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W. A. Guthrie, 53, Pa.
Wm. H. Chadwick, 26, 0.; wife, Roda Chadwick, 26, 0.; children, Lewis, 8, Ia.; Frank, 6, Neb.; Nettie,
   2, Neb.
Melville Chadwick, 21, 0.
Frank Gibbons, Jr., 26, England; wife, Alice Gibbons, 21, England; child, Alice, 1, Neb.
Harvey Karnes, 32, Va.; wife, Mary M. Karnes, 33, Mo.; children, Leonidas, 12, Mo.; Joseph M., 8, Mo.
J. Johnson, 34, Mo.; wife, Martha Johnson, 25, Mo.
D. W. Grant, 38, Ky.; wife, Ellen Grant, 24, Mo.; children, Cora N., 4, Neb.; Jessie M., 1, Neb.
[p. 47] (Should follow p. 44) Sarah Justice, 17, Ind.; Ann, 15, Ind.; Huldah, 13, Ind.; Wm., 11, Ind.; George,
   9, Ind.; Marth J., 5, Neb.
Henry Justice, 26, Ind; Mary, 16, Ind.
H. W. Helvey, 24, Ind.; wife, Rachel H. Helvey(v), 20, Mo.; children, John, 2, Neb.; Jennie, 6 mo., Neb.
Charles Walker, 27, Vt.; wife, Joan Walker, 21, Ia.; children, Charles, 2, Neb.; Ellen, 1, Neb.
0. P. Colon, 36, England; wife, Eliza J. Colon, 31, Mich.; child, Ada A., 10, Ia.
James M. Hays, 25, Ky.; wife, Melinda Hays, 22, Ill.; children, Harvey L., 3, Neb.; Juliett, 1 mo., Neb.
Foster E[d]wards, 44, N. Y.; Hannah, 29, N. Y.
J. R. Gillaspie, 36, N. C.; wife, Harriet Gillaspie, 35, Ill.; children, John H., 13, Mo.; Precillia, 11, Mo.
   Abraham, 9, Neb.; [p. 48] Andrew J., 4, Neb.; infant dau., 1, Neb.
Nicolas Schmidt, 54, Germany.
Henry F. Schmidt, 28, Germany; wife, Elizabeth Schmidt, 29, Va.
F. A. White(w), 45, N. Y.; wife, Eunice A. White, 42, N. Y.; child, Creda E., 13, N. Y.
Polly A. Chapman, 13, Ind.
Richard Mycock, 46, England; Thos. A., 23, England; George, 21, England; Jane, 18, England; Emma,
   15, England; John, 12, England; Samuel, 10, England.
Robert Lorton, 26, Ia.; Gillian (F), 40, Ill.; Sallie, 17, Ia.
Wm. Boydston(x), 39, Pa.; wife, Cornelia M. Boydston, 37, 0.; children, Frank M., 11, Ill.; Harry M., 9
   Ill.; Nellie, 6 mo., Neb.
Roella Culbertson (F), 30, 0.
L. F Cornutt(y), 32, Va.; wife, Laura J. Cornutt, 28, Va.; children, Wm. A., 6, Neb.; Wiley S., 3, Neb.;
   Jessie, 1, Neb.
[p. 49] Wm. J. Cornutt, 24, Va.
F. H. Yager, 25, Denmark.
Stephen Ratliff, 38, Mo.; Martha J., 16, Mo.; Martha, 63, Ky.; apparently living in this family, Lucy Bloyd,
   12, Mo.
John Ratliff, 49, Mo.; Jas. B., 22, Mo.; Stephen H., 18, Mo.
George North(a) (z), 67, Ireland; wife, Maria E. North, 49, England; dau., Anna M., 24, Ireland.

  (v) Rachel Hughes, b. June 15, 1844, Linden, Mo., came to Nebraska City with her parents, where she married H. W. Helvey, Oct. 15, 1861. They moved to a homestead in Jefferson Co. in 1870. - Fairbury News and Gazette, 1923 July 5, p. 7 (4).
  (w) Francis A. White, b. July 19, 1823, Unadilla, N. Y., settled at Nebraska City about 1858, where he was a merchant, freighter and partner in a stage line. He was one of the promoters of the Midland Pacific Railroad, built from Nebraska city to Lincoln. He returned to New York about 1874 and became quite wealthy. - Nebraska City News, 1904 Jan. 26.
  (x) William L. Boydston came with his family from Paris, Ill., in the spring of 1856. His wife Cornelia died in 1873 and he died in 1876. - Chapman, p. 1217.
  (y) Listed at Nebraska City in the census of 1854. - Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, Vol. XIII, p. 16.
  (z) George North, b. Dec. 29, 1805, Droyheda, county Meath, Ireland, married, Sept. 25, 1838, Maria Eleanor Ballance, b. May 15, 1815, Canterbury, England. They came to America in 1854, settling at Nebraska City in Nov., where he opened a jewelry store. Their three daughters, Georgenia L., Elizabeth E. and Anna, married respectively


A. Hart, 38, England; wife, Elizabeth Hart, 26, N. Y.; son, Joseph, 7, Mo.
Wm. Terpin, 64, Ky.; Ida Jane Terpin, 50, Ky.; Whitly R. Terpin, 7, Mo.; apparently living in this family,
   Adelia Nelson, 7, Mo.; Susan B. Nelson, 5, Mo.; Wm. Terpin, Jr., 24, Ind.; Francis McC. Terpin (M), 17,
   Mo.; Sarah McClain, 17, Mo.
Demas McF. Benhoven, 22, 0.
M. C. Berry
, 22, Mo.
A. H. Armstrong(a), 42, 0.; wife, Mary J. Armstrong, 37, Ireland; children, Mary J., 17, 0.; Isabel, 6, Neb.;
   Edward, 4, Neb.
[p. 50] C. H. Lamkin, 20, Ark.
Martha Howell, 30, Mo., colored.
Frances White (F), 35, Mo., colored.
Solomon Faril, 27, Ark., colored.
F. W. Rothman, 27, Prussia.
Jacob Keelkopp, 16, Germany.
N. C. Rosswell, 53, N. Y.; wife, Rachel Rosswell, 53, 0.; children, Lucy J., 18, Mo.; Sarah H., 14, Mo.;
   Jas. W., 11, Mo.
Wm. Schellinger, 28, N. J.; wife, Mary Schellinger, 24, 0.; children, Wm. H., 6, Neb.; Ella, 3, Neb.;
   Frank,1, Neb.
G. H. Unphrey, 39, 0.; wife, Mary J. Unphrey, 30, 0.; children, Terissa, 9, Ia.; John H., 6, Ia.; Edwin, 4,
   Ia.; Lillie, 4 mo., Neb.
S. W. Govar, 28, Ky.; Kissiah Govar, 26, Va.; dau., Rebecca A., 5, Mo.
Robert Sallee, 35, Mo.
J. J. Barwick, 46, Md.; wife, Ann M. Barwick, 40, N. H.

George W. Sroat, W. H. H. Waters and J. B. Berkley. Sarah Ballance, a sister of Mrs. North, married Henry Lauer, another early settler. - Ena Madsen Sroat, Sroat Genealogy.



Contributed by Mrs. Henry W. Polgren, Albany, New York.

  This Bible was the property of Hugh A. Mosher and is now owned by Mrs. Andrew Vrooman, Selkirk, New York. It was published 1847 by Jasper Harding, 57 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


Hugh A. Mosher, son of Cornelius and Rosanna Mosher was born at Nobletown, N. Y., August 27, 1783;
married Feb. 26, 1809 to
Phebe Wiltse, daughter of William and Hannah Wiltse. She was born June 11, 1794.


Their first Child William Mosher was born July 5, 1810
Cornelius Mosher was born May 14th, A. D. 1812.
John Mosher was born November the 30th, 1813
Hannah Mosher was born April 28th A. D. 1815
David Mosher was born October 1st. A. D. 1818
Elizabeth Mosher was born March the 12th 1820
Gilbert Mosher was born July 1st, 1822
Henry Mosher was born June 29th, 1824
Isaac Mosher was born March the 17th, 1826
Hester Ann Mosher was born July 13, A. D. 1831



Sarah A. Mosher wife of William Mosher, died December 13, 1865
Phebe Mosher, wife of Hugh A. Mosher died May 10th A. D. 1867
Phoebe Anna Vanderzee only daughter of Hannah Mosher and Henry Bailey died April 6, 1898.

  This Bible was the property of John Mosher, son of Hugh A. Mosher, and is now owned by Mrs. Hugh J. Mosher. It was published 1857 by Jasper Hardin & Son, Philadelphia. John Mosher died February 6, 1890, and his wife, Edith Waldron Mosher, May 13, 1894. They are buried at South Bethlehem, New York.


John Mosher born Nov. 30, 1813
Edith Waldron born Oct. 3, 1818


Cornelia Mosher was born March 29, 1843
James W. Mosher born Oct. 1, 1844
John Wesley Mosher born Jan. 23, 1846
Cornelia Ann Mosher born Nov. 25, 1848
Ten Eyck T. Mosher born March 19, 1850
Infant daughter Born Oct. 24, 1853
Hugh J. Mosher born Oct. 27, 1856


John Mosher married to Edith Waldron December 7, 1841 by David B. Turner.
Solomon C. Rowe and Cornelia Ann Mosher were married Oct. 3, 1871.
John Wesley Mosher and Maria Louisa Bullock married Dec. 22, 1875.
Ten Eyck T. Mosher and Sarah Jane Anderson married March 13, 1878 (at Albany, N. Y.)


Cornelia Mosher died Feb. 22, 1846
Infant daughter died Nov. 4, 1853
James W. Mosher died Oct. 24, 1906
Ten Eyck T. Mosher died Oct. 13, 1917
Cornelia Ann Rowe died Jan. 19, 1918
John W. Mosher died Apr. 3, 1926
Hugh Jetson Mosher died Oct. 3, 1928



Contributed by Hervey S. Robinson, Lincoln, Nebraska

  This Bible was purchased at a sale of the personal property of the late James Lemmon, who died in Lincoln, aged 102 years. Most of the New Testament is missing and about 25 pages from the front of the book. The imprint for the New Testament is "Brattleborough, Vermont. Printed and sold by John Holbrook. 1816." The family record of four pages follows the Old Testament.

p. 1] David Proudfit was married Jan. 22, 1835
Martha Proudfit was married Dec. 8, 1842
Elizabeth Proudfit was married May 1843
Robert Proudfit was married March 11th 1845
p. 2] Alex r Proudfit was Born 2 May 1763


Martha Proudfit senr was born 5th Decem 1774
Andrew Proudfit was born August 13th 1795
Eliza Proudfit was born March 28th 1797
John Proudfit was born Feb. 28th 1799
Sarah Proudfit was born March 15th 1801
Albert* Proudfit Died Oct. 11th 1844
Martha Proudfit Died July 13th 1844
Sarah Proudfit Died Jan. 26. 1865
p. 3] Andrew Proudfit was Married November 26th 1823
John Proudfit was married December 3rd 1829
Alex r Proudfit Jr was married Febry 21st 1833
Sarah Proudfit was married September 3rd 1831
Jane Proudfit was married December 1st 1831 (In the margin is a pencil notation Dan or Dave H. Sinclair.)
Hanery [?] Proudfit was married Feb 10 1835
p. 4] David Proudfit was born May 8th 1803
Alex Proudfit was born May 2d 1805
Jane Proudfit was Born May 15th 1807
Martha Proudfit Junr was born May 9th 1809
Agness Proudfit was Born February 1st 1812
Robert Proudfit was Born December 27th 1814
Margret Proudfit was born Oct. 24th 1819
Allex r Proudfit junior died Dec 2 (or 26) 1859
Margaret Proudfit died Oct 3 1847

* Evidently Alexander Proudfit.


  These records, somewhat abbreviated, are from the federal census, 1870, Schedule 2, which bears this heading, "Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1870, ______". The returns of this census were made in duplicate. Only a small part of Schedule No. 1 has been found in this state. The family number is included for purposes of identification.(a)

A. Duffield (M), b. Pa., farmer; d. July [1869], age 47. (133)
E. J. Gerhardt (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 4, measles. (135)
H. T. Gerhart (M), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 2, measles. (135)
C. Damme(b) (F), b. Germany, married; d. Aug. [1869], age 27. (8)
Flora Still (F), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 1 yr., 6 mo. (16)
Florence Still (F), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 1 yr., 6 mo. (16)
E. D. Dudley (M), b. Ill.; d. May, age 10 (25)
S. E. Ward (M), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 9 mo. (30)
Edward Owen (M), b. Oregon; d. July [1869], age 10. (19)
0. Dammon (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 6 mo. (17)
W. E. Farris (M), b Nebr.; d. Sept. [1869], age 1 (56)
W. Hicklan (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 8 (79)
Lyle Winn (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 8 mo. (114)
Catharine Watson (F), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 9 mo. (185)
Jacob New (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 3 mo. (44)
Emmet Evans (F), b. Nebr.; d. June [year?], age 1 mo. (67)

  (a) These deaths are not in the census record:
  Mr. Welch, a railroad laborer, was shot in Nebraska City about Nov. 11 and died about Nov. 28. - Nebraska Herald (Plattsmouth). 1869 Nov. 25; Dec. 2.
  Sam Davis died at Nebraska City of self-inflicted wounds early in Dec. It was supposed that he had relatives in Illinois. - Ibid, 1869 Dec. 9.
  (b) Mrs. Christine (Rhodenier) Damma, wife of Fred Damma, Osage Pet., whom she had married in Franklin Co., Mo. - Chapman Bros., Portrait and Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties, Nebraska, p. 341.


Anthony James(c) (M), b. England, married, farmer; d. May, age 32. (88)
Robert Campbell(d) (M), b. Pa., married, farmer; d. July [1869], age 60. (123)
Mary Hurst (F), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 2, scarlet fever. (119)
May Cowles (F), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 2. (112)
----- Hall (F), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 5, scarlet fever. (115)
Elizabeth Darley (F), b. Nebr.; d. July [1869], age 2. (175)
Amelia Bone, (F), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 5 mo. (180)
Ana Diffenbacher (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 3 Mo. (67)
Ela Diffenbacher (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 3 Mo. (67)
Alrilda White (F), b. Nebr.; d. Dec. [1869], age 7 Mo. (68)
John Swaitz (M), b. Prussia, married, cook; d. Aug. [18691, age 48. (76)
Ellen Orouke (F), b. Nebr.; d. June [year?], age 7. (78)
Adison Kingsley (M), b. N. Y.; married, farmer; d. Mar., age 24, "froze to death." (96)
Edwin Richardson (M), b. N. Y.; d. Feb., age 5. (95)
Ida Place (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 2, measles. (108)
H. Bayns (M), b. Va., clergyman, married; d. June [year?], age 56. (120)
----- Dattan (M), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 1 Mo. (125)
William Payton (M), b. Mo., laborer; d. May, age 23. (131)
Stephen Gilroy (M), b. Nebr.; d. Sept. [1869], age 1 Mo. (184)
----- Hart (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [18691, age 1 mo. (187)
Margaret Hail (F), b. Nebr.; d. June [year?], age 1. (207)
Minnie Thompson (F), b. "Dramsteat", married; d. July [1869], age 39. (246)
P. Schminkie(e) (M), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 3, diphtheria. (249)
Lewis Bader (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 2 mo. (250)
Christ Renner (M), b. Denmark; d. June [year?], age 1. (253)
Mary Gaffner (F), b. Prussia, married; d. Dec. [1869], age 36. (266)
Catherine Lamaster (F), b. N. Y., married; d. Mar., age 56. (286)
Hugh Lamaster (M), b. Ky., married, editor; d. Apr., age 71. (286)
Nellie McArtney (F), b. Nebr.; d. Oct. [1869], age 1. (57)
L. Courts (F), b. Mo.; d. Mar., age 8, scarlet fever. (14)
M. G. Courts (F), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 1, scarlet fever. (14)
F. Phillips (F), b. Prussia; d. Sept. [1869], age 65. (17)
Christian Myer(f) (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 2. (41)
H. C. McLenan (M), b. Nebr.; d. July [1869], age 5, spotted fever. (70)
Laura Lane (F), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 1. (40)
------ Stenet (M), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 1 mo. (54)
Mary E. Davis (F), b. Va., married; d. Sept. [1869], age 36. (70)
Jacob Hickey (M), b. Pa., married, farmer; d. July [1869], age 48. (72)
Willis Jamison (M), b. Nebr.; d. Sept. [1869], age 1. (78)
Sarah Jamison (F), b. Nebr.; d. Oct. [1869], age 1 mo. (78)
J. E. Lee (M), b. Kans.; d. Nov. [1869], age 2. (79)
Maranda Horn (F), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 1, scarlet fever. (82)
Ellen Campbell (F), b. Ill., married; d. Jan., age 23. (83)
Robert Campbell (M), b. Nebr.; d. Aug. [1869], age 1. (83)

  (c) Anthony A. James, b. Dec. 1830, county Donegal, Ireland, son of William James, came to Pennsylvania with his widowed mother, where he married Miss Eliza Burrows. He died in Wyoming Pet., May 10, 1870. - Ibid, p. 450.
  (d) Robert Campbell, b. Pa.. married Washington Co., Pa., Miss Mary McClure. They came to Nebr. about 1861, settling in Wyoming Pet, where he died, July 19, 1869. - Ibid, p. 421.
  According to the verdict of the coroner's jury, he died of poisoning, probably strychnine He was about 65 years old and was survived by his wife and five childrenNebraska Herald (Plattsmouth), 1869 July 29.
  (e) Paul Schminke was the son of Paul Schminke, a prominent resident of Nebraska City. - Andreas, History of Nebraska, p. 1228.
  (f) Christian Meyer, a two year old boy, was killed by a railroad construction train at Nebraska City about the middle of May. - Nebraska Herald (Plattsmouth), 1870 May 26.


A. Campbell (M), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 1 mo. (83)
B. Campbell (F), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 1 mo. (83)
Frank Hauptman (M), b. Nebr.; d. May, age 1, scarlet fever. (84)
Alexander Killgore (M), b. Ia.; d. Dec. [1869], age 6. (151)
W. N. Killgore (M), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 2. (151)
A. Killgore (M), b. Nebr.; d. Feb., age 1 mo. (151)
Herman Rankin (M), b. Nebr.; d. June [year?], age 2. (150)
Mary Damme (F), b. Nebr.; d. Apr., age 1, scarlet fever. (58)
Ezra Baldwin (M), b. Ill.; d. Oct. [1869], age 6 mo. (30)
S. G. Dunbar (F), b. Nebr.; d. Sept. [1869], age 1. (35)
Erek Erexson (M), b. Sweden; d. June [year?], age 4. (62)
Cary Erexson (F), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 1 mo. (62)
Christ Newman (F), b. Pa., married; d. Oct. [1869], age 45.(95)
Ed Terry (M), b. N. Y., farmer; d. Aug. [1869], age 22.
Wm. H. Morgan (M), b. Nebr.; d. Jan., age 9 Mo. (233)
E. D. McGinsley (F), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 3, whooping cough. (16)
E. White (F), b. N. H., widow; d. July [1869], age 78. (26)
C. H. Stone (M), b. Ind.; d. Nov. [1869], age 6, diphtheria. (59)
M. Gilmore (F), b. Mich.; d. May, age 12. (6)
------ Pindar (F), b. Nebr.; d. Mar., age 1 da. (37)
J. W. Davis (M), b. 0.; d. Aug. [1869], age 1. (32)
M. Whitter (F), b. Me., married; d. Mar., age 60. (36)
J. Farrish (M), b. Nova Scotia, married, merchant; d. Nov. [1869], age 64. (38)
F. L. Douglas (F), b. Conn., married; d. Apr., age 69.
E. Masters (M), b. 0., widower, farmer; d. May, age 40. (138)

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