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Contributed by Mrs. J. B. Noland (Anna Turley), Richmond, Kentucky,
Genealogist, Boonsboro Chapter Daughters of the American

   The Nolands are said to have removed from Maryland to Virginia. They settled early in Kentucky County, afterwards the State of Kentucky. In 1786 Henry Noland's was one of the 131 names signed to a petition to divide Lincoln County into Lincoln, Madison, and Mercer. Of his large family, four sons and three daughters settled in Platte County, Missouri. John W. Noland lived two miles beyond the old "Cane Spring Church," built in 1803, on the Red River Road. His house is still standing and in the rear is the Noland grave yard.

"Stereotyped by B. & J. Collins, New York. Published By Benjamin Warner and sold at his Book Stores, 147 High Street, Philadelphia & Richmond, Virginia

Comes & Co., Printers, New York


  Above is an exact copy of the fly leaf of the Bible as printed. On the back of the fly leaf the following is written:

SpacerIcon"John Noland's Bible 17th 1821
rote by Martin D. Noland 17th 1821
SpacerIconJune the 4th day 1822 John Noland's Bible
Price Ten Dollars"

Martin D. Noland

Martin was probably a nephew of John Noland. This Bible is now owned by Mrs. J. B. Noland.
Henry Noland Sen Died the 25th Of June in year of our Lord 1807
James Noland of Henry & Nancy (White) his wife died July 11th 1815
Thomas died on 5th Sept 1823
Nancy Noland died on 27th day of June 1837 wli'e of Henry Noland
John Noland Sr died April the 17th 1865 son of Henry & Nancy Noland
   John Noland was born in December 7th 1786 Anna Black his wife was born 27th day of August 1795
1 James Noland their son was born the 11th day of June on Sunday
2 Nathan Noland was born the 6th day of May on Tuesday 1817
3 Eleanor Noland  "   "   the 7th day of March on Monday 1819
4 Sidney Noland   "   "   March 22nd on Friday 1822
5 Temperance Noland was born the 5th day of February 1824 on Thursday

John Noland & his wife Anne Black were married June 30th 1814
John Noland m 2nd Jane Black Oct 16 1834 (1st cousin to Anne 1st wife)
One child John Black Noland was born in August 31st 1827 on Friday
John Black Noland died Apr 2 1909 aged 71 years

James Noland son of Henry Noland Sr was born April 22 1780
Elizabeth (Webber) Noland was born July 8 1782

Icon1 John Webber Noland born Nov 7th 1804
2 Martin Noland born November 7th 1804


4 Harding Noland  "  Aug 2 1807


5 Miriam   "   "  Oct 20 1810
6 Peggy   "   "   March 13 1812
7 James   "   "   Dec 22 1813
1 James Laquey son of Andrew Laquey and Ann (Noland) Laquey his wife was born Jan 15 1816
2 Joshua Laquey was born Sept 23 1818
3 Sidoney Laquey  "   "  July 8 1820
4 Narcissy Laquey "   "   Apr. 18, 1822
5 Polly Lackey   "   "   Nov. 2, 1824
6 Ann Lackey    "   "   July 8, 1826
7 Andrew Lackey "   "   Aug. 23, 1828
8 Noland Lackey  "   "   Aug. 22, 1829

Contributed by Mrs. J. B. Noland, Richmond, Kentucky

IconAndrew Broaddus,* b. Feb. 17, 1792
Gracie Askin (Apin) b. Mar. 9, 1797

married Apr 8 1819 in Mo.

1 John E. Broaddus b Jan 27 1780 [?]
2 Green B    "    b. Aug 11 1821 Maj U S Army died in Kansas
3 Jermiah     "    " Oct 23 1823
4 Andrew W. Broaddus b Oct 7 1826 - May 8 1827
5 Wm F        "     "  Apr. 13, 1828
6 Mary Margaret "     "  Oct 7 1830
7 Sidney Broaddus,    "  Feb. 26, 1833
8 Elbridge Broaddus b June 18 1835 Judge Appellate Court K. C., Mo.
9 Martha     "     b. Dec 25 1837 - July 18 1851
10 Elizabeth  "     b Apr 17, 1840

   Margaret Colbert died Sept 7, 1843 [Mother of Gracie (Askin) Broaddus married Colbert 2nd and had one son, ------- Colbert, Howard Co., Mo.]

Andrew Broaddus died Dec 23 1872
Gracy Broaddus (wife) died Aug. 10, 1876
John E    "          "   July 20 1887
Wm. F.    "         "   Dec. 14, 1898, no issue
A. W.     "         "   May 8 1827
Elbridge J. Broaddus   "  Mar 2 1918 in Kansas City Mo.
Mary Margaret Broaddus wife of Capt Nathan Noland died in Madison County Ky Jan 1919
Sidney C Broaddus died in Ill.
Maj Green B Broaddus died Sept 23, 1875 Kansas

IconCapt Nathan Noland b May 6 1817
Mary Margaret Broaddus b Oct 7 1830

married May 13 1847 Madison
Co Ky
Elbridge Noland b June 28 1848
John Andrew "  " Mar 28 1850 bachelor died Suddenly 1923
James Noland, Jan 3 1852
Mary Ellen "   Mar 7 1854

   * Note by Mrs. J. B. Noland. - Andrew Broaddus, Sr., was with Kit Carson on his first trip across the plains to Santa Fe. Broaddus pulled a gun to shoot buffalo and shot off his own arm. He begged that it be cut off but no one had the heart to do it. He suffered intensely for a few days, then made a saw from an old knife and sawed it off. He took a wagon pin, heated it, and seared it himself, so as to stop the flow of blood. He got well, came back to Madison County, Kentucky, and reared a family (above Bible record. He was the father of Hon. E. J. Broaddus (dec'd) of Kansas City, Judge of Supreme Court, and of Mrs. Nathan Noland of Madison County, Kentucky, (now dead), and grand-father of Jesse B. Noland of Richmond, Kentucky.


Green B. Noland, Mar 2 1856
Wm.       "    Mar 22 1858 died, Mar. 22, 1874 - 16 years
Sydney A.  "    Mar. 14 1861
Jeremiah B.  "    July 27 1863
George Noland Feb 5 1868
Capt Nathan Noland died Apr 5 1890 aged 73 yrs Madison Co Ky
Elbridge son of Nathan " Sept 2 1893 age 45 years
James Noland died Nov 7 1920
Mary E Noland wife of Col N B Deacherage died Jan 11 1927 [only dau of Capt Nathan Noland]



  At the time the first settlements were made, the territory which afterwards was organized as Lancaster County was attached for judicial purposes to Cass County. Hence the earliest marriages performed in Lancaster County were probably recorded at Plattsmouth, Neb


  J. M. Young; Michael Combs; G. B. Mullis, Elder Church of Christ, Lancaster Co.; E. C. Taylor, V.D.M.; H. H. Skaggs; Charles Little, Pastor of First Congregational Church, Lincoln; H. T. Davis, Pastor of M. E. Church, Lincoln; Permin M. Kountz, Pastor of Catholic Church, Lincoln; P. S. Schamp; Geo. S. Alexander; Frederick H. Miller; Lutheron Oliver; William B. Bohner, Deacon of Protestant Episcopal Church; I. E. G. Hudson, Minister of the Methodist Church; Herman M. Munger, German M. E. Church; John M. Yearnshaw; E. Emanuel Languth; C. Carter M.V.D.; Joseph Robinson; P. Michael Hofmayor, O.L.B.; H. P. Peck; S. G. Larson, Pastor Evangelical Lutheran Church; L. B. Wharton, Baptist Clergyman; John Lamb, Minister Methodist Church; L. B. Fifield, Pastor Congregational Church; G. W. Mayfield, Elder; C. H. Hickman; Henrich (Henry) Vilockenmeyer, Evangelical Lutheran Pastor; H. F. Wogan; O. T. Conger; Josiah Berlingame, Rockford and Indiana settlement circuit, M. E. Church; A. Barns, V.D.M.; F. Krugele; Jno. Richardson Atkinson; C. A. Miller; H. S. Davis; Edward T. Hudson; William Kelly, Catholic Priest; Dan'l Kinney; J. W. Parker; David Knowles, Congregational Minister at Greenwood; Ch. Theodore Gruber, Lutheran Minister; D. R. Dungan; George W. Smith, J. J. Roberts, M. E. Minister; John F. DeSalm; J. W. TeWinkee, V.D.M.; William S. Horn, Methodist Minuster; J. R. Harlan

Abstract by Raymond E. Dale, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska.

(Note: Original text for the following is all single spaced, and includes names in bold.)


  (The date of the license is given in parenthesis following the date of marriage.)

  Sept. 25, 1866 (Sept. 22) - Alexander N. Bird [Burd] and Marhina [Marthenia] Porter, by J. M. Young; wtss., A. S. Shamp, James Riddle.

  Dec. 25, 1866 (Nov. 24) - Luis Albert Shamp and Maria [Mariah] Booth, by J. M. Young; wtss., George Flesher, Hannah Booth.

  Sept. 10, 1867 (Sept. 10) - James Dunn and Laura E. Carpenter, by M. Combs, at home of Markus McPherson.

  Nov. 28, 1867 (Nov. 28) - Elias G. Eall and Narcesas J. Scoggins, by G. B. Mullis.

  Dec. 15, 1867 (Oct. 28) - S. B. Linderman and Annie [Anna] Kelley [Kelly], by J. M. Young; wtss., J. M. McKisson, S. B. Galey.



  Dec. 24, 1867 (Dec. 10) - Charles N. Wittstruck and Viola Clayton, by E. C. Taylor, at Stevens Creek; wtss., Adam Meyer, Caroline Meyer, Julius Wittstruck.

  Dec. 12, 1867 (Dec. 12) - Charlea H. Teale and Mary E. Parker, by J. Cadman, wtss., L. A. Scoggins and wife

  Dec. 13, 1867 (Dec. 12) - John F. Shultz, age 26, and F. Elthenberg, age 18, by J. Cadman; wtss., Frances Cadman, W. A. Cadman.

  Dec. 24, 1867 (Dec. 20) - Charles Lemp, age 23, and Mrs. Mary Lemp, age 28, by J. Cadman; wtss., M. Rich, Frances Cadman.

  Apr. 5, 1868 (Mar. 25) - Martin Pflug and Emma C. Scoggin, by Charles Little.

  Jan. 15, 1868 (Jan. 15) - Joseph E. Estlach, age 28, and Anna [Hannah] Booth, age 25, by J. M. Young; wtss., L. A. Shamp, Mariah Shamp.

  Jan. 19, 1868 (Jan. 19) - Willis T. Richardson, age 21, and Mary E. White, age 19, by J. Cadman; wtss., L. Lavender, Andrew Johnson, both of Lancaster Co

  Jan. 19, 1868 (Jan. 19) - Charles C. White, age 24, and O[live] A. Johnson, age 19, by J. Cadman; wtss., L. Lavender, Andrew Johnson, both of Lancaster Co.

  Apr. 18, 1868 (Apr. 16) - Lewis A. Groff and Mary E. Gregory, by Charles Little.

  Feb. 16, 1868 (Feb. 15) - Geo. A. Humrick and Caroline A. Ball, by J. M. McKesson; wtss., John Ball, Charles Blois.

  May 15, 1868 (May 15) - T. D. W. Ransom and Pauline Warren, by H. T. Davis, wtss., H. T. Davis and wife.

  May 24, 1868 (May 23) - George W. Morris and Elizabeth Briggs, by H. H. Skaggs, on Camp Creek; wtss., Louis Wong J. Butterfield.

  June 7, 1868 (June 6) - Wm. J. Abbott and Mary B. Donavon, by H. T. Davis, wtss. H. S. Jennings, H. T. Davis.

  June 14, 1868 (June 14) - George H. Bryan and Emma A. Butterfield, by H. T. Davis; wtss., James Barnhill, Margaret Barnhill.

  June 15, 1868 (June 15) - E. Veits, age 30, and Phoeba G. Meade, age 20, by J. Cadman.

  Aug. 2, 1868 (Aug. 1) - Rufus Markle and Elizabeth A. Wilson [Willson], by H. T. Davis; wtss., H. S. Jennings, J. M. Kimble, and others.

  July 20, 1868 (July 20) - Alonzo E. Coon, age 30, and Catherine Hines, age 24, by J. Cadman; wtss., John A. Mewser, Frances Cadman.

  J. M. Kennedy, age 26, and Rosa Davis, age 21, license Oct. 14, 1868. (No marriage return of certificate.)

  Oct. 22, 1868 (Oct. 22) - James A. Whitlock and Nancy E. Herman, by J. Cadman; wtss., Henson G. Herman, Thomas E. Glover.

  Nov. 16, 1868 (Nov. 2) - Chas. Gutherman [Guthman] and Minna Lempe, by Permin M. Kountz, at residence of Chas. Guthman; wtss., Valentine Wegbach, Catherine Wegbach.

  Nov. 15, 1868 (Nov. 14) - Thomas Smith and Margret Pickel, by J. Cadman; wtss., Saul H. Dukes, Frances Cadman.

  Thomas Weatherhogg, age 39, and Harriet Longstreet, age 33, license Nov. 30, 1868. (No marriage return.)

  Dec. 31, 1868 (Dec. 2) - D. W. Haskins and Eliza A. Hale, by P. S. Schamp.

  Dec. 20, 1868 (Dec. 5) - Robert McDivit and Catherine Daley, by Permin M. Kountz, at Lincoln; wtss., James Moran, Mary Moran.


  Dec. 23, 1868 (Dec. 23) - Oscar Parker and Clara E. Lantz, by Charles Little.

  Jan. 2, 1869 (Dec. 30, 1868) - Wm. Wethercut and Louisa J. Oliver, by Solomon Deming, J. P.; wtss., Taylor Richardson, Sarah Richardson.

  Jan. 4, 1869 (Jan. 1) - Henery J. Sloopes and Rebeca E. Prey, in this city by Geo. S. Alexander; wtss., Mr. & Mrs. Prey, brother of the bride, Mrs. A. G. Alexander

  Jan 10, 1869 (Jan 7) - Thos. C. Scoggin and Sarah Richardson, by Solomon Deming; wtss., Thomas Gilbanks, Taylor Richardson

  Feb. 23, 1869 (Feb. 23) - John Stahr and Lena M. Miller, by Frederick H. Miller.

  Feb. 26, 1869 (Feb. 26) - O. R. Southworth, age 24, and Mattie S. Piper, age 16, by Lutheron Oliver, at the house of E. T. Piper, wtss., David Banghart, Eliza Banghart, Amanda Banghart.

  Charles Chapel, age 35, and Sarah Ann Guy, License Mar. 20, 1869. (No marriage return.)

  Apr. 20, 1869 (Apr. 14) - Samuel Atkinson of Rock Creek, age 23, and Mary A. Bellenger of same, age 17, by Solomon Deming, at the house of J. Bellenger; wtss., J. Sexton, Charles Bellenger.

  Apr. 15, 1869 (Apr. 15) - William McMurdock and Roseta Corey, by H. T. Davis; wtss., Emily Davis, Margaret Wilcox.

  May 5, 1869 (May 4) - S. B. Galey and Estella O. Griswold, by Charles Little.

  July 3, 1869 (June 30) - Edward Parsons and Mary Ann Wells, by J. M. Faulkner, J. P.; wtss., John Burtwell, John Etherton.

  July 22, 1869 (July 22) - J. E. Davidson and Lucinda Reid, by Charles Little.

  Aug. 3, 1869 (Aug. 3) - Iver Johnson and Mary Ann Michelson, by J. Cadman.

  Aug. 8, 1869 (Aug. 7) - John Keis and Hannah Dansley, at Lincoln, by Charles Little.



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  John Dodson and his family (see page 35 of this issue) settled in Freedom Township, Blair County (then Bedford County), Pennsylvania, about 1800. Whence did they come? The librarian of the Pennsylvania State Library suggests that they may have come from Maryland. What was the name of his wife? Who were his parents; his brothers and sisters?

Mrs. W. S. Whitten, 1624 South
23rd Street, Lincoln, Neb.


  NORTON (Mrs. H. N. Jackson, Beatrice, Nebr., April, 1928). - Sylvester5 Norton (Samuel4, Joseph3-?, Nicholas1) was born 1738, probably at No Man's Land (now Chilmark, Mass); married about 1761, Lydia Jones; lived at Edgartown, Mass., until about 1789, when they removed to Livermore, Me. Their children were Ransom James, Mary, Jane, Zebulon and Dinah. James6 Norton married Olive6 Chase, daughter of Samuel5 and Jedidah (Mayhew) Chase. (See Charles Edward Bank's History of Martha's Vineyard, Vol. 3, pp. 360, 365, 373.)

Raymond E. Dale, Lincoln, Nebraska.

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