attended the common schools of Pennsylvania until seventeen years old, and then taught for a term. Later attended school at Kutztown Normal school, Latin school at Easton, Pennsylvania, and Oberlin College, where he graduated in 1875. Was ordained to the Congregational ministry in 1875. Married in 1874 to Josephine Redmond; two children living. Reverend Cressman has taught school, been in the active ministry forty-six years, and is now doing supply work. Was field secretary of Doane College, 1896-1901. Was county superintendent of Boone county and a director of the Fairmont school board. Has held many honorary positions in




fraternal organizations, and was chaplain of the Nebraska state senate during the sessions of 1899, 1901, 1919. Has been delegate to county and state Republican conventions. Has lived in seven counties of Nebraska. Address: Crete.

     JOHN A. DAVIES (forty-fourth district), born November 3, 1858, at Glenwood, Iowa. Graduate of Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1883; law department Iowa State University, 1885. Settled in Nebraska in 1885 and is now practicing law in Boyd county. Address: Butte.

     ANTHONY J. DONAHUE (tenth district), was born on a farm in Pennsylvania. in 1853. Parents from Ireland. Attended the public schools. First marriage to Mary Pickett in 1886; three children. She died in 1895. Second marriage in 1898 to Mary Careu; six children. Has been conductor, switchman and yardman for the Missouri Pacific railroad for thirty-one years. Belongs to the Catholic church. Member Order of. Railroad Conductors and Switchmen, and Knights of the Maccabees. Address: Omaha.

     JAMES A. DONOHOE (fifty-second district), was born on a farm near O'Neill, Nebraska, in 1877. Parents were Scotch and Irish. Educated in the public schools and Fremont Normal school. Married Flora M. Lowrie in 1911. Is now practicing law at O'Neill. Formerly worked on the farm and taught school. Was state senator in 1909. Belongs to the Catholic church. Is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Elks. Address: O'Neill.

     HENRY CLAY ELWOOD (eighteenth district), born September 12, 1857, in Marion county, Iowa. American parentage. Attended the common schools. Came to Nebraska in 1880 and homesteaded his present home farm. Married in 1886 to Mary A. Campbell; six children. Has served on the county board and was a member of the legislature in 1899. Affillates with the Christian church, and was corresponding secretary for the Missionary Society for a number of years. Address: Creighton.

     CHARLES HARVEY EPPERSON (forty-second district), born in Fulton county, Illinois, May 3, 1867. Ancestors English and Dutch. Attended Fairfield College, 1884-1887; Union College of Law, 18871888. Married to Lida Moore, 1889; one daughter. State senator, 1905-1909. Belongs to the Masons and Modern Woodmen. Address: Fairfield.

     ISAIAH DAVID EVANS (forty-seventh district), born in Pennsylvania, December 25, 1844. Parents came from South Wales in 1842. Served during the Civil war as first sergeant of company E, forty-ninth Wisconsin infantry. Attended the public schools and the Silbsy Academy at Spring Green, Wisconsin. Took a commercial course in Chicago. Crossed the plains in 1866, driving a four-mule team from Nebraska City to Salt Lake and from there to Virginia City, Montana. Settled in Nebraska in 1871. Edited a country newspaper for ten years. Founded the town of Stockham and organized the bank there, acting as its cashier for seven years. Has been farming at Kenesaw for twenty-four years. Married in 1898 to Emma Williams, who died in 1919; three children. A frequent contributor to the public press. Has held the following positions: postmaster at Lowell; cashier internal revenue office, Omaha; supervisor of census, fifth Nebraska district, 1900; member legislature 1899 and 1911: member Kenesaw school board for fifteen years. Address: Kenesaw.

     EMILE FAUQUET (twenty-ninth district), born at Parkersburg, West Virginia, 1870. Ancestors French and American. Attended Fremont College, 1880, 1887, 1892, 1893, and the University of Nebraska, 1895-1900. Came to Nebraska with parents in 1872. Has been a teacher and is now a farmer. Married in 1894 to Alice Winslow; six children. Belongs to the Congregational church, and is a member of the Knights of Pythias. Address: Wahoo.




     EDGAR FERNEAU (second district), born September 22, 1871, Pike county, Ohio. Graduated from the high school at Auburn in 1889, and attended the State university for two years. Married Ida F. Noble, 1895; four children. Was prosecuting attorney of Nemaha county for four years, member school board of Auburn about ten years, and its president six years. Belongs to the Presbyterian church, Masons (Scottish Rite. 32d degree), Odd Fellows, and Elks. Address: Auburn.

     CLAUDE COPLEY FLANSBURG (thirtieth district), born June 1, 1857, on a farm in Knox county, Illinois. Ancestors Danish, French and English. Attended University of Illinois, 1874-77. Admitted to the bar in Illinois, 1879. Married Clara Wilkinson, 1881; five sons, three served at the front in France. Came to Nebraska in 1879 and settled in Harlan county. Was county attorney there, 1886-88. Moved to Lincoln in 1892, where he is now practicing law. Was president of the State Bar Association, 1907, and city attorney of Lincoln, 1910-1911. Address: Lincoln.

     WILLIAM GRUEBER (thirty-fourth district), born December 10, 1859, Hanover, Germany. Attended the country schools. Came to Nebraska in 1876. Married to Anna Rockemann, 1884; seven children. Was a member of the legislature from 1909 to 1913. Is a banker and farmer. Belongs to the German Lutheran church. Address: Byron.

     JACOB F. HALDERMAN (fourth district), was born June 13, 1874, at Pawnee City, Nebraska. Educated in the public schools of Burchard, Nebraska. Married Blanche Brown in 1891. Has been cashier of the Bank of Burchard, of the Farmers and Merchants Bank, Wymore, and is now with the First State Bank of Pawnee City. Belongs to the Presbyterian church, Masons, and Odd Fellows. Address: Pawnee City.

     ARTHUR M. HARE (forty-fourth district), was born in Albion, Nebraska, December 11, 1885, of Irish parents. Educated in the public schools of Albion and the University of Nebraska. Was formerly principal of the high school at Auburn, Nebraska; Is now practicing law in Seattle. Served in the army twenty-five months, ten of which were spent in France. Married October 4, 1919, to Ethel Reed. Belongs to the Methodist church, Masons, and Delta Chi. Address: Seattle, Washington.

     JOHN D. HASKELL (fourteenth district), was born at Weathersfield, Vermont, October 5, 1856. Graduated from Dartmouth College in 1877, and from Boston University law school in 1880. Came to Nebraska in 1880, and practiced law at Norfolk four years. Married Ellen Mathenson in 1885; three children. Engaged in banking in 1884; has been president of a group of banks in Nebraska and South Dakota. Served on the city council of Wakefield and on the school board. Delegate to Republican national convention in 1900. Elder of Presbyterian church of Wakefield and one of the vice-presidents from the United States of the World's Sunday school convention at Jerusalem in 1904. Address: Wakefield.

     GEORGE H. HASTINGS (thirty-fifth district), born August 26, 1848, at Coral, Illinois. Ancestors came to America from England in 1634. Attended the public schools and graduated from the high school at Marengo, Illinois. Married in 1874; one son. Has practiced law in Saline county, Nebraska, for forty-nine years. Was county judge, 1872-1874; member legislature, 1875-1876; prosecuting attorney, 1887-1890; presidential elector, 1888; attorney general, 1890-1895; mayor of Crete, 19001902. Affiliates with the Episcopal church. Belongs to the Masonic lodge (Knight Templar), State Historical Society, and Sons of the American Revolution. Is president of the Crete Loan and Savings Association. Address: Crete.

     JOHN HEASTY (thirty-second district), born in White county, Illinois, January 6, 1865, of American parentage. His ancestors came to America from Ireland




prior to the Revolution. He settled at Fairbury in 1879. Has practiced law since 1890. Address: Fairbury.

     JAMES H. H. HEWITT (seventy-third district), born in Brownville, Nebraska, 1862. His grandfather came to America from England as a soldier in the army of General Burgoyne, but soon left the British army and joined the colonists. His father came to Nebraska in 1857 and located the town site of Beatrice. He was educated in the public schools of Brownville, and graduated from the Normal School at Peru, and later from Hastings College. Was admitted to the practice of law in 1885. For many years was in the United States land offices at Bloomington, McCook, and Alliance. Was married in 1888 to Maude L. Kelley; two children. Was twice elected county attorney of Box Butte county, and has been active in local affairs as city clerk, city attorney, president of the library board and a member of the board of education. Is a member of the Masonic Lodge (32d degree Scottish Rite).

     MICHAEL J. HIGGINS (twenty-seventh district), born February 24, 1873, Colfax county, Nebraska. Ancestors from Ireland. Attended country school, Schuyler high school, and Fremont Normal School. Married to Anne Gaughen, 1902; six children. Has been a farmer and school teacher, but since 1912 has dealt in lumber, building material and coal. Was deputy county treasurer from 1900 to 1904, and treasurer from 1904 to 1908. Is a member of the Catholic church. Address: Schuyler.

     WILLIAM D. HOLBROOK (twenty-eighth district), was born at Scottsville, Missouri, April 17, 1850. Parents American; ancestors Scotch and German. Attended rural school in Missouri, and later attended night school. Married Addie R. Mahan in 1875; five children. Came to Nebraska in 1878. Has always been a farmer; also was justice of the peace for thirty-two, years. Member state senate, 1895, 1899, and 1907. Member house of representatives in 1897. Secretary and manager of the Farmers' Mutual Insurance Association for twenty-two years. Affiliates with a Protestant church. Belongs to many farm organizations and social societies. Address: Ames.

     JERRY HOWARD (tenth district), born in Ireland over six decades ago. Came to Nebraska in 1887. Mr. Howard has always been active in labor circles. Was chairman of the house standing committee on labor in the sessions of 1909, 1915, and 1917. Belongs to the Federation of Labor, and is an adherent to the patriotism of George Washington and Robert Emmet. Address: Omaha.

     GEORGE W. JACKSON (forty-fifth district), born in Jo Daviess county, Illinois, 1858. American parents. Common school education. Married to Cot. Hosking in 1885; two children living. Lived on a farm until 1894, and is now in the implement business. Has served as county clerk for two terms, three sessions in the legislature (speaker of the house two terms), and vice-president of the constitutional convention. Belongs to the Methodist church, and is a member of the odd Fellows and Court of Honor. Has lived in Nebraska for thirty-six years. Address: Nelson.

     JOHN HARRY JOHNSON (sixty-third district), born on a farm in Indiana in 1875. Came to Nebraska when three years old. Lived on a farm, attended the country schools and went to farming for himself as soon as able. Married in 1901 and has eleven children living. Address: Holdrege.

     GEORGE C. JUNKIN (sixty-sixth district). born Salina, Iowa, June 9, 1858. Ancestors Scotch-Irish. Attended the public schools of Red Oak, Iowa. Married in 1885 to Emma M. Swinburne; three children. Came to Nebraska in 1887. Was engaged in the mercantile and banking business, but is now farming and raising thoroughbred cattle. Was a member of the legislature in 1903and 1905, and sec-




retary of state in 1906 and 1908. Affiliates with Presbyterian church. Address: Smithfield.

     HARRY L. KEEFE (thirteenth district), born at Osage, Iowa, January 4, 1871. Ancestors Irish and American. Went through the public schools of Osage, graduated from the State University of Iowa in 1895 and from the law college in 1896. Came to Nebraska in 1896. Married to Frances Davis in 1898. Practiced law in Cuming and Thurston counties. In 1906 platted the village of Walthill and assisted in building up the town. Spent one year in military service, doing hospital work in a training camp. Member Catholic church. Address: Walthill.

     HENRY G. KEENEY (forty-sixth district), born at Cowles, Nebraska, May 13, 1872. Attended the public schools of his home town, Franklin Academy and Lincoln Normal. Married in 1900 to Annie Deakin; four children. Has been a teacher and farmer all his life. Member Congregational church, Ancient Order of United Workmen, Odd Fellows, Farmers Educational and Co-operative Union. Address: Cowles.

     WILLIAM GEHRT KIECK (ninth district), was born May 18, 1892, at Omaha, Nebraska. Parents came from Germany. Graduated from the high school at Springfield, Nebraska, in 1910, and from the University of Nebraska in 1914. Taught school for two years and is now attending Creighton Law College at Omaha. Served as a lieutenant in the aviation corps in France. Belongs to the Masons, Elks, Acacia, Delta Theta Phi, and American Legion. Address: Springfield.

     JAMES G. KUNZ (forty-eight district), was born in Hall county, Nebraska, May 5, 1878. His ancestors came from Germany. Graduated from the high school at Wood River, and attended the State University for three semesters. Married in 1909 and has one daughter. Is a farmer and stockman. Belongs to the Masons and Odd Fellows. Address: Wood River.

     THOMAS LAHNERS (thirty-third district), born December 17, 1860, Golden, Illinois. Ancestors German and Dutch. Attended the public schools and the German Lutheran school at Flanagan, Illinois. Married Anna Bowman, 1883; five children. Two sons served in the army of the world war. Was a railroader and coal miner at Minouk, Illinois, until 1890, when he came to Nebraska. Is now a farmer and raiser of stock. Was road supervisor and justice in Illinois, and representative in the Nebraska legislature in 1904 and 1906; state senator during the sessions of 1915 and 1917. Was vice-president Meridian Road Association, South Platte district, and introduced the first bill in the senate giving the soldiers a vote. Belongs to the Lutheran church and is a member of the Modern Woodmen lodge. Address: Belvidere.

     GEORGE LANDGREN (forty-third district), was born in 1868 in Sweden. Came to Nebraska in 1882. Attended Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska, and graduated from Northwestern University Law School in 1891. Formerly practiced law and was county attorney of Fillmore county. Is now farming. Married Christine Swanson in 1893; four children. Belongs to the Lutheran church and the Odd Fellows lodge. Address: Shickley.

     HARRY L. LEHMAN (sixty-ninth district), born at Cullom, Illinois, November 22, 1885. Graduated from the high school at Culbertson, Nebraska, and from the Nebraska University Law school in 1920. Belongs to the Methodist church, and is a member of Phi Alpha Delta, law fraternity. Address: Culbertson.

     JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER LEWIS (twentieth district), was born December 17, 1875, in LaSalle county, Illinois. Ancestors American. Came to Nebraska with parents in 1879. Graduated from the high school at Broken Bow, 1894; received degree of bachelor of arts at Grand Island College, 1900, and the 




degree of Master of Arts at the university of Nebraska in 1910. Has been a teacher all his life, and is now head of the department of history at the State Normal School at Wayne. Was superintendent of Custer county, from 1902 to 1906, and was a member of the city council of Wayne three years. Married May Bernschein in 1910; two children. Is a Mason and a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Belongs to the Baptist church. Address: Wayne.

     HARRY D. LUTE (seventy-seventh district), born January 8, 1870, in Germany. Came to Nebraska in 1871. Attended the public schools in western Nebraska and the business college at Davenport, Iowa. Graduated from the Nebraska School of Agriculture in 1904. Married to Lulu Woods in 1904; two children. Was formerly a farmer and stock raiser,. is now secretary of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation. Has written for farm papers for eighteen years, and is an ardent worker for the Farmers Union. Was a delegate to the international Dry Farm Congress in Canada, 1913. Belongs to the Methodist Episcopal church and is a member of the Odd Fellows lodge. Address: Lincoln.

     NATHAN P. McDONALD (fifty-ninth district), was born November 6, 1862, near Columbus, Pennsylvania. Parents Scotch and American. Attended the Sugar Grove Seminary in Pennsylvania, and Otterbein University in Ohio. Came to Nebraska in 1887. Married Ella N. Upton in 1888; one son. Has been county superintendent of schools of Buffalo county, county attorney, and a member of the board of education of state normal schools. Belongs to the Methodist church. Member Masons (Knight Templar), and Rotary Club. Address: Kearney.

     CHARLES FRANCIS McLAUGHLIN (tenth district), born June 19, 1886, Lincoln, Nebraska. Ancestors came from Ireland. Educated in the public and parochial schools of Lincoln, graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1908 and from the law department of Columbia University in 1910. Married in June, 1920, to Helen Margaret Bruce. Served as a captain in the army during 1917-1918, ten months in France. Was United States commissioner at Omaha. Belongs to the Catholic church and the Knights of Columbus. Address: Omaha.

     CHARLES McLEOD (twenty-second district), born at Clarence, Iowa, February 12, 1863. Ancestors Scotch and Dutch. Educated at Iowa State College and the Normal School at Valparaiso, Indiana. Married in 1887 to Anna M. Chace; three children. Has been a teacher, farmer and banker. Was a member of the school board for eighteen years, and a member, of the legislature of 1905. Has served on the Republican state central committee several times. Belongs to the Congregational church and the Masonic lodge (Shriner). Address: Stanton.

     GEORGE A. MAGNEY (tenth district), born September 29, 1858, in Scioto County, Ohio. French and English ancestry. Came to Nebraska with parents in 1866. Attended the public schools of Cass county. Studied law in the office of Judge Sam M. Chapman in Plattsmouth and was admitted to the bar in 1881. Married to Dora L. Ayer in 1885; three children. Was chief deputy county attorney of Douglas county for eight years, and county attorney for six years. Belongs to the Christian Science church, Knights of Pythias, Modern Woodmen, and Woodmen of the World. Address: Omaha.

     FRANK MALICKY (thirty-first district), born January 2, in Marshall county, Kansas. Ancestors Bohemians. Educated in the rural schools in Kansas. Married to Annie Seidl, 1912; three children. Is a farmer. Secretary of the Gage County Farmers Union, president of the Farmers Co-operative Union of Barneston, and secretary of the Otoe consolidated school district No. 165. Address: Barneston.

     EARL MORTON MARVIN (thirty-first district), born January 17, 1894, Beatrice, Nebraska. American ancestry. Graduated from the high- school at Beatrice




in 1901, and the University of Nebraska in 1906. Married Gertrude Sabin in 1910; two sons. Has been publisher of the Beatrice Daily Sun since 1908. Is a member of the city council. Belongs to the Masons,, Elks, Eagles, Rotary club, Country club, and Delta Tail Delta. Address: Beatrice.

     RICHARD A. MATTESON (forty-first district), was born in Campbellsport, Wisconsin, November 10, 1853. Ancestors American. Educated in the country schools of Wisconsin and at the business college in Fond du Lac. Is now a retired farmer. Came to Nebraska in 1879. Married in 1886 to Anna M. Straley; one son. Was deputy county clerk for four years and county clerk four years; member board of supervisors eleven years. President of the Nebraska Good, Roads Association for one year. Belongs to the Congregational church, Masons (Shriner, Scottish Rite). Address: Geneva.

     WILLIAM ANDREW MESERVE (sixteenth district), born at Haverhill, New Hampshire, May 7, 1873. English and Scotch ancestry. Educated in the public schools in home town, graduated at St. Johnsbury Vermont Academy, and Randolph State Normal College; one year at Dartmouth College. Married to Katherine Ryan, April 6, 1904. State senator during legislative session of 1905. Is a member of the Congregational church, Phi Delta Theta, Masonic lodge and Knights of Pythias. Address: Creighton.

     GEORGE E. NORMAN (tenth district), born in Muscatine, Iowa, March 31, 1886. Ancestors French and American. Attended the rural schools of Stanton county, Nebraska, having moved there with parents when one year old. Married in 1893 to Rose Ella Sapp; two daughters. Has been a railroader and machinist, now employed by the Baker Ice Machine Company in Omaha. Was a member of the minimum wage commission in 1914. and state factory inspector. In 1917 was appointed state labor and compensation commissioner, and during the war acted as state director of United States public service reserve, to furnish mechanics and all kinds of labor for national industry. Belongs to the Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen, International Association of Machinists, and Fraternal Aid Union. Address: Omaha.

     JOHN NATHANIEL NORTON (thirty-ninth district), born on a farm in Polk county, Nebraska, May 12, 1878. Graduated from the University of Nebraska with A. B. degree, 1903, and from Wesleyan school of oratory. Representative in legislatures of 1911, 1913, 1915 and 1917. Is engaged in farming in Polk county. Served four years as county clerk of Polk county, and while living in Osceola was twice elected mayor. Was chairman of prohibition committee in the legislature of 1917. Address: Polk.

     RICHARD SAMPSON NORVAL (thirty-sixth district), born in Fulton county, Illinois. October 18, 1849. American ancestry. Attended country school, Hedding College, and graduated from Michigan University in 1871 with degree LL. B. Came to Seward in 1872. where he has continued to live. Married in 1873 to Martha A. Gray; six children. Has been member of school board, city council; senator in 1888-1890; delegate to Republican national convention in 1888. Is now practicing law and attending to agricultural interests. Belongs to Methodist church, Masons (Shriner), Modern Woodmen, and Seward Commercial club. Address: Seward.

     FRED A. NYE (fifty-ninth district), was born on a farm his father homesteaded in Muscatine county, Iowa. Attended the country school near his home and later the Wilton Academy, the high school at Los Angeles, California, and the State University of Iowa, graduating from the literary department in 1887 and from the law department in 1888. Came to Kearney, Nebraska, in 1888, and has continued in the practice of law there. Married in 1893 to Helena M. Barlow; six children. Was county attorney of Buffalo county from 1896 to 1900. Has been




a member of the board of education and the library board for several years. Address: Kearney.

     ANDREW ROBERT OLESON (twenty-first district), born in Sweden, November 26, 1869. Came to Nebraska with parents in 1869. Graduated from high school at Wisner in 1885, and attended University of Wisconsin 1890-1891. Married to Helen C. Mansfield; three children. Was county attorney of Cuming county; state senator 1901; judge of district court, ninth district, 1915-1917. Belongs to the Masons, Eastern Star, and Modern Woodmen. Address: Wisner.

     THOMAS C. OSBORN. Born near Bloomington, Illinois, September 9, 1876. His parents emigrated to western Nebraska in 1887, settling near the present city of Bayard. Educated in the common schools, Hastings College and Omaha Seminary. Minister at Wayne, Nebraska, from 1904 to 1910, and at Scottsbluff, Nebraska, from 1910 to 1918. Represented Scotts Bluff and Morrill counties in the constitutional convention of 1919-1920. Member of committees on education, agriculture, irrigation, drainage, water power and natural resources.

     C. PETRUS PETERSON (thirtieth district), born in Polk county, Nebraska, in 1880, of Swedish parents. Graduated from Luther Academy (Wahoo) in 1903, from Augustana College (Rock Island, Illinois) in 1906, and from the University of Nebraska College of Law in 1909. He is city attorney of Lincoln and was county food administrator during the war. Was representative in 1915 and 1917, and senator in 1919. Belongs to the Congregational church, and is a thirty-second degree Mason. Address: Lincoln.

     WILLIAM HENRY PITZER (eighth district), born at Arizona, Nebraska, February 3, 1869. American ancestry. Grew up in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa. Married to Fern Miller in 1904; two children. Is a lawyer and farmer. Has been a member of the board of education for several years. Address: Nebraska City.

     ERNEST MARK POLLARD (seventh district), born at Nehawka, Nebraska, April 15, 1869. Ancestors American, but from England. First man killed in Revolutionary war was John Pollard, at Lexington. Educated in the public schools of Nehawka, and University of Nebraska (B. A. 1893). In 1896 married Maude Rose, who died in 1901; married in 1905 to Gertrude Waterman; four children. Member legislature in 1897 and 1899. Member congress 1905 and 1909. Belongs to the Christian church, Odd Fellows, and Modern Woodmen. Has always been a farmer. Address: Nehawka.

     HERBERT V. PRICE (fortieth district), was born in Iowa in 1867. Ancestors were Scotch-Irish and Dutch. Attended the public schools and York College. Came to Nebraska in 1883. Married in 1891; one son. Was a Methodist minister for twenty years; had to abandon that profession on account of failing health. Has been farming since 1909. Address: York.

     CHARLES WILLIAM PUGSLEY (thirtieth district), born at Woodbine, Iowa, August 12, 1878. Graduated from Woodbine Normal School, 1898; bachelor of science in agriculture, University of Nebraska, 1906. Married Lillian Florence Gibson, 1906. Professor Woodbine Normal and Commercial School, 1899-1902; on farm, 1906-1908; assistant professor animal husbandry, 1908-1909; head professor agronomy and farm management, 1909-1911; professor farm management, 1911-1914. Editor Nebraska Farmer, 1918 to date; United States delegate international institute of agriculture at Rome, Italy, 1913; Nebraska member American committee for investigation agricultural credits. and marketing systems in Europe, 1913; director National Corn Association; director Lincoln Y. M. C. A.; president Lincoln Rotary club, 1920-1921; president American Association Agricultural Editors, 1920-1921. Member Christian church. Address: Lincoln.




     FRANZ CHRISTOPHER RADKE (fifteenth district), born near Wynot, Nebraska, 1880. German ancestry. Attended Hartington high school, graduated from Wayne Normal, and from the law college, University of Nebraska. Worked his own way through school. Served in the army as a lieutenant, fifteen months. Member Nebraska legislature, 1917 and 1918, having been elected while a senior in college. Belongs to the Masonic lodge (32d degree, Scottish Rite); Eastern Star. Scoutmaster Troop No. 1, Boy Scouts of America. Helped establish the Farmers Educational and Co--operative Union in Nebraska during 1915 and 1916. Address: Hartington.

     ISAAC CRAWFORD RANKIN (sixtieth district), was born in Crawfordsville, Iowa, September 10, 1858. Parents were of Scotch and Scotch-Irish ancestry. Educated in the public and polytechnic schools of Des Moines, Iowa. Later attended the Theological Seminary at Allegheny, ,Pennsylvania. Entered the ministry of the United Presbyterian church in 1889. Has always been active in reform movements, especially in prohibition. Came to Minden in 1916, with his wife and four children. Address: Minden.

     JAMES D. REAM (fifty-eighth district), born October 18, 1852, near New Castle, Pennsylvania. Attended the country school near his home. Came to Nebraska in 1878, and to Custer county as a pioneer homesteader in 1888. Married in 1883 to Anna E. Seevers; three children. Mr. Ream has always identified himself with movements for better educational facilities for country children, better rural living conditions, and better crops and marketing conditions. He was Master of the Nebraska State Grange for several years, a member of the state board of agriculture, county commissioner, and a member of the house of representatives in 1901. Address: Broken Bow.

     HERBERT RHOADES (twelfth district). Tekamah.

     JAMES ALBERT RODMAN (seventy-sixth district), born at Salem, Indiana, 1887, of American parents. Came to Nebraska when one year old. Graduated from the Law School of the University of Nebraska and admitted to the bar in 1913. Married Helen 1. Lawrence in 1914; three sons. Now practicing law, formerly a school teacher and homesteader. Is a Mason. Address: Kimball.

     ELMER EDGAR ROSS (forty-ninth district), born at Appanoose county, Iowa, March 15, 1870. Ancestry Scotch and French. Educated in the common schools and State University of Iowa. Came to Nebraska in 1875. Married Maud A. Scott, June 12, 1901; five children. Was formerly a farmer, now practicing law. Has been county attorney of Merrick county. Belongs to the Presbyterian church. Member Masons (Scottish Rite). Address: Central City.

     CHARLES L. SAUNDERS (tenth district), was born at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in 1857. Educated at Cornell University and Columbia College law school. Came to Omaha in 1861, when his father was appointed governor of Nebraska territory by President Lincoln. Is in the real estate business in Omaha and in president of the Omaha Real Estate Company and of the Saunders Investment Company. Was supervisor of census for the second congressional district for 1910. Was a member of the state senate in the sessions of 1903, 1905, 1907, 1913, 1915, 1918 and 1919. During the 1907 session he was president pro tem, acting as governor during the absence of Governor Sheldon and Lieutenant Governor Hopewell. Is a member of the leading clubs of Omaha and of many fraternal orders, including the Masons and Elks. Address: Omaha.

     PERLEE W. SCOTT (seventieth district), born at Kirksville, Iowa, 1860. Father was Irish and mother Pennsylvania Dutch. Attended Garden Grove Academy (Iowa) and Parsons College (Iowa). Worked on farm when a boy and young man. Taught school, and studied law. Admitted to the bar in 1886. Came to Nebraska in 1885. Married to Jessie Ware, November 6, 1892; three




children. Wife died in 1917. He was county attorney of Chase county for twenty years. Belongs to the Masons and Modern Woodmen of America. Address: McCook (formerly Imperial).

     CHARLES WILBUR SEARS (tenth district), was born at Onawa, Iowa, in 1872. His ancestors, landing at Plymouth in 1630, were among the early colonists in America. Is married and has two children. Came to Nebraska in 1891. Graduated from Onawa, Iowa, high school in 1891. Received the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of Iowa in 1897, and graduated from the University of Nebraska law school in 1900. Is a practicing attorney and was nominated by the Republicans for attorney general in 1914. Appointed to membership on the Special Commission on Revenue and Taxation in 1913. Elected from Douglas county and served in the state senate in 1918-1920. Member Episcopal church, Knights Templar (Masonic), Elks. Athletic Club of Omaha. Chamber of Commerce, Carter Lake Address: Omaha.

     WILLIAM ALSON SELLECK (thirtieth district), born May 30, 1857, Owatonna, Minnesota. English ancestry. Received degrees of A. B. and B. S. at Carleton College in 1882. Married to Nellie W. Horton in 1888; two children. Is now a banker, practiced law in Lincoln from 1885 to 1900, and was in the wholesale business from 1900 to 1917. Has been a member of the city council, deputy city attorney, member board of education and senator in the state legislature for one term. Has been active in Commercial Club work. Is a member of the Board of Trustees of Doane College. Belongs to the Congregational church, Masons, Woodmen of the World and Maccabees. Address: Lincoln.

     SEYMOUR STEPHEN SIDNER (twenty-eighth district) born at Stillwater, New Jersey, January 12, 1875. Ancestors from Holland. Graduated from public schools and Fremont College. Came to Nebraska with his parents in 1888. Served during the Spanish-American War as a member of the Third United States Volunteer Cavalry. Admitted to the bar in 1899 and has been practicing law in Fremont since. Married in 1895 to Myrtle I. Cramer; three children. Was county attorney of Dodge county for two years, and a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1920. Affiliated with the Presbyterian church and belongs to the Masonic Lodge and Rotary Club. Address: Fremont.

     ORA SELDON SPILLMAN (nineteenth district), born at Grinnell, Iowa, March 10, 1881. Parents American, but of Scotch, Irish and German ancestry. Attended country school in Iowa, Highland Park College, Des Moines, and graduated from the Law School of the University of Nebraska in 1908. Is county attorney of Pierce county, Nebraska. Belongs to the Masons, Elks and Odd Fellows. Came to Nebraska from Iowa in 1905. Address: Pierce.

     EMANUEL J. SPIRK (thirty-eighth district), was born January 1, 1865, in Merklin, Bohemia. Came to Nebraska in 1874. Attended the high school at Wilber and the Business College at Davenport, Iowa. Married in 1887 to Mary Batta; four children. Was county treasurer and served three terms as state senator from his district. Now in the retail lumber business. Belongs to the Universalist church, Knights of Pythias, Royal Highlanders and Modern Woodmen. Address: Wilber.

     ALBERT W. SPRICK (eleventh district), born March 18, 1871, Fontanelle, Nebraska. Parents came from Germany. Attended public schools of Washington county, one year at Iowa College, Grinnell, Iowa, and graduated from Midland College (Kansas), in 1894. Married in 1911 to Bertha K. Westhold. For three years was engaged in general mercantile business but has been farming since 1902?. Belongs to the Lutheran church. Address: Fontanelle.




     WILLIS M. STEBBINS (sixty-seventh district), born at Wattsburg, Pennsylvania, January 20, 1863. Educated in the common schools and Sherman Academy (New York). Came to Nebraska in 1884, and took a homestead and timber claim in Dawson county. Married Avis Wilcox in 1891; four children living. Made final proof on homestead in 1889 and moved, to Gothenburg, where he is now engaged in the implement business. Has served several times on the city council and local school board. Was a member of the state legislature in 1911, 1913 and 1915. Belongs to the Methodist church, Masons (32d degree, Shriner). Address: Gothenburg.

     JOHN M. STEWART, born December 14, 1856, near Burlington, Iowa. Married; four children. Paternal ancestors came from Scotland to Ohio about 1784. Maternal ancestors came from England to Farmington, Connecticut, about 1645. Educated in the public schools except a short term at Parsons College, Fairfield, Iowa, and at Kirksville, Missouri, normal school. Studied law in a law office at Fairfield, Iowa, and was admitted to the bar in that city in 1880. Same year commenced practice at Minden, Nebraska. Deputy attorney general, 1887-91; city attorney at Lincoln, 1907-09. Methodist. Address: Lincoln.

     EMIL G. STOLLEY (forty-eighth district), born in Hall county, Nebraska, September 17, 1865. Parents came from Germany in 1849. Educated in the district school. Has always been a farmer. Married in 1901 to Sophie Lauber. Was deputy assessor for seven years. Address: Grand Island.

     DAVID E. STRONG (fifty-sixth district), born at Rockford, Illinois, August 28, 1858. American ancestry. Attended the city schools of his native city, and four years at night school. Came to Nebraska in 1878, and settled on a farm in Valley county. Was married in 1884 to Florence D. Drake; three children. Is a farmer and machinist. Was township assessor; member school board; member legislature 1919 and the two special sessions. Belongs to the Methodist church, Community Club, Odd Fellows and Degree of Honor. Address: Ord.

     EDWARD SUGHROUE (sixty-fifth district), was born in 1871 in Stephenson county, Illinois. His ancestry is Irish. Attended the common schools in Illinois and the Business College at Rockford. Came to Nebraska in 1892. Was married in 1895 to Barbara Tines; ten children. Has always been a farmer. Was county commissioner for seven years, and is treasurer of the Non-Partisan League Company. Has always been active in farmer's movements. Belongs to the Catholic church, Knights of Columbus and Maccabees. Address: Bartley.

     MURT M. SULLIVAN (fifty-second district). Spalding.

     CHARLES VINCENT SVOBODA (fifty-first district), was born January 19, 1859, in Moravia, part of the former kingdom of Bohemia, now part of Czechoslovakia. Was educated in the common school of his native town and attended Imperial College at Trebic. Came to Nebraska in 1874 with his parents and became an American citizen in 1880. Married Jane Sevcik in 1887; eight children. Served on the school board, was overseer of his road district and assessor of Kelso precinct for many years. Has been active in farmers' organizations; served three terms as county clerk of Howard county; was a member of the board of education of St. Paul for four years. Along with his farm interests he engaged in the brick and contracting business for several years, and was instrumental in building the business college at St. Paul and the Bohemian Catholic church. Is a member of the Catholic church, Modern Woodmen, Western Bohemian Brotherhood, is secretary of the Howard County Farmer's Union and president of the Farm Bureau. Address: St. Paul.

     W. J. TAYLOR (fifty-eighth district), born in Iowa in 1862, of English parentage Came to Nebraska in 1883. Married Belle Morris in 1882 and they are the parents of three children. He received his education in the public schools and




attended Whittier College for two years. Is farming in Custer county. Was member of the legislature in 1899, 1901, 1909, 1915, 1917 and 1919. Belongs to the United Brethren church. Address: Merna.

     LOUIS J. TEPOEL (tenth district), born in Saunders county, Nebraska. Received his early education in the country schools, attended Fremont Normal College, Nebraska State University and Columbia University in the city of New York. Is assistant city attorney of Omaha and a member of the Public Library Board. Belongs to the Catholic church and the Elks fraternal order. Address: Omaha.

     CHARLES J. THIELEN (twenty-fifth district), born September 6, 1882, near Earling, Iowa. Attended country school and normal school at Woodbine, Iowa. After teaching one year, he attended Creighton University for six years, receiving degree of Master of Arts. Attended Michigan Law School and graduated from Creighton Law School in 1911. Taught school for one year as principal at Sundance, Wyoming, and has been practicing law at Humphrey, Nebraska, ever since. Married in 1912 to Frances Ava Shober; two children. Address: Humphrey.

     M. DAYTON TYLER (twenty-fourth district), born at Lisbon, Indiana, 1858. Ancestry English and Dutch. Attended the common schools of Indiana and graduated from Valparaiso University in 1883. Married in 1896 to Rose W. Weinlander; one child. During the period from 1897 to 1901 was county attorney of Madison county and is at present holding that position. Address: Norfolk.

     ANDREW LEWIS ULLSTROM (twenty-ninth district), horn at Mt. Carroll, Illinois, December 8, 1872. Ancestors from Sweden. Came to Nebraska in 1889. Educated in the common schools. Married in 1897 to Ida L. Lohry; six children. A farmer all his life. Belongs to the Methodist church, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, and Woodmen of the World. Is president of the county organization of the Farmers' Union, and chairman of the County Farm bureau. Address: Memphis.

     LORIN A. VARNER (fifth district), born in 1854 at Harveysburg, Ohio. Irish ancestry. Graduated from high school at Harveysburg. Married in 1874 to Alma Garey; four children. Came to Nebraska in 1879, and to Sterling in 1882. Studied law and admitted to the practice in Nebraska by Judge A. J. Weaver (father of the president of the Constitutional Convention, 1919-1920). During the years 1887 to 1909 was the publisher of the Sterling Sun, has practiced law the rest of his life. Born of Quaker parents and never joined any other religious organization. Belongs to the Odd Fellows. Address: Sterling.

      JOSEPH T. VOTAVA (tenth district), was born at Edholm, Nebraska, in 1895. His parents came from Czechoslavia (sic) in 1877. Attended country schools, Fremont Normal, and graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1911. Married in 1916 to Anna Louise Dusatka; one daughter. Was deputy county attorney of Douglas county in 1913, now in the practice in Omaha. Belongs to the Roman Catholic church. Has membership in the Knights of Columbus, Chamber of Commerce and University Club. Address: Omaha.

     AARON WALL (fifty-seventh district). Loup City.

     ARTHUR J. WEAVER (third district), was born November 18, 1873, at Falls City, Nebraska. Attended the schools of Falls City, Wyoming Seminary (Pennsylvania), and Nebraska State University, graduating with degree of LL. B. in 1896. Married Maude Hart in 1908; five children. Practiced law for eight years, now engaged in farming, specializing in orchards and stock; is also a banker. Was city attorney, councilman and mayor of Falls City, member of the legislature, and county attorney. Attends the Presbyterian church. Belongs to




the Masons, Odd Fellows and Elks. Was president of the constitutional convention. Address: Falls City.

     REYNOLD WIDLE (fiftieth district), born September 14, 1869, at Glenhaven, Wisconsin. Came to Nebraska in May, 1870. Attended the public schools at York. Is now a farmer and breeder of registered stock. Married in 1890; nine children. Was county commissioner for three terms. Member Presbyterian church, United Workmen, Modern Woodmen, Knights of Pythias, Masons, Degree of Honor. Address: Genoa.

     EVERETT PITT WILSON (seventy-fourth district), was born September 2, 1868, in Bureau county, Illinois. Ancestry Scotch-Irish and English. Attended rural school near his early home, was a student at Highland Park College, Des Moines, Iowa, 1891-94, and at Lincoln Normal University, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1894-96. Came to Nebraska in 1894. Married Cora E. Young in 1897; five children. Taught in the rural schools of Iowa, in Lincoln Normal College, was superintendent of the city schools of Ponca, Wayne, Chadron. Now in the department of history and civics at Chadron Normal School. President Northeast Nebraska Teachers' Association. Has for many years been interested in the development of organized agriculture in northwest Nebraska. Member Church of Christ. Author: State and Local Civil Government in Nebraska. Address: Chadron.

     ROY A. WILSON (tenth district), was born at Chillicothe, Missouri, February 12, 1882. Attended the public schools of Missouri. Caine to Nebraska in 1902. Married Mary Clark in 1904. At present is business agent for the Carpenters' Union, and a cabinet maker. Belongs to the Presbyterain (sic) church and the Masonic Lodge. Address: Omaha.

     JOHN WILTSE (first district), born January 2, 1876, near Falls City, Nebraska. Ancestors from Holland and Germany. Attended the country school and the high school at Falls City, and taught in the public schools of Richardson county for ten years. Was admitted to the practice of law in June, 1904, and has practiced continuously since. Was twice elected city clerk and twice mayor, alaso (sic) twice county judge. (B)elongs to the Methodist Episcopal church. Has membership in the Odd Fellows. Has large agricultural interests and devotes some time to their supervision. Address: Falls City.



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