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PictureSpacerIcon or sketchHARLES C. POOL, of Verdon, Neb., serves the state as deputy auditor of public accounts, having been appointed to that position by his superior, Hon. John F. Cornell. Mr. Pool was born in Metcalfe county, Kentucky, February 25, 1861. He grew up as a schoolboy in that state and emigrated to Nebraska in 1880, locating in the prosperous little town of Humboldt. He began teaching in the public schools the next year and continued in the profession until July, 1889. He was nominated by the democratic party for surveyor of Richardson county in 1883, and was defeated by only fifty votes. He was renominated for that office in 1885, and was elected. In 1889 the democratic party honored him with the nomination for county superintendent of public instruction, and he was elected, and was re-elected two years later. He ran for a third term in 1893, but failed of election by twenty-nine votes. He managed a drug store in the town of Verdon from January, 1894, to December, 1896. He was married to Miss Etta May Chaffin, of Richardson county, August 12, 1884. He was appointed to his present position at the beginning of the new administration, and has rendered acceptable service.




Icon or sketch OT many young men who serve the state are better known, with more numerous friends in and outside his party, than Elon Walter Nelson, deputy commissioner of public lands and buildings. He is in his


twenty-fifth year and was born at Great Barrington, Massachusetts. His father, Orlando Nelson, moved to Colfax county, Nebraska, in 1878, and has there resided ever since. Elon worked on his father's farm and attended school until nineteen years of age, after which he spent two years of diligent study in the Omaha Busi-



ness College, earning money to pay his way by delivering the two daily editions of the Bee, and otherwise employing to advantage what time he was able to control outside of study hours. After receiving his graduating diploma from the business college Mr. Nelson found employment as stenographer and chief clerk for Wells & Nieman, merchant millers at Schuyler, leaving this position to serve the state in the office of the chief executive, Governor Holcomb. During the campaign of 1896 he displayed the most versatile knowledge concerning the history of the management and condition of the various state institutions, and used his knowledge legitimately and with great effect for the benefit of the populist party. His promotion to the office of deputy commissioner by Hon. J. V. Wolfe was a fitting recognition of Mr. Nelson's natural and acquired qualifications. He is one of the most popular appointees of the present administration.


Icon or sketchON. ED P. SMITH, deputy attorney general of Nebraska, is a fine example of a young man who by his own exertions and close application to study and work has attained a high degree of success before reaching the meridian of his prime. He was born on a farm in Henry county, Iowa, in September, 1860. He worked his way through school, and graduated from the law department of the Iowa State University in June, 1885. The following month he located at Seward, Nebraska, where he practiced his profession till the fall of 1890, removing thence to Omaha, where he has established a



lucrative business, with a large and valuable clientage, and has become known to the bench and bar as a vigorous and successful trial lawyer. Mr. Smith has always been a democrat, and has taken an active part in every campaign since coming to the state. He never held office before, and was not a candidate for his present position, but accepted it upon the tender of his principal, the attorney general. Mr. Smith married Margaret E. Wertman, of Greenfield, Iowa, and their home circle includes three children.


PictureSpacerIcon or sketchROFESSOR C. F. BECK, deputy state superintendent of public instruction, is a native of Illinois, and was born in the town of Williams, August 16, 1859. His education was obtained in the district and high schools of Illinois and Nebraska. He completed the high school course when about seventeen years of age. In 1878 he came to Burt county, Nebraska, and entered upon his chosen profession of teaching. He was successful, for three years held a position in the grammar school of Tekamah, and was promoted to the superintendency of the city schools, which he held four years. During this time he advanced his



own education by private study. After one year on a farm he conducted a successful hardware business for two years. In the fall of 1893 he was elected county superintendent of Burt county, and was re-elected in 1895, being the only populist ever elected to office in that county. Professor Beck is an educator of high standing, and eminently fitted for the duties of the position to which he has been called.

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