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third child and died March 18, 1705-6. Daniel Merrill married a second time. He took the oath of fidelity and allegiance in 1668; freeman 1682-3, admitted to the Newbury church 1681, of Newbury 1692, of Salisbury later. He died June 27, 1717, at Salisbury, Massachusetts. Will dated May 10, 1717. Daniel Merrill and Susanna Clough had seven children, of whom Daniel was the eldest.

   DANIEL3 MERRILL (Daniel, 2 Nathaniel1) was born March 15, 1671, received the homestead in Newbury by will 1717, married Esther Chase, resided in Newbury. His estate was administered September 29, 1725. He left a widow and ten children, the fifth child being Peter.

   PETER4 MERRILL (Daniel,3 Daniel,2 Nathaniel1) was born April 8, 1703, Newbury, Massachusetts, married first, Mary; married secondly, Priscilla Annis. He died December 17, 1777, at Newbury. Will was dated November 16, 1777, probated February 23, 1778. His will mentions his wife Priscilla and eight children. His son Annis was the seventh child.

   ANNIS5 MERRILL (Peter,4 Daniel,3 Daniel,2 Nathaniel1 ) was born January 13, 1751, at Newbury, Massachusetts, married June 10, 1784, Lydia Merrill of North Yarmouth. He died at Bath, New Hampshire. He was a Revolutionary soldier. He had a son Moses.

   MOSES6 MERRILL (Annis,5 Peter,4 Daniel,3 Daniel,2 Nathaniel1 ) was born at Cabot, Vermont, in 1798, died there August 8, 1831, married August 2, 1820, Lucy Osgood, who was born at Cabot, Vermont, 1789, and died there September 7, 1877. They had a son William.

   WILLIAM7 MERRILL (Moses,6 Annis,5 Peter,4 Daniel,3 Daniel,2 Nathaniel1) was born at Cabot, Vermont, March --, 1830, died at Brattleboro, Vermont, May 13, 1872. The bans for his marriage to Mary Jane Thurber were published August 17, 1851. She was born at Claremont, New Hampshire, March 18, 1831, died at Lincoln, Nebraska, January 5, 1913. They had one child, Philura Merrill, who married Edward H. Allen.

--Contributed by Mrs. C. C. Waldo, Lincoln, Nebraska



(Concluded from January, 1926)


   FREDERICK HAMILTON4 FREY (George H.,3 Susan2 Calhoun, Andrew1), born Sept. 30, 1860, married Nov. 9, 1892, Bellefontaine, Ohio, Jenny Ward of that place. Child:

1 Frederick Ward Frey, b. June 6, 1894, Asheville, N.C.

   ROBERT RODGERS4 FREY (George H.,3 Susan2 Calhoun, Andrew1), born Jan. 27, 1866; married Jan. 19, 1888, Winfield, Kan., Bertha Williamson. Children:

1 Robert Rodgers5 Frey, b. in Winfield, Kan.
2 Janet Louise5 Frey, b. Council Bluffs, Iowa

   SUSAN HOWARD4 FREY (George H.,3 Susan2 Calhoun, Andrew1), born May 25, 1868; married, Mar. 31, 1894, Samuel Paul Mueller. Child:

1 Jennie Emily5 Frey

   MICHAEL CALHOUN4 ALLISON (Harriet Malvina3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1) married Feb. 4, 1885, Helen Blake Johnston, in Dorchester, Mass. She was born in Gloucester, Mass. Children:

1 John Johnston5 Allison, b. Oct. 20, 1886, Beatrice, Nebr.; m. Feb. 4, 1885, Mrs. Minnie Durkee: no children
2 Richard Saville5 Allison, b. May 19, 1888, Beatrice, Neb.; m. Apr. 6, 1916, Aiken, S. C., Idelle Randall: no children
3 Frances Field5 Allison, b. Apr. 20, 1892, Beatrice, Nebr.; m. Oct. 10, 1913, Ft. Worth, Texas, William Wallace Mehuron:
     no children
4 Edith Johnston5 Allison, b. June 8, 1896, Ft. Worth, Texas: m. Aug. 31, 1915, Santa Barbara, Cal., Andrew Jackson Cronise:
     no children

   LEILA CALHOUN4 ALLISON (Harriet Malvina3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1) married Sept. 16, 1885, New York City, Charles Rudolph Lawson, born in Halifax, N. S., died Aug. 2, 1894, in New York City. Leila4 [Calhoun] Lawson died Nov. 6, 1916, in New York City. Child:

1 Gertrude Pringle5 Lawson, b. Dec. 13, 1886: d. Aug. 3, 1908

   IRVING4 ALLISON (Harriet Malvina3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1) married July 24, 1881, Emma Clara Batty, in Newark, N.



     J. She was born at Roseville, N. J. Irving4 Allison died May 11, 1924, in Omaha, Neb, Children: 1 Mabel Calhoun5 Allison
2 Grace Elliott5 Allison
3 Mildred5 Allison
4 Irving Brewster5 Allison

   WINTHROP4 ALLISON (Harriet Malvina3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1) married Dec. 6, 1899, Colorado Springs, Edith Leora Pitkin, born at Grundy Center, Iowa, daughter of Robert Wilson and Adelaide [Parker] Pitkin. Winthrop4 Allison died Feb. --, 1922, Ontario, Calif. Children:

1 Winthrop Theodore5 Allison, b. Superior, Wis.
2 Neva Muriel5 Allison, b. Manitou, Colorado

   ELLIOTT CONDICT4 ALLISON (Harriet Malvina3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1) married May 12, 1900, Kansas City, Mo., Ella E. [Smith] Miller, born at Utica, Mo. Child:

1 Ruth Margaret, b. Kansas City, Kan.

   WALTER HENRY4 CALHOUN, JR. (Walter Henry,3 Henry,2 Andrew1), born Nov. 30, 1857; married, Sept. 19, 1895, Jefferson City, N. C., Myrtle Gentry, born at Jefferson, N. C., daughter of Dr. L. C. and Mary [Hamilton] Gentry. Children:

1 Jasper Francis Cropsey5 Calhoun, b. and d. Sept. 26, 1896, at Cedar Point, N. C.
2 Walter Henry5 Calhoun, III, b. New Berne, N. C.
3 Gentry5 Calhoun, b. June 8, 1899, Mt. Pleasant, N. C.

   ARTHA CALHOUN4 RICHARDS (Martha3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1), born Oct. 14, 1854, married April --, 1889, Chicago, Alice -----. Children:

1 Joseph Calhoun5 Richards, b. Aug. 15, 1890: d. Mar.--, 1891
2 Max Austen5 Richards

   BERTHA CALHOUN4 RICHARDS (Martha3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1), born Oct. 9, 1860; married Feb. 3, 1890, Louis Meidith Suplee. Child:

1 Miriam5 Suplee, b. in San Diego, Cal.; m. Farnham Bishop

   CLEAVELAND VERNON4 CHILDS (Charlotte3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1), born Sept. 17, 1877, Ft. Lee, N. Y.; married March



--, ----, Grace Dexter Smith, born March 4, 1878, Brooklyn, N. Y., daughter of James B. and Annie [Dexter] Smith.

   ETHEL THORPE4 CHILDS (Charlotte3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1), born Jan. 5, 1879; married, Sept. 26, 1903, East Orange, N. J., Walter Alden Dyer, and died March 19, 1904. Walter Alden Dyer was born Oct. 10, 1878, at Roslindale, Mass., son of Ebenezer Porter and Martha Augusta [Fearing] Dyer.

   MURIEL WORTHINGTON4 CHILDS (Charlotte3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1), born April 19, 1884; married June 1, 1907, Walter Alden Dyer.

   AGNES4 DANFORTH (Emily R.3 Calhoun, Simeon Howard,2 Andrew1), born March 30, 1873; married Larence Ilsley Hewes.

1 Larence Ilsley5 Hewes, jr., b. Apr. 17, 1902, Kingston, R. I.

   HELEN4 DANFORTH (Emily R.3 Calhoun, Simeon Howard,2 Andrew1),born Nov. 1, 1874; married, Nov. --, 1908, Dr. John Ross.

   ADELLE4 PARKER (Susan3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1), born Oct. 29, 1869, at Atchison, Kan., married at Leavenworth, Kan., James Hamilton McCord, born Nov. 2, 1857. Children:

1 Mary Elizabeth5 McCord, b. Apr. 1, 1894: d. Apr. 5, 1894
2 James Hamilton5 McCord, jr., b. at St. Joseph, Mo.


Fifth Generation

   GRACE ELLIOTT5 ALLISON (Irving,4 Harriet Malvina3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1) married Jan. 28, 1907, at Florence, Neb., Charles B. Lehmer of Omaha, Neb. Children:

1 James Godfrey6 Lehmer, b. Feb. 16, 1911, Omaha, Nebr.
2 Robert6 Allison Lehmer, b. Feb. 17, 1916, at Omaha, Nebr.

   IRVING BREWSTER5 ALLISON (Irving,4 Harriet Malvina3 Calhoun, Henry,2 Andrew1) married June 2, 1917, at Omaha, Neb., Mayme Maloy. Son:

1 Irving Maloy6 Allison, b. May 16, 1924, Omaha, Nebr.

-Contributed by Mrs. R. J. Kilpatrick, Beatrice, Nebr.



(Continued from January, 1926)


Eighth Generation from the Mayflower

   PHEBE8 WHITE, daughter of Charles7 White, born Dec, 2, 1777, died Jan. 23, 1868, married May 12, 1795, Henry Emigh, who died April 5, 1857. Had a daughter Phebe Ann (Polly), who died June 5, 1850, aged 37 years, 9 months, 22 days.

   ABNER8 WHITE, son of Charles7 White, born Jan. 1, 1779, died Feb. 2, 1832, and is buried in the family burying-ground at Mabbettsville. He married Jan. 1, 1800, Lanor (Eleanor) Emigh, sister of John. Abner gave the homestead to his son Ethan, and it is occupied (1925) by a lineal descendant, Augustus Norton Briggs. Children:

1 Mary White, born in 1801. Died Sept. 22, 1819
2 Ethan White,* born 0ct. 19, 1802
3 Seneca White*
4 Amy White,* born 1812
5 Eliza White*
6 Jane White,* born Apr. 28, 1815
7 Harriett White*

   CHARLES8 WHITE, son of Charles7 White, born April 26, 1781, at Mabbettsville, Dutchess county, N. Y., married Feb. 14, 1798, at Mabbettsville, Deborah Cornell, daughter of Richardus (born 1739) and Ruth [Slocum] Cornell (born 1744). Deborah was born Jan. 31, 1780, and died in New York City Dec. 15, 1848. Lived at Beekman, N. Y., and at The Clove. He died Nov. 20, 1847, at Union Vale and was buried in The Clove cemetery, the remains being later transferred to Woodlawn cemetery in New York City. Children:

1 Jacob White*
2 Ruth White*
3 George, born Dec. 18, 1802, died Jan. 26, 1803
4 George Cornell White
5 Elizabeth White*
6 Nancy (Ann) White*
7 Alfred White*
8 Charles White*
9 Sarah Maria White*

   *Means more in the next generation.



10 Deborah White*
11 Cornelia White*
12 Samantha White, married Chas. Sparks. No children.
13 William White*

   (Authority: Doty Genealogy, p. 842, no. 12380.)

   HENRY8 WHITE, son of Charles7 White, born in 1786 at Mabbettsville, N. Y., died Jan. 17, 1848, aged 62, and is buried in Clove cemetery. He married Sarah Doolittle. Children:

I Egbert White*

4 Elizabeth, m. George Van Cott. No children

2 Henry White*

5 Charles White*

3 Jesse, born Feb. 29, 1818.

6 Esther White*

   Struck by ligbtning, July 5, 1826.

7 Jane White*

   OLIVER8 WHITE, son of Charles7 White, born Oct. 20, 1789, died Dec. 19, 1823, aged 43. There is a small stone, evidently a foot-stone, in the family plot at Mabbettsville on which are the letters O. W. He married Amy Vail, daughter of Platt Vail. Children:

1 Eliza White*

3 Rebecca White*

2 Maria White*

4 Annie White*

5 Caroline White*

   PEREGRINE8 WHITE, son of Charles7 White, born Aug. 1, 1792, died Mar. 9, 1873, married Sally (Sarah) Barlow, born Mar. 17, 1794, died Mar. 17, 1872. They lived near Mabbettsville. Children:

1 Oliver White*

3 Alfred White*

2 Peregrine White*

4 Samuel Barlow White*

   MORRIS8 WHITE, son of Charles7 White, born May 12, 1795, at Mabbettsville, N. Y., died Dec. 10, 1861. His will was made Aug. 8, 1818. He is buried in the burying-ground on the farm at Mabbettsville. He married Patience Doty, his cousin. She was born Sept. 30, 1799, died June 19, 1861, and is buried beside her husband. They were called "Uncle Mott and Aunt Patch" by their relatives. The epitaphs on their tombstones, especially his, are unusual:

"My dear father, gone to rest,
   With the saints forever blest.
He's landed on fair Canaan's shore



   He never saw, nor sought, before."
      * * *        * * *
"And now her body has been laid,
   Beneath the cold and silent sod.
Her spirit, angels have conveyed,
   To live forever with her God."


1 Emeline White, born in 1822. Died Mch. 22, 1850 and is buried in the plot on the farm at Mabbettsville. Married Cyrus Baker,
     and had a son Samuel, who died young.
2 Morris White, born 1825, died 1826
3 Cornelia White, born Apr. 6, 1827: died July 3, 1857. Married Alonzo Velie. Had no children
4 Clinton White died Apr. 19, 1850, aged 28 years, 4 months and 13 days. buried in the cemetery on the farm. His epitaph: "After the consumption commenced on me
I traveled over land and sea to get medicine
I doctored five long years - found no cure
I commended myself to God, knowing I was born to die."

5 Melvina White*
6 Andrew J. White*

   HANNAH8 WHITE, daughter of William A.7 White, was born April 30, 1781, and died Nov. 4, 1822. She married John H. Emigh, born Sept. 29, 1779, died Jan. 28, 1830. In 1925 their granddaughter, Mary Ann [Emigh] Allen of North Adams, Mass., wrote to William C. Emigh of Coatesville, Pa.,: "My father lived in Union Vale, Dutchess county, N. Y., Clove postoffice. The postage was twenty-five cents for every sheet of paper at that time - no postage stamp and no envelope. Father used to talk of Uncle Nicholas and Uncle Henry. I think they were brothers of my grandfather and I think their father was also named Nicholas." William C. Emigh of Coatesville, Pa., has a small Bible, printed in Edinburgh, 1784, in which is written: "John Amigh's Bible, January 31, 1785." It is seen John H. Emigh was only 5 years of age at that time. Children:

1 Daniel H. Emigh,* born Sept. 11, 1801
2 Eunice Emigh,* born Oct. 12, 1803
3 William W. Emigh,* born Oct. 12, 1805
4 Delilah Emigh, born Dec. 24, 1808; married William German. Had no children.



5 Mary Ann Emigh, born Oct. 4, 1812; married Harmess Bentley. They had one child, German Beekman Bentley. He was killed
     by the cars, just before the date set for his marriage.
6 Lucinda Emigh, born June 14, 1816. Died in infancy
7 John Beekman Emigh, born July 25, 1819. Never married. Was a bachelor school-master

   ISAAC8 WHITE (William A.7) was born March 12, 1784, at Mabbettsville, New York, married at Clove Valley, New York, Mary Cline, born December 12, 1791, at Clove, daughter of Abraham Cline (or Kline) and Eleanor Uhl [See Uhl and Cline lineage elsewhere]. He died March 25, 1867, at "Hunt Farm", the home of his son, William A. White, at South Dover (about two miles north of Dover Furnace). She died at Dover Plains September 27, 1883. Both are buried in Valley View Cemetery at Dover Plains. Children:

1 William Aitken White,* b. Dec. 12, 1811
2 Eleanor Cline White, b. Feb. 4, 1814, at Mabbettsville; never married. After the death of her mother in 1883 she came from
     Dover Plains to Farragut, Ia., and made her home with her brother Egbert where she died Oct. 20, 1893. Buried at Farragut.
3 Eunice White,* b. May 13, 1816
4 Abraham Cline White,* b. Nov. 27, 1818
5 Egbert White,* b. Jan. 11, 1820. (Grandfather of compiler)
6 Isaac Brownell White, b. May 26, 1823 at Beekman, N. Y., married Kate Lutes of Kewanee, Ill. Their only child, Harry, was
     an employee of the Rock Island R. R., at Rock Island, Ill. Never married and died there Sept. 26, 1923, and is buried beside
     his parents at Kewanee, Ill.

   EUNICE8 WHITE (William A.7), born February 23, 1792, at Beekman, New York, married Joseph Doty of Dover, "a cousin or second cousin". Some time later we find her living at the home of her brother Isaac. On December 15, 1828, she and her husband quit-claimed all right to the property of William A. White to his executors, and in 1847 we find Joseph Doty insolvent. In later years she lived with her daughter at Verbank, where she died. Children:

1 Leonard,* b. Apr. 3, 1812. (Always called Leonard White)
2 Mariett, married John Hoftel, and had a son, John Edward Hoftel, blacksmith, and a daughter, Hanna Hoftel, both lived at Verbank, N. Y.

   WILLIAM WALLACE8 WHITE (William A.7) was born April 5, 1798, at Washington Hollow, New York, married in 1820



Mary Green, born in 1801, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Kipp) Green. He was a merchant at 308 Main street, Poughkeepsie, and was also a stockholder in the Farmers & Merchants Bank in 1834. He died April 6, 1869. Both are buried in Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery. Children: 1 Isaac W. White,* born in June 1823
2 William White, died young
3 Frederick, born in June 1826, at Poughkeepsie
4 William Green White, born in 1833 at Poughkeepsie
5 Edward White,* born Nov. 14, 1844

   Frederick9 White, born in 1826 at Poughkeepsie, traveled extensively. At one time he lived in London, England, where he was a draughtsman for a wholesale mercantile firm. He was interested in politics, especially when he lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He afterward retired and lived in Poughkeepsie. In 1879 he owned the old business building, the first floor of which was occupied by a general mercantile firm. He and his mother lived on the second floor. He was much interested in family research, and to him we are endebted for a quantity of the history of the older generations. He never married.

   William Green9 White, born in 1833 at Poughkeepsie, married Margaret Dolan in Amsterdam, New York. In 1879 he was assistant treasurer of the Sub-Treasury. Later he was comptroller of the Bank of Savings. For 12 years he was treasurer of the Union League Club. He was educated in the Nine Partners Quaker Boarding School and in the Amenia Seminary, 1846-48, both in Dutchess county, New York. He lived in New York City and Chicago. He died July 19, 1902, on a train en route to Long Branch; he was buried at Poughkeepsie. In 1919 his widow was living at Amsterdam, New York. He had no children.

   MARIA8 WHITE (Thomas7), born January 24, 1791, died September 13, 1889, aged 99, at the home of her grandson, Willard Cornell Vail, at Poughkeepsie, married November 5, 1809, George Cornell, born January 26, 1789, in Beekman, New York, died September 3, 1864, son of Richardus and Ruth (Slocum) Cornell. Farmers near Poughkeepsie. Children:



1 Egbert White Cornell, b. Aug. 10, 1810. By his first wife he had a daughter (who had no children) and a son Fred (who had two
     children): by second wife, Maria Haviland, had a daughter who married a man named Roselle (Newburgh, N. Y.) and had
      wo children.
2 Phebe Ann Cornell, b. Oct. 3, 1812; m. Carey S. Burtis. Children: Edwin, who had 4 children (Auburn, N. Y.), and Albert,
     died unmarried.
3 Albert Cornell, b. Aug. 20, 1816; m. Rebecca Vandevere, who later married a man named Bonsat. Children: Thomas (died
     unmarried) and Fred Cornell (married a Van Deusen; had two daughters, both married and lived near New York City)
4 Hepsibeth Rebecca, b. Jan. 25, 1818; m. Benjamin Brinkerhoff. No children.
5 Thomas W. Cornell, b. Jan. 8, 1820; m. Eliza Fairchild. No children.
6 Lavina Cornell,* b. March 21,1825

   ISAAC VAIL8 WHITE (Thomas7), born April 1, 1793, in Dutchess county, New York, moved with his parents to Binghamton, New York, where he died January 16, 1883. He married Mary Bedell Horton. Children:

 1 Philena Horton White,* b. Mar. 19,1820
 2 Joseph White, b. at Goldens Bridge, N. Y.; married, but no children
 3 James E. White, b. at Goldens Bridge; married, but no children.
 4 Thomas White*
 5 Mary Rebecca White,* b. Aug. 5, 1828
 6 Lavinia White, died in infancy
 7 Benjamin Horton White [see below]
 8 Jesse White, died in Nevada, a young man, not married
 9 Josephine White, b. Aug. 18, 1843
10 Frances White*
11 Emroy White, born in Binghamton, N. Y.: died a spinster

   Benjamin Horton9 White came to Wyoming, Iowa, before the Civil war, and was clerk of the court of Jones county. He was a soldier in the Civil war. He went to Donley county, Texas, where he was the first county judge, and till he died. He was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery at Clarenden, Texas. He had a son, Thomas R.10 White, member of the firm of Fink & White, attorneys-at-law, Mills building, San Francisco.

   LAVINA8 WHITE (Thomas7), born August 10, 1794, died July 16, 1830, married Alfred S. Lyon, born June 8, 1793, son of John Lyon and Sarah Smith and brother of Isaac D. Lyon who married her sister Ruth. Alfred married second Harriet



Valentine and by her had 14 children. Children: 1 Sarah Maria, b. Sept. 29, 1820, Danbury, Conn.; m. Elijah Sturdevant
2 John A. Lyon, b. Nov. 18, 1822: d. July 13, 1851
3 Thomas Lyon, b. Aug. 9, 1824: d. July 6, 1848
4 George C. Lyon, b. June 7, 1826: d. Jan. 10, 1899
5 Rebecca W. Lyon, b. July 16, 1828: d. Jan. 29, 1881
6 Lavina W., b. July 16, 1830: d. at Danbury Conn.; m. ----- Higly, and had a son, Caspel Higly, who was born, lived and died
     at Danbury. She married (2) Elijah Sturdevant, the husband of her sister Sarah.

   ABNER8 WHITE (Thomas7), born in 1799 at Clove, New York, married Rebecca Jane Merritt. Children:

1 George Cornell White, b. 1830: d. 1920, leaving no children
2 Lavinia Cornell White,* b. 1834

   RUTH8 WHITE (Thomas7), born December 11, 1803 at Beekman, New York, died January 27, 1865, at Binghamton, New York, and is buried there. She married Isaac Dickinson Lyon, born June 14, 1803, at Bedford, son of John and Sarah (Smith) Lyon and brother of Alfred S. Lyon who married her sister Lavina. Children:

 1 Thomas White Lyon,* b. Mar. 25, 1824
 2 John O. Lyon, b. Jan. 30, 1826: lived 18 days
 3 Addison John Lyon,* b. July 6, 1827
 4 Hepsibeth Lyon, b. Apr. 26, 1829; d. in Jan. 1830
 5 Sarah R., b. Aug. 19, 1831; m. (1) Spencer Buckingham. Had daughter Ida, b. in 1857, who was killed by an automobile in
     Jersey City, Aug. 28, 1921. Married (2) Herman W. Graves of Attica, Ind. and died in 1888.
 6 Mary Lavina, b. Aug. 25, 1833; m. Henry Hooper in 1855. Had daughter, Sarah Edna, b. June 21, 1869, died of diphtheria
 7 George Alfred, b. Nov. 13, 1834, unmarried: d. at St. Charles, Minn. in 1914
 8 James Walter Lyon,* b. Sept. 5, 1838
 9 Moses V. Lyon, b. Sept. 30, 1839: d. in Idaho in 1875; unmarried.
10 Tamas Parmelia Lyon,* b. Dec. 23, 1842
11 Ruth Lyon, b. Dec. 28, 1843: d. May 21, 1844
12 Eugenia Harris Lyon, b. May 10, 1846

   Eugenia Harris9 Lyon, born May 10, 1846, died May 30, 1903, married first Charles A. Givens, LL. D., of Catskill, son of Judge Givens. They had a son, Sheldon Andrew Givens, born March 13, 1872, married at Memphis, Tennessee, in April, 1908, Laura (Collie) Ray. She married second Dr. James



H. Hoeag, a dentist, of Yonkers, New York, born in 1836, died August 7, 1922.
Ninth Generation

   ETHAN9 WHITE (Abner,8 Charles7), born October 19, 1802, died May 21, 1872, married February 27, 1822, Myra Northrop, born April 9, 1801, died July 21, 1867, daughter of Benjamin and Amy (Austin) Northrop. He lived on the old homestead given him by his father. He and his wife died there and are buried in Amenia Island cemetery. Children:

1 Mary White, b. Dec. 25, 1822: d. Jan. 3, 1899; married Dec. 20, 1848, the Rev. Hiram T. Beecher, a minister in the Methodist
     Church, born Sept. 27, 1822, died Feb. 16, 1901, son of Leman Beecher and a relative of Henry Ward Beecher. Lived at
     Pleasant Valley, N. Y. Buried at Amenia Island.
2 Benjamia White,* b. Dec. 6, 1823
3 Abner White,* b. Jan. 27, 1825
4 Seneca N., b. June 24, 1827: d. Mar. 20, 1878. Married Nov. 20, 1859 Caroline E. Northrop, b. Aug. 14, 1840, died Feb. 17,
     1907, daughter of Amos and Tama (Briggs) Northrop. Both buried at Amenia Island cemetery. Children: (1) Ethan, b. June
     3, 1863, a bachelor (Palatine Hotel, Newburgh, N. Y.) and (2) Walter B., b. July 15, 1868; died Dec. 21, 1915; married
     Amina L. Gould, Sept. 19, 1894. No children.
5 Katherine White,* b. Feb. 17, 1829
6 Hannah White,* b. Apr. 9, 1830
7 Davis White, b. Aug. 28, 1831: d. Feb. 10, 1901. Married Phebe Jane Bartlett, daughter of Jos. and Eliza (Swift) Bartlett. No

   AMY9 WHITE (Abner,8 Charles7), born in 1812, died in 1905 and is buried in Valley View cemetery. She married Bennet Humeston, born April 25, 1802, died September 6, 1882. They lived at Little Rest and Amenia Union, where he was in the hotel business. Children:

1 Harriett Humeston,* b. May 1, 1831
2 Henry, b. Nov. 6, 1833: d. Oct. 26, 1908, buried at Wappengers Falls, N. Y. Lived at Poughkeepsie: married Nov. 27, 1860
     Lavina Bristol. Children. (1) Bennet of Wappengers Falls, (2) Bessie
3 Mary Jane, b. Jan. 11, 1836: d. Dec. 14, 1911. Lived at Amenia Union; married William J. Seaman. Buried at Lithgow.
     No children.
4 Seneca, b. June 5, 1838; m. June 5, 1866, Minnie Strever, lived at Rich Hill, Mo. No children. Was in Civil War from New
5 George Lewis Humeston,* b. Aug. 2, 1842
6 Benjamin Franklin Humeston,* b. Apr. 9, 1845
7 Elizabeth Elanor, b. Oct. 8, 1847: d. Sept. 23, 1923. Unmarried
(To be continued)




   JOHN1 UHL, court Palatine from Germany, came to this country in the early part of the 18th century and settled in the town of Beekman, N. Y. His wife was named Aurey. His son:

   JOHN2 UHL (John1 Uhl) married Margaret Streit, daughter of Frederick Streit (1709-1781) and Catherine Moul (1705-1785), daughter of Frederick Moul, who was born 1679, from German Palatinate. Frederick Streit was son of Christian Streydt and Maria Ursula Schmidt, daughter of Heinrich Schmidt. Letters of administration on his estate were granted January 23, 1775. Children:

1 Daniel Uhl*
2 Sarah Uhl m. Nicholas Emigh
3 Mary Uhl m. ----- Tilton
4 Hannah Uhl, b. 1760: d. Mar. 16, 1813; m. Job Mulford
5 Elizabeth Uhl, b. 1763: d. Sept. 27, 1856; m. Stephen Griffing
6 Frederick Uhl, b. Sept. 25, 1765: d. Oct. 12, 1822; m. (1) Hulda. Mulford, (2) Sarah Horton
7 John Uhl, b. July --, 1767: d. Apr. 25, 1808. Did not marry
8 Henry Uhl, b. Oct. 24, 1769; d. Oct. 5, 1833; m. Elizabeth Schryver: they were the grandparents of Edwin F. Uhl, one time
     Assistant Secretary of State, of the U. S.

   DANIEL3 (John,2 John1) died in 1812. His will, made Oct. 9, 1807, was probated February 15, 1812, and reads thus: "I, Daniel Uhl, of Beekman town, Dutchess County, New York, yeoman", etc. He was a signer of the Revolutionary War pledge, was enlisted in the 5th regiment of Dutchess. County militia and was second lieutenant in Capt. George Emigh's company of Minute Men. This service is accepted by the Daughters of the American Revolution for the writer. He married first ----- Storms; second, Mary Emigh. Children, perhaps not in order of birth:

1 Eleanor Uhl,* b. 1775; m. Abraham Cline
2 Nicholas Uhl
3 George Uhl
4 John Uhl m. Amey Albro
5 Catherine Uhl m. ----- Noxon
6 Henry Uhl, b. 1783; m. (1) Mary Tanner, (2) Margaret Crouse
7 Daniel Uhl, b. 1785; m. Mary Abel



  8 Mary Uhl, b. 1786; m. William Tanner
  9 Sarah Uhl; m. --- Emigh
10 Margaret Uhl, b. 1790; m. John Abel

   ELEANOR4 UHL (Daniel,3 John,2 John1) was born Sept. 17, 1775, died March 22, 1835, married Abraham Cline, born in 1767, died April 10, 1850, son of Henry Cline (or Kline), immigrant, who with his brothers had come to America to escape the militarism in Holland. The brothers were John and George. Henry bought land from the Indians, and the title has never been out of the family in seven generations, being the Cline homestead at Clove, New York, now owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Cline Schauber of Balston Spa, New York. Henry Cline had three sons - Abraham, Henry and Aaron(?) who died young. Eleanor Uhl Cline is mentioned in the will of her half-brother John as his "sister Leanor Clyne". This will was made March 11, 1814. Children:

1 Abraham Cline
2 Henry Cline; m. Ruth Hall of Malta, N. Y. and lived at Saratoga
3 Mary Cline, b. Dec. 12, 1791: d. Sept. 27, 1883

   Mary Cline, born December 12, 1791, died September 27, 1883, married, at the family homestead at Clove, Isaac White, son of William A. White. She is well remembered by many of the present generation. She lived till 1883, and in 1876 she with her daughter Ellen visited her grandchildren in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. She presented each of her sixteen grandchildren with a set of solid silver spoons; they are engraved "MW" and are highly prized by those who have them. She was a very active woman, and very small. She was named "Little Grandmother" by Lillian White Osborn (Noble), to distinguish her from her other grandmother, who was a large woman. While in Iowa she made a trip to Fairfax, Missouri, in a spring wagon. It was across open prairies - no roads, fences or bridges. When asked if she thought she could stand the trip, for she was then 85 years old, she laughed and said "Yes, I could ride it on a barrel head in a lumber wagon." Her daughter Ellen came to Farragut, Iowa, to make her home with her brother Egbert after the death of "Little Grandmother" in 1883. With her she brought many



of the family keepsakes and valuables, many of which were lost when the Egbert White home burned. A few had been given to other members of the family, so escaped. The old family Bible is in the possession of Isaac White, Buenna, Washington. In it are chronicled the family records from William White, born in 1756, down to the present generation. A beautiful blue and white counterpane had been given to her nephew, Frank White. It is still in the possession of that family at Clarinda, Iowa, and in perfect condition. The following is woven in the corners: "Agriculture and Manufactures are the foundation of our independence. July 4, 1824. A. Kline." The center is the popular snowball pattern and the border is a series of figures and emblems commonly used in Masonic lodges.

--Contributed by Mrs. D. O. Cleghorn, Chadron, Neb.


   The Moulton family were known to fame in France in the eleventh century, when King William, the Norman, embarked for England. Sir Thomas de Moulton accompanied him and fought at the battle of Hastings, A. D. 1066. He was rewarded for his services with great tracts of land in Lincolnshire, and on that memorable field he built castles and religious establishments, maintaining a retinue of soldiers, laborers and priests. He lived in the proud style of the Norman nobleman of his time. He was called Lord de Vaux by the Normans and Lord of Gillesland by the Saxons. About 1100 the town of Moulton was founded in England.

   A Sir Thomas de Moulton was the leading character in The Talisman, by Sir Walter Scott. A great friend of King Richard, Coeur de Lion, he commanded the admiration and envy of the knights at the great tournaments of England, and during Richard's sickness was ruler de facto. In the Holy Land he was a leading crusader.

   At the age of thirteen, Margaret Moulton fell heir to the Moulton estates. King Edward II entrusted her to Beau-



champ, Earl of Warwick. She lived at Warwick Castle until her marriage to Ralph Dacre. They and their descendants held the vast possessions for the next two-hundred and fifty years. Elizabeth married Lord William Howard. Naworth Castle passed to the Howard family and now belongs to the Earl of Carlisle, a Howard in blood and name. The Moultons, Dacres, and Howards are inheritors of the best blood of England. Noble castles and chapels in Lincoln, Cumberland and Norfolk counties still stand as monuments to the worthy knights who founded them. Greystock fell to the Earl of Arundel. It is now in possession of the Duke of Norfolk. In the banquet hall, at the extreme end of Naworth Castle, are two griffins bearing banners with engraved arms of the Moulton and Dacres families.

   JOHN1 MOULTON of Ormsby, Norfolk county, England, was the emigrant ancestor. He was born 1599, died 1650, married Anne, who died April 12, 1668. He came to America in 1637 and was given the grant of Hampton. In 164- he was chosen its first deputy or representative to the General Court in Boston. John Moulton and Anna had a son John.

   JOHN2 MOULTON (John1), born March 16, 1638, in Newbury, Mass., died 1706, married Lydia Taylor. Their children were:

 1 Martha, born Nov. 16, 1666, at Hampton, Mass.; married Humprey Perkins
 2 John, born May 30, 1669, at Hampton: died April 1, 1740
 3 Lydia, born July 13, 1671, at Hampton: died July 13, 1678
 4 Daniel, born January 16, 1674, at Hampton: died January 14, 1718; married Mary -----
 5 James, born July 29, 1675; married Dorothy Clements
 6 Nathan died February 5, 1733; married Sarah Resar
 7 David married Sarah Leavitt
 8 Anna, born March 8, 1679; married Caleb Marston
 9 Lydia married Thomas Marston
10 JACOB, born June 21, 1688: died March 7, 1751; married Sarah Smith
11 Rachel, born October 4, 1690: died June 8, 1758; married Jabes Smith

   JACOB3 MOULTON (John,2 John1) was born June 21, 1688, in Hampton, New Hampshire, died March 7, 1751, in Hampton, married December, 1714, for his second wife, Sarah Emery Smith, daughter of John Smith of Hampton. Children of Ja-



cob Moulton and Sarah Smith were: 1 Sarah, born August 1, 1715, in Hampton, N. H.; married A. Knowles
2 Lydia, born March 17, 1717, in Hampton, N. H.: died August 23, 1794; married Samuel Garland
3 Nathan, born in 1721, Hampton, N. H.: died August 7, 1776; married Sarah
4 Dorothy, baptized June 28, 1724, at Hampton, N. H.: died September 3, 1742, unmarried
5 JONATHAN, born July 22, 1726, at Hampton, N. H.: died September 18, 1787; married secondly, Sarah Emery Smith
6 John, baptized at Hampton, N. H.: died July 11, 1734, married ---- Brown
(To be continued)

--Contributed by Mrs. Edward Euao Mattocks, Beatrice, Nebr.


   A writer whose article on "Robert Smith of Boxford" appears in The New England Historic Genealogical Register, vol. 55, page 267, says, concerning Samuel, son of Robert: "The Topsfield records give a large number of children to Samuel Smith. It is impossible to tell whether they all belong to this Samuel or not, but his will mentions daughters and two sons, Samuel and Robert. I included the full list, as given in the church records in Topsfield."--and proceeds to give the birth dates of twenty children, attributing them to this man.

   The same writer states that this Samuel Smith married first Phebe Howe and secondly Rebecca, daughter of John Curtis of Topsfield.

   A critical study of Topsfield vital statistics as found in Topsfield Historical Society Collections, vol. IX, has led to the conclusion that these children were born to three different couples, viz., Samuell Smith and Phebe Dow, Samuell Smith "of Salem" and Sarah Curtis, and Samuel Smith and Rebecca Curtis. The following tables are submitted, with reasons given for the above deductions.



   I. SAMUEL SMITH and Phoebe Dow (not Howe) were married January 16, 1694-5 [Topsfield Historical Coll., vol. IX, p. 138, 187]. Children, references for birth found in same volume, as indicated: 1 Phebee, d. Samuell and Phebee, Oct. 21, 1695 (page 96)
2 Mary, d. Samuell and Phebee, Sept. 12, 1698 (page 35)
3 Samuel, s. Samuell and Phebee, Apr. 2, 1701 (page 96)
4 Susannah, d. Samuell and Phebee, Mar. 16, 1702-3 (page 97)
5 Joseph, s. Samuell and Phebee, Dec. 31, 1707 (page 95)

   Reasons for grouping these together as the children of the above couple:

(1) They are all recorded as "births".
(2) In each instance the names of both parents are given, and are spelled "Samuell" and "Phebee", uniformly.

   II. SAMUELL SMITH, of Salem, and Sarah Curtious were married May 12, 1696. (See Topsfield Historical Coll., IX, pp. 135, 187.) Children, recorded in same volume, at pages mentioned:

 1 Sarah, d. Sarah, bp. May 23, 1697, Church record (page 96)
 2 Mary, d. Sarah, bp. Aug. 2, 1702, Church record (page 95)
 3 Hanna, grand d. Corp. Curtis, bp. Aug. 6,1704, Church record (page 95)
 4 Samuell, s. Samuell, bp. (July) 1706, Church record (page 96)
 5 Elizabet, d. Samuell, bp. (Nov. or Dec.) 1708, Church record (page 95)
 6 Margaret, d. Samuell, bp. June 3, 1711, Church record (page 95)
 7 John, twin, s. Samuell, bp. Apr. 15, 1711, Church record (page 95)
 8 Mercy, twin, d. Samuell, bp. Apr. 15, 1711, Church record (page 96)
 9 Abigail, d. Samuell, bp. Aug. 30, 1713, Church record (page 94)
10 Priscella, d. Samuell, bp. Oct. 2, 1715, Church record (page 96)
11 Rebecka, d. Samuell, bp. May 2 (5), 1718, Church record (page 96)

   Reasons for grouping these children together as being of the same family are:

(1) In each instance, the record is a church record, of baptism, instead of birth.
(2) In each instance, the name of only one parent is given, that of the father, Samuell, being used eight times, that of the mother, Sarah, twice, and that of the grandfather, Corp. Curtis, once.

   Notes on pages 134 and 135, same volume, explain the



different ways of spelling the surname Curtis. In her marriage record Sarah's name is spelled "Curtious", while in her birth record (vol. IX, p. 39) it is spelled "Curtice", while that of her brother Samuel and her sister Hephzibah is spelled "Curtious", and that of other brothers and sisters, "Curtis".
(3) In each instance where the father's name is given, it is spelled "Samuell", as it is in the marriage record.

   III. SAMUEL SMITH and Rebekah Curtis were married Jan. 25, 1707-8 (See ibid, pp. 135, 187). Children, recorded on pages as indicated:

1 Phebah, d. Samuel and Rebeka, Jan, 8, 1708-9, (page 96)
2 Mary, d. Samuel and Rebeka, Aug. 14, 1711, (page 96)
3 Samuel, s. Samuel and Rebeka, Jan. 26, 1714, (page 96)
4 Rebeckah, d. Samuel and Rebeka, Oct. 1, 1715, (page 96)
5 Elizabeth, d. Samuel and Rebeka, July 8, 1718, (page 95)
6 Hephzibah, d. Samuel and Rebeka, May 12, 1722, (page 65)
7 Robart, s. Samuel and Rebeka, Apr. 25, 1724, (page 96)
8 Susanna, d. Samuel and Rebecca, May 2, 1726, (page 97)
9 Hannah, d. Samuel and Rebecca, Apr. 5, 1729, (page 95)

   Reasons for grouping these:

(1) The records are uniformly of births and not baptisms.
(2) The father's name in each instance is spelled "Samuel."
(3) In each instance the name of both parents are given.

   Further, it is quite evident that Samuell Smith, husband of Phoebe Dow, and Samuel Smith, husband of Rebecca Curtis, were not one and the same person. for the following reasons:

(1) The death of Phebe (Dow) Smith is not of record in Topsfield statistics.
(2) The birth records of the children of Phebe uniformly give the name of the father as "Samuell", while in the records of Rebeckah's children, the father's name appears uniformly as "Samuel".
(3) In the will of Samuel, husband of Rebecca, he mentions daughters and two sons, Samuel and Robert, which corresponds exactly to the records of births to this couple, while



the record of Phebe records another Samuel, a Solomon and a Joseph.

-Submitted by Audentia Smith Anderson, Omaha, Nebr,


   BOSWORTH. Material is being accumulated for a Bosworth genealogy. In the meantime, a very interesting Bosworth Bulletin is being published. Anyone interested in this family should communicate with the compiler, Mrs. Mary Bosworth Clarke, 4131 Randolph Avenue, Oakland, California.


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1. All queries and answers must be signed with the full name and address.
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   62. Lewis-Swartwout. Leonard Lewis was born March 2, 1787, married Rachel Swartwout of Poughkeepsie, New York. They had three children, but only one, Thomas, was mentioned in her father's will: would like the name of the wife of Thomas, also the names of his children, with data.     E. G. W. L.

63. Drury-Keyes. Luther Drury was born 176-, died 1843, married Hannah Keyes, who was born at Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The Revolutionary record of Luther Drury is to be found in the Revolutionary Rolls of Vermont. They had a son, Luther K. Drury. What are the dates for his birth and death and whom did he marry? Minerva Drury married Abraham Hollenbeck. What are the dates of their birth, death and marriage? Minerva Drury's mother was probably born at Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, or Highgate, Vermont, about 1700.         F. B. H. L.


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