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  Henry D C Dgarmo the Son of John and Sarah Dgarmo was Born August the 29. 1810

  Mary Ann DGarmo the daughter of John and Sarah Dgarmo was Born febury the 21. 1814

  Mary Ann DGarmo died August. 1815


  of the Family of Samuel Fuller who was born Jan. 20th, 1734, and married Sarah Read Oct. 22nd 1761, who was born April 1st 1741 and by her had the following Children, Viz.




Nov. 21st 1762

March 14th 1814

52 years


Oct. 9th 1764

March 2nd 1767

 2  "


July 18th 1766

March 17th 1790

24  "


July 14th 1768


June 30th 177[01]

June 29th 1785

15  "


Sept. 1st 1772


July 24th 1775


Dec. 23rd 1777

Jan 18th 1813

35  "


Augst 21st 1780


Samuel Fuller Died May 12th 1805,

Aged 71 Years.

Sarah Fuller Died


   ý William H. Fuller - Fuller Genealogies - Vol. IV, p. 197. Abel Fuller (d. Jan. 18, 1813) did not remove to Michigan as this volume states. His family remained in New York State for many years after his death.



  From the files, Daughters Of American Revolution in Nebraska, Mrs. Florence (M'Kean) Knight, Alliance, Nebraska, State Chairman of National Committee, Genealogical Research.

  This Bible was owned by Sarah Coleman who died in 1892. Later dates have been added since her death. These records were copied in 1930 by Chattie (Coleman) Westenius, Stromsburg, Nebraska, and were submitted by Elijah Cove Chapter, St. Edward, Nebraska.



Valentine Kohlman I,

before 1763


Came from Germany


      Katherine Kohlman


      Susanna Kohlman


      Valentine Kohlman


      Anna Maria Kohlman


Valentine Coleman II


8-24- 1845

      Jacob Coleman



      Henry Coleman


      Elizabeth Coleman


Jacob Coleman

April 4 1784

      John Coleman

5-4 1809

10-7 1891

      Jacob Coleman

8-25 1811


      Elizabeth Coleman


      Katherine Coleman


      Martha Coleman



      Mary Ann Coleman


      Levi Coleman

8-25 1822

John Coleman

5-4 1809

      Harriet Coleman

10-16- 1837

      Catherine Coleman

11-18 1839

11-26- 1855

      Jacob H. Coleman

11-4 1841

7-26 1922

      Mary E. Coleman


2-5 1924

      Lydia Coleman

1-7- 1847

1-7 1916

      John Jr. Coleman

8-20 1850

9-7 1853

      Sarah A. Coleman

2-20 1853

      Alexander Coleman

7-30 1854

12-28 1913

      Andrew Coleman

9-7 1855

9-14 1855

      Ella J. Coleman

9-11 1856

8-23 1906

      Rachel M. Coleman

6-26 1860

Jacob H. Coleman

11-4 1841

7-26 1922

      Ada M. Coleman

9-1 1868


      Chattie Coleman

7-5 1871

Valentine Kohlman Barbara Schmidt In Germany before 1763
Valentine Coleman 1st Magdalena 1782 2nd Anna Maria Schull 1803
Jacob Coleman Katherine Kunkel 1808 Kitty Morehead 1840
John Coleman Sarah Hesser Dec. 4 1834
Harriet Coleman Christian Murray July 18, 1864
Jacob H. Coleman Nicy Lavonia Farmer Nov. 14, 1867
Mary Coleman Sabastian Jones 1864
Lydia Coleman George Duck Feb. 1 '71
Sarah Coleman James E. Skelton Jan. 1, 1881
Alexander Coleman Kiss [?] Skelton March 18-4
Ella Coleman Grandeson Pitsenbarger 1876
Rachel M. Coleman Joseph C. Heredeen Jan. 29, 1880
Chattie Coleman John Albert Westenius February 17, 1922.


Contributed by Major John Bailey Calvert Nicklin,
Signal Mountain, Tennessee
[Continued from Vol. X, p. 35]
(Note: Original Text is all single spaced)

     Apr. 5, 1665. Col. John Dodman, Sheriff; Capt. John Alexander, Justice; Major George Mason sworn High Sheriff and John Clark undersheriff. (Order Book 1, p. 14.)

  Apr. 3, 1667. "The court taking into consideration the great Loss which Mr. Richard Fossaker hath Lately Sustained, Doe hereby request the Honourable Governer that he would be Pleased to Confirm the Sheriff's place upon him for the year Ensueinge." (Ibid, p. 75.)

  June 12, 1667. Richard Fossaker sworne Sheriff. (Ibid, p. 79.)

  Mar. 9, 1691/2. Justices and Militia Officers met. Present: Capt. Malachi Peale, Capt. George Mason, Capt. John Withers, Mr. Mathew Thompson, Capt. Martin Scarlett, Mr. Philip Buckner, Mr. Robert Alexander, Mr. Richard Fossaker, Lieut. Sampson Darrell, Capt. William Downing, Ensign Joseph Sumner, Ensign Thomas Gilson, Ensign John West, Lieut. David Strahan of the Rangers. (Ibid, p. 231.)

  Mar. 12, 1700. The will of John Harvey. Wife, Jane. Witss., Richard Fossaker, Edward Hart, Charles Ellis. (Book W-Z, p. 55.)

  Oct. 15, 1700. Edward Barton's four children by his wife, Ann, daughter to Anne Scarlett, dec'd., viz: Constant, Lettice, Ann, and Margaret Bar-


ton. (Ibid, p. 103.)

  July 6, 1706. Francis Thornton, Gent., and Jane, his wife, late widow of John Harvey, dec'd. (Ibid, p. 333.)

  Mar. 14, 1733. "Richard Bernard exhibited this account against the estate of William Storke, dec'd." "The Estate of Mr. Wilham Storke, Dec'd., Dr. 1726." (Will Book M, p. 134.)

  Apr. 11, 1733. James Stark one of the appraisers of the estate of John Lehore, dec'd., widow Elizabeth Lehore. (Ibid, p. 86.)

  July 12, 1739. Settlement of the estate of Hugh French, dec'd. Children: Hugh, Mason, Daniel, Elizabeth, Margaret and Ann. (Ibid, p. 278.)

  Apr. 8, 1740. The will of Thomas Porter. Sons, Calvert, Thomas and Benjamin; wife Anne; sons, Nicholas, Joseph, Charles and John; daughters, Howson Porter and Anne Porter; brother Samuel. Children, except Calvert and Howson, under 18 years of age. (Ibid, p. 285.)

  May 15, 1740. The will of Hugh French. Son Mason; unborn child; wife Betty. (Ibid, p. 288.)

  Sept. 17, 1742. The will of William Scott mentioned his brother-in-law Burdit Clifton. (Ibid, p. 345.)

  June 11, 1754. The will of James Stark. Wife Elizabeth; sons, Thomas, John, Donald, Benjamin, William Jeremiah and James; daughters, Jane, Mary, Anne, Susannah, Lydia, Isabel and Elizabeth. (Book O. p. 280.)


  Mar. 29, 1742. Jane Colvert witnessed the will of Francis Wright. (Will Book C, p. 377.)

  June 25, 1754. Sarah Calvert, John Colvert and Thomas Reeves, executors of Thomas Colvert, dec'd. (Bond Book, p. 7.)

  Sept. 1, 1788. Inventory of John Calvert filed by William Alexander, Benjamin Materson, Scarlett Madden and James G. Watkins. (Book H, p. 400.)

  Feb. 8, 1791. The will of William Carr mentioned land bought by his father from Thomas Calvert Harris. (Ibid, p. 480.)

  Dec. 3, 1792. The will of Strother Suttle. Son William; grandson Henry Hampton Suttle; daughter Ann Reno; grand son William Reno; daughter Mary Watson, wife of Samuel; wife Elizabeth, son-in-law David Reno. (Ibid, p. 45.)

  Dec. 2, 1793. The will of William Fairfax. Wife Elizabeth; six daughters, Ann Warder, Benedicta Fairfax, Catherine Garner, Elizabeth Pell, Eada Calvert and Sarah Fairfax. Sons, Hezekiah, William and John. (Ibid, p. 82.)

  Sept. 2, 1794. Deed between Charles Dial and Sarah, his wife, formerly Sarah Calvert, widow of Reuben Calvert, dec'd., and Thomas Calvert, son and heir-at-law of the said Reuben Calvert, dec'd., and Mary Embly, his wife, all of Prince William County, to Zachariah Allen, 100 acres formerly granted to Burdet Harrison by the Proprietors of the Northern Neck on March 2, 1730, and conveyed to Reuben Calvert by Peter Cornwall and Sarah, his wife, by deed dated Dec. 3, 1773. (Deed Book Y. p. 418.)

  July 6, 1795. Appraisement of the estate of William Rookard, dec'd., by Alexander Lithgow, Timothy Brundige and James Johnston. Thomas Rookard, executor ("1768"). (Book H, p. 138.)

  May 2, 1802. The inventory of George Calvert, dec'd., was appraised by Stephen Howison, Peter Trone and Alexander Howison. (Ibid, p. 524.)

  Jan. 5, 1803. The estate of Jesse Calvert, decd., appraised by James Howison, Alexander Howison and Obed Calvert, Jr. (Ibid, p. 508.)

  Apr. 5, 1803. The will of Jacob Calvert is probated; it mentioned brothers, John Joseph and Jacob Butler; Mary Kincheloe and Patsy Mitchell. (Ibid p. 522.)



Contributed by Mrs.J. B. Noland, Genealogist, Richmond, Kentucky.
[Continued from Vol. X, p. 66]
(Note: original text is single spaced)

  Edward Turner & Lucrecia Moberly, Oct. 6, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  John Moran & Elizabeth Barnett, Oct. 7, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  Joseph Barnett & Rebecca Barnett, Oct. 7, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  Richard Hickman & Lydia Irvine, Oct. 29, 1789, by Alexander Mackey.

  Jacob Williams & Nancy White, Nov. 5, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Richard Searcy & Rebecca Doyle, Nov. 12, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Elijah Crews & Susanah Dozier, Nov. 26, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Edward Prather & Mary Jinkins, Dec. 19, 1789, by Christopher Harris.

  Drury Willis & Elizabeth Phelps, Jan. 6, 1790, by Alexander Mackey.

  Christopher Martin & Anna Turner, Jan. 28, 1790, by Christopher Harris.

  Wm Janes & Lucy Harris, Feb. 2, 1790, by Christopher Harris.

  Wm Harris & Anna Oldham, Feb. 4, 1790, by Christopher Harris.

  James Holman & Sarah Wilson, Feb. 9, 1790, by Christopher Harris.

  Thomas Chinn &: Elizabeth Hill, Feb. 20, 1790, by Christopher Harris.

  James Barnett & Mary Hawkins, Mar. 4, 1790, by Alexander Mackey.

  Jacob Searcy & Jennie Kennedy Sept. 22, 1791, by John Manire.

  Jamima [sic] Grayham & Mary Grey, Sept. 27, 1791, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  John Gill & Sally Patton, Sept. 29, 1791, by John Manire.

  Vincent Kidwell & Mary Murphy, Nov. 3, 1791, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  Elisha Lawson & Elizabeth McFadden [?], Nov. 10, 1791, by John Manire.

  Robert Carson & Jane McMullen, July 22, 1794, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  Cornelius Turner & Sarah Swiny, Aug. 17, 1794, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  Thomas Hopper & Mary Graham, Aug. 17, 1794, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  John Smith & Ann English, Nov. 4, 1794, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  Philip Roberts & Polly Alcorn, Nov. 28, 1794, by John Manire.

  Wm Lee & Mary Goff, Jan. 15, 1795, by Charles Kavanaugh.

  Hamilton Tincher & Mary Barker, Feb. 4, 1796, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Jacobod Parke & Mary Noble, Feb. 16, 1797, by Randolph Hall.

  James Barnes & Sarah Britton, May 19, 1797, by Randolph Hall.

  Wm Burton & Sally Ford, July 20, 1797, by Randolph Hall.

  Andrew Herrin & Polly McAlliaten, Aug. 1, 1797, by John Manire.

  Bazanal Baxter & Elizabeth Owings, Nov. 23, 1797, by Christopher Kavanaugh

  Tyrie Martin & Mourning Jones, Feb. 22, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Francis Nixon & Catherine Elliott, Mar. 1, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Stephen Barker & Betsy Alumbaugh, Apr. 12, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Joseph F. Younger & Barby Shouce [?], Apr. 14, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Wm Gray & Rachel Smith, May 10, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh

  Prisby Oldham & Elizabeth Moore, June 7, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Wm Wade & Anny Johnson, June 14, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Gabriel Abrams & Elizabeth Skidmore, June 20, 1798, by Christopher Kavanaugh

  Arthur Johnson & Mary Turpin, July 5, 1798, by Christopher Harris.

  Jacob Guech & Feby Cass, Sept. 9, 1798, by Christopher Harris.

  George W. Jones & Nancy Reynold, Nov. 7, 1798, by Christopher Harris.


  Robert Martin & Polly Noland, Jan. 1799, by Christopher Harris.

  John Stone & Elizabeth Parks, Feb. 10, 1799, by Christopher Harris.

  Nathan Lowery & Martha Weim, Oct. 5, 1799, by Christopher Kavanaugh.

  Jacob Leburn & Ann Harris, Feb. 28, 1799, by Christ Harris.

  John Fox & Rachel Moore, Feb. 28, 1799, by Christ Harris.

  Philip Hawkins & Nancy Merritt, June 25, 1799, by Christ Harris.

  Jacob Shouse & Susanah Wasett [?] Mar. 18, 1801, by Jesse Thomas.

  Michael Baker & Nanny Phelps, Feb. 2, 1804, by Wm Thorp.

  Nathaniel Kindred & Polly Mills, Feb. 9, 1804, by Edw Kindred.

  The following 25 marriages seem to have been performed by John Pace and are given in the order in which they occur in the marriage book.

  Isaac Hendericks & Sally Smith, Jan. 29, 1804.

  John Miller & Polly Brown, Feb. 9, 1804.

  Abraham Batterton & Susana Hentene, 16th, 1804.

  Wm Gorge & Jane Kinder, May 29, 1804.

  Wm Miller & Hannah Lackey, June 19, 1804.

  David Gentry & Susana Maupin, July 25, 1804.

  David Mc Alexander & Flora Barnett, Oct. 3, 1804.

  John G. Parrish & Leah Selby, Oct. 25, 1804.

  John B. Carnes & Anna Rodgers, Dec. 30, 1804.

  Jeremiah Reaves & Deborah Lanham, Jan. 17, 1805.

  Hiram Dooley & Lucy Searey, ----- 24, 1805.

  John Huntsman & Polly Bright, Feb. 5, 1805.

  Waller [Walter?] Woods & Milly Turner, ----26, 1805

  John Pitman & Magdalen Price, Mar. 7 1805.

  Abner Okley & Hannah Wallace, Apr. 7, 1805.

  Joseph Lees & Sally Jarvis, May 14, 1805.

  John Dudgeon & Nelly Rogers, May 20, 1805.

  Ellison Barceeny & Betsy Massie, July 8, 1805.

  James Fletcher & Elizabeth Hill, Aug. 29, 1805.

  Isham Fox & Polly Embry, Sept. 26, 1805.

  Henry Thomas & Peggy Herrington, Oct. 2, 1805.

  William Eavens & Susanah Proctor, 26th, 1805.

  Little B Flaet [?] & Polly Runyon Dec. 5, 1805.

  Wm Igo & Mary Raybourn, Dec. 24, 1805.

  Wm Johnson & Nancy Hart, ----- 26, 1805.

"Given under my hand this 4th day of Jan 1806   John Pace"

  Jonathan Freeman & Anny Colter, Feb. 6, 1806, by John Pace.

  Wm Moore & Debry Bowman, Feb. 14, 1806, by John Pace.

  Emly [ ?] Runyon & Lydia Burton, Feb. 20, 1806, by John Pace.

  Absolem Runyon & Polly Fowler, Apr. 3, 1806, by John Pace.

  Jesse Thomas & Elizabeth Guthrie, Aug. 14, 1806, by John Pace.

  Robt Marques & Lavinah Jones, Sept. 23, 1806, by John Pace.

  James Milar & Haney Jitt, Oct. 2, 1806, by John Pace.

  Wm Green & Nancy Barnes, Oct. 23, 1806, by John Pace.

  Curtis Masters & Naney Masters, Nov. 27, 1806, by John Pace.

  Abraham Wood & Edy Yates, Nov. 29, 1806, by John Pace.

  James Crews & Drusilla Fowler, Dec. 30, 1806, by John Pace.

  George Morris & Sally Ranson, Jan. 15, 1807, by John Pace.

  Wm Masters & Nancy Forbush, Jan. 22, 1807, by John Pace.

  John Gillison & Naney Moreland, Feb. 2, 1807.

  Richard Fowler & Francis Brooks, Feb. 16, 1807, by John Pace.

  James Gordon & Elizabeth Stockstell, Mar. 8, 1807, by John Pace.


  Adam Woods & Polly Kerley, Mar. 24, 1807, by John Pace.

  Jonathan Cox & Betsy Hays, June 7, 1807, by John Pace.

  Wm Freeman & Elizabeth Colter, June 18, 1807, by John Pace.

  Michael Miller & Polly Jones, Oct. 20, 1807, by John Pace.

  Berry Powell & Sally Kerr, Dec. 16, 1807, by John Pace.

  Wm Warden & Nancy Burchell, Dec. 3, [31?] 1807, by John Pace.

  The following 18 marriages, which evidently were performed by John Pace are given in the order in which they occur in the marriage book.

  Jrome Jones & Rachel Batterten, Feb. 11, 1808.

  Stephen Ford & Ann Carpenter, Mar. 22, 1808.

  Benjamin Ford & Polly Hackett, Mar. 31, 1808.

  Wm Walker & Polly McDaniel, Apr. 17, 1808.

  Wm Roberts & Margaret Todd, May 26, 1808.

  Jesse Cornelison & Polly Roberts, June 5, 1808.

  Randal Haselwood & Polly Logston, June 11, 1808.

  Edmund Powell & Susanah Parker, 21st, 1808.

  David McCord & Dorcas Rosby, 23rd, 1808.

  Elijah Cofer & Peggy Jeffers, July 7, 1808.

  Henry Brooks & Elizabeth Walker, July 28, 1808.

  William Wilson & Theodosia Runyon, Oct. 2, 1808.

  Amos Antrobus & Elizabeth Walker, Aug. 7, 1808.

  Wm Rayburn & Nancy Teris, Oct. 30, 1808.

  Jeremiah Powell & Elizabuth Rabourn, Oct. 31, 1808.

  Nelson Falkener & Elizabeth Falkner, Nov. 7, 1808.

  John McCartar & Tamer Lucas, Dec. 16, 1808.

  Wm. Willeson & Sally Orchard, Dec. 25, 1808.

----------------------- "John Pace"

  Wm. Lax & Mary Lucas, Mar. 3, 1808, by Christopher Harris.

  Joseph Kensley & Luey Cooington, Mar. 10, 1808.

  Jacob Coolery & Susana Todd, the 26th, 1808.

  Benj. Todd & Polly Todd, Aug. 25, 1808.

Contributed by Mrs. John T. D. Blackburn, Albany, New York.
William Haight's Bible is now owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Haight, East Nassau, New York.

   William Haight M Emily Tanner June 2, 1819
   Silas Hamilton M Emilie T Haight Feb. 26, 1856

   William Haight* B May 2, 1798
   Emily Haight B Feb. 24, 1800   D March 19, 1884
   Benjamin Haight B Feb. 8, 1819
   Abraham Mosher HeightÝ B March 19, 1822
   Emilie T Haight B Feb. 14, 1838
   Silas B Hamilton B July 20, 1832
   Carrie Estella Hamilton B Dec 13, 1858
   Robert Webster B Sept 16, 1853
   Isaac Webster B April 1, 1855

* Son of Amos6 Haight (Joseph5 Moses4-3-2 Simon1).

Ý Gravestones in the New Britain Cemetery between East Chatham and New Lebanon, New York.

Abram Mosher Haight B March 19, 1822 D March 13, 1893
Wife Sarah Earl Sackett B April 11, 1820 D Feb 12, 1901




Abstract Raymond E. Dale, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska

[Continued from Vol. X, p. 39]


  Sept. 16, 1870 (Sept. 15). Charles Wilson of Lancaster Co., age 32, born in Wyoming Co., Pa., son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Brewer) Wilson, married Barbara A. Long of Lancaster Co., age 30, born in Rush Co., Ind., daughter of John and Nancy (Robinson) Long, by H. T. Davis, at the home of J. M. Robinson, witss., J. M. Robinson, Nancy M. Robinson both of Lancaster Co.

  Sept. 21, 1870 (Sept. 16.) William Hollmann of Lancaster Co., age 33, born in Kingdom of Hanover, son of Fnd. and Sophia (Wilkie) Hollmann, married Sophia Kramer of Lancaster Co., age 18, born in Gullenberg, Clayton Co., Ia., daughter of Henry and Katrina Margaret (Schaffer) Kramer, by Herrmann M. Menger, at Salt Creek; witss Herman Widngr, H. Kramer, Herman Spellmall, all of Lancaster Co.

  Sept. 24, 1870 (Sept. 23.) Thomas Droughin [Driokin] of Lancaster Co., age 21, born in Ireland, son of William and Mary (Coulen) Driokin, married Bridget Ragin of Lancaster Co., age 20, born in Ireland, daughter of John and Mary (Cunningham) Ragin, by P. Michael Hofmayor.

  Sept. 28, 1870 (Sept. 28.) Fritz Gerloch of Lancaster Co., age 31, born in Germany, son of Andreaes and Eva (Weeder) Gerlock, married Miss Anna Altrit of Lancaster Co. age 46, born in Germany, daughter of Frank and Elizabeth (Vetterin) Hollman, by P. Michael Hofmayer; witss., Franz Lichtermeier, Martin Renner, both of Lancaster Co.

  Sept. 28, 1870 (Sept. 28). Donald D. Condon of Lancaster Co, age 27 born in Boston, Mass., son of James and Mary (-----) Condon, married Kate Charters of Lancaster Co., age 22, born in Ireland, daughter of James and Eliza (-----) Charters, by H. T. Davis, at the home of H. T. Davis; witss., David Bowen, Emily Davis, both of Lancaster Co.

  Oct. 6, 1870 (Oct. 1). Simon [or Simeon] Snow of Seward Co., age 30, born in Iona Co., Mich., son of Alanson and Louisa (Pangborn) Snow, married Nancy L. Long of Seward Co., age 23, born in Indiana, daughter of Samuel and Permelia (Rogers) Long, by John Lamb, witss., Maggie Lamb, Jenne Lamb, both of Lancaster Co.

  Oct. 11, 1870 (Oct. 8). John W. Prey of Lancaster Co., age 42, born in the City of New York, son of John D. and Margaret (Gibson) Prey married Frances C. Lehmer of Lancaster Co., age 21, born in Indiana, daughter of Derick and Arabella (Perry) Lehmer, by H. P. Peek, at the house of Derick Lehmer; witss., Derick Lehmer and his wife, both of Lancaster Co.

  July 11, 1870 (July 11). Henry H. Haschenburger of Otoe Co., age 34, born in Germany, son of E. O. and Mary (Gramnids) Haschenburger, married Olga Augusta E. Wischbrod [or Wischbrodt] of Lancaster Co. age 19, born in Germany, daughter of Otto and Augusta (Venznur) Wischbrodt, by C. H. Hickman, at the home of Otto Wischbrod; witss., Carle Lemke of Lancaster Co., ----- of "Otto" Co.

  Oct. 20, 1870 (Oct. 17). John Hurst of Lancaster Co., age 21, born in England, son of Thomas and Anna (Giles) Hurst, married Mary E. Porter of Lancaster Co., age 16, born in Indiana daughter of James and Matilda A. (Moore) Porter, by S. B. Pound; witss., John Bain, Chester Jones, both of Lancaster Co.

  Oct. 20, 1870 (Oct. 23), Stephen Benton of Cass Co., age 31, born in Albany, N. Y., son of Milo and Margaret (Lasner) Benton, married Julia Baird of Lancaster Co., age 17, born in Canada, daughter of Thomas and Eliza (Williams) Baird, by S. B. Pound; witss., Thomas Baird, Nelson



White, both of Lancaster Co.

  Oct. 25, 1870 (Oct. 25). F. G. Fuller of Lancaster Co., age 29, born in Galesburg, Ill., son of L. H. and Harriet (Gurley) Fuller, married M. Frank Townley of Lancaster Co., age 20, born at Hillsboro, O., daughter of J. N. and Elizabeth (Haddleson) Townley, by H. P. Peck; witss., "Mr. J. N. & Mrs. E. Townley", L. H. Fuller, all of Lancaster Co.

  Sept. 18, 1870 (Sept. 17). Samuel H. Dukes of Lancaster Co., age 23, born in Illinois, son of Samuel and Mary (Crouch) Dukes, married Anna Moore [marriage return says "Mary Crouch"] of Lancaster Co., age 17, born in Pennsylvania, by Joseph Robinson; witss., Wm. Wileloin, James Munson, both of Lancaster Co.

  Oct. 27, 1870 (Oct. 25). James McDill of Lancaster Co., age 27, born in Pennsylvania, son of John and Jane (Haskins) McDill, married Selena J. Brooks of Lancaster Co., age 18, born in England, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Muschamp) Brooks, by H. T. Davis, at the home of H. T. Davis; witss., Augusta R. Brooks, Emily Davis, both of Lancaster Co.

  Nov. 2, 1870 (Nov. 1). Lloyd G. Johns of Seward Co., age 29, born in Pennsylvania, son of Abia and Jane (Teats) Johns, married Mary R. McKillip of Lancaster Co., age 21, born in Iowa, daughter of John and Nancy (Smith) McKillip, by H. T. Davis; witss., N. J. Callender, James McKillip, both of Lancaster Co.

  Nov. 3, 1870 (Oct. 28). John Morrison of Lancaster Co., age 45, born in Scotland, son of William and Margaret (McKay) Morrison, married Mrs. Frances Wagner of Lancaster Co., age 28, daughter of Hiram Ramsey, by H. P. Peek, at the home of Hiram Boone; witss., Hiram Boone, Esq., James N. Eckman, both of Lancaster Co.

  Nov. 9, 1870, (Nov. 9). Christopher Wooster of Lancaster Co., age 21, born in Germany, son of John and Mary ( ----- ) Wooster, married Charlotte E. Moore of Lancaster Co. age 17, born in Indiana, daughter of John and Emily (Shirley) Moore by S. B. Pound; witss., John A. Helman, Charles Fluke, both of Lancaster Co.



First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodbridge, Olde East New Jersey, 1664-1714, by Orra Eugene Monnette. Part IV, pp. 451-643, maps, facsimile records, illustrations. Price to new subscribers #8.25. Address: Orra Eugene Monnette, 350 South Oxford Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Part IV of Piscataway and Woodbridge, New Jersey, deals especially with the early settlement of Woodbridge and brings together a great many reprints bearing on this subject. Many early records are included, which, we believe, have not heretofore been printed. Among these are the earliest Woodbridge Town Records, and Abstracts of the Minutes of the Proceedings, 1683-1720, of the Courts of Middlesex County. There are lists of the pioneers in many early towns. What is equivalent to an early New Jersey Census is found under the headings - Freeholders of Middlesex County, 1752; Freeholders of the County of Essex, 1755; Tax Roll of Hunterdon County, 1722. Nearly fifty pages are devoted to the genealogical treatment of first settler families in alphabetical order, references to the source of information being given. This portion of Part IV seems destined to do for New Jersey, what Pope's Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire has done for that region. The excellent bibliography of Part III is continued in Part IV. In these volumes Mr. Monnette has collected all the known material that bears on this part of early New Jersey. It is a most valuable series.




Contributed by Miss Nellie Schock, Falls City, Nebraska.


   James G., son of J. and F. Heaston, d. Feb. 11, 1871, a. 5 yrs. 10 mo. 7 d.

John Heaston, d. Oct 2, 1872, a. 44 yrs. 2 mo. 4 d.

IconMary C. d. April 17 1861, a. 8 yrs. 4 mo. 28 d.
Willie d. Apr. 23, 1869, a. 2 yrs. 8 mo. 16 d.
Children of Joseph
and L. D. Forney
Maud, dau. of J. K. and E. F. Pearson, d. Oct. 27, 1877, a. 2 yrs. 0 d

Eliza G., dau of Samuel and Martina E. Glick, d. Oct 30, 1855, a. 9 mo

Mary M. V. dau. of Samuel and Martina E] Glick d. May 28, 1869, a. 5 yrs. 5 mo. 13 d.

Adam Davis d. Apr. 25, 1879, a. 59 yrs. 2 mo. 21 d.

David W. Montgomery, b. Aug. 30, 1818, d. Nov. 29, 1877, a. 59 yrs. 2 mo, 29 d.

Sydney S. dau. of D. W. and A. M. Montgomery, d. May 6, 1869, a. 17 yrs. 2 mo. 2 d.

Hannah E., wife of Albert Dickerson, d. Nov. 18, 1874, a. 32 yrs. 2 mo. 4 da.

Joseph Robinson, b. July 1, 1847, d. Feb. 26, 1867

David Robinson, b. Mar. 31, 1840, d. Feb. 26, 1866

George W. Robinson, b. Dec. 4, 1834, d. Mar. 31, 1865

David Robinson, b. Oct. 1, 1795, d. Mar. 4, 1870

IconJoseph P., d. Mar. 7, 1867, a. 4 yrs. 2 da.
Albert D. Aug. 12, 1874, a. 4 mo. 27 d.
James F. d. May 18, 1869, a. 7 mo. 19 d.
Children of Albert
and H. E. Dickerson
Sarah Campbell, d. Sept. 26. 1877 aged    [quite obliterated]

Chas. Wyatt, d. Jan. 9, 1878, a. 40 yrs.

Bozetty A. dau, of James and Achsah Pearson, d. Feb. 9, 1867, a. 15 yrs. 4 mo. 21 d.

John M. Field, Oct. 3, 1869, a. 28 yrs. 10 mo. 24 d.

James M. Pearson, d. Mar. 30, 1875, a. 64 yrs. 9 mo. 23 d

Infant dau of John and C. Field, d. Mar. 22, 1868

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The following text appears on back cover page


  I have specialized in Genealogical and Historical Books. A constantly renewed stock of more than 5,000 volumes of GENEALOGIES, TOWN AND COUNTY HISTORIES, VITAL RECORDS, SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS, etc., always on hand.

  With my shop at my residence, and issuing Genealogical Catalogues, I have a material saving in overhead expense, and can usually offer substantial reductions on catalogue prices, if specific wants are submitted. State exact titles desired, if possible. Can supply from stock or by search almost any book seen in catalogues.

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First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge
Olde New Jersey, 1664-1714
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   Published in the first ten volumes of the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record include Bierer, Blodgett, Calhoun, Call, Coffin,, Evarts, Gaylord, Gibbs, Graves, Halstead, Maxfield, Moulton, Murray, Parke, Radcliffe, Ray, Silver, Swan, Unthank, Van Arsdale, Vickery, White, Whitney, Wright.
   The Record of April, 1923, (Vol. I, No. 2) is now out of print. For prices to complete your file address Editor, Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, Nebraska Historical Library, Station A., Lincoln, Nebraska.

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