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ROBERT ROYCE was in Stratford, Ct. in 1644.
ISAAC ROYCE was in Wallingford, Ct. 1671, m. Elizabeth.
ROBERT RICE b. September 4, 1674, m. March 14, 1709 Abigail Benedict.
MOSES RICE b. Sept. 24, 1716, d. Oct. 26, 1799, m. Jany. 6, 1740?, Thankful Austin.
ABNER RICE b. Jany. 4, 1753, d. 1819, m. Jany. 19, 1775, Kesiah Hall.
ELIAS HALL RICE b. Apr. 16, 1767, m. Mch. 23, 1825, Sally Dennison,
ALFRED DENNISON RICE b. Jany. 26, 1836, m. Apr. 2, 1867, Elantha M. Storm, living in Kearney,
     Nebr., January, 1923.
MABEL RICE b. June 29, 1870, m. 1893 at Kearney, Nebr. Charles W. Shanan.

-Contributed by Miss Katherine Dickerman.

Wallingford, Ct.

JONATHAN DICKERMAN b. 1775, d. 1831, aged 56 yrs.
AMOS RICE d. July 23, 1794, aged 60 yrs.
ELIZABETH, wife of Thomas Rice, d. June 5, 1833, aged 82 yrs.
MERAT RICE d. Sept. 10, 1807, aged 32 yrs.
CAPT. MOSES RICE b. 1715, d. 1799, aged 84 yrs.
PULLMAN RICE d. Nov. 3, 1817, aged 78 yrs.
THANKFUL, wife of Capt. Moses Rice, d. 1784, aged 70 yrs.
THOMAS RICE d. Feby. 8, 1828, aged 79 yrs.






     Vital records copied from the original records which are now in the possession of Mrs. J. J. Warner of Canastota, N. Y.


1848, Sept. 10

John Quincy Adams, aged 27, of Lenox, to Louisa Howe, aged 21, of Smithfield, by Rev. Mr. St_______ , Peterboro.

1849, Nov. 5.

Martin Carrol to Leonora Bice, both of Lenox, by Rev. Mr. Beechman.

1849, Feby. 4.

Mr. Dunn, to Miss Risley, both of Oneida Reserve, by Rev. James Nichols.

1849, Oct. 20

George Elliot of Springfield, Otsage County, to Sarah I. Phelps, of Lenox, by Rev. James Nichols.

1848, July 11.

Jacob Folaw, aged 22, to Louisa Adams, aged 20, both of Lenox, by Thomas T. Loomis.

1849, Nov. 8

S. H. Gates to Martha Roberts, both of Utica; Oneida County, by Rev. James Nichols.

1849, Feby. 4.

Frank Hyde to Miss Dunn, both of Oneida Reserve, by Rev. James Nichols.

1848, Nov. 11.

James Lawton, aged 32, of Fenner, to Isabella McPherson,, aged 32, of Lenox, by K. P. Cousin, at Smithfield.


John F. Potter, of Stockbridge, to Esther ______, of Onedia Depot, by Rev. James Nichols.

1849, Mch. 29.

George Rotman, aged 20, to Penelope Owen, aged 18, both of Lenox, by Thomas T. Loomis, Esq.

1849, July 7.

William Shanley, aged 26, to Polly Quackenboss, aged 22, both of Lenox, by Mr. Emmons.

1849, Apr. 11.

Matthew Shucraft, aged 30, to Mary Jane Nye, aged :29, both of Lenox, by Rev. James Nichols.

1849, Jany. 7.

Levi R. Snyder to Clemina Rein or Bein, aged 18, both of Lenox.

1849, Nov. 18.

Mva Waterbury, aged 27, to Hannah E. Northrup, aged 19, both of Sullivan, by Rev. Daniel Warner.

- Contributed by Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick.

(To be Continued)






     The Ray family is of Scotch Irish origin. There were two distinct clans, the heads of which were brothers. They were called Castle Rays and Winnette Court Rays, receiving the names from their places of residence. There has been a John Ray in every family, one of whom being noted for his brilliant mind and powers of oratory was councillor to Queen Victoria.

     WILLIAM RAY who belonged to the Winnette Court Ray branch of the family was born November 4, 1740 in Belfast, Down County, Ireland. He remained there until grown, when an insurrection broke out. He enlisted with the rebels in their fight for liberty. The rebels were overpowered and he had to flee from his country. He and one sister embarked for America in 1772. He settled in Chester County, Pa.; enlisted in the Revolutionary War; served as first lieutenant under Capt. Anthony Wayne and later under Mordecai Chaffin; engaged in the battles of White Plains, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth and Stony Point. His pension was granted May 8, 1834, but was not paid until June 28, 1840. After the war, he married Anna, Brown (b. 1756 in Maryland, d. Apr. 15, 1829, aged 69 yrs.) and settled in Jefferson County, Ky. In 1810, he moved to Vigo Township, Butler County, Ohio. In 1818 he went with his son, William, to Vigo County, Ind. He died July 29, 1840, and was buried in Riley Township, Vigo County, Ind., seven miles southeast of Terre Haute in the Harkness family burying ground. It is now a pasture lot, but the family have had a wire fence erected to enclose the graves, and the Terre Haute Sons of the American Revolution put up a marker. The old head stone has fallen but lies by the grave and on it could be traced the words: "Here lies honest dust. William Ray b. Nov. 4, 1740, d. July 29, 1840. Rev. Soldier." Children of William Ray and Anna brown were:

 2. John d. Mch. 12, 1820, m. June 21, 1832, Rebecca Gallaher. John and his son Isaac
     were frozen to death.
 3. Rev. Robert b. July 16, 1789, Jefferson County, Ky., d. Dec. 16, 1838, m. Aug. 21,
     1812, Mildred J. Walls. Was licensed to preach in 1817; was ordained Deacon in
     the Methodist Episcopal Church. Had eight sons.
 4. Samuel.
 5. Isaac M.
 6. Martin M.
 7. James B. b. 1794, Kentucky. Served as Governor of Indiana for two terms.
 8. Jane m . ........ Mansfield.
 9. Mary Etta, d. young.





10. Rosa m. ....... Ferrel.
11. Sarah m. ......... McKinney.
12. Daughter m. ....... Morris.
13. Elizabeth m. ........ Jennings .

Authority: Family Bible now in possession of Mr. Henry Singlehurst's family.

     WILLIAM RAY (William) b. Nov. 22, 1789, d. Mch. 11, 1758, aged 70 yrs., m. Sept. 6, 1810, Sarah. Miller, b. Dec. 25, 1789, d. Apr 8, 1856. He was the first justice of peace in Riley Township. Ind., and performed the first marriage, that of Artimacia Ray and Sarah Pearce, dau. of John Pearce. Children of William Ray and Sarah Miller were:

2. Isaac b. Mch. 14, 1813, m. Marietta Gordon.
3. Elizabeth b. Mch. 2, 1815, m. Jonathan Lee, b. Oct. 22, 1809.
4. Marian b. Apr. 23, 1817, m. Martin Church.
5. William b. Oct. 17, 1819, m. 1st, unknown, 2nd, Rebecca Ferrell, m. 3rd, Elizabeth
6. Reuben b. Mch. 18, 1822, m. Elizabeth Brown.
7. Caroline b. Sept. 6, 1824, m. 1844, George W. Singlehurst.
8. James B. b. Oct. 29, 1827, m. 1st, Dec. 25, 1849, Rebecca Harkness, m. 2nd, Mary
    Grose Harkness.
9. Nelson b. Oct. 31 1832, d. Oct. 30, 1853.

     JOHN RAY (William; William) b. July 30, 1811, Butler County, d. Mch. 27, 1891, m. Jany. 21, 1834, Rebecca Crumm, b. Jany. 22, 1812, d. Mch. 11, 1883. Children of John Ray and Rebecca were:

1. Demerris Anna b. any. (sic) 2, 1835, d. June 16, 1909, m. Dec. 25, 1857, Harvey
2. Theodore W. b. Sept. 29, 1837, d. Sept. 6, 1855.
3. Centenary A. b. July 23, 1839, d. Feby. 9, 1908.
4. Isaac Newton b. Jany. 16, 1841, d. Mch. 17, 1841.
5. Americus Miller b. Jany. 10, 1842, killed in the Civil War Mch. 6, 1863, at
    Nashville, Tenn.
6. Molly or Mary b. Dec. 21, 1844, d. 1915, m. Nov. 3, 1863 .......... Dodd.
8. John Elery b. Mch. 26, 1850, d. Jany. 26, 1858.
9. Sarah Rosann b. Oct. 25, 1846, d. Aug. 8, 1911, m. Lemuel Hamilton

     WILLIAM RILEY RAY (John; William; William) b. Dec. 25, 1835 (?), d. Aug 16, 1912, m. Nov. 4, 1857, Hester Ann Lee, b. Feby. 23 (?), 1836. d. Dec. 28, 1907. Children of William Riley Ray and Ann Lee were:

1. John Henry b. Mch. 17, 1859, d. July 26, 1896, m. Dec. 25, 1883, Ollie Neighen.





2. Harriett Alma b. Mch. 21, 1860, d. July 22, 1878.
3. Rebecca Rose b. Dec. 16, 1861, d. Aug. 8, 1871.
4. Miller Scott b. May 30, 1863, m. Sept. 1, 1889, Laura Kester, b. June 3, 1868.
5. Charles Wayne b. Apr. 2, 1872, m. Oct. 31, 1907 Arethusa Ervin, b. Apr. 17,
    Children of Charles Wayne Ray and Arethusa Ervin were:
         i. Helen Estelle b. Oct. 9, 1908.
        ii. Robert Ervin b. Sept. 17, 1910.
6. Daisy m. Dec. 25, 1894, Frank Armstrong, d. Feby. 26, 1903.
7. Anna m. Jasper Henry.

- Contributed by Mrs. Charles Wayne Pay.



     Huguenot Society of America. Those eligible to membership in this society are:

     FIRST, Descendants in the male or female line of the Huguenot families who emigrated to America prior to the Promulgration of the Edict of Toleration, November 28th, 1787, or who left France for other countries than America prior to that date.

     SECONDLY, Persons who have made the history, genealogy, principles, etc., of the Huguenots a special study and research, and have written and published the same.

     Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America. Eligibility for membership is founded upon descent from patriotic ancestry in unbroken line through the Colonial times and the Revolutionary War. She must be descended in the direct paternal line of either father or mother from an ancestor who settled in any of the Colonies now included in the United States of America from the settlement of Jamestown, Va., May 13, 1607 to May 13, 1687 and provided the intermediate ancestor in said direct line at the call of the Colonies adhered as a patriot to their cause in the Revolutionary War which ended with the Independence of the Colonies.

     Colonial Dames. Women are eligible who are descended in their own right from some ancestor of worthy life who came to reside in an American Colony prior to 1750, which ancestor or some one of his descendants, being a lineal ascendant of the applicant shall have rendered efficient service to his country during the Colonial Period, either in the founding of a commonwealth or of an institution which has survived and developed into importance, or who shall have held an important position in a Colonial govern-





ment, or who by distinguished services shall have contributed to the founding of this great and powerful nation.

     All services which constitute a claim for membership must have been rendered before July 5, 1776, but this date shall be held to include all the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

     Daughters of the American Revolution. Any woman not less than eighteen years of age who, is descended from a man or woman who gave unfailing lovalty to the cause of American Independence as a recognized patriot, soldier, sailor or civil officer, in one of the several Colonies or States, is eligible to membership in the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution; --provided that she be (?) personally acceptable.

     The Hereditary Order of the Descendants of Colonial Governer. Any person who is descended from a man who served as Governor of one of the original thirteen colonies prior to its adinistion to the Union.

     Society of Holland Dames. Any woman is qualified for membership in this society who is above the age of eighteen years lineally (?) descended from a Hollander (Nederlender) resident of New Netherlands previous to the treaty of Westminster, 1674 and who has been adjudged worthy and acceptable to the society. The adjudging (?) member must have been a man born in the Netherlands, of?Holland parentage and must have been either:

? A Director General of New Netherlands.
? A member of the Council of the Director General of New Netherlands.
? A member of a Representative body, religious or secular of New Netherlands.
? A Patroon or Freeholder of New Netherlands.
? A Commissioner in New Netherlands either of boundaries, treaties or Indian affairs.
? A commissioned officer, a soldier, or a sailor who served in defense of the Colonies.

     Society of Mayflower Descendants. Every lineal descendant, (...?) eighteen years of age, of any passenger of the "Mayflower" which terminated at Plymouth, Massachusetts, December 1620, including all signers of "The Compact," shall be eligible to membership.


    To Contributors - Queries have accumulated to such an extent that it is impossible to insert them as soon as they are re-





ceived. They will be printed as rapidly as possible. In sending material to this department, please observe the following rules:

   1. All queries and answers must be signed with full name and address.

   2. In answering queries give the date of magazine, the number of the query and the signature.

   3. Answers should contain proof of information given. Correspondents are requested to accompany each separate query with a two-cent stamp.


Belknap - Wanted names and dates of birth, death and marriage of parents and grandparents of Captain Isaac Belknap, b. Woburn, Mass., Dec. 14, 1732, d. Apr. 29, 1815, Newburgh, N. Y., m. 1759, Bridget Richardson,   R. V. A. F.


Goldsby - Wanted the name of Briggs Goldsby's father. The family lived in Kentucky or Virginia, then emigrated to Illinois. Briggs M. Goldsby married Nancy Solady in Clark County, Ill. Had a son John b. 1821, Washington County, Ind., m. Mathilda Sunnvers; came to Nebraska abt. 1857, where he died 1894.   O. M. C.


Baker - Wanted the ancestors of Tabitha Baker (1769-1848), m. 1793, Pittsfield, Mass., Oliver Ashley (1725-1792.)   H. E. H. F.


Beverly - Wanted the ancestors of Ann Beverly who married Henry Whiting. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in Virginia Apr. 1693. Son Beverly was the Godfather of General George Washington and member of the House of Burgesses from Gloucester County, Va. 1744-1755. Ann Beverly was the mother of John C. Fremont by a former marriage.   H. K. W. W.


Davenport - Wanted the ancestry of Francis Davenport of Salem, m. Anne Snelling. In Boston before 1676, coat of arms the same as those of Rev. John Davenport of New Haven, Ct., but Davenport family genealogies do not mention him; recorded as "mariner" in Salem records.   M. D. K. B.


Davis - Wanted the ancestry of Capt. John Davis of Biddeford, Me., b. 1689, d. 1752, m. 1711, Elizabeth Basford of Hampton, Me., b. 1689, d. 1752, m. 1711, Elizabeth Basford of Hampton, N. H.; also the ancestry of Elizabeth Basford.   M. D. K. B.


Durand - Wanted the connecting links between Urania Du-





rand (1770-1868), m. Peck Fenn (1766-1824) probably in Milford, Ct. and Andrew Durand who m. Jane Andrew, dau. of Abigail Treat (1660-1727) and Rev. Samuel Andrew (1655-1738.) Abigail Treat was a dau. of Gov. Treat and Jane Tapp. There is a family tradition that Urania Durand's mother was Anne Downs. Peck Fenn's mother was Sarah Treat.   H. E. H. F.


Endicott - Wanted the ancestors of Sarah Endicott b. Dec. 25, 1790, m . about 1810, at Cythiana, Ky., Clement Whiting, b. Oct. 12, 1789, d. Feby. 13, 1856, m. 2nd Sarah Nash b. Nov. 5, 1803, d. Sept. 16, 1892.   H. K. W. W.


Saunders - Wanted the ancestry of John Saunders (Sanders) his wife, Alice Cole, m. 1610 in Eng., came to America and settled at Salisbury, Mass.


   2. 9.  Belknap - R. V. A. F., Apr., 1923. Abraham Belknap who d. Sept. 1643 had a son Joseph b. 1630, d. Nov. 14, 1712, m. 1st Ruth (?) by whom he had four children, m. 2nd. Lydia and 3rd Hannah of dau. of Thomas Meakin. Joseph Belknap's son Thomas b. June 29, 1670, d. Oct. 15, 1755, m. Apr. 6, 1693, Jane dau. of Thomas and Jane Charey (?), b. June 5, 1669. Thomas Belknap had a son Samuel b. May 24, 1707, d. Jany. 1, 1771, m. 2nd Lydia dau. of Isaac and Mary Stearns. Children by 1st wife: Amelia, Alden, Briggs (?), Judah, Lydia and Deborah; by 2nd wife: Bridget, died, Isaac b. Dec. 14, 1733, Mary, Elizabeth, Olive, died, Bridget, Richardson, Abel, Ann and Olive.

   Samuel Richardson b. abt 1610, d. Mch. 23,1658, m. Joanna ----. 1666. Had eight children. Their son Joseph b. July 27, ___3, d. Mch. 5, 1717, m. Nov. 5, 1666, Hannah Green b. 1647, d. May 20, 1721. Had five children. Joseph Richardson's son Stephen b. July 7, 1673, d. 1750, m Nov. 21, 1695, Bridget Richardson. b. ---4, d. July 1, 1750. Had ten children. Stephen Richardson's son ----hen b. 1706, d. Mch. 6, 1781, m. Mary, dau. of Joshua Sawyer, Sept. 14, 1706, d. Nov. 22, 1783. Had four children. Their dau.
----et m. Isaac Belknap.

   Samuel Richardson b. abt. 1610, had a brother Ezekiel Richardson b. abt. 1602, d. Oct. 21, 1647, m. Susanna d. Sept. 15, 1681. She married 2nd Henry Brooks. Samuel Richardson's son, Theophilus (?), b. Dec. 22, 1633 at Charlestown, Mass., d. Dec. 28, 1674, m.

(Producers note: The above page is from a copy, extremely poor along the left edge. Recommend you secure a copy to see the missing or questionable words.)





May 2, 1654 Mary Champney, d. Aug. 28, 1704. She m. 2nd John Brooks. Theophilus Richardson had a son, Stephen Richardson b. 1706 who m. Mary Sawyer. - E. G. S. C. - I.

   1. 4. Kilbourn - R. V. A. F. Jany. 23, 1923. On pages 75 and 111 of the History of Kilbourn Family, 1856, by P. K. Kilbourne are references to James Kilbourne, b. 1707, d. 1762. Among his children was a dau. Honor, who m. Stephen Webster. She d. in 1813. On page 100 of the History and Genealogy of the Webster Family, 1915, by W. H. Webster is an entry containing similar information, and also Stephen Webster's Revolutionary service record, Litchfield and Morris Inscriptions, 1905, by C. T. Payne contain records of the deaths of James Kilbourne and also Honor K. Webster and Stephen Webster. - G. K. St. P.- M.

   3. 4.  Kilbourn - R. V. A. F. Jany. 1928. Thomas Kilbourn bpt. May 8, 1578, d. prior to 1639, m. Frances d. 1650. Their son Sergeant John Kilbourn bpt. Sept. 29, 1624, d. Apr. 9, 1703, m. 1st Naomi d. Oct. 1, 1659, m. 2nd Jarah Bronson, d. Dec. 4, 1711. John Kilbourn son of Sergeant John. Kilbourn b. Feby. 16. 1651, d. Nov. 25, 1711, m. 1st. Mch. 4, 1673, Susannah Hills b. 1651, d. Oct. 1701. m. 2nd May 12, 1702 Elizabeth Mitchell, d. June 8, 1718. Joseph Kilbourn son; of John Kilbourn b. 1672 at Wethersfield, Ct., d. abt. 1744, m. 1st June 4, 1696, Dorothy Butler, d. Sept. 19, 1709, m. 2nd June 29, 1710, Hester Gibbs. James Kilbourn son of Joseph Kilbourn b. Apr. 13, 1707, Wethersfield, Ct, d. June 9, 1762. m. Sept. 12, 1733 Sarah Bissell. Their dau. Honor b. abt. 1738, Litchfield, Ct. d. Mch. 30, 1813, m. abt. 1763 Stephen Webster. Honor had no chance of a Revolutionary ancestor on either her father's or mother's line. Father died thirteen years before the Revolutionary War began .- E. G. S. C. - I.


Correction of errors in The Nebraska and Mid-West Genealogical Record, January, 1923.

Page 14, line 18, for March 19, 1945, read Mch. 19, 1843.

Page 14, line 35, for Mch. 5, 1844, read Mch. 5, 1884.

Page 6, line 16, for Fergus Bleakley read Fergus Bleakney.







     The Nebraska Genealogical Society solicits as donations to library all genealogical books, pamphlets and manuscripts, as well as town, county and state histories.


     Dickerman Genealogy - The second edition of the Dickerman __logy (?) treating of the descendants of Thomas Dickerman, an early (?) settler of Dorchester, Mass., has been published by Edward ___ Dickerman and George Sherman Dickerman. Press of __ Morehouse and Taylor, of New Haven, Ct. It has 700 pages (?), including supplement and index. Price $6.00. Address: George (?) S. Dickerman, No. 140 Cottage St., New Haven, Ct.

     New Haven Genealogical Magazine - Published by Mr. Donald Jacobus Lines, 3780 Whitney Avenue, Mount Carmel, Ct. Four (?) issues (?) a year. Subscription price #5.00 a year.
     The material in this magazine will be a compilation of New Haven families, arranged alphabetically, and will include (to 1800) every (?) vital (?), church and cemetery record of "ancient New Haven," __ing the present towns of New Haven, East Haven, North Haven, Hamden, Bethany, Woodbridge and West Haven. Many Bible (?) records and private records, such as mortality lists of West Haven and Bethany will be included.

     Mrs. David Hill of Salina, Kas., has presented the Nebraska Genealogical Society with a subscription to the Kansas Woman's Journal (?) published at Topeka, Kas. It has a genealogical column and (?) should be interesting to Nebraska as well as Kansas women.



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