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PictureSpacerIcon or sketchON. THOMAS F. FARRELL, senator from the eighteenth district, was born in Canada, Christmas day, 1859. In 1871 he came to Nebraska with his parents, settled on a homestead in Merrick county, where he has since resided. In 1885 he was married to Miss Sarah Gallagher at Palmer, Nebraska, and they have five children, Veronica, Teressa, Paul, Gertrude, and Thomas. Being a farmer he has taken an active interest in all matters relating to agricultural affairs. Politically he was always a democrat until the birth of the populist party, when he became one of the leaders in effecting an organization in Merrick county. In 1892 he was the populist candidate for county clerk and ran ahead of his ticket. He was elected to the state senate in 1896 on the fusion ticket by the largest plurality ever given a candidate in his district. He is what is known in common parlance as a self-made man, and has never been characterized as an office seeker. He is chairman of the senate committee on school lands and funds, and a member of the following important committees: Agriculture, accounts and expenditures, labor, live stock and grazing, constitutional amendments, and public lands and buildings.




PictureSpacerIcon or sketchON. F. Q. FELTZ represents in the state senate one of the largest territorial areas embraced within a single district, comprising the counties of Dawson, Lincoln, Keith, Cheyenne, Logan, and the unorganized territory west of Blaine and Logan counties. He was born in Washington county, Iowa, February 8, 1852. He received an academic education, read law and was admitted to the bar in 1878. For six years he practiced in his profession at Red Oak, Iowa, and afterwards removed to Ogallala, Nebraska, where he lived until two years ago, when he removed to a large ranch in Keith county, his present home. In 1895 he was married to Miss Alice M. Walker, and one son, Francis R., is the attraction of their domicile. Senator Feltz has been from the beginning a recognized leader on the floor, and was one of the "powers" who combined in the organization of the senate. He is one of the busiest men in the legislature, and serves on nine different committees. He is chairman of the committees on finance, ways and means, and irrigation, and is a member of the following other committees: Rules, judiciary, public lands and buildings, railroads, miscellaneous corporations, constitutional amendments and federal relations, asylums, mines and mining, and standing committees.




PictureSpacerIcon or sketchON. NICK FRITZ, senator from the eighth district, was born in central Germany in 1847. He came to America when twenty years of age, located near Erie, Pennsylvania, where he worked on a farm. He afterwards moved to Davenport, Iowa, to accept a position in the lumber business. Subsequently he engaged in farming in western Iowa, coming to Nebraska in 1886. Politically Senator Fritz has always been a stalwart democrat, consistently advocating the principles of his party, and faithfully supporting the regular nominees. He was the democratic candidate for treasurer of Thurston county in 1889, failing of election by a narrow margin. In 1891 he overcame all opposition and was elected by a small majority, successfully meeting the fight made against him by employes of the Indian reservation. In 1893 he was re-elected by 200 majority, carrying every precinct in the county except one. In 1894 he defeated Mel C. Jay for representative in the sixteenth district by 150 majority, and was one of the three democrats elected to the legislature that year without endorsement, Senator Fritz is a man of strong character and wide influence among his legislative associates, and is a member of the following committees: Chairman of the com-



mittee on miscellaneous corporations, and a member of committees on highways, bridges and ferries, library, public charities, live stock and grazing, immigration, mines and mining.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchON. JOHN M. GONDRING, a well known and prominent member of the senate, represents the twelfth district in that body. He was born in Chicago September 1, 1856. He grew up on a farm in Porter county, Indiana, attending the public schools, and after wards graduating from the scientific course in the Northern Indiana Normal School at Valparaiso. He then engaged in teaching for a time. In 1881 he entered the law department of his alma mater, graduated in 1883, and was admitted to the bar. The next year he settled in Platte county, Nebraska, and has there resided and practiced law ever since. In 1886 he was elected to the office of county attorney and served four terms in that responsible position. He is a democrat, and received the unanimous nomination of his party for the office of state senator in the recent campaign, was later endorsed by the populists, and elected by a large majority. His family consists of a wife and five children. Senator

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