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   OBADIAH4 SEELEY (Obadiah3, Obadiah,2 Robert1) married Dec. 5, 1692, Susanna Finch, daughter of Samuel Finch.a They resided in Stamford, Conn., and Bedford, N.Y. He died Sept. 4, 1745;a will dated Sept. 2, 1745, inventory of estate Nov. 2, 1745.d Children:a 1 John,5 b. Aug. 25, 1693;a m. Abigail Bishop: d. Mch. 19,1756
2 Nathaniel,5 b. June 19, 1695;a m. Apr. 12,1722, Elizabeth Holly; will June 7, 1757
3 Mercy,5 b. June 30, 1698:a d. Sept. 15, 1715
4 OBADIAH,5 b. Aug. 7, 1701;a m. June 22, 1727, Sarah Holly
5 Susanna,5 b. Aug. 20, 1705;a m. first Jan. 1, 1729, Ebenezer Petit;a
   m. second Apr. 5, 1739, Benjamin Bishopa
6 Elijah,5 b. Sept. 3, 1707;a m. Jan. 26, 1728, Eunice Schofield:a d. abt. 1785
7 Preserved,5 b. June 4, 1711a

   OBADIAH5 SEELEY (Obadiah,4 Obadiah,3, Obadiah,2 Robert1), born Aug. 7, 1701,a married Jan. 22, 1727, Sarah Holly, daughter of John Holly.a They resided in Stamford, Conn. She died May 29, 1764. His will was probated Apr. 13, 1782 b Children :a

 1 Obadiah,6 b. May 8, 1728;a m. May 10, 1750, Abigail Crissy:a adm. est. July 7, 1780a
 2 Sarah,6 b. Sept. 24, 1729;a m. Sept. 8, 1748, Samuel Hait, ye fifth:. died Apr. 11, 1791e
 3 Esther,6 b. June 10, 1731;a m. Nov. 11, 1751, Josiah Hull of Saybrooka
 4 Josiah,6 b. Jan. 21, 1732-3;a m. Mar. 18, 1754, Mary Toockera
 5 Ann,6 b. Aug. 24, 1734;a m. Jan. 24, 1754, John6 Seeley (John,5 Obadiah,4 Obadiah,3 Obadiah,2
 6 Lydia,6 b. May 19, 1736;a m. Dec. 13, 1759, Lemuel Ramonda
 7 Seth,6 b. Dec. 30, 1737;a went to St. John's, N. B., during Revolutionary War; m. Nov. 21, 1756,
       Sarah Schofielda
 8 Ezekiel,6 Apr. 11, 1740;a m. Jan. 23, 1760, Catherine Welshc
 9 John,6 b. Aug. 24, 1742:a d. Nov. 23, 1746
10 Mercy,6 b. Aug. 24, 1746;a m. Apr. 22, 1766, Elliott Greene

   MERCY6 SEELEY (Obadiah, 5 Obadiah,4 Obadiah,3 Obadiah,2 Robert1), born Aug. 24, 1745,a married Apr. 22, 1766,a Elliott Green of Greenwich, Conn., born March 18, 1743, son of Benjamin and Rebecca (Weed) Green. He died Nov. 8, 1778, and she died Apr. 15, 1805.c Children:

1 Abraham,7 b. Oct. 26, 1766: d. June 18, 1811c
2 Elliott,7 b. Dec. 23, 1767
3 William,7 b. Aug. 3, 1769
4 Mercy,7 b. Apr. 19, 1771
5 Hannah,7 b. Jan. 13, 1773




6 Sarah,7 b. Dec. 23, 1774
7 John,7 b. Jan. 23, 1777; d. Dec. 23, 1821c
8 Amos,7 b. Jan. 9, 1779 [posthumous]; m. Apr. --, 1798, Esther Grummau


a Stamford; Conn., town records.
b Stamford, Conn., probate records.
c Records of St. John's church, Stamford, Conn.
d Fairfield, Conn., probate, vol. III, pp. 55 and 171.
e Hoyt Genealogy.
f Greenwich, Conn., records.

Contributed by Miss Katherine M. Green, 2501 R st., Lincoln, Neb.
Research work by Mrs. H. T. White, Fitch's Point, South Norwalk, Conn.


   WILLIAM1 GAYLORD was one of the one hundred and forty persons who embarked at Plymouth, England, on the "Mary and John" on March 20, 1630, and landed May 30 at Mattapan, or Dorchester, Mass. He was accompanied by a brother John who is supposed to have returned to England. He was one of the first deacons of the Dorchester church; with Deacon Samuel Rockwell signed the first Dorchester land grants, 1633. In 1635 he became a member of a party which journeyed to the Connecticut valley and settled in what is now Windsor, Conn. Here he spent the remainder of his life, prominent as a deacon, in the church, and holding many local offices. He died at Windsor July 20, 1673, aged 88 years, and his wife died June 20, 1657. They had five children, the third of which was:

WALTER2 GAYLORD, b. in England about 1622

   WALTER2 GAYLORD (William1), born in England about 1622, married Apr. 22, 1648, Mary Stebbins, daughter of Deacon Edward1 Stebbins of Hartford, who died June 29, 1657. He married second Mar. 22, 1658, Sarah, daughter of William Rockwell, who died Aug. 7, 1683. He died Aug. 9, 1689. He had five children by his first wife and two by the second wife. His children by the second marriage were:

ELEAZER3 GAYLORD, b. March 7, 1662

   ELEAZER3 GAYLORD (Walter,2 William1), born March 7,




1662, married Aug. 11, 1686, Martha Thompson. Their fourth child was: SAMUEL4 GAYLORD, b. Mar. 9, 1697, in Windsor, Conn.

   SAMUEL4 GAYLORD (Eleazer,3 Walter,2 William1), born in Windsor, Conn., March 9, 1697, married Feb. 9, 1719, in Middletown, Conn., Margaret Southmayd. He was admitted an inhabitant at Middletown, Jan. 11, 1719. His house is the oldest standing in Middletown. He was a mariner with his father-in-law, Capt. Southmayd, in the West India trade. He died May 17, 1726, and his wife married second Sept. 30, 1730, Seth Wetmore, and died Nov. 6, 1730. The children of Samuel' and Margaret (Southmayd) Gaylord were:

1 Millicent5
3 Ann5
4 Eleazer,5 served in French and Indian War; m. Eunice Gilbert and had a son Eleazer, b. Jan. 2, 1760

   SAMUEL5 GAYLORD (Samuel,4 Eleazer,3 Walter,2 William1), born Jan. 6, 1722, married July 8, 1745, at Middletown Upper Houses, Margaret Clark, born Jan. 23, 1725, daughter of Cheney3 Clark. He served as lieutenant and captain, 1755-60, in the French and Indian wars. He died Aug. 17, 1792, and his wife died Oct. 7, 1806. The children of Samuel5 and Margaret (Clark) Gaylord were:

1 Margaret6 Gaylord, b. May 12, 1746; m. Capt. Joseph Smith
2 JONATHAN6 GAYLORD, b. Oct. 29, 1747
3 Millicent6 Gaylord, b. June 16, 1749; m. Simeon Savage
4 Mary6 Gaylord, b. Nov. 26, 1750: d. Oct. 28, 1751
5 Samuel6 Gaylord, b. Sept. 20, 1754
6 Stuart6 Gaylord, b. Oct. 12, 1757
7 William Cheney6 Gaylord, b. Jan. 6, 1760; d. Nov. 29, 1825, Middletown Upper Houses; m. May 16, 1782,
   Mary Savage White, b. June 8, 1763, daughter of Elias and Prudence (Savage) White.

   JONATHAN6 GAYLORD (Samuel,5 Samuel,4 Eleazer,3 Walter,2 William1), born Oct. 29, 1747, Middletown Upper Houses, married May 9, 1773, Elizabeth Goodwin, who died in 1809. He served in the Revolutionary war as sergeant in the company of Capt. Return Meigs in 1775, and as a carpenter on the frigate Trumbull, under David Saltonstall, commander, Dec. 23, 1776, to Dec. 23, 1777. In 1808, he with his wife Patty or Elizabeth




(Goodwin) and their family started from Middletown, Conn., with ox teams, and travelling overland through the unbroken forests of the west arrived in the same year in what is now known as Stow Township, Summit Co., O. Here Jonathan and his brother Samuel purchased homesteads of Joshua Stow, who had been commissary of the Conn. Land Co., and in partnership with Jabez Stocking, owned ten thousand acres. Seeing in the surrounding country that which would eventually be valuable land, he located on lots 15 and 16, and this property has ever since remained in the Gaylord family. At the time of his settlement there was not a particle of clearing on the lots he had selected. After clearing a place large enough, he erected a rude log cabin, and in this manner lived through the early history of Stow Township, becoming more or less identified with its rise and progress. At the time of his death in June, 1868, his property was divided between his three sons, Jonathan, William and Thomas. The latter, being the youngest, received the home place. The children of Jonathan6 and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Gaylord were: 1 Peggy7 Gaylord, bapt, May 8, 1774; m. 1796 William Stow
2 Jonathan7 Gaylord, bapt. Feb. 18, 1776
3 William7 Gaylord, bapt. Oct. 31, 1779; m. Prudence Gilbert
4 THOMAS7 GAYLORD, bapt. Feb. 25, 1781; m. (1) Betsey Butler, (2) Isabelle Spears
5 Varens7 Gaylord, b. Oct. 17, 1784
6 Elizabeth7 Gaylord, b. March 5, 1786, m. Leonard Case; children, Leonard, jr., and, William who both
  died unmarried
7 Abiah7 Gaylord, twin of Elizabeth, b. March 5, 1786, d. Feb. 5, 1850; m. Wm. McClelland
(To be continued)

Contributed by Mrs. Howard M. Rathburn, 1905 C st., Lincoln, Neb.

(Concluded from April, 1925)


From the Family Bible of John Wilfley and Elizabeth Rhodes.


John Wilfley to Elizabeth Rhodes --th December 1804.


John Wilfley senr. on the 26th February 1782.




Elizabeth, his wife, on the 16th March 1785.
James Wilfley on 11th October 1805.
Samuel Wilfley on the 3rd April 1807.
Phebe on the 27th February 1809.
Jane on the 7th December 1810.
Elizabeth on the 8th December 1812
Polly on the 29th September 1815.
Joseph on the 26th October 1817.
Nancy on the 30th October 1819.
John on the 16th October 1821.
David on the 9th August 1823.
Rodman on the 30th April 1825.
Ellen on 21st November 1827.
     Elizabeth Coker October 20th, 1847

 Elizabeth, on the 24th October 1847. The two youngest, one at eighteen and the other at twenty months of age.

State of Missouri
County of Nodaway


I, Jesse Fisher, a notary public in and for the above named county and state, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and exact copy of the family record contained in a family bible now in the possession of G. L. Wilfley of Maryville, Missouri.

Witness my hand and notarial seal this 11th day of June, 1924.
My term expires Dec. 18, 1926.         (signed) Jessie Fisher.

Dates from the Family Bible of James H. Saunders and Emma D. Ray.

James H. Saunders was born May 6, 1824. Full name James Hockaday Saunders.
Emma D. Ray (his wife) was born Jany. 4th, 1832. Full name Emma Doom Ray.
Milton B. Saunders was born Oct. 21, 1852; died Feby. 9th 1853.
Lawrence A. Saunders was born Nov. 27, 1853.
Ida Saunders was born Jany. 26, 1856, died July 4, 1901.
Ernest R. Saunders was born July 14, 1858, died August --, 1907.
Jennie Saunders was born March 22, 1861, now living.
Lawrence A. Saunders married Minnie Hildreth Sep. 5th 1881.
Ida Saunders married Byron A. Dunn Jany. 25, 1873.




Ernest R. Saunders married Sallie E. Hall Sep. 22, 1880.
Jennie Saunders married George Lewis Wilfley April 7th 1881.
James Hockaday Saunders married Emma Doom Ray Nov. 25th 1851.
James Hockaday Saunders married Mrs. Lucy E. Turner (maiden name Lucy E. Lancaster) July 14, 1885.
James Hockady Saunders died Dec. 27, 1920. Emma Doom Ray died Sep. 19, 1883.
Lucy E. Turner Saunders died March 30th, 1916.

State of Missouri
County of Nodaway



   I, Jessie Fisher, a notary public in and for the above named county and state, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of dates contained in a family bible of the James Hockaday Saunders family now in the possession of Jennie Saunders Wilfley.

Witness my hand and seal this 11th day of June 1924.
My term expires Dec. 18, 1926.      (signed) Jessie Fisher.

 Contributed by Mrs. C. S. Paine, Lincoln, Nebr.

 (Continued from July, 1925)


 From records in possession of Prof. Ephraim Miller of Pasadena, Calif., and John R. Miller, attorney, of Carlisle, Pa.

    ABRAHAM4 MILLER (Abraham,3 Andrew,2 Christian1) was born in Allen township, Cumberland county, Pa., July 2, 1782. He married (1) Catherine Boyer, who was drowned in her husband's mill race soon after her marriage. He married (2) Elizabeth Boyer, sister of his first wife. He died at Abbottstown, Adams county, near Gettysburg. The children of Abraham4 and Elizabeth (Boyer) Miller were:

1 Joseph5 Miller, emigrated west, was drowned in the Mississippi river
2 ANDREW G.5 MILLER, m. Eleanor Umberger
3 Martin5 Miller, m. Miss Shell (Shall?); res. at Cashtown, near Gettysburg
4 John5 Miller, lived at Dover, York county, Pa.
5 Daniel5 Miller, m. Martha Lee; res. Pottsville, Pa.
6 Elizabeth5 Miller, m. Henry Myers; res. at Abbottstown, Pa.
7 Catherine5 Miller, m. Capt. Hugh McCullough of the 9th Pa. Cavalry, who was killed in 1862 by Quantrell's
     band of guerrillas at Tompkinsville, Ky. They had 3 children: John W., Mary and Emma.




   JOSEPH4 MILLER (Abraham,3 Andrew,2 Christian1) was born near Harrisburg, Pa., and removed from Cumberland county, Pa., to Carroll county, Ohio, between 1820 and 25. His children by his wife, Hannah West, were: 1 JOHN5 MILLER
3 Solomon5 Miller
4 Abraham5 Miller

   JACOB4 MILLER (Abraham,3 Andrew,2 Christian1) had a daughter:

1 Nancy A .5 Miller, who married a Mr. Reed, and lived at Malvern, O.

   ANDREW G.5 MILLER (Abraham,4 Abraham,3 Andrew,2 Christian1) married Eleanor Umberger. Their children were:

1 Capt. Wm. E.6 Miller, b. Feb. 5, 1836
2 Mary E.6 Miller, b. Apr. 7, 1838: d. Feb. 16, 1839
3 John R.6 Miller, b. Jan. 2, 1841, at Carlisle, Pa.
4 Sarah E.6 Miller, b. Apr. 11, 1842: d. Jan. 9, 1874
5 Henrietta M.6 Miller, b. Aug. 11, 1845: d. 1908 or 12
6 Andrew C.6 Miller, b. Sept. 10, 1849: d. Jan. 6, 1912

   JOSEPH5 MILLER (Joseph,4 Abraham,3 Andrew,2 Christian1) married -----. Their children were:

1 Martin6 Miller, a Methodist clergyman
2 Eli6 Miller
3 Amos6 Miller
6 Rebecca6 Miller

   JOHN5 MILLER (Joseph,4 Abraham,3 Andrew,2 Christian1) was born near Yellow Breeches Creek, Cumberland county, Pa., and removed to Carroll county, Ohio, between 1820 and 1825. He married Mary Miller. He had six sons and three daughters, the eldest being:

1 EPHRAIM6 MILLER, born in 1833

   EPHRAIM6 MILLER (John,5 Joseph,4 Abraham,3 Andrew,2 Christian1) was born April 25, 1833. He was a university professor. He married (1) Elizabeth Campbell of Wood county, Ohio, who died July 7, 1860; he married (2) June 5, 1862, Anna A. Hogue of Findlay, Ohio.

 Contributed by Mr. A. S. Miller, 1611 Roselyn Terrace, Lincoln, Neb.





   A distinguished group of historians and writers from the United Sates and Canada were invited by Mr. Ralph Budd, the president of the Great Northern railroad, to make a pilgrimage into the Northwest in July of this year. One of the principal objects of the expedition was to do honor to certain early explorers who rendered valuable services in opening the Northwest to civilization. The tour was called the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition and is the most important enterprise of its character ever attempted. This railroad company has set out to build substantial monuments at the important points along its line. A monument to David Thompson, astronomer and geographer, was unveiled at Verendrye, North Dakota, where he took important observation in 1784. A congress of Indians was held at the site of old Fort Union, N. D., at which were representatives of eight Indian tribes. Sunday, July 19th, a trip was made to the battlefields, near Havre, Montana, where Chief Joseph made his last stand. A shaft was erected at Meriwether in honor of Meriwether Lewis at a point near the head of the Maries river. The most important event was the unveiling of a statue to John F. Stevens, discoverer of Maries Pass, at the summit of the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Stevens, whose engineering achievements in the Northwest give him an honored place among the makers of history in that region, was present at the unveiling. At each unveiling the deed to the land upon which the monument was placed was given by the railroad to the state.

   The climax of the expedition was the exploration of Glacier Park which is quite beyond description in its beauty and grandeur. At a meeting held at Two Medicine Chalet, in the park, a permanent organization was formed with General Hugh Scot, president, Ralph Budd, honorary president, Pierce Butler and Lawrence Abbott, vice presidents, Agnes Laut, secretary. Mr. Budd announced a program of annual expeditions covering several years. Nebraska was represented by Mrs. Clarence S. Paine, secretary of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association and librarian of the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Contributed by Mrs. C. S. Paine, Lincoln, Neb.




(Concluded from January, 1925)


HANNAH, dau. of Ebenezer Royce, Jany. 9, 1743
JAMES, son of Sargt. Nathaniel Royce, July 1, 1744
EPHRIAM, son of Ephriam Royce, July 15, 1744
PHEBE, dau. of Joash Royce, Jany. 27, 1745
TITUS, son of Gideon Royce, Jany. 27, 1745
REBECCA, dau. of Abel Royce, Aug. 11, 1745
EBENEZER, son of Ephriam Royce, Feby, 2, 1746
OLIVER, son of Ebenezer Royce, Mch. 8, 1747
ABNER, son of Joash Royce, Apr. 26, 1747
EUNICE, dau. of Ephriam Royce, Oct. 11, 1747
RACHEL, dau. of Asa Royce, Oct. 28, 1747
NAIT, son of Gideon Royce, Aug. 14, 1748
MARY, dau. of Joash Royce, Jany. 18, 1749
JUSTUS, son of Gideon Royce, Mch. 25, 1750
SAMUEL, son of Ebenezer Royce, Dec. 1, 1751
GIDEON, son of Gideon Royce, Feby. 9, 1752
SETH, son of Asa Royce, Aug. 9, 1752
STEPHEN, son of Ephriam Royce, Sept. 24, "N. S." 1752
RACHEL, dau. of Reuben Royce, Dec. 2, 1753
MARY, dau. of Gideon Royce, Jany. 13, 1754
ASA, son of Asa Royce, July 26, 1754
And one of Ephraim Royce, Oct. 13, 1754
ANNA, dau. of David Royce, Feby. 1, 1756
JOSEPH, son of Ezra Royce, Feby. 1, 1756
JUSTUS, son of Gideon Royce, Jany. 2, 1757
Amos ROYCE, May 22,1757

[The remainder of the baptisms of Rev. Hall cannot be found.]
LEE, son of Amasa Rice, Sept. --, 1786
RUTH CURTIS, infant of Silas Rice, Jany. 1, 1804
BENJAMIN, son of Isaac Rice, May 27,1804
TITUS ANDREWS, infant of Isaac Rice, Aug. 3, 1806

Contributed by Mrs. Victor F. Clark, Diller, Nebr.




(Concluded from July, 1925)


STEPHENSON, JAMES E., d. Apr. 9, 1905 (marked by W. O. W.)

STERNER, CHARLES, d. July 9, 1905, aged 27 yrs. (board at grave)

STEWARD, MARY EMELINE, wife of H. W. Steward, b. Jany. 16, 1867, d. Jany. 5, 1902

STRANG, CLARA B., b. July 28, 1872, d. April 2, 1903
STRANG, ROBERT J., b. July 17, 1902, d. May 6, 1903 (one board marked this grave and the preceding one)

SULLIVAN, LUCY, d. May 2, 1899, aged 32 yrs. (board at grave)

SYMONDS, S. G., b. 1844, d. 1906
     (this record is on the same granite marker which marks the grave of Harvey S. Harris)

TAYLOR, R. S., d. Aug. 24, 1905, aged 38 yrs. (board at grave)

TAYLOR, WM. H., d. Nov. 29, 1906

TEELE, LINNIE E., b. Apr. 29, 1883, d. Jany. 13, 1905.

TEDFORD, EMMA A., wife of James Tedford, b. in San Francisco, d. June 29, 1900, aged 29 yrs., 7 mos., 24 days (board at grave)

TORIGO, S., a native of Japan, d. Feby. 14, 1902

TURNER, STEPHEN, fell asleep, Sept. 15, 1904

TRASK, T. J., d. Dec. 7, 1894, aged 42 yrs.

VAUGHAN, MRS. HELEN, aged 42 yrs., d. Apr. 2, 1900 (board at grave)

WADE, RUBY, Apache, aged 17 yrs., d. Oct. 11, 1907 (board at grave)

WALDRON, LAURA A., d. Feby. 17, 1903, aged 29 yrs. (board damaged by fire)

WATERMAN, H., b. 1835, d. 1906 (granite marker)

WRIGHT, WILLIE YUKI, aged 14 yrs., d. Apr. --, 1908 (board at grave)

WILLIAMS, FRED J., d. Mch. 5, 1901, aged 22 yrs., 4 mos., 12 days (board at grave)

Contributed by Mrs. William S. Rogers, Lincoln, Nebr.




(Concluded from April, 1925)


   The Gift of James Greene to his son Jeremiah F Greene who departed this life at Newport Rhode Island on the tenth day of April in the year of our Lord 1758. Aged 66 years.

   Jeremiah F Greene & Elizabeth Moulton were married by Elder Gardner Thurston at S. Newport on the -- of December 1768. . . . She departed this Life on the 5th day of May in the year of our Lord 1770. Aged 20 years 5 months & sixteen days..

   Jeremiah F Greene was married to Rebecca Marshal by the aforsaid Elder Gardner Thurston on the 17th day of July in the year of our Lord 1771. She died June 14th 1817 in the 67th year of her age..

   Our son & only Child James was born in Newport on the 31st day of May in the year of our Lord 1772..

   James Greene son of James Greene and brother of Jeremiah Fones Greene died March -- 1830 aged nearly 80 years..

   The Gift of Jeremiah F Greene at his death who departed this Life October 12th in the year of our Lord 1806 aged sixty years, ten months & ten days..

   James Greene & Olive Slade were married by the Rev'. Daniel Collins in Lanesborough February 11th in the year of our Lord 1796..

   Our first Child & daughter Lucy was born February 8th 1799.

   Second Child Amy was born May 21th 1801. and departed this Life February 1th 1804. aged two years, 8 months & 11 days..

   Third Child Betsy was born May 20th 1803..

   Fourth Child Amey was Decbr. 7th 1806. and died October 8th 1826 in the 20th year of her age..

   Fifth Child Fanny was born May 3, 1813..

   Olive, wife of James Greene, was born the 25th of January 1774 and died October 3d 1826 in the 53d year of her age..

   James Greene & Fanny Leland were married by Elder Matthew Jones of Stephentown Sep. -- 1827.




   James Greene died April 6th 1842 aged 69 years and 11 months..

   Fanny Greene died April the 23d 1842 aged 54 years and 9 months..

   William Cole and Lucy M. Greene were married Nov. 10th 1816..

   First child William Edwin was born Aug. 3, 1818. Died Nov. 21, 1871.

   Second child Lucy Minerva was born Jan. 27th 1821..

   Third child James Melvin was born May 7th 1825..

   Fourth child Ellen Adela was born Sept. 26th 1832. Died Nov. 16th 1853. Aged 21 years, 1 month & 21 days..

   Fifth child Frances Elizabeth was born April 29th 1887.

   And died Dec. 14th 1858 Aged 21 years 7 months and 15 days..

Contributed by Mrs. C. R. Peterson, University Place, Nebr.



     Mrs. Fern Upton of Lincoln has presented the Nebraska Genealogical Society an early file of the Granite Monthly, a New Hampshire publication.


   To Contributors. In sending material to this department, please observe the following rules:

   1. All queries and answers must be signed with the full name and address.

   2. In answering queries give the date of the magazine, the number of the query and the signature.

   3. Answers should contain proof of information given. Correspondents are requested to accompany each separate query with a two-cent stamp.

   60. Norton-Reed. Cornelius Bassett Norton, born at Marthas Vineyard June 5, 1751; when and where did he die? He married Phebe Reed, when and where? Phebe Reed was born 1773 at Taunton, Mass., and died Mar. 2, 1860, at Avon, Maine.     C. W. P.



Let the Nebraska

Genealogical Society advise you in regard to completing your family lineage, copying your genealogical records, filling out your application blanks in all patriotic societies, etc.

Neal F. Mears


 1525 North LaSalle st.
   Ancestries traced, application papers prepared for membership in any society, and family histories and charts compiled.

   Special attention given to cases involving legal action-such as proofs of heirship, investigation of titles to property on the basis of true heirship, etc.

   References and terms on request. 

   Have you seen the new Genealogical Questionaire? It is invaluable for securing and collating information in difficult cases. Send for one. Price 25 cents postpaid. Rates in quantities.


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