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  Feb. 28, 1865, S. G. Polk* and Nancy RupellÝ by T. R. Nemsberry, M. G.

  Feb. 27, 1865, F. B. Pizaw [?] and Mary Stringfield, by H. T. Davis M. G., witss., R. C. Johnston and others.

  Mar. 9, 1865, James Cummings and Mary J. Rupell, by Thos. Greenup, J. P.

  Mar. 23, 1865, Joachim Lippold and Elisabeth Michel, by Chas. Walther, J. P.

  Apr. 23, 1865, Henry H. Pierce and Minerva Thomas, by T. K. Hansberry, J. P.

  July 4, 1865, John C. Blair and Virginia Easley in Rulo City, by P. B. Ruchs, M. G.

  July 20, 1865, Conrad Schmidt and Helene Miller at house of August Nietzel in Arago, by Chas. Walther; witss., Jacob Miller and others.

  May 7, 1865, Mark Stephens and Ella Harkendorf at St. Deroin, by Taylor, M. G.

  May 9, 1865, Henry M. Jones and Mary Emeline Kinzen [?] by Wm. Cain, J. P.

  May 5, 1865, G. O. Keefe and Martha Ann Parker, by M. W. Bremen, J. P.

  June 21, 1865, Alfred Smith and Helen M. Stevens, by Elder E. D. Thomas.

  July 30, 1865, Ira Ballard and Mary Henderson, by Rev. E. D. Thomas.

  May 19, 1864 (sic), Isham Reavis and Annie N. Dorrington, at home of David Dorrington in Falls City, by John W. Taylor, M. G.; witss., F. H. Tisdel, Anderson Miller, Edwin S. Towle.

  Apr. 10, 1864, Adam Axth----- and Adelheit [?] Reimer, by Chas. Walther, J. P.

  Oct. 2, 1864, Geo. W. Davenport and Jenny Shellhorn, both of Richardson County, by G. L. Griffin, in presence of parents of both parties.

  Aug. 17, 1865, T. H. Brown and Elvira Paxton, by R. C. Barrow, M. G.

  Aug. 20, 1865, Joseph S. Wade and Susan E. Evins, by Thos. Greenup.

  Sept. 10, 1865, Thomas Whitney and Martha Kingscade, by Thos. Greenup.

  Sept. 7, 1865, Arzel Pierce and A. Mathilda Davis, by J. W. Davis, J. P.

  Sept. 7, 1865, David Walters and Celia C. Draper, by M. W. Bremen, J. P.

  Sept. 28, 1865, James H. Pearson and Francis Forney.

  Oct. 8, 1865, John Kemmer and Adelia Jane Ramsay, by I. P. King, J. P.

  Oct. 22, 1865, Pierce Tisdale and Emma Stout, at Salem by John Seller, M. G.

  Nov. 5, 1865, James A. Poage and Mary Pool, by Thos. Greenup, J. P.

  Nov. 12, 1865, James Smith and Melinda Purgett, by R. C. Johnston.

  Nov. 24, 1865, Wm. T. Miller and Anna E. Powel, by Isham Nance, M. G., of Methodist Church.

  Nov. 30, 1865, Horatio Bacon and Phydelia W. Newcome, by R. C. Johnston.

  Nov. 30, 1865, Elihu Holcomb and Emma Jane Dunning, by R. C. Johnston.

  [No date.] Wm. Sandusky and Amanda Thatcher, by Rev. Philip McNees, in presence of Sam'l Chancy and A. T. Sandusky at Rulo.

  [No date.] Herman Fricke and Hanna Rugge, by Gustave Massalsky at house of Frederick Fricke, witss., Chas. Rugge, Frederick Henke.

  Jan. 16, 1866, Edward Weissenreder [?] and Miss H. Rothenburger in presence of Joseph Rothenburger and Ann Rothenburger.

   * b. Frankfort. Ky., Nov. 21, 1840.
   Ý Mrs. C. E. Zink, Sterling. Nebr., a daughter, gives the bride's name as Nancy Russell, b. Vermillion Co.. Ind., Oct. 29, 1843. The minister's name was T. R. Hansberry.


  Jan. 23, 1866, Henry Reugge and Dora Klag [?], by Gustave B. Massalsky, in presence of Joachim Klag and Peter ------

  Nov. 26, 1865, James R. Green and Jane McGee, by Thos. Greenup.

  Feb. 10, 1866, Thos. Ross and Martha Elizabeth Butler, by Chas. Walther.

  Feb. 10, 1866, Samuel Baxter and Anna Billings, in Arago, by Chas. Walther.

  Mar. 8, 1866, Alonzo Morton and Ann Roberts, in Speicer Precinct, by O. W. Dunning, J. P.

  Mar. 8, 1866, Willis Jones and Mary B. Judy, by Rev. H. Williams of Methodist Church; witss., Wm. P. Judy, Lucetta Judy.

  Mar. 14, 1866, Joseph Levnate [?] and Tina Dupuis at home of Stephen Story, by Chas. Walther; witss., Louisa Gould, Elizabeth Story.

  Mar. 18, 1866, Isaac D. Maxon and Charlotte Davis, by I. W. Davis, J. P.

  Apr. 2, 1866, Anton Leitner and Louisa Bollman at Arago, by Gustave Massalsky; witss., Auguste Nitsche, Anna Sacht.

  Mar. 31, 1866, Chas. Freel and Nancy Taylor at home of Mr. Freel, by Henry Bacon, J. P., witss. Benj. Eves Wallace Freel.

  [No date.] Edwin S. Towle and Kittie Dorrington, by Chas. Walther; wiles., Nancy Glenn, Christine Sommerlad.

  Apr. 29, 1866, Wm. T. Harris and Betsy Boyd, by David Brinegar, J. P.

  May 30, 1866, Wm. Boellert [?] and Elizabeth Walther at residence of Chas. Walther; witss., F. D. Moellman, Chas. Walther, Louisa Moellman, Katy Walther.

  May 29, 1866, Samuel Timmerman and Nancy Glenn, by Chas. Walther; witss., Elijah Thomas, Samantha Thomas.

  May 7, 1866, James Davis and Margaret Jan Van Lue, by P. T. Smith; witss., Wm. Van Lue, S. Van Lue.

  May 12, 1866, Benedict Hany and Augusta Niessen, by P. T. Smith, J. P., witss., Lewis and Mary Shellhorn.

  [No date.] Wm. Rieschick of Richardson County and Verome Hunziker of Pawnee County, both of age, by Rev. Chas. Potthart, of German Methodist Church, at home of the minister; witss., Jacob Hunziker, Mrs. Fredericke Potthart.

  May 25, 1865, Wm. Kensler and Anna Shipman, by O. W. Dunning, J. P.

  June 18, 1865, Chas. Velrick and Rebecca Ann Snyder, by O. W. Dunning.

  June 12, 1866, Daniel Fikes and Mary A. Wood, at St. Stephens, by Rev. John W. Durkey of St. Stephens Circuit; witss., Robert Durkey, H. C. Durkey.

  June 12, 1866, A. B. Monom----- and Elizabeth Paul, at St. Deroin, by Rev. R. C. Johnston.

  July 1, 1866, Edward Ellet and Elizabeth Roberson, by Rev. J. W. Headrick.

  July 18, 1866, Peter Shellhorn and Catherine Fuller of Richardson County at the home of her father by Rev. M. Prichard; witss., John Davenport, Mary Prichard.

  July 4, 1866, Wm. T. Hamberry [or Hausberry] and Ellen Cook, by J. P. King.

  July 26, 1866, James Cootz and Harriet Hilborn, by D. T. Brinegar.

  Aug. 16, 1866, Wm. Lauppe and Mary B----- by Gustave Massalsky, M. G.; Adam Gebhard, John Heinzetman.

  Aug. 9, 1866, Albert H. Brown and Susan Ann Sloan, by David Brinegar.

  Aug. 17, 1866, Hellmuth Kaci and Louisa Hoppe, by Gustave Massalsky; witss., W. Hoppe, Mrs. Hoppe.

  Aug. 22, 1866, John Jay Hart and Virginia Kinnison, by R. C. Barrow, M. G.

  Aug. 25, 1866, James Stevenson and Sarah Smith, by R. G. Johnson.

  [No date.] James B. Thurrow of Franklin Precinct, aged 20, and Mary



Ann Hurley of Pawnee County, aged 17, at home of A. D. S. Ayers in Franklin Precinct, by A. D. S. Ayers, J. P.; witss., Jacob Davis, Jonathan Maxon.

  Sept. 4, 1866, John Brown and Martha E. Cook, by Isham Nance, J. P.

  Sept. 30, 1866, J. W. Harris and Mrs. Lucinda Robinson at Salem by Wm. Presson.

  Oct. 11, 1866, Joseph Pressen and Maggie M. Pressen by Rev. John M. Tilcomb of M. E. Church.

  Nov. 5, 1866, Samuel E. McElderry and We-ko-ken-dee, daughter of Kor-re-en-ta-ka [Little Crow], who was head chief of the Blackfeet band of Sioux, by Chas. Walther.

  Nov. 5, 1866, Chas. Bu---dler and Fenna Bollinger, by Chas. Walther; witss., Rudolph Aplutz, Elizabeth Aplutz.

  Nov. 15, 1866, James R. Day and Ritha Day by Rev. R. C. Johnston; witss., James Dupries, Joseph Day.

  Nov. 27, 1866, H. C. Jennings and Sarah Tisdale, by Rev. P. K. Hansberry.

  Nov. 25, 1866, Joshua Kinney and Sarah Rowark, by Rev. E. D. Thomas; witss., J. L. Zumbrun, N. V. Prouty.

  Dec. 17, 1866, J. L. Zumbrun and N. V. Prouty, by Rev. L. F. Britt; witss., Chas. C. Sloan, Benj. Zumbrun.

  Dec. 20, 1866, Wm. Hauser and Sophia Hofer, by S. W. McKesson.

  Jan. 1, 1867, John W. Stanton and Margaret McIntosh, by Rev. G. W. Durky.

  Dec. 25, 1867 [?], F. M. Stumbo and Julia Stringfield by Rev. W. A. Presson; witss., L. F. Britt, Wm. Stringfield.

  Sept. 2, 1866, Wm. Wilhite, age 25, and Sarah Crow, age 20, by David Hart, M. G. witss., Theodore Hill, J. Elmer Crow.

  May 24, 1866, David Brinegar and Jane Duncan, in T. ---, R. 14, Richardson Co. by John Payton, J. P. Witss., Alfred Billings, James Rice.

  Jan. 10, 1867, Frederick Ruegge and Dorothea Michael, by G. Massalsky.

  Jan. 17, 1867, Edward Sherrit and Lydia Heter, by S. W. McKesson.

  Feb. 7, 1867, John Payton and Elizabeth Meech, by D. S. Brinegar, J. P.

  Feb. 10, 1867, R. F. Waggoner and Ella Harlow by J. W. Dusky.

  Feb. 10. 1867, Joseph Deroin and Sarah, a half-breed Pawnee Indian,

  Feb. 21, 1867, Albert Freel and Elizabeth Fanch, by Henry Bacon, J. P. Witss., A. Fanch, Ira Bacon, by R. C. Johnston.

  Sept. 16, 1866 (sic), Chas. F. Liebig and Johanna Kammerer, by H. W. Sommerlad, J. P. Witss., Joseph Otto, -----

  Several marriages have been omitted, where the names could not be deciphered.

(End of First Book of Marriages.)



  The four Bible Records which follow are from the files, Daughters of the American Revolution in Nebraska, Mrs. Florence (M'Kean) Knight, Alliance, Nebraska, Chairman of National Committee, Genealogical Research.

Front page of Bible.
Levi Conant Jr. Cambridge Mass.
Presented to David Conant Chester Vt. on the death of Levi Conant
Presented to Mrs. Adaline Pollard Hastings Febr. 8th 1880.





Levi Conant was married to Eunice Sanderson Nov. 27th 1800
Levi Conant Jr. was married to Eliza Fillebrown
David Conant was married to Julia Ann Johnson April 18th 1837.



Levi Conant was born February 9th 1779
Eunice Sanderson was born April 22d. 1781
Levi Conant Jr. was born Dec. 9th 1801
Sally Conant was born June 11th 1803
Adaline Conant was born January 30th 1805
Eliza Conant was born Sept. 12th 1807
David Conant was born April 8th 1809
Calvin Conant was born October 12th 1811
Roxana W. Conant was born March 22d 1820



Eunice Conant Died March 7th 1853 Aged 71 yrs. 10 mos. 13 days.
Levi Conant died July 6th 1857 Aged 78 yrs. 4 mos. 25 days.
Eliza F. Conant died Oct 26th Aged 69 years
Levi Conant Jr. died April 17th 1873 Aged 72 years
Julia A. Conant died March 3d. 1853 Aged 39 years
David Conant died Dec. 6th 1876 Aged 67 years.
Adaline a. Wood Died February 2d 1878
Eliza C. Dodge died -----
Sally C. Pollard died Dec. 30th 1878.

  A true and correct copy of an old Pollard Family Bible, now in possession of Mrs. R. Archer, East Wallingford, Vermont.




Isaac Pollard and Sally Conant was married Oct. 18 - 1825.

Levi Conant

Feb. 9. 1779

July 6, 1857.

Eunice Sanderson

April 22 - 1781

March 7, 1853

Levi Conant Jr.

Dec. 9 - 1801

Sally Conant

June 11, 1803

Dec. 30 - 1878

Adaline Conant

Jan. 30 - 1805

Eliza Conant

Sept 12, 1807

March 23, 1875

David Conant

Apr. 8, 1809

Calvin Conant

Oct. 12 - 1811

Dec. 23 - 1811

Roxana W. Conant

March 21 - 1820

June 8, 1881

Isaac Pollard

Oct. 2d. 1799

Mch 31, 1890

Sally Conant

June 11. 1803

Dec. 30 1878

Emily Pollard

June 22 - 1826

Oct. 13 - 1887

Adaline Pollard

Oct. 27 - 1828

Isaac Pollard Jr. (a)

July 11th - 1830

Moses Pollard

Aug. 21 - 1832

Julia Ann Pollard (b)

Dec. 20th 1834

Levi C. Pollard (c)

Feb. 10th 1837

Isadore E. Pollard

Sept.1st 1845

   (a) Morton-Watkins, History of Nebraska, Vol. 2, p. 750.
   (b) Chapman, Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties, Nebraska. p. 1232.
   (c) Morton-Watkins, History of Nebraska, Vol. 2, p. 751.



Contributed to the Committee on Genealogical Research by Mrs. Carrie Hess (Mrs. G. J.), Wayne, Nebraska.

Pitt Lawrence Purdy and Susan Ann Danforth married at Delaware Ohio August 10, 1853

Alice Mina Purdy and Stephen Jesse Benson married at Fulton Co Ill January 1, 1877

Ida L. Purdy and Ivin C. Colburn married at Oneil Nebr
Pitt Lawrence Purdy born January 23, 1834 Parkman Geauga Co Ohio
Susan Ann Danforth born July 19, 1837 Lu Zerne Co Penn
Alice Mina Purdy born Aug 28, 1855 Rushvulle Fairfield Co Ohio
Ida L. Purdy born Sept 28 1865 Iowa City Iowa
William Frank Purdy born April 20, 1859 Iowa City Iowa
Carrie Lucretia Purdy born Oct 9, 1876 Isabelle Fulton Co Illinois
Bonnie Rose Hess born May 9, 1903 Chambers Nebr
Edward L. Purdy born May 10, 1854 Rushvulle Ohio
Pitt Lawrence Purdy died March 29, 1900 ONeill Nebr
Susan Ann Danforth died April 1925 Denver Colorado
Ida L. Purdy died Aug 12, 1891 ONeill Nebr
Pitt Lawrence Purdy volunteered and served three years in U. S. Army,
sworn in at Iowa City Iowa Nov 5, 1862 in 6th Regiment of Cavalry



Jacob Smock born March 8, 1797
                died Sept. 1, 1869
         Married Dec. 2, 1819 - Mary DeMott born Feb. 9, 1803
                                                   died Dec. 22, 1874


1. Racheal Smock born Oct 26, 1820 died
2. John D. Smock born Sept. 26, 1822 died
3. Henry T. Smock born Sept. 17, 1824 died Dec. 6, 1911
4. Mary Ann Smock born March 5, 1826 died
5. Paulina W. Smock born March 9, 1828 died March 1, 1854
6. Elizabeth Smock born Nov. 27, 1829 died Jan. 17, 1863.
7. Abraham H. Smock born Oct. 7, 1831 died Feb. 9, 1916
8. Sarah E. Smock born Sept. 6, 1833 died Jan. 1926
9. Simon Smock born Sept. 27, 1835 died
10. Darcus A. Smock born July 9, 1837 died
11. Daniel D. Smock born Oct 6, 1839 died Nov. 6, 1866
12. Thomas C. Smock born Nov. 14, 1841 died March 9, 1929
13. Cornelius Smock born Jan. 13, 1845 died
Family of Abraham H. Smock born Oct. 7 1831, died Feb. 9, 1916
Married Diana Tompson Aug. 31, 1852
   born Aug. 4, 1827, died June 26, 1882

1. Mary Margeretta Smock born May 31, 1852
2. Simon A. Smock born Sept. 19, 1857
3. Jacob Obrien Smock born Feb. 14, 1861
4. Ida Smock born June 10, 1864
5. Clarence Everett Smock born Jan. 29, 1868
6. Joseph Henry Smock born Sept. 19, 1857


Contributed by Mrs. J. B. Noland, Genealogist, Richmond, Kentucky.
(Note: the text is single spaced in the original)

  A return of marriages, Book A, beginning page 55. The arrangement is chronological.

  John Night & Cresse Syms, Oct. 2, 1779, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  Jacob Norris & Eiizabeth Stone, Oct. 22 ---- by Charles Kavanaugh.

  Joseph Patton & Elizabeth Tipton, Dec. 12, 1786, by Joseph Bladson.

  John Jackson & Mary Hancock, Jan. 24, 1787, by James How.

  Joseph Gidcomb & Mary Cilley, Feb. 8, 1787, by Joseph Bladson.

  John Owens & Rebecca Tucker, May 29 1787, by Joseph Bladson.

  John Cline & Mary McNeely, Aug. 14, 1787, by Joseph Bladson.

  Jeremiah Parry & Ann Daugherty, Aug. 14, 1787, by Wm Marshall.

  Peter Wills & Rosey his wife were joined together in Holy State of Matrimony, Aug. 22, 1787 by John Turner.

  Joseph Skinner and Sarah his wife I joined together in holy State of Matrimony, Aug. 22, 1787. John Turner.

  Joseph Ellison & Mary Kavanaugh, Sept. 1, 1787, by Andrew Tribble.

  Thomas Bennett & Elizabeth Proctor Sept 20, 1787, by James How.

  Wm Martin & Winny Gentry, Jan. 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

  Jacob Miller to Priscilla Eastes, Feb. 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

  Jonathan West & Mary Fowler, Feb. 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

  Loid Portwood & Elizabeth Hunter, Feb. 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

  John Mitchell & Margaret Goss, Feb. 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

  John Davis & Rachel West, Mar. 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

   Elijah Gaddy & Molly Blackwell, Apr. 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

  John A. Hane & Winney Williams, May 1788, by Andrew Tribble.

  John Turner & Polly Searcy, Nov. 25, 1788, by Alexander Mackey.

  Charles Campbell & Jannett McGuire, Dec. 6, 1788, by Alexander Mackey.

  John Mitcalfe & Prudence Clark, Dec. 25, 1788, by Christopher Harris.

  Dawson Tharp & Margaret Orchard, Dec. 29, 1788, by Christopher Harris.

  Wm Skelleron & Nancy Alcorn, Jan. 8, 1789, by John Manire.

  Wm & Elizabeth Hopper, Jan. 11, 1789 by Christopher Harris.

  Edward Williams & Elizabeth Hopper, Jan. 11, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

Icon  Aaron McDaniel & Coyeen Searcy
  James Blackwell & Elizabeth Woolery

Feb. 12, 1789.

  John Knox & Elizabeth Goff, Feb. 13, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  Heartly Sapington & Nancy Pursell, Feb. 24, 1789.

  John Walden & Pheobe Beat, Mar. 1, 1789, by John Manire.

  Benjamin Williams & Rebecca Freeman, Mar. 12, 1789.

  John Simmons & Caty Williams, Mar. 24, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  John Kindred & Jinney Donaldson, Mar. 28, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  Joseph Malot & Caty South, Apr. 22, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Allen Burton & Nancy Burton, Apr. 28, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  John Anderson & Sarah Careth, May 5, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  David McNellie & Rebecca Duey, May 5, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  Thomas Burgin & Lucy Deatherage, May 13, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Thomas Oden & Rebecca Stone, May 14, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  John Duckey & Rebecca Rutlage, July 9, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  Joseph Hubbard & Elizabeth Holland, July 16, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Wm Boone & Nancy Grubbs, Aug. 6, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Archibald Martin & Anna Deatherage, Aug. 23, 1789, by Christopher Harris.


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Published in the first ten volumes of the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record include Bierer, Blodgett, Calhoun, Call, Coffin,, Evarts, Gaylord, Gibbs, Graves, Halstead, Maxfield, Moulton, Murray, Parke, Radcliffe, Ray, Silver, Swan, Unthank, Van Arsdale, Vickery, White, Whitney, Wright.
Published in the Record include Boyd, Brazelton, Carter, Currie, Davidson, Green, Hance, Hazelrigg, Hoover, Howell, Lotshaw, Nance, Ness, Noland, Rogers, Saunders, Snyder, Spencer, Stayner, Stratton, Talbott, Veghte, Wilcox. For information address, Editor, Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, Nebraska Historical Library, Station A, Lincoln, Nebr.

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