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SpacerIcon or sketchON. EDSON RICH is a familiar and commanding figure in the house of representatives. He has made a deep impression among his colleagues as a member of dignity, ability, and conservative practical meth-


ods. He was born in Illinois in 1858 and came with his parents to Nebraska when six years of age, locating at Brownville. His father was a school professor and a prominent educator. Edson graduated from the high school at Brownville, and entered the University of Nebraska, from which he graduated with honors



in 1883. He then took a post-graduate course in political economy and international law at Johns Hopkins University. He next entered the law offices of Harwood, Ames & Pettis, of Lincoln, and began active practice in the state courts in 1887. He advanced rapidly and soon had the supervision of an immense mercantile law business, and in 1890 removed to Omaha, where he has established himself as one of the best known members of the metropolitan bar. He is the head of the law firm of Rich & Sears, and his clientele includes many large and important houses and enterprises. Mr. Rich is unmarried, is a member of the Omaha Club and president of the Samoset Association. His record in the legislature has been such as to call forth the commendation of his constituents. He is chairman of the judiciary committee, and a member of the committees on revenue and taxation, roads and bridges, and miscellaneous subjects.


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PictureSpacerIcon or sketchON. J. FITZ ROBERTS, of South Omaha, is one of the representatives of the tenth district in the lower house, and was seated on the first day of February, after a very exciting legislative contest. He was born. in Fulton county, Illinois, February 22, 1857, and his early years were spent upon the farm. In 1864 his father located in Cass county, Nebraska, on a farm near Ashland. Fitz is one of a family of twelve children, six boys and six girls, all of whom are living. Up to the time of his eighteenth birthday he had the average experiences of the industrious and energetic farmer's boy, alternating between the toil of the field and the study of the common school. He then went to the State Normal School at Peru, and completed the preparatory course and the first year, after which he entered Shurtliff College in Illinois, completed the freshman year, and taught school in Cass county, Nebraska. He was married in January, 1879, to Miss S. Hazeltine Harris, of Cass county, and they have two children, Hallie H. and Myrtle F. For several years he has been engaged in the live stock and commission business, and is at present the head of the well-known firm of Roberts, Purinton & Roberts. He is a member of the committees on claims, manufactures and commerce, and internal improvements.




PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHE fiftieth district has as one of its representatives in the house Hon. John A. Robertson, of Joy, who is serving his second term as a member of the state legislature, having been elected to the twenty-fourth session two years ago. He was born in Jackson county, Indiana, January 22, 1867. His father died when he was a mere child, leaving his mother a small farm from which to support herself and three children. John was active and earnest in assisting his mother, and attended the public schools as his means would admit. He came to Nebraska in 1883 and pursued the agricultural vocation, in 1885 was married, and soon after settled in Holt county, on a pre-empted eighty north of O'Neill. He has extended his possessions and now has a finely developed and improved quarter section. He has been a populist. since the organization of the party, and was secretary of the first convention of that party held in Holt county. He is a modest, able and conscientious representative, and has the confidence of his people both inside and outside of party lines. He is a member of the committees on accounts and expenditures, apportionment, mines and minerals, and irrigation,

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