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   Accounts and Expenditures--Gondring, Ritchie, Schaal, Farrell, Conaway.
   Agriculture--Miller, Farrell, Osborne, Johnson, Ritchie, Heapy, Caldwell.
   Asylums, Industrial Homes, Reform Schools, Home for the Friendless, Institute for Feeble Minded Youth--Grothan, Dearing, Dundas, Lee, McGann, Feltz, Watson, Schaal, Conaway.
   Banks and Currency--Weller, Gondring, Schaal, Muffly, Evans, Jeffcoat.
   Claims--Dearing, Johnson, Howell, Watson, Haller.
   Constitutional Amendments and Federal Relations--Ranson, Feltz, Gondring, Weller, Farrell, Evans,. Jeffcoat, Murphy.
   Counties and County Boundaries--Lee, Beal, Ritchie, Heapy, Murphy.
   Educational--Canaday, Lee, Osborne, Watson, Spencer.
   Enrolled and Engrossed Bills--Mutz, Dearing, Weller, Dumdas, Watson, Beal, Spencer.
   Finance, Ways and Means--Feltz, Johnson, Dundas, Mutz, Gondring, Graham, Weller, Osborne, Evans, Jeffcoat.
   Highways, Bridges and Ferries--Schaal, Miller, Heapy, Fritz, Spencer.
   Immigration--Muffly, Fritz, Sykes, Graham, Evang, Jeffcoat.
   Internal Improvements--Ritchie, Lee, Dundas, Heapy, Spencer.
   Irrigation--Feltz, Lee, Graham, Beal, Mutz, Steele, Caldwell.
   Judiciary--McGann, Ransom, Feltz, Gondring, Graham, Johnson, Mutz, Talbot, Murphy.
   Labor-Ransom, Miller, Muffly, Schaal, Farrell.
   Library--Canaday, Muffly, Ritchie, Fritz, Murphy.
   Live Stock and Grazing--Heapy, Farrell, Mutz, Fritz, Caldwell.
   Manufactures and Commerce--Beal, Canaday, Osborne, Weller, Haller.
   Medical Societies--Gothan, Watson Dearing, Conaway, Haller.
   Military Affairs--Weller, Osborne, Sykes, Grothan, Steele.



   Wines and Mining--Talbot, Fritz, Feltz, McGann, Caldwell.
   Miscellaneous Corporations--Fritz, Feltz, Watson, Howell, Dearing.
   Miscellaneous Subjects--Johnson, Howell, Heapy, Ransom, Miller, Ritchie, Conaway.
   Municipal Affairs--Howell, Gondring, McGann, Dearing, Watson.
   Privileges and Elections--Dearing, Gondring, McGann, Miller, Steele.
   Public Charities--Dundas, Fritz, McGann, Muffly, Murphy.
   Public Lands and Buildings--Johnson, Miller, Feltz, Canaday, Howell, Sykes, Heapy, Farrell, Steele.
   Public Printing--Watson, Dundas, Johnson, Sykes, Canaday.
   Railroads--Osborne, Dearing, Grothan, McGann, Ransom, Mutz, Weller, Lee, Feltz.
   Revenue-Beal, Johnson, Grothan, Ransom, Graham.
   Rules-Beal, Feltz. Mutz, Ransom, Talbot.
   School Lands and Funds--Farrell, Schaal, Graham, Mutz, Caldwell.
   Sifting Committee-Grothan, Mutz, Dundas, McGann, Beal, Watson, Haller.
   Soldiers' Home--Sykes, Grothan, Osborne, Howell, Steele.
   State Prison--Lee, Graham, Grothan, Johnson, Haller.
   Standing Committees--Dearing, McGann, Osborne, Feltz, Mutz, Grothan, Ransom.
   University and Normal School--Graham, Canaday, Sykes, Lee, Talbot.



   Accounts and Expenditures--Hull, McCracken, Webb, Robertson, Taylor (of Fillmore), Welch, Chittenden, Eastman, Mills.
   Agriculture--Van Horn, Ankeny, Morrison, Byram, Grimes, Campbell, Sutton.
   Apportionnment--Eager, Sheldon, Bower, Campbell, Jones (of Wayne), Robertson, Severe, Shull, Snyder (of Sherman), Straub, Webb, Wooster, Burkett, Mills, Blake.



   Banks and Currency--Felker, Waite, Wimberley, Phelps, Jones (of Nemaha), Wooster, Wright.
   Benevolent Institutions--Cronk, Dobson, Eager, Wooster, Taylor, Roddy, Nesbit.
    Cities and Towns--Smith (of Douglas), Wiebe, Woodard, Curtis, Billings, Goshorn, Gerdes, Van Horn, Henderson.
   Claims--Soderman, Hull, Grosvenor, Winslow, Kapp, Gerdes, Hamilton, Bernard, Cox, Burman, Waite, Roberts, Baldwin.
   Constitutional Amendments--Hill, Kapp, Liddell, McCarthy, McCracken, Shull, Stebbins, Butler, Crow, Eighmy, Fouke, Taylor (of Douglas), Baldwin.
   Corporations--Curtis, Hile, Clark (of Richardson), Hill, Felker, Prince, Jenkins.
   County Boundaries, County Seats, and Township Organization--Kapp, McCracken, Grandstaff, McCarthy, Stebbins, Sheldon, McGee, Phelps, Alderman.
   Engrossed and Enrolled Bills-Severe, Billings, Bower, Coie, Eager, Hamilton, Hill, Roddy, Wimberley.
   Federal Relations--Alderman, Liddell, Givens, Grell, Holland, Waite, Mann.
   Fees and Salaries--Wright, Smith (of Douglas), Shull, Webb, Hill, Mitchell, Butler, McLeod, Snyder (of Sherman), Taylor (of Douglas).
   Finance, Ways and Means--Clark (of Richardson), Dobson, Sheldon, Zimmerman, Gerdes, Rouse, Curtis, Jenkins, Straub, Wheeler, Pollard.
   Fish Culture and Game--Grimes, Liddell, Grell, Snyder (of Nemaha and Johnson), Hyatt, Marshall, Alderman.
   Insane Hospital--Uerling, Woodard, Van Horn, Casebeer, Jones (of Gage), Clark (of Lancaster), Prince, Moran, Keister.
   Insurance--Dobson, Lemar, McCarthy, Hyatt, Straub, Gerdes, Clark (of Richardson), Roddy, Bernard.
   Internal Improvements--Winslow, Shull, Keister, Cronk, Cox, Eighmy, Fouke, Roberts.
   Immigration--McCarthy, Hamilton, Henderson, Hyatt, Jones (of Wayne), Mills, McGee, Roddy, Soderman, Bernard, Endorf.
   Irrigation--Stebbins, Sheldon, Phelps, Hile, McCarthy, Winslow, Robertson, Alderman, Goshorn.



   Judiciary--Rich, Felker, Kapp, Crow, Burkett, Snyder (of Sherman), Jenkins, Clark (of Lancaster), Wooster, Fernow, Mitchell, Yeiser.
   Labor--Liddell, Endorf, Hile, Dobson, Eastman, Gaylord, Henderson, Holbrook, Holland, Jones (of Nemaha), Wiebe, Wright, Schram.
   Library--Wimberley, Bower, Coie, Cronk, Grosvenor, Blake, McLeod.
   Live Stock and Grazing--Keister, Morrison, Stebbins, Ankeny, Grell, Grimes, Welch, Byram, Chittenden.
   Manufactures and Commerce--Jones (of Nemaha), Cox, Severe, Lemar, Mann, Marshall, Sutton, Roberts.
   Medical Societies--Woodard, Ankeny, Cronk, Hamilton, Prince, Burkett, Clark (of Lancaster).
   Militia--Grosvenor, Grandstaff, Hyatt, Horner, Taylor (of Fillmore), Blake, Burman, Butler, Casebeer, Yeiser, Taylor (of Douglas).
   Mines and Minerals--Waite, Robertson, Snyder (of Nemaha), Taylor (of Fillmore), Welch, Goshorn, Burman, Yeiser.
   Miscellaneous Subjects--Gerdes, Woodard, Rich, Lemar, Moran, Smith (of Richardson), Fouke.
   Other Asylums--Eastman, Woodard, Van Horn, Uerling, Mitchell, Morrison, Nesbit, Pollard, Sutton.
   Penitentiary--Fernow, Wheeler, Givens, Jones (of Nemaha), Endorf, Soderman, Snyder (of Nemaha and Johnson), Holbrook, Nesbit.
   Privileges and Elections--Loomis, Schram, Moran, Byram, Wheeler, Rouse, Hull, Lemar, Eager, Sheldon, Grandstaff.
   Public Lands and Buildings--Sheldon, Gaylord, Soderman, Lemar, Dobson, Uerling, Zimmerman, Prince, Bernard, Grandstaff, Smith (of Douglas), Smith (of Richardson), Marshall.
   Public Printing--Webb, Horner, Sheldon, Hyatt, Holland, Casebeer, Bernard, Holbrook, Winslow.
   Public Schools--Horner, Jones (of Wayne), Hull, Gerdes, Eager, Young, Byram.
   Railroads--Zimmerman, Campbell, Gaylord, Wright, Wiebe, Straub, Fernow, Smith (of Richardson), Ankeny, Grell, Hull, Clark (of Richardson), Young, Chittenden, Mann.



   Revenue and Taxation--Grell, Pollard, Coie, Grosvenor, Marshall, Billings, Rich, Rouse, Young, Mitchell, Loomis.
   Roads and Bridges--Marshall, Horner, Endorf, Schram, Grimes, Rich, McLeod.
   Rules--Mr. Speaker, Loomis, Sheldon, Hull, Fernow, Rouse, Jenkins.
   School Lands and Funds--Billings, Morrison, Endorf, Coie, Cronk, Givens, Kapp, Goshorn, Eighmy.
   Sifting Committee--Jones (of Nemaha), Hull, Woodard, Wiebe, Moran, Robertson, Fouke.
   Soldiers' Home--Grandstaff, Woodard, Hyatt, Horner, Grosvenor, Mills, Eighmy.
   Telegraph, Telephone and Electric Lights--Lemar, Gaylord, Snyder (of Sherman), Roddy, Felker, Crow, Mann, Hile, Jones (of Gage), Baldwin.
   University and Normal Schools--Shull, Wright, Welch, Webb, Taylor, Pollard, Goshorn.

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