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18, 1787, in Hampton, married September 11, 1776, Sarah Emery, daughter of Dr. Anthony Emery of Hampton. August 24, 1775, Colonel Moulton equipped at his own expense the Third New Hampshire regiment. They reinforced General Cates at Saratoga. For his sagacity and efficiency he was commissioned General before the close of the war. The children of General Jonathan Moulton and Sarah Emery were 1 Sally, born June 13, 1779, Hampton, N. H.: died March 30, 1797; married Rev. Huntington Porter
2 Emery, born May 21, 1782 at Hampton, N. H.
3 John Washington, born September 30, 1783, at Hampton, N. H.
4 NATHANIEL THAYER, born 1787 at Hampton, N. H.: died 1870, at Charlestown, Mass., married Lydia Holbrook

   NATHANIEL THAYER5 MOULTON (Jonathan,4 Jacob,3 John,2 John1), born 1787, in Hampton, New Hampshire, died 1870, in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He was captain of the land forces in 1812, at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He married in Portsmouth Lydia Holbrook, daughter of Samuel Holbrook who was with Captain Paul Jones on the Ranger. He received a pension for his services in the Revolutionary War. The children of Nathaniel Thayer Moulton and Lydia A Holbrook, all born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, were:

1 Angelina, born September 27, 1810, at Portsmouth, N. H.: died May 23, 1883, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin; married Jonathan
     F. Pierce
2 Hariett married Henry Nowell of Reading, Mass.
3 Martha married Alfred Stearns of Arlington, Mass.
4 Cordelia married Daniel F. Jones of Arlington, Mass.
5 Buchanan died in Cambridge, Mass. Married Angelina
6 NATHANIEL THAYER died in Beatrice, Nebraska; married Lucretia R. Shaw
7 Arabella died in Arlington, Mass. Unmarried.
8, 9 and 10--two sons and one daughter.

   NATHANIEL THAYER6 MOULTON (Nathaniel Thayer,5 Jonathan,4 Jacob,3 John,2 John1) was born February 28, 1824, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, died September 28, 18--, in Beatrice, Nebraska, married October 25, 1846, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Lucretia Rebecca Shaw, born March 21, 1825, in Portsmouth, died September 25, 1894, in Beatrice, Nebraska. Nathaniel Thayer Moulton was in the ranks of a highly uniformed company of Portsmouth, of the Rockingham



Guards, June 7, 1843, the military company at Bunker Hill monument at Charlestown, Massachusetts, Daniel Webster orator; member of the Congregational church, the Masonic and Knights Templar Commandery for over fifty years. In 1849 he sailed from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to California, crossing the Isthmus of Panama. Children of Nathaniel Thayer Moulton and Lucretia Rebecca Shaw were: 1 Wallace Shaw, born in Portsmouth; New Hampshire: died May, 1918, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; married Annie Waterhouse.
2 Mary Cutter, born in Saco, Maine; married Dr. Edward Eauo Mattocks.
3 Helen Thayer, born in Saco, Maine, married Harry W. Davis.

   MARY CUTTER7 MOULTON (Nathaniel Thayer,6 Nathaniel Thayer,5 Jonathan,4 Jacob,3 John,2 John1) was born in Saco, Maine, married Dr. Edward Eauo Mattocks. They had one son:

1 John Newell Mattocks, born October 5, 1888, married Veva Aline Lea January 1, 1911, by Rev. Savage of Omaha,
     Nebraska. One child, Helen Aline Mattocks, was born November 2, 1892, at Denver, Colorado. Mrs. Veva Aline
     Mattocks died June 23, 1921, at Venice, California. John Newell Mattocks married secondly Eloise Karpe, April 14,
     1925, at Riverside, California.

Contributed by Mrs. Edward E. Mattocks, Beatrice, Neb.


   The name Vickery is spelled Vikarie and Vickarie in the early records, and the first of that name in England, the father of Thomas Vickery, is said to have come from Holland when a young man and settled probably at Alresford, Hants.

   The parish records of the births, marriages and deaths of Bentworth, England, show that Thomas Vickery of Vikarie was born in 1748, for he died there in 1831 at the age of 83 years. He was married on June 14, 1775, to Olive Hockley in Bentworth. She was born in 1756 and died in Bentworth in 1828 at the age of 72. The children of Thomas and Olive (Hockley) Vickery were:

1 WILLIAM, b. May 20, 1779, see below
2 Thomas, b. 1780
3 Sarah, m. Thomas Seddings: d. in London. She was the mother of seven children.



4 Mary, m. Stephen Pithers: d. at Swallowfield, Wilts
5 Maria, b. 1790: d. unmarried in 1821
6 Olive, died unmarried at the age of 27
7 Jane, m. Feb. 10, 1835, John Appleton. She was buried in Bentworth.
8 Harriet, m. 1st Mr. Page; 2nd Mr. Bridger.

   THOMAS2 VICKERY, born in 1780, died in 1842. He married Ann Yalden, who died in 1854. They were well-to-do people and had no family. Their estate was known as East End Farm and was left to Thomas Vickery, the oldest son of William Vickery. According to English law it became the property of William, the oldest living son of Thomas, who disposed of the same. William Vickery, the last owner by the name of Vickery, was living in 1922.

   WILLIAM2 VICKERY (Thomas1) was born May 20, 1779, in Bentworth; died at Windsor, Berks, in 1875. He married first Maria Daniell and had three children:

1 Thomas, b. Aug. 14, 1814, baptized on Aug. 27, 1815.
2 Maria, m. William Whittington
3 Harriet

   William2 Vickery married second on Nov. 5, 1823, Louise Windebank, daughter of John and Mary Windebank. John Windebank was born in December, 1772, and was buried in Bentworth on December 11, 1854. His wife, Mary Windebank, was born in 1778 and died January 15, 1852. She was buried in Bentworth on January 19, 1852. Louise W!ndebank was born in 1800 and died at Bentworth in May, 1870. Their children were:

1 WILLIAM HENRY, b. Aug. 20, 1824. See below
2 Mary
3 George: d. 1829, aged two years

--Contributed by Mrs. C, S. Paine, Lincoln, Nebr.


John Patterson's Family

    JOHN PATTERSON married Sarah Murrin. Their children were:

1 John Tapley married Sarah Morgan



2 Mark married Millie Barbee
3 Sallie married John Barbee
4 Patsy married Lee Bynum

   JOHN TAPLEY PATTERSON married Sarah Morgan. Their children were:

1 Mann married first Polly Barbee, married secondly Polly McCabe
2 Page married Nancy Morgan
3 Millie married Garrett Yeargin.

    MARK PATTERSON married Millie Barbee. Their children were:

1 Milby married Annie Herndon
2 Tapley married Mary Boles
3 Joe
4 Mark married Sallie Rhodes
5 Pansy married Lach Booth
6 Frankie married William Trice
7 Betsey married James Trice
8 Tempy
9 Polly married Abner Connby of Georgia

   JOHN BARBEE married Sallie Patterson. Their children were:

 1 Joseph married Sallie Trice
 2 Mark married Betsey Marsholland
 3 John married Franky Rhodes
 4 Young
 5 William married Sallie Scarlett
 6 Paysy married John Rhodes
 7 Silvy married William Jenkins
 8 Rosy married John Richmon
 9 Eddy married Charles Carroll
10 Sallie married James Williams
11 Betsey married James Rainy
12 Therry married Banjamin Carroll
13 Polly

    LEE BYNUM married Patsy Patterson. Their children were:

1 Mark married Annie Kerney
2 William married Annie Kerby
3 Tapley
4 James married Margaret Stone
5 Patsy married William Snipes
6 Milly married John Parrom



(Continued from April, 1926)


 Compiled by Maude Egbert (White) Cleghorn of Chadron, Nebraska, with
the assistance of a number of interested members of the family

   JANE9 WHITE (Abner,8 Charles7), born April 28, 1815, died May 1, 1905; married October 19, 1887, Horace Butts, born December 16, 1810, died February 22, 1904. He lived at Amenia, New York. Children:

1 Catherine A., b. July 24, 1838: d. Mar. 28, 1912; unmarried. A nurse.
2 Susan F. Butts,* b. May 22, 1842 3 Henry F. Butts,* b. Aug. 22, 1844

   SENECA9 WHITE (Abner8) married Addelade Losee, a sister of Harris Losee. They lived at Millbrook, New York, and moved to Millington, New Jersey. Children:

1 Caroline White
2 Mariett White
3 Myra White who married Joseph Squires, No children
4 Jane White, did not marry
5 A stone in the family plot at Mabbettsville reads,--"An Infant son of Seneca and Adelaide White. Died Dec. 5, 1812, aged
     6 mo. 10 days".

   HARRIETT9 WHITE (Abner8) married Platt S. Thompson. Children:

1 Lewis Thompson enlisted in the Civil War, Engaged in business in St, Louis, Mo., after the war.
2 George Thompson: died young. He and his parents joined the brother Lewis in St. Louis after the war.

   JACOB9 WHITE (Charles,8 Charles7), born November 13, 1799, died July 4, 1842; married Parmela Carman. (information desired.) Children:

1 George W. White who had a son and a daughter
2 Charles C. White, who had a son A. A. White of New York City, and Henry, and a daughter Frances who married a minister.
3 Albert C. White
4 Ann Eliza White
5 Elmira White
6 Maria Ann White
7 Margaret A. White

   GEORGE CORNELL9 WHITE (Chartes,8 Charles7) born April

   *Means more in the next generation.



4, 1804, died in New York City; buried at Hopewell, New York: married Annice Yeomans of Green county, New York. Children: 1 Permila White, born March 26, 1831: died April 10, 1847
2 Charles Deborah White,* born October 25, 1837
3 William H. White, born December 13, 1838: died October 1, 1844
4 Emeline White, born August 30, 1844: died October 24, 1853

   NANCY9 (ANN) WHITE (Charles,8 Charles7), born July 29, 1808, died at Sparks Corners, New York, April 22, 1887; married December 29, 1845, George Sparks, born July 3, 1813, died July 22, 1856. Children:

1 Charles W. Sparks,* born March 31, 1847
2 Violia Sparks, born May 26, 1850: died June 2, 1857, in N. Y. City

   ALFRED9 WHITE (Charles,8 Charles7), born July 3, 1810, died April 3, 1880; married Ann Eliza Brownell of Green county, New York, who died at Millbrook in 1892. He lived at Brinkerhoff, later moving to Poughquag and from there to Fishkill in 1848. The old house there is of considerable historic interest. It was built in 1738 by Col. Brinkerhoff of the British army. It is of native stone, with gables of brick which were brought from Holland. The date appears in the west gable. Gen. Washington is said to have spent a night there. Children:

1 Charles Lewis White: died at age of about 18
2 William H. White*
3 Deborah A. White*
4 Hannah M. White*

   CHARLES9 WHITE (Charles, 8 Charles7 ), born at Cairo, Green county, New York, June 26, 1812, died in New York City December 13, 1889; married May 24, 1843, in New York City, Eleanor Pelser, born December 25, 1824, died January 28, 1908, daughter of William Pelser, who married December 13, 1817, Sarah Ann Statler, born May 22, 1800, died on her birthday in 1881. He lived in New York City, had a farm at Fishkill-on-the-Hudson and a residence also at Sing Sing on the Hudson. Children:

1 Frances Amelia White,* born June 1, 1844
2 Deborah Ann White,* born October 29, 1845
3 Charles William White, born March 14, 1847



4 Georgiana, born Feb. 14, 1858 in New York City. Not married: lives at Southport, Ct.

   SALLIE MARIA9 WHITE (Charles,8 Charles7), born July 2, 1814, in Dutchess county, New York, married there to Isaac D. Tripp; died there and is buried there. Children:

1 Ann Eliza Tripp,* born December 1, 1835
2 Deborah Elizabeth Tripp,* born September 6, 1841
3 Samantha A. Tripp,* born September 9, 1847

   DEBORAH9 WHITE (Charles,8 Charles7), born August 3, 1815, married Nathaniel Brownell, a farmer, son of William Brownell of Green county, New York, who had three brothers who settled in western New York. William had four sons and one daughter, all born in Green county: (1) Nathaniel, (2) Amos, (3) Hiram, whose daughter Eliza lives at No. 11 Forbes street, Poughkeepsie, (4) Henry and (5) Eliza, who married Alfred White, son of Charles and brother of Deborah and Cornelia: Deborah died young and is buried in Hopewell cemetery; her husband then married her sister Cornelia.

   CORNELIA9 WHITE (Charles,8 Charles7), born October 4, 1818, died April 19, 1860; married October 19, 1840, Nathaniel Brownell. They moved to Fishkill about 1855: he died there August 3, 1871. Both are buried in Hopewell cemetery. Children:

1 Charles W. Brownell: died March 29, 1890, buried at Hopewell cemetery.
2 Hiram Brownell,* born June 15, 1847
3 George C., born 1849: died October 7, 1924. Married Margaret Charlock. No children.
4 Myers Brownell,* born September 2, 1853
5 John D. Brownell,* born June 5, 1857

   WILLIAM9 WHITE (Charles,8 Charles7), born February 13, 1823, in Dutchess county, New York, died there April 9, 1886. He was a farmer near Sing-Sing. He married January 1, 1845, Sarah Wilkenson Potter, born June 25, 1824, died October 12, 1873. He married second May 2, 1878, Eliza Biggs, born in 1826, died February 26, 1905. Sarah W. Potter was daughter of Sally Wilkenson and William R. Potter, son of Joseph Bishops Potter, born August 12, 1757, died November 23, 1824, who married December 17, 1781, Annie Knight Sylvester, born November 26, 1761 (See Potter Genealogy in




Lennox Library, New York City). Children: 1 Samantha White, died when small       4 Mary Frances White*
2 Myron White, died when small           5 Charles E. White*
3 Eleanor C. White*

   EGBERT9 WHITE (Henry,8 Charles7), born January 25, 1813, died January 5, 1878. He was a farmer and also had a hotel at Freedom Plains, New York. He married Irene Losee, born January 15, 1815, died March 30, 1892. Children

1 Emily J. White,* born September 20, 1840
2 George White, born September 24, 1841: died September 7, 1842
3 Sarah E. White, born May 18, 1846; did not marry. Living in 1925 at 6 Manitou ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
4 Henry Harrison White,* born June 20, 1848
5 Mary E. White, born May 3, 1854; married Richard T. Monfort. Living in 1925 at 5 Manitou ave., Poughkeepsie. No children.

   HENRY9 WHITE (Henry,8 Charles7), born November 10, 1816, died April 10, 1894. He married July 4, 1849, Catherine McCord, born November 18, 1829, died May 10, 1887. They are buried at Clove, New York. Children:

1 William Henry* White, born January 6, 1851
2 Sarah Lavenia White, born April 11, 1853: died April 28, 1862
3 Leander Wooley White, born March 3, 1857; married January 20, 1881, Annie Morey. No children.
4 Mary Lavinia White,* born October 27, 1864

   CHARLES9 WHITE (Henry,8 Charles7), born May 24, 1824, died March 27, 1889. He lived at Stormville, New York. He married Caroline Van Wyck, born August 20, 1835, died August 7, 1912, daughter of Robert and Caroline (Van Sicklen) Van Wyck. They are buried at Clove, New York. Children:

1 Antoinette White,* born April 19, 1854
2 Sarah Elizabeth White,* born May 21, 1856
3 Harriett White, born May 19, 1862; married March 11, 1886, Sarah C. Vollmer. One child, Arthur W. White, died in infancy

   ESTHER9 WHITE, (Henry,8 Charles7), born November 12, 1825, died January 11, 1877; married September 30, 1841, Nicholas3 Baker (Nicholas,2 Nicholas1), born in 1816, died in 1904 (brother of Cyrus Baker: see elsewhere). Children:

1 Abby Jane Baker, born November 25, 1843: died August 14, 1893; married William Cronk. No children
2 Lavinia B. Baker, born March 23, 1846. Married (1) James Scott, Aug. 31, 1864; (2) James Cronk, March 7, 1878, son of Smith Cronk.



     Lived in Hibernia, later moved to Danbury, Conn. (R. F. D.) No children
3 Nicholas Baker* (the fourth), born July 14, 1850
4 Charles Baker, born March 16, 1853: died September 27, 1855
5 Annie E. Baker, born July 26, 1856: died June --, 1860
6 Sarah Baker,* born June 4, 1857
7 William I. Baker,* born May 17, 1864

   JANE9WHITE (Henry,8 Charles7), born May 25, 1831, died November 5, 1919; married February 2, 1850, Israel Duncan of Union Vale, born April 12, 1827, died September 2, 1902. They lived at Manchester Bridge, New York. Children:

1 Sarah Elizabeth Duncan, born October 10, 1851: died May --, 1855
2 George Duncan, born January 1, 1854. Did not marry
3 Charles Duncan, born August 27, 1859: died December 19, 1917
4 Egbert S. Duncan,* born July 12, 1862

   REBECCA9 WHITE (Oliver8), born May 23, 1816. Died November 12, 1890, buried in Clove cemetery; married Gilbert Van Wyck, born May 29, 1834, died April 6, 1882. Children:

1 Georgiana Van Wyck, born Sept. 5, 1844: died Feb. 29, 1888. Married Frank Humeston (see elsewhere). No children
2 Theodore Van Wyck, born July 14, 1838: died April 30, 1918, buried at the Clove. Married Helen Cline of Saratoga, born May 5,
     1836, died Sept. 23, 1910. Two children died in infancy. Married (2) Emily Shirmer at Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

   ANNIE9 WHITE (Oliver8) married Neilson Waite, born in 1816. Children:

1 Dwight Waite
2 Emma Jane Waite, married ----- Perry, and had a daughter, and a son Fred

   CAROLINE9 WHITE, married Fred Brink. Children:

1 Albert Brink        3 Francis Brink [had two daughters
2 Phennie Brink       4 Cornelius Brink, married a Vail and

   SAMUEL BARLOW9 WHITE (Peregrine,8 Charles7), born November 20, 1811, died April 3, 1896. He married first February 12, 1838, Elizabeth Ann Jewett Hoag, born November 6, 1812, died December 24, 1838; married second January 26, 1841, Mary Ann Butts, born November 18, 1818, died April 12, 1898 (a widow with three children). Children:

1 Morgan C. White,* born February 27, 1842
2 George Jay White,* born September 30, 1852
3 Samuel Barlow White, born April 11, 1857; married Nov. 1, 1878 to Ida A. Foreman, born Feb. 21, 1857, daughter of
     Edward Foreman and Harriett Collins. No children. Live at Wassiac, N. Y.



   PEREGRINE9 WHITE (Peregrine,8 Charles7), born April 3, 1815, married Ann Miller. Children: 1 Romer, born 1834                4 Rachel, born March 20, 1839
2 Salinda, born 1836                5 Frances Cora, born June 4, 1841
3 Charles, born 1837: all died young   6 Delbert

   ALFRED9 WHITE (Peregrine,8 Charles7) married Ruth Deuel Gould, born near Mabbettsville, New York, They moved with their family to DeKalb, Illinois. Children:

1 Peregrine White*        5 Amelia White*
2 Benjamin White*        6 Sarah Barlow White*
3 Delaney White*         7 Mabala White*
4 Melissa White*

   MELVINA9 WHITE (Morris,8 Charles7), born October 11, 1837, married William DeGroff, son of Sarah and William DeGroff. He died March 26, 1856, aged 32 years, 3 months and 1 day; buried at Pleasant Valley. Evidently after his death she went to live with her parents at Mabbettsville, for she is buried in the family plot on the old farm, having survived her husband only about 17 months. She died October 2, 1857, aged 19 years, 11 months and 21 days. Children:

1 Annie DeGroff,* born December 18, 1856 at Mabbettsville, N.Y.

   ANDREW J.9 WHITE (Morris,8 Charles7) married Isabel Dunbar and lived on the old homestead at Mabbettsville. Children:

1 Meda White married Frank Brink (Newburg, N. Y.)
2 Sadie, married Frank Lounsbury; 2 sons, Harold and Ralph
3 John T., married Cora Jones; 4 children: John A., Stanley, Harry, Irene
4 Frank White, not married

   EUNICE WHITE9 EMIGH (Hannah8 White) was born October 12, 1798, according to the cemetery records at Hall's Corners, New York, and died May 16, 1873. She married Nathaniel Brownell, who died in 1825. They are buried at Hall's Corners, near Ballston Spa, New York. Children:

1 Hannah Mary Brownell, died aged 8 years
2 John L. Brownell, who lived at Malta, N. Y., married (1) Harriett Weed and had a son Fred W., who moved to Canada.
     Married (2) Harriett Morey, and had John M., who lived in Malta, N. Y., and had a son named Fred

DANIEL H.9 EMIGH (Hannah8 White) was born September 11, 1801, and died in 1836, when his children were quite




young. He married Rhoda Collins Manney, born September 5, 1801, died February 10, 1892, daughter of John Manney, born December 27, 1763, died "12 A. M." June 25, 1839 (See Manney Bible records elsewhere). Children: 1 Maria Elizabeth Emigh*
2 William Edward Emigh, who never married
3 Caroline Emigh*

   WILLIAM W.9 EMIGH (Hannah8 White) was born October 12, 1805, died July 19, 1875, at Malta, New York. He married Eliza Hall, daughter of Seneca and Rachael Hall and a sister of Rensselaer Hall. They lived at Union Vale, Clove Postoffice, and moved to Malta, New York, about 1844. Eliza Hall was born January 6, 1818, and died February 27, 1870, at Malta, New York. Children:

1 Mary Ann Emigh,* born March 11, 1845
2 John H. Emigh,* born Nov. 19, 1850 

   WILLIAM AITKEN9 WHITE (Isaac8) was born Filkentown (later Mabbettsville), New York. He married October 29, 1835, at Dover Furnace, Phoebe Humphrey Foss, born April 27, 1819, at Dover Furnace, died at Dover Plains November 29, 1893. She was the only child of Rev. Job Foss, a Baptist minister who owned the ore beds and who preached without pay. Through this marriage the ore beds came into the White family. They sold them about 1863 for $52,000 to a man named Steers for a Boston syndicate. William White was a successful farmer, also, and accumulated into one, several farms in his vicinity - the "Hunt" farm, the "Chaperon" farm, the "Taber" farm and the "furnace" farm. They made their home at the "Hunt" farm, and it was here that his father Isaac White died in 1867. Later William A. and his family moved to Dover Plains and lived "next door neighbor" to Mary Cline White, his mother. William A. White was of the firm belief that he was a descendant of the Whites of the Mayflower. Both he and his wife are buried in Valley View cemetery at Dover Plains. Children:

1 Mary Hall White,* born July 16, 1841
2 Ellen Amelia White,* born Oct. 9, 1843
3 John White, died June 7, 1848, aged 2 years, at Dover Plains
4 William John White,* born June 5, 1854

   EUNICE9 WHITE (Isaac,8 William A.7) was born May 13,



1816, at Beekman, New York, died July 13, 1893, at the home of her son, Harry Rogers, at Farragut, Iowa, and is buried at Pleasant View cemetery at Kewanee, Illinois. She married first October 31, 1839, James S. Rogers, born October 14, 1810, died October 31, 1846, son of John Rogers, born April 18, 1768, and Mary Skidmore, born March 9, 1779, daughter of Andrew Skidmore and Judith Burtis, all of Dutchess county, New York [Records from the Rogers Bibles will be found elsewhere]. She married second, also in New York, September 15, 1852, Daniel Baldwin, born December 22, 1810, died October 12, 1874. They moved to Kewanee, Illinois, in 1855, where he was a farmer: died and is buried there. Children: 1 Harrison Rogers," born Feb. 17, 1841
2 Mary C. Rogers, born March 24, 1846: died Oct. 11, 1846
3 James Henry Baldwin,* born August 14, 1853

   ABRAHAM CLINE9 WHITE (Isaac,8 William A.7) was born November 27, 1818, at Beekman, New York, died April 14, 1898, at Kewanee, Illinois, and is buried there. He married at Kewanee (then Wethersfield) June 2, 1847, Martha Talcott Hubbard, daughter of Jeduthan Hubbard, born June 6, 1801, and Abigail Talcott, born in 1806. Both these families were early settlers in Glastonbury, Connecticut, having come there from England about 1635-6. Jeduthan Hubbard was the son of David Hubbard, a soldier in the American Revolution serving in the militia [See page 99 Glastonbury Centennial: Glastonbury for 200 Years, published in 1853]. A. C. White was a farmer by occupation. About 1841 he came west from New York to Illinois, settling at Wethersfield. Here his sons were born and his wife died December 16, 1874. He then made his home in Atchison county, Missouri, where he owned considerable land. He traveled a great deal, having visited Mexico, the Centennial exposition in Philadelphia in 1876, the Paris exposition in 1878 and the Hawaiian Islands. He also traveled in Europe, visiting Italy, Greece, the Holy Land, etc. His last years were spent in California, where he had an olive grove at Wildmar. Children:

1 Edward Hubbard White,* born October 22, 1848
2 James Rogers White,* born July 20, 1851
 (To be continued)





   This sixth day of ninth month One Thousand Eight hundred and eleven, I William White, of the town of Washington, in Duchess County, and state of New York, considering the shortness and uncertainty of time here and being favoured with sound disposing mind and memory, and believing it to be necessary and right to make a Distribution of my outward estate that I am favoured with, by will in the following manner, viz:

   IMPRIMIS: It is my will and I do hereby direct my executors hereafter named, in the first place to collect my money and pay all my just debts and funeral expenses.

   ITEM: I give and bequeath to my loving wife Ruth all the money she has at her command, and all my household furniture as long as she remains my widow, then I give the remainder that she leaves, to my two daughters, Hannah and Ruth, and to my eight grandchildren, the children of my daughter Ruth deceased, viz: John, Silas, Ruth, Hannah Eunice, Henry, Alfred and William, viz: two thirds to my two daughters and one third to my above named eight grandchildren, to be equally divided between them.

   I further give to my said wife, Ruth, the use of my dwelling house, and the use of one equal third part of my farm that I now live on, and one of my best cows and six sheep, during the time that she remains my widow.

   ITEM: I give and bequeath to my son Silas, one hundred Dollars to be paid to him out of the value of my farm & Then I give the residue of my farm whereon I live to my five sons Benjamin, William, David, Joshua, and Silas with all the priviledges and appurtenances thereunto belonging, to be equally divided between them, shear and shear alike, to them and their heirs and assigns forever.

   ITEM: I further give to my said sons Benjamin William, David, Joshua, and Silas all my horses, cattle, and farming utentials, to be equally divided between them.

   ITEM: I give and bequeath to my two grandsons Stephen and Philip Angevine and to my three granddaughters



Clarry Eunice and Catherine Angevine the sum of Fifty Dollars to be divided equally between them and direct my executors hereafter named to pay the same as they arrive to lawful age.

   ITEM: I give and bequeath to my two daughters, Hannah and Eunice and to my eight grandchildren, the children of my daughter Ruth deceased, viz. John, Silas, Ruth, Hannah, Eunice, Henry Alfred and William, all the residue of my estate that is not given away, viz. two thirds to my two daughters and one third to my above named eight grandchildren to be equally divided between them.

   My will and meaning is that if either of my above mentioned children should decease before they receive their legacy, and leaving no lawful issue, that his or her shear be equally divided between the survivours of them.

   It is also my will and meaning that if either of my above named grandchildren should decease before they receive their legacy and leaving no lawful issue that his or her shear be equally divided between his or her brothers and sisters.

   ITEM: I do here nominate, constitute, and appoint my son Benjamin and my son-in-law Silas Deuel my only and lawful executors to this my last will and testament.

   The word "eight" between the eighth and ninth line on this side was interlined before the ensealing of these presents.

   Signed, sealed and published, pronounced and declared by said William White to be his last will and testament in the presence of

Isaac Thorne
William Terry
Robert Coffin

William White
 his mark.

   A mistake was evidently made in the wording of the above will, by Isaac Thorn who drew it up, and Eunice's child did not receive anything from their grandfather's estate. William White evidently meant Thorn to say Eunice in place of Ruth, who died before her father, where he said "to my two daughters Hannah and Ruth, and to my eight grand-



children, the children of my daughter Ruth deceased". Isaac Thorn learned of the mistake, and told Silas Deuel, the husband of William White's daughter Ruth, and he, Silas Deuel, voluntarily paid over to Eunice White's children that part of his wife's portion which he considered would have been theirs had the will been properly drawn.

    There is a military record for this William, Sr., and his son William, Jr., brother of Eunice.

Contributed by Mrs. D. O. Cleghorn, Chadron, Neb.


In possession of John E. Hall, 1129 Third street, Rensselaer, N. Y.

   John Manney and Elizabeth Collins were married Sept. 1, 1796
   Rhoda Collins Manney married Daniel H. Emigh
   John Manney, born Dec 27, 1763, died A. M. June 25, 1839
   Elizabeth Collins, his wife, born Jan. 8, 1774

1. Maria Manney, born June 3, 1797, died Oct. 2, 1816
2. John ----- Manney, born Dec 27, 1799
3. Rhoda Collins Manney, born Sept. 5, 1801, died Feb. 10, 1892
4. Alleda Manney, born Jan. 1, 1802
5. Elizabeth Manney, born March 13, 1807, died Apr. 11, 1832
6. Cynthia Collins Manney, born Apr. 18, 1808, died Apr. 7, 1812
7. Mary Ward Manney, born Apr. 29, 1810, died Feb. 4, 1814
8. Solen [?] Manney, born Feb. 24, 1813
9. George Collins Manney, born Oct. 3, 1815
Winer[?] Manney Senior, born Mar. 21, 1730, died Nov. 26, 1811

   All of Malta, New York.



In possession of William Rogers of Farragut, Iowa

   Hezekiah Rogers married Hannah Vincent (Dutchess county, New York). Children:

 Phebe Rogers married George Johnson.



Margaret Rogers married Peter Johnson [brothers]
Hannah Rogers married Jacob Smith.
Ruth Rogers married James Smith [brothers].
*John Rogers married Mary Skidmore.
Hezekiah Rogers, Jr., married Mary Cornell.
Stephen Rogers [never married].

   John Rogers born April 18, 1768
   Mary Skidmore, born Mar. 9, 1779 Dutchess county, N. Y.)

Phebe Rogers, born Feb. 22, 1798, married Merritt Owen.
Ruth Rogers, born Nov. 17, 1799, married Flagler Brill.
Stephen Rogers, born Oct. 18, 1802, married Caroline Adriance.
Laban Rogers, born Aug. 1, 1805, married Jane Sencerbox.
Hannah Rogers, born Mar. 10, 1808, married Robt. M. Van Kluck.
*James S. Rogers, born Oct. 14, 1810, married Eunice White.
Judith Rogers, born June 8, 1815, died Apr. 10, 1898; married Saml. Augustus Doughty.
Gilbert Rogers, born Oct. 21, 1818, married Naomi Burch.
Maria Rogers, born Mar. 17, 1820, married Lopher Rogers.

   Mary Skidmore was daughter of Andrew Skidmore and Judith Burtis.
   James S. Rogers, born Oct. 14, 1810, married Eunice White, born May 13, 1816. Children:

*Harrison Rogers, born Feb. 17, 1841.
Mary C. Rogers, born Mch. 24, 1846, died Oct. 11, 1846.
James Henry Baldwin, born Aug. 14, 1853

   Harrison Rogers, born Feb. 17, 1841, married Nov. 15, 1877
   Louisa C. Coy, born Mar. 30, 1850 (of Abingdon, Ill.).
   Urban D. Coy, born Sept. 14, 1810, died Feb. 10, 1876.
   Susan P. Coy, born July 19, 1817, died Sept. 25, 1884. Children:

Salinda J. Coy, born Nov. 10, 1834, died Feb. 14, 1879.
David F. Coy, born Oct. 6, 1836, died Aug. 20, 1837.

    *Means more in the next generation.



Hester A. Coy, born July 8, 1838, died Sept. 12, 1839.
Mary M. Coy, born July 20, 1840, died July 10, 1908.
Elizabeth C. Coy, born Jan. 27, 1843, died Dec. 21, 1873.
George C. Coy, born Mch. 30, 1845.
Zachery T. Coy, born Nov. 11, 1847.
Louisa C. Coy, born Mch. 30, 1850.
Henry C. Coy, born Apr. 6, 1852.
William S. Coy, born Nov. 29, 1854.
Charles T. Coy, born July 24, 1857, died Oct. 5, 1914.

   Urban D. Coy and Susan P. Latimer were married Nov. 21, 1833.

Contributed by Mrs. D. O. Cleghorn, Chadron, Neb.



    SALMON WHEELER BEARDSLEY was born Nov. 5, 1759, in North Fairfield, Connecticut; died May 16, 1825, in Eden, New York. He married, in 1784, Abigail Penfield, who was born 1764, died 1850. Salmon Wheeler Beardsley enlisted in the Revolutionary War from North Fairfield, Connecticut, January 13, 1781, to serve three years. His name is last borne on a roll dated May 26, 1783, without special mark relative to his service. He was taken prisoner on Lake Champlain by General Carleton's fleet, a discharge or parole of honor was given to him by General Waterbury. Salmon Wheeler Beardsley and Abigail Penfield had the following children:

 1 Hazard, born November 7, 1784
 2 Elizabeth, born May 28, 1786; married ----- Dayton
 3 Wheeler, born Feby. 26, 1788
 4 Hannah, born June 20, 1790; married ----- Dayton
 5 Sarah, born September 30, 1792; married ----- McKay
 6 Peter, born September 2, 1795; married Mariah B. Miller
 7 Mercy, born April 16, 1797; married Stephen Gladden
 8 Obadiah, born June 7, 1798
 9 Nancy, born February 27, 1800; married ----- Newell
10 Lucy, born July 4, 1802; married - - Wadsworth
11 Sophronia, born February 2, 1805; married Josiah Strong
12 Hyram, born May 7, 1807
13 Demma, born November 8, 1809; married Harvey Janes



   NATHANIEL BINGHAM, son of Nathaniel Bingham by his first wife, was born in Norwich, Connecticut, between 1723 and 1734, died about 1802 in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, of numb palsy, buried there in cemetery of the Presbyterian Church. He married April 19, 1748, Joanna Read. He removed from Norwich, Connecticut, to Chesterfield, New Hampshire, in 1763. His farm was 250 acres and lay half a mile north of that village on the main road toward Westmoreland and Dartmouth College. He built and managed Bingham's Tavern on or near the Weatherbee Hill. When the Revolutionary War broke out, he with his three sons, Elisha, Theodorus and Gustavus, joined the army. These three sons had settled on farms near their father. After their term of enlistment had expired, he with Theodorus and Gustavus returned home. His eldest son, Elisha, had died in camp of camp fever. Nathaniel Bingham was a selectman of Chesterfield 1770 and 1775. In 1771 he was one of a committee to provide a minister. He and his son Theodorus were signers of what is known as the Association Test. He was also representative in the General Court for Chesterfield and Hinsdale(?), 1779-80. He was in a company of Colonel Ashley's Regiment, which went to Ticonderoga, June 29, 1777. He had ten children who all married. Eight were living in 1802. Children of Nathaniel Bingham and Joanna Read were:  1 Eliphas (or Elisha), born July 3, 1749: died of camp fever in Revolutionary war.
 2 Theodorus, born October 3, 1753, in Norwich, Connecticut: died in 1808 in Troy, New York
 3 Gustavus was in a regiment raised in New Hampshire in July and August, 1776, and sent to reenforce the army in New York
 4 Chester
 5 John
 6 Joanna, born October 18, 1751
 7 Patria
 8 Lydia
 9 Harmony
10 Juda

   Erratum. On page 238 of the January number "Edward" Doty should have been David Doty.






Page 1

   John J. [or I.] Snyder and Catharine Milles were married October 30th, 1800.
   John J. [or I.] Snyder, son of John and Margaret Snyder, was born January 2, 1778.
   Catharine Milles daughter of Simeon Cornelius Milles was born February 1, 1780.
   Sarah C. Snyder daughter of John and Catharine Snyder was born April 27, 1821.
   Esq. Edward Tamage was born January 16, 1836.

Page 2

   James S. Morrow and Phebe Z. Hinchman were married July 21, 1828 by Rev. G. Upfold Rector of St. Thomas Church, City of New York.
   James S. Morrow and Sarah Snyder were married February 2, 1838.
   George G. Leonard and Sarah Ferris were married November 29, 1854.

Page 3

   Died December 1, 1828, James Hinchman aged 61 years, 7 months, 9 days.
   Died January 20, 1827, Deadamia Hinchman, wife of James Hinchman, aged 61 years, 9 months, 8 days.
   Catharine Snyder died February 9, 1847.
   John I. Snyder died May 24, 1857 at Providence, Lucerne County, Pennsylvania, aged 79 years, 5 months, 22 days.
   Died February 17, 1830, Alpheus G. Morrow.
   Died Edwin a Morrow aged 2 months.
   Charles M. Morrow died February 21, 1834, aged 10 months.
   James S. Morrow died February 27, 1844, aged 38 years, 11 months, 7 days.
   Sarah Leonard died February 16, 1866, aged 44 years, 9 months, 20 days.

Page 4

   James S. Morrow born March 20, 1805.
   Phebe Z. Hinchman born March 8, 1807.
   Cornelia E. Morrow, daughter of James and Phebe Z. Morrow born June 24th, 1829.
   Alpheus G. Morrow born February 17, 1830.
   Edwin A. Morrow (twin) born February 17, 1830.




   Charles M. Morrow born April 27, 1832.
   Charles Morrow, son of James and Sarah Morrow was born August 26, 1840, died February 3, 1885.
   Helen Morrow, daughter of James and Sarah Morrow, was born May 31, 1843.
   George Ferris was born April 12, 1852.
The following entries were written on an old yellowed paper, which had the appearance of having been clipped from an old Bible.

   Mary Hinchman was born August 4, 1760, and departed this life June 9th, 1764.
   Joseph Hinchman was born August 28, 1762.
   James Hinchman was born April 22nd, 1765.
   William Hinchman was born March 31st, 1767.
   John Hinchman was born April 22nd, 1769.
   Mary Hinchman was born June 27th, 1771.
   Nathaniel Hinchman was born April 28, 1774.
   Stella Hinchman was born October 25, 1788.
   Lesbia Hinchman was born May 10, 1791.



   To Contributors. In sending material to this department, Please observe the following rules:

1. All queries and answers must be signed with the full name and address.
2. In answering queries give the date of the magazine, the number of the query and the signature.
3. Answers should contain proof of information given. Correspondents are requested to accompany each separate query with a two-cent stamp.

   64. Kilpatrick (or Kirkpatrick). Wanted: the names of parents or brothers and sisters of John Kilpatrick, born in Maryland 1788, married Sarah Wallace. They lived in western Pennsylvania, then removed to Ohio, "near Columbus", where he was justice of the peace; was living in Will county, Illinois, in 1850. 1 should be glad to correspond with any descendant.    Mrs. Charlotte T. Luckhurst, 156 Western avenue, Albany, New York.

   65. Henthorn. Wanted: to locate a descendant of John Henthorn, who lived in Union township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania. His widow Mary with sons James and John were living there in 1801.    Mrs. Charlotte T. Luckhurst, 156 Western avenue, Albany, New York.


Let the Nebraska

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Neal F. Mears


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   Ancestries traced, application papers prepared for membership in any society, and family histories and charts compiled and edited.

   Special attention given to cases involving legal action, such as proofs of heirship, investigation of titles to property of the basis of true heirship, etc.
   References and terms on request.
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