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ing. He took part in the construction of the Union Pacific and Sioux City and Pacific railroads. He married Miss Helen Viers, of Omaha, May 23, 1886. Politically he was a staunch republican, from Fremont to Greeley, for whom he voted in 1872, and since 1876 has been an enthusiastic worker for the restoration of free silver coinage and for the issue of all paper money by the government alone. Senator Jeffcoat is a member of the following committees: Finance, ways, and means, banks and currency, constitutional amendments and federal relations, and immigration.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE senator from Clay county, Hon. Levi L. Johnson, was born in Marion county, Ohio, January 1, 1850. After receiving a common school education he removed with his parents to La Grange county, Indiana, and began farming as an employe, He was married in 1872 to Miss Martha Coney, came to Nebraska in 1879, traveling across the country in a covered wagon, and settled in Inland township, Clay county, on eighty acres of school land which he purchased. He has remained in that place with his wife and family, consisting of five children. In politics Mr. Johnson voted



the republican ticket until 1882, when he joined the populists. Since that time he has allied himself with the democratic and independent parties and has been twice honored at their hands, elected to the senate in 1892 and again in 1896. He is a man of good personality, strong convictions, and purity of purpose. He is chairman of the committees on public lands and buildings and miscellaneous subjects, and a member of the committees on judiciary, finance, ways, and means, public printing, claims, state prison, revenue, and agriculture.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE thirteenth senatorial district, consisting of the counties of Holt, Garfield, Wheeler, and Boyd, is represented in the senate by Hon. J. D. Lee, of Lynch, Nebraska. He was born in Floyd county, Virginia, in 1865, and lived there until 1881, emigrating to Nebraska, where he has since resided. Mr. Lee was educated in the common and normal schools of his native state. He is the son of a Baptist clergyman of distinguished ability, Rev. G. B. Lee. The son was given an early schooling in theology, and is at present a local minister. Politically Mr. Lee has been a populist since the organization of that party in this state.



He was instrumental and efficient in organizing the section he represents. He is a gentleman of strong personalty (sic), good address, and perfect self-control. He is intensely earnest in whatever be believes is right. He is chairman of the committees on counties and county boundaries, state prison, and a member of the committees on internal improvements, education, railroads, university and normal schools, asylums, and irrigation.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE ninth senatorial district is ably represented in this legislature by Hon. Michael W. McGann, of Albion. He was born in McDonough county, Illinois, August 23, 1863,andwas educated at a private school in Macomb, Illinois, up to 1889, when he came to Boone county, this state. His father died in 1893, but his mother still lives at Macomb, Illinois. He was admitted to the bar in 1889 and was married in 1892 to Miss Rose A. Brady, They have two children, a daughter, Catherine, and a son, James. He has a high standing in the bar of his county, and enjoys an excellent practice. He has been twice elected county attorney of Boone county, and each time has honored the position with which the people entrusted



him. Politically he is a staunch populist, and is held in popular esteem by his constituents. On the floor of the senate Mr. McGann makes few speeches, and never claims the attention of the house unless he has something important to say. He is chairman of the judiciary committee, and a member of the committees on railroads, privileges and elections, asylums, public charities, standing committees, municipal affairs, and mines and mining.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE seventh senatorial district is ably represented, by a modest but capable gentleman in the person of Hon. Wm. Miller, of Burt county. He was born in Alsace-Lorraine, France, in 1851. After receiving a fair education in the French and German languages he emigrated, in 1865, with his parents to Canada. Two weeks after his arrival he was left an orphan by his father's death. William turned his attention to the shoemaker's trade, mastered it, and worked at it until compelled to abandon this occupation by failing health. He then engaged in farming, and later in the lumber industry in Western Ontario, following this latter vocation for five years. He then bought 100 acres of timber land. He was married in 1873 to Miss Catharine

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