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lives. Jasper Sexton served as a sergeant in the Revolution in various enlistments. (b) He died, May 28, 1798, and is buried beside his mother in the Bow Wow Cemetery near Sheffield. (c) His name is almost always spelled "Sexton."

   Children of Jasper5 and Martha (Keyser) Saxton:

     i. John, b. Mar. 11, 1760.
    ii. Asher, b. Apr. 3, 1762
  iii. Frederick, b. Nov. 17, 1764; d. Mar. 4, 1763; a surveyor Vermont and New York; probably did not
        marry. Saxtons River in southeastern Vermont is said to have been named for him.
   iv. Diadimia, b. Apr. 5, 1767.
    v. Lucina, b. Aug. 12, 1769.
   vi. Philander, b. Oct. 16, 1772.
  vii. Daniel, b. Jan. 11, 1775; shipped from New London, Conn., for a foreign port and never heard from again;
        not marrried so far as known.
 viii. Phebe, b. Dec. 31, 1777.

   6. FREDERICK4 SEXTON [or SAXTON] (James3-2 George1) was born at Sheffield, Massachusetts, May 22, 1748. He married Rhoda Messenger, born Feb. 27, 1750, daughter of Nehemiah Messenger. Before the American Revolution he settled in what is now Chittenden County, Vermont, but after Montgomery's defeat at Quebec in 1775-6, the settlement was abandoned. (d) Frederick Saxton had already returned to Sheffield, from which town he served in various enlistments as a sergeant. (b) By 1783 he had returned to Vermont and had settled at Burlington, where he was known as Colonel Saxton. (e) In 1787, 1788, and 1789 he was elected selectman and in 1790 he was on the committee to divide the town into school districts. The first jury trial in Chittenden County, John Collins vs. Frederick Saxton, was decided against him. (f) In 1790 he removed to Shelburne, Vermont. On April 28, 1796, Colonel Saxton with three others, started across Lake Champlain in a log canoe. It is said that he was taking a load of grain to mill. When about a mile from shore the canoe sank and the bodies were never recovered.(g) His widow Rhoda died March 5, 1813.

   Children of Frederick 4 and Rhoda (Messenger) Saxton: (h)

    i. Nehemiah, b. Jan. 20, 1771.
   ii. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 23, 1773.

   (b) Massachusetts Revolutionary War Rolls, Vol. 13, p. 889.
   (c) Bow Wow Cemetery [Records], (Boston Evening Transcript, Note 1162, Jul. 31, 1916, Aug. 2, 1916, Aug. 9, 1916.)
   (d) Abby Maria Hemenway, Vermont Historical Gazetteer, Vol. I, p. 456.
   (e) Ibid, p. 493.
   (f) Ibid, p. 466.
   (g) Ibid, p. 868.
   (h) The notes of Howard N. Saxton refer to a family Bible which was owned by Colonel Frederick Saxton.


  iii. Abalena, b. July 22, 1775.
  iv. Lavana, b. Apr. 13, 1777; d. Aug. 9, 1778.
   v. Horace, b. July 13, 1779.
  vi. James, b. Apr. 27, 1784.
  vii. Rhoda, b. Oct. 31, 1787
 viii. Louisa, b. Dec. 2, 1790

  7. ALANSON5 SAXTON (James4-3-2 George1) was born at Sheffield, Massachusetts, January 15, 1752. He married Susannah Doty, born April 2, 1753, daughter of Silas and Susannah (Bump) Doty of Sharon, Connecticut, and a descendant of Edward Doty, the signer of the Mayflower Compact. For a time they lived at Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York, and during the Revolution he served in the Albany County Militia. In 1793 Alanson Saxton with two others organized a Presbyterian church in a log house at what is known as Mount Pisgah.(i) This was the first church organization in the town of Rensselaerville. He removed after 1790 to Windham, Greene County, New York, where he died April 22, 1809. (j) His widow Susannah died probably at Jewett, Greene County, New York, May 30, 1832. (j)

  Children of Alanson and Susannah (Doty) Saxton:
     i. Gilbert, b. 1175. (j)
    ii. Sarah, b. 1778; d. 1779.(j)
   iii. Mary, b. Apr. 19, 1780, m. Eli Parker Robinson; their son Lucius Robinson (1810-1891) was governor
        of the State of New York, 1877-79.
   iv. William, b. 1782. (j)
    v. Diadama, b. Jan. 16, 1785
   vi. Agnes, b. 1786. (j)
  vii. Rebecca, b. 1787. (j)
 viii. James, b. 1789. (j)
   ix. Silas, b. May 11, 1791.
    x. Alanson, b. 1793. (j)
   xi. Susan, b. Nov. 3, 1795; d. at Newstead, Erie Co., N. Y., Feb. 5, 1864; m. at Jewett, Greene Co., N. Y.,
        June 17, 1819, Calvin Ford, who was born Aug. 7, 1797, died at Newstead, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1882. (j)

  8. EBENEZER5 SAXTON (James4-3-2 George1) was born at Sheffield, Massachusetts, January 1, 1754. He married Hannah Loomis, born January 16,1753, daughter of Isaac Loomis of Windsor, Connecticut. He served in the Revolution. In 1790 he was living at Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York

(i) Parker's Landmarks of Albany County, New York, p. 467.

(j) The data marked (j), published Dec. 11, 1929, in the Saint Johnsville, New York, Enterprise and News, and contributed by Mrs. John H. Waggoner, Buffalo, N. Y., were brought to the attention of the compiler after this number of the Record had gone to press, and as they furnish the death dates of Alanson and Susannah (Doty) Saxton, and more complete information as to the names of their children and dates of their birth, we gladly give them subject to future verification.


and by 1794 he had removed to Monkton, Vermont, where the births of his children were recorded. In 1813 he was living at Pocock [now Bristol], Vermont, when the Methodists held meetings at his home. (k) He died there, September 10, 1828 and his widow Hannah died May 4, 1843.   Children of Ebenezer 5 and Hannah (Loomis) Saxton: (l)
     i. James b. Sept. 19, 1778.
    ii. Jehiel, b. Aug. 7, 1780.
   iii. Frederic, b. Feb. 2, 1783.
   iv. Mary, b. Apr. 29, 1787; m. James Wadle; lived at Bristol, Vt.
    v. Asa, b. Mar. 9, 1790; killed by a tree, Oct. 23, 1794.
   vi. Betsy, b. May 28, 1793.
  vii. Henry, b. May 23, 1795.
 viii. [?] Ebenezer [?], b. June 2, 1797.

  9. WILLIAM5 SAXTON (James4-3 2 George1) was born at Sheffield, Massachusetts, December 25, 1755. In May, 1778 he married Mary Betts, born at Norwalk, Connecticut, October 16, 1756, daughter of David and Mary (Raymond) Betts. Before his marriage he had served in the Revolution in various enlistments. (m) When he enlisted in 1871 his wife and baby went home and lived with her father until the War was over. According to his enlistment papers he was then 25 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches in height, with black hair and dark complexion. (m) He died, March 12, 1832, at Westville, Middlefield Township, Otsego County, New York.

  Children of William5 and Mary (Betts) Saxton:
    i. John, b. Jan. 27, 1780
   ii. Raymond, b. Jan. 28, 1786; d. Apr. 12, 1797.
  iii. Polly, b. Apr. 12, 1790; d. July 29, 1814.
  iv. Sally, b. Mar. 14, 1794; d. Aug. 12, 1797.
   v. Hannah, b. Aug. 13, 1795; m. Dec. 31, 1818, Harvey Jewell, son of Whitney and Abigail (Salisbury)
       Jewell of Milford, N. Y.
  vi. Sally [or Sarah], b. July 29, 1799; m. about 1821 German North, son of Daniel and Mary (Hicks) North;
       d. Milford, N. Y., May 28, 1844.

  JAMES5 SAXTON (James4-3-2 George1) was born, November 26, 1758, at Sheffield, Massachusetts. He married Huldah -----, June 12, 1780. She seems to have been a member of a New York family that lived along the Hudson River. This was undoubtedly the James Saxton family living at Hillsdale, New York in 1790. By 1806 they were living at Butternuts [now Gilbertsville], Otsego County, New York,

   (k) Abby Maria Hemenway, Vermont Historical Gazetteer. Vol. 1, p. 21.
   (l) Birth records of all these children except Ebenezer on file in office of Seeretary of State, Montpelier, Vt. The identity of Ebenezer seems to the compiler as being for the present uncertain.
   (m) Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, Vol. 13, pp. 890-891, 1024.

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being on the membership list of the Baptist Church for that year. James Saxton died, August 24,1831, at Pomfret, Chautauqua County, New York. In 1838 his widow Huldah was granted a pension for her husband's Revolutionary services. She died at Belvidere, Illinois, November 1,1848.   Children of James5 and Huldah (----) Saxton:
     i. Calvin, b. Oct. 12, 1782.
    ii. Asa, b. Feb. 4, 1784.
   iii. Sarah, b. Oct. 9, 1785.
   iv. Fanna, b. Oct. 21, 1787.
    v. Daniel, b. Mar. 11, 1790.
   vi. John, b. Oct. 24, 1792.
  vii. Clarrissa, b. Oct. 10, 1796.


Contributed by Major John Bailey Calvert Nicklin,
Signal Mountain, Tennessee

(Note: the following text is single spaced in the original)


  1653. Richard Brown, aged 35 years or thereabouts, deposes. (Book 1, p. 3)

  Mar. 10, 1655. Gabriel Odyear assigned his patent for 450 acres to William Stradder. Mary Odyear assigned her share of the said patent to William Strader, Mar. 8, 1665. (Book 1, p. 23.)

  Mar. 10, 1655. Mary Calvert, widow of Sampson Calvert, Clerke, dec'd renounced administration of her husband's estate. (Deeds, Wills & Patents, Book 1, p. 52) June 20, 1656. Mary Calvert, aged 36 years or thereabouts, appears. (Ibid, p. 57)

  Oct. 30, 1655. Henry Brooke, Shipwright, assigned 100 acres to Richard Cole and David Anderson. (Wills & Deeds, Book 1, p. 19.)

  Mar. 31, 1658. Henry Brooke to his daughter Lydia, wife of Lawrence Abbington. (Deeds, Wills & Patents, Book 1, p. 100.)

  Aug 20,1658. Thomas Wilsford to his daughter-in-law [stepdaughter?] Sarah Browne, daughter of Margaret Wilsford als Browne. (Ibid, p. 112)

  Oct. 9, 1661. Mention of Thomas, son of William Stradder. (Deeds, Wills & Patents, Book 2, p. 55.)

  Feb. 3, 1662. The will of Henry Brooke. Wife, Joane [Jane]; daughter Dorothy; daughter, Jane Higdon, wife of Richard; grand child, Lydia Abbington. (Wills & Deeds, Book 1, p. 19.)

  June 26, 1663. William Storke, aged 39 years or thereabouts, deposes. (Book 1, p. 201.)

  Oct. 28, 1663. Jane Brooke, widow of Henry Brooke, dec'd. (Order Book 1662-64, p. 17.)

  1663. Mrs. Jane Brookes, patent of 450 acres of land, for the transportation of these persons following: Lawrence Tompkins, Robert Corknell, Thomas Webb, Thomas Wilkerson, Joyce Axell, Daniel Liss [on], William Butler, Thomas Moore. (Ibid, p. 35.)

  Dec. 28, 1670. Richard Brown to his son, Original, one-half of the land wherein he is possessed. (Deeds & Wills, Book 1, p. 382.)

  Aug. 26, 1674. Deposition of Meredith Price, aged 30, and of Mary Price, aged 20 years. (Deeds, Patents, Accounts, etc., 1665-77, p. 196.)

  May 16, 1677. Original Browne due 300 acres of land for the transportation of these persons: Joseph Roberts, Robert Melton, William


Brown, William Morgan, Elizabeth Constant, Elizabeth Harris. (Order Book 1675/6-1688/9, p. 7.)

  Jan. 28, 1679/80. Administration on the estate of John Berryman granted to Mrs. Jane Berryman, executrix. (Ibid, p. 176.)

  July 28 1680. Judgement granted to Jane Berryman, Relict of John Berryman dec'd who [had?] intermarried with the relict of Thomas Butler dec'd. (Ibid, p. 183.)

  1691. Deposition of Original Brown, aged 43 years or thereabouts. (Deeds & Wills, Book 2, p. 6.)

  Mar. 25, 1713. Deposition of Mrs. Mary Watts, aged 33 years or thereabouts. (Book 5, p. 127.)

  Apr. 29, 1713. The will of John Jones. Sons. Nathaniel and Charles; daughters, Eliza, Sarah and Anne. (Ibid, p. 155.)

  Mar 30, 1714. Deed between Sarah Howson Calvert, Thomas Porter and Anne his wife (which Sarah, Thomas and Anne are of the County of Stafford) to John Pratt 200 acres in West Moreland County, part of a patent granted to Robert Howson for 450 acres, April 15, 1667. (Ibid, p. 253.)

  Feb. 22, 1726. Thomas Thornton, son of Luke, and Mark, grandson of Luke Thornton. (Will Book 8, p. 75.)

  May 31, 1727. Inventory of Mr. William Storke, Gent., dec'd, of Stafford County, in a letter from Capt. Thomas Newton. Elizabeth Storke, his widow, £204, 12sh., 1d., amount of appraisement of his estate. (Inventories, 1723-1746, p. 70.)

  Mar. 30, 1756. The will of William Price, Surveyor, mentioned land bought by his father [John Price] from A. Bland. (Book 12, p. 316.)

  Nov. 8, 1762. Deed between John Ashton and Mary, his wife, on the one part, and Robert Massey of the Parish of Hanover in the County of King George, on the other. (Book 14, p. 204.)

  Apr. 1, 1767. John Ashton the younger to his sister, Mrs. Mary Wray of the town of Hampton, a gift of "a negro wench named Winney and her two children, Ben and Jenny." (Ibid, p. 555.)

  Aug. 27, 1782. Edward, Flizabeth and William, orphans of William Porter, dec'd. John and Gerrard Hutt, guardians. (Fiduciary Book, p. 130.)

  Mar. 4, 1785. Walter Jones, Doctor of Physic, and Alice, his wife, to Catesby Jones. (Book 19, p. 255.)

  Mar. 23, 1796. Deed between Charles Ashton and Peggy Ashton, his wife. (Ibid, p. 158.)


  May 7, 1690. William Starke and Thomas Grimsley, agreement that Grimsley be Constable in place of Starke for the ensuing year. (Book 1686-1692, p. 162.)


  June 5, 1695. Francis Thornton, a Gentleman, Justice. (Order Book 2, p. 55:)


Abstracts by Mrs. Anna (Turley) Noland,
Genealogist, Richmond, Kentucky

  In 1790 Madison County included the present counties of Madison, Owsley, Jackson and Clay, and portions of Garrard,


Eistil, Rockcastle, Lee, Breathitt, Perry, Leslie, Bell and Harlan counties. In 1790 this area had a white population of 5035. The District of Kentucky was at that time a part of the State of Virginia.

  WM. HOY, County of Madison, Dist. of Ky. Wife, Sarah; daughter, Betsy South; my son Roland, 180 A. in Co. Bourbon. I give to Humphrey Tundstall 200 acres, division made between Caleb Coloway, James McMullen and myself in partnership. I give unto eight of my children, viz., Roland, Jones, Dosia, Kezia, Wm. Fanna, Celia, Thania, all lands and negroes with the increase of Dol and Sarah to be equally divided among them as they come of age or marry. My will is that when these last children's proportions is equivalent with what I have given to Betsy South, that she come in for an equal share of the remainder of my estate. Son Rowland Hoy, John South, and Richard Tundstall as executors. Mar. 1, 1790. Witss., Wm Jones, Wm Holland, John X [his mark] Rush. Probated Apr. 7, 1790. (p. 8.)

  JAMES I. DOZIER of Madison Co., Dist. of Ky. Names son Zachariah Dozier and his heirs, daughter Elizabeth Davis and her daughter Rebecca Davis. To Rebecca Scott and husband the land on which they live and to their son James Scott. To my daughter Sarah Montgomery land adjoining land to David Scott and to their son Thomas Montgomery. My son Leonard Dozier. I give to Susanah Crews and her husband Elijah Crews land near Lewis' Mill. My son James Dozier. My son Thomas Dozier. My son John Dozier land on Hardin's Run. Grandson John Cash. My wife Martha and after her death plantation to be for Thomas Dozier. Then remainder to five sons. Leonard Dozier and Zachariah Dozier, exors. Oct. 21, 1790. Witss. Aaron Lewis, Benj. South, Waldon South. Probated, May 3, 1791. Wm. Irvine, C. M. C. (p. 27.)

  JOSEPH McKINNEY of Madison Co., State of Va. Appoint my trusty friend James Crawford of Madison Co. to be my executor. To my well beloved Henry all my lands in Ky and N. C. [saying John is his brother]. To my four sisters 50 pounds in N. C. currency. To my honored mother my negroes during her widowhood. Sisters Hannah and Elizabeth. Brother Henry McKinney. May 6, 1790. Witss., George Adams, John Adams, James Barnett. N. B. I will to John M---ell my saddle and good bridle and my hat. Probated July 5, 1791 (p. 30.)

  WILLIAM MASON, Oct. 28, 1793. My exors. to inter my body in grave yard of Silver Creek Meeting House. Wife Isabella; daughter Mary Mason; son John Mason; daughter Isabella; son James Mason; daughter Jane Mason. I give and bequeath to child unborn, 135 pounds if a boy, if a girl 35 pounds cash. All land to which I have claim is in the State of Va., County of Abot---? [blurred]. Of this land my brother James Mason is invested with full power to dispose, etc. My trusty friends and brothers and my well beloved wife, John Cochran and Mathew Scott, exors. Witss., John Couchron, Wm Black. Probated Dec. 3, 1793. (p. 57)

  PHILEMON KAVANAUGH, dec'd appraisement of estate Oct. 1, 1787, by John Miller, Haile Talbot, James French. Recorded Dec. 1794. (p. 72.)

  THOMAS SHELTON, dec'd appraisement of estate May 9, 1794, by Thomas Collins, Wm Kavanaugh, Robt. Covington. Recorded Dec. 2, 1794. (pp. 74-75.)

  BARTLETT SEARCY of Granville Co., N. C. Wife Lucy. My estate until all my children are raised and my youngest child if living arrives at 15 years; then estate to be sold and equally divided between wife and children. Exors., wife Lucy, my son Samuel, John Williams, Esq.,


& Reuben Searcy. July 28, 1780. Witss., Elizabeth X [her mark] Searcy, Leonard X [his mark] Hays, Thomas Searcy, Reuben Searcy.
   Granville Co., N. C. Nov. 1784. Lucy Searcy and Reuben Searcy qualified as exors. to Bartlett Searcy dec'd. Feb. 1785 Samuel Searcy qualified as exor.
   Madison Co., Ky. Probated Mar. 3, 1795. (p. 81.))

  SAMUEL CLOYD of Montgomery Co., Va. Elizabeth my wife the estate and then to Nenyon Cloyd in case he is alive; then to Nenyon Cloyd's son Thomas and his heirs. Exors., wife Elizabeth and Joseph Cloyd. Feb. 1789. Witss. G. Cloyd, James Cloyd, Thomas Cloyd. Probated, Madison Co., Ky., May 5, 1795. (p. 88.)

  THOMAS CAMPBELL, dec'd appraisement of estate Oct. 13, 1796, by John Snoddy, Jesse Clark, James Dinwiddie. (p. 148.)

  DAVID GILLASPIE of Madison Co., Ky. Wife Betsy. Daughter Patsy Gillaspie. Bequeath unto Ephraim Musick and my daughter Winnie Musick his wife. Bequeath to Thomas ------- and my daughter Nancy his wife. My son John Gillaspie; son David Gillaspie; son James Gillaspie; daughter Patsy Gillaspie; son Benjamin; daughter Polly Guthridge. Exors., wife Betsy, Ephraim Musick, Joseph Barnett. Mar. 1, 1811. Witss., Joseph Barnett, Ephraim Musick, Ephraim Sinkins, Patsey Gillaspie. Probated, May 1813. (p. 693.)

  JOHN KINCAID, Madison Co., Ky., advanced in age. Beloved wife. Son-in-law Wm Baird 10 shillings. To John and Sarah Barksdel. Grand son John the son of James Kincaid, land in Mercer Co. on Salt River to be disposed of by his father for his education except fifteen pounds from lands. To Samuel Jamison for the education of his son Joseph when 10 years old. To my two oldest sons John and James the tract of land whereon I once lived lying in Washington Co., Va., on Clinch River to be equally divided between them. My books to John. To my two youngest sons David and Moore. Daughters Ruth and Jean. Exors., wife and oldest son John Kincaid. July 9, 1792. Witss., Alexander Mackey, Andrew Kincaid. Probated, Mar. 1793, by David Kincaid and Ruth Wood. (p. 46.)



Abstract by Raymond E. Dale, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska

[Continued from Vol. X, p. 18.]

  May 18, 1870 (May 16). Henry Tagemann of Otoe Co., age 20, born in Iowa, son of John G. and Mary (Knullenbach) Tangemann, married Mary Meyer of Lancaster Co., age 18, born in Iowa, daughter of John H. and Eliza (Spellman) Meyer, by H. M. Menger, at Centerville; witss., John G. Tangemann of Otoe Co., J. H. Meyer of Lancaster Co.

  June 16, 1870 (June 16). Hans Peter Lau of Lancaster Co., age 24, born in Prussia, son of Christian and Helena (Jochamsen) Lau, married Frederiche Wilhelmine Peterson of Lancaster Co., age 21, born in Prussia, daughter of Hans and Frederiche (----) Peterson, by S. B. Pound; witss., Frank A. Beiyon, Otto Synnestvelt.

  May 9, 1870 (May 9). Patrick Brown of Lancaster Co., age 30, born in Ireland, son of John Brown, married Margaret Cuinnim of Lancaster Co., age 20, born in New Brunswick, daughter of James Cuinnim, by P. Michael Hofmayr; wiles., D. O. Hallorin, Bridgitte Curran, both of Lancaster Co.

  June 14, 1870 (June 14). John Kubitschek [Kubicek?] of Lancaster Co., age 29, born in Bohemia, son of Frank and Barbara (-----)


Kubitschek, married Mary Citzek of Lancaster Co., age 20, born in Bohemia, daughter of George and Catherine (-----) Citzek, by George C. McKay, Justice; witss., George Harpaker, Josephine Citzek, both of Lancaster Co.

  July 3, 1870 (July 2). Morris R. Haskins of Lancaster Co., age 27, born in New York, son of Ira J. and Betsey (Rose) Haskins, married Mrs. Ellen Carpenter of Lancaster Co., age 25, born in New York, daughter of Albert and Mary (Dau) Allen, by S. B. Pound; witss., Laura B. Pound of Lancaster Co., George Richards of Dane Co., Wis.

  July 4, 1870 (July 2). William Finn of Lancaster Co., age 28, born in Ireland, son of Patrick and Mary (O'Flanagan) Finn married Mary O'Brien of Saunders Co., age 30, born in Ireland, by P. Michael Hofmayr; witss., Harry Ryan, Mrs. Kate Charters, both of Lancaster Co.

  July 13, 1870 (July 13). John Erickson of Saunders Co., age 32, born in Sweden, son of Erick Lufresson and Anna Jonas Dotter [Jonasdotter?], married Ellen Diedrickson of Saunders Co., age 30, born in Sweden, daughter of Swen Diedrickson, S. G. Larson; witss., Erick Tiden of Lancaster Co., August Nygren of Saunders Co.

  July 28, 1870 (July 28). George Leaver of Lancaster Co., age 30, born in England, son of Robert and Mary (Lovell) Leaver, married Dora Bice of Lancaster Co., age 18, born in Illinois, by John M. Yearnshaw; witss., Lucinda Carter, Mary A. Burns, both of Lancaster Co.

  July 31, 1870 (July 30). Jonathan T. Ball of Lancaster Co., age 41, born in Indiana, son of James and Lucina (---) Ball, married Miss Ellen J. Dillon of Lancaster Co., age 35, born in Indiana, daughter of Robert and Phebe (Williams) Worl, by John M. Yearnshaw; witss., George W. French, G. W. Akin, both of Lancaster Co.

  Aug. 7, 1870 (Aug. 2). William D. Storer of Lancaster Co., age 24, born in Maine, son of James and Mary A. (Walter) Storer, married Elizabeth Richardson of Saline Co., age 18, born in Missouri, daughter of Aurentius and Selia (Elliott) Richardson, by S. B. Pound; witss., Charles Lockhart, J. P. Wilson, both of Lancaster Co.

  Aug. 11, 1870 (Aug. 11). Vincent Dworak of Saline Co., age 22, born in Bohemia, son of Vincent and Magdalena (Sackter) Dworak, married Ann Stazia Zuamenacek of Saline Co., age 18, born in Bohemia, daughter of Joseph and Libmela (Stolar) Zuamenacek, by S. B. Pound, witss., A. V. Herman, Frank Zuamenacek, both of Saline Co.

  Sept. 5, 1870 (Sept. 3). James H. Hill of Lancaster Co., age 27, born in Clark Co., O., son of John A. and Mary (Wessinger) Hill, married Ida M. Morrell of Lancaster Co., age 16 born in Wisconsin, daughter of Jason and Elizabeth (-----) Morrell by Geo. W. Grim, J. P., at the home of Elizabeth Morrell, witss., Elizabeth Morrell, Charles Morrell, both of Lancaster Co.

  Sept. 11, 1870 (Sept. 6). Solomon Graham of Lancaster Co., born in Missouri, son of Joseph and Mary (Tipton) Graham, married Martha McCleon of Lancaster Co., age 19, born in Michigan, daughter of David and Ann Eliza (Hoppgardner) McCleon, by Joseph Robinson, at the home of Wm. M. Louis; witss., Wm. McLain of Lancaster Co., D. R. Dungan of Pawnee Co.

  Sept. 1, 1870 (Aug. 29). Joseph McDonnal of Lancaster Co., age 20, born in Iowa, son of D. T. and Hannah (Smith) McDonnal, married Ellen L. Hodge of Lancaster Co., age 22, born in Pulaski, Jackson Co., Mich., daughter of Horatio N. and Savella M. (Clark) Hodge, by L. B. Wharton, at the home of I. R. Clement; witss., Isaac R. Clement, Jane Clement, both of Lancaster Co.

  Sept. 14, 1870 (Sept. 7). George W. Stoops of Lancaster Co., age 28, son of W. H. and Electa (Carter) Stoops, married Hellen M. Becker of Lancaster Co., age 22, born in New York, daughter of John and Maria


(Palmer) Becker, by L. B. Wharton, at the home of Edda Becker; wiles., J. R. Clement, Edner Becker, both of Lancaster Co.

  Sept. 15, 1870 (Sept. 5). Augustus Garlock of Lancaster Co., age 33, born in Germany, son of Charles and Rosa (Brevetka) Garlock, married Nancy J. Beggle of Lancaster Co., age 16, born in Iowa, daughter of David and Jane (Forsyth) Beggle, by S. B. Pound; witss., Samuel McClay, C. H. Street, both of Lancaster Co.

  July 27, 1870 (July 22). Samuel C. Pettingill of Lancaster Co., age 33, son of Samuel and Seue (Underwood) Pettingill, married Emma Deutter of Lancaster Co., age 21 daughter of Solomon and Ellen (Seurch) Deutter, by John Canfield, J. P., at the home of Rebecca -----; witss., Austin Gibbing, Wilson Combs, both of Lancaster Co.



  Queries may be submitted for publication in this department, provided each query is accompanied by a payment of twenty-five cents. All queries should be plainly written, with date and places carefully given, and signed with name and address. Answers should contain proof of all the information given, with reference to the place where that proof is to be found. All answers should be signed with the name and address of the contributor .


  Noland. Stephen Noland, born in North Carolina, migrated to Kentucky died in Missouri. He married a Miss Banks, also born in North Carolina, died in Missouri. Among their children was Daniel Noland, born 1794, died in Estell County, Kentucky. I would like to correspond with descendants of Stephen Noland.

Mrs. Nancy Noland Hersperger,
Nicholasville, Ky.

  Hill. Caleb Hill married as his second wife a widow, Mary Jolls Luther. Would like to know if she was the daughter of Thomas Jolls of Bristol, R. I., and more about the Jolls family.
   Luther Hill, born 1773, son of Caleb and Mary (dolls) Hill, married, in 1793, Mercy Clark, born 1773. Information wanted of Mercy Clark's parents and ancestry.

Mrs. V. L. Hollister,
1754 Pepper Ave.,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

  Dodson. Mary, daughter of John Dodson, born Aug. 1, 1779, married ----- Cassidy. Elizabeth, another daughter of John Dodson, born Oct. 8, 1786, married Henry Bridenthal. A history of Freedom Township, [now in Blair Co.,] Pa. says that the Dodson family settled there in 1800. The above Henry Bridenthal lived in Blair Co., but nothing is known of the Cassidy family. Mary Dodson may have married Cassidy before the Dodson family moved to Freedom Township. Has anyone records of this Dodson family? Can anyone furnish information regarding the Cassidy family into which Mary Dodson married?

Mrs. W. S. Whitten,  
1624 South 23rd Street,
Lincoln, Nebr.


Norton-Reed - C. W. P. - Oct. 1925. Cornelius Bassett6 Norton (Eliakim5, Peter4, Ebenezer3, Joseph2, Nicholasl) was born June 5, 1778 [not 1751] and was a twin with his sister Mehitable. Banks makes the notation that they probably died young. The father removed to Norridgewock, Maine. No doubt the whole family went to that locality. (Charles Edward Banks, History of Martha's Vineyard, Vol. III, p. 369.)



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Early Nebraska Marriage Records are now being published in the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record; also much important data from other localities in the Upper Mississippi Valley. Many of these records show connections with families in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky. The Record will be included in the forthcoming Index of Genealogical Periodicals which is to be published by Donald Lines Jacobus. Subscription (4 issues) is $2.00 per year and indudes membership in the Nebraska Genealogical Society. Send money order to Mrs. Newell H. Barnes, Treasurer, 1848 Prospect Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.

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