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HAYES, HOWARD C., of Cincinnati, d. Sept. 29, 1902, aged 19 yrs. (on board at head of grave).
(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. William Rogers, Lincoln, Nebr.


Original records from Veghte Bible, in possession of Mrs. Elizabeth V. Fuller,.
Beatrice, Nebraska.
Henry Veghte whoas bornd May 25, 1787.

Isaac Veghte whoas bornd Oct. 20, 1789.

Abraham Veghte bornd May 24, 1790(?).

Mary Veghte bornd July 16, 1793.

Mich Veght whoas (Nicholas Veghte) bornd Oct. 10, 1795.

In the Yhear of our Lord 1754 John Veight was bornd June 30(?) ----(?)

John Veghte Polly Veghte whoas bornd July 25 1700(?)

Polly Veghte whoas bornd Aug 11, 1757.

E ---- ghte bornd Novembr 30

Garret Veghte whoas bornd July 6 1780 (?)

William Veghte whoas bornd May --- 1782.

John Veghte whoas bornd Nov --- 1784

Garret Veghte deces'ed In the Yhear of hour Lord 1796 -- Oct. 29.

John Veghte Deceassed in the 45 Yhear of his Age May 10 1799.

Mary Veghte deceased in the Year of hour Lord aged Sixty one May 19 1820.

Nicolus Veghte Deceased In 50(?) year Dec 22 1851.

Peter Van Der Vere Deceased June 28 in the year of our Lord 1829 in the 45 year of his age.

Mary Hartough died July the 17 -1865 aged 67 yrs.

[This was the Mary Veghte who married (1) Peter Van der Veer, (2)




Henry Hartough. Children of Mary Veghte and Peter Vanderveer were: 'Cornelius m. Magedelena Schanck, Christian m. Peter Beehman VanArsdale, Harriet m. Sidney Reading, Elizabeth m. Arran V. Brown, Catherne m. Henry Rartough, son of Henry Hartough]. Peter Van Dervere and Mary Veighte were joined together March the seventeenth----?

Peter Van Dale (Van Arsdale) Christian Van Derveer (Van Der Veer) were joined together Oct 18033 (sic).

Henry Harto (Henry Hartough) Cathreri Van Der Veer were joined together March 18039 (sic).

Cornelus Van Derveer and Magdalen Scanck were joined together Jan 12 1843(?)

Sidney Reading and Harriet N. Van Derveer Feb 8 18044 (sic).

Aaron V. Brown ---- Elizabeth Dec 6 1850.

John S. Smith. Martha Hartough Nov 1850.

Contributed by Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Neb.



August 22, 1922

CAMPBELL, ROBERT d. 1828, age 56 yrs.

CAROTHERS, ALEXANDER d. 1841, age 60 yrs.

DUNN, CATHERINE d. June 12, 1866, age 100 yrs.

DUNN, JAMES JR. d. 1836.

DUNN, JAMES SR. d. 1837, age 74 yrs.

HOOVER, ELIAS b. 1800, d. 1880.

HOOVER, REBECCA, wife of Elias, b. 1805, d. 1876.

LOWER, ELIZA, wife of Daniel d. 1844, age 42 yrs.

LOWER, DANIEL d. 1844, age 48 yrs.

LOWER, DAVID, son of Daniel and Eliza Lower.

LOWER, ISABELLA, dau. of Daniel and Eliza.

ROLLER, JOSEPH d. 1811, age 48 yrs.




SPENCER, MARGARET, wife of Robert d. 1865, age 62 yrs.

SPENCER, ROBERT d. 1859, age 77 yrs.



(Few grave-stones standing)

BURNS, AARON d. 1842 age 36 yrs.

BURNS, ANNA MARY, wife of Aaron, d. 1844, age 53 yrs.

LAUER, ADAM d. 1838, age 78 yrs.



GOOD, DAVID b. Oct. 25, 1796, d. 1864.

GOOD, ELIZABETH ROYER, wife of David, b. Dec. 2, 1794, d. Mch. 13, 1869.

McMANANY, JAMES d. 1850, age 49 yrs.

These are the earliest inscriptions in these cemeteries.
Copied by Mrs. Letitie P. Wilson, 3905 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore, Md.


   The following data has been obtained from an old family Bible, which is in the possession of Professor H. H. Bagg of Lincoln, Nebr. This Bible was printed in 1599 and is faded and yellow with age. Some parts of it are illegible. The lower part of a few of the leaves has crumbled away. The data are in two different handwritings, the interpolations being here given in brackets.

   The gift of James Greene Sen [great-grandfather born 1628] to his son James Greene [grandfather] at time or a little before his death; who dyed in the 71st year of his age in ye second month: April and 27th day Anno Domini 1698.

   James Green Junor [grandfather]: was born the first day of Jun in the year of our Lord 1659. Mary Greene his wife was borne the 17th day of February being Friday in the year of our Lord 1671.




James Greene Juner. and Mary his wife was Ma-- the 29th day of January in the year of our Lord 1686.

my Eldest son [uncle] Fones Greene was born the 27th day of March Anno Domini 1689: or 90.

my second sone James Greene [Jeremiah F and James Green's father] was borne ye second day of April in ye year of our Lord 1692.

my third child [aunt]: my daughter Mary Greene [was borne] in March se-- day Anno Domini 1693.

my fourth child: my son ---- Greene [uncle] was borne --- of --- the of ou--

fifth child) my son Elisha Greene [uncle] was borne the fifth day of August in the year of our Lord 1698

second daughter) my daughter Deliverance Greene [aunt] was borne ye 12th day of February being Wednesday in the year of our Lord 1701/2

my third daughter Mary Greene [aunt] was borne the 25th day of Septembr being Satterday in the year of our Lord 1703

my fifth son John Greene [uncle] was borne the twenty-fifth day of February it being the third day of the week in the year of our Lord 1705-6

my sixth son Jeremiah Greene [uncle] was born the seventeenth day of December being the fifth day of the week in the year of our Lord 1708

my seventh son Samuell Greene [uncle] was borne the Eighth day of June being the sixth day of the week in the year of our Lord 1711

The gift of James Green to his son James Green at the death who departed this life the 12th day of March. And in the year of our Lord 1712 aged 52 years 9 months and 12 days.

James Green and Roby his wife was married the 14th day of November in & in the year of our lord 1713 [James Green departed April 1758]

my first child Daniel Green [half brother] was born the 30th day of August & in the year of our Lord 1714 [and departed this life April 1746]




my second child Mary Green [half sister] was born ye 29th day April and in the year of our Lord 1716 and departed this life the 8th day of September 1719 being three years four months and ten days

my third child Deborah Green [half sister] was born the 29th day of October and in the year of our Lord 1717 [and departed this life Decembr 25th 1756]

my fourth child Mary Green [half sister] was born the 2nd day of March and in the year of our Lord 1720 and [departed this life June 30 1757]

my fifth child James Green [half brother] was born ye 9th day and in the year of our Lord 172_ ----and departed this life in 25 days.

my sixth child James Green [half brother] was born the and in the year of our Lord ---- and departed this life July -- being -- months and -- days.

my seventh child Roby Green [half brother] was born the 6th day of September in the year of our Lord 1724.

my eighth child James Green [half brother] was born 29th of October and in the year of our lord 1726 [and departed this life April 1748. (It appears no record is made of one child; probably was stillborn.)]

(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. C. R. Peterson, University Place, Nebr.



ROBERT, son of Nathaniel Royce, Nov. 23, 1729.

STEPHEN, son of Josiah Royce, Mch. 22, 1730.

JOANNA, dau. of Abel Royce, Apr. 5, 1730.

BENJAMIN, son of Benjamin Royce, Apr. 5, 1730.

HANNAH LYDIA, dau. of Lin Royce, June 7, 1730.

EZRA, son of Lint Royce, July 12, 1730.

ELISHA, son of Nathaniel Royce, Nov. 14, 1731.

CHARLES, son of Josiah Royce, Jany. 16, 1732.



LUCE, dau. of Ezekiel Royce, Mch. 5, 1732.

JACOB, son of Abel Royce, May 21, 1732.


CABEL, son of Josiah Royce, Apr. 21, 1734.

DEBORAH, dau. of Ezekiel Royce, Aug. 18, 1734.

BENEDICT, son of Abel Royce, Feby. 28, 1735.

PHOEBE, dau. of Sargt. Nathaniel Royce, May 18, 1735.

RUTH, dau. of Timothy Royce, Sept. 7, 1735.

ALLEN, son of Ezekiel Royce, July 25, 1736.

JOHN, son of Sargt. Nathaniel Royce, Mch. 27, 1737.

MEHITABLE, dau. of Abel Royce, Apr, 3, 1737.

EZEKIEL, son of Seft Royce, Oct. 8, 1739.

HEZEKIAH, son of Abel Royce, Dec. 23, 1739.

LENT, son of Joash Royce, Mch. 16, 1740.

MINDWELL, dau. of Ephriam Royce (bet. Aug. and Sept., 1740).

CLARK, son of Sargt. Nathaniel Royce, Oct. 12, 1740.

SOLOMON, son of Sargt. Benjamin Royce, Feby. 1, 1741.

ABIGAIL, dau. of Left (Lieut.?) Ezekiel Royce, July 19, 1741.

KESIAH, dau. of Ephriam Royce, May 16, 1742.

JESSE, son Josiah Royce, Sept. 12, 1742.

HULDAH, dau. of Abel Royce, Nov. 21, 1742.

(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. Victor F. Clark, Diller, Nebr.

(Continued from October, 1924)


CLUTE, MARION A., born April 23, 1850, died March 29, 1901.
(CLUTE) wife of Marion A. Clute, born Aug. 23, 1855, died April 12, 1886.
CLUTE, ADELINE R., born Dec. 30, 1827, died Sept. 22, 1890.



ELLIOTT, JAMES L., born at Carlisle, Pa., May 2, 1818, died at Beatrice, Nebraska, March 18, 1884.
ELLIOTT, CATHARINE WILLIAMS, born at Bellefonte, Pa., Dec. 10, 1823, married Nov. 10, 1846, died at
     Beatrice, Nebraska, Sept. 16, 1899.
ELLIOTT, EMMA HALL, born, March 11, 1844, died July 11, 1914, wife of J. A. Elliott.
RALPH H. ELLIOTT, son of J. A. Elliott, born May 17, 1880, died March 4, 1901.

FILLMORE, MILLARD, Co. E, 15th Wis. Inf.

FULLER, JOHN NELSON, born Feb. 22, 1831, died Nov. 12, 1905. (See Abell.) Co. B, II Ills. Vol. Inf.
FULLER, ELIZABETH VAN ARSDALE, b. April 14, 1848. (still living).

FORBES, JOHN A., born 1843, died 1920. Co. F, 42d Ills. Vol. Inf.

GRIGGS, MARY T., b. March 7, 1822, d. Jan. 29, 1904. Homesteaded, April 30, 1868, land forming Glenover Addition to Beatrice.

GREEN, PURLINA E., died May 11, 1844, aet. 48 years, 11 months, 16 days. (1796)

HALLIDAY, J. H., Co. G, 5th Wis. Inf.
SYBIL C., wife of J. H. Halliday, Jan. 14, 1841--July 8, 1893.
Children Kitty and Carrie.

HARRINGTON, LUCINDA, b. Sept. 5, 1810, d. Jan. 6, 1895.
HARRINGTON, CHARLES L., died Nov. 11, 1901, aet. 68 years, 8 months.
HARRINGTON, ALGERNON S., born April 23, 1853, died Sept. 13, 1895.

HARRISON, THOMAS, 12th Wis. Batty.
HARRISON, MATILDA HUTCHERSON, born at Watton, England, March 8, 1834, died Aug. 30, 1895, Beatrice, Nebraska.

HAWKINS, REV. WILLIAM GEORGE, Oct. 22, 1822--July 18, 1909.
WILLIAM B., son of W. G. and N. B. Hawkins, b. July 15, 1857, d. March 7, 1880.
BRAINARD, NARCISSA, wife of Rev. W. G. Hawkins, Sep. 23,




1829--Jan. 8, 1902.

HILL, EDWARD M., born July 10, 1825, died Aug. 23, 1901.
HILL, ELIZABETH GILLETTE, died April 23, 1887, aet. 63 years.

HOTCHKISS, BENJAMIN F., died July 20, 1878, aet. 61 years. Co. H, 11th Ills. Inf.
HOTCHKISS, DELIA B., died July 2, 1897, aet. 78 years, 6 months.

KNIGHT, LYNUS, born Nov. 27, 1826, died Aug. 19, 1913.
KNIGHT, JANE A., born Aug. 29, 1828, died Feb. 28, 1918.

LING, JOHN, born Feb. 21, 1846, died Nov. 26, 1886.

METZGER, GEORGE, born July 25, 1834, died Sept. 27, 1900. 83d Ills. Inf.

MUMFORD, SARAH M. wife of J. W. Mumford, died Feb. 1, 1874, aet. 31 years, 7 months and 12 days.

Contributed by Mrs. R. J. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.


   The reference to the coat-of-arms of the ancient family is that which Ricker states appeared in a bookplate of 1703. In the usual Holland work containing coats-of-arms it does not appear. However, it is stated that, some years ago, the wife of ex-Governor Bedle brought from Holland a copy, and a reproduction of it has been made by a Plainsfield artist for the Van Arsdale family.

   The first and fourth quarters consist of arrow heads upon a silver ground; the other quarters are plain red. The crest is a helmet, surmounted by what may be feathers, but has more the appearance of a tree. There is much ornamentation in silver and gold, as was the custom in early Dutch and German armorials.--Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Somerville, New Jersey, April, 1919.

   James Ricker, jr., author of "Annals of Newtown," was perhaps the most accurate of the historians who have written concerning the early history and early families of New Netherlands. He was also well qualified to write the early




history of the family in America, as his mother was Elizabeth Van Arsdale, daughter of John Van Arsdale, she being of the sixth generation of the family in America.

   The following is quoted from page 307 of the "Annals of Newtown." "The Van Arsdale family derive their origin from Jan Van Arsdale, a Knight of Holland, who, in 1211, erected the castle (now county house) Arsdale and from it took his name. His armorial bearings now constitute the public arms of the bailiwick of Arsdale. From him decended Symon Jansen Van Arsdalen who emigrated to New Amsterdam in 1653 and located at Flatlands, where he served as a civil magistrate and an elder of the Dutch church; and our records prove him to have been a person of no mean education and influence. He died about 1710, leaving sons Cornelius and John, from whom the entire Van Arsdale family in this country have sprung."

   James Ricker, jr.,'s grandfather, John Van Arsdale, was very prominent as a soldier in the Revolution and on Evacution Day, November 15, 1783, when the British evacuated New York and the American troops re-entered the city, he climbed the greased flagpole and tore down the British colors and rove a new halyard through the pulley so that the American flag could be unfurled over the city. The British had cut the halyard and nailed the Union Jack securely to the top of the pole and then greased the pole a considerable distance from the ground before leaving Bowling Green where the pole stood.

   When the centennial celebration of Evacuation Day was held in New York in 1883 James Ricker, jr., published a pamphlet entitled "Evacuation Day, 1883." On page 24 of this pamphlet Ricker gives a reproduction of the Van Arsdale coat-of-arms. A. Van Doren Honeyman of Plainfield, N. J., in his article, "The Van Arsdale Family-Pluckemin Line," in the April, 1919, number of the Somerset Historical Quarterly, says that it is stated that certain New Jersey members of the family have had a reproduction made by a Plainsfield artist from a copy brought from Holland.




   The following is quoted from Ricker's "Evacuation Day," page 24: "Simon Jansen Van Arsdalen, the grandfather of Stoffel (Christopher), was the common ancestor of all in this country bearing the name Van Arsdale or its modification, Van Osdoll, which latter preserves the Dutch pronunciation. He was born in Holland in 1629, of an ancient Helvetian family, emigrated to this country in 1653 and settled at Flatlands, L. I., where he married Peternelle, daughter of Claes (or Nisholas) Wyckoff, etc., etc." Ricker further states that Simon Jansen Van Arsdalen lived to be over four score years of age.

   It is impossible to verify the date of birth and death of Simon Jansen as given by Ricker but he is found on the assessment roll of the section of Long Island known as Amsfortt (later Flatlands) for the years 1675, 1676 and 1683 as per the documentary history of New York. He also was included in the census of Flatlands taken in 1698. When the British required all the Dutch inhabitants to take the oath of allegiance at Flatlands September 26-30, 1687, we find "Simon Janse Van Aerts Daalen, 34 years in the country" (Documentary History of New York). His son Cornelius Simonsen Van Arsdale is registered as a native, John Simonsen, his other son, being too young at that time to be required to take the oath. The number of years in the country as given at the time Simon Jansen Van Arsdale took the oath of allegiance when deducted from 1687 proves Ricker's statement that he emigrated in 1653. The fact that he was magistrate in Flatlands as early as 1661 goes a long way in proving Ricker's statement that he was born as early as 1629, for the office was an important one. He held the same office again in 1686. He was a member of the Flatlands church in 1677 and Ricker states that he was repeatedly chosen as elder in that church.


Sept. 9, 1743   CORNELIUS, son of Abraham Van Arsdalen and his wife Maria.




Sept. 29, 1745   CATHERINE, dau of Abraham Van Arsdalen and his wife Maria.

Dec. 25, 1750   ABRAHAM, son of Abraham Van Arsdalen and his wife Maria. (baptized by Johannes Frelinghuyser).

Sept. 2, 1753   MARIA, dau of Abraham Van Arsdalen, dec'd, presented by his widow Maria.

June 20, 1773   ABRAHAM, son of Abraham Van Arsdalen and Elsey his wife.

Feb. 16, 1777   ELIZABETH, dau of Abraham Van Arsdalen and his wife Elsey.

April 2, 1780   ELSEY, dau of Abraham Van Arsdalen and his wife Elsey.

May 11, 1783   CATHERINE, dau of Abraham Van Arsdalen and his wife Elsey.

June 8, 1788   ABRAHAM, son of Abraham Van Arsdalen and his wife Elsey.


Nov. 14, 1793   ELSEY BAIRD, wife of Abraham Van Arsdalen.

June 13, 1765   MARIA VAN NUYS, widow of Abraham Van Arsdalen.


ABRAHAM VAN ARSDALEN ESQ., born Dec. 2, 1750, died April 10, 1821, (and) Elsey Baird, wife of Abraham Van Arsdalen, who departed this life Oct. 16, 1801, in the 49th year of her age.

[Abraham Van Arsdalen must have married Margaret Kennedy after 1801.]

MARY VAN NUYS, late consort of Abraham Van Arsdalen, died, who departed this life July 13, 1809, in the 92nd year of her age.

ELIZABETH VAN CLEEFE, formerly wife of Alexander Baird, who departed this life Sept. 18, 1817, in the 89th year of her age.

(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Neb.



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