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but he made a deed as late as 1723. The name of Hannah (Emerson) Dustin will always stand forth in history as the woman who was captured by the Indians, her infant baby of one week, brained before her, her terrible march with the Indians with her faithful nurse and the little boy and then their wonderful escape after killing their captors.

   TIMOTHY2 DUSTIN (Thomas1) b. Sept. 14, 1694, m. prior to 1720, Sarah Johnson, b. Feby. 18, 1695.

   JOHN3 DUSTIN (Timothy,2 Thomas1) b. Mch. 31, 1724, d. July 8, 1797, m. 3rd Ruth Haseltine b. Dec. 1, 1735, d. Aug. 19, 1819.

   TIMOTHY4 DUSTIN (John,3 Timothy,2 Thomas1) b. Oct. 6, 1766, d. July 23, 1840, m. Aug. 5, 1790, Ann Cushing, b. Jany. 19, 1763, d. Oct. 10, 1829. Her ancestors graduated at Harvard as early as 1692 and she also has Revolutionary ancestry.

   TIMOTHY5 DUSTIN (Timothy,4 John,3 Timothy,2 Thomas1) b. Feby. 23, 1803, d. Aug., 1844, m. Louisa Mary Frances Combs, b. May 4, 1816, d. May 9, 1862, in Peru, Nebr.

   GEORGE TIMOTHY TILFORD6 DUSTIN (Timothy,5 Timothy,4 John,3 Timothy,2 Thomas1) b. Sept. 14, 1844, m. Jany. 8, 1880, in Peru, Nebr., Hulda Adeline Capwell, b. Aug. 3,1861. She, too, comes of Revolutionary stock.

   WINIFRED7 DUSTIN (George Timothy Tilford, 6 Timothy,5Timothy,4 John,3 Timothy,2 Thomas1) b. May 9, 1881, in Peru, Nebr., m. in Lincoln, Nebr., Feby. 6, 1909, John W. Barth, b. Nov. 18,1880, in Mt. Savage, Md.


   DANIEL1 GROSS came from Germany, province of Schwabia, in ancient times, now S. W. Bavaria. He had a son, Philip.

   PHILIP2 GROSS (Daniel1) b. 1775, d. 1848, m. Catherine Deiley, b. 1778 d. 1848, Farmerville, Pa., daughter of Daniel Deiley who was born 1752, d. abt. Jany. 26, 1826. Daniel Deiley emigrated from Germany and acted in the capacity of private in Pennsylvania Continental Line in Capt. Thomas Craig's company and served one year. On April 21, 1818, being a re-





sident of Northampton county, Pa., and aged 66 years, he applied for a pension which was granted. Philip Gross and Catherine Deiley had a son, George.

   GEORGE3 GROSS (Philip,2 Daniel1) b. Dec. 20, 1807, at Salesburgh, Lehigh county, Pa., d. Feby. 1, 1845, m. 1829(?) in Sussex county, New Jersey, Mary Keithline, b. May 10, 1803, in Sussex county, N. J., d. Feby. 15, 1880. Mary Keithline was a granddaughter of Philip Bremeyer, a wounded soldier of the Revolutionary War. Her grandfather Keithline was also a Revolutionary soldier. George Gross and Mary Keithline had a daughter, Elizabeth.

   ELIZABETH4 GROSS (George,3 Philip,2 Daniel1) b. June 9, 1838, at Newport, Luzern county, Pa., m. Oct. 3, 1859, at Beloit, Wis., David Long Moyers. When they moved west, David Long Moyers dropped the "s" from his name and it became Moyer. He was born Dec. 25, 1832, at Meadville, Crawford county, Pa., d. Apr. 28, 1912, at Tecumseh, Nebr. Elizabeth Gross and David Long Moyer had three sons, one of whom was Elmore DeForest Moyer.

   ELMORE DE FOREST5 MOYER (Elizabeth4 Gross, George,3 Philip,2 Daniel1) b. Aug. 28, 1862, in Burns township, Henry county, Ill., m. Dec. 23, 1890, at Tecumseh, Nebr., Jennie Buerstetta b. Aug. 22, 1868, at Tecumseh, Nebr., d. Mch. 2, 1919, at University Place, Nebr. Children of Elmore De Forest Moyer and Jennie Buerstetta were:

1. a son, who died in infancy.
2. MAE ELNORA b. Nov. 16, 1891.
3. JESSIE IRENE b. Aug. 16, 1893, d. Dec. 6, 1923, at Ord, Nebr.

   MAE ELNORA6 MOYER (Elmore De Forest, 5 Elizabeth4 Gross, George,3 Philip,2 Daniel1) m. Nov. 15, 1916, at University Place, Nebr., Evet Ainsworth Smith of Ord, Nebr. Their children were:

1. Mildred Devona Smith b. Apr. 13, 1918.
2. Elizabeth Jane Smith b. Nov. 2, 1919.

   JESSIE IRENE6 MOYER (Elmore De Forest,5Elizabeth4 Gross, George,3 Philip,2 Daniel1) m. June 15, 1916, at University Place, Nebr., William Sack of Ord, Nebr. Their children were:





1. Harold Allen Sack b. Mch. 12, 1917.
Lloyd Lee Sack b. Feby. 6, 1921.

Contributed by Mrs. Mae Moyer Smith, Ord, Nebr.



   The will of Thomas Scudder of Salem, proved June 29, 1658, leaves property to daughter Elizabeth Bartholmew. (Entire will given.) (Copy taken from original on file in the office of the clerk of the Courts at Salem, vol. IV, leaf 63. Reference: Essex Antiquarian, vol. 7, page 125. Henry Bartholmew, Salem, Nov. 7, 1635, born about 1607, died at Salem Nov. 22, 1692. Married Elizabeth Scudder of Salem, who died Sept. 1, 1682, aged about 60 years. Their son Henry, baptized 1657, in will mentions "sister (Abigail) Dudson, alias Lawthrop", also "brother Col. Elisha Hutchinson." Reference: Essex Antiquarian, vol. 7, page 45.


   John Scudder, Barnstable 1640, bore arms 1643, had a sister Elizabeth, discharged from Boston church Nov. 10, 1644, with recommendations, and married 28 of same mouth Samuel Lathrop, son of Rev. John, at his father's home in New London. Ref: Savage's Gen. Dict. of N. E. vol. 4, page 43. It has been asserted that the Elizabeth who married Samuel Lathrop was the widow of Henry Bartholmew, but the references given show that this was impossible. Samuel Lathrop married 2nd at Plymouth, Abigail, daughter of Deacon John Doane, born 1632, died 1734. Children all by first wife.

Contributed by Mrs. Wm. Rogers, Lincoln


   David Carwithy, Southhold. "Mr. Carwithy being visited with sickness, desires to set things in order, being weak in body but perfect in memory." Leaves to son Caleb "My best suit of clothes and a bed blanket." To daughter Martha a scythe and a Bible. To daughter Elizabeth Crowner* (Crammer) 9 pounds sterling. "As for my son David, I left him his portion when I





came from him." Makes daughter Sarah Curtis sole executrix. Dated August 30, 1665. Witnesses, John Conckling, sr., Simon Grover, Jacob Conckling. Proved Nov., 1665. Sarah Curtis of Hashamomack, near Southhold, L. I., is confirmed as executrix and Quietus granted Oct. 5, 1666, by Gov. Nicoll. Note: This name after many changes is now Corwith, and the family are numerous on Long Island. (N. Y. Historical Collections, 1892, Abstracts of Wills, vol. 1, page 344.) David Carwithy was at Salem 1644. Wife's name Grace. (Savage's Gen. Dict. vol. 1, page 344.) David Carwith is chosen Constable of Marblehead for the year ensuing, Jan. 25, 1644, at Salem. (Essex Institute, vol. 9, page 127). At a general town meeting, April 20, 1658, he was chosen on a jury at Salem. (Essex Institute, vol. 9, page 216.) Mary, his daughter, married Wm. Chichester. (Essex Institute, vol. 14, page 252.) She was received into church at Salem, Dec. 23, 1657. (Essex Institute, vol. 15, page 81.) David Carwithy and daughter Sarah Curtis then removed to Southhold 1665. (Essex Institute, vol. 15, page 77.)

   *Note. In the Crammer line given in New Jersey Genealogies, Elizabeth daughter of David Carwithy is said to have married John Crammer who lived in Long Island about 1660, but removed to New Jersey soon after and whose descendants now live near Trenton, N. J. (vol. 1, page 133). In Pope's History of Taunton it is said that David Carwithy was proposed as freeman there in 1639, but "as nothing more is heard of him, he probably died soon after" (page 36).

Contributed by Mrs. William Rogers, Lincoln, Nebr.




ALLEN RICE, May 2, 1776, aged 40 yrs.
PHEBE RICE, wife of Deacon Benjamin, July 13, 1776, aged 46 yrs.
AMASA RICE, Dec. 12, 1797, aged 47 yrs.
Miss THANKFUL RICE, dau. of Amasa Rice, Feby. 19, 1792, aged 21 yrs.
DEACON BENJAMIN RICE, Feby. 7, 1777, aged 47 yrs.
MINDWELL RICE, wife of Deacon Benjamin, May 13, 1776, aged 74 yrs.




CAPT. EZEKIEL RICE, Sept. 3, 1808, aged 69 yrs.
HALSEY RICE, son of Deacon Benjamin and Phoebe, May 2, 1786, aged 22 yrs.
JOSEPH RICE, June 5, 1777, aged 22 yrs.
JEMIMA RICE, dau. of Ezra and Anna, Jany. 23, 1793, aged 20 yrs.
RACHEL ROYCE, dau. of Titus and Rachel, Oct. 28, 1784, aged 9 yrs.
MELINDA RICE, wife of Reuben J., May 1, 1833, aged 22 yrs.
CHARLOTTE RICE, dau. of Joel and Eunice, Apr. 18, 1829, aged 40 yrs.
OLIVE RICE, Apr. 28, 1794, aged 34 yrs.
MRS. RUTH ROYCE, Mch. 30,1801, aged 25 yrs.
JANE RICE, dau. of Deacon Silas and Rebeccah, Feby. 13, 1824, aged 19 yrs.
MINDWELL RICE, consort of Lyman, Apr. 14, 1805, aged 23 yrs.    Historical Record & Pictorial Description of the Town of Meriden, Ct., pub. 1906 by C. Bancroft Gillespie.
Contributed by Mrs. J. B. Clotworthy, Atlanta, Ga.


From October, 1729, to January, 1736-7.

...... Judd of Waterbury to daughter of ROBERT RICE
...... Baldwin of Branford to widow of JACOB ROYCE
THOMAS ROYCE to his second wife
EPHRAIM ROYCE to Eunice Harris, June 26, 1739
ESTHER ROYCE to Andrew Andrews of Wallingford, Mch. 17, 1739
WIDOW JOANNA ROYCE of Wallingford to Mr. John Johnson of New Haven, Nov.(?) 19, 1741

(To be continued)



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Horton, Robbins, Deth. Wanted: to build back on the lines of Horton, Robbins, and Deth.


MORRIS HORTON m. Tamar -----, d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He descended from one of four brothers Horton of England who settled at Newburgh, Hackensack and Long Island. His son --


SMITH HORTON, b. 1816, d. 1889, m. Mary Riggs at Fishkill, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1848. Mary Riggs b. 1824, d. 1867. Their son Morris d. in infancy, bur. at Greenhaven. Their daughter --


CAROLlNE HORTON, b. June 21, 1851, m. Sept. 13,1870, William H. Robbins.


RICHARD ROBBINS of Lincolnshire, England, b. Jan. 12, 1805, in. Sarah Deth, b. in England or India June 7, 1809, d. July 4, 1871; Married in America.
   Richard had a brother James last heard of in Illinois prior to 1870. Robinson was the name prior to Richard. Sarah Deth had older brothers in Canada. She was disinherited on account of her marriage.


WILLIAM HENRY ROBBINS, b. Jan. 11, 18--, Saratoga Co., N. Y., m. Sept. 13, 1870, d. Feb. 27, 1922.       F. A. M. B.


Wilcox. Wanted: the ancestry Thankful and Charles Wilcox who drove with ox team from Connecticut to Bergen, New York with their parents Amy Ward and ------ Wilcox. Thankful Wilcox told her children that her grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox, served all through the war with Washington.     M. B. H. C.


Johnson. Wanted: the parentage of Hannah Johnson 1717-1794, wife of Amos Harrison (Samuel, Samuel, Richard, Jr.) 1712-1785, of Newark, New Jersey.     E. B. B. 0.


Ogden. Wanted: the name of the wife of David Ogden (Swanie, David, John the Pilgrim) of Newark, New Jersey, bpt. May 17, 1714, d. Oct. 19, 1751. He is buried in the old cemetery at Orange, New Jersey, near his father and mother, and Mary Ackerman Ogden, but his wife is not there. He left one child about a year old, who married Isaac Crane (Lewis, Elihu, Jasper, Jasper). His first child was





named Keturah, which was probably his wife's Christian name.     E. B. B. O.


McQuillen. Wanted, the ancestry of Nancy McQuillen of Dauphin Co., Pa., and Revolutionary service of the father if there is such. Nancy McQuillen married Henry Smith, and their son Jacob Smith married Mary Nisley about 1840.     V. F. C. D.


Smith. Wanted; the ancestry of Henry Smith who married Nancy McQuillen in Dauphin Co., Pa., and had a son Jacob, who married Mary Nisley. Henry Smith lived at Swatara, and Mary Nisley is buried at Middletown.   V. F. C. D.


   The passing away on March 22, 1924, of Mrs. Gertrude Irene Gear Stubbs was a sorrow to a wide circle of friends in church and patriotic work.

   She was a devoted church communicant being the daughter of Ezekiel G. Gear, known as "Father Gear", the once famous pioneer chaplain of Ft. Snelling. He was the first Episcopal minister to hold service in Minnesota, about 1830.

   Mrs. Stubbs was born at Ft. Snelling, Minnesota, where her natural love of patriotism inherited from her father, and cultivated by her environment, became the prominent characteristic of her life. She loved the work of genealogical research, helping people all over the country to make out their papers for the Colonial Dames, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Daughters of the America Revolution and Daughters of 1812, in which organizations she held many national, state and local offices. She had been National Registrar of the Colonial Dames resident in Nebraska since the beginning of the organization in 1908, and was Honorary State Registrar of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

   Those closely associated with her for the thirty years which she lived in Nebraska will greatly miss her gentle, faithful, earnest work and spirit.

Contributed by Mrs. E. H. Allen, Omaha, Nebr.

Let the Nebraska

Genealogical Society advise you in regard to completing your family lineage, copying your genealogical records, filling out your application blanks in all patriotic societies, etc.

Neal F. Mears
1525 North LaSalle st.

   Ancestries traced, application papers prepared for membership in any society, and family histories and charts compiled.

   Special attention given to eases involving legal action-such as proofs of heirship, investigation of titles to property on the basis of true heirship, etc.

References and terms on request.
will meet Friday, July 25, 1924, at the Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln, Nebraska. Luncheon will be served at twelve o'clock. Plates fifty cents. The business meeting will begin at one: thirty o'clock. If you cannot attend the luncheon, please attend the business meeting.
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