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The Birds and Mammals of Nebraska

By Myron H. Swenk, University of Nebraska

     The following is the third revised list of the birds and mammals of Nebraska that has appeared in the Nebraska Blue Book, the first having occupied pages 835 to 855 of the 1915 Blue Book and the second pages 392 to 411 of the 1918 Blue Book.

     Since the publication of the 1918 list (reprinted as Contribution from the Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska, No. 23; March 1, 1919), six birds have been added to the Nebraska list, namely the red-naped sapsucker, cassin kingbird, greentailed towhee, yellow-throated warbler, northern water-thrush and western robin, all on the basis of specimens taken. At the same time the eastern grasshopper sparrow is dropped, since Mr. Oberholser now considers certain specimens previously thought to be nearest the eastern form as referable to the western form, and the black-chinned hummingbird is eliminated on evidence that the specimen supposed to be from Kearney, Nebraska, is really from Arizona. As there were 427 species and subspecies listed in the 1918 Blue Book list, the present Nebraska list stands, therefore, at 431. The Dakota pocket gopher is dropped from the list of mammals, as it has been found that apparently this form does not actually enter Nebraska, though it occurs up to within a very few miles of the Nebraska line. It may later have to be reinstated. This leaves the mammal list at 99.

     On this list numerous emendations in the annotations, believed to better express the correct status of the bird or mammal in our fauna, as well as changes in nomenclature, have been made, the latter on the same basis as in the 1918 list.


Order Pygopodes--Diving Birds.

Suborder Colymbi--Grebes.

Family Colymbidae-Grebes. 

1. Western Grebo--Aecbmophorus occidentalis (Lawrence). Uncommon migrant and rare breeder.
2. Holboell Grebt--Colymbus holboelli (Reinhardt). Very rare migrant.
3. Horned Grebe--Colymbus auritus Linnaeus. Uncommon migrant and rare breeder.
4. Eared Grebe--Colymbus nigricollis californicus (Heerman), Common migrant and local breeder.
5. Pied-billed Grebe--Podilymbus podiceps (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant and common breeder.

Suborder Cephi--Loons.

Family Gaviidae--Loons.

6. Loon--Gavia immer (Brunnich). Uncommon migrant.
7. Red throated Loon--Gavia stellata (Pontopiddan). Rare migrant.





Order Longipennes--Long-winged Swimmers.

Family Stercorariidae--Skuas and Jaegers

8. Pomarine Jaeger--Coprotheres pomarinus pomarinus (Temminck). Rare migrant.
9. Parasitic Jaeger--Stercorarius parasiticus (Linnaeus). Rare migrant.

Family Laridae--Gulls and Terns.

Subfamily Larinae--Gulls.

10. Iceland Gull--Larus leucopterus Faber. Accidental visitor.
11. Great Black-backed Gull--Larus marinas Linnaeus. Very rare migrant.
12. Herring Gull--Larus argentatus Pontoppidan. Uncommon migrant.
13. Ring-billed Gull--Larus delawarensis Ord. Common migrant and probable breeder.
14. Laughing Gull--Larus atricilla Linnaeus. Rare summer visitor.
15. Franklin Gull--Larus franklini Richardson. Abundant migrant.
16. Bonaparte Gull--Larus philadelphia. (Ord). Uncommon migrant.
17. Sabine Gull--Xema sabini (J. Sabine). Rare migrant.

Subfamily Sterninae--Terns.

18. Caspian Tern--Hydroprogne caspia imperator (Cones). Rare migrant.
19. Forster Tern--Sterna forsteri Nuttall. Common migrant and local breeder.
20. Common Tern--Sterna hirundo Linnaeus. Uncommon migrant.
21. Least Tern--Sternula antillarum antillarum (Lesson). Common migrant and local breeder.
22. Black Tern--Chlidonias nigra surinamensis (Gmelin). Abundant migrant and common breeder.

Order Steganopodes--Totipalmate Swimmers.

Family Anhingidae--Water Turkey.

23. Water Turkey--Anhinga anhinga (Linnaeus). Straggler from the south; one record only.

Family Phalacrocoracidae--Cormorants.

24. Double-crested Cormorant--Phalacrocorax auritus auritus (Lesson). Uncommon migrant.

Family Pelecanidae--Pelicans.

25. White Pelican--Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Gmelin. Common migrant.
26. Brown Pelican--Pelecanus occidentalis occidentalis Linnaeus. Accidental visitor.

Order Anseres--Lamellirostral Swimmers.

Family Anatidae--Ducks, Geese and Swans.

27. American Merganser--Mergus americanus Cassin. Common migrant.
28. Red-brested (sic) Merganser--Mergus serrator Linnaeus. Uncommon migrant.
29, Hooded Merganser--Lophodytes cucullatus (Linnaeus), Common migrant and local breeder.
30. Mallard--Anas platyrhyncha Linnaeus. Abundant migrant and common local breeder.
31. Red-legged Black Duck--Anas rubripes rubripes Brewster. Uncommon migrant.
32. Black Duck--Anas rubripes tristis Brewster. Rare migrant.
33. Gadwall--Chaulelasmus streperus (Linnaeus). Common migrant and occasional local breeder.
34. European Widgeon--Mareca penelope (Linnaeus). Accidental migrant.
35. Baldpate--Mareca americana (Gmelin). Common migrant,
36. Green-winged Teal--Nettion carolinense (Gmelin). Abundant migrant and probably rare breeder.




37. Blue-winged Teal--Querquedula discors (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant and common breeder.
38. Cinnamon Teal--Querquedula cyanoptera (Vieillot), Uncommon migrant.
39. Shoveller--Spatula clypeata (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant and common breeder.
40. Pintail--Dafila acuta tzitzihoa (Vieillot). Abundant migrant and common local breeder.
41. Wood Duck--Aix sponsa (Linnaeus). Rare summer resident and breeder.
42. Redhead--Marila americana (Eyton). Abundant migrant and probably rare breeder.
43. Canvas-back--Marila valisineria (Wilson). Common migrant and rare breeder,
44. Scaup Duck--Marila marila (Linnaeus). Rare migrant,
45. Lesser Scaup Duck--Marila affinis (Eyton). Abundant migrant and probably rare breeder.
46. Ring-necked Duck--Marila collaris (Donovan). Common migrant and probably rare breeder.
47. Golden-eye--Geaucionetta clangula americana oBnaparte (sic). Uncommon winter visitor.
48, Barrow Golden-eye--Geaucionetta islandica (Gmelin). Rare winter visitor.
49. Buffle-head--Charitonetta albeola (Linnaeus). Common migrant.
50. Old-squaw--Clangula hyemalis (Linnaeus). Common winter visitor.
51. Harlequin Duck--Histrionicus histrionicus (Linnaeus). Rare migrant.
52. Scoter--Oidemia americans Swainson. Uncommon winter visitor.
53. White-winged Scoter--Melanitta deglandi deglandi Bonaparte. Common winter visitor.
54. Surf Scoter--Melanitta perspicillata (Linnaeus). Uncommon winter visitor.
55. Ruddy Duck--Erismatura jamaicensis (Gmelin). Abundant migrant and
56. Snow Goose--Cheri hyperborea hyperborea (Pallas). Common migrant. common breeder.
57. Greater Snow Goose--Chen hyperborea nivalis (J. R. Forster). Uncommon migrant.
58. Blue. Goose--Chen caerulescens (Linnaeus). Uncommon migrant.
59. White-fronted Goose--Anser albifrons gambeli Hartlaub. Common migrant.
60. Canada Goose--Branta canadensis canadensis (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant and rare local breeder.
61. Hutchins Goose--Branta canadensis hutchinsi (Richardson). Common migrant.
62. Cackling Goose--Branta carradensis minima Ridgway. uncommon migrant.
63. Brant--Branta bernicla (Linnaeus). Rare migrant.
64. Whistling Swan--Olor columbianus (Ord). Rare migrant.
65. Trumpeter Swan--Olor buccinator (Richardson)). Rare migrant; formerly common and a local breeder.
Order Herodiones--Herons, Ibises, etc.

Suborder Ibides--Ibises.

Family Threskiornithridae--Ibises.

66. White-faced Glossy Ibis--Plegadis guarauna (Linnaeus). Uncommon summer visitor and rare breeder.

Suborder Ciconiae--Wood Ibises.

67. Wood Ibis--Mycteria americana Linnaeus. Accidental visitor.

Suborder Herodii--Herons, Egrets, Bitterns, etc.

Family Ardeidae--Herons, Egrets, Bitterns, etc.

Subfamily Botaurinae--Bitterns.

68. Bittern--Botaurus lentiginosus (Montagu). Common migrant and breeder.
69. Least Bittern--Ixobrychus exilis (Gmelin). Common migrant and occasional breeder eastwardly.




Subfamily Ardeinae--Herons and Egrets.

70. Great Blue Heron--Ardea herodias herodias Linnaeus. Common summer resident and breeder.
71. Ward Great Blue Heron--Ardea herodias wardi Ridgway. Straggler from the south.
72. Egret--Casmerodius egretta (Gmelin). Occasional summer visitor.
73. Snow Egret--Egretta thula thula (Molina). Occasional summer visitor and rare breeder.
74. Little Blue Heron--Florida caerulea caerulea (Linnaeus). Occasional summer visitor.
75. Green Heron--Butorides virescens virescens Very common breeder eastwardly.
76. Black-crowned Night Heron--Nycticorax nycticorax naevius (Boddaert). Common migrant and local breeder.
77. Yellow-crowned Night Heron--Nyctanassa violacea (Linnaeus). Occasional summer visitor.

Order Paludicolae--Cranes, Rails, etc.

Suborder Grues--Cranes.

Family Gruidae--Cranes.

78. Whooping Crane--Limnogeranus americanus (Linnaeus). Formerly common migrant, now very rare.
79. Little Brown Crane--Grus canadensis canadensis (Linnaeus). Rare migrant.
80. Sandhill Crane--Grus canadensis mexicana (Müller). Formerly abundant migrant and common breeder, now uncommon.

Suborder Ralli--Rails, Gallinules, and Coots.

Family Rallidae--Rails, Gallinules, and Coots.

81. King Rail--Rallus elegans Audubon. Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
82. Virginia Rail--Rallus virginianus Linnaeus. Common migrant and breeder.
93. Sora--Porzana carolina (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant and eastwardly a common breeder.
84. Yellow Rail--Coturnicops noveboracensis (Gmelin). Rare migrant.
85. Black Rall--Creciscus jamaicensis Jamaicensis (Gmelin). Very rare migrant.
86. Purple Gallinule--lonornis martinicus (Linnaeus). Accidental summer visitor.
87. Florida Gallinule--Gallinula chloropus cachinnans Bangs. Uncommon local breeder eastwardly.
88. Coot--Fulica americana Gmelin. Abundant migrant and common breeder.

Order Limicolae--Shore Birds.

Family Phalaropodidae--Phalaropes.

89. Northern Phalarope--Lobipes lobatus (Linnaeus). Rather common migrant.
90. Wilson Phalarope--Steganopus tricolor Vieillot. Abundant migrant and uncommon local breeder.

Family Recurvirostridae--Avocets and Stilts.

91. Avocet--Recurvirostra americana Gmelin. Uncommon migrant and rare local breeder.
92. Black-necked Stilt--Himantopus mexicanus (Müller). Very rare migrant.

Family Scolopacidae--Snipes, Sandpipers, etc.

93. Woodcock--Philohela minor (Gmelin). Rare migrant and breeder eastwardly.
94. Wilson Snipe--Gallinago delicata (Ord). Common migrant and rare breeder.
95. Dowitcher--Limnodromus griseus griseus. (Gmelin). Rare migrant.
96. Long-billed Dowitcher--Limnodromus griseus scolopaeus (Say). Common migrant.




  97. Stilt Sandpiper--Micropalama himantopus (Bonaparte). Common migrant.
  98. Knot--Calidris canutus (Linnaeus). Rare migrant.
  99. Pectoral Sandpiper--Pisobia maculata (Vieillot), Very common migrant.
100. White-rumped Sandpiper--Pisobla fuscicollis (Vieillot). Very common migrant.
101. Baird Sandpiper--Pisobia bairdii (Coues). Abundant migrant.
102. Least Sandpiper--Pisobia minutilla minutilla (Vieillot). Abundant migrant.
103. Red-backed Sandpiper--Pelidna alpina sakbalina (Vieillot). Uncommon migrant
104. Semipalmated Sandpiper--Ereunetes pusillus (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant.
105. Western Sandpiper--Ereunetes mauri Cabanis. Common migrant.
106. Sanderling--Crocethia alba rubida (Gmelin). Uncommon migrant.
107. Marbled Godwit--Vetoea fedora (Linnaeus). Rare migrant.
108. Hudsonian Godwit--Vetola haemastica (Linnaeus). Rare migrant.
109. Greater Yellow-logs--Neoglottis melanoleuca (Gmelin). Common migrant.
110. Yellow-logs--Neoglottis flavipes (Gmelin). Abundant migrant.
111. Solitary Sandpiper--Tringa solitaria solitaria (Wilson). Common migrant.
112. Western Willet--Catoptrophorus semipalmatus inornatus (Brewster). Common migrant and formerly a local breeder,
113. Upland Plover--Bartramia longicauda (Bechstein). Common migrant and breeder.
114. Buff-breasted Sandpiper--Trynigites subraficollis (Vieillot). Uncommon migrant.
115. Spotted Sandpiper--Actitis macularia (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant and common breeder.
116. Long-billed Curlew--Numenius americanus americanus Bechstein. Uncommon migrant and breeder westwardly, formerly bred over the state.
117. Northern Long-billed Curlew--Numenius americanus occidentalis Woodhouse. Uncommon migrant in spring and summer.
118. Hudsonian Curlew--Phaeopus hudsonicus (Latham). Rare migrant.
119. Eskimo Curlew--Phaeopus borealis (J. R. Forster). Very rare migrant; almost extinct.
Family Charadriidae--Plovers.

120. Black-bellied Plover--Squatarola squatarola cynosurae Thayer and Bangs Common migrant.
121. Golden Plover--Plurialis dominica dominica (Müller). Uncommon migrant.
122. Killdeer--Oxyechus vociferus vociferus (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant and common breeder.
123. Semipalmated Plover--Charadrius semipalmatus Bonaparte. Common migrant.
124. Piping Plover--Charadrius melodus Ord. Common migrant and local breeder.
125, Snowy Plover--Leucopolius alexandrinus nivosus (Cassin). Rare migrant.
126. Mountain Plover--Podasocys montanus (J. K. Townsend.) Rare migrant.

Family Armariidae--Turnstones.

127. Ruddy Turnstone--Arenaria Interpres morinella (Linnaeus). Common migrant.

Order Gallinae-- GalIinaceous Birds.

Suborder Phasiani--Pheasants, Grouse, Quails, etc.

Family Odontophorldae-Bob-whites, Quails, etc.

128. Bob-white--Colinus virginianus virginianus (Linnaeus). Common to abundant resident.

Family Tetraonidae--Grouse, Partridges, etc.

329. Ruffed Grouse--Bonasa umbellus umbellus (Linnaeus). Formerly rare breeder eastwardly.
130. Prairie Chicken--Tympanuchus americanus americanus (Reichenbach), Common to abundant resident.




131. Lesser Prairie Chicken--Tympanuchus pallidicinctus Ridgway. Formerly uncommon, now extinct in the state.
132. Prairie Sharp-tailed Grouse--Pedioecetes phasianellus campestris Ridgway. Common resident westwardly; may include also P. p. jamesi Lincoln, of Wyoming and Colorado foothills, in winter in northwestern Nebraska.
133. Sage Hen--Centrocercus urophasianus (Bonaparte). Uncommon resident westwardly.
Family Meleagrididae--Turkeys.

134. Wild Turkey--Meleagris gallopavo silvestris Vieillot. Formerly abundant eastwardly; now extinct in the state.

Order Columbae--Pigeons and Doves.

Family Columbidae Pigeons and Doves.

135. Passenger Pigeon--Ectopistes canadensis (Linnaeus). Formerly common eastwardly; now extinct.
136. Western Mourning Dove--Zenaidura macroura marginella, (Woodhouse) Abundant over entire state, especially westwardly; partly resident.

Order Raptores--Birds of Prey.

Suborder Sarcorhamphi--American Vultures,

Family Cathartidae--American Vultures.

137. Turkey Vulture--Cathartes aura septentrionalis Wied. Uncommon summer resident and breeder eastwardly, common westwardly.
138. Black Vulture--Coragpps urubu urubu (Vieillot). Accidental visitor.

Suborder Falcones--Falcons, Hawks, Eagles, Kites, etc.

Family Accipitidae Hawks, Eagles, Kites, etc.

139. Swallow-tailed Kite--Elanoides forficatus forficatus (Linnaeus). Uncommon summer resident and breeder.
140. Mississippi Kite--Ictinia Misisippiensis (Wilson). Rare straggler from the south one record only.
141. Marsh Hawk--Circus cyaneus hudsonius (Linnaeus). Common resident.
142. Sharp-shinned Hawk--Accipiter velox (Wilson). Common resident.
143. Cooper Hawk--Accipiter cooperi (Bonaparte). Very common resident.
144. Goshawk--Astur gentilis atricapillus (Wilson). Uncommon winter visitant common in winter of 1916-17.
145. Western Goshawk--Astur gentilis striatulus Ridgway-Rare winter visitant.
146. Red-tailed Hawk--Buteo borealis borealis (Gmelin), Common resident eastwardly.
147. Krider Hawk--Buteo borealis krideri Hoopes. Common resident westwardly.
148. Western Red-tall--Buteo borealis calurus Cassin. Uncommon migrant.
149. Harlan Hawk--Buteo borealis harlani (Audubon). Uncommon southern visitor.
150. Red-shouldered Hawk--Buteo lineatus lineatus (Gmelin). Uncommon resident eastwardly.
151. Swainson Hawk--Buteo swainsoni Bonaparte. Common resident over state.
152. Broad-winged Hawk--Buteo platypterus platyperus (Vieillot). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
153. Rough-legged Hawk--Archibuteo lagopus sancti-johannis (Gmelin). Common winter visitor.
154. Ferruginous Rough-leg--Archibuteo ferrugineus (Lichtenstein). Common resident.
155. Golden Eagle--Aquia chrysaetos (Linnaeus). Uncommon resident, breeding westwardly.




156. Bald Eagle--Haliaeetus leucocephalus leucocephalus (Linnaeus). Uncommon migrant, formerly a rare breeder.
157. Prairie Falcon--Hierofalco mexicanus (Schlegel). Common resident westwardly.
158. Duck Hawk--Rhynchodon peregrinus anatum (Bonaparte). Rare migrant.
159. Pigeon Hawk--Tinnunculus columbarius columbarius (Linnaeus). Uncommon migrant.
160. Richardson Pigeon Hawk--Tinnunculus columbarius richardsonii (Ridgway). Rare migrant.
161. Sparrow Hawk--Cerchneis sparveria sparveria (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant, uncommon breeder eastwardly.
162. Desert Sparrow Hawk--Cerchneis sparveria phalaena (Lesson). Common breeder westwardly.
Family Pandionidae--Ospreys

10. Osprey--Pandion haliaetus carolinensis (Gmelin). Uncommon migrant and formerly rare breeder.

Suborder Striges--Owls

Family Tytonidae--Barn Owls

164. Barn Owl--Tyto alba pratincola (Bonaparte). Uncommon resident.

Family Bubonidae--Horned Owls, etc.

165. Long-eared Owl--Asio otus wilsonianus (Lesson). Common resident.
166. Short-cared Owl--Asio flummeus flammeus (Pontopiddan). Common resident.
167. Barred Owl--Strix varia varia Barton. Uncommon resident eastwardly.
168. Great Gray Owl--Scotiaptex nebulosa nebulosa (J. R. Forster). Rare winter visitor.
169. Richardson Owl--Cryptoglaux funerea richardsoni (Bonaparte). Rare winter visitor.
170. Saw-whet Owl--Cryptoglaux acadica acadica (Gmelin). Uncommon resident.
171. Screech Owl--Otus asio navius Gmelin. Very common resident.
172. Rocky Mountain Screech Owl--Otus asio, maxwelliae (Ridgway). Resident in extreme west.
173. Great Horned Owl--Bubo virginianus Yirginianus (Gmelin). Uncommon resident eastwardly.
174. Western Horned Owl--Bubo virginianus pallescens Stone. Uncommon resident westwardly.
175. Northwestern Horned Owl--Bubo virginianus lagophonus (Oberholser). Rare winter visitor.
176. Arctic Horned Owl--Bubo virginianus subarcticus Hoy. Rare winter visitor.
177. Snowy Owl--Nyctea nyctea (Linnaeus). Uncommon winter visitor; common winter of 1917-18.
178. Hawk Owl--Surnia ulula caparoch (Müller). Rare winter visitor.
179. Burrowing Owl--Speotyto cunicularla hypugaea (Bonaparte). Common resident.

Order Psittaci--Parrots, Paroquets, etc.

Family Psittacidae--Parrots, Paroquets, etc.

180. Carolina Paroquet--Conuropsis carolinensis ludoviciana (Gmelin). Formerly common eastwardly, now extinct in the state.

Order Coccyges--Cuckoos, Kingfishers, etc.

Suborder Cuculi--Cuckoos

Family Cuculidae--Cuckoos

181. Yellow-billed Cuckoo--Coccyzus americanus americanus (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.




182. Black-billed Cuckoo--Coccyzus erythropthalmus (Wilson). Uncommon breeder over state.
Suborder Aleyones--Kingfishers Family Alcedinidae--Kingfishers

183. Belted Kingfisher--Streptoceryle alcyon alcyon (Linnaeus). Common over state, breeding.

Order Pici-Woodpeckers, etc. Family Picidae--Woodpeckers

184. Hairy Woodpecker--Dryobates villosus villosus (Linnaeus). Common resident eastwardly.
185, Northern Hairy Woodpecker--Dryobates villosus septentrionalis (Nuttall). Uncommon winter visitor northwardly.
186. Rock Mountain Hairy Woodpecker--Dryobates villosus monticola Anthony. Common resident westwardly.
187. Batchelder Woodpecker--Dryobates pubescens homorus Cabanis & Heine. Uncommon resident westwardly.
188. Downy Woodpecker--Dryobates pubescens medianus (Swainson). Very common resident eastwardly.
189. Arctic Three-toed Woodpecker--Picoides articus (Swainson). Rare winter visitor.
190. Alpine Three-toed Woodpecker--Picoides americanus dorsalis Baird. Rare migrant in extreme west; one record only.
191. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker--Sphyrapicus varius varius (Linnaeus). Rare migrant eastwardly.
192. Red-naped Sapsucker--Sphyrapicu nuchalis Baird. Uncommon migrant westwardly.
193. Northern Pileated Woodpecker--Phloeotomus pileatus abieticola (Bangs). Formerly uncommon eastwardly, now extinct in the state.
194. Red-headed Woodpecker--Melanerpes erythrocephalus (Linnaeus). Common breeder over the state.
195. Lewis Woodpecker--Asyndesmus lewisi Riley. Uncommon breeder westwardly.
196. Red-bellied Woodpecker--Centurus carollnus (Linnaeus). Uncommon and local breeder eastwardly.
197. Northern Flicker--Colaptes auratus luteus Bangs. Abundant to common resident over the state.
198. Red-shafted Flicker--Colaptes cafer collaris Vigors. Common resident, especially westwardly.

Order Macrochires--Goatsuckers, Swifts, Hummingbirds, etc.

Suborder Caprimulgi--Goatsuckers.

Family Caprimulgidae--Goatsuckers.

199. Whip-poor-will--Setochalcis vocifera vocifera (Wilson). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
200. Poor-will--Phalaenoptilus nutallii nutallii (Audubon). Common breeder westwardly.
201. Nighthawk--Chordeiles minor minor (Forster). Common breeder southeastwardly.
202. Howell Nighthawk--Chordeiles minor howelli Oberholser. Uncommon breeder in extreme southwest. This is the form previously referred to as the Western Nighthawk, C. m. henryi Cassin.
203. Sennett Nighthawk--Chordeiles minor sennetti Cones. Abundant to common breeder westwardly; in migrations over the state.

Suborder Cypseli--Swifts

Family Micropodidae-Swifts

Subfamily Chaeturinae--Spine-tailed Swift

204 Chimney Swift--Chaetura pelagica (Linnaeus). Abundant breeder eastwardly.




Subfamily Nileropodinae--Typical Swifts

205. White-throated Swift--Aeronautes melanoleucus (Baird). Common breeder in cliffs westwardly.

Suborder Trochili--Hummingbirds.

Family Trochilidae--Hummingbirds

206. Ruby-throated Hummingbird--Archilochus colubric (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
207. Broad-tailed Hummingbird--Selasphorus platycercus (Swainson). Uncommon summer resident westwardly.

Order Passeres--Perching Birds

Suborder Clamatores--Songless Perching Birds

Family Tyrannidae--Tyrant Flycatchers

208. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher--Muscivora forficata (Gmelin). Accidental visitor.
209. Kingbird--Tyrannus tyrannus tyrannus (Linnaeus). Abundant breeder over the, state.
210. Arkansas Kingbird--Tyrannus verticalis Say. Abundant breeder westwardly, common eastwardly.
211. Cassin Kingbird--Tyrannus vociferanus Swainson. Common migrant westwardly.
212. Crested Flycatcher--Myiarchus crinitus crinitus (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
213. Phoebe--Sayornis phoebe (Latham). Abundant breeder eastwardly.
214. Say Phoebe--Sayornis sayus, (Bonaparte). Common breeder westwardly.
215. Olive-sided Flycatcher--Nuttallornis borealis (Swainson). Uncommon migrant.
216. Wood Pewee--Horizopus virens (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
217. Western Wood Pewee--Horizpus richardsoni richardsoni (Swainson). Common summer resident and breeder westwardly.
218. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher--Empidonax faviventris (W. M. & S. F. Baird). Rare migrant eastwardly.
219. Acadian Flycatcher--Empidonax virescens (Vieillot). Uncommon migrant, breeding eastwardly.
220. Traill Flycatcher--Empidenax traillii brewsteri (Oberholser). Common breeder.
221. Alder Flycatcher--Empidonax traillii traillii (Audubon). Uncommon migrant.
222. Least Flycatcher--Empidonax minimus Baird. Common migrant, breeding eastwardly.

Suborder Oscines--Song Birds.

Family Alaudidae--Larks

223. Horned Lark--Otocoris alpestris alpestris (Linnaeus). Uncommon winter visitor eastwardly.
224. Prairie Horned Lark--Otocorls alpestris praticola (Henshaw). Common to abundant resident eastwardly.
225. Saskatchewan Horned Lark--Octocoris: alpestris enthymia (Oberholser). Abundant resident westwardly, common breeder centrally. Probably also including O. a. leucolaema in winter.
226, Hoyt Horned Lark-- Otocoris alpestris hoyti (Bishop). Common winter visitor.

Family Corvidae--Crows, Jays, Magpies, etc.

227. Magpie--Pica plea hudsonia (Sabine). Common resident westwardly.
228. Blue Jay--Cyanocitta cristata cristata (Linnaeus). Abundant to uncommon resident.




229. Long-created Jay--Cyanocitta stelleri diademata (Bonaparte). Rare visitor westwardly.
230. Canada Jay--Perisoreus canadensis canadensis (Linnaeus). Very rare winter visitor eastwardly.
231. Rocky Mountain Jay--Perisoreus canadensis capitalis (Ridgway). Uncommon winter visitor westwardly.
232. Raven--Corvus corax sinnatus (Wagler). Formerly frequent, now very rare in the state.
233. White-necked Raven--Corvus cryptoleucus Conch. Formerly uncommon, now very rare in the state.
234. Crow--Corvus brachyrhynchos brachyrhynchos Brehm. Abundant to common resident.
235. Clarke Nutcracker--Nucifraga columbiana (Wilson). 'Uncommon resident in northwest.
236. Pinon Jay--Cyanocephalus cyancephalus (Wied). Common resident westwardly.
Family Icteridae--Blackbirds, Orioles, etc.

237. Bobolink--Dolichonyx oryzivorus (Linnaeus). Abundant to common local breeder.
238. Cowbird--Molothrus ater ater (Boddaert). Abundant over the state.
239. Yellow-headed Blackbird--Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus (Bonaparte). Abundant to common migrant and local breeder.
240  Red-winged Blackbird--Agelaius phoeniceus predatorius (Wilson.) Abundant breeder eastwardly.
241. Northern Red-wing--Agelaius phoeniceus arctolegus (Oberholser). Uncommon migrant.
242. Thick-billed Red-wing--Agelaius phoeniceus fortis (Ridgway). Abundant breeder westwardly.
243. Meadowlark--Sturnella magna magna (Linnaeus). Common migrant and local breeder over the state, in hay flats and meadows.
244. Western Meadowlark--Sturnella neglects neglects. Audubon. Abundant breeder over the state, on the prairies and uplands.
245. Orchard Oriole--Icterus sparing (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
246. Baltimore Oriole--lcterus galbula (Linnaeus). Very common breeder eastwardly.
247. Bullock Oriole--lcterus bullockii bullockii (Swainson). Common breeder westwardly.
248. Rusty Blackbird--Euphagus corolinus (Müller). Common migrant eastwardly.
249. Brewer Blackbird--Euphagus cyanocephalus (Wagler). Common breeder in northwest.
250. Bronzed Grackle--Quiscalus quiscula aeneus Ridgway. Abundant breeder over the state.

Family Fringillidae--Finches, Sparrows, etc.

251. Evening Grosbeak--Ilesperiphona vespertina. vespertina (W. Cooper). Rare fall visitor eastwardly.
252. Rocky Mountain Evening Grosbeak--Hesperiphona vespertina warreni Grinnell. Uncommon winter resident westwardly.
253. Pine Grosbeak--Pinicola enucleator leucura (Müller). Rare winter visitor eastwardly.
254. Rocky Mountain Pine Grosbeak--Pinicola enucleator montana (Ridgway). Uncommon winter resident westwardly.
255. Purple Finch--Carpodacus purpureus purpureus (Gmelin). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
256. Cassin Purple Finch--Carpodacus cassini Baird. Uncommon fall and winter visitor westwardly.
257. House Finch--Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis (Say). Uncommon westwardly.




258. Crossbill--Loxia curvirostra. minor (Brehm). Common winter resident eastwardly.
259. Bendire Crossbill--Loxia curvirostra bendirei Ridgway. Common winter resident westwardly.
260. White-winged Crossbill--Loxia leucoptera, Gmelin. Rare winter visitor
261. Gray-crowned Rosy Firich--Leucosticte tephrocotis tephrocotis Swainson. Uncommon winter resident westwardIy.
262. Redpoll--Acanthis linaria linaria (Linnaeus). Uncommon to abundant winter resident.
263. Goldfinch--Astragalinus tristis tristis (Linnaeus). Abundant resident eastwardly.
264. Pale Goldfinch--Astragalinus tristis pallidus (Mearns). Common resident north-westwardly.
265. Pine Siskin--Spinus plans pinus (Wilson). Irregular winter resident and breeder.
266. Snow Bunting--Plectrophenax nivalis nivalis (Linnaeus). Uncommon winter resident.
267. Lapland Longspur--Calcarius lapponicus lapponicus (Linnaeus). Common winter resident eastwardly.
268. Alaska Longspur--Calcarius lapponicus alascensis Ridgway. Abundant winter resident westwardly.
269. Smith Longspur--Calcarius pictus (Swainson). Uncommon migrant.
270. Chestnut-collared Longspur--Calcarius ornatus (J. K. Townsend). Common migrant and breeder northwardly and westwardly.
271. McCown Longspur--Rhynchophanes mccownii (Lawrence), Common migrant and breeder westwardly.
272. Vesper Sparrow--Pooecetes gramineus gramineus (Gmelin). Very common migrant and rare breeder eastwardly.
273. Western Vesper Sparrow--Pooecetes gramineus confinis Baird. Abundant migrant and common breeder westwardly.
274. Savannah Sparrow--Passerculus sandwichensis savanna (Wilson). Abundant migrant eastwardly.
275. Western Savannah Sparrow--Passerculus sandwichensis alaudinus Bonaparte. Common migrant westwardly.
276. Baird Sparrow--Ammodramus bairdi (Audubon). Uncommon migrant.
277. Western Grasshopper Sparrow--Ammodramus savannarum bimaculatus Swainson. Abundant migrant and common breeder over the state.
278. Western Henslow Sparrow-Nemospiza henslowii occidentalis (Brewster). Rare migrant.
279. Leconte Sparrow--Passerherbulus lecontei (Audubon). Very common migrant.
280. Nelson Sparrow--Ammospiza caudacuta nelsoni (Allen). Uncommon migrant.
281. Lark Sparrow--Chondestes grammacus grammacus (Say). Very common breeder eastwardly.
282. Western Lark Sparrow--Chondestes grammacus strigatus Swainson. Abundant breeder westwardly.
283. Harris Sparrow--Zonotrichia querula (Nuttall). Abundant migrant.
284. White-crowned Sparrow--Zonotrichia leucophrys. (J. R. Forster). Common migrant eastwardly.
285. Gambel Sparrow--Zonotrichia gambelii (Nuttall). Common migrant.
286. White-Throated Sparrow--Zonotrichia albicollis (Gmelin). Common migrant eastwardly.
287. Tree Sparrow--Spizella arborea. arborea (Gmelin). Abundant winter resident eastwardly.
288. Western Tree Sparrow--Spizella shores ochracea Brewster. Abundant winter resident westwardly.
289. Chipping Sparrow--Spizella passerina passerina (Beebstein). Abundant breeder eastwardly.



290. Western Chipping Sparrow--Spizella passerina arizonae Coues. Common breeder northwestwardly.
291. Clay-colored Sparrow--Spizella pallida (Swainson). Abundant migrant.
292 Brewer Sparrow--Spizella breweri Cassin. Common breeder westwardly.
293, Western Field Sparrow--Spizella pusilla arenacea Chadbourne. Abundant migrant and common breeder over the state.
294. White-winged Junco--Junco aikeni Ridgway. Abundant to common resident northwestwardly.
295. Slate-colored Junco--Junco hyemalis hyemalis (Linnaeus). Abundant winter resident
296. Shufeldt Junco--Junco oreganus shufeldti Coale. Common winter resident eastwardly, abundant westwardly.
297. Pink-sided Junco--Junco mearnsi Ridgway. Common winter resident westwardly.
298. Gray-headed Junco--Junco caniceps (Woodhouse). Rare migrant.
299. Song Sparrow--Melospiza, melodia melodia (Wilson). Abundant migrant.
300. Mountain Song Sparrow--Melospiza melodia fallax (Baird). Uncommon winter visitor westwardly.
301. Dakota Song Sparrow--Melospiza melodia Juddi Bishop. Common migrant.
302. Lincoln Sparrow--Melospiza lincolnii lincolnii (Audubon). Abundant migrant.
303. Swamp Sparrow--Melospiza georgiana (Latham). Common migrant and local breeder eastwardly.
304. Fox Sparrow--Passerella iliaca iliaca (Merrem). Common migrant eastwardly.
305. Slate-colored Fox Sparrow--Passerella. iliaca schistacea Baird. Uncommon migrant westwardly.
300. Towhee--Pipilo erythrophthalmus erythrophthalmus (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
307. Arctic Towhee--Pipilo maculatus arcticus (Swainson). Abundant breeder westwardly, and abundant migrant eastwardly.
308. Spurred Towhee--Pipilo maculatus montanus Swarth. Rare migrant in western Nebraska.
309. Green-tailed Towhee--Oberchlorura (Audubon). Uncommon migrant westwardly.
310. Cardinal--Cardinalis cardinalis cardinalls (Linnaeus). Very common resident eastwardly.
311. Rose-breasted Grosbeak--Hedymeles. ludovicianus (Linnaeus). Abundant breeder eastwardly.
312. Black-headed Grosbeak--Hedymeles melanocephalus papago Oberholser. Very common breeder westwardly.
313. Western Blue Grosbeak--Guiraca caerulen lazula (Lesson). Common local breeder.
314. Indigo Bunting--Linaria cyanes. (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
315. Lazuli Bunting--Linaria amoena. (Say). Common breeder westwardly.
316. Dickeissel--Spiza americana (Gmelin). Abundant to uncommon breeder.
317. Lark Bunting--Calamospiza melanocorys Stejneger. Abundant breeder westwardly.
Family Tangaridae--Tanagers.

318. Western Tanager--Piranga ludoviciana (Wilson). Common breeder north westwardly.
319. Scarlet Tanager--Piranga olivacea Gmelin. Common breeder eastwardly.
320. Summer Tanager--Piranga rubra rubra (Linnaeus). Rare summer visitor southeastwardly.

Family Hirundinidae--Swallows.

321. Purple Martin--Progne subis subis (Linnaeus). Common to abundant breeder eastwardly.




322. Cliff Swallow--Petrochelidon albifrons albifrons (Rafinesque). Common local breeder.
323. Barn Swallow--Hirundo rustics erythrogastria Boddaert. Abundant breeder.
324. Tree Swallow--Iridoprocne bicolor (Vieillot). Common breeder northwardly.
325. Northern Violet-green Swallow--Tachycineta thalassina lepida. Mearns. Common breeder northwestwardly.
326. Bank Swallow--Riparia riparia riparia. (Linnaeus). Common local breeder.
327. Rough-winged Swallow--Stelgidopteryx serripennis serripennis (Audubon). Common breeder eastwardly.
Family Ampelidae--Waxwings.

328. Bohemian Waxwing--Bombycilla garrula pallidiceps Reichenow. Irregular winter visitor.
320. Cedar Waxwing--Bombycilla cedrorum Vieillot. Common migrant and uncommon breeder eastwardly.

Family Laniidae--Shrikes.

330. Northern Shrike--Lanius borealis borealis Vieillot. Uncommon winter resident.
331. White-rumped Shrike--Lanius ludovicianus excubitorides Swainson. common breeder westwardly.
332. Migrant Shrike--Lanius ludovicianus migrans W. Palmer. Common breeder eastwardly.

Family Vireonidae--Vireos.

333. Red-eyed Vireo--Vireosylva olivacea (Linnaeus). Common breeder.
334. Philadelphia Vireo--Vireosylva philadelphica Cassin. Uncommon migrant.
335. Warbling Vireo--Vireosylva, gilva gilva (Vieillot). Common breeder eastwardly.
336 Western Warbling Vireo--Vireosylva gilva swainsoni (Baird). Common breeder westwardly.
337. Yellow-throated Vireo--Lanivireo falvifrons (Vieillot). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
338. Blue-headed Vireo--Lanivireo solitarius solitarius (Wilson). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
339. Plumbeous Vireo--Lanivireo solitarius plumbeus (Coues). Common breeder northwestwardly.
340. Black-capped Vireo--Vireo atricapillus Woodhouse. Accidental summer visitor.
341. White-eyed Vireo--Vireo griseus griseus (Boddaert). Common breeder southeastwardly.
342. Bell Vireo--Vireo Bellii Bellii Audubon. Abundant breeder eastwardly.

Family Compsothlypidae--Wood Warblers

343. Black and White Warbler--Mniotilta varia (Linnaeus). Common migrant and local breeder.
344. Prothonotary Warbler--Protonotaria citrea (Boddaert). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
345. Swainson Warbler--Limnothlypu swainsonii (Audubon). Rare straggler.
346. Worm-eating Warbler--Helmitheros vermivorus (Gmelin). Uncommon summer resident.
347. Blue-winged Warbler--Vermivora pinus (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
348. Golden-winged Warbler--Vermivora chrysoptera (Linnaeus). Rare migrant eastwardly.
349. Virginia Warbler--Vermivora virginiae (Baird). Rare migrant westwardly.
350. Nashville Warbler--Vermivora ruficapilla ruficapilla (Wilson). Common migrant and rare breeder eastwardly.




351. Orange crowned Warbler--Vermivora celata celata (Say). Abundant migrant.
352. Rocky Mountain Orange-crowned Warbler--Vermivora celata ostera Oberholser. Common migrant.
353. Tennessee Warbler--Vermivora peregrina (Wilson)). Very common migrant eastwardly.
354. Northern Parula Warbler--Compsothlypis americana pusilla Wilson, Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
355. Cape May Warbler--Dendroica tigrina (Gmelin). Rare migrant.
356. Yellow Warbler--Dendroica aestiva aestiva (Gmelin). Abundant breeder over the state.
357. Alaska Yellow Warbler--Dendroica aestiva rubiginosa (Pallas). Uncommon migrant over the state.
358. Black-throated Blue Warbler--Dendroica caerulescens caerulescens (Gmelin). Uncommon migrant.
359. Myrtle Warbler--Dendroica coronata coronata (Linnaeus). Abundant migrant.
360, Audubon Warbler--Dendroica auduboni auduboni (J. K. Townsend). Common breeder westwardly.
361. Magnolia Warbler--Dendroica magnolia (Wilson). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
362. Cerulean Warbler--Dendroica cerulea (Wilson). Common breeder eastwardly.
363. Chestnut-sided Warbler--Dendroica pensylvanica (Linnaeus). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
364. Bay-breasted Warbler--Dendroica castanea (Wilson). Rare migrant eastwardly.
365. Black-poll Warbler--Dendroica striata (J. R. Forster). Very common migrant eastwardly.
366. Blackburnian Warbler--Dendroica fuses (Müller). Rare migrant eastwardly.
367. Yellow- throated Warbler--Dendroica dominica dominica (Linnaeus). Accidental. One record.
368. Sycamore Warbler--Dendroica dominisa albilora. Ridgway. Rare migrant eastwardly.
369. Black-throated Green Warbler--Dendroica virens (Gmelin). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
370. Townsend Warbler--Dendroica townsendi (J. K. Townsend). Uncommon migrant westwardly.
371. Pine Warbler--Dendroica vigorsii vigorsii (Audubon). Rare migrant eastwardly.
372. Palm Warbler--Dendroica palmarum palmarum (Gmelin). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
373. Prairie Warbler--Dendroica discolor (Vieillot). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
374. Oven-bird--Seiurus aurocapillus (Linnaeus). Common breeder.
375. Northern Water Thrush--Noveboramensis noveborasensis (Gmelin). Common migrant.
376, Grinnell Water--Thrush-Siurus noveboracensis notabilis Ridgway. Uncommon migrant, breeding westwardly.
377. Louisiana Water-Thrush--Seiurus motacilla (Vieillot). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
378. Kentucky Warbler--Oporornis formosus (Wilson). Common breeder eastwardly.
379. Connecticut Warbler--Oporornis agilis (Wilson). Rare migrant eastwardly.
380. Mourning Warbler--Oporornis philadelphia (Wilson). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
381. Macgillivary Warbler--Oporornis tolmiei (J. K. Townsend). Common migrant westwardly.
382. Maryland Yellow-throat--Geothlypis trichas brachidactyla (Swainson). Abundant breeder eastwardly.



383. Western Yellow-throat-Geothlypis trichas ocidentalis Brewster. Abundant breeder westwardly.
384. Yellow-breasted Chat--Icteria virens virens (Linnaeus). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
385. Long-tailed Chat--Icteria virens Longicauda Lawrence. Common breeder westwardly.
386. Hooded Warbler--Wilsonia citrina (Boddaert). Rare breeder southeastwardly
397. Wilson Warbler--Wilsonia pusilla pusilla (Wilson). Common migrant eastwardly.
388. Pileolated Warbler--Wilsonia pusilla pileolata (Pallas). Common migrant.
389. Canada Warbler--Wilsonia canadensis (Linnaeus). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
390. Redstart--Setophaga. ruticilla (Linnaeus). Very common breeder over the state.
Family Motacillidae--Wagtails.

391. Pipit--Anthus spinoletta rubescens (Tunstall). Common migrant.
392. Sprague Pipit--Anthus spraguei (Audubon). Uncommon migrant.

Family Cinclidae--Dippers.

393. Dipper--Cinclus mexicanus unicolor Bonaparte. Rare migrant in extreme western Nebraska.

Family Mimidae--Thrashers, Mockingbirds, etc.

394. Sage Thrasher--Oreoscoptes montanus (J. K. Townsend). Uncommon migrant westwardly.
305. Mockingbird--Mimus polyglottus polyglottus (Linnaeus). Common breeder eastwardly.
396. Western Mockingbird--Mimus polyglottus lencopterus (Vigors). Uncommon breeder westwardly.
397. Catbird--Lucar carollnensis (Linnaeus). Abundant to common breeder over the state.
398. Brown Thrasher--Toxostoma rufum rufum (Linnaeus). Abundant breeder over the state.

Family Troglodytidae--Wrens.

399. Rock Wren--Salpinctes obsoletus obsoletus (Say). Abundant local breeder westwardly.
400. Carolina Wren--Thryothorus ludovicianus ludovicianus (Latham). Uncommon resident southeastwardly.
401. Bewick Wren--Thryomanes bewickii bewickii (Audubon). Rare breeder southeastwardly.
402. Desert Bewick Wren--Thryomanes bewickii eremophilus Oberholser. Stragler from the southwest; one record only.
403, Western House Wren--Troglodytes aedon parkmanii Audubon. Abundant breeder over the state.
404. Winter Wren--Nannus troglodytes biemalis (Vieillot). Uncommon winter resident.
405. Shortbilled Marsh Wren--Cistothorus stellaris (Naumann). Uncommon breeder eastwardly.
406. Prairie Marsh Wren--Telmatodytes palustris iliacus Ridgway. Common local breeder.

Family Certhiidae--Creepers.

407. Brown Creeper--Certhia famlliaris americana, Bonaparte. Very common winter resident eastwardly.
408. Rocky Mountain Creeper--Certhia familiaris montana Ridgway. Uncommon winter resident northwestwardly.




Family Sittidae--Nuthatches.

409. White breasted Nuthatch--Sitta carolinensis cookei Oberholser. very common resident eastwardly.
410. Rocky Mountain Nuthatch--Sitta carolinensis nelsoni Mearns. Very common resident westwardly.
411. Red-breasted Nuthatch--Sitta. canadensis Linnaeus. Uncommon winter resident.
412. Pygmy Nuthatch--Sitta pygmae pygmae Vigors. Rare winter visitor northwestwardly.

Family Paridae--Titmice.

413. Tufted Titmouse--Baeolophus bicolo (Linnaeus). Common resident eastwardly.
414. Chickadee--Pentheates atricapillus atricapillus (Linnaeus). Uncommon resident eastwardly.
415. Long-tailed Chickadee--Penthestes atricapillus septencrionalis (Harris). Abundant resident over the state.
Family Sylviidae--Kinglets, Gnatcatchers, etc.
416. Golden crowned Kinglet--Regulus regulus satrapa Lichenstein. Common migrant.
417. Ruby-crowned Kinglet--Corthylio calendula calendula (Linnaeus). Very common migrant.
418. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher--Polioptila caerulea. caerulea (Linnaeus). Common migrant and rare breeder eastwardly.

Family Turdidae--Thrushes.

419. Townsend Solitaire--Myadestes townsendi (Audubon). Common resident, breeding northwestwardly.
420. Wood Thrush--Hylocichla mustelina. (Gmelin). Abundant to common breeder over the state.
421. Willow Thrush--Hylochichia (sic) fuscescens salicicola. Ridgway. Uncommon migrant.
422. Gray-checked Thrush--Hylocichla aliciae aliciae (Baird). Common migrant.
423. Olive-backed Thrush--Hylocichla ustulata swainsoni (Tschudi). Abundant migrant.
424. Audubon Hermit Thrush--Hylocichla guttata audoboni (Baird). Uncommon migrant.
425. Hermit Thrush--Hylocichla guttata pallasi (Cabanis). Uncommon migrant eastwardly.
426. Robin--Planesticus migratorius migratorius (Linnaeus). Abundant breeder over most of the state.
427. Western Robin--Planesticus migratorius propinquis (Ridgway). Abundant westwardly.
428, Greenland Wheatear--Oenanthe oenauthe leucorhoa. (Gmelin). Accidental visitor.
429. Bluebird--Sialia sialis stalls (Linnaeus). Abundant breeder over the state.
430. Chestnut--backed Bluebird-Sialia mexicana bairdi Ridgway. Accidental visitor.
431. Mountain Bluebird--Sialia currucoides (Bechatein). Common breeder westwardly.


Order Marsupialla-Marsupials.

Family Didelphidae--Opossums.

  1. Opossum--Didelphis virginianus virginianus Kerr. Eastern part of the state, common.

Order Ungulala--Hoofed Mammals.



Family Cervidae-Deer, Elk, Moose, etc.

  2.Wapiti--Cervus canadensis canadensis (Erxleben). Formerly whole state now extinct in our borders.
  3. Plains White-tailed Deer--Odocoileus americanus macrourus (Rafluesque). Formerly in wooded part of whole state, now extinct except possibly, northwestwardly.
  4. Black-tailed Deer-Odocoileus hemionus hemionus (Rafinesque), Formerly whole state, now only a few remaining in the sandhills.

Family Antilocapridae-Pronghorn Antelope.

  5. Prong-horn Antelope--Antilocapra americana americana (Ord). Formerly whole state, now only a very few westwardly.

Family Bovidae-Cattle, Sheep, Goats, etc.

  6. Bad Lands Mountain Sheep--Ovis canadensis auduboni Merriam. Formerly in northwestern part of state, now extinct in our borders.
  7. American Bison--Bison bison bison (Linnaeus). Formerly most of the state, now nearly extinct everywhere except in captivity.

Order Glires--Rodents.

Family Sciuridae--Squirrels and Marmots

  8. Black Hills Red Squirrel--Sciurus hudsonicus dakotensis Allen. Very rare northwestwardly.
  9. Southern Gray Squirrel--Sciurus carolinensis carolinensis Gmelin. uncommon southeastwardly.
10. Western Fox Squirrel--Sciurus niger rufiventer (Geoffrey). Abundant over eastern half of the state.
11. Gray Striped Chipmunk--Tamias striatus griseus Mearns. Rare eastwardly.
12. Pale Chipmunk--Eutamias pallidus pallidus (Allen). Abundant northwestwardly. 1
12. Bad Lands Chipmunk--Eutamias pallidus cacodemus Cary. Common in Bad Lands northwestwardly.
14. Kennicott Groundsquirrel--Citellus obsoletus (Kennicott). Uncommon westwardly.
15. Striped Groundsquirrel--Citellus tridecemlineatus tridecenilineatus (Mitchell). Abundant eastwardly.
16. Pale Striped Groundsquirrel--Citellus tridecemlineatus pallidus (Allen). Abundant westwardly.
17. Franklin Groundsquirrel--Citellus franklini (Sabine). Very common eastwardly.
18. Nebraska Flying Squirrel--Glaucomys volans nebraecensis (Swenk). Rare eastwardly.
19. Black-tailed Prairie-dog--Cynomys ludovicianus ludovicianus (Ord). Abundant westwardly in "towns."
20. Southern Woodchuck--Marmotta monax monax (Linnaeus). Rare eastwardly.
21. Black Hills Woodchuck--Marmotta flaviventer dacota (Merriam). Very rare northwestwardly.

Family Castoridae-Beavers.

22. Sonoran Beaver--Castor canadensis missourienses Bailey. Formerly common over the state, now rare and local.

Family Muridae--Rats and Mice.

23. Short-eared Grashopper Mouse--Onychomys leucogaster breviauritus Hollister. Uncommon eastwardly.
24. Plains Grashopper Mouse--Onychomys leucogaster articeps Hollister. Common westwardly.
25. Black-eared Deer Mouse--Peromyscus maniculatus osgoodi Mearns. Abun-




      dant northwestwardly.
26. Buffy Deer Mouse--Peromyscus maniculatus nebrascensis (Cones). Abundant westwardly.
27. Prairie Deer Mouse--Peromyscus maniculatus bairdi (Hoy and Kennicott). Abundant eastwardly.
28. Eastern Deer Mouse--Peromyscus leucopus noveborascensis (Fischer). Abundant eastwardly.
29. Plains Deer Mouse--Peromyscus leucopus aridulus Osgood. Abundant northwestwardly.
30. Pallid Harvest Mouse--Reithrodontomys albescens albescens Cary. Very common westwardly.
31. Little Gray Harvest Mouse--Reithrodontomys albescens griseus Bailey, Common southeastwardly.
32. Prairie Harvest Mouse--Reithrodontomys megalotis dychei Allen. Abundant over the state.
:33. Bailey Wood Rat--Neotoma floridana baileyi Merriam. Common northwestwardly.
34. Pallid Bushy-tailed Wood Rat--Neotoma cinerea rupicola (Allen). Abundant northwestwardly.
35. Meadow Vole--Microtus pennsylvanicus pennsylvanicus (Ord). Common northwestwardly.
36. Sawatch Vole--Microtus pennsylvanicus modestus (Baird). Uncommon northwestwardly.
37. Prairie Vole--Microtus ochrogaster ochrogaster (Wagner). Abundant eastwardly.
38. Hayden Vole--Microtus ochrogaster haydeni (Baird), Abundant westwardly.
39. Woodland Vole--Pitymys nemoralis (Bailey). Common southeastwardly.
40. Plains Muskrat--Fiber zibethicus cinuamorninus Hollister. Abundant, over the state.
Family Geomyidae-Pocket Gophers.

41. Coues Pocket Gopher--Thomomys talpoides clusius Coues. Uncommon in extreme west centrally.
42. Sage Pocket Gopher--Thomomys talpoides bullatus Bailey. Uncommon northwestwardly.
43. Prairie Pocket Gopher--Geomys bursarius (Shaw). Abundant eastwardly.
44. Plains Pocket Gopher--Geomys lutescens (Merriam). Abundant westwardly.

Family Heteromyidae--Kangaroo Rats and Pocket Mice

45. Maxmillan Pocket Mouse--Perognathus fasciatus fasciatus (Wied). Rare northwestwardly.
46. Plains Pocket Mouse--Perognathus flavescens flavescens Merriam. Common westwardly.
47. Black-backed Plains Pocket Mouse--Perognathus flavescens perniger Osgood. Uncommon northeastwardly.
48. Baird Pocket Mouse--Perognathus flavus flavus Baird. Rare southwestwardly.
49. Northern Short-tailed Pocket Moure--Perognathus flavus piperi (Goldman). Rare northwestwardly.
50. Kansas Pocket Mouse--Perognathus hispidus paradoxus (Merriam). Common westwardly.
51. Richardson Kangaroo Rat--Perodipus ordii richardsoni (Allen). Abundant southwestwardly.
52. Wyoming Kangaroo Rat--Perodipus ordii luteolus Goldman. Abundant northwestwardly.

Family Zapodidae-Jumping Mice.

53. Prairie Jumping Mouse--Zapus hudsonius campestris Preble. Uncommon eastwardly.




Family Erethizontidae--Porcupines.

54. Nebraska Yellow-haired Porcupine--Erethizon epixanthum bruneri Swenk. Rare westwardly, formerly extending much further east.

Family Leporidae--Rabbits and Hares.

55. White-tailed Jackrabbit--Lepus townsendii campanius Hollister. Common over the state, especially northwardly.
56. Black-tailed Jackrabbit--Lepus californicus welanotis (Mearns). Abundant southwardly.
57. Prairie Cottontail--Sylvilagus floridanus mearnsi (Allen). Abundant eastwardly.
58. Nebraska Cottontail--Sylvilagus floridanus similis Nelson. Common westwardly.
59. Plains Cottontail--Sylvilagus auduboni baileyi (Merriam). Abundant westwardly.

Order Ferae--Flesh-Eaters.

Family Felidae--Cats.

60. Rocky Mountain Puma--Felts oregonensis hippolestes (Merriam). Formerly common, now rare or extinct northwestwardly,
61. Canada Lynx--Lyux canadensis canadensis Kerr. Very rare northwardly.
62. Bay Lynx--Lynx ruffus (Guldenstaedt). Rare eastwardly.
63.. Plateau Lynx--Lynx baileyi Merriam. Uncommon westwardly.

Family Candidae--Dogs.

64. Plains Wolf--Canis nubilus (Say). Formerly abundant over the state, now rare.
65. Eastern Coyote--Canis latrans Say. Uncommon eastwardly.
66. Plains Coyote--Canis nebrascensis nebrascensis Merriam. Common to abundant westwardly.
67. Red Fox--Vulpes fulva (Desmarest). Rare southeastwardly.
68. Plains Fox--Vulpes macrurus Baird. Formerly over most of the state, now very rare westwardly.
69. Swift Fox--Vulpes velox velox (Say). Common westwardly.
70. Northern Gray Fox--Urocyon cinereo argenteus ocythous Bangs. Formerly very rare eastwardly.

Family Ursidae--Bears.

71, Black Bear--Ursus americanus americanus Pallas. Formerly rare eastwardly and northwardly, now extinct.
72. Plains Grizzly Bear--Ursus horribilis horribilis Ord. Formerly rare in extreme northern part of state.

Family Procyonidae--Raccoons.

73. Raccoon--Procyon lotor lotor (Linnaeus). Common along watercourses over the state.

Family Mustelidae--Weasels, Skunks, Badgers, Otters, etc.

74. Badger--Taxidea taxus (Schreber). Common westwardly.
75. Northern Plains Skunk--Mephitis hudsonica (Richardson). Common north westwardly.
76. Long-tailed Texas Skunk--Mephitis mesomelas varians (Gray). Common over the state.
77. Prairie Spotted Skunk--Spilogale Interrupts, (Rafinesque). Very common eastwardly.
78. Wolverine--Gulo luscus (Linnaeus). Formerly rare northwestwardly, now extinct in the state.
79. Marten--Martes americana americana (Turton). Formerly rare northwestwardly, now extinct in the state.




80. Prairie Mink--Mustela vision letifera Hollister. Common along watercourses over most of the state.
81. Western Mink--Mustela vison energumenos (Bangs). Common northwestwardly.
82. Black-footed Ferret--Mustela nigripes (Audubon and Bachman.) Rare westwardly.
83. Long-tailed Weasel--Mustela longicauda longicauda Bonaparte. Common over the state.
84. Prairie Least Weasel--Mustela rixosa campestris Jackson. Rare or locally uncommon eastwardly.
85. Interior Otter--Lutra canadensis Interior Swenk. Formerly common now rare, over the state.
Order Insectivora--Insect-Eaters.

Family Soricidae--Shrews.

86. Plains Masked Shrew--Sorex personatus haydeni (Baird). Uncommon northwardly.
87. Short-tailed Shrew--Blarina brevicauda brevicauda (Say). Common over most of the state.
88. Small Brown Shrew--Cryptotis parva (Say). Common eastwardly.

Family Talpidac--Moles.

89. Mississippi Valley Mole--Scalopus aquaticus machrinoides, Jackson. Abundant eastwardly.
90. Northern Plains Mole--Scalopas aquaticus caryi Jackson. Common westwardly.

Order Chiroptera--Bats.

Family Molossidae--Free-tailed Bats.

91. Mexican Free-tailed Bat--Nyctinomus mexicanus (Saussure). Very rare southwardly.

Family Verpertiliouidae--Typical Bats.

92. Long-eared Bat--Myotis evotis (H. Allen). Rare northwestwardly.
93. Little Pale Bat--Myotis californicus ciliolabrum (Merriam). Common westwardly.
94. Little Brown Bat--Myotis lucifugus lucifugus (LeConte). Uncommon eastwardly.
95. Silver-haired Bat--Lasionycteris noctivagans (LeConte). Common over the state in migrations.
96. Big Brown Bat--Eptesicus fuscus (Beauvois). Common over the state.
97. Pale Big Brown Bat--Eptesicus fuscus pallidus Young. Abundant westwardly.
98. Red Bat--Nycteris borealis borealis Müller. Very common over the state, especially eastwardly.
99. Hoary Bat--Nycteris cinerea. (Beauvois). Very common migrant over the state.


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