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PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE sixteenth district is represented in the lower house by Hon. Frank B. Alderman, of West Point. He was born in Middlebury, Elkhart county, Indiana, October 9, 1852. He was educated in the public schools of Goshen, that state, and went from there to Fort Wayne in 1869, where he served three years as an apprentice in the marble and granite trade. This occupation he followed until 1880 when he accepted an appointment in Washington as clerk of the committee on elections of the forty-seventh congress. The following year he located at West Point, Nebraska, establishing a granite and marble trade in that city, and still continues the business. His singular popularity with the people of his district, which is composed of the three democratic counties of Cuming, Dakota, and Thurston, is attested by the fact that he was elected on the republican ticket by 234 majority, while Mr. Bryan, the democratic presidential nominee, carried the same district by 1, 000 votes. Mr. Alderman has always been active and earnest in politics, and prides himself on the confidence he enjoys among the laboring classes, with whom he prefers to be ranked. He was married at Constantine, Michigan, to Miss Rose B. Geer April 27, 1879. He is



chairman of the committee on federal relations, and a member of the committees on fish culture and game, irrigation, and county boundaries, county seats and township organization.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE ancestors of Hon. Henry Taylor Ankeny were pioneers of northern Illinois, having settled in Ogle county in 1832. Henry was born at Elizabeth, Jo Daviess county, that state, April 22, 1847. After a farm boy's life until ten years of age, he moved with his parents to Clinton county, Iowa, attending school at De Witt two years, after which he spent seven years on the farm, continuing his studies in school during the winter. Attended high school two terms, and afterwards located in the city of Clinton, where for five years he was employed in factory work and mercantile business. He came to Cedar county, Nebraska, in 1872 and settled in the sparsely populated portion of the now famous Logan valley. Two years later he was married to Celestia M. Tolles, of Vermont, and they have five children, three girls and two boys. In 1885 he was elected county commissioner and served one term. He made the race for state senator on the peo-



ple's independent ticket in 1894, but was unsuccessful. In 1896 he was the fusion choice of the silver forces for representative, and was elected by a splendid vote. Representative Ankeny is a member of the committees on railroads, agriculture, medical societies, and live stock and grazing.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchR. CHAS. W. BALDWIN, of Elkhorn, is one of the representatives from the tenth district, and a gentleman of reputation and standing in the majority element of the legislature. He was born in Onondaga, Michigan, December 5, 1864, and received a good common school education. When nineteen years of age he came to Nebraska and entered the medical department of the state university, from which he graduated in March, 1886. He located in the village of Elkhorn, Douglas county, where he entered on the practice of his profession and has since resided. In 1890 the doctor married Miss Lucy McArdle, daughter of Hon. James H. McArdle, one of the oldest and best known residents of Douglas county. Dr. Baldwin has always taken an active interest in the politics of his state, and has for ten years last past been a member of the democratic central committee. He is also a member of the



Jacksonian Club of Omaha. In 1896 he was nominated for representative of the legislature on the fusion ticket of his district and after a somewhat protracted contest was elected and seated. Dr. Baldwin is a member of the committees on claims, telegraph, telephone and electric lights, constitutional amendments, and militia.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE second district is represented in the house by Hon. James J. Bernard, of Lewiston, Pawnee county. He is a native of Canada and was born on Prince Edward Island October 2, 1852. Coming to the United States before he had attained his majority, he engaged in mining until 1878, when he began blacksmithing in Leadville. In 1894 he came to Nebraska and settled in Pawnee county on a farm of 480 acres, and has since that time been engaged in farming and cattle feeding. He has enlarged his landed possessions until he now owns a mile square. In 1882 Mr. Bernard was married to Miss Mattie Morrison, of Monroe, Iowa, and the union has proved a happy one, In 1894 he was elected to the legislature and served with such fidelity to his constituents that in 1896 he was renominated and elected to the present house. He is a level-

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