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  Abigail his Wife Born June 13th 1746. Departed this life November the 21st, 1775, aged 29 years
  Alice G. His Wife Born June 13th, 1746. Departed this life February 25th, 1791, aged 45 years
  Christiana his Wife, Born 3d day of April 1772. Departed this life December 27, 1842, aged 70.
The Above's Children's

  Christopher Born the 7th of March 1773. Departed this life November 2nd, 1777, aged 4 years
  John Gardner Born 7th of January, 1775. Departed this life 7th day of April 1776 aged 1 year.
  Abigail Gardner Born the 16th of November 1777. Departed this life the 16th Day of December 1852 aged 75 years and one month
  Lydia Gardner Born the 1st day of Feby. 1779. Departed this life September 7th, 1841, aged 62 years.
  Elie Gardner Born December 29th 1796
  Sarah Gardner Born November 25th 1799 [third figure uncertain.]

[Page 6.] The Ages of the Children of Willet and Abigail Gardner

  Joseph V. Gardner Born the 12th of August 1797. Departed this life the 2nd of August 1799
  Benjamin H. Gardner Born the 6th of June 1799. Died 1872 Aged 73
  3d. Child Born 20th of March 1801. Departed this life April 3d, 1801.
  4th Child Born 13th Jany. 1801. Departed this life Jany. 13th 1801
  Terissa Gardner Born the 12th Day of December 1802. Departed this life the 9th day of July [first written June] 1809.
  Lydia H. Gardner Born the 25th of May 1805. Departed this life the 31 day of January 1838
  Daniel W. Gardner Born the 15th day of May 1807. Died 1879, aged 72
  8th Child Born 20th of May 1809. Departed this life 20th of May 1809
  Deborah V. Gardner Born the 13th of April 1810
  Nicholas P. Gardner Born the 13th [?] day of March, 1813. Departed this life the 3d. of June 1813
  Minirva P. Gardner Born the 3d [?] of March, 1813 Died 1879 aged 66
  Harrison Gray Otis Gardner Born 25th of Feby., 1814
  13th Child Born Nov. 24, 1815, Departed this life Nov. 20 [?] 1815
  Nabby Louisa Gardner, Born 28 of March, 1817. Departed this life Aug. 31, 1848, aged 31.
  Willet Alonzo Gardner, Born January the 1st, 1819. Aged 59 years
  16th Child. Born January 1, 1820

[Page 71

  Nicholas S. [?] Gardner Born the 2 day of December 1820. Died 1882

   From a letter found in the Bible with the records the following extracts are taken:

Wickford, R. I. Sept, 13, 1884

Dear Nephew and Family

  Notwithstanding I have written you and your Father last, receiving no answer, still the bonds of Kindred affection and the ties of brotherly love I trust are yet unsevered - - - - - - the approaching hour when the last one of my father's (once numerous) family will be called - - - - - only three of us are now left - - - - -
  Family well as usual. Frank and myself are like others growing old ---- I have been busy at carpentering and hanging paper through the summer. Millard has been Painting at New Port since May, is now at home preparing his boat Scholoping, wich is a great business here at this season of the year. Susey his wife has a little daughter Three month old. Sarah is now allmost six years old, a great comfort and


help to Frank. The youngest's name is Manerva Louisa - but none to me will ever fill the place of Abby. - - - - - - I am or shall send you a genealogical Record of the Gardners, and want you to send me the family Record as it is in the old Bible - - - - - - -

Your loveing uncle      
Harrison G. 0. Gardner


Abstract by Raymond E. Dale, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska.
[Continued from Vol. IX, p. 38.]

E 25

  JOHN H. DAWSON. No will mentioned. Request for probate, Nov. 19, 1872; widow, Rebecca A. Dawson; administrator, L. A. Scoggin, her father; appraisers, Marshall Ross, J. D. Smith.

E 26

  JAMES B. HARMON, Oak Creek Pct., d. Oct. 12, 1872. No will. Widow, Ruth Harmon. Administrators, J. D. Smith, Lincoln, Nebr., appointed Dec. 14, 1872; Ruth Harmon appointed Mar. 5, 1879. Surviving children (Feb. 28, 1879), Emily J., aged 14; Francis, aged 11; Garky A., aged 9; James U., aged 7; Sarah E., aged 6. From Oct. 10, 1876 to Nov. 19, 1877, Mrs. Ruth Harmon was living at Bartlett, Iowa. Appraisers, Joseph Z. Briscoe, Alba Brown. Real estate in Town 11 North, Range 6 East.

E 22

  BETHIA [BETHIAH] S. FIELD. Will, Dec. 9, 1871; opened for probate, Aug. 5, 1872. Husband, Wescott R. Field. Children, Anna B. Philpot, , wife of James E. Philpott, Allan W. Field, Genie Field, all of Lancaster Co. Witss., Anna B. Philpott, Allan W. Field. Administrator, James E. Philpott.

E 29

  CHAS. A. KNIGHT, unmarried, d. at Lincoln, Dec. 3, 1872. Father William Knight of Lenawee Co., Mich. No will. Administrator, A. C. Rickets. Appraisers, N. G. Franklin, C. Louis Franklin.

E 30

  JOHN HENRY GILL, d. Dec. 3, 1872. Will, Nov. 23, 1872. Widow, Sarah. No mention of children. Witss., George Longton, J. W. Lowrie. Administrator, Sarah Gill. Real estate in Town 8 North, Range 5 East.


  JOHN MENKE, Highland Twp., d. Jan. 7, 1873. Will (in German language), Bohlenberg, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, Oct. 1, 1861. Wife, Geshe Margarethe Holljediers, then dec'd about 4 years. Children, dec'd daughter, late wife of Wicke Theilen, who had three children living [1861]; John Diedrich Menke of Bohlenberge; John Frederick Menke in America. Probate, Feb. 10, 1873. Heirs [1873], John Diedrich Menke, John Thielen, John Frederick Menke.


  JOHN P. LAUGHLIN, of Hugo, Douglass Co. No will. Widow, Phoebe. Children, Tipton P., Mina. Administrator in Lancaster Co., William Bays. Appraisers, John H. Watkins, Isaac Warrall.


  TAMEDGE CRANDALL, lumber dealer of Lincoln, d. Feb. 23, 1873. No will. Widow, Alice F. Crandall. Children, Julius F., aged 17; Alice A., aged 12. Business partner, E[dwin ?] H. Tuttle. Administrator, Alice F. Crandall. Appraisers, Alphonso S. Godfey, H. 0. Griggs.

E 34

  CAROLINE PETTIT, d. Jan. 9, 1873. Will, Jan. 9, 1873. Widower, S. N. Pettit. No children mentioned. Bequests to brother, Hiram McIntyre, to Carrie W. Sessions, to Mrs. E. S. Jones, to Rev. R. C. Talbott, to M. H. Sessions. Witss., J. M. Jameson, M. W. Wilcox. Administrator, M. H. Sessions.

E 35

  WILLIAM LOUX, Olive Branch Twp., d. Apr. 14, 1873. No will. Widow, Katharina [Catherine]. Children, Willie and Josephine, minors. Administrator, Herman Spellman. Appraisers, John Herman Weilage [Weigala], Henry Kramer.


E 36.

  JOHN DEHART, Lincoln, d. at Lincoln, Apr. 30, 1873. No will. Widow, Lelia. No children mentioned. Administrator, Nahum S. Scott. Appraisers, J. J. Butler, S. S. Royce. The widow applied for a widow's pension at Holdrege, Nebr., in 1914.

E 37.

  JOHN W. DAVIS, Yankee Hill Twp., d. at Yankee Hill, May 11, 1873. No will. Widow, Esther [Ester] A. Davis. Children, Oliver P., Lorenzo K., Lyman C., Robert H., Adelia May, Loretta F., William F., Milton P., Walter B. Final decree, Aug. 20, 1919.

E 38.

  GEORGE L. STATES, d. June 2,1873. Will, May 29,1873. Widow, Eliza. Children, George F[rank], Gustavus J., Adaline A., Thomas B., Mary E., Elmer E., John G., Jane. Administrator, Eliza States. Witss., J. K. Van Demark, James Kelly. Homestead in Town 12 North, Range 5 East. Final decree, Mar. 10, 1928. Eliza States d. between Mar. 4, 1893 and Sept. 28, 1927. Frank States d. leaving a dau. Lillian then about 7 years old, who later m. P. R. Glassburn and was living in Lincoln in 1927. Elmer in. and had children. Adaline m. ---- Johnson. Mary m. ---- Baxter. In 1927 Jane was unmarried and all other children were dead.

E 39.

  JAMES M. JAMESON, contractor and builder, Lincoln, d. at Lincoln, June 17, 1873. Widow, Carrie M. Children, William N., aged 12; Carrie M., aged 10. Administrators, Carrie M. Jameson and Edward A. Morgan. Appraisers, H. J. Walshe, James R. Fairbank, R. 0. Phillips. The widow removed from the state about Aug. 15, 1873. She appeared before a Notary at Erie, Pa., Sept. 13, 1873. Dec'd had a pew at Church of the Holy Trinity [Episcopal]. Business partner, W. H. B. Stout.

E 40.

  LESTER CLINTON DOLLEY, Rochester, N. Y., d. at Rochester, N. Y., Apr. 1, 1872. Will, Aug. 22, 1866. Widow, Sarah R. A. Dolley. Child, Charles S., minor, "in case I shall leave no other child or children me surviving." Sister, Maria E. Sanford. Paris C. Dolley and Estelle Dolley, minor children of Dec'd brother Dr. Paris C. Dolley. Administrators, Sarah R. A. Dolley and Wm R. Hallowell of Rochester, N. Y. Witss., John Stewart and Alx. Allen, both of Rochester, the latter living at Leotona, 0., Apr. 19, 1873.

E 41.

  THOMAS W. TAYLOR, Lincoln, d. at Lincoln, May 30, 1873. No will. Widow, Eliza. Child, Lulu Fay, aged 1 year. Administrator, Eliza Taylor. Widow Eliza Taylor afterwards m. Whitney J. Marshall, who d. before Dec. 21, 1908; widow was then living at Mendota, Ill. Dau. Lulu Fay Taylor m. C. C. Burr and was living, Dec. 21, 1908, at Madison, Wis. Final decree, Jan. 2, 1909.

E 42.

  SAMUEL GUY. No will. Widow, Mary Guy. Children, Thomas Guy, William Guy, John Guy, Mary Thomas, Augusta Wade. Grandchild, Parker G. Crippen, only child of Elizabeth Crippen, Dec'd. Administrators, Absalom K. White, up to May 2, 1876, at about which time he removed to Clear Creek Co., Colo.; afterwards, H. H. Wilson. Appraisers, Lyman Frost, Barthalemew Cox. Real estate, Town 10 North, Range 7 East. Order for gravestone, design: "S. Guy Borned March 17th 1790 aged 83 yer 2 monthe & 24 day Died June 12 1873" Martha Guy, named in complaint against William Guy, Sept. 1, 1874, apparently his wife.

E 43.

  R. T. NAPOLEON, Lincoln, d. May 14, 1873. Will, May 12, 1873; opened for probate June 9, 1873. "my crippled daughter Margarett Anuttru [?] - - - my daughter Sarah May to be given to ['Adam and' interpolated] Louisa Bax her ['Uncle and' interpolated] Aunt ---- my son William." Witss., Adam Bax, J. W. Wood. Administrator, M. H. Sessions of Lincoln. Appraisers, W. W. Holmes, W. W. Wilson.

E 44.

  HENRY C. CAMPBELL. Died Aug. 5, 1873. Will, Aug. 4, 1873, filed for probate, Aug. 11, 1873. Widow Frances [Sally] F. Campbell;


children, Walter C. Campbell, Delia [Adelia] [Dick] F. Campbell, Thomas H. Campbell. Administrators, John D. Lottridge and Casper E. Yost. John D. Lottridge, guardian for Delia F. Campbell. Wit., Lyman A. Harmon, Wallace N. Abbey, S. P. Stoddard. Will not found. Appraisers, Munson Downs, Enoch Yost. Partner in firm of Holly & Campbell, general merchandise, Lincoln, Nebr. Partner in firm of Parks & Campbell, North Platte, Nebr. Warden of State Penetentiary. Real estate in Washington, Dodge, and Burt Counties.

E 45.

  H. HALLY [HALEY]. No will. Died Oct. 4, 1873. Administrator, N. S. Harwood. Appraisers, W. H. Bluett, W. W. Holmes. No heirs mentioned.

Contributed by Merle W. Humphries (Mrs. Edward D.), Sac City, Iowa.
  The original record is on a single sheet of paper and was found at Volga, Iowa, in 1931. It is badly creased in places and a piece on the right side near the middle of the page is missing. Timothy Deuel married, probably at Dartmouth, Massachusetts (intentions April 16, 1737), Lydia Mosher, daughter of Joseph and Lydia (Taber) Mosher. He sold his land at Dartmouth in 1759, and removed to Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York, probably at that time.

F   Timothy Deuel was born February the first day and in the year 1714/o-s desesd 18th of April N. S. 1787
d   Lydia Deuel was born June the Eleventh in the year 1717 OS
1   Judith Deuel was Born July the third and the Second of the week and the year ---- 1738 th O.S.
2   Benanuel Deuel was Born February the Eighteenth and the Second day of the week and in the year 1739/0 S
3   Sarah Deuel was Born the 10th day of March the 2th day of the week and In the year of our Lord 1742/0 S.
4   Benjamin Deuel was ---- of the week ---- 17 ----
5   John Deuel was bor - - - - - - and ---- 1746/0. S.
6   Silas Deuel was Bor - - - - - -
7   Rhoba Deuel wa -------- the 12th day and the firth day of the week 1750 -- 0
8   Hannah Deuel was Born the 14th day of February and the 4th day of week 1753 - N. S.
9   Zelpha Deuel was Born April the 27th day and the first day of the week 1755 N. S.
10  Lydia Deuel was Born the 7th day of August - - - the 5th day of week 1760 N. S.
  This Bible was printed at Albany, New York, 1817, and is now owned by the Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska. The date 1851 is written on the front cover.
Elihu Victroy Born April 16th 1794
Joined in Matrimony with Fidelia Joslin Feb 10 .. 1836 Born April 10th 1810
Louise Harris born January The 25--1844 and Adopted - Louise Victroy April 2th --1848
Elihu Victroy Died Dec 10, 1869"


Abstract by Raymond E. Dale, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska
[Continued from Vol. XV, p. 24.]

  1847, Oct. 5. - "On Thursday evening, Sept. 30th, by the Rev. T. A. Mills, Mr. Wm. E. Cooke to Miss Charity Musick, all of this city."
  "On Tuesday evening, 28th inst. [sic], by Rev. Mr. Fisher, Mr. John Gould, formerly of New York City, to Miss Eunice A. Stone, of this city."
  "In Detroit, on Sunday morning, September 26th, Mrs. Eliza Adams, widow of the late Captain Nathaniel F. Adams, U.S.A., formerly of this city."
  "At quarter past 12 o'clock, on Sabbath morning, the 26th inst. [sic], of consumption, Maria Louisa [Gary], wife of Gen. Samuel F. Cary."
  "Thursday, Sept. 30th, by Rev. D. Shepardson, Mr. Thomas Nicholson to Miss Elizabeth Goble."
  Estate of James H. Crocker, dec'd, Anson Whipple and William Higbee, executors.  

1847, Oct. 12 - "On Tuesday evening, Oct. 5th, by the Rev. J. W. Hopkins, Mr. John Fine to Miss Mary Jane Shoyer, both of this city."
  "On Tuesday evening, 5th inst., by the Rev. J. H. Perkins, Mr. Wm. W. Bakewell, of New Orleans, to Miss Elizabeth Jaudon, of this city."
  "At Lawrenceburgh, Ia., on the 6th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Bond, Mr. Wm. H. Finkbine, of Cincinnati, to Miss Mary Ann Woodward, of the former place."
  "On the 7th inst., by Elder Wm. P. Stratton, Mr. Allen Hoffman to Miss Barbara A. Gilman, all of Hamilton county, 0."
  "On Tuesday morning, 5th inst., Lucy Audubon [James], infant daughter of David and Elizabeth James, aged 19 months and 10 days."
  "On Wednesday, 6th inst., Harriet Lilie [Jacobs], only daughter of N. S. and Freelove H. Jacobs, aged 13 months."
  "On Sunday, 3d inst., of typhus fever, Mrs. Mehitable R. Stanwood, wife of J. H. Stanwood, formerly of Portsmouth, N. H."
  "On the morning of the 4th inst., at the village of Mason, Alice Penthea [Holcomb], infant daughter of Mary Ann and Horace L. Holcomb, of Dayton, Ohio."
  "On Saturday, Oct. 2d, 1847, in this city, of affection of the heart, Mrs. Phebe G. [Hotchkiss], consort of Elisha Hotchkiss, formerly Mayor of Cincinnati, - - - -
  "On Monday, the 4th inst., Elliott Hastings [Hawes], infant son of D. and Josephine S. Hawes."
  "On Tuesday, the 5th inst., at 10 minutes before 12 M, Albert Henry [Sarle], youngest child of Wm. R. and Harriet Sarle, aged 3 years and 9 months."
  James Riddle, vs. John Riddle, George G. Holman and Mary, his wife, et als. heirs of John Riddle, dec'd, petition for partition.  

1847, Oct. 26. - ."Wm. Bercholt, a native of Germany, and a tailor by occupation, committed suicide at St. Louis, on the 12th inst. He left a wife and six children in Cincinnati"
  "On Thursday, Oct. 14th, by Rev. J. D. Shane, Mr. Alexander W. Williamson to Miss Araminta E. Shane, all of this city."
  "On the 14th inst., at the 9th street Baptist Church, by Rev. E. L. Magoon, Rev. Wm. Moore to Miss Elizabeth W. Forbes, Missionaries to India."
  "On Wednesday evening, October 26, 1847, by Rev. Jas. T. Lewis, Miss Virginia L. [Baldwin], daughter of Mr. Thomas F. Baldwin, of Mount Auburn, to Mr. Wm. G. W. Lewis, of this city."
  "On Thursday, October 21st, 1847, by Rev. John W. Weekly, Mr. Matthew B. Rowan to Miss Ann Osborn, both of this city."
  "On Wednesday morning last, by the Rev. George D. Gillespie, De Witt


Clinton Smith to Elizabeth Getz."
  "On Thursday morning, 21st inst., by the Rev. T. A. Mills, Mr. James Matthews, to Miss Jane Ellis, all of this city"
  "On Thursday evening, 21st inst., by the Rev. Mr. Jewell, Mr. David Harp, to Miss Harriet Smith."
  "On Thursday, the 21st inst., by the Rev. Wm. H. Fyffe, Mr. Alexander B. Latta, to Miss Elizabeth Ann Parson, all of this city."
  "In Mount Pleasant, Iowa, on the morning of the 11th inst., by J. T. Morton, Esq., - - - Silas G. Weeks, Esq., of Warren county, Illinois, to Mrs. Mary Robb, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, - -"
  "On the 10th inst., in Brooklyn, New York, Mrs. Harriet E. [Phelps], wife of Samuel W. Phelps of Cincinnati."
  "In this city, on the 17th ult., of chronic dysentery, E. Y. Watson, M.D., a native of Maine, late of Cincinnati, Ohio."
  "At Sportsman Hall, near this city, on the 21st of October, 1847, of yellow jaundice, Mr. George Ward, Dentist and Daguerreotypist, late of Louisville, and formerly of Philadelphia."
  "On Friday, the 22nd inst., Alice Corry, youngest daughter of the late William Corry, Esq ----- her mother, Mrs. Eleanor Corry, - - - - "
  "Benjamin Mason, one of our first settlers and residents here since 1795, died this morning at 10 o'clock, in the 76th year of his age."
  "On Sunday, the 24th inst., by the Rev. John W. Weakley, Mr. George W. Foulks to Miss Jemima Manning, both of this city."
  "On Sunday, the 24th inst., by the Rev. John W. Weakley, Mr. Lewis W. Clason to Miss Lucy Jane Rutledge, both of this city."
  "At Cherry Lane, near Crosswick, N. J., on Fourth day, the 28th inst., by the Order of Friends, Isaac Stephens, Jr., of Cincinnati, to Lydia [Middleton], daughter of Samuel Middleton."
  "In this city, Sabbath afternoon, 24th inst .. . . . . . . Mrs. Martha [Jaquess], wife of John Jaquess, in the 48th year of her age."

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