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John,4 Samuel,3 John,2 Hugh1 ) b. Sept. 16, 1843, near Hamilton, Hancock county, Ill., d. Apr. 22, 1920, near Kahoka, Mo., m. Apr. 12, 1868, in Hancock county, Ill., William Owen, b. Mch. 12, 1842, near Jasper, Steuben county, New York. Their daughter Minnie Lee Owen was born Feby. 25, 1881, near Kahoka, Mo.

Contributed by Miss Minnie L. Owen, 208 E. 7th St., Tampa, Florida.

(Concluded from JULY, 1924.)



SARAH ROYCE to Nehemiah Manrose, May 12, 1742.

GIDEON ROYCE to Mary Dutton, Oct. 7, 1742.

LOIS ROYCE to Samuel Foginson, Nov. 2, 1743.

PHILIP ROYCE of Northberry to Thankful Meriman of Wallingford, 1743.

HANNAH ROYCE to John Way, jr., Jany. 24, 1744.

WIDOW ROYCE to John Prout, 1745.

REUBEN ROYCE to Kezeiah Moss, 1745.

ASA ROYCE to Annah Royce, Nov. 25, 1746.

SARAH ROYCE to Amos Beach of Gochen, Dec. 29, 1746.

GIDEON ROYCE to widow Rebecca Elenvah of Wallingford, ye second wife, Mch. 25, 1747.

DINAH ROYCE to Linus Beach of Gochen, Oct. 21, 1747.

LYDIA ROYCE to Samuel Andrews 2nd, Nov. 9, 1752.

STEPHEN ROYCE of Cornwall to Mary How of Wallingford, May 8, 1753.

LUCE ROYCE to John Berry, Jany. 9, 1754.

ANN ROYCE of Wallingford to Thomas Dutton, jr., Jany. 13, 1755.

DEBORAH ROYCE to Timothy St. John of Norwalk, Jany. 26, 1757.

KESIAH ROYCE of Wallingford to Asahel Beach, Feby. 10, 1757.





ISAAC ROYCE to Hannah Pentfield, Apr. 6, 1758.

EZEKIEL ROYCE, JR., to Lydia Hough, June 7, 1759.

ALLEN ROYCE to Mindwell Cowls, Dec. 4, 1760.

ABIGAIL ROYCE to Silas St. John of Sharon, Dec, 1, 1761.

ROBERT ROYCE of Wallingford to Jerusha Parker, May 27, 1762.

WIDOW REBECCA RICE to Joseph Cowles, Feby. 24, 1763.

EPHRIAM RICE to Abigail Fox of Cheshire, Oct. 4, 1764.

MRS. HANNAH RICE to Rev. Burrage Merriam of Stepna, Sept. 12, 1765.

ISAAC RICE to Rachel Pain, Apr. 19, 1786, by Rev. J. Millard.

HANNAH RICE to Sheldon Johnson, Sept. 10, 1786, by Rev. J. Millard.

POLLY RICE to Mr. Ladd, May 1, 1788, by Rev. J. Millard.

MISS RICE to Mr. Hall, Jany. --, 1792, by Rev. J. Millard.

MISS RICE to Aaron John, Apr. --, 1793, by Rev. J. Millard.

LYMAN RICE to Mindwell Merrian, Sept. 1, 1803, by Rev. J. Millard.

SHERMAN RICE to Roxana Meraim, Oct. --, 1804, by Rev. J. Millard.

LUCY RICE to Joel Yale, Sept. --, 1804.

LEVI RICE to Isabel Ives, Mch. 13, 1805.


ISAAC ROYCE and his son between 1728-1734.

JOSIAH ROYCE between 1734-1737.

TIMOTHY ROYCE May 2, 1737.

RACHEL, dau. of Ezekiel Royce, Sept. 3, 1738.

SAMUEL, son of Capt. Royce, at North London, Sept. 4, 1745.

MARY, dau. of Gideon Royce, Sept. 27, 1745.

Wife of Gideon Royce, May 2, 1745.

Widow MINDWELL ROYCE, Oct. 15, 1748.





Child of Asa Royce, May 21, 1749.

Child of Ebenezer Royce, May 10, 1745.

Wife of Ephriam Royce, Oct. 17, 1747.

Child of Gideon Royce, Apr. 19, 1752.

EBENEZER ROYCE, Oct. 18, 1752.

OLIVER, son of Widow Abigail Royce, Dec.__, 1753.

Child of Asa Royce, July 28, 1755.

Child of Ephriam Royce Oct. 4, 1756.

Child of Ephriam Royce, Oct. 9, 1756.

Child of Ephriam Royce, Jany. 1, 1757.


Infant of Benjamin Royce, jr., Nov. --, 1757.


Wife of Deacon Robert Royce, Mch. 11, 1759.


Infant of Ezra Royce, Nov. 13, 1759.

Infant of Ezra Royce, July 24, 1760.

Infant of Ezra Royce, Sept. 17, 1760.

GIDEON ROYCE, Jany. 30, 1761

ISAAC ROYCE, July 30, 1762.

EPHRIAM ROYCE, Sept. 14, 1762.

Child of Allen Rice, Sept. 9, 1763.

Child of Benjamin Rice, July 13, 1764.

DEACON EZEKIEL ROYCE, Esq., Sept. 14, 1765.


Youngest child of Ephriam Rice, 1768.

MRS. ALLEN RICE and child, June --, 1769.

HALSEY RICE, Mch. --, 1787.

Child of Samuel Rice, age 10, Apr. 6, 1790.





Child of Joel Rice, infant, Nov. --, 1791.

Child of Joel Rice, age 12, Sept. 27, 1790.

AMASA RICE, age 48, Dec. --, 1797.

Infant of Silas Rice, Aug. 13, 1799.

MRS. SILAS RICE, age 25, Mch. 30, 1801.

Infant of Asahel Rice, Nov. --, 1801.

BENJAMIN, son of Isaac Rice, age 5, June 29, 1802.

MISS ANNA RICE, age 47, July 14, 1803.

TABATHE RICE, age 19, July 1, 1806.

Historical Record and Pictorial Description of the town of Meriden, Ct., pub. 1906 by C. Bancroft Gillespie. Contributed by Mrs. J. B. Clotworthy, Atlanta, Ga.


Cemetery established March 14, 1868

ABELL, JOHN EMERY, born March 28, 1837, died April 1, 1902
ABELL, MARY ELLEN FULLER, his wife, born Jan. 21, 1841, died April 4, 1913

ANDREAS, JOHANN, born in Kl. Mansdorf, West Preussen, 8' September, 1802, died Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 11th January, 1877
ANDREAS, FRAU ANNA, born Krebsfelde, W. Preussen, 28th March, 1811, died Beatrice, Nebraska, 12th April, 1900

ANDREWS, DAVID W., born Feb. 26, 1824, died April 24, 1903. Co. D, 12th Ohio Cavalry

AYRES, JAMES L., born May 11, 1810, died Dec. 11, 1892, aged 82 years and 7 months
AYRES, PATIENCE, born Oct. 9, 1819, New York, died Nov. 11, 1906

BAKER, MALINDA, died May 6, 1884, 58 years

BEALS, LYDIA M., born July 20, 1848, died June 20, 1898
BEALS, HINMAN, born Dec. 17, 1850, died April 10, 1914

[BERRY] MARTHA, wife of Fifield H. Berry, born in New York Dec. 11, 1842





BLAKELY, NATHAN, born July 25, 1824, died July 26, 1906
BLAKELY, MAGGIE C., born Sept. 23, 1843, died Dec. 6, 1908, [She was a Tinkham]

BLODGETT, J. E., born Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y., died Beatrice June 12, 1877, aet. 78 years
BLODGETT, NANCY C., born Feb. 29, 1812, died March 21, 1880, aet. 68 years

BROWN, L. P., born March 28, 1834, died April 18, 1917
BROWN, MARY E., born Aug. 28, 1836, died Dec. 14, 1870
BROWN, MATILDA M., born Nov. 3, 1840

CHAMPLIN, LAURA J., born Nov. 12, 1848, died May 6, 1868

CLARK, GEORGE W., died Jan. 29, 1873, aet. 80 years, 5 months, 10 days

COOK, HARRISON F., born Nov. 4, 1880, died Jan. 16, 1908. Beatrice Pioneer of 1857
COOK, LUCINDA HARVEY, born Aug. 26, 1824, died Aug. 4, 1915

DEWEY, CHAUNCY D., 1838-1899
DEWEY, ELECTA F., wife of Chauncy D. Dewey, 1840-1899

DODGE, EDMUND L., born June 25, 1836, died April 10, 1886
[DODGE] CHARLOTTE, wife of E. L. Dodge, born May 24, 1844, died Nov. 16,1916

Contributed by Mrs. R. J. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.

(To be continued)


   This cemetery lies in the southwest part of Phoenix, near 20 Ave. and Washington street. It was platted 1898, deed acknowledged January 21, 1898, and recorded April 30, of the same year. There have been no burials there since 1911 or 1912, and the grounds are unfenced, untended and in general disrepair. Many of the board markers are so worn by the weather that the inscriptions can scarcely be deciphered, and large numbers have all marks worn off, while some are partly destroyed by fire. Many really fine marble and granite monuments are thrown off the bases, and while it is said to be the intention of the city to move the marked graves to a new location the time





for doing so will surely find many of the marks of identification destroyed. I was told by members of the City Planning committee that it is the intention to smooth over the grounds of this place, after moving the marked graves, and convert it into a park. Many of the graves are those of the so called "health seekers" who died far away from home and friends, and whose graves are marked with a board on which is painted the name, and sometimes age, of the person buried there.

ANDREWS, ANNIE L., wife of E. L. Andrews, b. Oct. 3, 1843, d. Oct. 25, 1900.

ANDREWS, JOHN C., born June 14, 1854, died Nov. 11, 1907.
ANDREWS, MRS. SUSIE, wife of J. C. Andrews, d. Apr. 26, 1900, ae. 43 yrs.

BENTON, MRS. MARY E., b. 1843, d. Sept. 18, 1899 (board marker).

BLUMIDGE, R., Co. F, 4th Calif. Inf.

BODONE, HORTENSE G. Z., b. in France, d. aged 46 yrs., 1 mo.

BRASHEER, CHAS., d. Dec. 1, 1902 (board split and badly worn).

BROOMELL, JAMES H., Chester county, Penn. b. Aug. 2, 1837, d. Sept. 6, 1896. Corp. Co. C, 124th Penn. Vol. Inf.

BROWN, T. W., d. Aug. 3, 1903 (on board, almost illegible).

BOXLEY, LIZZIE K., Wife of Geo. Boxley, d. Dec. 16, 1892, ae. 37 yrs., 9 mos., 6 days.

COOK, SAMUEL, d. May 1, 1901, aged 70 yrs.

CRUMP, MRS. JOHN, b. Apr. 12, 1809, d. Feby. 23, 1903, aged 93 yrs. (board, almost illegible; small fence around grave).

DANIEL, S. A., d. Apr. 7, 1902, aged 28 yrs. (board at head of grave and iron fence around it).

DECKER, GEORGE W., b. Nov. 4, 1864, d. Jany. 3, 1903.

DEAN, MINNIE, wife of J. H. Dean, b. Oct. 23, 1863, d. Jany. 10,1900.

DEDOURT, MARIE JOSEPHINE: "Ici Repose I Marie Josephine Dedourt | decedee A Prescott | le 3 Sept. 1899 nee | le 5 Mai, 1862 A | Amiens Somme France."





DEGROOT, GEORGE W., b. Jany. 3, 1842, d. Dec. 13, 1903.

DENNIS, JAMES M., b. Oct. 7, 1828, in Perry county, Ohio, d. Aug. 18, 1888.

DONNELLY, MAGDALEN, b. 1830, d. 1905.

DOPLACE, WILLIAM E., b. Aug. 20, 1839, d. Jany. 26, 1893.

Contributed by Mrs. Wm. Rogers, Lincoln, Nebr.

(To be continued)

(Continued from January, 1924)


   JOHN1 EVARTS doubtless came from Glamorganshire, Wales. [Boston Transcript].

   JAMES2 EVARTS (John1), b. 1648 in Concord, Mass., d. 1682, m. Lydia, daughter of Richard Guttridge. They had a daughter Dorothy.

   DOROTHY3 EVARTS (James,2 John1) m. Apr. 6, 1710, Samuel4 Munger (Samuel,3 Samuel,2 Nicholas1) of Guilford, Ct. Jehiel Munger, grandson of Samuel and Dorothy Munger, was sergeant, lieutenant and captain in the Revolutionary War and is the ancestor of a number of Sons and Daughters of the Revolution in Nebraska. [Munger Genealogy].

Contributed by Mrs. Victor F. Clark, Diller, Nebr.


From original Bible records


1762. November 14th is John Van Valkenburgh born
1763. Nov. 7th is Cornelia Barhydt Van Valkenburgh born
1785. March 23, my eldest daughter born and. deceased
1786. Oct. 22, Jacob Van Valkenburgh is born
1789. April 26, Janey Van Valkenburgh born
1791. August 19. is Luke Van Valkenburgh, born
1793. October 7. is John Van Valkenburgh, born
1796. November 20. is Luke Van Valkenburgh, born
1798. Sept 1st is Janey Van Valkenburgh, born
1801. Sept 11. is Welter Van Valkenburgh, born





1803. is child born and deceased
1804. August 16. Rachel Van Valkenburgh, born


1783. December 12. John Van Valkenburgh is married with Cornelia Barhyte
1816. July 13, John Van Valkenburgh was married with Elizabeth Bond
1822. Dec 8th Luke Van Valkenburgh, is married with Levyne Pangburn
1823. Jan 9. Peter M. Pangburn he is married with Janney Van Valkenburgh
1808. Oct 27. Jacob Van Valkenburgh is married with Mary Elder


1791. Dec 6. is Luke Van Valkenburgh, deceased
1793. Nov. 1. is Janney Van Valkenburgh, deceased
1803. July 4. is Walter Van Valkenburgh, deceased
1816. May 13. is Cornelia Van Valkenburgh, deceased [wife]
1821. June 22, is Rachel Van Valkenburgh, deceased
1820. Nov 10. is Jacob Van Valkenburgh, deceased
1831. Feb 15. Johannes Van Valkenburgh, decease], aged 68 yrs 3 ms, 1 d.

Contributed by Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.


   Mrs. J. S. Brown, a member of the Nebraska Genealogical Society, passed away June 18, 1924, at her home in Crete, Nebraska. Professor Brown and Mrs. Brown came to Crete in August, 1882, Professor Brown becoming a member of the faculty of Doane College. All these years Mrs. Brown has maintained an active interest in the college, its students and interests and in the First Congregational Church of Crete. For twenty-one years she was treasurer of the women's association of the church. In 1901 she became a member of the Round Table, the first ladies' study club in Nebraska. She was a charter member of the Crete Chapter, D. A. R., and its regent during 1922 and 1923. The Crete chapter of the C. A. R. upon its organization made her an honorary member and the "mother"





of the chapter, of which her two grandsons were members. Of the three children of Professor Brown and Mrs. Brown two survive, Judge Ralph Davis Brown and Miss Gertrude Brown of Crete; the other, Emily Brown, died in 1897.

Contributed by Mrs. B. G. Miller, Crete, Nebr.


To Contributors. In sending material to this department, please observe the following rules:

1. All queries and answers must be signed with the full name and address.

2. In answering queries give the date of the magazine, the number of the query and the signature.

3. Answers should contain proof of information given. Correspondents are requested to accompany each separate query with a two-cent stamp.

47. Butterfield. Wanted: ancestry of Nathaniel Butterfield, born 1822, married in 1841 to Isabel Jane Bryarly, died 1900 in Dansville, Illinois. E. H. C.

48. Bryarly. Wanted: ancestry of Samuel W. Bryarly, 1786-1840 of Kentucky and of his wife, Margaret Logan, 1788-1855. They were married in 1816. Was Margaret Logan a daughter of General Logan, who settled in Kentucky in 1775, and whose son William was the first white child born in Kentucky?


   WATTLES. -- "The Autobiography of Gurdon Wallace Wattles" is an interesting and readable book, telling of his boyhood days at the old swimming hole, his college course, business career, public service, travels and home life. There are many good illustrations. It also gives his line of descent from John Wattles of Scotland who came to this country and settled at Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

   REYNOLDS, FEWELLS, WALLS. -- "Genealogical Sketches of Reynolds, Fewells, Walls and Kindred Families" is a pamphlet of forty-six pages published by Mr. John Fewell Reynolds of Westworth, N. C. He says: "The following collection of genealogical data has been made for gratuitous distribution among the kindred who represent the different families."
   "It is far short of the expectation and wishes of the undersigned [Mr. J. F. Reynolds] inasmuch as it has been impossible to trace our family lines back to their landing upon American shores. This great disappointment and





others, it is hoped, Will not destroy the value of the work. This data is closed in its imperfect state on account of the age and ill health of the author, and the fear that none others were interested and a crude collection would be preferable to none." The pamphlet, nevertheless, contains a great deal of valuable information.

   CONGDON.-- Mr. G. E. Congdon of Grafton, Vermont, is publishing the "Congdon Chronicle," a quarterly pamphlet of about twelve pages. The work shows care and exactness. In addition to the direct lines of descent traced from the immigrant ancestor, Benjamin Congdon of Rhode Island, the author gives the origin of the name, extracts from court and town records thus proving location, and extracts from state vital records of those of the name who do not appear in the direct line of descent. The book is of more than ordinary value, because the exact source of all information is given.

   GEER. -- "The Geer Genealogy," published in 1923 by Walter Geer, is a revised and enlarged edition. It gives the origin of the name and family, the coat of arms and the direct lines of descent from George and Thomas Geer of Connecticut. It also contains a chapter on "unplaced Geers," and has a very complete index.

   WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY, S. C. -- "The History of Williamsburg County, South Carolina," by Mr. William Willis Boddie of Kingstree, S. C., contains a history of the people of that county from the first settlement by Europeans about 1705 until 1923. The book is illustrated and contains several maps, the Williamsburg census of 1790, and data copied from old wills. It also has a good index.

   SMITH. -- "Family Tree Book," genealogical and biographical, listing the relatives of General William Alexander Smith and of W. Thomas Smith. Compiled by them. The book is illustrated and the coats of arms of the Smith and allied families are given in colors. Data are also given from the Flake Tables gathered by Mrs. Julia Flake Burns and by Osmer D. Flake. The books are for sale by Mrs. Betty Smith Hughes, 102 Gramercy Place, Los Angeles, California.

   PUTNAM. -- The report of the meeting of the Putnam Association of America held at Danvers, Massachusetts, Sept. 14, 1923, is an illustrated pamphlet of forty-five pages containing an address on the public life of Israel Putnam given by Major George Haven Putnam. At this time a tablet which had been placed on the birthplace of Israel Putnam was unveiled. The pamphlet also contains copies of the inscriptions found on other tablets which have been erected to the memory of Israel Putnam.

   McNAIR, McNEAR and McNEIR -- "The McNair, McNear and McNeir Genealogies" was compiled by Mr. James Britley McNair, whose address is Box 58, Faculty Exchange, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. The book gives the early origin of the family and follows the different lines of descent through England, Scotland and Ireland, into Canada and the United States. The book contains a good index.

Let the Nebraska

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Neal F. Mears
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   Special attention given to eases involving legal action-such as proofs of heirship, investigation of titles to property on the basis of true heirship, etc.

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