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Picture or adE. E. ABBOTT.

   E. E. ABBOTT, clerk of the committee on railroads and irrigation, was born in McLean county, Illinois, July 1, 1865, coming to Nebraska from that state In February, 1891. He has a wife and two children, resides at Lexington, Neb., where he is engaged In live stock shipping.

Picture or adHUGH A. STEVENSON.

   HUGH A. STEVENSON, of Ft. Calhoun, Washington county, clerk of the senate committees on school lands and funds and banks and currency, was born at Magnolia, Iowa, May 28, 1872, and came from his native state to Nebraska in the year 1888. Mr. Stevenson is a Republican and is at present a law student in the State University.


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Picture or ad HARRY BEEBE.

   HARRY BEEBE, custodian or the cloak room of the senate during the twenty-seventh session of the Nebraska Legislature, is a printer by trade, resides in Stanton, Stanton county, and was born in Nebraska, February 23, 1879.

Picture or adD. C. HARRISON.

   D. C. HARRISON, present custodian of the Nebraska State House, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, March 20, 1848, coming to Nebraska in 1879. He resides in Holt county and is engaged in the merchandise business, has a wife and four children; has been chairman of the senatorial committee of his district for eight years. Mr. Harrison is a veteran of the Civil War, enlisting in Co. A. 92d Ohio, at the age of fourteen years and four months.


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Picture or ad LAURA B. TAYLOR.

   LAURA B. TAYLOR, stenographer, in the office of the Secretary of State, came to Nebraska from Illinois in the fall of 1877. Was private secretary for court reporter Myron E. Wheeler for several years. She resides In Lincoln, Lancaster county.

Picture or adNETTIE M. DORTCH.

   NETTIE M. DORTCH, stenographer for secretary of the senate, was born in Greenup county, Kentucky, and came from that state to Nebraska in the year 1893. Miss Dortch has been stenographer for Senator Young of Stanton county for the past three years.


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Picture or adBION COLE.

   MR. BION COLE is an excellent sample of exemplary men who have earned prominent recognition through energy and push characteristic of noble instincts and due regard to application in the pursuit of opportunities placed at his command. Mr. Cole is forty-three years old and a "Hoosier" by birth. He is what might be termed a strictly self-made man. Having lost his father In the Civil War, was compelled to make his own way, and not having the means to obtain a college education, chose as his profession newspaper work, entering the office of the Goshen, Ind., Times as an apprentice, and served in that capacity four years.

   Mr. Cole has done duty on the leading papers of the West, namely, Burlington Hawkeye, Denver News and Tribune, and Kansas City Journal, and hob-nobbed in those cities with such satellites as Will Vischer, O. H. Rothaker, Gene Field, and others who held high cards in the grand carnival of newspaper men.

   Twelve years ago he engaged himself as traveling representative for the Western Newspaper Union, and in that position was brought in close touch with the fraternity in Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and the territories, - therefore, holds in pleasant memory vast acquaintance among the craft. After a probation of ten years, his employers assigned him the management of their business at Lincoln, and that his calling was not a guess as to his ability as a manager. It is but proper to say the Western Newspaper Union's Lincoln office does more business than any one of the many other branch houses of the company, size considered.


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