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will left by Timothy Forsyth, dated May 5, 1796. The will names wife Ruth.

   Their daughter Abigail7 Forsyth, born 1763, died Aug. 11, 1824. Married Peregreen Turner, Feb. 3, 1786, born Nov. 2, 1760, died April 19, 1819.

   Their daughter Lucinda8 Turner, born Sept. 20, 1802, died 1898. Married Vossins Church Starr, Sept. 2, 1823, born Sept. 12, 1800, died Feb. 19, 1856.

Contributed by Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Neb.


   CHRISTIAN1 MILLER, born Nov. 20, 1670, and his wife Anna Margaret Miller, born Nov. 30, 1680, came to America on the ship "Joyce", and arrived at Philadelphia, Pa. Nov. 30, 1730. Christian Miller participated with the early settlers of his period in many of the contests and treaties with Indians. Their children, all born in the "Fatherland", were:

   1 Anlia2 Miller, born 1712
   2 ANDREW2 MILLER, born 1717, married Margaretha Funk
   3 Anna Barbara2 Miller, born 1719

   ANDREW2 MILLER (Christian1) was born in Germany in 1717, and came to America with his parents in 1730. He married Nov. 5, 1738, Margaretha Funk. By patents from the Penns, Andrew Miller received 320 acres of land in Lancaster county, Pa. His name appears on the tax lists of Lebanon township in 1750. During the French and Indian War Andrew Miller was a Lieutenant in Capt. Dill's company, Col. Benjamin Chamber's regiment of Lancaster county, 1747-8. He died about June 1, 1754. His widow married (2) Christian Burkholder. Their children were:

   1 ABRAHAM3 MILLER, born 1741, married Rebecca Epright (Epprechit)
    2 Jacob3 Miller, under 14 years of age in 1756
   3 Andrew3 Miller, under 14 years of age in 1756
   4 Christiana3 Miller, married Jacob Miller prior to 1764

   ABRAHAM3 MILLER, sr., (Andrew,2 Christian1) was born about 1741 in Annville township, Lancaster county, Pa. He married Jan. 29, 1765, Rebecca Epright [Epprecht]. Abraham




Miller, sr., became possessed of the bulk of his father's real estate and on a portion of it, in the year 1762, laid out and established the town of Annville, known as Millerstown for a century or more. It is now quite a little city, with a college and flourishing industries within its environments. He was married by the Rev. John Waldsmidt, pastor of Cocalico, Maiden Creek, Selternreich and Wesiachenland churches, to Rebecca, daughter of Philip Epprecht. He removed to Cumberland county and purchased a tract of land in Allen township on the Yellow Breeches Creek called "Round Hill" from the fact that on this tract is a very perfect sugar loaf shaped hill. He died in 1805, and lies buried on the apex of this hill. He purchased this tract May 1, 1777, and is assessed first in Allen township in 1778. He was a Revolutionary soldier. Joseph, Jacob and Andrew Miller, sons of Abraham and Rebecca (Epprechit) Miller, removed from Cumberland county, Pa., to Carroll county, Ohio, about 1820-5. Children of Abraham and Rebecca (Epprecht) Miller were:

   1 JOSEPH4 MILLER, born near Harrisburg, Pa., married Hannah West.
   2 ABRAHAM4 MILLER, married (1) Catherine Boyer; married (2) Elizabeth Boyer, both daughters of Frederick Boyer, a Revolutionary soldier who fought with Pulaski.
   3 Isaac4 Miller
   5 Andrew4 Miller, married Hannah Thaley
   6 Rebecca4 Miller, married Simon Bigler, grandfather of Dr. W. B. Bigler

(To be continued)

Contributed by A. S. Miller, 1611 Roselyn Terrace, Lincoln, Neb.


Notes from the Autobiography of Constant Joseph Carmichael, written and published in his 86th year (1919)

   ARCHIBALD1 CARMICHAEL, a native of Scotland, came to America and settled in Surry county, North Carolina. He served seven years in the Revolution under General Washington. About 1778 he married Elizabeth Nix, also a native of Scotland, who had crossed the ocean in a sailing vessel, and settled in Surry county. They had children:

   1 Starling Carmichael
   2 Richard Carmichael




   3 Alexander Carmichael
   4 Joseph Carmichael
   5 Sarah Carmichael
   6 Elizabeth Carmichael
   7 Jane Carmichael
   8 ARCHIBALD CARMICHAEL, born in Surry co., N. C., Nov. 23, 1801

   ARCHIBALD2 CARMICHAEL (Archibald1), born in Surry county, N. C., near Pilot Mountain, Nov. 23, 1801, died in Pickering, Nodaway county, Mo., and is buried with his wife in the State Line cemetery. He married in Surry county, N. C., Aug. 5, 1824, Martha Pennington, born in Stokes county, N. C., Jan. 27, 1803, daughter of Joseph Pennington who came with his wife from Ireland, and settled on Ranch Creek, Surry county, N. C.; Joseph Pennington was a miller and farmer. His 10 children, four sons and six daughters, all lived to rear large families. In 1825 Archibald and Martha (Pennington) Carmichael emigrated to Monroe county, Indiana. They had children:

   1 Augustine Carmichael
   2 Elizabeth Carmichael
   3 Stacy Ann Carmichel
   4 Martha Jane Carmichael
   5 CONSTANT JOSEPH CARMICHAEL, born Aug. 22, 1833
   6 Josephine Carmichael
   7 Starling Carmichael
   8 Archibald Carmichael
   9 Henry Carmichael

   CONSTANT JOSEPH3 CARMICHAEL (Archibald, 2 Archibald1), born Aug. 22, 1833, in Green county, Ind., married Oct. 18, 1855, Mary Ann Hostetter, born in Stark county, Ohio, May 1, 1840, daughter of John and Magdalena (Burchfield) Hostetter who had removed from Stark county to Green county, Ind., about 1853. They settled in Green county, where they made their home, until 1865, when they emigrated to Nodaway county, Mo., in company with five other families, traveling by covered wagon. They were 28 days in making the journey. It is probable that Archibald' and Martha (Pennington) Carmichael and John and Magdalena (Burchfield) Hostetter accompanied them there also, as they all died and were buried in Missouri. The children of Constant Joseph and Mary Ann Carmichael were:

   1 MARTHA MAGDALENA CARMICHAEL, born June 21, 1857
   2 Samuel Albert Carmichael, born May 8, 1859




   3 John Archibald Carmichael, born Dec. 24, 1861, died 1867
   4 Daniel Vorhees Carmichael, born Aug. 11, 1864, died Mch. 2, 1881
   5 Rachel E. Carmichael, born Mch. 22, 1867
   6 Joseph D. Carmichael, born July 17, 1869
   7 Jacob Carmichael, born Aug. 7, 1872
   8 Isaac Carmichael, born May 6, 1875
   9 Mary Ellen Carmichael, born July 23, 1878, died Aug. 9, 1893

   MARTHA MAGDALENE4 CARMICHAEL (Constant, 3 Archibald,2 Archibald1), born in Green county, Ind., June 21, 1857, married William Francis Davis, born in Jones county, Ia., Feb. 24, 1856, son of Jesse Moore and Rose Ann (DeLong) Davis; his father emigrated from Indiana to Dubuque, Iowa, where he married Rose Ann Delong; in 1857 they emigrated to Nodaway county, Mo. The children of William Francis and Martha Magdalene (Carmichael) Davis were:

   1 William Albert, born Dec. 3, 1875, Clearmont, Mo.
   2 Argen Mae, born Nov. 16, 1877, Clearmont, Mo.
   3 Jesse Newton, born Feb. 27, 1880, Clearmont, Mo.
   4 Samuel Francis, born Nov. 18, 1881, Clearmont Mo.
   5 OAK EDGAR, born Aug. 26, 1855, Holbrook, Neb.
   6 George Edward, born March 20, 1887, Holbrook, Neb.
   7 Everett C., born Feb. 28, 1889, Holbrook, Neb.
   8 Elliott R., born Feb. 28, 1889, Holbrook, Neb.
   9 Joseph Raymond, born March 10, 1890, Holbrook Neb.

   OAK EDGAR5 DAVIS (Martha,4 Constant,3 Archibald,2 Archibald1), born in Holbrook, Neb., Aug. 26, 1885, married in Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 26, 1906, Adelia Adeline Smith, born in Stromsburg, Neb., Aug. 22, 1887, daughter of Marcus Francis and Elizabeth (Leonard) Smith. Their children are:

   1 Millicent, born June 15, 1912, Lincoln, Neb.
   2 Smith Burchfield, born July 5, 1916, Lincoln, Neb.
   3 Oakley Leonard, born Sept. 6, 1918, Lincoln, Neb.

Compiled by Mrs. C. H. Jenkins, Lincoln, Neb.

(Continued from April, 1925)


   Children of William Barron2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and Margaret H. Kingsbury:

1 Martha3 Calhoun, b. Feb. 27, 1838; d. Jan. 17, 1876, Springfield, Mass.




2 William Andrew3 Calhoun, b. May 5, 1841
3 Charles Kingsbury3 Calhoun, b. March 30, 1844
     All the above children were born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

   Children of Charles2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and Almira Stevens:

1 Martha3 Calhoun, b. Aug. 21, 1825, Burlington, Mass.; d. March 25, 1849, Boston, Mass.
2 Mary3 Calhoun, b. Aug. 7, 1831, Boston, Mass.; d. Nov. 1, 1839, Boston, Mass.
3 Simeon Howard3 Calhoun, b. May 27, 1834, Boston, Mass.; d. March 1, 1907, Denver, Colorado

   Children of Andrew Hamilton2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and first wife, Maria Yates:

1 William Barron,3 Calhoun, b. Sept. 19, 1824; d. Aug. 22, 1874, Little Rock, Ark.
2 Maria3 Calhoun, b. March 21, 1826; d. Aug. 12, 1883, Buffalo, N. Y.
3 Sarah Ann3 Calhoun, b. July 6, 1828
4 Henry Clay3 Calhoun, b. July 10, 1830
5 Simeon Howard3 Calhoun, b. Aug. 4, 1833; d. March 19, 1875, Little Rock, Ark.
   All the above children were born in Canajoharie, N. Y.

   Children of Andrew Hamilton2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and second wife, Catherine Dickie:

1 Andrew3 Calhoun, b. March 16, 1851, Oswego, N. Y.
2 Catherine3 Calhoun, b. Sept. 17, 1864, Oswego, N. Y.; d. Feb. --, 1882, Brooklyn, N. Y.
3 Filmore,3 b. Aug. 2, 1857, Albany, N. Y.

   Children of Susan2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and Samuel C. Frey:

1 Mary Ann3 Frey, b. Nov. 17, 1824, Philadelphia, N. Y.; d. July 17, 1903, New Decatur, Ala.
2 George Henry3 Frey, b. Dec. 19, 1825, Philadelphia, N.Y.; d. Springfield, Ohio
3 Andrew Calhoun3 Frey, b. Sept. 29, 1832, Brockville, Canada; d. March 3, 1916, New Decatur, Ala.

   Children of HENRY2 CALHOUN (Andrew1) and Eliza Malvina Conkling:

1 HARRIET MALVINA3 CALHOUN, b. May 5, 1827, Canajobarie, N.Y.; d. Nov. 25, 1899, Beatrice, Nebraska.
     Buried in Evergreen Home cemetery, Beatrice, Neb.
2 Charles3 Calhoun, b. June 16, 1829, Canajoharie, N. Y.; d. Jan. 19, 1875, Lawrence, Kansas
3 Walter Henry3 Calhoun, b. Feb. 20, 1831, Canajoharie, N.Y.; d. Jan. 31, 1903, Hague, Westmoreland county, Va.




4 Martha3 Calhoun, b. Oct. 16, 1832, Root, N. Y.; d. San Francisco, Cal.
5 Eliza3 Calhoun, b. June 14, 1840, New York City (living 1924, Ontario, Cal.)
6 Jonas3 Calhoun, b. April 26, 1842, New York City; d. Aug. 8, 1864, New York City.
7 Charlotte3 Calhoun, b. Dec. 1, 1844, New York City; d. March 8, 1920, Montclair, N. J.

   Children of Simeon Howard2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and Emily P. Reynolds:

   1 Charles William3 Calhoun, b. Feb. 2, 1850; d. June 22, 1883, Shweifat, Mt. Lebanon, Syria.
   2 Emily Reynolds3 Calhoun, b. Aug. 4, 1852; d. Jan. 13, 1881, Shweifat, Mt. Lebanon, Syria,
   3 Mary Howard3 Calhoun, b. May 5, 1855; d. Dec. 17, 1858, Shweifat, Mt. Lebanon, Syria.
   4 Susan Howard3 Calhoun, b. May 4, 1859.
   5 Helen Maria3 Calhoun, b. Oct. 13, 1860.
   6 Harriet Allison3 Calhoun, b. July 10, 1862.
   7 A nameless son, b. Dec. 11, 1864; d. Dec. 11, 1864, Abeith, Mt. Lebanon, Syria.
        All the above children were born in Abeith, Mt. Lebanon, Syria.

   Children of John2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and Sarah Cutter:

   I John Cutter3 Calhoun, b. Nov. 3, 1832, Lick Creek, Ill.; d. March 31, 1835, Springfield, Ill.
   2 Andrew3 Calhoun, b. June 11, 1835, Lick Creek, Ill.; d. Feb. 1, 1861, Leavenworth, Kansas.
   3 Elizabeth Cutter3 Calhoun, b. March 18, 1837, Lick Creek, Ill.; d. Feb. 2, 1909, in Kansas.
   4 Seth3 Calhoun, b. March 4, 1839, Springfield, Ill.
   5 Albert3 Calhoun, b. Feb. 10, 1841, Springfield, Ill.; d. July 28, 1844, Springfield Ill.
   6 Martha3 Calhoun, b. Jan. 4, 1843, Springfield, Ill.
   7 Susan3 Calhoun, b. Dec. 8, 1844, Springfield, Ill.; d. April 10, 1878, Kansas City, Missouri.
   8 Mary Caroline3 Calhoun, b. May 23, 1847, Springfield, Ill.; d. Sept. 1900, Leavenworth, Kansas.
   9 James3 Calhoun, b. Nov. 30, 1852, Springfield, Ill.

   Children of James2 Calhoun (Andrew1) and Charlotte Sanxey:

   1 James3 Calhoun, b. Aug. 24, 1845; d. June 25, 1876, Little Big Horn River, Montana Territory.
   2 Frederick3 Calhoun, b. April 19, 1847.
   3 John Lord3 Calhoun, b. July 23, 1849; d. Sept. 10, 1850, Cincinnati, O.
   4 Charlotte3 Calhoun, b. June 1, 1852; d. March 29, 1916, San Diego, Cal.
   5 Hamilton3 Calhoun, b. July 12, 1854; d. Nov. 29, 1855, Cincinnati, O.




   6 Mary Sanxey3 Calhoun, b. July 5, 1858.
        All of the above children were born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. R. J. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.

(Concluded from April, 1925)


   GARRETT5 VAN ARSDALEN married (1st) Nellie Quick. Children:

   1 Peter Quick, born July 3, 1799, bapt. Aug. 26, 1799, at Harlingen, N.J.
   2 Jacob, born, June 23, 1801, bapt Aug. 23, 1801, at Owasco Village, N.Y.
   3 Garret, born July 6, 1804, bapt. - (no data, but probably at Owasco Vil.)

   Garrett5 married (2nd) ---- Whitbeck. Children:

   6 HENRY
   8 JOHN
   10 MARIA

   Garrett5 married (3rd) Sarah Tallman. Child:

   12 One son, Teunis Tallman Van Arsdale, born Sept. 20, 1829, in Fleming township, Cayuga county, N. Y.
          He married Catherine M. Westervelt. Teunis Tallman Van Arsdale died Aug. 12, 1884.
          A son of this couple, John Arthur Van Arsdale, who is now an attorney in Buffalo, N. Y.,
          furnished the data as to the last two marriages of Garrett Van Arsdalen.

   Nelly Quick probably died shortly after the birth of her third son, Garret. Henry, the third son of Garret's second marriage, was born April 7, 1812, and baptized at Owasco Outlet church. Garret was born June 28, 1779, near Harlingen, N. J. He died June 15, 1845, and is buried at Ridge, Livingston county, N. Y. His tombstone gives his age at death as 66 years, 11 months and 17 days.

   TEUNIS TALLMAN6 VAN ARSDALE married Catherine M. Westervelt who was born Sept. 18, 1841, and died Feb. 21, 1903. Children:

   1 SARAH M., born March 13, 1861.
   2 Charles H. Van Arsdale, born Nov. 4, 1863.




   3 John A. Van Arsdale, born Sept. 10, 1866.
   4 Edith Maud Van Arsdale, born April --, 1876.

   JOHN A .7 VAN ARSDALE, married Minerva Walker, July 6, 1892. Children:

   1 TALMAN W., born Aug. 12, 1894.
   2 Eloise, born Dec. 21, 1897.
   3 Aleda, born Dec. 3, 1900.

TALMAN W.8 VAN ARSDALE married Hazel Drake, Sept. 10, 1913. Children:

   I Talman W. Van Arsdale, jr., born Sept. 10, 1915.
   2 Gertrude, born Jan. 12, 1917.

CHARLES H.7 VAN ARSDALE married Stella Nichols, Jan. 15, 1896. Child:

   1 DONALD8, born Jan. 6,1897, married Virginia Robinson, June 27,1923. Child: 1 Charles Alexander, born June 22, 1924.

   The lineage of Alida5 Van Arsdalen, who married Jacob4, follows:

   Simon Jansen1 Van Arsdalen.
   Cornelius2 Van Arsdalen, son of Simon Jansen1 Van Arsdalen and Peternelle Wyckoff.
   Jan3 Van Arsdalen, son of Cornelius2 Van Arsdalen and Marretje Dirkse.
   Garret4 Van Arsdalen, son of Jan3 and Jannetje Dorlant, baptized at Jamaica, L. I., March 25, 1727.
   Alida5 Van Arsdalen, daughter of Garret4 Van Arsdalen and Geesje Hegeman, baptized at Harlingen, N. J., May 18, 1755.
   The above Jan3 married for a second wife Sarah Van Vorhees, April 3, 1743, at Flatbush, L. I.

Contributed by Mrs. S. D. Kilpatrick, Beatrice Neb.

(Concluded from January, 1925)


HENSHAW, JAMES GASTON, b. 1841, d. 1903
HENSHAW, MELISSA MARK, wife of James G. Henshaw, b. 1845, d. 1906




HENRY, KATIE, b. Jany. 9, 1885, d. May 6, 1903, aged 18 yrs.

HOLME, HARRY F., of Southport, England, b. Mch. 6, 1867, d. Jany. 19, 1904

HOSTETTER, GEORGE, -- (board, rest of inscription worn off)

JACKSON, HELEN, b. 1887, d. Mch. 10, 1902 or 1912 (nearly undecipherable)

JAMESON, CHARLES G., d. Apr. 7, 1904, aged 28 yrs. (board at head of grave)

JOHNSON, PHIL (sailor), d. Apr. 20, 1899 (among soldier graves)

JONES, GEORGE B., b. Feby. 23, 1870, d. Apr. 29, 1903 (board badly worn)

LAURENCE, IDA R., d. Feby. 11, 1892, aged 36 yrs., 4 mos.

LAZIOLA, EDNA, d. in Phoenix, Arizona, Jany. 29, 1900, aged 25 yrs.

LUNDMAR, JOHN, d. July 2, 1899

LUTGERDING, GEO. L., b. Jany. 19, 1814, d. July 31, 1892
LUTGERDING, HENRY, b. Mch. 2, 1841, d. Jany. 12,1906
LUTGERDING, LYDIA RAWSON, b. Sept. 26, 1856, d. Feby. 9, 1896

McFALL, LURA E., d. Apr. 12, 1888, aged 18 yrs., 1 mo., 26 days

McGREGOR, J. A., d. Dec. 31, 1900, aged 38 yrs.

MARLOW, GEORGE M., d. May 27, 1889, aged 49 yrs. (A native of Canada)

MESSE, EDWARD, d. Mch. 1, 1904 (board nearly worn off)

MILES, CHARLES O., b. July 27, 1859, d. Mch. 28, 1905 (W. O. W. marker)

MILLER, RAYMOND, d. Jany. 2, 1899 (Rough Rider)

MITCHELL, BESSIE G., d. July 26,

MULLEN, WILLIAM, d. Feby. 9, 1902, aged 36 yrs. (granite monument falling over)

NEVILLE, JERRY, d. June 4, 1900, aged 54 yrs.




PALMER, PHILIP, b. 1838, d. 1905

PATTEN, FRANK, d. Dec. 21, 1900, aged 30 yrs. (board at head of grave)

PAYNE, S. D., b. 1861, d. 1903

PEARSON, FRED, d. Mch. 27, 1907, aged 45 yrs.

POTTS, DAVID, d. May 13, 1900, aged 75 yrs. (board at head of grave)

PROCTOR, Clarence, Rough Rider, aged 35 yrs., d. Mch. 27,1900

QUACKENBUSH, KITTIE, b. 1866, d. 1901 (roughly chiseled on granite boulder)

RAINES, J. S., Co. G, 18th N. Y. Inf.

REAM, MAUD, b. 1863, d. 1901

ROBINSON, ATWOOD, d. July 13, 1899

RODIG, MRS. C. F., d. June 25, 1900, aged 66 yrs.

ROE, GEORGE, d. Apr. [2 or 27], 1900

ROGERS, MORDICA, d. May 20, 1908, aged 65 yrs. (board at grave)

ROSS, ATTRA P., b. June 9, 1849, d. Feby. 21, 1893 (board at head of grave with Masonic emblem)

RUZICKA, FRANK, b. in (Kutna Hora) Bohemia, d. July 28, 1904, aged 48 yrs. (board at grave)

SHORT, T. L., Co. D 14th Ill. Infantry (govt. marker)

SIGGINS, ISAAC, b. 1833, d. 1905 (Masonic emblem on marker)

SILVERS, MARY A., b. July 21, 1824, d. Dec. 19, 1904

SIMPSON, JOSIE KLAMATH, d. July 21, 1911, aged 19 yrs. (board at grave)

SNEAD, JOHN S. (Confederate veteran), b. in Virginia Aug. 6, 1825, d. Oct. 14, 1903

SPOONER, H. A., b. 1870, d. 1905 (marked by W. O. W.)

STEITZ, WILLIAM, aged 72 yrs., d. April, 1894

(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. William Rogers, Lincoln, Nebr.






    BAILEY.--"Mayflower Lines of Minnie (Bryant) Bailey", [Mrs. Benjamin F. Bailey], compiled by M. L. Jenkins, genealogist, Lincoln Neb. Privately printed, 1923. This beautiful work gives lines of descent from Elder William Brewster, Capt. Myles Standish, John Alden, Priscilla Mullins, George Soule and Francis Cooke, and the allied families: Stephen and John Bryant, Thomas Burgess, Edmund Chandler, James Cole, Abraham Sampson (2 lines), Richard Wright. Price, $3.00. Address Mrs. B. F. Bailey, 55th and South sts., Lincoln, Neb.

   MANNING.-" Overflow letters from the genealogical and biographical history of the Manning families of New England", by William H. Manning. This consists of unpublished family notes, biography, and genealogical lines of the Manning family, and includes one hundred and seventy families of New England, New York, southern, central and western states and Canada. Published by the Nebraska Genealogical Society. Price $2.00.



    To Contributors. In sending material to this department, please observe the following rules:

   1. All queries and answers must be signed with the full name and address.

   2. In answering queries give the date of the magazine, the number of the query and the signature.

   3. Answers should contain proof of information given. Correspondents are requested to accompany each separate query with a two-cent stamp.

   55. Blakesley. Wanted: the parentage of Obed Blakesley, b. about 1775-6 in Conn., d. before 1852 near Clinton, Ind. He was married Miss Adah Hart March 4, 1801, in Barkhamstead, Litchfield county, Conn. His father was a soldier in the Revolutionary war and died in service, probably about 1779-80.     A. H. 

   56. Hopkins. Wanted: the parentage, Revolutionary descent etc., of John Hopkins, b. about 1798-9, d. 1852 in Jackson county, Ind. He was married to Sarah (Moore) Murphy, widow, about 1819-20, supposedly in the state of New Jersey, as their oldest child, a son, whose name was George,




was born June 2, 1821, in Bordentown, N. J. John, with his family, removed to Jackson county, Ind., in the year 1837. He and his wife and one son Daniel, aged 19 years, all died in the year 1852. John Hopkins was supposed to be descended from Stephen Hopkins, the signer of the Declaration of Independence, or of the same line, but it has not yet been proved.     A. L. C.

   57. Spencer. Wanted: the ancestry of Joseph Spencer, born about 1741, supposed to be a descendant of Gerrard the Settler. Moved from Connecticut to border line of Maryland and Virginia. Is said he served in the war of the Revolution. Married Margaret Foreman: their sons Ferman, William and Edward came to Ohio in a very early day and settled in Shannon about 15 miles from Zanesville. It was said William served in war of 1812. He married Catherine Pryor. Their bodies lie in cemetery at Adamsville, Ohio. Am desirous of learning of William and family. Any information concerning Pryor family will be thankfully received.     W. B. D.

    58. Hart. Wanted the ancestry of Adah Hart, b. 1778-9 in Hartford county, Conn., d. about 1845, in Vermillion, Ind., m. March 4, 1801, to Obed Blakesley, of Litchfield county, Conn. They were the parents of six sons and six daughters. In the year 1805 this family removed to near Columbus, Ohio, and in 1822 to Vsrmillion (sic) county, Ind. Some of their sons and daughters settled in Iowa. Would like to correspond with persons descended from Adah Hart and Obed Blakesly.     L. C.

   59. White. Wanted: ancestry of Abram White, b. 1762 in Washington county, Maryland, d. 1854, in Vermillion county, Ind., In. 1809-10 Millicent Hopewell, his 3rd wife. She was a native of Virginia. Soon after their marriage they removed to a plantation near Louisville, Kentucky, and from there to Indiana, in 1822. Abram and Millicent (Hopewell) White were the parents of five sons and one daughter. Abram White served in the Revolutionary war from 1777 to 1783, his service being with the Virginia troops, under Marion, Sumpter and Pickens.     A. H.


Let the Nebraska

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   Ancestries traced, application papers prepared for membership in any society, and family histories and charts compiled.

   Special attention given to cases involving legal action-such as proofs of heirship, investigation of titles to property on the basis of true heirship, etc.

   References and terms on request. 

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