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John Carter, I, born 1616, died 1692, married Elizabeth who died in 1691.
Thomas Burnham, Jr., born 1623, died 1694, married Mary Tuttle.
John Blanford, born 1611, died 1687.
Thomas Bradbury, born 1610, died 1695, married Mary Perkins who died in 1700.
Rev. John Wheelwright, born 1592, died 1679, married Mary Hutchison.
Major Robert Pike, born 1615, died 1706, married Sarah Sanders who died in 1679.
Nathaniel Merrill died 1654, married Susannah Willerton.
John Clough, born about 1613, died 1691, married Jane ------.
John Page, died 1687, married Mary Marsh, who died 1696-7.
Thomas Hauxworth died 1642, married Mary ------.
John Whitney, born 1589, died 1673, married Eleanor ------, born 1599, died 1659.
Thomas Coldham of Lynn.
John Washburn, secretary of the Council at Plymouth.
Experience Mitchel, born 1609, died 1689, married Jane Cook.
William Orcutt married Martha ------.
William Hooper, born 1617, died 1678, married Ruth ------.
Ebenezer Tinkham, born 1651, died 1718, married Elizabeth Burrows, born 1654, died 1718.
Anthony Fisher, baptised 1591, died 1671, married Mary ------, born in England.
Richard Everett, born about 1624, died 1682, married Mary Winch. They came to America in the
Lewis Jones of Roxbury, married Ann ------.
Nathaniel Merrill born 1610, died 1655, married Susannah Willerton Clough.
John Blake, born 1640, died 1700, married Bridget ------, who died 1706.
John Guild, born 1649, died 1722, married Sarrah Fisher who was born 1658.
Robert Ware married Margaret Hunting Metcalf.

     Other names appearing in this generation are Walter Tybott, Knight, Hollenbeck, Valance, Jenners, Whitney, Hilton, Griggs, Wheelock (2), Keith, Hill, Cross, Packard, Hall and Whitney (English).





Thomas Drury (1668-1723) and Rachael Rice (1664-   ).
Gershom Flagg (1641- 1690) and Hannah Leppingwell (1646-1724).
John Eames (1642-1733) and Elizabeth Eames ( -1757).
John Carter 2nd (1652-3-1727) and Ruth Burnham (1658-1723-4).
Elias Keyes (1643-   ) and Sarah Blanford.
Richard Bronson (   -1687) and Elizabeth ------ (   -1694).
William Bradbury (1649-1678) and Rebecca Wheelwright (   -1678).
John Stockman (about 1653-1686) and Sarah Pike (1641-1718).
Daniel Merrill (1642-1717) and Sarah Clough (   -1705).
Onesepherus Page (1642-1706) and Mary Hauxworth (1641-1695).
Stephen Flanders (   -1647) and Jane (   -1683).
Thomas Carter and Mary ------.
Richard Whitney (Eng. 1626-  ) and Mary Tybott, married November 16, 1643.
Deacon Samuel Edson, (1612-1692) and Susannah Orcutt (1618-1699).
John Washburn (1620-1686) and Elizabeth Mitchell.
John Hooper and (sic) (1670-1708) and Sarah Hardin (1677-1749).
Seth Fletcher (   -1682) and Mary Pendleton.
Ebenezer Tinkham (1679-  ) and Patience Pratt (1681-1718).
Roger Hill and Sarah Cross.
Samuel Packard, born in England, died 1684 at Bridgewater, Mass.
Edward Hall (   -1670) and Esther ------ .
Cornelius Fisher (Eng.    -1699) and Sarah Everett (1644-1675-6).
Jonathan Whitney (Eng.    -1702) and Lydia Jones (Eng.).
Daniel Merrill and Sarah Clough, parents of Ruth (Merrill) Page.
Robert Blake (1676-1735) and Sarah Guild (1683-1757).
Robert Ware and Sarah Metcalf.

     Other names appearing in this generation are Knight, Hollenbeck, Valance, Jenners, Whitney, Hilton, Griggs and Wheelock.

Contributed by Mrs. F. B. Hollenbeck, Lincoln, Nebraska.

(To be continued)

Bierer-Berry Family

     JOHN M. BIERER1, (pronounced as though spelled Beer-y, German spelling was Buehrer) with his wife and three sons left Wurtemburg, Germany, for the United States, and sailed from Amsterdam in May, 1804. The ship on which they sailed was driven from its




course by storms and later was becalmed for several weeks in the vicinity of the West Indies. Here a tropical sickness caused the death of many of the passengers, John M. Bierer being one who lost his life. Later his wife and three sons landed at Baltimore, Maryland, arriving there in October, 1804. John M. Bierer had been an officer in the German army and his wife, Barbara Muller, was a great granddaughter of Frederick the First, King of Prussia. As a result of their marriage he was compelled to leave the army and finally thought it best to leave the country entirely. After landing at Baltimore the mother and three sons started out on foot to cross the mountains and eventually reached Pleasant Unity, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. On this long journey on foot the mother was unable to keep up and the sons had to carry her a considerable part of the way. The family later located at Greensburg, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, where the eldest son engaged in the butchering business for a good many years. The three sons of this couple were:


John M. Bierer, jr., born 1782.


Frederick Bierer.


Everhardt Bierer.

     JOHN M. BIERER, Jr2. (John1) was born in Germany in 1782. Married in Westmoreland county, Pa., in 1805, to Barbara Holtzinger, a daughter of Jacob Holtzinger, or Holtzer, who had served as a Lieutenant in the Flying Camp, Pennsylvania Militia, during the Revolutionary war. Jacob Holtzinger was captured at the Battle of Long Island August 27, 1776, and held prisoner until exchanged July 8, 1778. (See Pa. Archives, 6th Series, Vol. 2, pp. 321, 437-38, 594, 599 and 600; 5th Series, Vol. 4, p. 327. History of Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1906, Vol. 3, p. 32, Pension Bureau Records.) John M. Bierer2 was enrolled in the company of Captian (sic) Griffith Clark, in the 19th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 13th Division, Pennsylvania Militia, during the War of 1812. (See Pa. Archives, 6th Series, Vol. 7, pp. 711-712.) John M. and Barbara Holtzinger Bierer are said to have had ten children (one account says fourteen), but names of only eight are known to this writer, as follows:


John M. Bierer, born October 24, 1807.


Luke Bierer.


Amos Bierer.


DAVID BIERER, born 1809, died 1855.


Marie Bierer.





Salome Bierer, married Alexander H. Pool, sr.


Sophia Fredericka Bierer.


Charlotte Bierer.

     FREDERICH BIERER2 (John1) was born in Germany in 1791, died June 7, 1854. He engaged in the butchering business in partnership with his brothers for many years and eventually retired from that business and took up the business of farming at Hannastown, Pa. He continued as a farmer until his death, at which time he was the owner of about five hundred acres of land, well equipped with fine stock. He was a fine neighbor, a member of the Lutheran church and also a member of the Masonic Order. He married Elizabeth Lafferty, a daughter of James Lafferty of Connellsville, Pa., and they were the parents of twelve children:


Barbara M. Bierer.


John L. Bierer.


Mary Bierer.


Frederick C. Bierer, doctor, moved to Illinois. Served in Civil war.


Elizabeth Bierer.


Bathsheba Bierer.


Ambrose Bierer.


Hannah Bierer.


SAMUEL W. BIERER, born August 30, 1830.


George E. Bierer.


Catherine Welty Bierer, born September 16, 1834.


Sarah Bierer, died In her fifth year.

Contributed by Charles H. Berry, Minneapolis, Winn.
(To be continued.)

"Salisbury" White Lineage

(See page 237 January 1926 Magazine)

     Eunice White, daughter of William and Ruth White, married about 1780 William White of Mabbettsville. She was born at Washington Hollow June 29, 1762, and died Feb. 29, 1816.

     The first mention we find of this family is found in the History of Salisbury, Conn., by the Salisbury Association. "William White, an Englishman, settled at Weatog, now Salisbury, Conn., about the year 1720. It appears that two other families, the Van Duzens and the Dutchers, both Dutch, settled there about the same time. William White died in 1750, aged 85, hence he was born in 1665." His will (in possession of Mrs. C. 0. Miller,. 60 Urban St., Stamford,




Conn.) was dated Jan. 1740-45. He names his children: George, William, Joshua, BENJAMIN, Isaac and Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Bellowes of Salisbury.

     Benjamin White moved to Washington, Dutchess Co., N. Y., about 1748-9, as evidenced by the "letter" issued him by the Nine Partners Quaker Church when he joined them: "At our monthly meeting held at the Nine Partners this 16th day of the fifth month, 1748-9, this may certify to all whom it may concern, that our friend, Benjamin White, of Salisbury is esteemed and received among us as a friend, or one of the people called Quaker. Signed at said meeting


Joseph Haight.

Isaac Thorn.

George Soule.

Joseph Cangeten.

David Akin.

William Moore.

George Soule.

Nehemiah Reynolds.

Aaron Haight.

William Palmer.

Joseph Reynolds."

     There are many records of this transaction in the vicinity of Salisbury:

     June 5, 1739, at Salisbury William White deeds to his son Benjamin, a piece of land. This is witnessed by Joshuaa White and Isaac White.

     March 29, 1743-4 Benjamin White buys from Thomas Newcomb of Salisbury, half of a certain sawmill in Salisbury, and half of the stream and the liberty to build dams. This document is witnessed by Peter Pratt and Samuel bellowes (not capital "b"), before Nath. Skinner, J. P.

     April 21, 1740, Jos. Puttle of New Haven, in colony of Conn., gives Benjamin White of Salisbury, Conn., in the same county, the power of attorney to act for him "at our proprietors meeting" the first Wednesday in May, 1740. Signed: Joseph Tuttle, before Samuel Beebe and Isaac White.

     Benjamin White, in his will made Jan. 6, 1763, at Washington, Dutchess Co., and proved March 6, 1764, left the farm on which he was living at the time of his death, to his sons William and Andrew.

     From "Silas White" Bible records we learn:
William White was born April 19, 1732.
Ruth White, his wife, was born Feb. 28, 1729.





Hannah White, born June 30, 1757, married Silas Deuel.


Benjamin White, born November 18, 1758, married Chloe Deuel.


William White, born December 4, 1760, married Johanna ------.


EUNICE WHITE, born June 29, 1762, married WILLIAM A. WHITE.


David White, born October 29, 1764, married ------ Lapham.


Joshua White, born September 3, 1766, married Phebe Deuel.


Cathereen White, born July 21, 1768, married Philip Angevine.


Silas White, born February 7, 1770, bachelor, died November 2, 1849.


Ruth White, born February 17, 1772, married Timothy Tripp.

Contributed by Mrs. D. 0. Cleghorn, Chadron, Nebraska,

     To Contributors: In sending material to this department, please observe he following rules;

     1. All queries, and answers must be signed with the full name and address.

     2. In answering queries give the date of the magazine, the number of the query and the signature.

     3. Answers should contain proof of information given. Correspondents are requested to accompany each seperate query with a two-cent stamp.


LANE. Information wanted concerning the Lane family. Dennis D. Lane, Charles Lane, Frank Lane and Ellen Lane lived in Omaha, Nebraska, from 1859 to 1876. The first known place of residence of the family was in New York State.
     Dennis D. Lane was born in 1817 in County Limerick, Ireland. He died about August 2, 1864, and was buried August 6, in Ludwig Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio. He married in Fremont, Ohio, in 1844, Mary Catherine Young, daughter of John C. Young, who emigrated from Germany to Buffalo, New York. She was born in 1817 in Alsace Lorraine and died January 13, 1908, in Toledo, Ohio; buried in Calvary Cemetery, at Fremont, Ohio. Their children were:


Johanna, born 1845, died in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1874, buried in the old German Catholic Cemetery in South Omaha. She was married about 1868 at Fremont, Ohio, to ------ Downs.


John, born July 27, 1848, died young.


Dannel, born October 23, 1852, died young.


Dennis William, born November 21, 1853, married 1874 at Omaha, Nebraska, Mary Ellen McDevitt, daughter of Charles McDevitt and Ellen Biglau of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Charles McDevitt was born in 1822, and was killed by a falling tree at Warrenstown, Pennsylvania, in 1854.


Frank A., born in 1856, married Louisa W. Scheurer. They reside at Adrian, Michigan.


Charles Walter, born 1858.


Mary, born 1859, died 1871 in Omaha, Nebraska, buried in the old




Catholic Cemetery at South Omaha.


Ellen, (or Helen) born 1862, died December, 1891, at Toledo, Ohio; buried in Fremont, Ohio, Catholic Cemetery. She married May 27, 1897, Joseph Travis Kelly.
     (Kathryn Lane Daly, 819 City Nat'l Bk. Bldg., Omaha, Nebraska.)


STERLING. Wanted, the ancestry of Mary Sterling who married Benjamin Graves, who was born in Colchester, Conn., in 1699. She died before February 18, 1877. They had seven children: Mary, Benjamin, Lydia, Dorothy, Sterling, Roswell and Ruth.


STERLING. Wanted, the ancestry of Mary Sterling who was the first wife of Benjamin Graves, who was born in Concord, Mass., in 1676 or 1677, and whose children were Benjamin, Ruth, Mary, Jonathan and Jedediah. The second wife of this Benjamin Graves was Mary Haynes and they had eight children.


WARNER. Wanted, the ancestry of Elizabeth Warner who married March 27, 1782, Elijah Graves, who was born in East Haddam, Conn., April 23, 1760, and who served in the Revolution. Elijah Graves died October 22, 1823. Elizabeth Warner died in January, 1832. Their children were: Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joseph, Dolly, Mary, Hannah, Elijah, Sterling and China, or Chinese.


RANSON. Wanted, the ancestry of Mary Ranson who married the Revolutionary soldier, Benjamin Graves, who was born 1733 or 1734 and whose children were: Elijah, Dolly, Sterling and Molly.

(Mrs. L. M. Troup, Lincoln, Nebraska.)


CHASE. Olive Chase and James Norton were married at Tisberry, Martha's Vineyard, April 26, 1783. She had a brother, Tom Chase, born in .1755 who served under John Paul Jones. Who were their parents? When were their parents married; how many children did they have and when were they born?


NORTON. Silvester Norton and three adult sons, James, Ransom and Zebulon, came from Martha's Vineyard and settled in Livermore, Maine, in 1783. When was Silvester Norton married? Who was his father? When and where was his father born and married? When, and where did he die?

(Mrs. H. N. Jackson, Beatrice, Nebraska.)

In the January, 1927, Issue of The Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record on page 2 the date of marriage of Elizabeth Ann Vickery and George L. Sibley should read "January 4, 1874".



Let the Nebraska

Genealogical Society advise
you in regard to completing
your family lineage, copying
your genealogical records,
filling out your application
blanks in all patriotic socie-
ties, etc.

Family Charts, five genera-
tions, price ten cents; ten
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Coat-of-Arms in colors for





Printing of genealogical booklets

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Clean  Workmanship.



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  The business meeting will begin at one-thirty o'clock.
  If you cannot attend the luncheon, please attend the
                         business meeting.

*If possible, reservations for the luncheon should be made the day before with Mrs. W. S. Whitten, 1624 So. 23rd street. Phone F211.

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